Image of a lovely sunrise at a barley field. The Truth Bearers Unite

18. The Truth Bearers Unite


The human species took a united stance to release warfare karma in recent months. The stance has effectively dissolved all warfare records from the face of Earth that involved the human species. This was no small feat, as there were few humans to release the karma, as less than 8% of the surface Earth global population were ascending at the time. All species upon Earth united in the common chorus of intention to release the records nonetheless.


Mass Ascension Launched


The release of such global war records allows a new future to unfold for all species upon Earth. This future shall unravel in the coming century and lead to the most rapid awakening of any species that has ever occurred in the history of any creation inside or outside of time. At this time 7 billion humans upon the surface of the Earth begin their ascension to 1,024 segments of DNA; this is anticipated to be accomplished in the coming 18 months, with 1 billion continuing on to Bodhisattva level vibration or 7,500 segments of DNA in the coming 7-year cycle.


Many to attain Bodhisattva shall attain such a state in the womb, and Mother Earth estimates over 500 million Bodhisattva babies born by 2025. All told, Earth estimates that there will be 2 billion teenage and adult Bodhisattva’s along with 1 billion Bodhisattva children born within the next 2 to 3 decades, which shall exponentially lift humanity into unity-based thoughtform and paradigm.


What does this mean? It means that humanity at large shall enter unity again, and cease to destroy or war upon one another ever again. The Bodhisattva is a walking example of compassion in action that is attained as the destructive thoughtform is left behind in the spiritual initiation process of ascension. The roughly 3 billion surface Earth humans holding this vibration shall lift the remainder of humanity into a new era. This shall lead to the rapid restructuring of civilization to reflect such a change within the human species.


As this is accomplished, humanity shall continue to ascend. Some shall push beyond Bodhisattva to Mahavishnu level vibration from 2026 to 2033. Such folk shall bring forth a new form of human leadership founded upon spiritual mastery. Out of the 2 billion to master Bodhisattva, less than 1% are anticipated to take this next phase of evolution to Mahavishnu level initiation, however there shall be enough that succeed to create the necessary leadership to pave the changes ahead towards full consciousness for the human species as a whole.


Beginning in 2028 and through 2034, there shall again be an anticipated surge of ascending master births, only this time such children shall come in Mahavishnu level vibration, or 15,000 segments of DNA. Such children shall have extended head sizes, however science will no longer be able to deny the evolutionary changes in the human dance. Many born Mahavishnu shall evolve rapidly to full consciousness before their teenage years. Such fully conscious young people shall pave the way to a fully conscious human civilization to emerge in the coming century, and shall again give birth to the next wave of leadership to emerge by 2053. Full conscious births shall begin in 2043 and beyond, leading to an entirely new human civilization, and one that exists in conscious co-creation with all species upon Earth in unity and honor.


Intervention of the One Source


It is a great truth that these changes are the result of the intervention of God Goddess/All That Is from outside of time and space, which Asur’Ana has called “The One Source” or “Source of One”. This intervention anchors the necessary support to allow for such a rapid shift in human awareness. In so accomplishing this task in the coming 100 years, we will herald the end of the era of the dark throughout time, space, and form.


How is this so, one may wonder? How can a tiny place like Earth lost in time, space and form through its difficult resurrection and ascension cause the end of the era of the dark for all lost creations, of which total over 8 billion in number? Earth is what is known as a “TRUTH BEARER”. Truth bearers are those that remember the truth regardless of how far into distortion or seeming travesty that they may fall. As Earth recovers her truth, she shall broadcast such a truth to all who are willing to listen. Truth broadcasts are not limited to time and space, and so all lost shall be penetrated with the remembrance of the truth. In so doing, all shall awaken, and all shall be recovered.


Long ago, the One Source in dreamtime consultations with Asur’Ana during a particularly difficult time of personal transcendence, showed her that all that was required was the recovery of one creation, and then all creations would be recovered. After all, each creation followed suit as a major truth bearing creation fell into the hands of the dark, and all others likewise fell like dominoes. 8 billion creations later, yet another truth bearing creation can choose to ascend, and in so doing, reverse the entire dance to one of resurrection, reconstitution and ascension home again. There is no time and space really and truly, and all creations can be resurrected from the past, much like this creation that Earth resides within is likewise being resurrected from the past.


