Image of the moon against a light blue background. Earth Attains First Major Pole Shift

18. Earth Attains First Major Pole Shift


There are many changes underfoot, and indeed they are most miraculous. First and foremost, Earth has completed and is stabilizing at Initiation 4200 in the nonphysical, 3500 in the physical in her global ascension. What exactly does this mean? It means that Earth’s overall vibration has risen over double in less than one 12-month cycle! For Earth, this is a most magnificent goal, as global ascension has come forth at a seeming snail’s pace over the past many centuries.


Many understand that Earth and your solar system have entered the first Star Gate of the Great Central Sun. The frequencies that are penetrating Earth’s atmosphere and form have increased the pace of molecular rotation enough that a more rapid ascension is underway than ever possible prior to entry. Why is this so? Photonic energy causes two things; it causes molecular rotation to speed up, and it causes the crystalline genetic structure required for biological ascension to occur; the more photonic energy available, the more rapid the ascension for all species upon Earth.


Prior to entry of the first Star Gate, the photonic energy available was less than one half of what is now experienced in present time. In December 2019, Earth will enter the second Star Gate and this again will double the amount of photon energy available. For those choosing to ascend now, the pace of ascension is much more rapid than previously possible. However, there are some hitches, and such comes from an impartial or incomplete map for human ascension, along with all species upon Earth. So much information and so many records have gone missing, that it is like ascending while blind, without knowing where one is headed, and often before one realizes it, one has fallen off of a cliff!


The False Gods


Mother Earth would like to explain that there have been many souls present upon Earth that are “False Gods”. The souls that have guided Earth for a long time and have been lost themselves, and knew not where “home” was, are known as “False Gods”. Such False Gods are being removed from Earth at this time and removed from all jurisdictions including human jurisdiction.


Why? Any soul that is lost will lead a creation astray, and in the misleading will ensure a failed ascension. Mother Earth chooses not to fail in her choice to ascend, but succeed, and therefore is completing her karma with such souls that have misguided her in the past and removing them from Earth. In the completion of all karmic cause of how such souls came to be a guiding force of Earth, such souls may return to where they came from and continue their dance elsewhere in time and space. One day, such souls will also choose to go home. However, one can only go home in the creation from which one emanates, and so in returning these souls to their creation of origin, there is a better opportunity for each in finding their way home just as Earth is doing in present time. Therefore, it is perhaps the greatest gift that could be given to such lost souls.


Now we would like to delve further into how the “Ascended Masters” in human form became to be thought of as “Gods” or “Goddesses” of Earth and humanity along with the origins of the Melchizedek Order.


The Ascended Masters


Between 60,000 and 100,000 years ago, there was a rise of two civilizations, one in the east and one in the west. The western civilization was known as Atlantis, and the eastern known as the Land of Mu. The west was predominantly white in origin and the remains of the Annanuki slaves that had survived the nuclear winter that occurred about 120,000 years ago. The east was predominantly red and contained the remains of the original red seeded race that came to be upon Earth roughly 200,000 years ago.


The red race remembered ascension. Indeed, many a red ascension did occur between 80,000 and 120,000 years ago. These were red nations’ ascensions, however they were incomplete. In an incomplete ascension, a part of the soul is left behind. The part of soul remaining upon Earth has no connection to the rest of the soul that has ascended on to the next dimension, nor is there any communication, nor recollection that the two belong together. That which remains behind holds the recollection of ascension, and knows not that it was supposed to have moved to the next dimension of thoughtform along with the rest of its soul.


In the recollection of ascension, such a part of soul remaining behind thinks, “Ah, I must be God or Goddess of Earth, and this must be the purpose of ascending!” However, the piece left behind is less than 8% of the whole, and holds only 8% of the entire information that the remainder of the soul whom ascended to the next dimension understands. As such, such parts of soul left behind in an incomplete ascension could be considered “lost”.


Over time, such lost souls asserted themselves into the governance over humanity, and in the governance over Earth. Their lack of knowledge led Earth astray and in a direction that allowed her to slide further down in vibration rather than either stabilizing or moving upward. One may say that in their own lost-ness, such souls caused Earth to also become lost. One could also call such beings “False Gods” as they were not the God Goddess of Earth or humanity, but rather simply a small portion of an ascended soul left behind in an incomplete ascension.


