Image of a bluefin tuna in the ocean. The Dance Of The Underwater Worlds

18. The Dance Of The Underwater Worlds


Blessings of Peace and Inner Tranquility


The Tuna Kingdom


Humans have long been fascinated with the underwater realities that the fish, dolphin and whale kingdoms live within. Often humans build large tanks in the form of aquariums to expose our world to the land-based world for observation, understanding, and the peace that our world exudes. For under the water, there is greater peace than upon the land and within the air. Therefore, we notice how much peace humans find in either being near the water, or in visiting or owning an aquarium.


One initiate once had a small aquarium that she filled with angelfish, catfish and other small fresh water species and plants. She enjoyed much watching her aquarium, until finally over time her karma with such species was complete, and she gave the aquarium and fish away to her roommates as she relocated into a new home.


All Aquatic Realms Are Aware


Fish experience your connection unto us through the aquariums that humans have constructed. We also experience your connection to us as you venture to be by the sea or a lake, river or stream where we reside, or venture onto the water upon a boat. How do we experience human consciousness? We experience your discord, beloved. It is our nature to absorb your discord dissipating it through the element of water allowing humans the experience of greater peace in association with the aquatic realms.


Because most fish species have little verbal ability and do not make sound, humans have thought of us as below animal life in nature, or less aware. In reality this is not so, as all aquatic species are associated with one or more land-based species for the purposes of soul experience, and to allow for a global presence. Tuna is associated with Buffalo, Salmon with Crow and Flounder with Bear. In essence, the consciousness of all three of our species, Tuna, Salmon and Flounder are speaking forth through this chapter to allow humans a better understanding of our reality. We experience both life upon the land and life within the sea in the above six forms. Life upon the land and in the sea is diverse as such but there are areas of grand similarity. The largest similarity is peace.


Peace in the Silence


The life of a Buffalo that is unencumbered from hunting by humankind is by and large a peaceful existence. The life of a crow, however noisy, is also peaceful. The life of Bear is also peaceful as long as food is plentiful. At this time, Bear in particular is shifting to a vegetarian diet through genetic modifications coming into physicality through ascension. This is also the same for most species of whales and dolphins that often hunt Tuna to subsist. As such our six species shall exit the experience of carnivorous behavior in the coming cycle, and this will allow for even a greater level of peace amongst us all.


Hunting and being hunted is not peaceful, for one is always in fear of being consumed. Tuna, Salmon and Flounder are always on the lookout for that which wishes to consume us, and this interrupts our peace, much as Bear’s hunting and consumption of Salmon or other small mammals likewise disturbs the peace. As all species in the sea evolve towards vegetarianism, including the dolphin and whale kingdoms, then we will cease to be hunted forevermore.


As long as we are not being hunted, there is a level of peace that we carry in present time that humans have by and large forgotten. Therefore, each may attune into our kingdoms to experience peace, the peace that comes from the quiet non-verbal and non-sound-based reality that our underwater world experiences. Why is non-sound so peaceful? In the act of speaking or toning, one causes energy to vibrate. Vibrations that humans have fallen into are primarily dissonant; therefore, there is a more peaceful state attained in the act of non-speaking or silence in human form.


Indeed, we have observed Asur’Ana go for days in her early ascent without speaking to anyone, but actively listening to her guidance. There was little to be said out loud in this experience, and she came to greater peace in such times than later on, when her work carried her forth to teach, heal and interact with others more frequently. There is peace in silence, and perhaps those reading this book will take a day now and again to simply be in the silence, and be in the peace. As the dissonance of sound fades, one’s ability to attune to one’s soul and the guidance flowing from the nature kingdoms increases exponentially. One can spend such time by the sea, or in the country, hiking through the woods or sitting by or upon a lake. In the connection to nature, one will feel the peace that we exist within.


