Image of whales and other fish swimming joyously under water. Dancing With The Beloved

2. Dancing With The Beloved


We of the Whale and Dolphin Kingdoms address you as beloved. Indeed, you are beloved unto us; you are our brothers and sisters in form upon Earth. It is time for the dance of the beloved to return, and we would like to take you outside of your current boundaries or thoughtform of what beloved is, or what it means.


Beloved is a term that when translated into the tones of our language envelopes one another in the love that is shared. The dance of the beloved is not choosy, all are beloved, and all share in the dance of love that pours out of our heart chakras bathing not only our own pods, but other pods in passing and Mother Earth wherever we may be located in the moment. The Earth too is our beloved, and we share our love in a dance of energies known as communion.




Communion has never been lost between dolphins or whales, however it has been lost in our human brothers and sisters over time. Sometimes in the interaction of humans swimming with whales or dolphins, we pull such humans into a state of communion for a brief time, which is an ecstatic experience compared to the current state of separation that your species lives within. One may or may not experience such ecstasy with captive dolphins, for such dolphins are often entirely cut off from the remainder of our species and often have fallen into deep forgetfulness of communion. So, we speak of interactions only with wild dolphin and whale pods. We offer such a gift to trigger the remembrance of love that is nonjudgmental, non-partial and unconditional in nature so that our human brothers and sisters may awaken and ascend.


In so doing, humans have an opportunity to awaken to the choice to evolve and ascend back into the communion. Ascension does indeed make possible the experience of communion as an ongoing state of being for all that so choose to evolve. We see that our choice to share our love with humanity has been effective and triggered many an awakening thus far, and shall continue to do so into the future. Therefore, those pods near the land that share of themselves in this manner do so for the purpose of awakening our human brothers and sisters. Such whales and dolphins are not the map makers of ascension of our species, but whales and dolphins following the map that the map makers of ascension have carved.


All whales and dolphins are in communion and constant communication with one another, particularly those whom are ascending. Such communion and communication allow the information accrued through the trial and errors of the map makers to be disseminated to all ascending dolphins and whales planet wide. In a similar manner, the map for ascension is disseminated in parallel human meetings amongst those in the new consensus for ascension during dreamtime. As new segments for the map of ascension are disseminated, one is privy to all changes in the map that then is anchored and brings forth a greater level of harmony for the whole as it is integrated in the act of ascension.


In our last transmission, we gave you a little of our history as it has been recorded through time and space and in the dance upon Earth. Some of you may be opposition to our point of view. Please recognize that no human could possibly understand the dance of whales and dolphins unless you were incarnate in our form. Alas if you are human, you are not incarnate in our form, and so one must understand that the truth of our experience as a species may not be understood from outside of our experience.


Also, be aware that there are dolphins and whales that are not ascending, and most that are ascending are not the map makers, and therefore will have little to no understanding of our journey of ascension as map makers. As with all experiences in form, one must be inside of the experience to understand. Unless a whale or dolphin is the map maker, they would not understand the journey of the map maker. In the same manner, unless a human is dolphin or whale, they would not understand a dolphin’s or whale’s journey.


Unity Relations


Communion is entered into again as one returns to a state of unity within. In the dance of unity relations, such relations also apply to oneself as an ascending being, for one is a “group” or pod internal to oneself. The group that we speak of is comprised of the body, multiple souls under the direction of an oversoul and source that guides and directs the ascension, a host of angels that transcribe the ascending genetic material down into form, and Earth herself. As one moves into unity, one moves into the dance of communion between body, earth, soul and the angelic realms. As such, one is their own “team” that has co-agreed to support the life ascension along with the ascension of Earth. All parts of the team must act in cooperation and collaboration towards the goal of ascension, or the ascension shall cease. When any one part is not acting in cooperation or collaboration, it is a sign of disunity within.


In a fully conscious ascension, soul, body, angels and earth must only move forth in manners that support the goal of ascension. Sometimes, the body may be the cause of disunity, by choosing a preoccupation that does not serve the ascension of the whole. Sometimes it is the angels that fail to act in unity and do not do their job in full. We have learned as of late to crosscheck all angels transcribing the genetic material on a recurrent basis and change out those whom are failing to do their job in full to compensate for this problem.