Fantasy Realities versus Real Communion


To say that ascension is easy at this time upon Earth is a great lie, and any being that purports this to be so is in a fantasy at best. Sustaining any human in a fantasy does not serve one in awakening unto the truth, as one then cannot take the necessary action to ascend from inside of a fantasy. Therefore, the fantasies that many beings in the metaphysical movement wish to sustain humanity within do not serve in the awakening of humanity and momentum required to support global ascension.


What is a fantasy reality? Fantasies pervade the human dance. Fantasies can be associated with electrical medium such as television, movies, computer games, and so on, but are also simply a state of being. Over time, the human form fell and fell in vibration. As the vibrational threshold became low enough, humanity entered a state of pain. In compensation to the pain, humans created fantasies, as without the fantasy, life was simply too painful to exist within.


Those whom are not gifted at living in fantasies are often depressed, or worse yet drug addicts, as the addiction to drugs temporarily lifts the pain enough to allow the life to be bearable. Earth feels that the war upon drugs comes from a great misunderstanding. Most humans whom utilize drugs cannot cope otherwise. One should treat such humans with great compassion for their sensitivity. Being able to feel is a gift that most humans whom exist in the fantasies have lost. It is only as one opens the heart that one can ascend, and one must be able to feel beloved. Without feeling, how will one learn the vital lessons of compassion to become the Bodhisattva or Mahavishnu in evolution? It is not possible.


Some whom are highly sensitive will find reprieve through ascension. Through ascension, one may take the form through biological reconstitution above the threshold of pain enough that one may begin to live a life of greater joy and ease. This is achieved to a deeper level as each level of evolution is mastered, but even the baseline of 1,024 segments will lift the average human above great grief and loneliness. It is Earth’s hope to raise many more humans to a baseline of 1,024 segments in the coming 18-month period.


In order to ascend, one must commune with soul. In order to commune, one must disconnect from the fantasies that one lives within and feel, for communion requires an open heart. In a fantasy, the heart closes for the moment so that one does not feel the pain that one is in. In communion, the heart opens and one can connect to nature or connect to one’s soul. It is for this reason that we guide ascending humans to go into nature, open the heart, and listen to Earth and her kingdoms. Allow the communion, allow the love, and allow the ascension to pour forth as a result. Allow also the pain to be cleansed. You will move beyond the pain beloved, and it will be a much more joyous experience, this business of life upon Earth, as a result!


Ascension and Soul


We have seen some ascending humans try and ascend without anchoring soul into the form. If the form moves up in vibration, and there is no soul present, the form will become ill. The higher vibration requires presence of soul on an ongoing and recurring basis in order to sustain the chi necessary to feed the grid work of the form. Not enough chi within the grid work, and the cells begin to die again, and at a faster pace than before ascension leading to disease.


How does one attune to soul? Soul is an internal connection that occurs through the open heart. One has a soul cavity, and the soul cavity sits behind the heart. One communes and connects to soul by accessing that which exists within the grid work of the form and connecting it to the soul that exists outside of the form, known as one’s I AM Presence or Source. Both exist, both the soul within and the soul without. Gradually, and through ascension, more and more of the soul without is integrated and reunited with the soul within causing the experience of separation to cease. Separation is simply the result of soul separating off as the form declined in vibration in the many falls in consciousness of the human species. Ascension brings about the reverse and an ongoing experience of soul reunion or retrieval.


Ascending souls grow and grow in size. At 1024, one has a single soul that has reunited what is known as 144 monads. Each monad contains 12 personality fragments that also united through ascension. At 1800, one begins to embody multiple I AM’s. By 3000, one has embodied 144 I AM’s or an Oversoul. 144 I AM’s equals one Oversoul. 9 Oversouls equals a Source. By 7500, one has embodied 9 Oversouls or one’s Source. This is the amount of consciousness of soul required to hold the field of the Bodhisattva. It continues as one presses forth and ascends beyond Bodhisattva level evolution.


