Image of a majestic mountain and lake in a secluded area in Italy. A Stand For Honor

19. A Stand For Honor


We would like to address the issue of honor within the human dance. So much of the current human dance is predicated upon dishonor and judgement that honor has been long lost. Yet in order to enter the dance of unity with all species, honor must become one’s foundation.


Honor is a way of being, a way of relating, first to oneself, and then extended outwards towards all others. Many have equated mastering honor or spiritual mastery with knowledge, and indeed knowledge is necessary in order to master, but knowledge in and of itself will not cause a state of honor to emerge. In order for a state of honor to emerge, one must allow the process of ascension to come forth within the biology and within the thoughtform of the human form. In ascension, one becomes the master, which in other terms means embodying honor.


Why is a modification of the human biology necessary for honor to become one’s foundation? Much of the problems with the human biology, as with all biology upon Earth, is the result of numerous falls in vibration with causes so complex we will not delve into all of it, for it would require several volumes of written material to explain in detail. However, let us suffice to say that there were humans whom came to Earth with a different biochemical structure than the seeded race, and the blending of the energy of Earth and their particular structure led to a state of dishonor over time.


In a state of honor, one would not choose to enslave another. Nor would one choose to own anything or anyone. Nor would one choose even to have a pet, or place animals in a zoo. In a state of honor, one understands that all life has consciousness, all life contains soul, and that all soul is evolving. No one species is less than any other, nor is any one species less aware than any other. Humanity has assumed that if another species lacked the ability to language, that such a species is indeed inferior. No species is inferior. It is simply that species without language are non-verbal in nature. Non-verbal species speak telepathically, although sometimes they utilize sound to transfer their telepathy.


How Do Non-Verbal Species Communicate?


All bird chatter or animal sounds have a communication or telepathic message behind it. Often, animals are relaying what they perceive about a given region in relation to Earth’s continued ascension, what is to be released, what has just been released, and what is next in relation to the next phase of evolution for Earth. This is the main concern of each species at this time in history.


How do animals speak? They speak in the Language of Light. One will see that behind all bird chatter or animal sounds are the symbols of the Language of Light, and if one can interpret them, one can then translate what is being said non-verbally into any human language. We invite our human brothers and sisters to listen, listen to the species that surround you! Tune in via your heart, and translate what is being said. We advise that you not go to the zoo to do this, as the zoo animals are not in touch with the remainder of their species. This is simply the result of the fact that all kingdoms have transcended ownership and therefore shall no longer consciously partake in such experiences as zoos, pets or theme parks at this time.


Go outside instead, and listen to the squirrels and birds in your neighboring park or backyard. What are they saying? What are the trees saying? You will be surprised when you tune in what they might say, for they often are aware of the forgotten history recorded upon the land, and are quite aware of impending Earth changes. It shall be in tuning into the nature kingdoms that humans shall begin to discern where to move or not move to avoid natural disasters.


The land has longed to be honored. Indeed, most humans relate to the land in ownership, not honor. What does honoring the land mean? Honoring the land means relating to it as a conscious being. The land too will speak to one telepathically if questioned, and will communicate in the Language of Light. If one honors the land that one’s home is upon, one may question what the land needs? Sometimes the land may tell you to plant this or that, or put in a fountain for running water, or to trim this or that. Such requests shall assist the land that one resides upon in better assisting Earth in ascending.


How to Support Earth’s Ascension?


What does Earth require to ascend? Earth requires all energy to move. The moving energy that Earth is embracing more and more is circular in nature, rotational, or magnetic. That which assists in allowing for rotational energy shall assist the land in ascending, which shall assist Earth in ascending. And here is the major difficulty with humanity’s current technology, building techniques, and recurrent use of electricity.


Electricity and all technology that is related is a straight-line form of energy movement. Such straight-line energy movement pierces holes in Earth’s rotational magnetic energy flow that she is embracing the further that she ascends. If humanity were awakening to a greater degree, perhaps they would be phasing out electricity and moving towards a magnetic only form of energy supply. However, humanity has fallen too low in consciousness to remember to ascend by and large, and therefore no such shift is occurring.


