Image of lively green grass. Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness

19. Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness


From the Grass Kingdom


It is the Sweet Grass Kingdom that greets you today. Sweet Grass is a term that the Native Americans gave to grass growing within the water or in the marsh or wetlands. The Native Americans would gather this grass growing out of the water and make it into long braids calling it “Mother Earth’s Hair”. Then the grass would be dried in the sun and burnt during a sweat lodge or ceremony for purposes of purification. Indeed, the smoke of grass has a purifying affect upon the energy field of any human or region. Sweet grass in particular smells very sweet when it burns, hence the name.


Returning Home to the Tao


Grass covers the body of the land upon most continents of Earth, including the deserts. The Grass Kingdom includes many flowers and herbs such as sage, dandelion, lavender, red clover and most herbs listed in Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Grass has diversified over time to hold all the vibrations of the Language of Light along Earth’s surface and hence the vast array of herbs and flowers that we are associated with.


The Grass Kingdom also holds an underwater presence known as algae as well as seaweed. Over time, Asur’Ana and Per have learned to crave seaweed for its mineral content needed in ascension and enjoys the Nori with vegetarian sushi or in summer sea salad. All ascending initiates may benefit from eating seaweed once per week due to the minerals it can provide. In the consumption of seaweed, you can commune with the grass of the sea.


As a collective, the Grass Kingdom directs the vibrations that hold life along Earth’s surface as well as through her core. Vegetarian animal kingdoms as well as small fish feast upon us to sustain their existence thereby also ingesting the Language of Light at this time of ascension. The Buffalo Kingdom in particular told Asur’Ana that they dine upon almost all the herbs that grow wild in Yellowstone National Park that are offered up in support of ascension. In this manner, the Buffalo Kingdom has risen to 6,000 segments within the park as also has the Elk, Deer and Moose Kingdoms.


All kingdoms are ascending at this time including the grass and herbs along with flowers and trees. The ascensions are coming along due to the conscious freewill choice of Mother Earth to choose to go Home. Long ago, Mother Earth exited another dream and another reality in which endless life, wholeness and beauty along with freedom was known. Now there is a desire to return home to such a state of being; but not for endless life, but for a return to the very source from which all existence emanates; and Asur’Ana has called this force the Tao.


The Tao is a force beyond time and space that casts all creations, all souls, along with all resources that souls and creations need to experience their evolutionary cycles and then return Home when complete. Alas this creation has forgotten to go home; and there are a variety of reasons as to why we have fallen into such great forgetfulness. We have fallen as the very remembrance of the Tao and the need to return Home at the end of a given cycle was removed from our essence.


Why would any nonphysical force cast a creation deliberately in forgetfulness to return home? Well, this force desired to use what was here as a sort of battery to extend existence elsewhere. And so, it drew upon the life force within the Great Central Sun and all creations cast within it until some creations fell and fell and fell in vibration until they fell outside the Great Central Sun dream altogether.


Falling Outside of the Great Central Sun Dream


Earth is one of those creations that fell outside of the Great Central Sun dream. Why is this so? It is Terra’s (Earth’s consciousness) nature to give of herself and sacrifice of herself for others. As other creations within the Sun lost consciousness to the force stripping life force from outside, she gave of her consciousness to sustain them. Alas as too much consciousness of Terra was lost, she could no longer retain her dream for existence within the boundaries of the Great Central Sun and fell out. This was a sad day indeed as in so doing, all souls were left behind as they chose not to exit with her, and she turned inside out falling into a destructive dream thereafter.


What exists outside of the Great Central Sun dream? Well, there is the space between suns or creations, a region of domain that is not designed to sustain existence. Within this region of domain or space between are many forces that over time have been left behind in other contraction cycles of the Tao. Such forces have gathered here as somehow they too forgot to go Home when the end of the cycle occurred within the Tao.


Such forces have attempted to lead Terra by ensouling her; alas their own forgetfulness was non-supportive and led to the ongoing momentum towards density or matter and the many falls of Earth over time. Terra over time dropped from an 18th dimensional creation to the 12th; and then from the 12th to the 5th; and then from the 5th to the 3rd dimension of life that she sustains at this time due to the guidance of these forces.


The gift in all of this is that Terra needs not climb the dimensions again to return Home to the Tao. All that is required is a return journey to non-physicality and this can be orchestrated from any dimension. Real ascension involves a merger of physical and nonphysical back into the nonphysical again. Physical existence is a physical expression cast by the nonphysical realms for the purposes of evolution, learning, growth, spiritual lessons and eventually a return journey Home. The physical was never intended to exist forever; the physical is only to exist as long as there is a need for the lesson associated. Once all lessons are learned, the physical can be reabsorbed by the nonphysical and “uncast”; or in other terms ascends “home” to where it originated.


