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2. Holographic Medicine Wheel


Blessings for Remembering Holographic Wisdom


January 17, 2021


Dear Beloved upon the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


We wish to speak to you about the nature of the medicine wheel that we worked with at the time that we were alive. What is a medicine wheel? A medicine wheel is a circle of holographic knowledge that you draw upon to weave the dream for your life. The medicine wheel is this wheel of knowledge that you call upon in times of struggle, whether it be struggle with family or relationship, your contributions to community (work), or an ailment that you are suffering from in the body. The medicine wheel will assist in opening you unto the knowledge that you have within to find direction, forgive, alter the dream for your future and to self-heal.


It is our observation that so much information has been lost that often medicine wheels are missing key ingredients that will allow those awakening to attune to the entire breadth of knowledge that is holographic and carried within the human species. In our time, the medicine wheel had 18 positions upon it, each of which is an entire holographic wheel of knowledge of their own. Asur’Ana has created a beautiful diagram of the medicine wheel that we understood at the time that we were alive. You are the dream weaver that sits in the middle of the medicine wheel and weaves the dream for your life experience.


Some may like to create a physical altar or circle of the physical representatives of each holographic archive; one may sit within their own medicine wheel if one chooses. In reality, this is not really necessary however, as all holographic knowledge is stored in the heart region of the field, which is the seat of the human hologram. Therefore, as one attunes inward and into one’s heart, one will access holographic knowledge of the human species or any other species upon Earth, or Mother Earth at large, or Solar Father. All really lies within, although having symbolic representations of each kingdom or part of your medicine wheel, may also be nice to have within one’s living environment.


We wish now to speak about each of the holographic wheels and how they may be useful to one’s spiritual unfolding as well as healing of life experiences of trauma, wounds of the heart or disease. Each wheel of holographic information will provide keys for self healing and forgiveness. The nature of each wheel is unique therefore in what it can contribute unto you, the dreamer of your dream. There has been much written about conscious dream weaving through the Ascension Insights series. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 17 “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream” and Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream”  for more information.)


Holographic Medicine Wheel


Archives Upon the Holographic Medicine Wheel


1. The Element of Fire

Fire Element-NA





The element of fire is one of the building blocks of life. Fire represents the internal fire that the Eastern Ancestors call the kundalini energy system. Fire provides life force to all life forms upon Earth. A lack of fire can lead to disease or an inability to sustain one’s vibration, or an inability to regenerate. Calling upon the fire element for self-healing will allow you to begin to restore the necessary life force to create change. Change is necessary in self healing. Sometimes the change can be physical in which one moves or alters their life circumstance. Sometimes the change is internal and known as transformation. Forgiveness is required for internal transformation, and the element of fire can teach you to forgive rather than hold on to grudges that make you ill or create travesty in your life.


2. Holographic Freedom

Holographic Freedom






Holographic Freedom provides the foundation from which you can weave a dream for change out of a difficult circumstance. Karmic chains that bind humans in a difficult dance can be released through forgiveness. The Freedom “Language of ONE” tone of creation provides keys so that the karma that is present life or ancestral can surface so that it can be forgiven and the spiritual lessons learned.


As the karmic chains are released, one is then free to weave a new dream creating a new life ahead free of the difficult circumstance. Calling upon tones of creation that are holographic will set a movement in motion within the field that will cause a particular rotation of field to allow for change. (Please refer to Chapter 3 of Volume 6, Volume 7 and Volume 8 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of ONE and for more holographic language symbols.)


3. The Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawler






The creepy crawlers or insect kingdom provides keys of wisdom about the small details that you may need to understand in order to weave a new dream for yourself, or weave changes into the current dream that you would like to materialize. The creepy crawler kingdom takes care of the details of Mother Earth’s karmic records, making sure that every thread of karma is forgiven so that the past ceases to repeat into the future and a new future dream can be woven and then experienced. The creepy crawlers also attune to the details of the spiritual lessons you are learning and can assist you in coming to enough understanding to forgive. (Please see Mysteries of the Little Creatures for some personal insights from Asur’Ana and Per’s own evolutionary journey inward.)


4. Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon





The moon cycles create the rhythms of time that allow the past to merge into the present and then on into the future. Time keeping is essential to dream weaving. As you weave a dream for the future through intention, there is a timing that is inherent in the dance and leads to the manifestation of the dreams you are intending. Sometimes many moon cycles are required in order for all the karma to surface to be forgiven to allow the change you are striving to make manifest and then the dream to be drawn into the physical. The libraries of the moon will provide the keys of knowledge of time to allow the future dream intended to manifest ahead and when it is time to be experienced in your life.