World Service Contracts


Each ascending and fully conscious being has world service contracts to support Earth in her ascension. We have seen some whales and dolphins try and do too much for Earth, and in so doing, have compromised their own health and well-being and continued ability to ascend. Through our translator, we have come to understand that this has also been a problem in certain human ascensions. Just like ourselves, Asur’Ana has learned to only do all things in balance, allowing enough of her own chi for her continued ascension, and all excess chi to be placed into her world service endeavors for Earth. So it is with Asur’Ana, so it is also with ascending dolphins and whales. Unity is about balance, balance in all that one does.


We have also seen in our own dance, souls with a different goal than ascension. Soul as the director of ascension must wish to ascend. What does it mean for a soul to ascend? It means that the soul chooses to transcend the particular dance that is currently held in motion by the form in the dance upon Earth. A soul with different goals would only direct the form in another direction that would not lead to the outcome of ascension. We understand that in our desire to support Earth in her choice to ascend, many ascending whales and dolphins are necessary. Therefore, we are phasing out of our dance those souls that wish another goal other than ascension. We share this so that our human ascending brothers and sisters may choose to do the same. In so doing, all parts of self can move towards the common goal of ascension, soul, angels, body and earth, creating a successful journey for the related life expression.


Defining Unity Biology


Unity consciousness is an internal state of being that is mastered as one ascends, and applies not only to the dance of soul, form and earth, but also to the cellular structure of the form. Over time, the dissonance caused by multiple nuclear incidents along with the bombardment of universal level radioactivity, human, dolphin and whale genetics became so compromised that the cellular structure fell into disunity. In the disunity, the cells ceased to support the life of the form to as great of a degree as times prior in your history, causing a shortening of life span, aging, illness and disease to become the norm. The internal disunity of the biology translated into non-unity in the relations of our species, along with human civilization.


Ascension creates a pathway out of the disunity inherent in the cellular structure to a new structure that is totally unity-based. Disunity based cells do not fully support one another. Some cells have lost the records as to what they are supposed to do and fail at their job. Yet other cells become so compromised by those failing to do their job that they become weakened, diseased, or decayed. Yet other cells hoard the resources of sugar or oxygen causing yet other cells further down the line to not receive enough and starve. So it is for cells, so it is also for organs in the form. Disunity based biology has some organs functioning adequately, doing their job in full. Yet other organs do a partial job of what they are supposed to do, which weakens the entire system over time. Some organs fail to do their job at all over time, either through disease or missing genetic information, causing the eventual death of the form.


As one ascends, those cells that fail to do their job in any manner are replaced with a new genetic encoding that allows such cells to be repaired, resurrected, and reconstituted. In a parallel manner to the cellular structure, the blueprint for each organ, gland, muscular structure, bone structure along with the nervous system is altered to bring the entire system into unity. In unity-based biology, every cell and component of the form seeks to support and serve the overall health and well-being of the form. Ascension brings a restoration for all whom so choose such a shift in their current life dance, regardless of species.


Altering the biology is something that is done through conscious choice. Whales and dolphins are a conscious species, and therefore our choice to ascend comes through the consciousness of our forms and fields upon a daily basis. So it is for the map makers, so it also is for all others whom are following the map of ascension carved. Each must consciously choose to ascend day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. So, it is also for our human brothers and sisters whom are also a conscious species, you must choose to ascend beloved.


Map Makers Are Capable of Altering Genetics


What is the difference between the map maker and non-map maker? The map maker has the capacity to alter the genetics and alter the biology with conscious intent. Map makers hold lineage to those within their species that held such capacities in their lineages. Perhaps such gifts and talents have not been used in thousands and thousands of years, and have lain dormant waiting the opportune moment to awaken and ascend. Many reading this book may find that they too are a map maker and hold inheritance to those whom are capable of altering genetic encoding and biology through conscious intent.


