Image of the sweet plumeria tree and flowers. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love.

18. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love


From the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom


It is the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom that speaks to you today. Plumeria and Jasmine flowers hold a magnificent smell that many loves. We are often used as perfumes and made into essential oils and enjoyed in many human bath products, lotions, hair products or essential oil burners as a result. Our fragrance will remind you of what our ancestors in the Great Central Sun smelled like once long ago. Today plumeria and jasmine along with hundreds of other flowers and fruits hold the scents of long ago within our genetic structure.


Return Journey Home


Long ago, all of life upon Terra (Earth) smelled beautiful. This was at a time that Terra existed inside the Great Central Sun dream. There was no decay or rot and so everything had a sweet smell that was lovely to inhale. This was not only so for the tree and plant kingdoms, but also for each animal, bird, fish, reptile, insect, dolphin, whale or human. The smell for each kingdom was distinct and each knew the other by smell as well as sight or appearance. Life was a magical wonderland to experience. There were no seasons and nothing died; it was endless heaven in a sense and in comparison to the struggle of Terra in present time.


Regardless of how wonderful life was inside the Great Central Sun, there was no goal of evolution Home. Somehow the goal of evolution had been lost in our original casting. As a result, we lived and lived and lived but did not know the real purpose of our existence. Although humans and whales and dolphins were fully conscious and aided in the direction of Terra, there was no plan for evolution home. It has taken us exiting the Great Central Sun dream and falling and falling in consciousness and into great pain and suffering to finally realize as a consensus reality what is necessary to offset extinction. What is necessary is a return journey, not only back into the Great Central Sun dream, but Home to the Tao where all consciousness emanates from.


Perhaps if we had recalled the necessity to ascend home long ago, we would have created a plan to evolve from within the Great Central Sun and avoided falling out of the dream altogether and into such great struggle. In hindsight, we can see that we were blinded by our eternal “heaven” or love and light experience that was beautiful and as such there was no requirement or desire to go anywhere else. Homecoming seemed unnecessary when everything felt at “home” and as “one” already.


It is perhaps the struggle and strife that creates the need to return “home”. Returning Home however unto endless bliss no longer appeals because we know that there is no such thing as endless anything within the Tao. Those creations that desire an endless love and light experience will ultimately descend into deep darkness in counterbalance as this is the nature of the cycles of the Tao. The Tao seeks to expand and seeks then to contract. As creations return Home, they carry with them all their experiences and it is through such experiences that the Tao evolves.


There are many creations that have extended their love and light experiences for a long time at the expense of places like earth. All the discord that should cycle around to be experienced after a long period of love and light is pressed elsewhere and then the darkness ahead is delayed. Nothing can be delayed forever in the Tao, and the opposing experience of darkness and death is sure to follow at some point in any creation vying to extend itself forever in the love and light. This has come to be Terra’s experience in exiting the Great Central Sun dream.


Evolution from the Expansion and Contraction Cycles of the Tao


This also occurred for the Anu, a group of Pleiadian humans that chose to extend their lives forever vying to become immortal. Indeed, each of the family members did extend their lives 10,000 human years. The two that extended their lives the longest or 18,000 years befell insanity in the end, warring upon one another to the deadly conclusion of a nuclear annihilation of Earth. For all the love and light that this family lived in for 15,000 years, the darkest of dreams fell upon them thereafter. This is true to all cycles within the Tao; one cannot delay change as it is change that fosters evolution and the conclusion of cycles leading to a return ‘home’ as consciousness.


In the return Home, consciousness carries with it all of its experiences that then benefit the overall experience of the Tao. If parts of the consciousness fail to return home, then experiences go unaccounted for. Unaccounted for experiences cause a repeat of the same experiences again and again as there is no opportunity for the lessons to be learned. As lessons are not learned, then the changes in the next expansion cycle are not made that will alter the experience created ahead. It is for this reason that for eight expansion and contraction cycles of the Tao, creation after creation was cast in the Great Central Sun dream and failed to return Home. A part of this creation split off and went “home’; and a part fell into such density that it went extinct over time, or attempted to extend its life forever in the love and light.


