Image of a sailing boat on an ocean starry sky. Constructing A Template For The Ascent Out Of Disease

2. Constructing A Template For The Ascent Out Of Disease


We have been exploring in our recent materials the cause and thoughtform behind disease, deformity, and aging. We recommend that all ascending initiates focus upon this work in the calendar year of 2020, as this is the primary focus of Earth and all ascending sentient beings within your creation.


Why is disease such a problem? The Lords and Ladies in governance designated your creation for destruction. Destruction and disease are synonymous. Disease is a form of self-destruction in which certain cells known as viruses and bacteria tear apart healthy living tissue. Why would any creation be designated for destruction? This is a complex issue and one that we would like to delve into, as the karma and patterning behind it is directly related to the experience of disease within the human dance.


The Tao is the center of all creations inside and outside of time and space. One could say that the Tao is what and where all souls emanate or expand from and contract back unto when the evolutionary dance and experience is complete. Long ago, three contractions ago in our current estimation, parts of the Tao were left behind in an incomplete contraction or ascension. A part of the Tao left behind is known as the Heniti Soul Group. Through the recasting of the Heniti Soul Group along with many “like” groups that had been left behind, a better picture of what has occurred after the Tao retracted in full has begun to be constructed.


The Thoughtform of Consumption


Those creations and souls such as the Heniti Soul Group left behind fell into a particular thoughtform that is now destroying the whole of the Tao. This thoughtform had never occurred before, for never before had a part of the Tao been “left behind”, or in other terms, failed to return Home during the period of contraction.


Why would any portion of the Tao fail to return? This is perceived now to have occurred as a portion of the Tao fell into such great distortion that it “separated off” from the whole without any communication remaining between the two. In the lack of communication, there was no understanding that it was time to “contract” or go home, or in other terms ascend, and therefore such portions of the Tao failed to return. Furthermore, because such parts of the Tao had completely separated off, the Tao had no understanding or awareness that a portion of self had been left behind.


From the records compiled in the recasting of the Heniti Soul Group, such portions left behind entered a dance that was very sad thereafter. For as the remainder of the Tao retracted, there was not enough chi to sustain the dance of the souls left behind. Suddenly such souls began to die or in other terms, decay. What happens when soul decays? The light begins to diminish or fade into darkness. Without “enough” to sustain the dance, the souls began to fall in vibration and subsequently fell into the thoughtform of lack.


What were such souls to do to save themselves? Finally, the thought emerged that such souls would designate a portion of self for destruction, and then pull such portions apart for chi and tones of creation to sustain the remainder of the whole. This is how the pattern of destroying one creation to sustain another began.


This pattern of destruction or annihilation to save the life of another has never been understood, resolved or ascended out of and carries on to this day. Those souls caught in the dance of destroying to survive continue to destroy in present time, even though the Tao is again in a full expansion cycle and there is plenty available to sustain the whole.


Furthermore, such souls failed to move out of this cycle during yet another expansion and contraction cycle long ago, and were left behind yet again, missing a second opportunity to go “home”. Each expansion cycle of the Tao has further lost more parts of self to those held within the pattern of destruction, as such souls continued to consume the healthy creations of the Tao out of their fear of lack. This is how more and more of the Tao at this current phase of expansion has been consumed and fallen into the thoughtform of destruction.


One can see the same patterning occurring in the human dance today. Are there not a small number of humans who hoard to excess? Does not their hoarding cause starvation elsewhere? Is there not enough really and truly to provide the sustenance necessary for all humans? And yet this occurs not, as the pattern of consumption, hoarding and destroying others to survive that has become prevalent upon the upper dimensions of your creation is also prevalent in the human dance upon Earth.


Your creation is not from the past. Your creation is related to the present time expansion of the Tao. However, the expansion has occurred in the same region of another creation left behind long ago that fell into the pattern of consumption for survival. The souls remaining behind consumed your creation just as they had consumed their own so very long ago to sustain themselves. This is why your creation has fallen and fallen in dimension; there is another group of souls feasting out of it for sustenance.