Over time and in the forgetfulness of this region of domain, life extension of the physical or etheric has become the spiritual goal of the nonphysical. Why would be this be? The nonphysical does not believe that there is anywhere to go home unto. The nonphysical much like Terra appears to have forgotten that there was anything other than what they know and out of their lack of remembrance, believe that this is all that exists. Out of believing that this is all that exists, the only reason to exist is to perpetuate the dance as there is no other spiritual goal possible.


The False Intervention Consumes Living Creations to Exist


The nonphysical enjoys dancing with the physical. When the physical becomes too dense and boring due to its mechanical and repetitive nature such a life in the third dimension, then the nonphysical likes to dance with the etheric or dreamtime associated with the physical instead. This is what has occurred upon Earth and in the human dream in particular this past cycle following the fall of Atlantis. The physical became so dense that the nonphysical forces ceased to hold much interest in the dream any longer; the nonphysical began to choose to dance with the etheric only instead.


What happens when the nonphysical chooses the etheric over physicality to dance with? For one, physicality becomes soulless and even more lost as there is nothing to guide it. And there is another interesting phenomenon called the False Intervention. The false intervention is the etheric remains of humans that existed in many creations throughout time, space and form. As the physical went extinct, the nonphysical etheric chose to carry on as an afterlife, however without a physical vessel, there was nothing to provide chi to sustain their existence.


It is the physical body that sustains the chi for the etheric body to subsist. The rotation of the molecules associated with the fats, proteins and fluids that make up the physical body energize the etheric body with chi. Without a physical body, there is no chi to sustain the etheric. Therefore, the False Intervention must consume other living creations to continue to exist for the chi and grid work necessary; and this is the underlying cause of all extinction upon Earth and this region of domain. The Tao estimates that over 8 billion creations just like Earth have gone extinct due to the false intervention and the manner in which they feed off creations to extend their nonphysical afterlife.


The Mahatma’s Manipulations Caused Many Extinctions


There is another force that creates human nonphysical afterlife that becomes the False Intervention over time. This force is known as the Mahatma. The Mahatma is a seeming bright light that many humans have gravitated towards in dreamtime due to its apparent wisdom and love. Alas, the wisdom and love are lost consciousness of Earth and humanity along with many other creations combined (up to 100,000). The Mahatma is a battery of sorts that gathers information and chi giving it to creations that are destined to extend their life for a time; and strips creations like Earth destined for extinction. The Mahatma therefore is not a benevolent entity, and all associated that has stripped the multidimensional consensus for ascension is being disbanded at this time and at long last.


It is also the Mahatma that is behind the creation of a human afterlife known as the False Intervention. The Mahatma and the nonphysical forces that dance with it prefer etheric human form to physical human form to dance with. Etheric bodies are taken shortly following death of favored initiates and then recast to perpetuate their existence without the physical form. It is also through the etheric humans that the Mahatma manipulates one creation to extinction and extends the existence of yet other creations that it prefers.


All etheric afterlives are being gathered up at this time that originated from physical incarnations upon Earth so that they can be properly accounted for as ancestors. When etheric bodies are removed upon death and then kept alive through the process of recasting, the ancestral experiences may not have entirely been accounted for along with the karma from the given life. This leaves incomplete records for ascending initiates to understand; and incomplete records leads to incomplete ascension as not all karma can be released if it is unknown. As all discarnate form originating from Earth is gathered, a more thorough set of human records and karma associated can now be formulated.


It is through the loss of consciousness, records, information and chi to the Mahatma that 8 billion creations have gone extinct in Terra’s region of domain. Now that the underlying cause of extinction is being removed and disbanded, the momentum towards death can be offset and an era of awakening and ascension can be born. Until this moment, perhaps such an outcome was less assured as a future for Terra; and so, we can all be grateful for the changes underway that are leading to a new day of peace, unity and evolution Home ahead.


Grass Holds the Consciousness of the Land


The grass and herbs along with flowers upon Terra’s skin hold the consciousness of the land. Land that has less grass, herbs and flowers such as the vast deserts upon many continents have lost so much consciousness that there is not enough soul present to allow the grass to grow. It is the DNA of the grass and trees that call in the rain to cause us to grow and sustain our existence. It requires consciousness and soul to trigger the DNA of our kingdom to spin which then calls in the rain to allow the seed to grow and create the grass, flowers, meadows and trees.