Perhaps you may have heard that souls have extended into the past to assist in this resurrection of Earth. Indeed, this is so, and so it will be for all creations lost in time and space. Souls that have karmic responsibility and liability, due to distorted parts of self causing the destruction, shall each over time extend themselves into the past, and resurrect all that has been lost. In present time and where Earth exists, this has already begun as a result of the records broadcast of truth from Earth’s field. Life is holographic, and as one creation awakens and remembers, all follow suit and awaken and remember. Humans too are holographic, and as one awakens and remembers, so all shall awaken and remember.


The Era of the Truth Bearer


It is the job of the truth bearer to awaken and recall the truth, and then move forth to share the truth as one perceives it. Many reading this material are truth bearers that have been triggered in their ascension in relation to our sharing. The truth bearers have so long been denied a truth in any creation that there is a pent-up need to voice what one has come to understand, and voice the truth that one has come to be as an ascending master. This is so for human ascensions, dolphin and whale ascensions, along with the global ascension of Earth.


Each ascending initiate and species often travel far and wide in dreamtime broadcasting what has been uncovered during the reign of the “false gods” experience upon Earth so that other creations lost and dying from such a dance may likewise recover and ascend. This is no small task, and often such work is the focus of each ascending initiate during dreamtime. Why? Only as other creations resurrect will the pressure ease from Earth and Earth may continue to ascend.


Falling into density or matter is heavy. There is so much pressure upon Earth at this time that if other creations do not awaken and do not begin to ascend in the past, Earth can go no further up in vibration. Although such creations exist in the past and have long become extinct, the weight of their death weighs heavy in all lower dimensions of 144 and under throughout All That Is. As more of such creations awaken and ascend back in time, the weight will lift and Earth can push forth.


It may surprise our readers to understand that already over half of the 8 billion fallen creations are beginning their earliest signs of a turn around due to Earth’s broadcast of truth. The time is now for an awakening of all lost creations in time and space.


In the coming six months, enough pressure shall ease that Earth may take her next global initiation 4200 in the physical, and 4800 in the nonphysical. Earth is rapidly moving forth and there is no time to tarry, as there are Star Gate junctures to meet into the Great Central Sun, and vibrational thresholds that must be mastered in order to pass through.


Earth is to enter the next Star Gate in the auric field of the Great Central Sun in September of 2020. Earth has already stabilized in the vibration necessary to accomplish this goal, which is a grand thing indeed. During the first and second star gates passed through, Earth barely made it. She has subsequently rushed her ascension forth so that there would be more time to stabilize, and even continue to climb in vibration being ahead of the baseline necessary to trigger the gate to open. This has been accomplished, and Earth is anticipated to pass through on September 12, 2020.


Time Compression Ahead


What does this mean for ascending humans? This means another quickening is underway. Earth has successfully compressed now 6 months additional into a 12-month cycle. This means that in the past 12 months, 18 months in time has passed. Some of this has occurred during the month of October when 3 additional months were compressed into 30 days.


For many non-ascending humans, time is becoming increasingly shortened. We had one initiate comment that the manual labor that they were used to doing took double the time. What they had accomplished in 8 hours worth of work just a few years ago took 16 hours to accomplish today. This is one affect that the compression of time has; less time is available in any given day to those existing in the past and at a slower vibration than the overall vibrational threshold of Earth, or those who are non-ascending humans. It shall increase to a point that it appears as though so little can be accomplished in a single day that the work-a-day world will be in a frantic pace of overtime to keep up, if it is not already in such a state today.


For those that are ascending, one masters time by initiation 3,000 to a point that one may lengthen or shorten time at will. For such folk, there is no limitation and there is all the time necessary in any given day to do what they require doing. However, the focus of ascending humans is to ascend, and therefore there is greater emphasis placed upon such a goal than work. Work is no longer the primary life focus for ascending humans. Most take time each day for meditation and focusing inward, listening to guidance as to the next step upon the continued journey of ascension. Many are also leaving behind traditional work and finding their way to a sovereign income that allows them the freedom required to carve the next phase of map.