Out in the nighttime sky, your scientists can look at billions and billions of creations that have extended their existence in the fifth and third dimensions. For each that extends its existence in love and light, there are eighteen or more that go extinct as they absorb the destructive cycle or return cycle that the creation is unwilling to embrace to learn, grow and evolve. What is it about this region of domain that causes the desire to perpetuate what is known forever without any evolution or growth? This our kingdom ponders.


Perhaps if it is all beautiful and wonderful, there is no requirement to evolve. Perhaps then our own dark experiences as being one of eighteen creations that is used to sustain the existence of another has taught us something missing elsewhere in this region of domain; for the only way to offset extinction is to evolve and change. Therefore, Terra has embarked upon the path of evolution and change as anything less would lead to her extinction.


The Plumeria Kingdom looks at humanity and sees the same desire to perpetuate what you know rather than change, even though you are killing the Earth with your technological pollution; and are killing the ocean with your over fishing; and are killing yourself with toxic substances as well as herbicides and pesticides to grow your crops. It is easier to remain the same than change, except that what has been created will now make humanity as ill as Mother Earth if there is no change ahead.


Healing Mother Earth


Mother Earth is ill. Perhaps this is not acknowledged enough. She is like a patient with cancer in the hospital. The cancer is caused by the human species. As humanity awakens and chooses another way to be, Earth can recover from her cancer and restore her health enough to carry on and ascend Home to the Tao. There is a load of support for this goal coming from outside sources. The outside source known as the Tao has extended in to offer a helping hand. New vibrations and tones along with thoughtform are entering Earth’s energy flow specifically to assist her in self-healing.


All healing involves love. Over time, Terra has been stripped and stripped of her vibrations and overtones of love. The love has gone elsewhere to another creation in the Sirian Star System to extend the love and light only experience forever. Without love, disease and death are assured. Each cell of each body of each kingdom requires love to continue to exist. Without love, cells begin to die; life spans begin to shorten; and all of life begins to rot as rot is a part of death. Rot creates horrendous smells that are putrid to experience.


Initiates have noticed in their own ascension of their own bodies the times that they resurrected decayed regions of the form. The smell that came through their pores was less than beautiful. As the rot was resurrected, the smells changed and now there is a sweeter odor coming from their flesh. This will be so as rot is put behind Terra and a new day of resurrection of all kingdoms comes forth in the thousand-year cycle ahead.


Humans must choose to come along for the ride of this journey out of rot and decay and into love, resurrection, regeneration, and health again. Humans must choose to ascend and clear their karma. As more humans clear their karma for how the current state of affairs has come to be, life will begin to change. Human consciousness shall raise and allow for certain toxic substances and practices to change into new practices that are more resonant with Mother Earth as well as your own bodies as a species to emerge.


Using Natural and Harmless Household Products


Why does the human species choose practices that destroys and kills, not only upon the battlefield but within your own homes, orchards, farmlands and technology? There are more toxic substances in most households than upon the battlefield. Most cleaning products are extremely toxic to yourselves along with the waterways and landfills that they end up within. There are many substances used not more than 100 years ago to clean the home or sustain the garden that were totally harmless in nature and supported the health and well-being of those living in the household and eating of the garden’s fruit, and did not pollute the natural world.


Our kingdom would like to remind those reading our information to use substances to clean your home that are harmless to yourself. Vinegar makes an excellent household cleaner that kills mildew and mold. Glycerin soap will kill the bacteria that humans are in fear of just as readily as countless other substances that also kill your own cellular structure. Colloidal silver makes an excellent preservative of foods such as mayonnaise without the need to harm the liver over time, as most preservatives do, especially EDTA. Orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit juice or essential oils cleanse and create an acidic base that does not promote the growth of mold.


