Image of four small glass bottles of essential oil and flowers. Essential Oils and Single Tones

2. Essential Oils and Single Tones


Many essential oils may be useful in ascension. The fruit, herb and flowering kingdoms wish to provide information on the Language of Light tones that essential oils made from various fruits, herbs and flowering kingdoms hold. Oils from herbs, fruits and flowers have been made since the original red nations peoples were seeded upon Earth. Over time and through many falls in consciousness, human genetic information became trapped in some kingdoms used for essential oils.


Essential oils are soothing to the senses, allow for the dissipation of density in the auric field, and can also have tonic effects upon the body if ingested in small amounts. One way to work with essential oils is to place a little upon the finger and brush the tongue. The brushing of the tongue will stimulate the digestive system and cause one to assimilate one’s spiritual lessons in the dance of ascension. Citrus oils are useful for this and taste sweet or sour similar to the fruit associated. Eucalyptus is also useful for the purposes of stimulating digestion and also contains a certain fatty acid that some crystalline nervous systems require to sustain consciousness and understanding unity-based principles. (Always muscle test before using.) We suggest using organic steam distilled essential oils for ingestion.


Use of essential oils is another way also to connect and commune with the herb, fruit and flower kingdoms associated. In the communion, genetic records lost in our kingdoms can be uncovered and returned for your continued ascension. And so, we invite you to commune with us while using essential oils in your homemade creams, lotions, salt scrubs or in the bath each night.


Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 1 “How to Work with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension”  for more information and some lovely homemade spritzers, creams and toothpaste recipes. In Ascension Insights, Volume 6 Chapter 14 “Language of Light Tri Tones and Herbs” , we share herbal supplements useful in supporting ascending biology.


In Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past”, there are recipes for homemade skin lotions; in Chapter 18 “Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love”, there are homemade perfumes and non-toxic cleaning substances; and in Chapter 25 “Blessings for a Return to Conscious Farming Practices”, there are recipes for regenerative body oils and creams that feed the skin and are also useful unto ascension.


Essential oils of any kind can be added to these recipes to further put you in communion with our kingdoms in their use and also provide healing to the skin.



The Fruit, Flower and Herb Kingdoms



1. Forgiveness

Essential Oil: Geranium


Geranium flowers have a beautiful and powerful scent that many initiates love. Geranium assists in allowing for the release of karmic ties that bind along with contracts and agreements that have been forgiven. Geranium is therefore a lovely perfume to wear daily, and some initiates often applies this scent alone or in combination with others as their perfume.






2. Structure

Essential Oil: Lavender


Lavender is a useful essential oil for the skin and for the mucous membranes. Lavender assists the skin in regenerating and has many acids that are supportive for healing dry skin conditions. Lavender oil is useful to mix with lemon and clove oil to help heal the gums and teeth; or for a toothache. Lavender provides the tone of creation related to structure which creates a new movement of energy flow that is rotational and magnetic amongst those who are ascending.







3. Power

Essential Oil: Sandalwood


Sandalwood is a lovely essential oil for one’s incense. Sandalwood provides movement of energy within the field that allows authentic power to emerge. Sandalwood reminds initiates to retrieve your power and forgive your ancestors for their loss of power over time. Sandalwood makes a lovely cologne, particular for men who like woodsy and spicy scents. Sandalwood is also a very grounding scent to connect with Mother Earth through.





4. Compassion

Essential Oil: Lime


Lime essential oil is related to compassion. Lime oil is a nice essential oil to brush the tongue with while intending compassion for complicated life predicaments that are karmic in ascension. Lime is a useful oil also to dissolve dead skin when placed into one’s bath or body lotions and oils; it is also useful to regenerate the skin and mucous membranes. Lime oil can also be used in one’s homemade toothpaste to whiten the teeth.