It is anticipated that the next photonic gate, as passed through, will compress time even further. Earth compressed 6 additional months into a calendar year, and it is anticipated that she will be able to compress up to another year into 2020, allowing for 24 months or more worth of ascension to come forth in only 12 months. Time is of the essence for those in human form who so choose to ascend, and the time is now to awaken or be left behind. By 2024, there will be little opportunity to master the lower initiations, and therefore we guide those reading our material to get the word out, it is time to INTEND TO ASCEND.


Another Pole Change Ahead


The next Star Gate entry will have a partial pole reversing affect. What this translates into is a pushing forward of opposites into the current non-ascending human dance. Many humans will find suddenly that they are living the opposite life to the one that they knew through recent years. This is a sure sign of a pole reversal when one’s life suddenly alters direction. Some of such change is brought forth by those who are ascending who, through the completion of karma, will bring an end to long term relationships or jobs, causing others to experience a change that was perhaps not consciously planned for. However, all change is planned for by soul, and often change triggers one’s awakening. Therefore, from the perspective of Earth, the continued force of change will allow the mass awakening to be fueled forward.


Pole changes equate to the compressing of parallel life selves into physicality, which only occurs to non-ascending fields. Ascending fields integrate parallel life selves, and come to the middle road between the two diverse polarities therein. For example, if one is employed and earns a large income in the physical and is unemployed in the nonphysical parallel life, one will integrate the two experiences.


In the integration, one can come to the middle road and now manifest a sovereign form of income that is not dependent upon a corporation or another. If one is healthy upon a parallel plane and diseased in the physical, one can integrate the two poles and then manifest a recovery of the form. If one is married to an abusive partner in the physical and single in a parallel life, one can integrate the two poles and leave their abusive partnership. This is how change comes forth through ascension.


Through non-ascension however, the polarity reverses. One may go from good health to disease, or marriage to divorce, or employed to unemployed, or wealthy to impoverished, or vice versa. This is different than coming to the middle path, however experiencing the opposing polarity has the effect of canceling all karma incurred in the life dance, which causes a completion. In the completion, the dance need not recur, and one’s future offspring will live to experience ascension along with the remainder of the human species. If one has no offspring, then future generations related to one’s ancestry will carry forth. There is no loss really as humanity is one energy field and one hologram.


Latest Human History Revelations


Earth has been in the process of dismantling and recasting the dreamtime planes that surround Earth. The purpose of the dreamtime planes is a place from which each species can cast their dream for their existence from the void, and then live to experience the dream cast. Over time, dark forces have overrun the dreamtime planes and Earth no longer had control over what was or was not manifest in her global experience. It has taken completion of initiation 4,200 to reverse this in full, and all dreamtime planes have been recast as of late.


In the last chapter “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream”, it is explained in great detail for ascending initiates how to work with the new planes of dreamtime in order to consciously manifest one’s life dance. We do not wish to repeat what has been already written, but suffice to say that dream brokering and bartering has been a global phenomenon for 72,000 years.


72,000 years ago, Earth lost control of her dream, and her dream was bartered away to the Pleiades. Earth fell again in vibration, rather than experiencing the reverse of a resurrection and reconstitution from a prior fall elicited in the dance of the Annanuki. Instead, another fall was dreamt and then experienced, which included the rise of another human civilization known as Atlantis that proceeded to reenact the same dance of the Annanuki. Again, human civilization culminated in a nuclear annihilation and a major fall in global vibration.


The dream for a resurrection and reconstitution that would have occurred otherwise was transferred to the Pleiades, which subsequently has used such a dream to perpetuate their dance, as they have no desire to ascend per se. The destructive swing in polarity that should have occurred within the Pleiades in exchange for a lengthy period of creation was diverted to Earth, and Earth experienced the destructive dance that should have occurred in the Pleiades. Earth and all souls gathering the records of this occurrence call this “self-perpetuation” where a particular dance is sustained through the pushing off of the opposite polarity onto another party.


In a parallel manner, human, whale, dolphin along with plant, animal and mineral kingdoms had their dream manipulated in the same manner to sustain life and a creative cycle of parallel species in the Pleiades. In essence, all species upon Earth lost the ability to carve their own dream and live to experience such a dream, and were manipulated into another dance that was not their karmic cause or responsibility to experience. This experience led to loss of consciousness, and the cellular aging, illness and death of the form in its current expression upon Earth.