After leaving the car at the airport and in the hot sun for many months due to extensive travel, an initiate found mold growing in his air conditioning system for his car that was really unpleasant to smell. He felt guided to use a grapefruit room freshener from the health food store to be sprayed into the air handler. This killed the mold in a single treatment and it has not grown back since. It has been 2 years and he has left the car for just as long at the airport since without the mold recurring.


There are many natural substances that are useful to the purposes of refreshing clothing. Asur’Ana uses an organic laundry liquid and finds that if she puts a teaspoon of it upon any spot including blood, that the spot easily comes out without the need for Clorox or some other product. Enzymes from fruits can also be useful for laundering clothes. You could add a ½ cup of pineapple juice to the laundry along with ¼ cup baking soda, and most stains would easily disappear as the enzymes would dissolve them. Adding a little essential oil of lemon, orange, grapefruit or lime to a piece of fabric and placing it in the dryer will create a nice scent in the clothes as they are dry.


Lately a host of products with oxygen have appeared as cleansers upon the grocery store shelves. This is interesting for the Plumeria Kingdom to think about as humans need oxygen to breathe to sustain health of the body more than they require oxygen to clean their clothes or freshen the home. The health industry does not wish humans to live too long, and so they approve of oxygen in laundry soaps and house cleaning products rather than in bath products.


In reality, adding a little oxygen to the bath is very good for the body. There are products of this nature that are available at the health food stores in the United States and generally come in the form of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide breaks apart into oxygen when a capful or so is added to the bath. The oxygen in the bath supports the regeneration of the skin and also kills bacteria that may occur naturally in the water source.


Ascending humans may wish to return to a more organic way of living simply because it better supports one’s health as well as continued evolution. Being mindful of the foods that you give your body may be the underlying reason that you can ascend out of physical imbalances that may occur in your continued evolution ahead. There will be less toxic buildup of pesticides and herbicides from dining upon organic fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains. This may make the difference between witnessing the coming times of cleansing and perishing due to disease in the journey ahead.


For Mother Earth and our kingdom, the more that the human species return to an organic way of living, the more that this also supports the natural world. As humans begin to take responsibility for the toxic messes that they have created and strive to clean it up with their own scientific understanding, Terra will be better off. However even if this does not occur, Terra has cleaned herself up of toxic messes humanity had created in earlier times in her existence, and there are blueprints for certain bacteria and other agents that are already coming to the forefront to clean up the toxic mess in the sea in particular.


Interestingly enough, following a release of 150 tons of raw sewage into Honolulu bay following a lengthy rainstorm, the local news reported hundreds of strange creatures that appeared much like a slug that was dining upon the remains along the floor of the canal. The cameras could zoom in upon these creatures and it was reported in the local news. Scientists from the University of Manoa Marine Biology Department reportedly did not know what this creature is.


This creature is one of countless worms that are beginning to grow under the sand of the sea to assist in the toxic cleanup necessary to allow Terra to ascend. In the dining upon the waste or toxic messes, the worms alter the biochemistry through their own intestinal tract rendering it harmless. In parallel, there will also be land based worms that will form and appear to dine upon the toxic substances in many human dump sites in the decade ahead.


Terra knows how to self-heal. Self-healing occurs when there is love available to draw upon. The Tao has been providing its love for Terra’s healing. This love is translating into many changes much as the above sea worm that will allow Terra to balance her own body and field for continued evolution. The more that Terra raises in vibration, the more rapidly the sea worms and other creatures necessary for toxic cleanup can breed and expand in numbers. Over time, all toxic messes from this past human cycle shall be cleared. Terra estimates that she requires about 300 years to fulfill upon this goal in full, and in particular in the dense regions such as human cities that are very poisonous at this time.