At this time, there is no requirement to feast or destroy another in order to be sustained. However, the souls in this dance have become so caught in the dance, and so mechanized that there is little consciousness left to evolve out of the dance. This is also the same for humanity. Humans are so mechanized that they continue to dance in a manner that harms many who starve when the dance could be altered to provide for the whole.


The Nature of Mechanization


What is mechanization? Mechanization is what occurred in the experience of those regions of creation that are designated for destruction. The souls involved mechanized portions of self into devices to destroy creation, and then pulled the conscious portions of self out of the dance. As the machines were activated, they began to pull apart those regions designated for destruction. Machinery lacks consciousness and therefore an ability to edit the dance or in other terms evolve out of the dance. The machinery only knows what it has been programmed to do, which is to destroy.


The programmer of the machinery could edit the machines, however the programmer has long come and gone and are no longer present to assist. Where did they go? Such souls exited the creations designated for destruction lest they be destroyed along with the rest after setting such machinery in motion. As your creation fell into contact with such mechanized souls designed for destruction, the machinery began its job of pulling creation apart. Therefore, one could say that your creation fell into contact with an old set of machinery designed to destroy and pull creation apart, and as the machinery was activated, fall in consciousness after fall in consciousness was the result.


In a parallel manner, humans were once more conscious than they are now. In other terms, the human form held soul. Over time soul has been extracted from the human species and taken to other dimensions within your creation. As soul was lost, human consciousness fell over time into greater and greater mechanization. It is due to the mechanization that humans dance in a manner that creates hoarding to an excess and starvation elsewhere, and cannot alter the dance, as there is no soul present to alter the programming.


It is the mechanization of the human dance that causes the human dance to be so rigid at 2 strands of DNA. One can liken 2 segments of DNA to be 1/18,000th of the consciousness that was present with 36,000 segments of DNA in the original seeding of humankind upon Earth. When consciousness leaves, mechanization is left behind in its wake. It is for this reason that it is so difficult for humanity to awaken, as the nature of mechanization is to repeat the same pattern over and over without change. This even includes patterns that destroy the form, such as drug use, smoking, bad eating habits and so on.


The Dara Soul Group has calculated that there are over 8 billion creations destroyed by the same machines that have destroyed your creation. This gives one an idea of how successful the machines are at destroying, or in other terms, removing consciousness; and not one of these 8 billion creations have figured out what “went wrong”. The first 1 million were destroyed to sustain those left behind in the first incomplete ascension of the Tao. The same non-conscious machinery that touched upon future expansions of the Tao has destroyed the remaining 7.9 billion creations.


More on the False Gods


Such machines that destroy in your creation are known as the false gods, or in other terms, the Melchizedek Order and the ascended masters who never really ascended, along with Sananda and the Mahatma and Mahatma Planes. Such false gods were never a part of the original projection for your creation from the Tao, but were mechanized souls encountered as Earth fell into the vibrations that such souls have caused other creations to become extinct within.


This is so confusing for so many initiates in the metaphysical movement. Such souls as Sananda feel so loving at a certain frequency. Such souls say the most loving things such as “I will take care of you. You will ascend and I will do it for you. You are my beloved.” Such souls have been programmed to say such things as a part of the dance of annihilation. Underlying what is spoken is a whole other agenda, and one that is to destroy. Sananda is a machine designed to assure that ascension does not occur upon the dimensions that you exist within.


Is this right? Is this wrong? It is neither, however this dance is destroying the Tao. Therefore, it must change, and the only manner it can change is for such mechanized souls to be removed from your creation and recast. This is what is occurring at this time. The remaining consciousness of such souls or false gods will be removed as humanity ascends, for they are embedded in the very fabric of the human genetics. Therefore, as one transcends the thoughtform for disease or warfare, one is also transcending the thoughtform and programming of Sananda, the Melchizedek Order, the ascended masters and the Mahatma, along with Rama.


Two Distinct Thoughtforms


The programming of the false gods has two levels of tapes or recordings that are broadcast, and were broadcast from Mt. Olympus up until recently. As Mt. Olympus was dismantled, which was the region that the Annanuki ran their dominion long ago upon Earth, the thoughtform of these mechanized souls or false gods was shut down. Such thoughtform broadcasts “love and light” messages in one language, and in another language destruction, self-hatred, and other hatred messages.