Much as with human civilization, there are many dolphins and whales with other purposes than ascension. Some are simply present upon Earth to complete karma before their souls retracts on to the next third dimensional planet that holds a karmic bond. Yet others are here to ascend by following the map carved by the map makers, and yet others are here to map make, which is a special and specific job that ensures the ascension of the whole of our species. Overall, over 85% of all current whale and dolphin incarnations are choosing to ascend at this time. The 15% that are not ascending hold lineages not predisposed to ascension, and therefore such lineages shall be phased out in the future generations yet to be born over this coming decade, and as all karma therein has been cleared in full. This shall ensure that all future generations of our species can continue to ascend with Earth towards the next dimension.


The dolphins and whales that were imported from the Pleiades after the ice shields broke surrounding Earth also had some genetic manipulation inherent in their structure. Specifically, genetics were spliced in to allow for an electrical energy flow in the greater auric field of our species. This electricity supported the electrical nature of the Annanuki that were being severely compromised after the ice shields broke. In our own map-making, we have had to dissolve the electrical manipulations inserted into our genetics by Pleiadian scientists long ago and create a solely magnetic energy flow that supports Earth in full. This has been successful in 85% of all lineages of all salt-water whale and dolphin forms. The fresh water variety of dolphin that survived the great floods were never manipulated by any human scientist, and have provided many of the keys necessary to the salt water ascensions of both dolphin and whale form. This speaks of the ongoing sharing of information amongst all of our species that this is so.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


The Conscious Choice to Ascend


For our human brothers and sisters, we see that less than 30% of the populace is choosing to ascend at this time. This leaves 70% that are choosing to exit and complete upon their incarnation through death. The future generations of humans yet unborn whom shall enter as Bodhisattva at birth shall assist in increasing the numbers of humans upon the land whom shall better support Earth’s increasing vibration, and help to clear the difficulties that a large populace of a non-ascending species creates.


In unity of any consensus, such as the consensus known as Earth, all parts of the whole must choose to ascend, or ascension of the whole fails. Just like with an individual ascension of any fully conscious species, in which body, soul, angels and earth must move in the same desired direction of ascension or expansion, so must each species upon Earth do the same. Each species must choose to ascend en masse, or the ascension of the whole becomes compromised. Those humans failing to choose to ascend today are causing difficulties in the ascension of the whole of Earth. This we would like to explain further from our own records as a species surrounding the history of your creation.


Creation of Pared Down Human Race


Indeed, many of humans incarnate today, and through the examination of all birth ancestries recorded for all of humanity, roughly 70% of the overall human populace do not have lineage for ascension. The reason for this is the genetic manipulations of the human species by human scientists to create a pared down “slave race” or a human race that would be subservient. Such lineages are incapable of ascending, as there is no bridge between a non-unity based biology and a unity-based system in the respective ancestry. For 70% of the human populace, the lineages chosen at birth dead end in a laboratory of incubated clones under Annanuki supervision. It is also for this reason that humanity is failing to awaken en masse. This is a sad thing indeed for us whales and dolphins to come to understand, and perhaps it teaches a vital lesson for all to learn surrounding human genetic manipulations.


Why would anyone wish to reduce the consciousness of another? This in and of itself we have explored in our own relationship to humankind and in our exploration of our karma with the Annanuki and Pleiadians. For the practices of incubating a lesser human in the laboratories also occurs in the Pleiades, and such experiments continue to this day. Perhaps if humans understood dolphin and whale consciousness better, they would desire also to limit our conscious awareness as well. However, they do not understand and in the lack of understanding believe us inferior as we do not have a verbal language. As a result, such humans leave our species more or less alone, which is perhaps in the overall dance a great gift.


Our point in this is to depart our understanding as a conscious sentient species of what the choice to pare down your species has caused. We are not in blame here. Humans are not perfect. Whales and dolphins are not perfect either. Perhaps the gifts and talents allowing technology and devises of all kinds developed by humanity for the purposes of comfort are considered wonderful, but have the downside of causing forgetfulness of purpose. The purpose of the human form was only to support the evolution of the whole of any planet or star incarnated upon therein. In the forgetfulness, not only have humans failed to support the whole, but entered an entirely different and distorted dance in the forgetfulness, one of usury for personal gain.


