Image of the evergreen pine tree and pine needles. Blessings Of Introspection

2. Blessings Of Introspection


From the Pine Tree Kingdom


It is the Pine Tree Kingdom that addresses you today. Pine Trees are one of the few trees that are not deciduous, or in other terms, we do not lose our needles in winter. The reason for this is that the Pine Tree Kingdom, much like Redwood Trees has not lost the information on regeneration. It is due to our ability to regenerate that we do not lose our needles even in the coldest of climates.


Regenerative Paradigm


Regeneration is about the ability of the biology to repair cells or portions of the form without requiring it to die and be replaced. It is through the loss of the ability to regenerate that the seasons have come to be in which leaves and flowers are present only in certain seasons of any given year cycle. Even in Hawaii, for however warm it may be, there is still a “winter”. Any deciduous plant or tree therefore loses its leaves or flowers during the winter, even in the tropics. Perhaps this speaks to how far in consciousness even the plant kingdoms have fallen beloved; most cannot even regenerate in a tropical environment.


Asur’Ana is always sad as all the leaves and flowers fall off the Plumeria trees on the islands, for the air loses the sweet fragrance of the Plumeria blossoms. Upon the Big Island and before she left to move to Kauai, the Plumeria trees in her neighborhood ceased to lose their leaves or flowers. This is a sign that the vegetation upon the Big Island is beginning to ascend into the regenerative paradigm; as regeneration does not require the loss of leaves or flowers in any season.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Long ago, flowers bloomed once and were retained for years upon any flowering bush or tree upon Earth’s surface. Some flowering plants and trees retain such an ability within the Inner Earth to this day. Asur’Ana loves wearing leis in Hawaii, as the fragrance is so beautiful and far nicer than the nicest perfume to smell. It is lovely to be surrounded by flowers!


Over time and as each plant kingdom ascends into the regenerative paradigm, plants will not lose their leaves in the winter, and flowers will bloom all year around; particularly in the less harsh climates that are closer to the equator. This will allow one’s garden also to become regenerative in nature, and instead of harvesting the entire plant, perhaps one will only take the outer most leaves allowing the rest of the plant to continue to grow.


We foresee that many ascending communities will experience plants ascending from the death and rebirth cycles into the regenerative paradigm. This will mirror the ascension of each within the community, who will likewise learn to regenerate upon a biological basis. In so being, the plants may produce food all year long.


Returning to the Garden of Eden


Asur’Ana has recently become aware of Mangos harvested this year in the winter from the North Shore of Kauai. Mangos generally produce fruit only one season per year in the tropics, and generally only in summer. This year, she purchased local Mangos in late November. This is a sign that the mango trees are producing fruit twice per year in some parts of the islands now. In time, ascending and regenerative fruit or nut bearing plants will produce four harvests per year, as this was what a regenerative blueprint calls for. One can see in this that a single plant will produce four times the food as in the current paradigm as a result of ascending into a regenerative biology. In so being, a relatively small ascending garden may support an entire group of humans.


Fruit and vegetables are generally produced only during the “high” season in the current paradigm. High season is a time in which there is such an abundance of sun, water and nutrients that the plant can afford to put energy into the blossoms and bear fruit. This is so for the Pine Trees that produce our “pine cones” only once per year. In other seasons, the plant retracts having to pull all of its life force into surviving the winter or low season. In the regenerative paradigm, there is no low season. Instead, there is an eternal spring where the plant may continue to produce flowers and fruit, nuts and vegetables all year around. As this occurs, Earth will return to being the “Garden of Eden” that she once was where there is an abundance of food source for all.


What is regeneration really? Regeneration calls for an increased level of veins to feed all cells within the biology. As all cells are adequately supplied the nutrients necessary to survive, life is extended. As the blood or fluid in the veins learns to carry nutrients necessary to regenerate, cells that are beginning to deteriorate due to age can be repaired. This is regeneration in action from the Pine Tree’s point of view. Over time, the loss of regeneration is really the loss of adequate numbers of veins to supply blood carrying vital nutrients to each cell within the form.


The Crystalline Blueprint


The crystalline blueprint calls for the construction of adequate veins to allow cells to repair their leaves rather than having to lose them leading to regeneration instead of the cycle of death and rebirth. As DNA frayed due to nuclear annihilation upon Earth and the stripping of nonphysical forces to transport such information to other creations, the blueprint calling for the number of veins in each form decreased, including the plant kingdom. The Pine Tree Kingdom estimates that most living things have only 10% of the veins that a fully conscious and regenerative biology once contained.