There are many other non-verbal non-sound based species upon the land. Many of these are small mammals such as ferrets, skunks and opossums. Ferrets, skunks, and opossums do not have vocal cords and this is why there is no sound that is emitted in the life of their species. This is also the same for much of the insect kingdom such as bees, spiders and ants, although bees create a sound with the beating of the wings which can be akin to producing a tone. Therefore, bees experience another form of non-verbal sound, which occurs due to flight, as do many birds such as hummingbirds. However, hummingbirds also have vocal cords, as do most other members of the bird species, and so bees are different.


Symphony of Sound


What is the purpose of producing sound? Sound can be equated to a representation of the tones of creation that are sounded through the molecular rotation of form. There is a symphony of sound that occurs twenty-four hours per day in all form, but is in the background and running upon a molecular level. Most humans cannot hear the sound of the molecules in the form. However, some human musicians such as Beethoven, Debussy and Chopin along with Mozart could attune to this symphony of sound, and brought such symphonies and music through in their lifetimes. Such musicians were tuning into the sound of nature at 2 segments of DNA, and listening to the symphonies produced as the molecules upon the land or under the water in Europe rotated together amongst many species at once.


In more recent times, many new musicians have brought through the rotation of nature at 12 segments along with 1,024 segments and higher as nature has begun to evolve through ascension. Yanni brought through a series of symphonies that are a reflection of the new sound that 12 segments of DNA made upon a molecular level as reflected in nature’s ascent. Enya has tuned into the ascent from 1,024 to 2,200 in her music, which often sounds like a chorus of angels. This too was the sound of the molecular rotation of nature in her ascent to 2,000 segments of DNA. One will notice in Enya’s music how mournful it sometimes is; indeed, our ascent has resulted in the processing of great pain that the biology and cellular structure was in, and this was reflected in our symphony of sound and later picked up and brought through by Enya.


Nature is transcending the pain beloved, and the new music reflecting nature’s symphonies will be much more joyful from this point forward. There are other musicians tuning into our tones of creation too, but are less well known. Some may well become as popular as Enya and Yanni into the future transcribing our joy as Earth heads towards Bodhisattva level evolution or 6,000 segments of DNA as a planet.


For ascending beings, one is often attracted to the music that reflects one’s own inner state of being. Asur’Ana cried and cried listening to Enya’s mournful music early in her ascent. Enya gave musical voice to the pain that her own form was in. As she ascended beyond the pain and grief, Enya’s music no longer appealed, as it no longer reflected her own inner state of being. As this occurred, the music was left behind, and new music sought after that was more resonant. Much of the new music she listens to is instrumental, Hawaiian, along with other cultures that she has an opportunity to experience in her travels.


Music from Different Cultures


Music gives a non-verbal understanding of the expression of any human culture, and the nature kingdoms that live nearby, and the sound of the land therein. Hawaiian music is often joyful and playful in nature. So is the Hula dance that accompanies the music. Hawaii exists in the heart of Earth where there is not only the remembrance of joy and love, but also greater joy and love emerging due to Earth’s global ascension. Such sound is produced by the molecules of all species living upon the land or within the sea surrounding Hawaii, and the Hawaiians tune into this sound and bring it through in their music and dance.


Native American music is often a combination of mournful sounds of flute, along with chanting and drums. This too is the result of tuning into the sound of the land and the nature kingdoms in North America, which is in great pain. One will also notice some popular Native American musicians are finding their way to a more joyful expression in music, such as Carlos Nakai. This too is a reflection of the evolution of sound occurring as parts of North America have ascended into the joy again.


North America’s chakra in the Banff Region of Canada is heading beyond Bodhisattva in vibration, and therefore there is great joy emanating through all of nature for the surrounding 800 miles. Some musicians living near this region are tuning into the joy and bringing through music that more deeply resonates with the molecular rotation of all species therein.


Many cultures offer joyful music. South American pan flute music from the Andes is joyful. Latin music is sultry at times and joyful at others. The sultry part of Latin music has to do with the sexual energy that has continued to move through the South American continents, and as the Latino people tuned into such sexual energy, sultry music is what was heard as the molecular rotation of all land-based kingdoms was listened to. The joyful and playful side to Latin music has to do with the joy that the land is in as the sexual energy moves.