Earth in a similar manner is embracing more and more soul. Some of such soul was lost over time as Earth declined in vibration. Some of such soul comes from outside of time and space and through the One Source as a guiding force to allow her ascension to come forth. Many souls that are not a part of her guiding forces or have proven to not have the information necessary to support her ascension is leaving as the karma completes. This includes the Melchizedek Order.


The Origins of the Melchizedek Order


The Melchizedek Order is not from this creation. However, the Order itself along with the Pleiadian Race has also proven not to be of this particular time and space quadrant that Earth is apart. Now, what do we mean by this? Well, just imagine, the Pleiades is a star system from a time and space quadrant that existed many of eons of time ago. Such a place has long come and gone and ceased to exist in present time. However due to a rift in time caused by the destruction of Maldek, another 3rd dimensional planet in your solar system, it causes the Pleiades and Earth to appear to be existing concurrent in present time.


The Melchizedek Order is a governing factor of the Pleiades. The Order just like the Pleiades and the Pleiadians is not from this time space zone. Therefore, the Order cannot ascend with Earth, as this is not the creation from which such souls originated. The source of the Order of Melchizedek exists back in time, and has long ceased to exist in present time in physicality. Therefore, the Order is being returned to the time space quadrant that it originated within.


How and why did this come to be understood? Due to the presence of many parts of Athena, a prior creator in this particular time space quadrant, Athena has been tracing the origins of certain souls that appear to be related to her. However, Athena’s last expansion was eons and eons of time ago. Any soul existing today that is a part of Athena is thereby of the past. Athena has traced the Pleiades and the Order to be from a creation that inside of time would be equivalent to having existed 45 trillion years ago.


The Healing of the Rift in Time


Over the past six months, your solar sun along with Earth has chosen to heal the rift in time through which the Pleiades appears to exist concurrently with Earth. At this time, Pleiadian forces cannot come to Earth, nor can that which is trapped here from the Pleiades “return home” as the rift in time has been sealed. The time rift also affects other certain species that have also come from the past, including the Greys and Reptilians. Some of such species are also now trapped around Earth, as there is no pathway home. Why? The creation from which they came from has long ceased to exist in present time.


Humans may ask, “Well then, why can I still see the Pleiadian stars in my nighttime skies?” Beloved, until the last human dies or ascends out of the thoughtform that causes the Pleiades to exist, it will continue to appear in your skies. Why? The collective human beliefs cause what appears in your nighttime skies. Consensus realities are holographic. Whatever a consensus believes in, so it is. Humans are a consensus within the consensus known as Earth. Human consensus believes that the Pleiades exists and so it is. As soon as humans en masse cease to believe this so, so the Pleiades will no longer be seen in your nighttime sky. When might this occur? Sometime around 2030 as the last human that has not transcended their Pleiadian karma either ascends or dies.


Those souls originating from the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri, the home of the Greys and Reptilians, are being returned to their time zone of origin. Such souls cannot ascend in this time zone, and it is for this reason that they must be returned. Furthermore, the “False Intervention” has proven to be from multiple time zones that range so far back in time it would be impossible to measure in years.


More on the Origin of the False Intervention


The false intervention appears to be a group of souls and discarnate human form that was from a creation that failed to ascend home eons and eons of time ago. Such discarnate human forms have continued to sustain their life through the stripping of grid work and chi from other creations. In other terms, the false intervention is a parasite upon creations due to their need for fresh grid work and chi to sustain their nonphysical existence.


It has now been determined that the false intervention has destroyed upwards of 10 million creations in its quest for continued existence. Such creations also exist in alternative time zones to Earth. False intervention souls invaded Earth over 80 million years ago, and long before the appearance of humanity. Over time, the false intervention added the thoughtform that multiple time zones exist concurrently rather than sequentially into Earth’s thoughtform. As Earth believed that the past could exist in the present that the appearance of a creation from the past like the Pleiades became possible.