5. Holographic Knowledge

Holographic Knowledge






Accessing holographic knowledge requires a particular movement of field. The Language of ONE tone associated with Holographic Knowledge provides keys and movement necessary to opening holographic archives. Each holographic archive requires a particular pitch of sound within the field to access and then gain the wisdom held within the library. The Holographic Knowledge tone will assist you in remembering the necessary sound and pitch to open each library of records in the holographic wheel of knowledge available to humanity.


6. Holographic Introspection

Holographic Introspection





Once a particular holographic archive has been opened unto, it requires introspection to search out the knowledge that you are seeking to assist in the dream that you are intending to weave for yourself to experience. The movement of field generated by the Holographic Introspection Language of ONE tone will create the necessary sounds to draw the information out of any holographic archive that resonates with what you are seeking to understand.


7. The Element of Air

Air Element-NA





The element of air is another building block of life. The air element creates the space through which there can be movement and change. The air element is also related to the “Breath of Life” and circular breathing where one inhales the oxygen from one’s own etheric body to subsist. The element of air has many records about self sustainable thoughtform that was present in other time periods in which humanity was less wasteful and more resourceful, and operated in greater balance with the natural world. As you call upon the element of air, you will receive keys to research your own inheritance for new solutions founded upon ancient ancestral wisdom. This wisdom can then be applied to current life dilemmas and may resolve the problem in greater ease or provide the solution you are seeking.


8. The Plant Peoples

The Plant Peoples





The plant peoples are filled with genetic information from ancient times that humans lost as they fell in consciousness. In calling upon the plant peoples, you will receive keys to access more ancient genetic records in your own ancestry, and procure changes that may allow you to self heal from any physical ailment. The plant peoples will also provide information on traumatic ancestral circumstances at cause of why the DNA mutated to be less than regenerative or diseased in nature. As the ancestral records are revealed, you are free to clear the karma through forgiveness and then the self-healing can be woven into the dream and then manifest into the physical planes. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants for some additional information brought through Asur’Ana from their kingdoms.)


9. The Four Leggeds

The Four Leggeds







The four leggeds or animal kingdoms host an abundance of archives about the history of Earth along with the genetic changes that occurred in nature that caused a decline in consciousness. Often within the records of the four leggeds are also human records that got lost over time. In calling upon the four leggeds, you will receive guidance and support in the researching of ancient ancestral records of wisdom and cause so that the karma can be released through forgiveness and a new dream woven for your life ahead.


Many four leggeds and winged peoples are also holding space for human evolution in anchoring a new astrology or set of archetypes that is unity based for the dance of human life ahead. Humans must evolve to embody love; the new astrology is founded upon unconditional love. (Please see Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms for shared information from the four leggeds and winged peoples that came through in Asur’Ana’s own spiritual journey inward.)


10. The Element of Water

Water Element-NA





The element of water travels through every cell, vein, artery and system within the biology. The element of water also travels into each cell of your body and Mother Earth over time. As a result, the element of water has knowledge of the whole of the Earth or the whole of the state of your body unlike any other building block of life. Calling upon the element of water will therefore open keys to researching why a particular part of the body has become sick, and also provide information about earlier times in water’s memory banks that the region held a healthy blueprint.


As one recovers records of health for any given problematic or diseased region, one is then free to anchor the new genetic blueprint and evolve into it, causing health to be recovered in the physical. The element of water can also assist in uncovering lost ancestral records recorded upon the land that water flowed through so that the karma associated can be released through forgiveness.


11. The Water Peoples

The Water Peoples






The water peoples or Dolphin and Whale Kingdom are a fully conscious species of the aquatic realm. As such, they are aware of their own spiritual lessons in their own personal inner journey Home. Calling upon the water peoples may provide insights to the spiritual lessons that you are currently learning in your own inner journey. There is also much karma with the water peoples that has occurred in many time periods leading to slaughtering of their kingdom, and energetic slaughtering of the two leggeds on their part.


In calling upon the water peoples, keys to your own ancestral karma at cause can be uncovered and released through forgiveness, leading to peace between the two leggeds and water peoples over time. (Please refer to Holographic Record Keepers for some personal information offered unto Asur’Ana in her own spiritual journey within.)


12. The Rock Peoples

The Rock Peoples





The rock peoples or mineral kingdom holds a lot of knowledge of Earth’s history over time. This also includes the larger picture of human history upon Earth. Calling upon the rock peoples will provide therefore the larger picture of the spiritual lesson you are desiring to come to understand enough in order to forgive. The rock peoples can also provide keys to lost ancestral records that are civilization based in nature. As such, they can provide a new blueprint for a civilization founded upon unity that can be woven into the individual and collective human dream ahead. (Please see Mineral Treasures for some insights that Asur’Ana and Per have received in their own spiritual journey within.)