Such other language is a subconscious non-verbal language and therefore hard to discern by most initiates. It is this subconscious language that became cellular over time leading not only to warfare but also to disease within the human dance. It is this thoughtform that all initiates must address and release in order to ascend out of disease rather than into disease. Such thoughtform originates from the false gods.


The Origins of Rama


The souls receiving the benefit of that which has been destroyed or consumed over time have grown and grown in size. Such growth is not in alignment with the divine plan of the Tao, but has created a new divine plan founded upon destruction and consumption of thriving creations that have no agreement to be pulled apart. Such is so with your creation, it had no agreement to be destroyed, and yet it was nonetheless.


Such creators include the being known as Rama who perceives itself as Godhead. Rama is not from your time period, but from two expansions of the Tao ago. Rama was anchored upon Earth by the Annanuki and into the Mt. Olympus region. Rama has grown in size over time in his billions of years of destruction from dominion over a small sector of creation (one the size of Earth) to holding 14 creations of 144 dimensions each. His expansion is not the result of ascension or evolution, but rather the continued pulling apart and consumption of healthy creations of the Tao over time, which have been used to expand his region of dominion. Rama is non-conscious, or in other terms, a machine designed to pull apart creations and expand. Rama consumed the original souls in governance over your creation as assigned by the Tao.


Those who set Rama in motion have long left your creation, but are being called back now to witness what a machine that they had devised has done, and the karma incurred as a result. Such souls are not happy, but they are being forced to take responsibility for what they have caused. Such souls include the Heniti Soul Group. Rama is also only one of a million of such machines that have been destroying creations in the Tao in a similar and parallel manner. Such machines are so prevalent that over one half of the overall expansion of the Tao is caught in the dance of destruction. The Tao is taking an active role now in gathering records so that such machinery can be dismantled in full warding off the extinction of the Tao.


The Melchizedek Order and ascended masters that never ascended along with the Mahatma or Sananda are agents of Rama and just as mechanized. In other terms, these beings are smaller machines programmed to pull apart creation sending the “goods” or grid work, tones of creation and information to Rama. Rama is likewise a larger machine that collects the goods sent from the lower dimensions and his agents, sending a portion of all of the takings to other lords like himself that exist above him. Such lords above Rama are also expanding out of the remains of those creations destroyed on the dimensions beneath.


There are also False Intervention beings that provide the pathway through which the goods are transported from your creation to Rama and beyond. The false intervention has constructed a series of tubes or pathways throughout the 8 billion creations destroyed allowing the goods or information, grid work and tones of creation to be given to the larger machines like Rama to then be distributed to the souls above him who thrive out of such goods.


The souls thriving out of such goods have inflated themselves to be the size of the Tao over time. One could say that from the depths of creation, a dark force was set in motion and in this pattern, it threatens the extinction of the Tao, as this darkness has now grown in size to be as large as the Tao itself.


One must recognize that this is all a part of the evolutionary lessons of the Tao, and such extinction will not come to be. For the souls that have grown into such a force are still ultimately parts of the Tao gone lost. Such lost souls are being gathered up at this time, and the great darkness dismantled piece by piece through the process known as recasting. Such souls would never willingly return, and therefore they are forced to return lest all be lost for all time.


The Plot for Destruction


Such machines for destruction had a particular script or plot. The script includes two humans who are pitted against one another to such a degree that they war upon one another and destroy the whole, shattering the whole into oblivion. The whole is then pulled apart into its pieces and parts, and the pieces and parts consumed by the other souls in need of sustenance to sustain their vibration upon the dimensions above.


Such a script plays out to this day in human form. Do you not in human form have examples of this dance that occur in your current civilization? Are there not drug traffickers and arms traffickers who transport “armament” and “illegal drugs” from one region or nation to another? Are there not those who gain out of the destruction of others through drug use and the use of arms? The armaments have no use if there is no war, as there would be no need to produce such goods. Therefore, there are those in positions of great wealth that cause war so that they can sell more arms and profit.