The manner in which humankind cements over the land, or utilizes metal pylons to build our high-rises also interferes with Earth’s new rotational energy flow. This is why our cities are perhaps the densest places upon Earth and at the lowest vibratory rate. It is the stress of the cities at such a low vibratory rate and the open country or ocean neighboring such regions at a much higher vibratory rate that shall eventually stress the plates causing earthquake after earthquake. As each tunes into the nature kingdoms that surround them, they will begin to hear when it is time to vacate as an earthquake is coming.


Weather Patterns


Some regions shall not be cleansed through earthquake but rather through flooding or storms, or even firestorms. Again, the vibrational density calls in the water or fire to cleanse the region. The kingdoms, air, fire, water and earth, are all working towards Earth’s ascension, and are indeed conscious. At this time, weather is no longer under the control of any other species, but Earth as a consciousness directs the weather wherever the next layer of density requires the most cleansing.


For many thousands of years, the Reptilians controlled Earth’s weather patterns. They have done so to incubate their eggs within the 4th dimension, and their eggs require certain weather patterns to provide them with enough chi to hatch. Earth has transcended her agreements to allow the Reptilians to incubate their eggs upon Earth or control Earth’s weather patterns as of late, and it is anticipated that such eggs shall be removed in full as Earth no longer provides the fertile ground for their survival.


As such, all weather patterns are cleansing in nature. Sometimes, indeed hurricanes and tornadoes are a manner in which the energy can be forced to move where it is stuck, particularly in the denser places that humans occupy. This is also so with forest fires. Again, one can tune into nature and listen. Nature will tell you what is up coming, and how to take personal action for your own safety.


However, humans whom are ascending can assist Earth, thereby altering the requirement of a major hurricane, firestorm or earthquake to shift the vibration in a particular region upward. Ascending humans may assist by allowing their field to be utilized in unity with the nature kingdoms for such purposes within the region that one lives or travels to. Consciously ascending humans are often guided to visit certain regions for the purposes of moving the energy on behalf of Earth’s ascension, along with releasing human karma that is required for Earth to continue to evolve.


Each can contribute in supporting Earth’s ascension if one so chooses. All that is required is that one offer to assist in meditation, particularly right before falling asleep, and the necessary changes to allow such assistance shall be brought forth during dreamtime. In so doing, each ascending human begins to honor the land again.


Magnetic Energy


Ascending humans are increasing their own magnetic energy flow a little at a time. Often, without understanding that this is so, many humans within the denser pockets of the cities unite their fields to support one another in their continued ascension. Additionally, such pockets of humans can unite with the surrounding countryside or ocean to strengthen the magnetic rotation in the density. In so doing, the magnetic pulls over most major cities shall increase, and will one day override electricity altogether.


The manner in which our current scientists measure Earth’s magnetic force is not accurate because they measure electromagnetic energy, and not pure magnetic flow. The devices the scientists utilize for such purposes cannot measure a pure magnetic flow because they were not designed for such purposes. However, the Reptilians and Greys are well aware of the shifts, as both species are becoming quite ill at this time in Earth’s atmosphere. It will not be long before both species retract altogether as a result.


Why would magnetic energy cause the Greys and Reptilians to become ill? Their species was designed to run on electrical current. Electrical current is a direct line of flow; magnetic is rotational. Magnetic energy does not deliver enough chi to sustain a form designed to rely upon electricity. It is for this reason, the dwindling resources of electrical chi upon Earth, that we foresee that these species shall leave in due course.


The Greys and Reptilians diverted electrical energy to Earth long ago to make Earth inhabitable by their species. Earth was once magnetic only, and shall return to a magnetic only energy flow. Such is necessary in order to be embraced by the Great Central Sun and ascend. Neither the Greys nor Reptilians are from this creation; they arrived due to an inter-creational tear long ago. They too have dishonored the land, much like humanity. They saw Earth as an opportunity to take, take resources for their own use, and take chi to incubate their young. They give nothing in return, and such is the nature of dishonor.