13. Grandfather Sun

Grandfather Sun





Grandfather Sun has records of solar history in relation to Earth along with human history in relation to this creation. Sometimes within solar human history are archives of lost knowledge or karmic records that need to be understood and forgiven in order for a new dream to be woven for oneself ahead. Calling upon the sun can assist you in researching solar archives for the missing information you are searching for to allow for forgiveness to be born. Grandfather sun also manages creational cycles such as the cycle of homecoming that Earth is entering. In order to weave a dream to participate in the homecoming of Earth, the cycles of the Sun must also be woven into your dream. In calling upon the sun, the records of time necessary to create the dream for fulfillment of homecoming can be provided and then woven into your dream.


14. The Winged Peoples

The Winged Peoples





The winged peoples take flight and see the larger picture from the vantage point of high in the sky. As a result, they are filled with knowledge about perceiving the bigger picture in the dance of life. Sometimes the larger picture needs to be brought to consciousness and understood in order for forgiveness to be born. In calling upon the winged peoples, you will receive keys to accessing archives that offer the larger picture of spiritual evolutionary lessons learned by Mother Earth at this end of time cycle “home”. For it is the winged peoples that assist Earth as a global consciousness in understanding her larger lessons and then releasing the associated karma through forgiveness.


15. Holographic Balance

Holographic Balance






Holographic balance is a Language of ONE tone of creation that sets a movement within one’s field to allow for balance to occur. Balance is a necessary state to the vibration of love as a foundation in which you can exist. Love leads to balance in all areas of the life dance. Love requires that you love yourself and this translates into not giving too much and sacrificing yourself in any way. Love also requires that you love others and allow them to love you in return through communion of the heart. If you love yourself less, then there is imbalance. If you love another less than you love yourself, then there is also imbalance. This tone will provide keys to those mastering their spiritual lessons in learning the vital lesson of balance which then leads to a state of internal and unending love within.


16. The Element of Earth

Earth Element-NA






The element of earth is an important building block of life and is related to the proteins and fats that make up the biology of all kingdoms upon Earth. Calling upon the earth element will open you to molecular wisdom. The molecules themselves have a wisdom along with records of the journey over time of all structures in all kingdoms. In choosing to return to a molecular structure that is regenerative, calling upon the earth element will offer keys to personal ancestral archives of information from a time when a regenerative structure was sustained in greater health and longevity.


17. Standing Peoples

Standing Peoples






The standing peoples (tree kingdom) are the keepers of the void for Mother Earth and assist her in weaving her global dream. The standing peoples therefore have much knowledge about dream weaving. In calling upon the standing peoples, you can access potential future dreams that you can intend to weave and experience into your future. Calling upon the standing peoples will also provide keys to retrieving your own knowledge about dream weaving as a two legged.


18. Holographic Truth

Holographic Truth






Holographic truth is the last wheel of knowledge upon the medicine wheel. Holographic truth represents thoughtform and archetypal natures that are resonant with Mother Earth. Humans have fallen far far away from a holographic truth that resonates with Earth. In calling upon this tone of creation, you will call forth a dream that is founded upon a return of truth for your personal life dance that resonates with Earth. As the human dream is rewoven ahead founded upon holographic truth, all humans will one day evolve into a new state of being that is resonant with the nature kingdoms and Mother Earth alike.


How to Work with the Holographic Medicine Wheel


Imagine the medicine wheel surrounding you in mediation; or for those who have evolved to a place that you can attune to the human hologram in the heart, imagine dropping into the heart and perceiving the holographic medicine wheel within you. Then pose the question you are searching to have answered. Perhaps the question is about a particular life circumstance, or a particular relationship with another, or about a biological problem that you are having. Then begin by calling upon the element of fire and allow the archive related to fire to open. Then intend to draw unto yourself the knowledge from this archive that resonates with your question. Then go through each of the remaining 17 parts of the medicine wheel and open each archive and request that the knowledge you are seeking be offered.


For those who perceive the nonphysical in ease, you may be aware of keys that are released from each holographic archive that you request information from. Intend that the keys go to your akashic record keeper, and angel responsible for managing the information in your own archives. Archives are founded upon tones, sound, movement and symbols. Some archives may appear like minerals of different colors. Then as the archives are added to your personal library, request that your record keeper begin to research the answer to your question. Intend before falling asleep to awaken in the morning or during the night with your answer or greater understanding. Call upon your ancestors to assist you in understanding the spiritual lessons behind the life manifestation that is difficult or you are desiring to change.