Breath of LifeEucalyptus



5. Breath of Life

Essential Oil: Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus holds certain acids that are useful to the crystalline nervous system in developing the lobes of the brain to understand unity thoughtform of the Language of Light. For this reason, one initiate has been consuming eucalyptus oil for some time, generally brushing her tongue with it several times per day. However, not all nervous systems hold the same blueprint as another initiate desires this not; therefore, it is important to muscle test your particular body’s needs in ascension. Eucalyptus can clear the sinuses allowing energy to move more thoroughly through the meridians of the brain when inhaled. Eucalyptus also helps to stimulate the skin to regenerate and is a lovely additive to your bath, salt scrubs or mud baths as a result. Eucalyptus reminds us to breathe in deeply every five minutes to retain our breath of life and field rotation.


Non-Conditional LoveGrapefruit



6. Non-Conditional Love

Essential Oil: Grapefruit


Grapefruit is another essential oil useful to brush the tongue with to stimulate digestion. Grapefruit has a lovely sweet smell and is a nice additive to body lotions. Upon the skin, grapefruit oil will help dissolve dead skin cells and stimulate regeneration. Grapefruit also allows for the releasing of the past and the attachment associated so that non-conditional love can be born in the dance of life. Grapefruit reminds us to head towards non-conditional love and leave codependent love behind through ascension. Many initiates may enjoy eating grapefruit, which also stimulates regeneration of the body and helps in the dissolution of scar tissue and decay in the act of ascension.





7. Freedom

Essential Oil: Lemon


Lemon is another lovely essential oil that helps to dissolve dead skin cells as well as plaque that has hardened upon the teeth under the gums. One can brush one’s teeth with a drop of lemon oil once per week for this purpose. Eating lemon or drinking lemonade is also useful in dissolving decay and triggering biological ascension. Upon a vibrational level, lemon holds the freedom tone, allowing initiates to release the ties that bind one into karmic circumstances that do not bring one joy. Lemon reminds initiates to choose for freedom and a life that has increasingly less limitation and greater fulfillment upon the physical plane.


Divine UnionOrange



8. Divine Union

Essential Oil: Orange


Orange oil has a lovely sweet scent and taste and is useful for stimulating digestion in brushing the tongue. Orange oil also has substances that are useful to dissolving dead skin cells for better regeneration of the epidermis. Orange oil is a lovely scent also to wear alone or in combination with other scents to remind us to remain in union with Mother Earth, nature, our ancestors and our oversoul. Orange oil reminds initiates that it is in a state of divine union that one can more readily hear their guidance and perceive the next steps upon one’s life journey.


Unity ConsciousnessJasmine



9. Unity Consciousness

Essential Oil: Jasmine


Jasmine has a lovely sweet scent that some initiates like to wear as perfume. The smell of jasmine reminds them to remain in unity in the dance of life. Jasmine is also a lovely oil that is similar to the oils produced by the crystalline skin and therefore a useful moisturizing substance to add to your lotions and body oils. Jasmine flowers are often dried and blended with green tea. One initiate has taken to drinking jasmine tea frequently either cold or hot and discovers that it aids in her digestion and has a nice sedative effect upon her causing her to relax. She relaxes as she remembers to go into unity movements in her field and jasmine tea reminds her of this as she ingests it.


Non-Conditional GovernanceYlang Ylang



10. Non-Conditional Governance

Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang


Ylang Ylang like Jasmine is an oil that is similar to the oil produced by the crystalline skin and therefore useful to add to your face creams, body lotions or body oils, or to the bath or salt scrub. The smell of Ylang Ylang will remind you to retain unity based governance, or to become your own leader in your own ascension by going inward and discerning your own guidance. Ylang Ylang scent can open you to the unconscious via conscious dreaming, and is useful therefore to place upon oneself before meditation or going to sleep, or to burn in a candle or essential oil burner to scent the room.