Humankind in a similar manner continues to strip Earth of her resources. Such resources are utilized to create more and more technology that is electrical in nature and interferes with Earth’s ascension. Those in control of such things are only interested in greed and profit, and not interested in Earth’s choice to evolve. To the degree one dishonors Earth in their existence, to such a degree the dishonor shall come back full force into the personal life experience from Earth, whether or not one has conscious awareness that they have dishonored our planet.


Perhaps this sounds harsh. However, Earth is not the cause of such an outcome. When one dishonors another, whether the other be another human, an animal, nature, or Earth at large, one shall experience dishonor in return. This return is known as karma. Much of the disastrous potential future for humanity in relation to Earth changes is the result of their own karma of dishonor towards the land haunting them in return.


The future is not set in stone. The future can change. However, in order for the future of the impending Earth changes to be somewhat modified and not kill humans by the millions, more humans will have to choose to ascend and modify the energy flow in the denser regions heavily populated by humankind. The more humans that can awaken to such a purpose, and choose to ascend, the less traumatic the Earth movement and weather need be to accomplish Earth’s goal of continued ascension.


Learning to Honor Again


In ascension, one learns to honor again. Honor is a biological state of being in which every cell within the form is honored. Long ago, our ancestors knew an ageless form that could live disease free for 2000 years, and had the capacity to ascend. This form held a regenerative cellular structure that did not die, but rather each cell supports all others within the form, and each cell’s waste is utilized by another part of the form for a specific purpose. As such, every cell within the form was honored, thrived, did not age, nor did it die.


Humans are like a multi-celled organism. Humans relate to each other like their cells relate to one another within their current life dance. In the current human form, some cells are well fed, other cells underfed, and some not fed at all, which cause such cells to die over time. Some cells are well detoxified, yet others under-detoxified, and yet others sitting constantly in their own waste.


In a similar manner, some humans are wealthy to an extreme, other moderately comfortable, and yet others in great poverty. Some live in clean environments, some in moderately toxic environments, and some sit in toxic waste day and night. In order for human civilization to alter its own manner of living and relating, the cellular structure must first be altered within the form, and this will naturally lead to a restructuring of our civilization.


The outer is a reflection of the inner. The inner is biological in nature, with a cellular structure that is born, grows, lives and dies or evolves. Consciousness is biological, and therefore consciousness follows the biological state of the form.


Fear Dishonors


The nervous system for the current human form exists in fear. The fear is the result of many pockets of dying or dead cells within the cellular structure. The threat of death is the root of all fear in the human experience. As cells cease to die in the act of ascension, one ceases to be in fear of death, and fear evaporates into a new way of being that is founded upon joy. Such is the gift of ascension, and those that choose such a path will live to experience such a state beyond all fear in the years ahead. Such is a marvelous shift in each human willing to push through to a new state of being!


It is out of fear that one dishonors Earth, one another, and all other species. In fear, one is only concerned with paying the bills, meeting the mortgage, feeding the family, not becoming homeless. In the extreme focus upon basic survival, there is no opportunity to consider the concerns of Earth, or any species, for one is preoccupied with fear. It is out of such fear that humans do not pay attention.


Humans are so concerned about profit that the expense necessary to handle toxic wastes in a non-harmful manner is avoided, and the wastes dumped right into our waterways. Out of the waterways come fish harvested that are toxic, spreading the toxins to our own dinner tables. It is out of the fear of having enough that farmers utilize poisonous fertilizers and pesticides to increase production but at the cost of poisoning all whom consume such produce. The noxious manner in which cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens are raised in grave dishonor causes such poison to end up upon the dinner table. All for greed, all for profit, all out of fear of not having enough to survive.