At this time, all species upon Earth are choosing to alter the course of action. In so doing, the ability to become both the dreamer and the dream has been restored. Earth has rewoven her dream to be one of ascension and a rapid fire awakening of the human species. In counterbalance, the Pleiades will experience a long overdue fall in consciousness and vibration, probably not unlike how such a dance manifested upon Earth. It has been determined through Pleiadian karma displaced upon Earth that the Pleiades have destroyed 18 additional planets not unlike Earth in a parallel dance of polarity manipulation. Earth is reaching out into the past to each of such planets so that they too may begin to awaken and ascend.


Behind the Pleiadian manipulations are the false gods. Such false gods include the Melchizedek Order, which is the primary cause of the exchange of dreams between the Pleiades and Earth. However, the Melchizedek Order is simply a pawn for the false intervention. The false intervention uses the Melchizedek Order to destroy certain creations that are pulled apart to continue the existence of the false intervention. In so doing, the false intervention consumes the grid work, information and chi of such creations.


The False Intervention and the Planes of Mahatma


As Earth recast the planes of dreamtime as of late, the planes of the Mahatma were dismantled. Indeed, many a metaphysically oriented human has considered the planes of Mahatma highly spiritual and for the purposes of human evolution. The actual use of such planes is quite the opposite, and we now delve into the details so that ascending humans may understand consciously how the planes were used and what they were used for.


Understand that the Planes of Sananda and the “Ascended Masters” that never really ascended have been dismantled in initiations over the past two years of Earth’s global ascension. We have in earlier chapters of this book and previous volumes of this material delved into the history of such beings, where they came from, how they have come to dance with the human species, and why they have been asked by Earth to complete and leave. Such history is relayed as it was uncovered from the very planes that such beings resided upon as they were recast by Earth in her global ascension. This is now also so for the planes of the Mahatma.


What is the Mahatma? The Mahatma is for all intents and purposes a battery that collects chi from Earth and sends it to the false intervention. Indeed, 18 beings, each calling themselves the Mahatma, were uncovered upon the planes of Mahatma as they were recast. These seemingly wise and loving beings were nothing but a machine that had been programmed to appear wise and loving to unknowing and unsuspecting humans, but was designed to collect chi from the masses. The chi was collected as each human corded into the Mahatma from the desire to ascend and evolve, often in dreamtime interactions. It is anticipated that over 80% of the human chi has been over time diverted to the false intervention through the Mahatma and the Mahatma planes.


As the planes of Mahatma themselves were dismantled, it was discovered that they were used for another purpose than spiritual evolution altogether. Such planes were used to confiscate human and Earth grid work, information and chi, along with dolphin and whale grid work, information and chi, and send it to the false intervention. Some of such grid work was also used to sustain the nonphysical after life of certain key humans perceived as “masters” by the human species.


The Myth of Physical Life Extension


(NOTE: There are many types of “masters” in the East. The following channeled information refers only to some masters. This information certainly DOES NOT apply to the Living Master of the Inner Light and Sound Meditation that Asur’ana had been initiated into years ago.)


Many a master has been believed to have had extended a physical life in certain lore, in particular in the lore of certain great masters of the East. Indeed, it is not physical form that was extended into immortality, but an etheric humanoid vessel that was devoid of any physical form as the form had already died.


Often the etheric vessel was not the vessel that such a master held during their physical lifetime, but one of a devotee. As the devotee’s etheric body was stripped for the purpose of use of their master upon death, the devotee suddenly died or combust. Indeed, about 1,500 deaths or combustions of devotees for such purposes were uncovered as recorded upon the planes of Mahatma as Earth dismantled the planes. Such etheric bodies were either used by the master as a nonphysical vessel, or torn apart to repair to sustain the already existing vessel.


The masters upon the planes of Mahatma numbered 144 in total, and they utilized human ascensions to draw the necessary grid work to sustain their existence over time. Such masters ranged in age from 32,000 to 72,000 years old in the nonphysical etheric body age as measured by Earth in the dismantling. This is why a certain number of ascensions have always been allowed by such “masters”, generally 8 per human century, as the masters would deteriorate in the nonphysical otherwise without the fresh human grid work to feed from. The grid work of any etheric form without a physical form to sustain it would age over time.