11. Jurisdiction

Essential Oil: Lemongrass


Lemongrass has a potent scent that often is used to ward off insects in herbal insect repellents. In parallel, lemongrass will assist ascending humans in learning to hold your boundaries in karmic encounters with others. One can add lemongrass to one’s essential oils at workshops that one teaches or upon bad ascension days for this reason. Lemongrass is also a nice herb to cook with, as in Thai food, as well as ingested as an herbal tea. Lemongrass assists in stimulating the bile to release for better assimilation of fats in the diet. Lemongrass reminds initiates to hold your boundaries and retain your ascension information in all circumstances.





12. Hope

Essential Oil: Rosemary


Rosemary is a culinary herb as well as essential oil. As an essential oil, much like eucalyptus, there are acids helpful to the crystalline brain structure that are helpful to learning unity consciousness principles. Rosemary is also an excellent oil to stimulate and trigger regeneration of the hair, hair color and skin. For those going bald, try mixing a few drops of rosemary oil with a carrier oil and putting it on the scalp each night. Rosemary makes an excellent substance in the bath to help trigger regeneration of the skin. The scent is also uplifting and will help you find hope to carry on through rough moments of your personal ascension. Rosemary reminds initiates to find the hope to carry on to another day that is more joyful ahead.





13. Peace

Essential Oil: Juniper


Juniper is a soothing scent that will remind you to ground to Mother Earth and find peace within. Juniper can be added to one’s bath or skin oils or candles and essential oil burners to remind one to sit out in the woods and in the peace of the tree kingdom. Juniper reminds initiates to intend peace and transmute the discord within returning to peace again and again. This is how global peace will one day be anchored as enough find peace within through ascension.





14. Abundance

Essential Oil: Oregano


Oregano is known for its antifungal and antiviral properties, and many take this essential oil internal to self for this purpose. One initiate places the oil upon his skin to ward off yeast which tends to grow in the damp climates upon his underarms. Oregano is also a lovely cooking herb often associated with Italian spices and can be enjoyed with one’s meals. Oregano is a useful decongestant when inhaled; it also helps trigger the release of digestive enzymes when consumed. Oregano reminds you to live in abundance and transcend the fear based thoughtform of lack, releasing the poverty and greed-based karma in your inheritance through forgiveness.





15. Prosperity

Essential Oil: Caraway


Caraway has a nutty smell and is also an herb useful to digestion. Caraway seeds will stimulate the release of progesterone for those suffering from loss of hormones in ascension or menopause. Caraway will also assist in the integration of the regeneration hormonal blueprints in ascension. Caraway is more useful perhaps to ingest than smell, but can remind us to be prosperous, manifesting all that we envision, and clearing the karma that would block our visions from coming to fruition. Caraway reminds initiates to intend a state of prosperity.





16. Magnitude

Essential Oil: Allspice


Allspice is a scent often associated with the holidays and is found in holiday candles or room fresheners. Allspice is also an herb found in pumpkin pies. Allspice heats up the digestive system by adding more fire element to stimulate digestion. Sometimes allspice is also found in chai tea formulas and is helpful to settle upset stomachs by triggering the digestion to heat up. Upon an energetic level, allspice reminds you to be the larger ascending truth and the magnificent human that you are as God Goddess in form.





17. Intuition

Essential Oil: Sage


Sage is often burnt as an aromatic cleanser causing the denser vibrations to dissipate in one’s field or environment. Essential oil of sage will also clarify the environment and field as well as open you up to your own intuitive knowing. For a long time, one initiate wore a sweet smelling sage oil and it aided her in connecting with and better hearing her nonphysical guidance. Sage can assist therefore in opening up to dream time and the unconscious that sits around each. Sage reminds initiates that the body already knows its truth; all that is required is opening to your own innate knowing.





18. Function

Essential Oil: Patchouli


Patchouli has a lovely earthy scent that many like to wear as perfume. The scent of patchouli shall remind you to go with the flow, or swim downstream rather than upstream in the dance of life. In the energy flow, this is related to the water element and patchouli will assist in balancing the water element so that the field spins more easily and in greater balance. Patchouli can also be burnt as incense and the smoke element will then help to balance the field as it enters the chakra and subtle body systems. Patchouli reminds initiates to go with the flow and with the current of one’s life rather than against.