How does one leave behind the fear of not having enough, the fear of surviving? One chooses to ascend and in so doing, fear is left behind. Fear is transcended as the body ceases to die and the cells are resurrected and reconstituted. As more ascend thereby moving out of fear, humans shall relate to one another and Earth in a new manner, and then shall cease to dishonor Earth or any species again. Out of such, new manners of farming that honors the species raised for human consumption shall be born and thrive again.


We see this developing first out of small pockets of ascending communities and then spreading, because it may be the only method of raising food that shall work in the future. Any food source that is not ascending shall cease to exist in due course. Some shall die of this disease or another, or this pest or another. Regardless of how the crops and farm animals die, they shall die because they are not ascending, and much like their human counterparts, the vibration of the land is becoming too high to sustain their health and well-being.


As ascending humans invite their gardens and farms to ascend, this simply will not be so for such humans. In so doing, new practices of conscious farming shall emerge and shall sustain those whom choose to ascend into the decades ahead along with Earth.


Artificial System


The current human system is artificial in our observation and so out of sync with Earth it will have to collapse. The chi expended at the labor to earn money to pay artificial costs of housing and food are beyond exorbitant in the current human dance. The labor that our ancestors preoccupied themselves with to gather food or farm is far less energy expended overall to sustain our species in times past. Gathering and farming also kept your ancestors close to the land, and in communication with every other species for their survival. This has been lost in the cities and system that has developed in recent centuries.


This is not the first of such a system to develop in the human dance. This is the third rise of such a system in our predecessor’s experience. All other systems collapsed, generally due to polar shifts that caused all technology to become obsolete overnight. Each time this occurred, it was back to gathering and hunting again for humankind. Each time, all species of the nature kingdoms hoped that humankind would remember, and strive to avoid such a disaster again in the future. Each time, humanity failed to remember, and found themselves so out of sync that the only solution was the loss of everything to cause humans to come back into alignment again with Earth.


The artificial system that we reside within is based upon an uneven giving and receiving of chi. Those whom run our governance, and those in charge of large profitable corporations, or those in charge of our banks or schools, hoard the chi, resources and monetary flow. They take chi and resources from every employee and citizen that is related to their services. As such, they receive something for nothing, and don’t have to work or contribute anything for their sustenance.


Coming to Balance in Ascension


In balanced giving and receiving, everyone must give, and everyone receives. In a system based upon honor, everyone is honored and provided for. There is no starvation or extreme wealth, because each must give equal to what they received. Balanced giving and receiving is the foundation of an ageless biological form, for inherent in the ageless cellular structure is balanced giving and receiving of all resources throughout every cell and every organ in the form. As this occurs in the physical, it shall translate into balanced giving and receiving in our civilization.


The red race and many tribal races global wide have held the remembrance of giving and receiving in balance with Earth. Many whom are ascending may find themselves drawn to such remembrance. Ascension causes one to return to balance again, balance with all things within one’s life expression. It is in a state of balance that one shall cease to be poor and shall manifest just enough to take care of one’s needs.


One may ask: how can I do this in the current system? How do I transcend and still pay the rent and other bills? Well, quite honestly, and as Asur’Ana has found, it is tricky. One shall strive to intend balance in all that one does. If one is working for an employer, one shall intend to only give equal creative flow to the employer as they are being compensated for. Many humans unconsciously give employers or their governments, banks and schools over 90% of their creative flow! Creative flow is necessary to ascend; one must use it to fuel their momentum upward in vibration. Such hoarding of creative flow must cease in any ascending human’s life, or you simply will not be able to ascend.


However, as we are witnessing in many human examples, one can partake of the old paradigm in balance while emerging into the new. In time however, and as all karma with the old paradigm is complete, one shall withdraw creating a new system altogether. We foresee many ascending humans creating communities of their own separate and distinct from the remainder of civilization. Indeed, human civilization will be in such turmoil in the decade to come, those retreating will not be noticed, and perhaps this is all for the best.