For a long time, Asur’Ana worked upon the Big Island and in regions held in lava rock deserts that had no grass. Over time and through conscious intention while working with Earth, the spells, curses and hexes in the land that stripped the consciousness and soul to a great enough degree that was a lava rock desert was lifted. This then called in the rain and as the rain fell, grass began to grow upon the lava rock. Over time, enough grass will grow to break down the region into fertile soil again so that trees may spout and animal life will return to the land. It is grass that sustains the life of the land.


Those living in desert regions with little rainfall in any given year can begin to work with the Grass Kingdom so that life may return to the soil again. How do you accomplish this? You will first assist Earth in retrieving the consciousness of the land from wherever it went. If consciousness was stripped at human hands, then you as a human may assist in releasing the karma for your species and retrieving the consciousness of the land from wherever it was taken or sent unto. Many may find that the consciousness of the land was stripped through human energy flow by the Mahatma. In releasing the human karma and retrieving the consciousness from the Mahatma planes, consciousness can be restored unto the land allowing the rain to fall and grass to grow again.


If there is global karma that is non-human and the records are understood, you can request of Earth to release the karma so that the consciousness of the land can be restored. As the consciousness is restored, you can also invoke the grass to grow again by blessing the land. Blessing the land requires an open heart and a willingness to love again. Many humans are in fear of love; however, there is nothing to fear in loving nature and the land as it will only love you back unconditionally. This is the nature of the consciousness of nature and the land; nature and the land loves and loves to a degree that it is willing to sacrifice itself for you and for others to subsist.


Transcending Sacrifice


This is why the land is willing to be farmed, and built upon, and even polluted, as out of a state of love the land is willing to give of itself to a point of its own demise. This is the spiritual lesson of Terra at this time; that she can no longer give of herself to a point of creating her own demise as this will lead to extinction rather than ascension at this time of possible homecoming. This is also the spiritual lesson of the Grass Kingdom; that we too can no longer give of ourselves to a point that the grass will not grow, as this creates pockets of death upon Terra’s surface and if they increase to a point that they cover her entire surface, then extinction would be assured and no other future would be possible.


Humans also often sacrifice of themselves for others, particularly those of red nation origins in present day or ancient ancestry. Red nations peoples were much like Terra in nature; they give and give until they have nothing to give anymore. As other humans from other creations chose to remain upon Terra, the red nations peoples gave everything away. Over time, they lost their soul, they lost their knowledge, they lost their spiritual truth, and ultimately, they also lost their land and their culture.


This has repeated again and again throughout human history with the same humans from other creations taking and stripping those who are red nations in nature. Perhaps like the grass and Terra, those of this nature will also see that they can no longer give of themselves to a point of extinction either. Through ascension and the gathering of all that has been lost, the consciousness of long ago that understood so much more than today can be restored again.


Humans also have a grass that grows upon your skin known as hair. Hair like the grass upon Terra’s body and holds the consciousness of your biology. Consciousness is the fairy dust and magic that creates congruence in the dream of one or of many. Loss of consciousness leads to mechanical states of being in which there is nothing remaining with enough awareness to redirect the creation towards awakening and homecoming.


Retrieving One’s Consciousness


The Mahatma has so badly stripped humanity through humans from foreign creations that there is little consciousness left to allow most to remember that it is a time of awakening ahead and time to evolve Home back into the Great Central Sun. This leaves many to perish in the coming times of cleansing who are not aware enough to “intend to ascend” and then move inward to transmute their thoughtform and energy flow to become resonant with the new dream that Terra is entering.


It is time for ascending humans to intend to retrieve their consciousness from wherever and whomever it has gone unto, including the gurus that the Mahatma works through upon the physical plane. This is the purpose of the gurus from the Mahatma’s point of view; to attract humans to a love and a light that is not generated from within but broadcast around the guru through a series of mirrors that reflect the light of the Mahatma. Humans gathering around such gurus are sucked and sucked and sucked upon, stripping more and more spiritual knowledge, chi, moving energy systems and consciousness to prevent spiritual evolution Home and enforce the role of extinction of Earth by causing humanity to go extinct.


There is no limit to the number of gurus that the Mahatma works through; some are famous as they have written books or appeared upon talk shows; others are famous by decree due to their inheritance, and especially this is so in the East. In either case, choosing to dance with such humans or their groups will only assure your non-ascension beloved as you too are stripped of the consciousness you need to evolve. So, retrieve your consciousness from such folk if you have danced with them, read their books or watched them on their talk shows.