19. Perseverance

Essential Oil: Cedarwood


Cedarwood has a lovely woodsy smell that will remind you to ground unto Mother Earth for comfort and to carry on in your ascension through tough karmic circumstances. Like sage, cedarwood assists in dissipating the denser vibrations that sit around the human dance at this time in history and particularly poisonous tones that slow down one’s field. One initiate has long loved to burn cedarwood incense at her workshops and at home due to how uplifting the smell can be, and how useful unto her field or the field of the group in attendance. Inhaling cedarwood either as oil or as incense also helps dissolve mucous in the sinuses, and can be used in formulas for steam baths or a face steam as a result. Cedarwood reminds initiates to just carry on, rising above one’s current circumstance and one will move into a new day of greater joy.





20. Stealth

Essential Oil: Cypress


Cypress also has a woodsy smell that will remind you to ground unto Mother Earth for comfort and peace as well as attune to the pine tree kingdom. Cypress is another good oil to help release mucous from the body when inhaled or bathed with. Ascending bodies are releasing ongoing amounts of mucous due to the transmutation process of ascension. Most mucous is released through the pores of the skin, and therefore cypress is useful in the bath, in the mud baths or in small amounts in one’s body oil as a result. Cypress like Cedarwood helps initiates to remember that they are really strong enough within to persevere and transcend.


ConsciousnessBay Leaf



21. Consciousness

Essential Oil: Bay Leaf


Bay leaf has a lovely aromatic smell that is useful in remembering to commune with the tree kingdoms and Mother Earth. The tree kingdom holds the void of infinite possibility, and in communing with us, you will see the dreams for your next steps upon your path, or a way out of a difficult karmic encounter or circumstance. Bay will assist initiates in learning to consciously dream weave and may be a good scent to burn as a candle or oil during meditation. Bay leaf is also something often associated with cooking. Bay leaf stimulates digestion as well as departing a nice fragrance unto one’s food. Bay leaf reminds initiates that you are a fully conscious species and should intend to rise in consciousness through ascension rather than descend into forgetfulness again.





22. Internal

Essential Oil: Cardamom


Cardamom is an oil whose scent will open you up to your inner world or dreamtime to better discern your own truth in the dance of life. Cardamom is often a spice also found in Indian cooking or Chai Tea. Cardamom has a soothing but stimulating effect upon digestion and is a useful daily tonic as tea or in one’s food source. Cardamom has much genetic information on the hormones produced in the crystalline brain for conscious dreaming. You can commune with our kingdom to recover your ancestral knowledge on internal dreaming. Cardamom reminds initiates that ascension is an internal journey that allows for inner transformation; and that as the inner is transformed, the life mirror will change accordingly. You cannot change your life from the outside in, beloved.


ExternalBlack Pepper



23. External

Essential Oil: Black Pepper


Pepper has a spicy smell that stimulates the glands of the brain such that consciousness is held more readily. Add black pepper to your meal or smell pepper oil when you are tired and it will cause you to awaken. Perhaps this is why humans like putting black pepper upon their food and in such things as Chai Tea. Black pepper also balances the stomach acids when ingested and may be useful to those with acid reflex or indigestion. Pepper essential oil will allow you to attune to the activities of the day and put the dream time work of ascension on the back burner until you are ready to focus upon it. Pepper reminds initiates to find balance between the internal and external path of ascension.


OnenessStar Anise



24. Oneness

Essential Oil: Star Anise


Star anise has a scent often associated with the Holidays as well as Indian cuisine. Star anise stimulates the mucous membranes when inhaled to trigger the release of toxins. When ingested, star anise sooths the intestinal track and prohibits the formation of as much gas in the act of digestion. Primarily star anise does this through causing gaseous substances to dissipate into tiny bubbles leading to less fermentation in the act of digestion. Star anise scent reminds us about the holographic oneness of all life forms and that we are a part of the whole. Star anise reminds us to perceive others as another one of yourself, as then forgiveness is easier to be fulfilled upon.