Asur’Ana shall attest that ascension does not necessarily improve the bank account. However, she has learned that all needs are provided for in her choice to ascend and choice to serve Earth and all species therein in all ways possible. However, ascension shall not lead to a fortune. Instead, one alters the biology, which alters the manner in which one views and relates to the world. Asur’Ana no longer cares how much is in the bank account as long as she is provided for. Spirit always provides for what she needs regardless of cost.


Ownership Dishonors


One also learns that owning anything, from a house, to a pet, to another human, is not only unnecessary as one ascends, but in conflicts with the emerging thoughtform of honor and unity. Honor does not own the land, for land is of the Earth and belongs to all. In leaving behind the need to own the land, one shall no longer worry about the hefty mortgage bill that must be paid month after month. Without the mortgage, perhaps one is free to do what one loves and subsist from it!


Ascension leads to greater freedom, and as one leaves behind what no longer serves, one embraces a new lifestyle that transcends the servitude and subservience so prevalent within the current human dance. It is out of the servitude and subservience that most humans are convinced they must work to survive, must pay the mortgage or else. As such thoughtforms are left behind, one ceases to be imprisoned by such institutions.


Honor does not own the animal kingdom, even as pets, as animals are conscious and have an evolutionary path home. We understand that many humans love their pets. However, this is not unconditional love, for unconditional love would not imprison another. One may not think of their pet dog, bird, fish, turtle, lizard or cat as in a prison, but any animal dependent upon humankind for its sustenance trades the sustenance for its freedom. No species wishes to be less than free, regardless of the beliefs that humans hold.


We guide those whom have pets to allow them their life-span, and upon death, choose not to replace them. Allow all species to ascend by honoring them as the conscious and magnificent wild form that they are. One day, in the quiet of your future meditation, when you have come to great harmony within, the birds will alight upon your hand and greet you, and the wild cats will come to be petted, and the wild dogs will come and pay you a visit. They will do so out of love, and out of the honor that you hold for their species in your heart.


Many humans are afraid of wild animals. It is your fear that causes the wild animals to attack. If one were to remain in total peace and centeredness, the wild animal would become tame. In so becoming tame, one may engage with other species without requiring imprisoning them as pets.


In a state of honor in human relations, one would not enslave another, but rather allow all others their freedom as one also allows themselves their own freedom. This is a difficult one, perhaps more difficult than the issue of property ownership or of pets. It is in owning other humans that one enslaves another to be with oneself, when it is not their soul’s wish, or not the wish of the divine plan that this be so.


Comings and Goings in Ascension


As one ascends, one learns to honor. Honor means honoring the evolutionary pathway of all others, whether the other is a plant, animal, mineral, whale, dolphin, or human. Honoring may mean that such beings traverse along one’s road for a time, and then must diverge upon another path that shall take them to the next phase of their own awakening. Ascension brings many comings and goings in the human dance, just as it does with all other kingdoms upon Earth.


How does nature experience comings and goings? Often in the natural disasters of a given region, large areas of forests are burned, or are shattered in an earthquake, or flooded in a hurricane. Sometimes, birds, insects and other land mammals do not survive such difficult moments. Nature allows the shifts. The greater consciousness of each species that has perished absorbs the life force of that which has died back into the flow again, knowing that there shall be newborns in the spring ahead to replenish what has been lost. No loss is experienced for any species, only change in energy flow surrounding Earth from such experiences. The change in energy flow of Earth is required in order for her to continue to ascend.


Nature knows not death as humankind has come to experience it. Nature only sees the dance of energy. The cycles of birth are times in which the energy is high. The times of death are periods in which the energy is in a low cycle. Each low cycle ultimately emerges into another high cycle, and nothing is ever lost. It is only transmuted, transformed in the birth, death and rebirth cycles of life.


Ascension in human form brings about an internal death, death to the thoughtforms and beliefs that no longer serve, and the rebirth into a new way of being. In our observation, those whom are ascending are continually entering phases of birth, death and rebirth, internal to self. Sometimes the birth and death process is the result of facing one’s worst fear, and overcoming and transcending it. Sometimes it is the result of releasing a friend, loved one, or teacher that no longer serves one’s continued evolution.