In the return to a fully conscious biology, much of the expansion of the form is the restoration of the total number of veins necessary to reach every cell, gland, organ and system within the form. Yes, there are new glands that add to the expansion of the belly; furthermore, the cells do expand in ascension; but most of the increased size is due to the addition of veins and the fluid that they carry to regenerate the cellular structure.


The diaphragm in all animal kingdom biology along with humans, whales and dolphins, is designed to take oxygen collected from the lungs and convert it into blood sugar to feed the crystalline cells. Many pockets develop in the diaphragm in the ascent to the crystalline structure to transport the blood through this process. During events, ascension teachers and workshop facilitators often move up in vibration to a higher frequency than is held day to day. As a result, the metabolism increases causing the body to require more sugar to sustain their vibration. During these times, the diaphragm opens even more pockets to transport even more blood to convert more oxygen to sugar as gathered from the lungs. Their bellies often double in size as a result.




Plants have a form of veins that carry water loaded with nutrients and sugar to feed the cells. The sugar is produced through a process known as “photosynthesis” in which sunlight shines through the leaves causing the carbon dioxide gathered from the atmosphere to be converted to sugar to feed the plant. The result is a substance known as chlorophyll, which is green in color, making most plant life green upon Earth. Some plants produce other colors of chlorophyll, which makes for red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black or brown leaves.


Many are familiar with “henna” used as a natural dye for hair or semi-permanent tattoos. The henna plant produces chlorophyll that is black to red-brown in color. Many are familiar with red tea plant in Hawaii that produces a red to plum colored chlorophyll. Many are also familiar with plum trees, some of which have plum colored leaves and also produce a plum colored chlorophyll. One will find that the red and plum colored chlorophyll is higher in sugar content, and it is the higher amount of sugar that causes the color differentiation.


In the autumn, the leaves of most deciduous trees turn yellow, orange, red, brown or plum. The trees are about to lose their leaves, which is the main provision of sugar to sustain the life of the tree. And so, the trees shift to a more rapid metabolism of sugar production to store up for winter. The sugar is stored inside the core of the tree. Some are familiar with the “Maple Tree” which produces “Maple Sugar” which is stored inside the core of the tree trunk.


The rapid production of sugar also causes the leaf colors to change. Yellow leaves are producing twice the sugar of a green leaf in the act of photosynthesis; orange-red leaves produce three times the sugar of a green leaf; and red-plum leaves four times the sugar of a green leaf. In this manner, the trees save up the sugar to last through the winter until the leaves bud again in the spring, allowing the process of photosynthesis once again to provide their sustenance.


All plants give off unused oxygen in the process of photosynthesis helping to support the life of the animals, humans, dolphins and whales nearby. In counterbalance, each animal, human, whale or dolphin gives off carbon dioxide in each out-breath, which is collected by the plants and trees to sustain our lives.


Carbon dioxide is produced in larger quantities as oxygen is converted into sugar in the crystalline diaphragm, and so ascending humans, animals, dolphins and whales actually provide for the plant kingdoms more greatly than those who are non-ascending. In this manner, plants support animal, human, whale and dolphin life; and human, dolphin, whale and animal life support plant life. This is an example of a symbiotic relationship in which one species “waste” is another species “food source” and each kingdom provides something that supports the existence of the other.


Oxygen Requirement


The trees also produce more oxygen in the autumn and as the leaves change color. This provides enough oxygen to last through the winter for all land animals living nearby. One can see in this that the oxygen supply of trees in regions that are mostly deciduous occurs only when the leaves are alive. For trees such as pine trees that are green all year round, we produce oxygen year-round due to our ability to regenerate. It is perhaps for this reason that ascending humans may wish to have pine trees around oneself in winter, or plants within the home to provide enough oxygen for one’s ascending crystalline form.


As breath becomes the main means through which each kingdom sustains their existence and consumption (the requirement to eat to subsist) is left behind, the plant and tree kingdoms ability to contribute oxygen to sustain the life of the other kingdoms becomes imperative. At this time, there are more trees harvested or destroyed by humans than are regenerating global wide.  This would lead to a massive oxygen deprivation, which would extinguish the possibility of ascension of the whole into the future if it continued. Earth has altered the blueprint of the sea as a result. The sea now produces 90% of the global oxygen required for ascending land species along with whales and dolphins. It is perhaps for this reason that living by the sea is also a good choice of environment for ascending humans.