There are two major chakra centers in South America, one over Cancun Mexico, and the other over Argentina and Bolivia. The Joy of Hispanic Music is a reflection of the joy of the land in which such a chakra spins. The Cancun chakra has not been heavily compromised, nor the land, leading to a more joyful sound as the molecules of all species therein rotates. This is also reflected in the music in Mexico and their wonderful Mariachi bands. The Argentine region in contrast has known great pain, and this was reflected in the mournful sound of the Argentine Tango that developed and gained popularity therein.


The pain was from the slowing of energy due to radioactive and nuclear testing that was run underground during the era of the Annanuki. Much of this underground radiation has been cleared in Earth’s global ascent to date, except for that which sits under the larger cities populated by humanity within Argentina and her bordering countries. Humans attuning to the less populated places out in the country will notice greater joy now coming from the land however, and the music will evolve in such nations accordingly.


8-Note Scale Music Is Pleiadian, 9-Note Scale Music Is Sirian


India and Tibet are also related to another major global chakra center that holds information from more ancient times in Earth’s history. Indeed, the music developed in such regions is a reflection of an old scale of sound and tone that came with the Sirian Red Race as it was seeded upon Earth about 200,000 years ago. Asian, Indian and Tibetan music is founded upon a nine-note scale. This scale is more resonant with a magnetic system. This scale and the music created as a result is also a reflection of the sound of the molecular rotation of all kingdoms upon the land in such regions, which have retained the original magnetic sound of your creation and 9-note scale.


Greece, Spain, and Europe attune to an 8-note scale. This scale came from the Pleiades and is related to the era of the Annanuki. As the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) gained dominion about 180,000 years ago, their sound permeated all kingdoms associated with the land that they held dominion over. This is why European music is founded upon an 8-note scale as the Annanuki had made this region their home.


The 8-note scale was imported from Europe by the early settlers of the United States and Canada, but is not the original scale of the North American Continent. Nor was it the original scale in South America until after the Spaniard Conquistadors conquered the original Mayan and other indigenous Indian populations. Over time the 8-note scale of the Europeans and Spaniards overrode the 9-note scale in North and South America due to the growing population of European-based humans, much like the Annanuki overrode the 9-note scale of the European continent during their incarnation.


The 8-note scale can produce sound and songs that are either mournful or joyful, or move between the two, depending upon major or minor keys utilized. The 8-note scale is indicative therefore of a fall into polarity which was augmented by the Pleiadian era of dominion, as happy music represents the polarity of joy, and sad music represents the polarity of pain or loss. In contrast the 9-note scale produces music that is not polarized or has one particular sound only, as in Indian and Japanese music. Non-polarity can be equated to unity. The 9-note scale is all that remains of the unity-based tones seeded by Sirius.


The Pleiades exist in a parallel Universe and hold a different type of system that is electrical and radioactive in nature, and the 8-note scale is a reflection of an electrical and radioactive creation. Within the Pleiades, the 8-note scale is not polarized, as it is resonant with the molecular structure of their creation.


As the 8-note scale was anchored into a system that was more resonant with a 9-note scale, there was a missing note or tone. This caused the tones within both the 8 and 9-note scale to swing from one extreme to another when intermixed, much like a top that is not balanced sways from side to side. This swaying of the tones of creation of Earth due to the introduction of the 8-note scale caused polarity-based extremes of periods of creation followed by periods of destruction to emerge, not only for the human species, but also for all life upon Earth. The more that the 8-note scale dominated, the larger the period of destruction became, leading to a nuclear annihilation in the warfare between the Annanuki.


Why were the Annanuki thrown off balance to a point of war and no return? They were not of a 9-note scale. All of Earth vibrated to a 9-note sound. Over time the Annanuki’s own sound became distorted in the intermixing of the two orchestras. One can liken such a sound to having music from India playing along with a Chopin Waltz; the confusion and discord is painful to listen to; and over time this is what the region that the Annanuki lived within sounded like. The dissonance from the land transferred ultimately to their own biology, leading to dissonance in their own family relations; and dissonance great enough for two members to war upon one another to the bitter end resulting in a nuclear winter.