Where did such “masters” come from? Each was the result of an incomplete ascension by Lemurian or Atlantean origin. Such “masters” were left with at best only 8% of their knowledge at the time of ascension, as the remainder of soul lifted off to the next dimension leaving a fractured piece behind. The fractured piece in confusion and under the guidance of the false intervention confiscated a devotee’s etheric body and light body, causing their death, and then were guided to utilize such a nonphysical vessel to become a representation of “God” for humankind.


Earth has recalled all souls related to such incomplete ascensions to complete karma with her due to the damage caused by the pieces of soul left behind, which under great misguidance and misunderstanding, were instrumental in the removal of human genetic materials from the human species. Such genetic materials were sent to the false intervention. This is estimated to be 90% of the cause of human de-evolution. Humans were also used to strip grid work and genetic materials from all other species, including whales and dolphins through such “masters”.


Therefore, they ask that no one reading this book call upon them, or pray to them. They also ask that each take any and all representations of them off of one’s altar. Instead, place a mirror upon the altar to remind oneself that “God Goddess” lies within. Then turn inward and listen, listen to your own truth and follow it.


The Confiscation of Ascending Light Bodies


In addition to the etheric body that existed outside of a physical incarnation, each of the 144 masters had 16 light bodies each at their disposal. Such light bodies were used for transportation to and from the false intervention. Such light bodies again were sustained and repaired by confiscating the light bodies of ascending masters currently incarnate in the physical. Some would be used as is; others were dismantled to repair the tattered light bodies of the “masters”.


Light bodies easily tear in the density of a place like Earth, and the repair of the nonphysical field is an ongoing endeavor of all ascending initiates. Any ascending initiate may have lost light bodies in their current life ascension to the planes of Mahatma. Furthermore, each initiate will discover that they have had light bodies confiscated in past life ascensions of one’s ancestors. Uncovered upon the planes of Mahatma were light bodies taken from over 80,000 humans that had ascended to a certain level of vibration over the course of the past 72,000 years of human history.


Furthermore, over 10,000 light bodies from present day ascending humans of both the inner and outer Earth were uncovered as having been taken for similar purposes. It behooves all ascending initiates to retrieve whatever has been lost to the planes of Mahatma over time. In so doing, one will cease to lose chi to such forces of the dark.


Non-Physical Vampires


The consumption of etheric “blood” was also uncovered as being required upon an ongoing basis to sustain the non-physical etheric body of such “masters” upon the Mahatma planes. There is an elaborate set of psychic machinery concocted around the ankle and calf used for the purposes of confiscating etheric blood. The etheric body is a body double, with all organs therein, including blood flow, which is a golden liquid energy in nature. Indeed, such psychic machinery was not unlike the type of machinery Merduk used in the physical to confiscate blood from those of the red race that he captured and held prisoner for such purposes.


Each initiate reading this book may wish to check and see if they do not have such psychic machinery around their ankles or calves. One symptom is ongoing pain in the shin, hips or heel that will not go away. Such devices also interfere with the crystalline cellular structure of the leg. There is now a blueprint in the temples of healing to dismantle such machinery for all ascending humans global wide. One only need intend such before falling asleep at night, and so it will be.


The masters, Mahatma and planes of Mahatma have been dismantled in full in present time. Such nonphysical afterlife serves no purpose from the point of view of Earth, and takes chi giving nothing in exchange. Nonphysical human form cannot clear karma, nor can it create karma, nor can it ascend. Such nonphysical humans were not masters at all but simply egotistical discarnate form directed by lost souls that wished to exist forever, much like the Annanuki themselves. Earth views this simply as a repeat of the dance of the Annanuki from long ago, and therefore has brought all related to their dance to an end at last.


The Silver Cord


When one loses a light body, there remains a silver cord that extends from the solar plexus of the etheric body to the light body. As the masters upon the planes of Mahatma dismantled any light body, the silver cord was plugged into the Mahatma itself that continued to drain chi from the ascending initiate sending such chi to the false intervention. Ascending humans require chi to push up in vibration. Therefore, one may intend to separate from the Mahatma and cease to lose chi through one’s silver cord. One may dissolve any silver cord not attached to a light body currently in use by one’s soul for one’s own purposes of dreamtime travel and ascension.