25. Truth

Essential Oil: Frankincense


Frankincense is another oil that is very useful to aiding the field in spinning in greater ease. Frankincense helps balance the amount of air element or space between within the field. The space between is better collapsed to a certain degree to ward off manipulations from nonphysical forces, and yet a certain level of air element is necessary to a smooth spinning field. Burning frankincense helps create a smooth spinning field.


Frankincense oil can make a nice perfume when blended with myrrh, sandalwood and orange oils and reminds us of our ascending truth and how to align with the greater truth of all creators and creations throughout time, space and form. Frankincense also has much missing knowledge of the larger cranium that was lost in the era of Ancient Egypt; and so, commune with our kingdom to retrieve your genetic records in ascension. Frankincense reminds initiates to stand in your truth in your dance of life.


ActionClove Bud



26. Action

Essential Oil: Clove Bud


Cloves are another scent reminiscent of the holiday season as well as Indian Cooking and Chai Tea. Cloves when ingested stimulate or heat up the digestive system allowing for more nutrients to be absorbed in the small intestine. Clove oil can also be used to help numb the pain of teething in infants or tooth problems in adults. Clove oil stimulates the gums to bring in more blood to aid the immune system in fighting off the infection in the mouth.


The scent of cloves will stimulate more blood to circulate to the brain and therefore is useful in sustaining consciousness. If tired, smell a whiff of clove oil and it will wake you up. Clove also reminds ascending humans to take action and bring about change when karmic completion has occurred in your personal life dance. It is only as the change becomes physical that then one knows that the karma is sincerely completed upon.





27. Fluidity

Essential Oil: Basil


Basil essential oil will remind initiates to be fluid, to go with the flow, to allow the field to spin up to release your karma. Essential oil of basil will balance the earth element in the field for greater grounding as well as releasing larger patterns that are related to the consensus known as Earth in which we reside. Basil is also a lovely cooking herb associated with Italian foods. Basil is a good “green” and bitter with many nutrients that can be eaten each week to support one’s ascension. Basil as with all aromatic bitters is a good blood cleanser when ingested. Basil reminds us to flow down the path rather than climb up a hill to a destination that one cannot attain.





28. Purpose

Essential Oil: Myrrh


Myrrh oil will remind initiates that they have a larger purpose to fulfill upon at this time of ascension. Myrrh resin when burned much like Frankincense has the effect of clearing density out of the field and allowing the field to spin in greater ease. Myrrh resin helps to increase the fire element so that karma releases more readily through forgiveness. Myrrh reminds initiates to find your purpose and intend to fulfill upon it in this lifetime.


IntegrityHawaiian Ginger



29. Integrity

Essential Oil: Hawaiian Ginger


Ginger blossoms have a sweet fragrance not unlike Jasmine. The smell of ginger reminds us to be in integrity with the truth within ourselves and with one another. Ginger oil like jasmine also resembles the oils within the crystalline skin and is useful to add unto one’s oils, lotions and potions as a result. Ginger reminds each that integrity must come within first; as you learn to relate to all parts of yourself in integrity, then others will relate to you upon the physical plane also in integrity.





30. Balance

Essential Oil: Carrot


Carrot oil has many lovely fatty acids useful to the regeneration of the skin and body in ascension. Carrot oil is a good soothing moisturizer to add to your bath or body lotions and body oils as a result. Carrot oil soothes the mucous membranes when inhaled and is useful in the event of dry nose syndrome. Roasted carrots allow the oils to surface in the cooking that can be soothing to the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, particularly for those suffering from ulcers. Carrot oil reminds us to live our lives in balance, with enough time for our outer focuses and enough time for our inner process of ascension.