The false intervention has carved a series of tunnels or holes between creations in all time zones. Often through the false intervention, souls from multiple time zones co-exist as one soul or attached to one nonphysical discarnate human. Earth and all creations manipulated through such nonphysical humans or their souls are choosing to send each part of the false intervention back to the time zone that they originated. This has the effect of breaking up the false intervention so that it can no longer manipulate Earth or your creation’s choice to ascend, or have any adverse effect whatsoever.


For 88 million years, the false intervention has stripped Earth’s grid work, chi and records. The earliest known stripped library dates back 88 million years in Earth’s history. Who transferred such information to the false intervention? It appears that this archive was stripped through the nonphysical presence of humans upon Sirius A and B. What were humans upon Sirius A and B doing non-physically upon Earth? This has yet to come to be understood, however it appears that the false intervention was first anchored upon Earth through Sirian humans about 88 million years ago.


Heaven and Disincarnate Human Form


It was the false intervention, whose goal is to sustain discarnate form forever, that the concept of sustaining discarnate human form became a thoughtform upon Earth. Generally speaking, when a body dies, the energy system that surrounds the form known as the astral or light body is dissolved. This is for all other species upon Earth, along with the dolphins and whales. Whales and dolphins do not continue to exist non-physically after death, but rather the consciousness of the deceased dolphin or whale joins the next incarnation contributing their understanding and awareness to the evolution of their own future generations.


Merduk along with the Annanuki wished for immortality. After 18,000 years in the physical, and the decay that was great enough to cause insanity and warfare which culminated in a nuclear annihilation of Earth, the Annanuki bargained for information on how to sustain their nonphysical form after death. This information came from the false intervention, and indeed up until recently, the cast of characters from the Annanuki has continued to exist in the nonphysical realms surrounding Earth. Some of such nonphysical humans include the character known as Merduk (also known as Hades), along with Innana (also known as Venus or Aphrodite), and also includes most documented Greek or Roman Gods including Athena and Zeus. All told, there were 12 Annanuki that perpetuated their nonphysical existence following their death about 120,000 years ago, and have continued to manipulate Earth therein.


Because the Annanuki chose to retain their forms following death, the thoughtform of discarnate human form became Earth’s thoughtform. Roughly 104,000 years ago, humans began to believe in a nonphysical afterlife. This was a thoughtform entered into the human dance by the Annanuki whom were lonely, and wanted other humans to dance with in their experience of “immortality”. It is hard to be “God Goddess” without humans whom worship one, work for one, do one’s bidding, and so on. So, the Annanuki perpetuated their belief in being God Goddess by adding a human dance to their nonphysical existence.


Over time, so much chi was taken to sustain such nonphysical human forms from billions and billions of discarnate lives that Earth declined in vibration. Furthermore, layers and layers of artificial dreamtime realities and cities were constructed by such large numbers of discarnate humans, which gave such humans indeed a place to live, but also depleted Earth of chi without giving anything in return. One would say that such discarnate human forms became a parasite upon Earth as a result.


Ancestral Knowledge


Furthermore and more importantly, humans lost the benefit of understanding what their ancestors had come to learn through their life dance, as the consciousness of the ancestors separated off from the current lineage in a discarnate form following death. This lead to a human form that remembered nothing from any prior ancestor’s life; which further lead over time to a human consciousness that could not evolve. Why? Evolution requires remembrance of the past so that one may learn the lessons of one’s ancestry. If one has no remembrance of their ancestry, how can one learn anything? How can any species learn if there is no memory beloved? It is not possible, and the lack of memory is directly related to how the ancestors continued to exist in the nonphysical rather than uniting with the current physical embodiment that they are related to.


Earth has recently transcended the belief that any human form requires existence beyond death. All planes surrounding Earth for discarnate human forms have been removed as of late. Merduk, Innana and the Annanuki have been returned to the Pleiades, as they are from a different time zone than Earth. All human ancestors are forced to unite with their present-day and present-time ancestors incarnate in the physical. This shall allow the remembrance of the human species en masse of their prior ancestral experiences.


This brings an end to the experience of “heaven” or a physical afterlife for all humans in present time. All future human deaths shall not know a continued nonphysical existence. Each human shall move immediately on to experience the future life of his or her living ancestor or relation. Furthermore, the ancient ancestors have been called forth to blend with all humans currently incarnate upon Earth. This shall allow the knowledge from ancient times and the lessons and mistakes therein to become a part of the current collective consciousness of humankind.