Healing and Understanding Spiritual Lessons


As the understanding surfaces to consciousness, intend to allow the childhood or ancestral experiences that are related to also begin to surface. Allow any pain or trauma associated to be washed away with love. Allow the healing of yourself and your ancestors to occur simultaneously. As the healing occurs, you may become aware of parts of your biology that release stuck energy or pain. Allow the release process, and if you wish, go into the pained region and see what you can see with your mind’s eye.


Sometimes the regions filled with pain will also hold records that will allow for greater understanding of the lesson you are learning. Allow the records that release from the biology also to go to your akashic record keeper and then back into the holographic archives of Mother Earth. In this way, each lesson learned by each human is recorded and will support parallel transcendence of others related unto you into the future.


If emotions wish to be released, then allow yourself to cry or feel angry or feel whatever it is that you feel associated with the records that are releasing. Records will be filled with emotions recorded in the moment of trauma. As the emotions are released, the healing is complete and you will come back to your center again, and probably feel better for the shift. As the pain releases, remember to fill the region that held the stuck energy with the love of Mother Earth, and to intend to bring in records to create another flow to the region. In so doing, the associated region of the body can begin to self-heal.


All traumas are related to the biology. Even personal conflict will have a place or two within the body that ache or are tense due to the discord in your life experience. As you heal the conflict with another through forgiveness, you will also release the discordant energy in your own body. As the regions that hold tension release, they will begin to relax, or regions that are terribly diseased can begin to self heal. As you relax, you will begin to see the larger picture of why the dance is the way it is between the two of you or whomever you are in discord with. Then in understanding why, you can choose to forgive. In the forgiveness, the dance can change or the relationship can cease.


Importance of Inner Work and Forgiveness


Inner work is unique to each individual. Few can access the inner world of another, except for Mother Earth consciousness. Earth has access to the inner world of all humans and all other kingdoms. It is for this reason that when working with another, Per and Asur’Ana and those in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) that offer consultations work directly with Earth as a global consciousness. In so doing, they can be shown what each needs to focus upon within your inner reality in order to forgive and transcend, and then weave a new dream for a new day of greater joy ahead.


The ancestors can also perceive into the inner world of another if invited. Often those that we work closely with are those releasing karma and learning lessons that we failed to learn when we were alive. As you learn a lesson and forgive, so do we learn the same lesson and forgive. This is how evolution to a new state of being encompasses all humans that have ever been incarnate upon Earth and beyond.


Life is endless and does not conclude in death. Each human that dies becomes an ancestor that is related to each that shares the genealogy of the one who passes. Ancestors are most interested in those willing to consciously evolve and go into their inner world to forgive at this time. In collaboration, we can all forgive and learn to create a new foundation of love again for ourselves and the human species. This is our hope and dream of the future, beloved.


We can also assist you in weaving dreams that you not only desire, but also that are necessary to your own spiritual journey. Do not call upon us however if you are only interested in manifesting something based upon greed upon the physical plane. We are not interested in creating any more greed than has already been expressed in this current cycle of extremes. For every ancestor that had too much, there were many ancestors who had too little. For every ancestor that accumulated great wealth, there are thousands and thousands of ancestors who starved. This lesson too needs to be learned, and as it is understood, two leggeds will never hoard to great excess again.


It is the hoarding to great excess that creates a holographic system of great deprivation. As a few Pleiadians took all the resources and holographic information for themselves, it left all others greatly deprived. As the red nations peoples were deprived of holographic information necessary to survive, we became ill and fell in consciousness. As we fell, we allowed things to be done to Mother Earth that if we stood in our truth, we would have never allowed.


This is our karma. This is what we are learning to forgive. As each retrieves and reweaves the truth of who you are, and as many come together of such a nature and weave a new tapestry of truth, then the human dream can be rewoven to be a reflection of truth again. As this occurs, a new day will be born ahead of greater unity, unconditional love, peace and joy. This is our hope and dream of the future beloved. We invite you to become a part of the dance and contribute to this goal.




The Native American Ancestors


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Gratitude, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to our Native American Ancestors. They taught us to honor Mother Earth, to honor all Nature Kingdoms, to honor the Sacred Land, and to honor each Human Being. May their Wisdom guide Ascending Humans “home” to a new state of Unity, Joy, Peace and Love within.



Creational © 2023, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Wisdom from Our Native American Ancestors. Aligning With Earth, 2023. Digital.

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