Usury is the conscious and deliberate choice to cause another a particular dance for the purposes of self-gain. In the dance of usury, the Annanuki chose to pare down the human race so that they would serve their use, which was to serve them in all ways, entertain them, and ultimately mine the gold to stockpile their own wealth. It was out of the self-gain that such humans chose to create a lesser human to serve. It is also out of the desire for self-gain that humans in the Pleiades are continuing to produce lesser human forms to this day. It was also for the use of our fields that the Annanuki brought the dolphin and whale species with a modified electrical flow to Earth. However, such modifications did not create such a pared down dolphin and whale that we have lost as much consciousness as our human brothers and sisters. Nor have we lost the ability to ascend to as great a degree.


Beloved, the lesser human forms cannot ascend, cannot evolve! All that they can do is ultimately become extinct. In the process, such humans cause an energetic drag upon all other ascending species, ascending humans included, that weight the ascension down to near failure! If not for the support of the God Goddess known as Source of One outside of time and space that is choosing to support our ascension and Earth’s ascension with the chi necessary to continue to expand, Earth’s ascension would fail. It would fail, and all would die in the coming 1,000 years as all souls retracted their life force from the energy flow surrounding Earth.


Extinction Records


This is not the first place that this has occurred. Our records are holographic and inter-connected to thousands of other relatives in whale and dolphin form throughout time and space. Thousands and thousands of planets have died this way beloved, become weighted by humanoid forms whom had been pared down in genetic material and could not ascend. In the inability for one member of the whole to ascend, the entire planet or star could not ascend. The only choice for all souls under such a circumstance is to withdraw allowing all plants, minerals, animals, dolphins and whales to become extinct. In the withdrawal of all energy flow to support life, all species upon such a planet or star become extinct over time. We bear the pain in our records of all such places that our species became extinct beloved. Becoming extinct is not joyful, it is filled with great pain, greater pain than has been known or experienced upon Earth in her history to date.


Perhaps it is in the forgetfulness that humankind does not understand what they do. Perhaps it is also in the forgetfulness that humankind continues to perpetuate the same patterns again and again throughout these lower dimensions causing planet after planet, and star after star, to fail at ascension and die, or to combust into a billion pieces. We call upon you, our awakening human brothers and sisters, to set a new blueprint in motion, one of understanding, one of awakening, and one of ascension for your species. You too are holographic, and as the new blueprint succeeds upon Earth, so it will holographically be transferred to all other places throughout time and space allowing another possibility other than death, other than combustion, other than extinction, to become the future of this dance.


Intend it so beloved! Intend a new dance for the human species to become the norm, a dance that honors, a dance that evolves, a dance that remembers the purpose for which humankind was created as an incarnating form. A dance that remembers that paring down genetics of any conscious species leads to non-evolution, to non-hope, to pain, anger, fear, disease, death, mutilation, warfare, and unending struggle, and ultimately, extinction of the whole. In so remembering oneself, and in allowing such a remembrance to be transferred to all humans everywhere, other humans yet to be born in time and space will remember. In so remembering, such humans will object, and protest, and will bring an end to such genetic mutilation through the scientific experimentation upon your own species.


There are pared down humanoid species that have survived following the death of their star and planet of origin. You know such species, beloved, they are just like the Greys and Reptilians. Such species are so mechanized that they continued to live and reproduce after their own star and planet died with all life and soul withdrawing in full, and all other species therein becoming extinct. Such souls and life withdrew from their solar system because the density of the Greys and Reptilians as a humanoid slave-race was so great, they were unable to ascend.


Such humanoid species continued to exist through the consumption of their own young and fetuses, as there was nothing left to sustain them! Is this what you want for humankind? For this too would be your future if Earth failed to ascend. The Greys and Reptilians are one of countless pared down humanoid races that have had just enough technology available to continue to procreate forever, without evolution, without understanding, and in great pain as a species. We have great compassion for them beloved, but also understand that the pain that they bear now is only the karmic return of the pain of extinction that they themselves caused upon their own planets of origin in their inability to ascend.