It is only in the remembrance of the past that one may strive to create something different from the past. Without remembrance of the past warfare and nuclear catastrophes, how is one to avoid doing the same yet again? As each remembers the disasters of the past, a new tomorrow can be made manifest, as one will gain the lesson learned from the dance of one’s ancestors and translate such lessons into different choices in present time.


“If this is so, then why can the psychic I saw last week still speak to my discarnate mother?” Most humans live in the past. As such, humans living in the past will tune into the astral planes that no longer exist in present time, and view them as still present. Furthermore, many humans will still continue to see and hear such beings as the “Ascended Masters” or the Melchizedek Order, as such beings continue to exist in the past. If one were to come fully into present time, one would cease to be able to experience such presences, as they no longer exist in present time. One must align with time upon Earth in order to stand in present time. One may align with Earth’s time through intention.


The dark long ago caused a circumstance in which ancestries became severed from form. Why? Humans were then easier to manipulate, as they did not remember the times that such beings had betrayed them before. If all humans remembered, they would not have fallen for the same con twice, and the dark would have lost their dominion long ago upon Earth. How did ancestries become severed? Through the belief in “heaven”, which caused the masses to think that after death they would continue to exist in the nonphysical. As such a belief was embraced by large enough numbers of humans in the human consensus, so it came to be so. Heaven no longer exists due to the recent changes in Earth’s ascension.


However, one whom ascends anchors heaven on Earth. Heaven is anchored in entering into the dance of unity. In unity, all humans and all species may live in joy and support of one another along with Earth. This is what heaven truly is beloved, a return to unity in the physical. Most will be surprised to understand that nonphysical humans have perpetuated the same dance of bickering and judgment as their physical plane human counterparts. Why? Such humans died in the same lack of mastery and disunity as within the physical life. In so doing, the nonphysical human realms were not much different from current human life in the physical. This is not heaven beloved, only a perpetuation of the same human dance in the nonphysical.


Prayer vs. Intent


Mother Theresa was a powerful individual. She knew the power of intent. There are stories in which Mother Theresa “intended” a cease-fire in war torn nations so that she could cross particular war zones and assist those in need. Mother Theresa caused the cease-fire through intent of will, and because she had ascended, her intent was more powerful than the generals and armies warring against one another. Therefore, her thoughtform over-rode theirs, and a cease fire was the result.


Many humans are confused about prayer. Long ago, the dark created planes of prayer. Much like the belief in heaven, humans were guided to pray for this or that. Sometimes what is prayed for is fulfilled upon, and sometimes not. Prayers towards God Goddess began long ago in the era of the Annanuki, whom built shrines unto themselves for the masses of slaves to worship. In the worship and through prayer, the Annanuki collected the power and chi from the masses of slaves to extend their lives. After the death of the Annanuki, they continued to take the chi and power from the planes of prayer to sustain their nonphysical existence. Furthermore, the False Gods take the chi and power from humans whom pray to sustain their dominion up through recent times.


When one prays, one gives their power to a nonphysical entity. Beloved, your power lies within. You are God Goddess in form. You have a soul, oversoul and source. Your source is the God Goddess of your being. Source doesn’t want you to pray, but to intend your reality. Intention is an act of will. When one intends, one isn’t an impoverished and powerless human begging some being to change their fate, but a powerful ascending master whom commands their reality!


We have mapped out some intentions, and will share many more. As an ascending human, one not only INTENDS TO ASCEND, but intends harmlessness, and intends to complete their karma with all that they can in a given day, week, month or year in order to continue to ascend. When one acknowledges that there is karma between oneself and another, the simple choice of “I intend to release my karma with such and such” has the effect of accomplishing the goal. When one acknowledges that they need certain funds to live or travel to places that support Earth’s choice to ascend, the simple choice of “I intend to have all funds necessary to live, ascend and support Earth’s ascension” has the effect of accomplishing the goal. When one acknowledges that they are ungrounded, the simple choice of “I intend to ground and connect to Mother Earth and my soul and source” has the effect of accomplishing the goal.


