Image of a graceful manta ray swimming in the ocean. The Flight Of The Manta Ray

19. The Flight Of The Manta Ray


Blessings for Health and Balance


The Manta Ray Kingdom


Manta Ray is a medium sized white to grey ocean creature with a flat body with wing-like fins allowing us to fly underwater much like a bird. A few ascending humans have often watched us with great fascination for hours in the aquariums of several Honolulu restaurants, and indeed we are most graceful in our own habitat.


Manta Ray has been thought of as poisonous, and indeed we have the capacity to sting our prey into lifelessness in order to consume it. Often aquarium keepers remove the pouch carrying the poison deeming us harmless for human contact. In the ocean we would be unlikely to attack a human, as you are far too large for us to consider prey. Several initiates have seen us in our magnificent underwater flight while snorkeling in many places around the Hawaiian Islands.


Poison and the Death Hormone


Poison and poisonous substances are interesting subjects that Manta Ray wishes to shed light upon for ascending human initiates. Many initiates are frightened of poisonous substances that may be given off in insects, the plant kingdoms, or certain species in the sea, such as sea urchins. Indeed, the tips of sea urchins contain a poisonous substance that Hawaiians would often use to hunt and kill the wild boars that once freely roamed the islands.


What is a poison? Poison is a substance that causes one to go unconscious and die, or kills a portion of the form. Some substances attack the brain stem causing a cessation of the breath so that one simply asphyxiates. Some substances attack the heart causing the heart to cease pumping. Yet other substances attack the adrenal glands causing the blood pressure to rise so rapidly and so high that an aneurysm of the brain occurs due to ruptured blood vessels. The bleeding in the brain causes a rapid death of the form triggering the death hormone to be released by the pituitary gland.


Each poison ultimately triggers the death hormone to be emitted into every organ along with all tissue of the form to elicit death. The death hormone is the ultimate poison. What is the death hormone? Death hormone is a substance that causes all cells within any form to shut down and die so rapidly that the form generally ceases to breathe in less than 5 to 20 minutes depending upon the size of the species. As the death hormone is emitted, it permeates all cells in the form shutting down life.


Most humans are unaware that when one consumes the flesh of cattle, sheep, pig, fish, chicken, turkey, lobster, shrimp, crab or oysters that have died, one also consumes death hormone therein, unless the oyster is still alive at the time of consumption. The death hormone eaten through consumption of flesh gradually and over time will kill the intestinal tract of most humans who are not ascending, contributing to aging and disease of your species.


For those who are ascending, the intestinal tract is resurrected, but is generally one of the more compromised organs in the form. This is so not only for humanity, but also many other flesh-consuming species such as bear, tiger, lion, fox, wolf, shark and dolphin. Manta Ray too must resurrect its intestinal tract through ascension due to the ingestion of flesh and the death hormone associated. We too will modify our dietary habits over the coming 25-year cycle to become vegetarian.


Resurrecting the Intestinal Tract


Why is an intestinal tract that is impaired so difficult for ascending initiates? The intestines digest the food one consumes breaking it apart enough to provide the form with the necessary nutrients to ascend. Many humans have an extremely deficient intestinal tract, so much so that such humans can eat much food with many calories and remain extremely thin. Examples of such humans include the Japanese and Thai peoples who are generally tiny and thin. They are thin because less than 10% of what is eaten breaks down enough to be absorbed into the body. It is the same for many naturally “thin” humans.


Often thin humans wind up much less thin as ascension occurs and the intestinal tract is repaired enough to function properly to absorb more nutrients. One initiate whom we shall call Erica was very thin (5’ 7” tall and 120 lbs – a size 6-8) prior to ascension. Primarily this was so because her intestinal tract was so scarred that less than 10% of her food was assimilated. Indeed, her chiropractor put her on 24,000 milligrams of B vitamins per day to assist her in balancing her adrenal glands.


This great amount was necessary due to the lack of an ability to assimilate her food. Much of her intestinal tract was covered in parasites at this time in her life, and her digestion improved greatly after a thorough de-parasite program had been completed upon. For this reason, we recommend de-parasiting if one is choosing to ascend, as the intestines cannot be resurrected if they are too impaired with parasites. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 14 “Ascension, Nutrition and Disease” for a gentle parasite cleanse.)