Asur’Ana has long been aware of the effects of oxygen deprivation of her ascending form. This has occurred in severe circumstances such as lengthy plane flights of 10 hours or more. This caused her to map make her own oxygen production within so that she would not be made ill in travel circumstances into the future.


The human blueprint for the kidneys in the ascent to 6,000 segments now has the means to produce oxygen from water by separating the hydrogen from the oxygen. Then one can infuse the blood with the oxygen necessary to sustain the crystalline form under such extreme circumstances. This has worked so well in recent trips that Asur’Ana felt no oxygen deprivation at all, even on long flights. Many upper level initiates complain of feeling like they were suffocating upon long air flights; this is the result of little to no oxygen in the air of the planes. Until such a shift is embodied, we suggest that initiates travel with liquid oxygen to prevent the feelings of suffocation.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


Self Sustaining Biology is Beyond Regenerative Biology


The average crystalline form at 3,000 segments of DNA requires double the oxygen of a form at 2 strands who has not embodied the ascension blueprint to sustain itself. Those at 6,000 segments require three times the oxygen. Those at 9,000 segments require five times the oxygen. Those at 36,000 DNA segments or having embodied fully conscious biology require 18 times the oxygen of those at 2 strands. Given the nature of human cities and travel circumstances, it is best perhaps for the body to learn to provide enough oxygen to continue to subsist without dying.


In the past, Asur’Ana has experienced her entire epidermis (skin) dying in a single plane flight, along with portions of the brain and nervous system due to oxygen deprivation. Now, she has tested that less than 8% of the skin has died and none of the nervous system in flights of 10 hours or longer. This is a sign of an ability of her form to provide for its own needs. This is also known as self-sustaining biology or photonic biology.


Self-sustaining biology is a level above regenerative biology, and is the next steps of ascension for all kingdoms upon Earth. First, regeneration must be mastered global wide. It will take the temperatures to rise above freezing in most regions before many kingdoms will be able to master regeneration. Frozen environments freeze the fluid in the veins of the leaves in most plant life. It is for this reason that deciduous trees lose their leaves as the temperatures drop enough in the autumn and winter. Pine trees have a sticky fluid that is similar to sap that runs through our veins; this is impossible to freeze unless the tree has become ill. It is for this reason that we retain the capability of photosynthesis year-round. It is also for this reason that we can regenerate, as each cell can receive the sugar and other nutrients necessary for repair and continued existence.


Changes in the Blood and the Heart in Ascension


In parallel, many initiates have noticed in particular how thick their blood have become due to ascension. The thick blood is the result of many carrier cells holding onto many more forms of nutrients that non-crystalline blood is incapable of carrying. In order to regenerate the cells, the blood must be able to carry each nutrient necessary to cellular health and wellbeing. In the fully conscious biological blueprint, crystalline blood develops 18 forms of red blood cells for carrying different forms of nutrients to each cell in the body, and 18 forms of white blood cells for carrying different types of toxins to the waste management systems of the form. All the additional blood cells and what they carry make for a thicker blood overall. This too expands the size of the form in ascension.


The fully conscious crystalline blueprint calls for enough veins to reach every cell in the body. The lymph is also used to transport nutrients to the cells and toxins to the waste management systems, as this is a more efficient use of the fluid therein. The lymph becomes thicker in nature as a result. To handle the thicker blood, the heart develops into a 6-ventrical system by 3,000 segments and an 8-ventricle system by 9,000 segments. This causes higher blood pressure to push blood into all cells within the form. The veins compensate by becoming much more elastic and are constructed out of a substance similar to cartilage within the crystalline blueprint.


To move the lymph each day, exercise is necessary, as there is no “pump” like the heart to make sure that it flows properly. It is for this reason that we recommend a 30 to 45-minute walk or swim each day unto ascending initiates; this is not only to assist in moving the energy, but also to move the lymph so that those cells utilizing the lymph system for nutrition and waste management are adequately regenerated.


Wind, Rain and Sunlight


In parallel manner, the blood of ascending plants and trees must become thicker and as this comes to be so, will be less likely to freeze if the temperatures drop too far. This too is a part of the new crystalline blueprint for all ascending vegetation global wide; to restore the number of veins necessary to regenerate and the creation of a thicker fluid that does not freeze. Our kingdom cannot exercise to move the fluid from region to region within our form; this is where the wind comes in. As the wind blows through our leaves or needles, pushing the branches to and fro, our blood or fluid is transported to each cell within our body.