Ascending Commanders


Ascending masters are commanders, commanders of thoughtform and a living dream. The human dream for so long has been the result of a limited set of beliefs for a limited slave race constructed by the Annanuki. Such dreams have repeated again and again and again throughout history with no variance. Such dreams leave little possibility for anything other than what humankind has known for the past 50,000 years. However, the dream is changing beloved, and there is a new opportunity under foot for a new tomorrow.


The new tomorrow will not come through those whom pray for a golden era, but through the ascending master whom commands their vision of a new tomorrow into reality. Such a dream is not limited by the past, but can be one filled with hope and joy of a new future! It is karma that causes the past to repeat endlessly. As enough karma is lifted, a new possibility for life emerges, and one that is far more hopeful and joyous than the past! This is the gift in the choice to ascend, a new life and one of greater joy!


Commanders do not pray. Commanders intend. Mother Theresa intended a cease-fire and then crossed into places that no one else wished to go. So it was for her, so it can be for you beloved! Now one must understand that one limits intentions by one’s beliefs and the karma that locks the beliefs into one’s thought-firm. If one commands funds and they fail to arrive, one must look at the unconscious beliefs that prevented the manifestation from coming to fruition. As the unconscious beliefs are released, along with the related karma, then the manifestation can come forth with ease.


The planes of prayer have been removed as of late. Such planes were utilized by forces of the dark to collect chi and power from the masses to bend the will of Earth. Over time, Earth lost more and more of her ability to command her own dream due to such manipulations. The karma for how prayer from the masses was used to collect power by the forces of the dark has been released by Earth as of late. As such, the planes of prayer have been removed in present time. Those humans that continue to pray, if in present time, will find that their power and chi is returned as there is no longer any plane to collect it.


Time Compression and Aging


Earth has resynchronized time as of late to come into alignment with Solar, Universal and Cosmic level pulsations. In so doing, time has also been compressed. Within the past 12-month cycle, Earth has compressed 3 months in full. What this means is that in the past 12 months, 15 months’ worth of time has passed. This is not the first time Earth has compressed time, she has been compressing time for 8 years. However, this is the first year where Earth has had the capacity to compress 30 days of time into a single day.


For those in human form whom are not ascending, they will find that they have aged 15 months this past year. For those whom are ascending, the compression of time has the effect of lifting or pulling one through the initiations at a heightened pace. For instead of only having 12 months to ascend, you have had 15 months’ worth of ascension jam-packed into 12 months. For those whom are ascending, therefore ascension is coming forth at a more rapid pace than ever.


In 2019, it is anticipated that Earth shall be able to compress time by 6 months rather than 3. This equates to 18 months’ worth of time having passed in a 12-month cycle. Again, for those whom are not ascending, they shall age 1.5 years in a single year as a result. For those whom are ascending, one will leapfrog 1.5 times faster than possible without the compression of time. By 2023, Earth will be able to compress many years at a time into a single year. In so doing, the pace of ascension shall snowball for those whom so choose to evolve. For those whom are not ascending, their lives will be exponentially shortened. This shall allow for the cleansing of those whom are non-resonant with Earth’s choice to ascend.


Pole Shift and Parallel Lives


The poles have shifted at last. Not many of you may believe that this is an electromagnetic function that might place the Poles upon what is now the Equator causing the tropics to move to the poles, and the Equator to freeze over. However, this is not what a pole shift is, although there has indeed been a magnetic realignment that has transpired. The shift in poles from tropics to frozen tundra occurred during the nuclear bombing of the Annanuki. The bombs detonated were so great that Earth rotated on to her side and began to wobble, which caused the North and South Poles to move to the Equator, and the Equator to move to the Poles.


The poles will never be realigned; instead Earth altered her chakra system to allow for balance. The heart chakra was once in a region now known as Iceland. Following the polar shift, the heart was moved to the Hawaiian Islands region. The Hawaiian Islands region was once the North Pole. The chakra then present over Hawaii was moved to what is now the North Pole. It took Earth 8,000 years following the nuclear detonation of the Annanuki to realign her chakras. The chakras will remain as they are throughout Earth’s continued ascension.