Erica gained weight not only from improved digestion through ascension, but also from the emission of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) as it is produced by the Pituitary Gland to trigger the resurrection of all cells to the crystalline form and caused an overall growth of the form over time. Erica’s shoe size increased from a 9 to a now size 10. Her body is a size 10-12 in clothing size and she is an inch taller (5’ 8”). The largest change is the protrusion of the Buddha belly which is the result of the crystalline diaphragm. The crystalline diaphragm allows for sugar to be manufactured through the breath and the collection of oxygen from the air to support the metabolism of the crystalline form.


Weight is less important as the magnetic pull of the form, or other terms gravity, alters in ascension, allowing Erica to hike uphill and through the woods as though she were still 120 pounds upon her feet. She also floats in fresh water and will not sink as the density of the form has been transmuted through ascension. Manta Ray invites ascending initiates to embrace one’s growth as a good sign that one is indeed ascending, and embrace one’s body whatever size that it may be or become.


Vegetarian Diet


Poisons as a thoughtform are gradually transcended in the act of ascension. Many substances that are poisonous prior to ascension are not poisonous to the crystalline form. Some of such substances are the very preservatives humans add to their foods to increase the shelf life. Other poisonous substances such as heavy metals and pesticides are removed easily as the immune system becomes crystalline. There are 18 forms of white blood cells in the crystalline form, each of which will absorb and transmute or transport toxic substances allowing them to be removed through the waste management system of the ascending form. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information on all ascending systems.)


Alas, this is not so for the death hormone. The death hormone will continue to kill the intestinal tract as flesh is consumed, even for ascending initiates, and there is no antidote. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana is a vegan. For those who are not ready for the vegan diet, one can transition to a vegetarian diet. However, the vegetarianism includes eggs, cheese, butter and milk at this time as such food sources provide the fats necessary to sustain the crystalline form. The crystalline cell is coated in fat. This form of fat has cholesterol, and therefore fat cells are continually being restructured to retain the life of the form causing the requirement to consume cholesterol almost daily. This is the nature of a regenerative form; it repairs itself without requiring building a whole new cell or form over time.


Therefore, initiates can eat amply of milk products and milk fat along with cheese, nuts, nut butters, and beans as a protein substitute for the eating of flesh as much as possible in ascension. Understand that as the intestines are resurrected by initiation 1024, the digestion improves eliminating most food allergies including allergies to milk, as the enzymes in digestion improve and increase in power after each phase of resurrection.


There are free-range farms and free-range eggs where the animals roam outdoors. We would advise initiates to choose such milk and eggs over non-free-range manners of raising species destined for human consumption. In so doing, one anchors the global thoughtform that free-range is preferred over non-free-range, and this will cause many more farmers to adapt to such practices into the future; and many more consumers to follow suit in their choices. Buying organic produce also helps to cause less utilization of poisonous pesticides, as more and more will make such choices into the future as a result of the global thoughtform anchored by ascending initiates.


Manta Ray reminds initiates of the power of your thoughtform. Your thoughtform will mold global human thoughtform, beloved. The choices you make will become global preferences due to the power of your ascending fields. Therefore, the manner in which you live your life can become the preference of the whole, molding humanity for a new era where all species are honored, including those species raised as food and sustenance for humankind.


History of Poisons


The history of poisons upon Earth is now known. The Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) brought poison to Earth from the Pleiades to kill their ever-increasing population of human slaves. The slaves were destroyed by the millions in certain times of the Annanuki reign under circumstances similar to the concentration camps of Hitler and Germany during WWII. The regions where such slaves were killed includes Chicago, New York and Boston regions of the US and Toronto in Canada. In such regions, one will find a load of death records of the human species as millions and millions of slaves were put to extinction through the use of poisons not unlike the gas utilized in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. This occurred about 30,000 to 38,000 Earth years ago (120,000 to 152,000 human years ago).


It was not until the records of the Annanuki were revealed more clearly in last year’s focus upon warfare that the history of the slaves was also opened. Indeed, it is no wonder that this history repeated in the current human dance as a result with Auschwitz having been a recent human phenomenon. One manner that the Annanuki controlled the slaves was to take those who wished to organize an overthrow and send them to the camps where they were then killed along with those who were deformed, decrepit or considered too aged to be of use. Most were killed by poisons and then set ablaze in fire within mass graves.