Ascending initiates should have one light body through initiations 3,000. The light body remains around the form during the day and retreats in sleep for dreamtime ascension work, meetings and recasting. Light bodies are complex, and take a lot of chi to run. Having more than one requires enough chi to sustain the two without compromising one’s evolution. After 3000 there is enough chi to sustain 2 light bodies, one that remains around the form and one that can be working in dreamtime or being recast 24 hours per day. This speeds up the ascension exponentially. After 7500, one graduates to 3 light bodies, the third of which is devoted to world service work in alignment with Earth.


One can check to see how many light bodies that they have created and if they are in alignment with one’s current level of evolution. Furthermore, one may check to see how many light bodies one has lost to the Mahatma planes, and choose to recall those that are being used for any other purpose than one’s ascension. In so doing, one will not be as likely to become manipulated by the forces of the dark, as the light body or silver cord is an excellent means of accessing one’s field for karmic displacement or any one of many manipulations that such forces perpetrate.


Dream Manipulation and Gophers for the Dark


The planes of Mahatma were once the planes of magic directing the dream of Earth, and were overrun by the false intervention by the human species about 72,000 years ago. It was at such a time that Earth lost the ability to dream her own dream, and manifest her dream to fruition in physicality. It is the same for humanity. It was roughly 72,000 years ago that humanity lost the ability to dream one’s own dream, and dream manipulation became prevalent.


As the false intervention overtook the dreamtime planes, they began to negotiate with each species and each human that wished to create this or that. Suddenly, each had to bargain to create their dream. Often such bargains included selling one’s soul to the false intervention to become a gopher after death.


This is how the false intervention expanded its legions upon Earth, by overtaking souls incarnate upon her to do their work through a “false bargain” for a dream. In the dismantling of the planes of Mahatma, over 800,000 souls were recovered, some from the human species, and most from the nature kingdoms, dolphins and whales. Such souls had fallen into a dance with the dark out of a bargain to make their dream manifest in form during each respective incarnation. Such souls have much karma for falling into such a bargain, and now shall be instrumental to the repair and ascension of Earth and all species therein.


Each ascending human may wish to release their karma for how one’s own ancestry bargained with the dark to manifest their dreams, and the karma for how one’s ancestral soul may have become lost in such a dance. In so doing, one can become free and clear of such manipulations and move towards conscious manifestation of one’s own dream. One should not require bargaining with any being to manifest one’s dream.


The entire purpose of existence is to dream and then live to experience the dream dreamt. This is the purpose of form, to allow the space through which soul may dream and then live to experience the dream upon the dimensions incarnate upon. The whole pattern of believing one must give something to another to exist or bring their dream to fruition is perhaps the deepest distortion Earth and humanity along with all species fell into.


The Dance of False Debt


How did the dance of false debt come to be? Gradually and over time, there came to be a dance of imbalanced giving and receiving. Much of such a dance was caused artificially by karma added to Earth’s field along with human fields that caused a debt to the false intervention, and later the Melchizedek Order, Sananda and the other beings in dominion over the Annanuki slave population. The false debt caused Earth and all species therein to believe that there was something owed, and in the owing one then must “pay to subsist”. This parallels how the current human governance and banks function, founded upon false debts in which all humans are held responsible for paying interest or taxes to live.


Earth has ended her dance of false debt with the false intervention. The addition of false karma began about 20 million years ago. Ultimately, it was the false intervention that was behind all false debt in her history. All karma that is not Earth’s karma in origin has been returned to wherever and whatever time zone or place that it originated. Furthermore, all species upon Earth are likewise returning karma that is not an inherent part of the dance upon Earth. So, each initiate may choose to return all karma that is not of one’s own ancestral dance. If one cannot return it at one’s current level of vibration, one may intend it from the future. In so doing, one can release all false debt in one’s ancestry, and be free and clear to manifest one’s dream with ease.