The pole shift we are speaking of is a shift in polarity. Polarity can be likened to parallel lives that each expresses different characteristics than one knows oneself to be in the physical. Every human at 2 strands of DNA has 36 parallel lives. Some of them mimic one’s dance in the physical, but most express all opposing characteristics to one’s current life dance. We will give you an example. If one is healthy and married in the physical, they will have some parallel lives that are diseased, some that are an invalid, and many that are single. If one does not work and has children in the physical, one will have many parallel lives with varying careers expressed and some with less or no children. One also will be married to several other partners than their current physical plane self. In essence, all polarities must be expressed, and if they are not expressed in the physical, they are expressed in the nonphysical.


Furthermore, one attracts to themselves others whom live a life parallel to one’s parallel lives. If one has a friend with cancer, one has cancer oneself in a parallel life. If one has a gay friend, one is gay themselves in a parallel life. If one has a friend with great wealth, one has great wealth oneself in a parallel life. And so on. It is a great lie that one does not experience all things in a single life, it is only that one cannot remember it all. However, all is remembered while one sleeps, and it is during dreamtime that all humans experience their parallel lives. It is also a great truth that all judgment is self-judgment, for what one judges in another one also judges oneself in a like parallel life.


The parallel lives are being compressed into physical human lives. This is due to the polarity shift that now takes effect. In essence, humans will begin to live the lives that were held in the first 3 planes of parallel life expression. This will bring many changes to the human dance, and shall allow polarity to be balanced. For if any one human is one way in the physical, they will now live to experience the opposite in the physical, and in so doing, shall complete and be able to exit the physical plane.


How does experiencing the opposite allow for completion? If you could imagine that all polarities are like a hall of mirrors. In the hall of mirrors, one sees fractured parts of the whole due to the manner in which the mirrors have been broken or separated. As the pieces of the mirror come together and unite, the polarity ceases to exist and the very manner in which they were held in opposition ceases to be. For those whom are ascending, one unites with their parallel lives, bringing into the physical the gifts and talents held therein, and processing the pain that one’s parallel self may be in. In so doing, one integrates the fractured “mirror” and becomes more whole within.


We will give you an example of this from our channel’s own life and ascension. Asur’Ana was not a metaphysical or spiritual teacher many years ago. However, she saw that she was a teacher of ascension in a parallel life. She watched the life for some time and chose to bring the life into the physical. In so doing, as she stepped forth to teach, she knew exactly how to do the job with ease and it felt like she had been teaching for years. Indeed she had, just not in the physical! And so, it is for all ascending humans. One will anchor into the physical gifts and talents previously expressed in parallel lives and then may so choose to persevere in such preoccupations in the physical.


For those whom are not ascending, they are not choosing necessarily to integrate their opposing parallel life selves. Instead, the ascension of Earth is forcing the polarity into their physical life dance in Earth’s choice to complete. In the completion and over time, each human that so chooses not to ascend shall live to experience the opposite of what they know now. If one has been rich, one will know poverty. If one has been married, one will know being single. If one has no children, they will have a child or be around children. If one has been employed, one may know unemployment. If one has been healthy, one may know disease. Each human shall express their opposing poles in a different manner, as each human is unique in the polarities expressed in the physical. No two humans are exactly the same, although there are parallels.


For many, experiencing the opposite will be very difficult. However, the changes will also trigger the fertile ground from which a mass awakening of the human species can be launched. So, there is a positive side to the shift in poles, and that is how the golden era of humankind may now begin to come forth. For many, it will also be a confusing time, for the breakdown of your civilization shall also occur. Why? This is simply because the polar shift not only affects individuals, but also cities, regions and countries.


Pole Shifts and Regional Change


Cities that have been over populated will one day know no humans dwelling therein. Why? Your cities will one day crumble. Cities are constructed in cement and rebar. Cement will begin to crumble at a more and more rapid pace the higher in vibration the molecular rotation of the land sitting underneath becomes. In due course, the repairs upon any given city will be so great that they will crumble at greater speed than they can be repaired. This is not in your immediate future, but Earth sees this to be so by 2042. This is an example of a shift in polarity in which one region that has known large human populace shall now know little human populace in the future.