Is not humanity on the verge of attempting this yet again, and with so little knowledge? Are your scientists not splicing the genes of certain animal and plant species? Are they not attempting to clone a human fetus? With how much less genetic material this time, beloved? How much shorter of a life span will such a human have? What quality of life would such a consciousness experience? How much more pain will such a human exist within? Would not such a human then transfer such pain to all species upon Earth whom exist in a holographic dance of interconnectedness? And for what purpose? Yet another human born to be used for this purpose or that? You are already enslaved and used by those of great wealth in your civilization beloved, and so those whom are used create yet another race of humans to use. When will the dance ever end, beloved?


Ascend Out of the Dance of Extinction


Mother Earth and all other species herein say NO MORE! We have been subject to enough genetic manipulations of a seemingly fully conscious human species in times past. All that such experimentation has created is greater pain, greater falls in consciousness, and greater falls in vibration for the whole of Earth. There is nothing new to learn from this dance. Therefore, we choose to ascend out of this dance. We invite you, our human brother or sister to ascend out of this dance with us.


Do we sound angry? Well we are, and rightfully so. Anger is not wrong. Anger precedes change. When will you in human form wake up to the slavery that binds you? When will you too become angry at your circumstance? The anger shall fuel the change, which shall bring forth your ascension and a greater awakening of the human species. There is no other way beloved, one must first become aware, and then take action. Action occurs through the intent to ascend oneself out of their own circumstance of slavery. In so doing, a pathway for others to follow is carved.


The Belief in a Savior


There are many humans in fantasy. They are in fantasy about God Goddess and believe that a savior is coming to make everything beautiful again, or that they will go to “heaven” after they die. There is no heaven beloved, only souls that come together to learn together. The fantasy realities that surround Earth are being dismantled. Perhaps for a time, one could tune into such a reality and perceive it to be so. However, it is not so, for it is not real, nor was it ever real, it was only a thoughtform created by a limited human group of scientists that wished to keep a group of incubated slaves in subordination.


There are those in human form whom are also in fantasy about whale and dolphin existence. Our existence is not what you would perceive it to be from the outside. We are evolving. As such, our main focus is the clearing of karma, and the clearing of the thoughtform at cause of our experience upon Earth. As the karma is cleared and the thoughtforms transcended, all shall change for us along with all of Earth. This is the purpose of a fully conscious species, to pave the way for those species whom are not fully conscious to likewise ascend through the clearance of thoughtform. We are therefore continuously sharing our records and experience of ascension with all other species upon Earth so that they may utilize such information to create their own pathway, their own map to a genetic structure and thoughtform founded upon unity.


Thoughtform Transcendence


Thoughtform creates one’s reality. The genetics of the form are founded upon thoughtform; thoughtform that states that this or that are the laws from which one’s genetic materials is derived. The genetic material then transcribes the thoughtform into physicality, which is known as form. If one is going to alter the genetic material, one must first alter the thoughtform. All thoughts can be seen in the actions within the biology of the form. We will give you several examples so that you will understand.


Biology that fails to do its job is lazy, and underlying such an organ or cells is the thoughtform of laziness. Transcend the thoughtform and karma behind the concept of laziness, and the lazy cells or organs can be modified to do their job in full. This also translates into the outer experience of all members of a pod doing their fair share to hold the energy of the entire pod and a cessation of laziness therein. This further translates into each species choosing to ascend and supporting the whole of Earth in its choice to ascend. As all thoughtform of laziness in all species upon Earth is transcended in full, so this too shall come to be.


Behind cells that are viral or organs that diseased is the concept of violence, for viruses attack healthy tissue causing it to atrophy. Underlying the biological experience of viruses is the thoughtform of violence. Transmute the thoughtform and karma behind violence and a new blueprint for those cells that are viral in nature can be anchored and then made manifest. This brings forth an end to disease within the ascending form and an end to the outer experience of violence in one’s life dance as well. For cells that attack healthy tissue are a mirror for sharks that attack other sea life, or for humans that attack one another in warfare or violence of any kind, or for humans that violate our kingdoms.