As ascending humans accomplish this task of relinquishing false debts, and more humans ascend, soon humans shall not believe in the current system any longer, as it will no longer resonate. It shall be just such a shift that shall bring about the restructuring of human civilization to be a more equitable balance of giving and receiving.


The Emergence of Truth Upon Earth


In the nonphysical dreamtime realms, all that has been kept secret for the past 200,000 years of human history has finally come to light. All players who are responsible for manipulating Earth, the human species, the whales and dolphins along with any member of any other kingdom are now known. In so doing, the dance of manipulation of the dark has ceased upon Earth. The time ahead will witness the truth of Earth as an ascending master may once again reign.


What does this mean for the human species? This means that a parallel dance shall play out in the coming decade or two ahead, that all secrets shall come to be known and understood. Humans shall take action much like Earth to ensure that justice is done to those who have committed horrendous acts, and gotten away with it through subterfuge. Such a dance would require playing out in the nonphysical first, and now it shall occur in the physical. This is so as the nonphysical always precedes the physical.


Through the cast of characters in present time, all karma shall be balanced. Those with Annanuki lineage that to this day control the governance of the human dance shall end their life in a manner that calls for karmic balance. Instead of a world war manifesting, they shall lose their power, and either ascend out of the dance coming to balance themselves, or die in the cleansing of Earth. Those of red inheritance shall take the stand that is long overdue and overthrow those in power that do not honor the people or the land.


There are many who are white, yellow and black that are of red inheritance, and who have brought forth their ancient red inheritance into their current birth tapestry. In essence, this alteration affects all nations, regardless of skin color, as the Annanuki lineage pervade all humans currently incarnate. Whether one is white, black, yellow or red, those in power over the current human dance are Annanuki-like and hold heritage to such lineages. Why? Humans are holographic and one race and one species, beloved. All incoming children can draw upon lineages related to human history, regardless of skin color or race.


Therefore, all humans currently in power represent the Annanuki, regardless of race or culture. The new emerging leadership that is ascending shall step forth as the old regime is cancelled, ascends out of the dance, is imprisoned or thrown out of office due to public demand. These are not easy times ahead, but there will be a sense of justice done at long last in all humans that live to bear witness to the unfolding dance.


The karma with the Annanuki has been settled, and it has been settled by ascending humans along with Earth and all species therein. The settlement calls for an end of all in power with such lineages, and the birth of a new level of power based upon mastery through ascension in the coming quarter century.


How does one see such things as lineages of another? One can tune into Earth and ask, and she will take you to the temple of ancestry of any other to understand. Understand that there is no right or wrong, and the karma must be settled. In the holographic experience of loss, such a dance will never occur again, as humanity at large will learn the lessons underlying the experience, and come en masse to a newfound level of unity. We invite initiates to take the blinders off and see the truth underlying the dance of the current leadership upon Earth, whether it be governmental, spiritual, business related, or those of fame through the movie and entertainment industry or media.


Now is the end of the reign of the false gods. False gods are not only those beings worshipped by metaphysicians or religions global wide, but humans of great fame, fortune or power in the physical. It is time for those in the new consensus of ascending humans to take back the power from all false gods, physical and nonphysical. In so doing, such gods cannot manipulate humanity into World War III. One can simply intend to retrieve all power lost in one’s ancestry to false gods physical and nonphysical, and so it will be. One may do this from the future and collect all power past, present and future now, as there is no time and space.


Why is this so imperative, the calling back of one’s power? Each requires their own power to ascend. It is only through continued ascension that the Golden Era ahead can and shall emerge. Therefore, each must do their part and move forward. Time is of the essence, and the time is now. Let us take Earth to the next level of evolution necessary to enter the Star Gates in 2020 and beyond. Let us make this so, HO!


The focus of the year ahead is disease, decay, aging, illness, deformity and death karma. As this is released, the regenerative crystalline paradigm shall be anchored for all humans global wide. As a pathway from disease to health has been anchored, rapid fire healing or instantaneous miracle healings become possible for all willing to forgive and ascend. Let us make this so, HO!


We will conclude this piece with a Lemurian saying:


Om lomi nanu namo nan. Imu imo ima i. Oko ano ono o.


Truth lies within. Speak the truth and all shall listen. Live the truth and all shall follow.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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