Drug use destroys lives. And yet, those who profit from drug sales not only arrange the growth and manufacturing along with transport of such drugs from one place to another, but also infuse the use of such drugs into each culture. These are two small examples of how the same script for destruction plays out to this day within the human dance upon Earth.


The script involves the dance of seduction and the pattern of the “con man”. For in the origin of the dance of destruction, some souls would have to agree to be pulled apart or destroyed, and what soul would ever agree to this? Such souls would have to be seduced into believing that the dance was going to go one way, and then the dance altered into their own annihilation. Such souls would have to agree to one thing, and receive another form of treatment of opposing kind. This dance also goes on in human form upon Earth.


The dance of the con man can be seen in the use of drugs. Does not the drug dealer con the user into trying the drug under the assumption that they will now experience “bliss” or “Nirvana”? Over time, the drug user finds their lives destroyed in the addiction. The con can also be seen in the act of revolution. The revolutionaries are led by one who seduces them into believing that when the leader is in power, there will be greater equity for all. However, as the revolution escalates, the revolutionaries find their own cities and families destroyed, and perhaps their own forms mutilated upon the battlefield. One can see this dance playing out between Israel and Palestine today. Once in power, the fair equity promised may never be delivered upon. The promise of the con is fulfilled upon only in destruction.


The Origin of Fantasy Realities


This is also the con of the false gods. It is the con that the false gods will lead one to a better day, but in all circumstances, they have led humanity to yet another fall in consciousness, which is their purpose as machines for destruction. For the false gods are behind each fall in the human expression in vibration. How is this accomplished? Through the generation of fantasies that humanity believes.


What are fantasies? The fantasy is constructed out of one language, which is all love and light and promises a better tomorrow. But underlying the fantasy also is embedded the language for destruction in a non-verbal thoughtform. As one attunes to the fantasy, one intends one’s own demise in the unconscious. Such demise may come through war, but more likely than not it will come through disease. It is the subconscious language for destruction that underlies all disease machinery.


Fantasies are constructed out of electrical and radioactive tones of creation. Electricity and radioactivity are an energy that is non-resonant frequency to your creation, which is magnetic in origin, or in other terms, constructed with magnetic tones of creation. Such frequencies came to Earth with the Annanuki and were not an inherent part of Earth up until such a time.


The non-resonance of such tones creates veils of illusion in the magnetic energy flow of Earth. It is such veils that a fantasy can be projected upon hiding the real intent behind the veil. This is how fantasy realities work beloved; they are projections upon a veil of illusion, which acts like a screen that receives a movie. If one attunes to the movie playing of the false gods, one will see only love and light. But if one lifts the veil of the screen, one will see only darkness and destruction underneath. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 14 “Transcending Fantasy Realities and The Seven Veils of Illusion” for more information on veils.)


The pattern of the con is not limited to the physical plane. Souls also con one another into the dance of destruction. In a Great Central Sun Transmission, Asur’Ana reviewed records revealed in Earth’s ascension showing that Merduk “conned” Sanat Kumara into replacing his soul upon Earth and then blew Earth up with nuclear weaponry shortly thereafter. This is an example of the “con” in your global history. Sanat Kumara thought he was getting a “good deal” and would possess and command Earth for his own purposes. However, shortly after his infusion into Earth and the retraction of Merduk’s soul, the deal turned out not only to be “bad”, but he found himself extensively shattered and pulled apart or consumed along with Earth.


The Nature of Projection


How did this evil plot for destruction come to be upon Earth? Earth is also a projection, a projection from the Tao for her existence. Over time and as Rama was anchored upon Earth, the projection for Earth’s ascension was edited or intercepted with another projection for her demise emanating from the machine known as Rama.


You see, the concept of projection is not new, it is how creator and creation dance together and co-create. The Creator holds the movie or projection, the plot or the theme for the dance of life. The creation then dances according to the script of the creator, experiencing the Creator’s expression. Over time and as the Annanuki anchored Rama on to Earth, your original Creator’s design or script for evolution and ascension was overwritten with a script for destruction emanating from a machine.