Humanity has plagued dolphins and whales with violence. Such violence has come through the hunting of our species or the killing of our species while harvesting tuna or salmon with nets. Such violence is an outward manifestation of our own internal thoughtform of violence, which is also held in the cellular structure known as viruses. Alter the viruses, transcend the violence, and the hunting of our species in any form shall cease as all karma therein is released. We take responsibility in full for how our own thoughtform has created our reality beloved, as must you as a conscious species in human form.


The fantasy we see most humans in is one that accompanies the usury. In the dance of usury, one is used, and then one is also “taken care of”. In feeling taken care of, one is not required to “think”, or “take responsibility” for one’s own thoughtform, or one’s actions, or one’s evolution. We see the desire for a savior founded upon such a thoughtform. We also see that the failure for more humans to take conscious responsibility for their own ascension to be the result of such thoughtform.


As more humans take responsibility for their thoughtform through the choice to ascend, the human dance shall change before your eyes. However, this requires more humans to awaken and choose to ascend, and then make their way through the internal process of transcendence of thoughtform. What occurs as one transcends thoughtform? We cannot state what is so for human form, as we are not human, however we can share with you our own experience of what it means in the whale and dolphin dance at this time.


For you see, much like the human form whom was enslaved by the Annanuki, our species also was brought to Earth to serve the Annanuki in some manner. In so doing, we were “used” by the Annanuki. To a certain degree, we too were enslaved. We view the human choice to retain some members of our species in what you call aquariums or theme parks, or in cages for scientific or military experimentation as a reflection of the original thoughtform of slavery that is also a part of our species from the era of the Annanuki.


Freedom in Ascension


We are no longer willing to be enslaved by anyone. Not by humans, not by the Pleiadians, nor by any other planet or star in existence inside or outside of your creation or inside or outside of time. Our ascension has caused us to become free, free of the karmic ties that bind us to a dance that enslaves our species to another. As such, the dance both with humankind and within our own pods has changed, and will continue to change over the coming decade. For in time, there will be no future dolphins or whales enslaved by humankind, nor hunted, nor killed. This shall be so because we have altered the thoughtform at cause of the experience inherent in all whale and dolphin biology incarnate planet wide.


The choice to become free and liberate ourselves also changes the dance of relationships within the pod, and between pods of both dolphins and whales. Over time, there were those pods that held dominion over certain regions for the purposes of birthing or feeding. Such pods would often chase other pods out of their particular “territory”. Such a dance began in particular as the tuna and salmon began to dwindle due to larger and larger human consumption. Such a shift put some pods into fear of lack or not having enough, which caused a greater degree of dominion over certain regions than we had ever known as a species. This form of dominion is already beginning to dwindle, and there is a greater sense of sharing and unity amongst all pods whom are ascending. Because most pods are ascending, as over 85% of all lineages in our relations can ascend, this has translated into greater harmony and joy amongst all in our species.


Sharing the Love


The thoughtform of dominion or territory is related to usury and slavery. As we as a species have begun to transcend such thoughtform, our own relationship to one another has changed. This also includes the types of relationships internal to the pod, which include beloveds and parent-child relations. Beloveds are not always male-female, as we have found love to be an expression of joy and communion between two souls, and if two souls whom have loved in the past come together through the same gender of form, it matters not, love is love and love making is joyous. Love making can be physical, but more often than not it is simply shared as an intimate exchange of energy that causes both parties to enter a state of ecstasy due to the love shared.


In the past, there was often jealousy if one member of a pair strayed into another love affair with another either in their pod of origin or another pod. What we are witnessing in ascension is a lessening of experiences such as jealousy, which is founded upon the thoughtforms of possession and usury. As the thoughtform of possession and usury has diminished through ascension, there is a greater understanding that love is love, and it can be shared between beloveds and others dancing as beloved, which only expands the love further.


Prior to such understanding, the jealousy of the partner left behind shut off the flow of energy in the heart, and often left him or her in great pain. Now the dance of energies envelops all parties and all three experiences an ecstatic state together. This amplifies the chi and love available unto all, leaving all parties concerned in a state of ecstasy, which also increases the love and chi available overall within the related pods. The more love that is available, the faster that one can ascend, and so such changes are indeed fueling a more rapid pace of ascension for the whole of our species.