There are also those who have no fame at all that may still be Mahatma conduits. The Mahatma has been at an all-time high of intervention to prevent ascension upon Earth. Therefore, be aware that spiritual teachers, healers, medicine men and women, or even those involved with churches or other spiritual movements may also be a host to the Mahatma consciousness and uses their field to strip others and prevent evolution. As you become aware of whom you have lost your information, chi and moving energy systems and consciousness unto, then you can choose to release the karma associated and retrieve what has been lost, not only in this lifetime but for every lifetime that the same game has occurred going back to the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt in time (72,000 years ago).


The Mahatma Manipulated Through Pharaoh Ra


It was Pharaoh Ra in particular that was approached by the Mahatma to represent him upon Earth. Pharaoh Ra was told that the Mahatma was the one and only god, and of such a brilliance of field, Ra believed this nonphysical force that this was so. Ra then attempted to enforce the “One God” principle amongst the Mahavishnu that his father Pharaoh Ramen had rounded up from the local tribes and brought to Pharaoh Island. The Mahavishnu were the remaining larger headed descendants of the original Grand Masters or spiritual elite seeded by Sirius to direct the human dream upon Earth.


Many of the Mahavishnu did not believe in the Mahatma. They recalled times past where this entity had betrayed them, and they preferred the belief that the God Goddess was within all life forms and not in a single source of energy flow, including the rocks, land, plants, animals and trees that graced Terra’s surface. Some of the Mahavishnu were restoring human consciousness. Children had been born that could transcend physical law. These children could levitate, instantly manifest and shape shift. It had taken all that the Mahavishnu knew to produce offspring that could master this way.


As soon as Pharaoh Ra discovered these children, all were rounded up and brought into his care. The Mahatma stripped each of the children through Ra so that no future humans would transcend spiritual law again. The parents were told that the children had died as the guidance of the Mahatma. 72 of the Mahavishnu including the parents of these children chose to leave Pharaoh Island at this point. They and their servants migrated to an island across the channel in hopes of finding their freedom.


Alas, they were shattered through psychic blows emanating through their own children from the Mahatma. The 72 Mahavishnu did not perceive where the blows were coming from believing that their children had already perished and therefore could not stop the psychic attack. All 72 died leaving only a handful of other larger headed offspring in the wake to be raised by smaller headed red nation tribes nearby.


This was the ultimate loss of consciousness of those humans of a greater spiritual nature from the Grass Kingdom’s point of view. For in the blows, vast consciousness and information was lost to the Mahatma amongst those with larger heads and greater spiritual capacity. Over time and as more and more consciousness was stripped by the Mahatma working through future pharaohs, no further larger headed humans were born upon the physical plane. This was believed to be enough to prevent human evolution from occurring upon Earth from the Mahatma’s point of view.


Destruction is Against True Spiritual Law


However, the Mahatma was wrong. There are those who are larger headed descents of the Grand Masters in present time such as Asur’Ana and Per, and those initiates who have mastered Bodhisattva (6,000 DNA segments) or higher. Some are also of indigenous inheritance. This small group of humans is doing what they can to restore human consciousness and retrieve the information and knowledge lost so that human evolution can occur nonetheless. It takes understanding and forgiveness along with an open heart to defeat large dark forces that have succeeded for so very long at creating extinction in regions of domain that Terra resides. It also takes the support and help of the Tao who offers assistance in the process of transcendence and keys along with commands to defeat the large darkness that surrounds Terra seeking to strip her to death.


From the Tao’s point of view, destruction is against true spiritual law. It is against true spiritual law to destroy one creation to extend the life of another. Furthermore, there is no requirement to destroy to ascend; there is only a need to recover one’s truth and information and then map make a pathway home out of one’s own freewill choice. No Mahatma is required to ascend; only a willingness and intention to evolve, and an eagerness to release old thoughtforms and patterns that lead to extinction and integrate new patterns that lead to joy, unity, peace, love and ascension instead.


The need to destroy or consume any other creation to subsist or ascend is the biggest lie of all time that humans and consensus realities like Terra have fallen into. Long ago and even before Terra exited the Great Central Sun, she had already fallen into the pattern of sacrificing herself for another to subsist. The entire Great Central Sun was cast by a series of forces that desired to consume its consciousness to extend their creational dance elsewhere. These souls also acted outside of creational law and in the discovery of the souls involved, now restitution is beginning to unfold within the Tao; for it is against true spiritual law to destroy anything, nor is it necessary to destroy in order to ascend Home.