This dissonance from the era of the Annanuki is a part of human form today. Many humans hold lineages from the Annanuki or their slave race bred in a laboratory that resonates at an 8 note scale of sound. Many also hold ancestry to the red seeded race that holds a 9 note scale of sound. Parts of the form drawn in genetic materials from the Annanuki ancestry have one music playing upon a molecular level, and the parts of the form drawn from the red seeded race have another, and the dissonance between the two is much like a Chopin waltz playing against music from India. This leads ultimately to aging, disease and a short lifespan of all with such dissonance within the form.


Transitioning to the 10-Note Scale of the Language of Light


Through biological ascension, gradually the 8 and 9 note scales are removed and replaced with a new scale altogether, which has a 10-note octave and known as the Language of Light. Human map carvers along with Earth in her global ascent have found that trying to move from an electrical 8-note to magnetic 9-note scale through ascension is too difficult. The 9-note scale continuously moves back into distortion and polarity.


Therefore, a new scale has been developed that is stronger than either of the previous scales known upon Earth and magnetic in nature. The Language of Light that Earth is evolving into is a 10-note scale, and one day humans will attune to this scale and sound that is produced and bring through a different and new set of musical instruments and sound from what has been produced in the past. Such music may sound more akin to a blending of eastern and western sound, which is a reflection of the unity that is born through ascension.


In the 9-note scale, there are four notes above and four below a pivot note, and the fifth note is the pivot note. It is the pivot note that represents the path of unity or the middle road in which all remains in balance in the 9-note scale. However, it is easy for the 9 notes to be pushed into polarity; and this Earth has learned in her dance with the Annanuki.


It only took a small number of humans to push Earth into polarity, as there was only a family of 12 Pleiadians that arrived 184,000 years ago. Although they were small in number, the 8-note scale that they ran was more powerful than the 9-note scale that Earth had relied upon and overrode Earth’s inherent sound. The two scales and music that resulted together created great dissonance, and as this occurred a fall in consciousness was the outcome, for all falls in consciousness are the result of dissonance of sound.


Neither the 8 or 9-note scale can override the 10-note scale pulling it back into polarity, or so Earth has found in her own ascension into the 10-note scale. The 10-note scale stands upon its own in a solid unity-based system of sound. Why is this so? There is not just one pivot note. Pivot notes are fragile as all it requires is one side to become more weighted than the other, and then the balance ceases and the sound begins to sway or wobble from side to side becoming sour. As the 8-note scale was applied to Earth through Annanuki and their scientific manipulations, the 9-note scale failed to hold its balance causing all of Earth to go into sour sound and into polarity.


In contrast, with the 10-note scale, there are two notes holding the pivot point, and four notes on either side. The two notes that are the pivot points are stronger at holding unity than a single note, causing the sounds to be less subject to moving into distortion once embodied. This allows those who are ascending to sound great symphonies of lovely melodies that are harmonious together, leading to the experience of harmony and peace within, and harmony and peace to be retained in the interaction with others who are not ascending and remain in the dissonance and discord. For the 10-note scale is not so easily pulled off center.


Global Bodhisattva Level Evolution


Earth is moving on to Bodhisattva level evolution in her global vibration, and is on track to embody the 10-note scale upon a global level no later than 2024. As this occurs, the tones of creation will become Language of Light or 10-note based for all of Earth. Global ascension is measured by an overall average vibration; therefore 6,000 segments shall translate into Earth as a whole measuring 6,000 segments as an average. This will leave pockets of vibrations lower and pockets higher, with a range anticipated of 2,200 at the bottom and 18,000 segments as an upper range. As this occurs, the magnetic and 10-note tones of creation shall override the remaining dissonance of those species or humans still vibrating in the 8 or 9-note scales, as there will be more power behind the 10-note scale at this level of global evolution.


It is anticipated that attaining Global Bodhisattva level evolution shall lead to the emergence of a new era of peace and unity for all species upon Earth, including humankind. For the 10-note scale produces peace, and internal state of peace and well-being that may be felt by all species including those still vibrating in the 8 or 9 note tones of creation. This birth of peace shall augment the movement towards the new golden era ahead of unity-based relations.