31. Honor

Essential Oil: Hyssop


Hyssop is an oil useful to the regeneration of the skin and is a good addition to the bath, homemade lotions or body oils as a result. Hyssop contains a fatty acid that stimulates the skin to reproduce. Cells that die must be replaced in the act of regeneration and so hyssop has regenerative properties. Hyssop reminds us to honor ourselves and honor all others in the dance of life. One can think of ascension as honoring the body; and ascension requires the growth of new cells into a crystalline format, and hyssop assists with this process by triggering cell growth.


DreamLemon Balm



32. Dream

Essential Oil: Lemon Balm


Lemon balm is a fragrant oil that is often used in warding off pests or insects in the garden or in herbal insect repellents. Lemon balm strives to reminds initiates to hold your dreams sovereign and not allow others to latch on or take your dreams for themselves. Lemon balm will attune you inward to the task of dream weaving. Lemon balm also holds many records of genetics that were once a part of the capacity for humans to communicate with nature in dream time. So, commune with our kingdom to retrieve your records for conscious dreaming and communication with nature. Lemon Balm reminds initiates that you are the dreamer and the dream; and so, intend your dreams and then fulfill upon them.





33. Illusion

Essential Oil: Neroli


Neroli was once an oil heavily used in embalming those who were mummified in ancient times. Neroli holds many lost records of humans who fell into the illusion of believing the false gods. Much of this came with a loss of genetic records in the act of embalming. Attune to our kingdom to retrieve the records your ancestry lost of their truth as a human being. Neroli oil will help to lift the veils of illusion in one’s field so that one may perceive more greatly down to the truth. Neroli oil has a lovely scent that many enjoy wearing as perfume to help lift the veils of illusion in one’s own dance of life.





34. Passion

Essential Oil: Sassafras


Sassafras is often found in herbal teas and is a root used in making root beer. Sassafras when ingested will stimulate the reproductive system allowing for greater hormonal balance and libido. Sassafras also helps females stimulate the production of eggs in the ovaries for the purposes of conception. Sassafras oil has a spicy-nutty smell that can remind one to retrieve one’s passion for the dreams that one is dreaming. In the new dream, one must feel passionately about what one desires to manifest or the dream will simply not be drawn to be fulfilled upon in the physical. Sassafras reminds initiates to recover your passion for life, one another and your creative projects.


CreativityCinnamon Leaf



35. Creativity

Essential Oil: Cinnamon Leaf


Cinnamon leaf oil is reminiscent also of other holiday spices. Cinnamon leaf oil is a stimulant and hosts a lot of fire element to help creative energy to flow. Cinnamon oil reminds us to run our co-creative energy so that our dream is attracted down the dimensions to be fulfilled upon in the physical. Cinnamon oil also reminds us to retrieve creative flow from others we have supported the dreams of so that your own dreams may manifest instead. Cinnamon offers that we are the dreamer and the dream that is expressed through human creativity in the dance of life.


Sexual EnergyAnise



36. Sexual Energy

Essential Oil: Anise


Anise is a lovely oil associated with Licorice as well as Ouzo, a Greek liqueur. Anise reminds us to run our sexual energy to maintain our vibration and continue to ascend ahead. Anise when ingested helps digestion by turning on the sexual flow which turns on the digestive system and leads to greater movement of energy to digest spiritual life lessons. In the physical, anise, like star anise, dissipates gas leading to less fermentation in physical digestion. There are many records of sexual energy flow lost to the anise herb kingdom. Commune with our kingdom to help retrieve your information on sexual energy flow for the purposes of ascension ahead. Anise reminds initiates to allow the sexual flow in self and all others, especially emerging teenagers, as the sexual energy is required to ascend and sustain the vibration mastered.





37. Friendship

Essential Oil: Chamomile


Chamomile makes a somewhat pungent essential oil that can be soothing to some skin types. Chamomile tea is a soothing drink to ease excess stomach acid. Chamomile reminds us to be friends with ourselves first; making peace with discordant ancestors and parts of selves. As you befriend you, then friendships naturally unfold in unity in the dance of life.