Poison is related to the belief that life has no value. Indeed, the Annanuki did not value the life of their slaves, or the life of Earth, as much of the technology and waste created by the Annanuki caused Earth to begin to die at the time of their existence. After the era of the Annanuki ended in a nuclear catastrophe, Earth turned her skin, causing what were continents to become ocean, and land under the sea to be born anew through massive volcanic activity. This was required as the poisons remaining from the Annanuki dominion were killing all species upon Earth. Indeed, such poisons and the nuclear holocaust caused a fall in consciousness and into the behavior of consumption for many species, in which suddenly one species required hunting another in order to subsist.


The era of Atlantis, which followed the Annanuki era, repeated the entire dance. Again, a human civilization arose that developed technology that much like the Annanuki was non-resonant with Earth. Again, humans poisoned the land and the sea with such emissions. Again, the Atlantean civilization ended in a nuclear catastrophe, which was not quite as devastating as the one that preceded it in the era of the Annanuki. Again, Earth turned her skin by sinking many continents and giving birth to new land through volcanic activity. This occurred about 10,000 to 18,000 Earth years ago (40,000 to 72,000 human years ago).


You stand upon a precipice of another time in which this karma has repeated yet again. Humans have once again risen and developed a civilization that has polluted the waterways and the land. The final outcome could also repeat again leading to yet another nuclear annihilation. However, ascending humans and all species upon Earth that are likewise ascending have devoted the year of 2019 to release the karma that would have created such an outcome in your human future. The karmic cause has indeed been released. We can honestly say that the future of a nuclear annihilation is no longer stepping down into form and has been fully waylaid at this time, and this is a great blessing in the estimation of Manta Ray.


Cleaning Up Earth’s Toxic Mess


Now the possibility of a new era awaits in which humans have the opportunity to take responsibility for the toxic mess that they have created, and choose to heal it through your own collective understanding of biochemistry. Indeed, in recent months, the Inner Earth people have chosen to release certain gases from the core of Earth and through the volcanoes to begin the toxic cleanup by balancing the pH upon the surface of the Earth. This will bring an end to acid rain that destroys the forests global wide, and begin to balance the pH of the ocean and other waterways.


The Inner Earth people are taking responsibility even if the surface Earth people are still in a grand slumber. It is Manta Ray’s hope that the surface Earth people will also awaken and begin to augment the changes necessary to support life and move towards a global ascension of all of Earth in the years ahead.


The oceans are toxic near most continents where humans prevail. The oceans are toxic because they have become overly acidic or basic in nature due to the wastes added to the water that alter the pH to a state which does not sustain underwater life. Indeed, in a recent series of front-page articles in most Hawaiian newspapers over the past few months, the marine biologists are acknowledging that the reefs surrounding Hawaii and in most places including the Great Barrier Reef are dying. This is a sign that humans are rising above the veils of illusion that would wish them to remain in denial of the truth.


Humans upon the surface of the Earth are not unaware of how to retain life in salt-water or fresh-water aquariums. Life requires a particular balance of biochemistry. It is therefore not unknown to humans how to potentially balance the water of your oceans, lakes and rivers, restoring life to your dying coral reefs and coastal regions along with all other waterways global wide. As balance is regained, life will flourish again therein.


Once surrounding the island of Maui were schools of fish that were so plentiful that Hawaiians could wade into the water and pick them up with their bare hands. As humans strive to balance the waterways of Earth, life will thrive again as within more ancient times. It is not beyond human capacity to do this. This Manta Ray brings to ascending human consciousness so that each may intend it so; intend that humans awaken to the polluted mess that they have created and choose to clean it up. It is not as hard or costly as most would like to believe; for as the fish thrive again, the cost of fish will go down as fishermen will not have to go so far to catch their harvest. As the toxic mess is cleared upon the land, there will be more land to potentially farm.


As this occurs, humans will cease to poison themselves by drinking water that is pH imbalanced and filled with toxic substances that could be cancelled with application of yet other substances. This the Inner Earth peoples understand, and they have a plan for the decade ahead in case surface Earth humans fail to wake up and take responsibility. However, their plan will be less supportive of surface human life, as the substances may detoxify the body so rapidly if consumed through the water that slower ascending initiates further behind in initiations may die. Furthermore, each species with embodiments upon continents or in regions that are not ascending as rapidly as others may likewise die in the wake of a rapid detoxification process.