Already many places under major chakra centers such as Banff and Hawaii have surpassed this level of evolution and are moving on to 8,000 to 12,000 segments of DNA. The harmony of the 10-note scale therefore can be felt as humans choose to visit such regions and experience the peace and joy of the new sound of the new golden era ahead. However, moving to such regions is a whole other story. Such regions are vibrating so rapidly that an ascending initiate is pulled upwards very rapidly in vibration. If one is not ready for such a leap, living upon such land can be very difficult. However, those that do will move more rapidly towards the goal of Bodhisattva level evolution in human form.


Those in human form who ascend to Bodhisattva likewise move into unity again as one embodies all 48 Language of Light tones of creation. Taking the physical form from a sour sounding set of sounds to a non-sour and resonant set of tones requires much transmutation of thoughtform and cellular structure. This is what ascension is all about. Asur’Ana has documented the emotional and psychological aspects of ascension in her books. Let Tuna, Salmon and Flounder suffice to say that it is not an easy journey, and is best therefore if it occurs in stages or generations. This too is what Earth has planned for all species upon Earth; a gradual evolutionary shift upwards towards the Language of Light tones of creation and the related 10 note scale and the symphony of sound over the coming 20 future generations.


Earth will not master the 10-note Language of Light scale within all biological form until each species attains full consciousness or 36,000 segments of DNA. This is anticipated to occur between 2053 and 2070. As this occurs, both the 8 and 9 note scale will cease in sound upon Earth altogether, and Earth will enter yet a deeper level of unity as a consensus reality at this future point in time. For each species, this shall birth a time in which unity amongst all shall emerge. This all species upon Earth look forward to. It has been a long hard painful road into distortion beloved. To say otherwise would be a lie. However, this time in history heralds the possibility of moving back into the harmony together, and upon a biological, energetic, emotional and molecular level. This is what biological ascension is all about.


Detoxification of Electrical and Radioactive Frequencies


What about your current populace of teenagers who listen to head banger and other forms of discordant electrical music? Such music is the result of the introduction of yet more electrical energy that has been harvested by humanity and is mirrored back in the dissonant sound of the molecular rotation of the land inside and surrounding your major cities. Such sound is so harsh and sour that music has been produced by the young folk that resonate with it. Indeed, an initiate’s son listened to such discordant types of music for a time and became suicidal and depressed.


This initiate made an agreement with his son to cease to listen to such music and offered to purchase him anything else he wished for a two-month period. For a few months as the son listened to many other types of music the depression and suicidal feelings disappeared. After the two-month agreement was over however, his son went back to the same discordant music and became depressed again.


Why do young people do this, continue to listen to music that causes one to become depressed and suicidal? Or worse yet violent and abusive towards self or others? Violence is either expressed outward or inward, and one can see in this why the increasing violence has occurred in particular in human cities of large populations due to the dissonance of the electrical tones of creation therein. The dissonance of the trapped electrical energy causes violence and dissonance within, which becomes expressed as violence towards one’s fellow humans.


The violence in the human cities was not as prevalent before the introduction of electricity this century past. However, there was some violence in cities of London, Rome and Paris back in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Why is this so? Even before electrical energy was introduced, changes in human building technology within the past few centuries, used primarily in cities, caused retention of radioactive energy. This occurred with the introduction of cement, which holds on to radioactive energy and thoughtform. Earth is continually passing through radioactive energy or radioactive showers that exist in the universe that your solar system is traversing through. Human cities act as holding tanks for radioactivity due to the cement and in more recent times, steel rebar used in their construction.


Radioactivity is as dissonant as electricity, although a higher octave of such. However, over time and as the radioactivity builds up, it causes dissonance upon the land and the humans living upon the land attune to it, vibrating in dissonance as well. The result is violent human expression, which again is a reflection of the dissonance within expressed outward, and in the more recent dissonant forms of music. It is for this reason that we suggest ascending initiates move out of the city and even suburbs if possible and into the country. In the country one will hear a new music sounding from the land, and one that will foster one’s own ascent into harmony.