38. Communion

Essential Oil: Palmarosa


Palmarosa oil is an oil that is antiviral and useful in internal and external infections. The oil sooths the mucous membranes of nasal passages and the throat in the event of a sore throat. Palmarosa is useful to clear the energy field of unwanted nonphysical discord and entities when spritzed in the environment or released in the air via an essential oil burner, or used in a perfume blend. Palmarosa reminds initiates to remain in communion with body, soul, Earth, nature and your ancestors. In a state of communion, only that which resonates can remain within one’s field or environment and you are supported each step of your ascension ahead. There are records in Palmarosa for how patterns of communion were spun in more ancient times. Commune with our kingdom to retrieve your ancestral records for a deeper level of communion.


Dance of LifeClary Sage



39. Dance of Life

Essential Oil: Clary Sage


Clary sage is an essential oil that much like sage has a cleansing affect upon one’s field and environment and has a sweet smell. Clary sage has an astringent quality that will assist in removing excess fluid from the skin. If one has puffy eyes or feet, adding clary sage oil to carrier oils or your creams and lotions and apply to the skin and it can assist. Clary sage oil reminds us to surrender to the dance of life rather than holding on to the past. It is in holding on to the past that we stagnate; and stagnation can be equated to water retention in ascension. Let go and join the dance, surrendering to the moment, and you will carry on in your ascension ahead.





40. Community

Essential Oil: Fennel


Fennel oil has a lovely smell that is reminiscent of licorice. Fennel oil and seed can aid in digestion allowing for less fermentation or gas. Fennel seed is different from anise and star anise as it does not dissipate the gas as much as block the gassy substances from breaking down so that they pass through the intestines in ease. Fennel oil stimulates the nervous system allowing tension to dissipate. Fennel reminds us to learn to live in harmony and unity with one another by finding harmony and unity within. As each finds harmony and unity within, then ascending community can be born as the group will come together in unity and harmony.





41. Honesty

Essential Oil: Peppermint


Peppermint oil is a nice stimulant for the skin and mucous membranes and causes cells to regenerate. In regeneration, new cells do not grow but instead what is distorted is corrected in the cell metabolism so that the cell regenerates. Peppermint has acids necessary to cause cellular regeneration. It is therefore a useful oil to add to one’s bath, toothpaste and skin and hair products to support regeneration. Consumption of peppermint leaf or mint tea also helps the digestive system regenerate in the physical. Upon a nonphysical level, peppermint allows for honest communication of one’s truth, and honest perception of the unconscious dance that surrounds yourself. Inhale a little peppermint oil and then look again at the patterns you are seeking to understand and you will find honest illumination.





42. Communication

Essential Oil: Spearmint


Spearmint oil is also a stimulant that is more useful for the mucous membranes than perhaps the skin. Spearmint causes the mucous membranes to release enough fluid or mucous to allow for protection from the digestive enzymes in one’s mouth or stomach. Perhaps it is for this reason that spearmint can be very soothing to the digestive system. In the nonphysical, spearmint helps align communication by triggering a common language that all understand. At this time, all kingdoms are relying upon the Language of Light as the primary symbols and thoughtform for communication. Spearmint also hosts records of ancient languages that your ancestors lost over time. Commune with our kingdom to retrieve your records on languages so that you can better attune unto the Language of Light.


Unseen WorldsTea Tree



43. Unseen Worlds

Essential Oil: Tea Tree


Tea Tree Oil is known for its capacity to clear up problematic skin, and also to destroy bacteria known for gum and teeth decay. Tea Tree Oil is antiviral and bacterial and can aid in minor infections of the skin. Tea Tree Oil allows one to open to the unseen worlds or greater unconscious that all kingdoms reside within; in opening to the greater unconscious, one is more capable of releasing ancestral patterns that are associated with the consensus known as Earth. Tea tree kingdom also has lots of records of unconscious layers lost in one’s inheritance. Connect and commune with our kingdom to retrieve those ancestral layers of unconscious you are in need of integrating at this time in your ascension. Tea tree reminds initiates to open to the unseen guidance that surrounds oneself.