Transcending Poisonous Thoughtform


There is a pace that one’s form detoxifies in ascension. If the pace is too great, one can become ill with the flu. If the pace is too much above this, the body may detoxify so rapidly that the outcome can be disease or death of the form. It is for this reason that ascending initiates are well advised to move to the least toxic environment possible; and choose to detoxify one’s own form through one’s own freewill choice now and while there is plenty of time to do so. Detoxifying the form if done gradually will allow one’s ascension to come forth in ease over the coming decade. Detoxification can be equated with nullifying all poisonous substances through a biochemical change to the crystalline form, and transcending all poisonous thoughtform in one’s dance of life.


What is poisonous thoughtform? Poisonous thoughtform seeks to destroy oneself or destroy another. Poisonous thoughtform consumes that which has no agreement to be consumed, such as flesh. Flesh has no agreement to be utilized as food; only plants, nuts, berries, milk and fruit have such agreements to be consumed within the consensus known as Earth. When one consumes that which agrees not to the consumption, one kills that which one should not. Sometimes poisons are even the method utilized to kill the flesh to be consumed, and certainly are a modality utilized upon the battlefield. Poison and outward-bound harm, destruction or warfare is therefore one and the same thoughtform.


Poisonous thoughtform is also related to the viruses and bacteria that attack healthy tissue within any form creating disease or deformity or an early death. Viruses often utilize poisonous substances of their own to overrun a healthy cell breeding more viruses to invade yet more cells. Any bacteria that kills life is a poison by another name. Therefore, the thoughtform of poison is also related to all inward bound harm, viruses and harmful bacteria, which also causes aging, illness, disease, deformity and death in all species upon Earth.


Poisonous thoughtform underlies the very focus of the global ascension of Earth in the year 2020, in which the focus of anchoring the regenerative paradigm has become a focal point. All species upon Earth are transcending poisonous thoughtform at this time and upon a global scale. Such thoughtform can be equated to the beliefs of the Annanuki themselves. As each human initiate focuses upon transcending such thoughtform, one anchors in one’s own ascent the regenerative paradigm, and ultimately ascends into a regenerative form.


It is a regenerative form that will be strong enough to withstand the rising vibrations and heat of the coming 25 years of global ascension ahead, allowing such humans the ability to live to witness the birth of the new golden era ahead. Each species upon Earth is likewise ascending some of our forms into a healthy enough version to withstand entry into the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun. This is anticipated to occur around 2048, and as some of each species survives this transition, each shall be assured a future presence upon Earth along with an ability to ascend to the next dimension and ultimately home to the Tao.


Many may not recognize what entry into the Photon Belt means. The Photon Belt is a bandwidth of energy that will filter out anything with non-resonant thoughtform. Those with non-resonant thoughtform will combust upon entry, and die in such a moment. There will be no pain or suffering involved in this, simply a passing from physicality to non-physicality.


Most non-living structures such as your cities or current human housing practices may also combust. Manta Ray has existed a long time in your oceans, and remembers another time that such a band of energy was passed through by Earth and your solar system following the Fall of Atlantis. All human developments combust and disappeared upon entry, and this is why there is little evidence of any Atlantean civilization, beloved. It is also why humans fail to acknowledge their more ancient past, as there is no physical evidence as proof.


Nature Will Modify Herself as Humans Evolve


Poisons come in many forms. Often poisons and antidotes grow right next to each other in the rainforests of your world. Why is this so? The Annanuki stored poisons and antidotes next to each other upon the same shelves in their warehouses for the purposes of controlling slave population. In parallel manner, nature created poisons and antidotes that grow next to each other and in the same regions of Earth. Nature follows human thoughtform. As all humans evolve out of poisonous thoughtform, nature will modify herself. One day there will be no poisonous plants or their antidote counterpart left, as the biochemistry of such plants shall be modified to one that supports the health and well-being of all form through the ascension.


Ascending humans can work with the nature kingdoms through focus to accomplish this task now. One can plant an herb garden or vegetable garden, and work with the plant kingdoms to evolve the garden to one that supplies the necessary nutrients for one’s own ascending form. This is something that ascending humans can look forward to doing in the years ahead as they settle into an ascending community. In so doing, the entire community will work with all kingdoms farmed to assure that all nutrients necessary for ascension are provided therein. Such a shift will also become available to all others who consciously intend it so, as it will become a global thoughtform with genetics available for all related and ascending plant kingdoms.


Nature will evolve to assist one in healing. If one has an ailment, and understands that a particular herb would be supportive, one can choose to grow the herb oneself, connect with the kingdom, and allow the kingdom to alter the biochemistry of the herb to specifically treat the symptoms of one’s ailment. Such knowledge was understood long ago and before the Fall of Atlantis. Such information is now made available again to ascending humans who so choose to focus in this manner.