One can also spend time near the water, or choose to live near water. Water, especially large bodies of water such as the ocean, dissipates both electricity and radioactivity. As a result, going to be with the lake or upon the ocean has the effect of clearing the radioactive and electrical distortion from one’s field. This is why one may find peace in such places. Such places will also augment one’s ascent, as ascension requires the ongoing discharge and detoxification of all radioactive and electrical frequencies, and embodying magnetic tones of creation in their place.


All humans at this time have an opportunity to ascend out of the great dissonance that living in a form with only 2 segments of DNA places one within. All lineages can ascend to a bare minimum of 1,024 at this time in history. Although this is far more difficult to accomplish in your inner cities; at this time, there is no place upon Earth that vibrates much lower than 200 DNA segments. Earth is pushing up upon a global scale. Therefore, even the cities are on the rise in vibration, and this too will trigger those living therein to ascend provided that the body is strong enough to accomplish the task. 1024 is less susceptible to the dissonance that head banger and other dissonant music reflects, and one may simply witness humans evolving out of such forms of entertainment in the coming decade as a result of their own ascent to 1,024 or higher.


Head banger and dissonant types of electrical sound are a reflection of the impending extinction of the human species that would occur without the ascension movement. Human consciousness fell again after the nuclear bombs detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and in the continued nuclear testing that your scientists perpetrated thereafter. Such dissonant types of music or sound occurred internal to the human form as humans fell below 2 segments of DNA to 1.5 segments.


At 1.5 segments, the molecular sound is even more greatly dissonant and off key, much akin to the very discordant music and electrical music created that reflects it. Those caught at 1.5 segments may not be able to ascend, but will most likely exit this incarnation through death. Approximately 6% of the current world population has fallen to this level of vibration and sound. Those who can ascend will simply evolve out of an interest in such music as the genetics and molecular structure evolves beyond such a sound, as it will no longer resonate.


Listening to Instrumental Music or Foreign Music


Music allows humans to access a non-verbal side of the dance of life, provided that the music does not have words such as instrumental music, or as Asur’Ana found, has only words in a foreign language that she does not understand. She has found it much easier to listen to music in other languages if there are words, as otherwise she is pulled back into the old discordant paradigm through the very music that she listens to. Therefore, one solution for ascending initiates is to choose music from foreign countries, if one likes vocal and folk style music in particular. Hawaiian music is often spoken in Hawaiian, which is beautiful. Hawaiian is all that remains of the Lemurian language of the original red seeded race, and holds inherent in its spoken word symbols that parallel the Language of Light.


Why should one be careful about the lyrics one listens to? Often the words of country, western, or pop music focus upon heartache and loss. As an ascending initiate, whatever one focuses upon one draws unto oneself to experience, for the focus is like sending a vision for the dream that one wishes to experience to the sun, and then living to have such a dream step down into form. Therefore, one will not wish to sing along with “love gone wrong” songs, unless one wishes to experience a “love gone wrong” life experience. If one continues to listen to such lyrics, one would end up creating the loss of relationship with one’s beloved. Therefore, Tuna advises human initiates to pay attention to what one is listening to, and choose only those songs with lyrics that support one’s internal evolution, life dance and the global evolution of Earth.


Music that is acoustic is perhaps a good alternative choice. Acoustic music captures the non-verbal dance of life from the point of view of the aquatic realms. Acoustic music that is harmonious will cause the form to move into greater harmony when listened to. One can use such music for meditations at home or using them in their workshops as ascension teachers or facilitators. The new age section in any music store is filled with a load of such music, and this too is a reflection of the evolution of all species upon Earth. Such musicians are tuning into nature’s changing sounds of creation and capturing them in an acoustic and non-verbal manner.


Generally, anything that causes one to become more centered and peaceful within is supportive of ascension, whether it is a journey into nature, or listening to peaceful music. That which supports ascension will augment the journey rather than conflict with the journey. Perhaps listening to peaceful music will allow the discordant tasks one may require fulfilling upon due to karmic contracts to be less discordant. Perhaps one can play such music at work and find greater inner peace as a result, even if one is listening through a set of head phones to not disturb one’s fellow workmates. This the aquatic realms can suggest for those that must bridge the old paradigm as map carvers of ascension.