Regions that have known great affluence will begin to know the opposite. Already due to the acceleration of global warming, Hawaii is experiencing more layoffs and unemployment than ever. Why? Less tourists. This is an example of a region beginning to ascend into another polarity, one from affluence to non-affluence. Each region will create its own particular set of dynamics that will cause the opposite to be experienced due to the pole shift.


In relation to countries, each country is going to shift. Some countries that have known great poverty may find a manner to contribute to the global economy and pull themselves out of poverty. Others that have known great wealth may, much like Hawaii, create their own circumstance of seeming lack. Countries that have stood united for long periods, such as the US or Canada may break apart and become many sovereign nations. Yet others may unite into a single nation that was previously small sovereign nations. The time of great change is upon you beloved, and all humans global wide.


Polar Shift and World War III


World War III has been officially moved to a parallel life dance and will not occur in the physical. This has occurred as a result of the past 30 days of global ascension. In so doing, each human will see that one of his or her 36 parallel lives is now experiencing World War III upon it. As a result, World War III will not manifest in the physical. Many may look at the recent turn of events and see how this has come to be so.


The parallel lives experiencing World War III are ones of great depression, and each whom ascends will integrate such experiences into present time during the transcendence. It is during such periods of ascension that one may enter a short or long-term depression, as one is experiencing in the physical a parallel life that has gone into hopelessness due to global circumstances of a World War.


Asur’Ana integrated her parallel life in World War III many years ago. Why? In the intent to ascend, ascending initiates polarize World War III into a parallel life. The intent to ascend brings this to be so, as it is equivalent to reversing the poles through conscious choice. Through ascension, one states “I will not die, I will transcend”. In so doing, all actions that would lead to death are polarized and later integrated in one’s parallel life dance.


For each in the new consensus of ascending humans, this is a great gift and an answer to the intentions of many as of late for World Peace. We invite each to continue to intend world peace, as it is equivalent to intending peace into one’s day-to-day life. It will also have the effect of retaining the polarity of World War in the nonphysical realms surrounding Earth rather than allowing any circumstance leading to world war to manifest in the physical.




Earth is due to enter the next Star Gate of the Great Central Sun in December of 2019. This again will speed up the ascension of Earth exponentially; as yet more photonic energy will become available to fuel the biological changes inherent in ascension forth. Earth is on target to take Initiation 4,800 in the nonphysical next February or March in preparation for entry into the next Star Gate in September of 2020.


Earth’s ascension is not even global wide. There are regions that vibrate much higher than others. The initiations are a measurement of vibration that is an overall summary of all regions upon Earth united. For those in human form, relocating to regions that vibrate higher will support one’s ascension in coming forth at a more rapid speed. Such regions include the major chakra centers of Earth, along with anywhere near the ocean. The ocean itself holds a vibration exceeding 12,000 segments of DNA, and some islands are nearing this vibration as a small land mass.


The mountains on average are nearing a vibration of 8,000 segments of DNA. Such places as the Andes Mountains, Banff Mountains, the Himalayas, and the Rocky Mountains in the US, are examples of such places, but there are many others global wide and not known by name by our translator. One may tune into the mountains not only for advice on one’s ascension, but for guidance if one is called to live nearby.


In the June to July timeframe of 2020, the second pole shift is anticipated to occur. This shall press in upon humanity yet another layer of opposing forces to balance out the karma and allow for completion amongst those whom are not choosing to ascend. Some may die, and at a more rapid pace. Know and understand that such humans are complete, and in the completion, shall now go on to experience their future ancestors’ ascension. The souls may also move on to other dances if they are not so choosing to ascend with Earth. This indeed is a great gift to all concerned.


We thank each in the new consensus that intended World Peace. You have contributed greatly, more greatly than you realize, as you have allowed the polarity shift to take hold in the physical. This has now officially allowed another course of action to come forth out of a seeming disaster in world history, and one that need not lead to world war and nuclear annihilation. Earth thanks you from the bottom of her heart as such.


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Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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