Such information was also misused in times past to create more poisonous substances than previously available through the plant kingdoms’ own evolution. This the plant kingdom will not allow again as it has learned its lesson. During the era of Atlantis, those who understood how to connect to the plant kingdoms did so and created 8 species with a deadly poison much akin to the death hormone. As Earth turned her skin, each of these 8 species became extinct. Much of the karma for causing the death of the human species with such types of substances will be settled in the years ahead.


The herb kingdoms themselves are now modifying their own DNA and biochemistry to offer the necessary substances to support ascension of all species upon the land, including humankind. This is also occurring with all plant kingdoms, including those that grow underwater. However, most of such work is being done in the wild and away from human contact, as human contact interferes with the connection of the herb or plant to its soul and source.


Any ascending species receives the genetic modifications through the connection to their soul and source. Humans often obstruct such a connection. It is for this reason that most plants farmed through non-conscious humans are failing to ascend at this time in history. Ascending humans who understand can rectify this situation by intending to reconnect all species upon the farm or within one’s garden to their soul, oversoul and source. In so doing, the genetic modifications can begin to occur allowing all raised upon the farm or within the garden to begin to ascend.


Plants and animals that fail to ascend will become increasingly diseased in the years ahead, much like non-ascending humans along with any non-ascending form of any other species. This shall occur primarily due to a rise in vibration that will cause a quickening of the molecular rotation. As the molecular rotation vibrates faster, the form begins to detoxify itself. If the form is failing to ascend, there will come a time that the form becomes too toxic and becomes ill; over time and as this continues, the form will die. It is for this reason that now is the time to bring forth a greater number of ascensions amongst adult humans as into the future, there will not be enough time to detoxify the form slowly enough.


More Ascending Human Births Planned


Much of the attempts to trigger mass adult human ascension have failed. It has now been chosen by Mother Earth and all species therein to bring forth ascending human births, and allow such births to be the main modality through which adult ascension is triggered. It is hoped that there is enough time yet to bring this forth, allowing a more gradual and gentler time of cleansing ahead. A rapid cleansing will bring about a lot of sudden deaths to the human populations otherwise. This will cause much chaos if it occurs. There is still time to divert this future in bringing forth ascending children into the fold. Such children will trigger their parents and adult neighbors to ascend, allowing more adults to make it through the coming times of cleansing.


Temporary Problems Associated with the Release of Poisons


Any ascending adult form is loaded with poisons. Some of such poisons are indeed toxic wastes from your current environment ingested through your food. Most of such substances however are ancestral and held in the tissue in the karmic trauma associated with the given life or lives. As one ascends, one transmutes the cells of a particular part of the form to crystalline. If such cells died at another time due to a particular poison or toxin in one’s ancestor’s life or a group of lives, the poison or toxin is released through ascension into the form in present time. Sometimes this causes certain symptoms such as a skin rash, runny bowels, smelly underarms, or even an infection of one sort or another. Generally, such symptoms rapidly pass through continued ascension.


If the poison was ingested through the lungs in one’s ancestry such as one to hundreds slaves poisoned to death by the Annanuki, one may even end up with bronchitis as the related lung cells are transmuted through ascension. This is because the poison remains in the genetic records of such cells and is released as the records are transmuted.


If the poison caused liver or kidney damage, one may end up with a temporary liver or kidney problem in ascension. If the poison caused damage to the blood, spleen or bone marrow, one may wind up with a temporary problem with the red or white blood cells in ascension. If the poison caused damage to the circulatory system, lymph system or nervous system, one again may end up with a temporary problem with such systems as the poison is again released in the crystalline conversion inherent in ascension. As one continues to ascend, one will ascend beyond the problem beloved, and therefore there is no need to seek out a doctor or any medical assistance.


Such temporary problems are best treated with herbs in Manta Ray’s estimation. There are blood cleansers and immune boost herbs that are useful at such times, including herbs that support the kidney, liver and spleen. There are also herbs that support the nervous system by either stimulating it or relaxing it, depending upon what is best given the symptoms of the poisons. Ascending initiates can investigate the herbs needed at such times of biological transition if the symptoms are great enough. Most of the time and if the body is healthy enough, the symptoms of the poisons released through ascension may not even be noticed.