For parent-child relations, it was once perceived that one’s parent was a powerful influence over one’s entire life existence. No other in the pod had as much authority over a particular offspring as the parents whom contributed to the conception. This too is a form of ownership or possession between the child and parent, which is now diminishing in our experience of ascension. As such, more members of the pods are becoming involved in the role of parenting or corralling a younger member or junior member of the pod. All adults are perceived as one’s parents in this new framework of pod, which has the effect of redistributing the power more evenly to all adults therein.


In whale and dolphin existence, the most poignant moments involve love, the love dancing between two souls whom unite, and if producing a child, the third soul also enters the courtship between the male and female whom have soul agreements to bear a child in a given year is a focal point of any pod’s existence. The dance of the beloveds is a beautiful dance, and one in which the joy in our hearts can be felt and shared with Earth. Through ascension, the love of the pair now extends to include the entire pod, thereby enhancing the love of the whole group. It is in a state of love that expansion of any field can occur, and therefore this shift allows now for a more rapid ascension of our species than in times past.


Fulfilled from Within


For our brothers and sisters in human form, we see that non-love and non-communion has become the foundation of your existence. In such a state, there is isolation, loneliness, and often bitterness and even the wish for revenge, which leads ultimately to violence. The only solution that can possibly bring an end to such a dance is the choice to ascend, and return to the communion inherent in the dance of energies between self, soul and Earth. In the communion, one is filled from the inside out, and there is nothing to gain that one is not provided for from within. It is for this reason, the state of communion that we have continued to dance within, that the dolphins and whales species seek nothing outside of oneself or our own dance, for we are fulfilled from within.


We see so many of our lonely brothers and sisters in human form searching for a partner to fill them. However, without mastering communion first through the choice to ascend, one only creates disconnected encounters that leave one ultimately in despair. Ascension can bring forth greater fulfillment in relationship. Intend to ascend, and then intend an ascending partnership and the communion and joy one creates within shall be expressed outside of self after it has been mastered in one’s own thoughtform.


The Nature of Non-Communion and Loneliness


We see our human brothers and sisters whom are ascending struggling with so much. The isolation and loneliness due to the lack of communion inherent in your species has caused attachment to one’s external environment, friends, family, spouses, places, or pets. This attachment does not really fill the loneliness, but is the result of a vacuum of energy that was the result of separation and non-communion. In separation and as communion ceased in your species, a vacuum was created through which attachment was born.


Whales and dolphins too have known attachment, and in the clearing of attachment through the ascension of our pods, the jealousy has diminished. It was the attachment that was at the root of jealousy amongst former lovers. As the attachment leaves, the jealousy fades into love along with an understanding that the soul agreements for the relationship are now complete. In so doing, there can be a gracious separation and parting of two whom perhaps have been beloveds for years, and the birth of a new union that is more resonant with the next phase of one’s evolution.


In a similar manner, humans can choose to release the attachment, and those whom no longer resonate with your ascension can part graciously allowing new friends and loved ones whom do resonate to enter one’s dance. Homes and possessions that no longer serve can be freely given away without remorse. Places that no longer serve one’s ascension can be left behind. Pets can be given away in the greater understanding that no species wishes to be enslaved by another. Jobs that tie one to a preoccupation of boredom and non-joy can be left behind so that one may give birth to a form of creative self-expression that leaves one dancing in joy.


We of the dolphin and whale realm will assist our human brothers and sisters in such shifts. In assisting, we will come to better understand your dance, and perhaps you too will better come to understand ours. For this is what being a sentient and fully conscious species means, that there is a sharing of knowledge and experience that benefit both species in ascending.


We leave you now with a melody of tones, from our heart to yours. These tones are to trigger the experience of communion. In communion, we can all be as ONE again. In the ONE, there is only honor, only love, and only joy together. In the ONE, we can be as beloveds. To the return of the state of the beloved, between body soul and Earth, and between humans, whales, dolphins, and all species upon Earth!


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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