Sometimes it comes in the form of making a move to a new place that is required to continue to ascend. Perhaps ascending humans shall travel and relocate, moving to the land of their ancient ancestors. It is each ascending human’s ancestors that shall hold the keys to unity, the keys to living in honor with one another and with the land again.


Calling Forth Your Ancient Ancestors


We invite each reading this material to call forth your ancient ancestors. To call forth those in your own personal history that lived in honor, lived in unity, lived in unconditional love. Then invite them to dance with you today, and assist you in returning to such a state in your own choice to ascend. It is your own ancestors that shall lead you home, if you allow it.


Your ancestors are a cast of characters. The cast of characters in any human’s history has experienced all things, from wealth to poverty, from birth and death of all kinds, to all kinds of family and work circumstances. They have experienced famines, floods, and death by fire. They have experienced nomadic lifestyles, life upon the farm, and life in the cities. They have experimented with drugs or alcohol, acted, danced, sung, made love, bore children, they have done it all! Each ancestor can share its knowledge and understanding gained, from which one can learn. In the learning, one need not repeat the mistakes of one’s ancestry, and may transcend. It is in the transcendence that one begins their journey home again.


The circumstances of one’s ancestry have caused a particular manner of relating to one another and relating to Earth in a dishonorable manner. Such a shift in humankind from honor to dishonor of the land did not occur all at once; it occurred over many many thousands of years. During such a shift, the biology went from a state of ageless unity and honor to one of dishonor or aging, disease and deformity.


The state of the current human form is the result of one’s beliefs. If one believes in death, aging and disease or deformity, then so it exists within one’s experience. What were the experiences that convinced your ancestors that death, aging and disease along with deformity were all that were possible in the human expression beloved? As one examines the cause and effect of each experience within one’s ancestry that led one’s predecessors to succumb to such beliefs, one will unravel them one at a time and transcend them altogether. In so doing, the biology of the form shall revert to an ageless and disease-free form, for thoughts create the biology!


Thoughts themselves are locked in the biology in the decay and scar tissue of the form. Held in the decay and scar tissue is the belief in accidents, the belief in death, the belief in deformity. As the scar tissue and decay is resurrected in full, the beliefs that created such within one’s genetic blueprint shall likewise be rectified. This can be accomplished at this time by all whom intend it so, and all whom are willing to ascend at this time in history.


Unique Time in History


This time in history is a unique time. There are frequencies available that allow for genetic modification that were not available less than 100 years ago. Such frequencies are coming from the aura of the Great Central Sun that Earth has approached for many decades, and had just recently entered into the midst of. Such frequencies have been depicted in what is known as “crop circles” for all to see. Such frequencies bring about the restoration and resurrection of the genetic and cellular structure of all life upon Earth.


Earth is going backwards in time, reliving her past, unlocking the doors to each cause of fall after fall in vibration that occurred over 16 million years in her history. In so doing, the lost genetic structure of Earth is being resurrected, reconstituted, and prepared for ascension to the next dimension. There is not one species that is not undergoing this transmutation that is both energetic and biological at this time, from the rocks to the minerals, from the trees to the insects, from the animals to the birds, dolphins and whales.


Humanity too may join the nature kingdoms. Humanity is a conscious species, and must consciously choose to come along for the ride. The ride shall restore Earth to the state of honor that she once knew so very long ago. All that comes along with her shall live to experience a new golden era emerge, one of love, one of joy, and one of unity amongst all again!


We invite each human to the dance of evolution. There is no other purpose for your existence other than to evolve and understand what your ancestors have come to know. There is not one dance that you are in that has not been experienced hundreds of times by the millions of ancestors that have preceded you. What new is there to learn from your current dance? There is only to evolve, and only to join Earth in the new era that is dawning ahead.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



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This book has Universal Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.


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