Cancer is simply a cell covered in mucous that ceases to be able to assimilate sugar and other nutrients that it requires to thrive, or detoxify its waste. The mucous released in ascension is continuous, and generally whatever one is detoxifying will collect in a white glue-like substance that will be taken via the circulatory system to the waste management systems of the form. Such waste that piles up over a long enough time will cause the cells that they are covering to go cancerous if it is left unattended to in ascension. It is for this reason that detoxification in ascension is so important, as the more that one can support the form in detoxifying, not only the more rapid the ascent, but the less likely one will ascend into disease.


The waste management systems include the intestines, kidneys and urinary system, along with the skin. One way to trigger detoxification is to drink lots of water with lemon or drink detoxification tea, and make sure that one’s intestines are functioning daily. One can take an herbal laxative as needed to assist the bowels in eliminating, along with eating gentle forms of bulk. About 20% of the poisons released through ascension are eliminated through the intestines or urinary system. Most of the poisonous substances will exit the pores of the skin as one bathes or swims or sweats.


Importance of Detoxification


The skin is the largest organ of the form and bathing is the easiest manner to rapidly detoxify the body. It is for this reason that we recommend daily baths of 45 minutes or longer or a daily swim, sauna or jacuzzi for all ascending initiates, as this can be one of the main forms of detoxification of any ascending form. Salt scrubs are also useful to remove dead skin cells in order to increase the ability of the pores to eliminate toxic substances during a daily bath or swim.


Most forms become ill if they are either too acidic or too basic in pH. Indeed, the collection of a load of mucous in an overly toxic ascending form will be either too basic or too acidic in nature. As the mucous builds up, the form can become imbalanced in pH as a result. As the mucous exits the pores during one’s bath, or through the waste management systems of the form, the imbalance can rectify itself. One can also choose to eat foods that contribute more acidic or more basic substances through one’s diet during such times in one’s ascent.


One cause of an overly acidic form is the presence of parasites. Parasites give off a waste that is acidic causing the entire form’s pH to go off. As the pH becomes acidic, yeast can grow in increasing amounts throughout the form. Therefore, not only do the parasites damage whatever tissue they attach unto, but the yeast also damages the tissue wherever it grows. For the yeast roots into the tissue, and the roots of the yeast kills the related cells. Some humans are like Swiss cheese inside as a result, and it is no wonder if this is the case that the body easily becomes ill, along with rapidly ages over time. Eliminate the parasites; balance the pH; and the yeast will die. Then the parts of the form that deteriorated due to the parasites and yeast can regenerate through ascension.


pH Balance


All disease or lack of life is related to imbalance. Just like the imbalanced waterways of Earth due to the toxic mess of humankind that will not sustain life, the toxic mess in one’s blood and system causes an imbalance that allows parasites, yeast, disease, decay and non-life to thrive.  Another manner to sustain life and assure that one ascends not into disease therefore is to balance one’s overall pH, first by eliminating the parasites, and then giving unto the body what it needs to retain the proper balance so that the entire form can ascend in ease.


All foods have a pH. As one measures one’s own pH via muscle testing or pendulum, one can determine for oneself if one is overly acidic or basic. There are also simple litmus tests available through some pharmacies that will tell one one’s pH. One can then choose to eat more greatly acidic or basic foods to balance the pH to retain one’s health in ascension, or ascend out of disease.


One could say that an understanding of what is required to sustain the health, well-being and ascension of all form has come to be understood by Earth and all her kingdoms due to the focus upon disease in 2020. In this focus, not only the thoughtform behind disease has been explored, but the biochemistry of disease. The biochemistry that causes disease in all species is being modified at this time to allow for the birth of newborns that shall be disease free into the future. Each species shall gradually evolve to a point where the reincarnation cycles cease, and the body will thrive in health in order ascend with Earth to the next dimension and beyond. This is the goal of all species at this time in history, including Manta Ray. This is also the goal of the new consensus within the human species that is also ascending.


What does Manta Ray choose to close with? Take care of your form, beloved. It is your temple. Intend to ascend, and then give unto the form all that it requires in order to accomplish this task. Give the form the food that it requires, the nurturing it is in need of, and a place to live that is non-toxic and brings it joy. As ascending initiates alter their reality to be one that is non-toxic and supportive of life, so will all humans global wide follow suit. In so doing, humans may awaken and taken responsibility for the toxic mess that they have created, and choose to clean it up. This Manta Ray most certainly looks forward to.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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