This can also be done in travel or a long drive. Asur’Ana has learned to take her CD’s along and listen to peaceful music and meditate upon long plane flights rather than watching a discordant or violent movie. Listening to peaceful music may also make the commute through heavy traffic more bearable allowing one to remain in greater peace and centeredness.


Water Fountains and Live Plants


One may create a more peaceful environment at home or in the office in the addition of a water fountain or aquarium. Before Asur’Ana lived near water and the oceans of Hawaii-Nei, she had running water in the form of small fountains in every room. Such fountains can be created very inexpensively by putting together a bowl of rocks one finds out upon a walk in the country along with a $10 aquarium pump. Place the pump in the center of the bowl covering it with rocks or minerals, and fill the bowl with water. Then turn on the pump and one will have the lovely sound of a bubbly brook right in one’s own living room or office.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


The water will assist in humidifying the room. Crystalline skin and tissue prefers a humid climate to a dry one. Asur’Ana also learned to fill her home with live plants in addition to the running water. The plants assisted in providing added oxygen in a region of the Bay Area California that she then lived which had heavy air pollution. Ascending forms require oxygen, and one means of providing this for oneself is to surround oneself with houseplants, either at home or at work.


The Human Form and All Species Smelled Like Flowers and Spices


To this day, Asur’Ana utilizes candles and incense at home to create an atmosphere of peace and unity. Many may not realize that the floral or spicy scents one may be attracted to in incense and a candle is actually the smell of unity. At another time, the human form and all species existed in unity together and smelled like flowers and spices. This was so when the 9-note scale was solely prevalent in the human energy field and upon Earth, and when form existed in a fully conscious biology with 36,000 segments of DNA. Much like a newborn child that smells sweet, humans and all of nature smelled sweet with such harmonious biology, regardless of age. Form also knew a lengthy lifespan that did not age. Death was chosen at the end of the life through conscious intent and because the person or species felt complete with their experience in form.


Humans today have a preoccupation with smelling good and utilize sometimes very toxic substances to kill body odors. Humans also have a preoccupation with their breath smelling sweet, and teeth appearing white, and the skin appearing young. Perhaps this preoccupation is simply a remembrance of earlier times where such a state of being was simply the way it was. In the falls and the mixing of the 8 and 9-note scale, humans not only began to age, but also began to stink. The odor was simply the result of the body aging and rotting in the dissonance of sound within. As humans return to a harmonious sound again through ascension, the body odor fades to one that smells fresh and beautiful. One also ceases to age, and as long as one is in balance in the biology, the breath also smells sweet.


For many ascending initiates, one may well be aware of ongoing body odor that is at times almost unbearable. This is simply the result of the decay that is being detoxified from the form in ascension. Take a swim or bath in the water and allow the odor to fade away. Eat fruit, green leafy vegetables and herbs such as mint to absorb the odor. Use some lovely bath salts and cream that smells like flowers to remind oneself of where one is headed. For one day you or your future ancestors will smell like a field of flowers, and this will indeed be indicative of the return to unity within, and a new symphony of sound playing in one’s molecular structure that is in absolute harmony.


What do the fish kingdoms have to say to our ascending initiates today? Be at peace; find preoccupations that allow you to move into peace beloved. Create an environment at home and work that augments peace. As you focus upon peace, the movement towards peace upon an internal and biological level will be supported and sustained. Internal peace will cause global peace as enough vibrate in the peace. In due course, and as enough humans ascend into peace, there will be global peace within the human dance. As the music changes to harmony and joy, all will learn to sing along in harmony and joy again.


One may also attune to the underwater worlds, bringing the peace therein into one’s home. Call upon Tuna, Salmon and Flounder for this purpose as one needs it in one’s continued ascent. We will teach you of the peace that can be found in the silence.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Gifts from The Animal Kingdoms. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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