In addition to the wind, rain is important for all vegetation. Most vegetation flourishes best in a place with a lot of moisture. At another time in Earth’s history, Earth was a tropical rain forest in all valleys global wide. The water was so thick that it often would create steam or a form of fog that would hang over the lowest regions near the Inner Earth openings. The fog provided protection from the sun for the humans and animals that lived in such regions, as well as enough moisture for all plant life to thrive.


In the tropics in present time and in a parallel manner, cloud cover is common and is generated by the heat of the sun as it evaporates the water from the rain and sea. Most plants prefer clouds to direct sunlight, as the radiation from the sun often burns our leaves. As the sun detoxifies the radiation that still flows through your solar system over time and in its own ascension, sunlight will become less harsh and more supportive of plant life global wide.


In parallel manner, too much sunlight can burn human skin. Humans have the advantage of being able to live indoors or remain in the shade, or cover the body with clothing and hats. It is true that exposure to some sun each day supports ascension; too much sun however will load the grid work with too much radiation. This then slows the rotation of the small chakras of the regeneration system; this in turn causes the cells to fail to regenerate or die. Therefore, the Pine Tree Kingdom recommends exposure to the sun only in moderation unto ascending humans (15-30 minutes per day).


Tree’s Persona


Asur’Ana has long enjoyed walking in the pine forests of Canada and Europe. We once explained to her that Pine Trees are like families. Each tree in a group of trees has a particular persona. The Native Americans of the North American continent attuned to this truth and called us “Standing People”. What is the persona of a tree? Each tree in a family is not unlike one’s own family. One tree may be gentle and another tree strong, another tree may be playful, another tree wise and yet another tree a bit grumpy.


Grumpy trees tend to make moaning sounds as the wind bends the branches. Playful trees tend to dance in the wind. Strong trees protect the young underneath them so that they may succeed at growing to maturity. Gentle trees are often chosen for birds or squirrels to nest their young within. Wise trees hold the history of the region in their genetics and watch everything around them. It is often the wise trees that one will attune to for guidance in any forest.


Trees and Elements


Some initiates have become fond to picking off some of the resin of the pine trees in their walks and burning it upon a lit charcoal as a form of incense. This fills their home with the beautiful smell of the pine trees. Some pine trees produce resin that drips excessively down our trunk. Sometimes the resin is produced due to an injury such as a branch that has broken off or been cut by a human. Some pine trees, however, produce resin all year long and are not injured at all. The Native Americans once harvested such resin and used it in their sweat lodges for purification. They also discovered that fire was much easier to light with resin added to the wood, as resin is flammable. Resin is flammable as it calls the element of fire unto it.


Those trees that produce resin upon our bark hold the element of fire in the forest. Some trees hold the fire element, some the water element, some the earth element and some the air element. Those trees that hold fire element produce resin; those trees that hold water element produce a sticky form of sap that calls in the rain. Those trees that hold the air element call in the wind to move the branches so that our blood properly flows through our needles; and those trees that hold the element of earth have the deepest roots going down miles into Earth’s body.


Many pine trees are noted for having roots along the surface of the Earth to more easily collect the water that flows unto us through the rain. However, 10% of all trees within the forest send roots down 10 miles or more deep into Earth’s surface and support all others in holding the earth element and grounding.


Introspection and Spiritual Evolution


Trees and plants offer soul the experience of non-movement in the physical. As the physical ceases to move, introspection or movement inwards to understand one’s spiritual lessons prevails. Often souls will ensoul trees after devastating or difficult experiences in other life forms. The slow-moving time in a kingdom that does not move allows the soul time for introspection, understanding and forgiveness. This is the gift of our kingdom to the souls of Earth.


Now at this time of ascension, introspection is occurring in all kingdoms, even those that move. Other kingdoms often seek guidance from the tree kingdom, for we have witnessed over time the healing process of introspection and spiritual evolution of soul. In our experience, we can sometimes offer insights that other kingdoms would not perceive given the special nature of the souls we have harbored over time. Perhaps this is why humans often find solace in attuning to our wisdom, or spending time with us in the woods.


We invite each to spend time with us as one can. We much like Redwood Trees also hold the void of infinite wisdom. We will offer you the gift of introspection and understanding of the spiritual life lessons one is learning at this time in one’s own evolution.


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.



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