Unspoken WorldsWintergreen



44. Unspoken Worlds

Essential Oil: Wintergreen


Wintergreen, like spearmint and peppermint, stimulate the senses allowing more blood to flow to the skin or mucous membranes of the mouth or nose and sinuses. Wintergreen stimulates assimilation of fatty acids into the cells so that they can regenerate more readily. Small amount of wintergreen in the bath, mouth wash, or toothpaste or hair products is therefore helpful to regeneration of skin, mouth and hair.


Wintergreen allows communication to occur between verbal and nonverbal kingdoms. Most kingdoms are nonverbal except for humans and so our kingdom bridges between the two so that all may understand one another. We have a load of records of times that your species communicated more greatly with unspoken kingdoms. Intend to commune with us and retrieve your holographic records and you will open to communicating more easily with nature for guidance and support upon your path ahead.


Underwater WorldsThyme



45. Underwater Worlds

Essential Oil: Thyme


Thyme is an herb also associated with cooking and has antibiotic properties. Thyme can be ingested in times of feeling ill with a cold or flu like symptoms. Thyme stimulates the immune system to increase crystalline white blood cell formation. Thyme oil reminds humans that they have their own underwater worlds known as blood that must also ascend into new blueprints in order to create a complete ascension. Our kingdom has not lost information on a golden blood that was once the inheritance of the Grand Masters. Commune with our kingdom to retrieve your ancestral knowledge for the ascension of your blood ahead.


Land Based Worlds




46. Worlds Upon the Land

Essential Oil: Nutmeg


Nutmeg is an herb also associated with holiday smells and treats. Nutmeg hosts the element of fire and will stimulate the fire to flow in one’s field through the smell; and also assist in more fire to be present in digestion easing gastronomic distress when consumed. Nutmeg reminds humans that you are a land-based creature and must learn to relate to the worlds upon the land in harmony, unity and love.


Some humans might think they would prefer to live in the water as a whale or dolphin, when in reality you cannot and the movements of energy of the water do not serve you upon the land. Learning to manage energy as a land-based creature is therefore important to ascension of those in particular who have close ties to the dolphins and whales or underwater worlds. Nutmeg invites humans to make your home upon the land in communion, honor, truth and peace with all other sentient species.


Human Species




47. Human Species

Essential Oil: Yarrow


Yarrow has a spicy floral scent that is useful to stimulate regeneration and heal skin ailments. Yarrow assists humans in learning to live with one another in communion and community. The human species is a holographic projection that has many archetypes experienced in the dance of life. Humans allow for personification of patterns that Mother Earth and other species may experience in only an energetic sense and not in a behavioral sense. Nature watches humans as a mirror for our own unconscious patterns requiring transcendence in ascension. Humans are God Goddess in form. Yarrow reminds humans to find their own god goddess-ness in a dance with all other kingdoms founded upon unity, harmony, peace, abundance for all, and love.


God Goddess/All That Is




48. God/Goddess/All That Is

Essential Oil: Bergamot


Bergamot is a lovely citrus smelling oil that is also used in the making of Earl Grey Tea. Bergamot has antiviral, antibacterial properties and is therefore useful to boost the immune system in ingestion. Bergamot reminds initiates that all life forms are god goddess in form and not only the human species. Bergamot reminds initiates to take your place in the natural world dream and learn to live in unity with all other kingdoms. The times are coming ahead where that which cannot exist in the natural world order will perish upon the physical plane. However, those who remain will remember their god goddess-ness within and also honor the god goddess-ness in all kingdoms upon Earth.


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With Infinite Love and Gratitude, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the One Source, All That Is, or the Tao. Their Divine Intervention has cleared the pathway of ascension to make possible the Ascension of Earth a Living Reality. We are going Home, Beloveds!



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 7. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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