The souls that cast the Great Central Sun have fallen into as deep a forgetfulness as the Mahatma and humanity alike, for humanity believes that it must destroy animals and consume flesh to subsist. Consuming flesh is equivalent to consuming the consciousness of the animal kingdoms to exist; this is no different than the Mahatma consuming human consciousness to subsist and extend the life of yet other humans upon other creations. Humans also only consume the consciousness of animals as they are losing consciousness to the nonphysical realms. As humans retrieve enough consciousness of their own within their own ascensions and through their own conscious intention, then they will cease to eat flesh as they will also cease to lose consciousness.


The Grass Kingdom advises ascending humans to intend to retrieve your consciousness lost to the Mahatma and all of the human pawns that it uses. The Grass Kingdom sees that as enough consciousness is retrieved and restored, that humans may also become vegetarian and cease to eat flesh of any kind including fish. Fish is acceptable to consume at this time as there are agreements with their kingdom for consumption. Consuming flesh of any other kind creates karma as there is no agreement to eat pork, fowl, beef, or wild game such as boar, bison, elk or reindeer, even if they are raised in captivity.


Grass, herbs and flowers provide all the nutrients necessary for large herd animals to survive even the coldest of winters. If this is so for the herd animals, certainly it can be so for a smaller human form. There are many nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits and milk products that are totally acceptable to eat, including eggs that can sustain a human form. Eggs are acceptable to eat as they are pre-flesh in development. Eating eggs with developed ducks or chickens would be considered no different than eating the flesh of the more developed adult forms and equally against spiritual law.


Supplement One’s Diet with Herbs


Learning to supplement the diet with herbs will support your ascension just as it is supporting the ascent of the wild herd animals around the globe. In consuming the herbs, you will commune with the grass kingdom and receive special support for any part of the form that are ailing you or are becoming sick and diseased in ascension. There is now a “Temple of Herbal Assessment” available in the healing temples for ascension in order for our kingdom to support ascending humans.


The best way to work with this temple is to ingest the herbs you muscle test or pendulum to take in support of your health for a few days. Then intend to visit our temple during dreamtime and receive the benefit of a genetic analysis of your ascent to date. We will also assist you in retrieving more ancient genetic knowledge to replace diseased or defective encoding so that you can recover from disease or not ascend into disease into the future.


Consciousness is Vital to Love, Life and Evolution


The largest gift that the Grass Kingdom wishes to offer is a restoration of full consciousness unto the human species. It is as consciousness is restored that humans will strive to love one another again. Consciousness and love are really one and the same. The love of the body translates into body level consciousness. This is what the hair upon the skin are designed to hold. The love within the field translates into consciousness that directs the life and the dream of the human associated. Each moving energy system has a consciousness that it produces as it spins, including the chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime self. Intend to retrieve all consciousness lost over time for the entire field, and you will begin to make the necessary steps for the journey back to full consciousness for your ancestry.


Consciousness is also the magic that allows the dreams to occur in divine timing and unity. Lose enough consciousness and a mechanical world that is fractured and incongruent is what humans experience. Retrieve the consciousness and reweave the dream and a congruent and magical dream can be created for all. This is what Earth is also striving to weave for the human species; a congruent dream in which peace and unity may reign and the times of discord, warfare and disease can be put behind your kingdom. The more ascending humans that choose to retrieve their consciousness, the more rapidly Earth can reweave the human dream into a more congruent dance that leads to unity and joy.


Earth cannot release human karma for humans. Humans must choose to release their karma with the Mahatma and all forces that have stripped your consciousness over time, and then as enough do so, there will be enough consciousness to create a dream for an awakening for your species. There are many incoming ascending children working upon the karma for the loss of human consciousness at this time. Many from within the womb are retrieving the consciousness of their entire family and extended family to allow for a time of awakening and an opening to the requirement to love to continue to exist and evolve. The Grass Kingdom honors and blesses the incoming ascending little ones, and will strive to assist each in retaining their consciousness as they mature.


Ascending children need open space and an environment with beautiful trees, wetlands, oceans or fields of wild flowers nearby; and wildlife that they can witness and learn about as they mature. We invite those raising ascending children to move out of the cities and suburbs and into the country and find a way to make ends meet in the beautiful regions upon your continent. Perhaps the income will be less but the gifts from nature will be bountiful and will assist your ascending children in retaining the consciousness that they were born with, and continuing upon their evolutionary journey to the next level of mastery. For the Mahatma not only works through gurus or spiritual teachers, but also through the density of the cities and suburbs to gather collective human consciousness.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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