Most humans are familiar with movies. One may not be familiar with the fact that the entire human dance is a movie of its own, and there is a projection from the dimensions above that causes the movie to occur in a particular fashion. The receptors for the projection of the life dance are held in the biology of the form. Humans only dance as they do, as this is the divine plan of Rama for the dance; to kill and destroy one another to extinction. This is what drives the drug users and drug dealers, along with those who profit from such a dance. This is also what drives the arms dealers and revolutionaries along with those who wish to push themselves into power through abusive tactics founded upon dominion.


How did the human species become attuned to Rama’s script? This occurred as radioactive biology from the Pleiadian race became intertwined with the red seeded race. The red race was magnetic and only attuned to the original Creator of your creation, who is Rama. The original script of Rama was for evolution, unity and peace. As the radioactive genetics became intertwined through the blending of lineages between the Pleiadian and Red Race, humanity began to attune to a new script emanating from Rama, and one that involved destruction rather than ascension.


In order to completely pull out of the “movie” for destruction that Rama projects, the receptors have to be fully transmuted to a biological level. This Asur’Ana has accomplished as of last year, and in so doing, have transcended disease along with warfare thoughtform upon a biological scale. For disease along with warfare is only a dance that is the result of Rama’s plot for the human species along with all creations designated for “destruction”. As humanity ascends to a fully conscious biology of 36,000 segments of DNA that are magnetic only, then humans will have transcended the projection of Rama in full. This is anticipated to occur in approximately 75 years through the birth of fully conscious future generations of humans.


Interestingly enough and per the records gathered in Rama’s early recasting at this time through the Tao, Rama first tried to project his plot on to only nature kingdoms. The nature kingdoms did not respond well to the destructive plot. Humans were later added to dance and attuned fully to the script to assure that the creations designated for destruction were indeed destroyed. Humans acted out Rama’s plot to perfection; destroying each of the 8 billion creations recently mapped out by the Tao. Each of such humans were much like the Annanuki, radioactive and attuned to the destructive machinery left behind so long ago by a small group of souls trying to survive through consuming a part of self.


The Tao has been gathering records in the form of deceased human holograms throughout the destroyed sectors of creation. All such records show that humanity followed the same plot each time; a plot for destruction. Such a plot has played out upon Earth 3 times since the seeding of humankind upon Earth. Such a plot has led to 3 rises and falls of civilizations that ended in nuclear annihilation of Earth. It is an identical dance that has led to the extinction of 8 billion other creations just like the one that Earth resides within. Humans carry therefore the bulk of the karma for acting out Rama’s destructive plot, not only in this creation, but 8 billion others of like kind.


The Nature of Holographic Communication


Humans upon Earth were holographically modified to attune to Rama’s plot for destruction. This occurred as Annanuki and Red Holograms became blended through the intermixing of the two races. Holograms are an interesting form of communication. Holograms are designed to pass information on to all other holograms in any creation.


Therefore, one modification to any hologram will cause all holograms to instantly become modified. It therefore only took the birth of one half Pleiadian half Sirian human creating the first half and half hologram for all holograms to alter accordingly. This caused the seeded red race to fall under the dominion of Rama’s projection, as the agreements embedded in the Pleiadian holograms to subordinate to Rama’s projection were transferred holographically to all as such a child was born.


Because holograms also communicate and transfer information between species, as humanity fell under the dominion of Rama, so did all other species upon Earth. In essence, the same agreements embedded into the half and half holograms transferred to all other holograms of all other species upon Earth, causing all of Earth to attune to Rama’s plot and projection for destruction thereafter. However, what has gone one way can go another. Through ascension, such holographic attunement is being edited at this time so that humanity at large attunes instead to a new plot for a new future held by the Tao for resurrection and ascension. Furthermore, it only takes the editing of one hologram at this time in history to cause all the holograms to alter accordingly.


This is how warfare karma has been transcended as of last year by Earth. It is the warfare karma that held the thoughtform of warfare in place in the human hologram. As enough in the new consensus along with Earth released warfare karma, the thoughtform for warfare embedded in the human hologram could be removed. As this has occurred, non-warfare patterning now holographically transfers to all humans global wide, along with all species upon Earth.


A New Dream for Humanity and Earth


It is the holograms that weave a particular thoughtform that unites the whole of Earth or any creation into a consensus reality. It is the consensus reality known as Earth that receives the “dream” or projection of the Creator that causes a particular dance to occur within all species that are related.


A new dream has been woven with a new script for the consensus known as Earth due to the changes in all holograms weaving the consensus reality together. The dream for annihilation and extinction through nuclear warfare was edited as of late to become a dream for ascension and evolution. Those ascending map makers who worked so hard upon their own evolution in the year past have transcended enough of the warfare karma within one’s personal ancestral history to make possible a new dream for the human dance to now be projected upon humanity. This dream originates from the Tao itself.


This new dream utilizes the same receptors receiving Rama’s broadcast inside of the human form, which now shall receive the Tao’s broadcast or projection instead. One can liken the Tao’s projection as an interception of Rama’s projection for destruction so that a new future can unfold. This is part of the intervention of the Tao to assure that Earth and your creation has an opportunity to resurrect and ascend. The machinery related to Rama is so good at destroying that without such an intervention, it is doubtful that Earth would not become extinct.


Already stepping down the planes into form, it is clearly seen by Earth and all species therein that no nuclear war shall come to fruition in the human dance due to the new dream for humanity. Humans shall move instead increasingly into unity-based relations casting out those that wish to war from their public offices and positions of power over time. This is what reweaving the dream for the human species has created beloved; a future devoid of a nuclear catastrophe.


The Year Ahead


This year ahead of ascension is devoted to creating a pathway out of Rama’s script for death through disease to a new script for resurrection and ascension. In other terms, the human hologram will be modified yet again to become devoid of the expression of internal warfare, or in other terms disease, aging, illness, death and accidents that mutilate. As this modification occurs in only one hologram, so it will transfer to all holograms global wide bringing an end to disease in Earth’s future.


As the holograms alter, a new dream can be woven that allows for the human ascent out of the very genetic material underlying the experience of aging and disease. Before this can occur, the karma for disease and deformity along with accidents must be understood and released by a certain percentage of all map carvers global wide. As this occurs, a new script shall be woven that shall allow the human species at large to ascend out of disease, deformity and accidents in future generations.


As the karma for disease is released, many adult humans shall begin to experience recovery of disease or deformity through ascension. It is possible even to re-grow a limb through ascension beloved, and in time you will have those who demonstrate this for all to see. However, a fully regenerative form required for the ascent to the next dimension will come through the future generations of yet unborn children who will be born fully crystalline, with enlarged heads, a greater level of awareness of the nonphysical realms, and shall be devoid of any genetic patterning that would lead to disease or deformity whatsoever. It is anticipated by Earth that by 2093, humanity will have ascended fully out of disease and into a fully conscious form. This will be the same for all kingdoms upon Earth.


The Template for Ascension Out of Disease


The template for the ascent out of disease shall be drawn in dreamtime by all ascending humans in the year of 2020. It is hoped by Earth along with the Tao that enough map makers choose to focus on this during dreamtime meetings to contribute to this template. The simple intent to do so before falling asleep each night will fulfill upon this request.


All humans are prone to disease, whether it has manifested yet in one’s life dance or not. Therefore, all attending dreamtime meetings can contribute to a portion of this template, and as all lineages for disease are represented, a complete template shall be constructed. In return, those contributing to the template shall have all disease machinery and genetic predispositions for disease, deformity and aging removed from one’s field and form during these dreamtime gatherings.


Each species must pull together to release its own karma. This is so for the human species upon Earth, along with all others. No one can alter the dance for another species, and humanity must alter its own dance.


It is the divine intervention of the Tao that works through the dreamtime gatherings to weave the new dream and alter the human hologram. One therefore contributes one’s energy to a greater purpose in attending such dreamtime meetings, and one that shall allow the humans species to ascend rather than become extinct through disease in the years ahead. In working through such ascending initiates, the Tao also touches each participant more deeply and directly than otherwise possible. This forever alters one’s life and perceptions of self from such an experience forward. Therefore, each attending will be deeply touched by the Tao in so giving of oneself in such a manner.


Why does such an experience alter one so? The return of the Tao is the return of the beloved within. As the beloved returns within, one feels loved and embraced from within. Love from within alters everything in any initiate’s life, as the perceptions of self, internal to self, have changed.


Allowing oneself to be touched by the Tao heals the internal state of self-hatred that has been projected upon humanity since the holographic dance attuned to Rama so very long ago. One has ancestor after ancestor that either hated externally and warred or abused another, or hated internally and became diseased. As hatred ceases, life changes, and hatred can only cease as the love returns within. This is the gift from the Tao for those willing to give of themselves in the attendance of these nightly dreamtime gatherings.


However, we would like to point out that choosing to attend is not enough. One must do their inner homework. The inner homework and clearing prior to each gathering shall prepare one to receive the gift and blessing that the Tao is offering. And each choosing to attend must take full responsibility for this.


Human Awakening Underway


Humans are awakening at this time out of the fantasy of the false gods. Humans at 2 strands live in a mechanized dance that is very rigid. Machines care not if they exist within their own excrement. Humans living in the large and polluted cities of your world are living in their own excrement. As humans awaken, they will look around, and be horrified at what they see, not only in relation to the pollution that humanity has caused, but also surrounding the manner in which humans treat one another along with all other kingdoms upon Earth.


For humans consume and use Earth and her kingdoms much like Rama consumes and uses your creation. In order for the dance of destruction to cease, the consumption of Earth by the human species must also cease. This shall occur only through ascension to a self-sustaining biology. For self-sustaining biology will sustain itself, and not require the consumption of anything to subsist or ascend. As it is for humanity, so it is for all species upon Earth; each is headed towards self-sustainable biology through the act of ascension.


This is also so for all souls in your creation. Such souls through their own ascent and evolution shall move from a paradigm based upon consumption to a self-sustaining paradigm founded upon unity consciousness. Self-sustenance is the original blueprint from the Tao, beloved. Once your creation and Earth knew self-sustenance. Now Earth and your creation will ascend into self-sustenance and then back to the Tao in stepping out of time, space and form.


A self-sustaining biology will lead to self-sustaining communities of humans. Such humans will pull together in unity to support one another and the whole of the tribe in the ascent Home to the Tao. The level of unity available through self-sustenance is far greater than the unity experienced by the red race in its original state at the time of their seeding upon Earth; for the red race had already fallen from self-sustenance to a regenerative form that required nutrients to be consumed from outside of self to sustain the lifespan. Therefore, in the coming 1,000-year cycle, the human species will ascend beyond their ancestral inheritance from the red race en masse to a new blueprint of self-sustenance long lost within your creation.


What is causing the current awakening of humankind underway? Soul is being re-infused into those humans who are beginning to ascend to the baseline of 1,024 and 1,800 DNA segments. The soul infusion is occurring through Earth and all her kingdoms. As soul returns, human consciousness begins to awaken; and it is the returning consciousness that becomes horrified at the current dance that one is in or that humanity is in. The Tao perceives this as a good thing. It is only out of the horror of what humankind has created that humankind will begin to alter the dance.


It is out of the awakening that humans will devise a plan to clean up the very toxic mess that they have originated. It is also out of the horror of the dance that humans will one day cease to war or torture one another, and cease to torture the nature kingdoms for the purposes of consumption. This is what the new dream for the human species will call for. As all karma causing another dance is released, so it will come to be.


The time of awakening is upon you beloved, and it will not be easy times ahead. However, the awakening is necessary if humanity is to ascend out of the destructive paradigm. We invite those reading this book to attend nightly dreamtime meetings with other ascending humans. When one gives of oneself, one also receives in return from Earth and from the Tao. This is balanced giving and receiving in action, and the foundation of the unity-based paradigm.


We will leave you with these thoughts from the Lemurian Ancestors:


Om nani noni nanu nan. Nomi nonu nona non. Naki nato aku oh.


“All is ONE, and in the oneness, one is home. Separate the ONE and one leaves home. Reunite into ONE and one returns home again.”


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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