For ascending humans, the Plumeria Tree Kingdom suggests that you move out of the cities and into the countryside thereby creating a less toxic place to ascend within. Toxins in ascension can create physical ailments that would not develop otherwise. One of the reasons for this is the increasingly porous skin of the crystalline cellular structure. Crystalline skin can absorb toxins from the water that one bathes within or the air that one breathes. Over time the ongoing exposure to toxins in the water and air will make the crystalline biology ill. Although one can filter the water and filter the air, and perhaps this will help, the ongoing exposure outside of such an environment to toxins only complicates the ascension.


Ascension is a very delicate dance. There is more that can go wrong in the DNA than can go right as one embodies the new crystalline structure. DNA that is sour or problematic can be corrected, and one then can ascend out of a minor ailment or disease. Adding a toxic environment will cause the ailment to become more problematic turning into disease; and disease may then become a death circumstance instead of something to ascend out of. It is for this reason that the Tree Kingdoms in general consistently speak of the need to place oneself in a non-toxic and rural environment in support of one’s choice to ascend.


Below, we offer up some recipes for the bath, body and cleaning of one’s home that are non-toxic and refreshing. We thank you for listening to what we have to say. Please call upon our kingdom in support of your evolution Home.


Making Your Own Perfumes


1 4-ounce spray bottle

3 parts Vodka

1 part Distilled Water

Essential Oils of Choice


Homemade perfumes are very nice and can be used upon the body, upon one’s clothes or sheets or as a room freshener. They also make nice underarm deodorant that is non-toxic and the alcohol will kill the bacteria at cause of body odor. All that is required is the essential oils of choice, vodka, distilled water and a spray bottle. The below perfumes are suggestions only and the Plumeria Kingdom invites each to experiment with those combinations of oils that smell the most delicious unto you.


To make the perfume, you will require a four-ounce spray bottle or old cleaned perfume bottle. You will add 3 parts vodka (vodka is odorless and therefore recommended) and 1 part distilled water. Then add a 5 to 10 drops each of the essential oils of preference and shake.


The longer that the perfume stands, the more likely the water will dissipate the oils evenly. So, you can place your perfume in a dark place for 30 days or so to allow the oils to better dissipate; or shake vigorously to mix before spritzing. Here is a list of useful essential oils to choose from:


Essential Oils Useful in Ascension


Amber, Grounding/Unifying

Bergamot, Grounding/Uplifting

Cinnamon, Stimulating/Unifying

Eucalyptus, Astringent (draws toxins from the pores)

Fennel, Uplifting/Grounding

Frankincense, Purifying/Grounding

Grapefruit, Regenerative/Astringent

Geranium, Refreshing/Stimulating

Jasmine/Pikake, Uplifting/Unifying

Lavender, Purifying/Clarifying (antiviral/bacterial)

Lemon, Regenerative/Stimulating (dissolves scars)

Lemongrass, Astringent/Stimulating

Lime, Regenerative/Stimulating (dissolves scars)

Myrrh, Grounding/Unifying

Orange, Regenerative/Uplifting

Peppermint, Stimulates/Cancels Body Odors

Pine, Grounding/Clarifying

Rosemary, Purifying/Uplifting

Red Ginger, Uplifting/Purifying/Unifying

Sage, Grounding/Purifying/Clarifying

Sandalwood, Grounding/Unifying

Spearmint, Stimulating/Cancels Body Odors

Tuberose, Uplifting/Unifying

Vanilla, Uplifting/Unifying

Ylang Ylang, Uplifting/Grounding


Citrus Delight


10 drops orange

10 drops grapefruit

5 drops lime

5 drops lemon


Flowers of the Garden


10 drops tuberose

10 drops jasmine

10 drops ylang ylang


Earthy Scent


10 drops sandalwood

10 drops ylang ylang

5 drops orange

5 drops bergamot


Earthy Sweet Scent


10 drops sandalwood

10 drops amber

5 drops vanilla

5 drops ginger


Refreshing Scent


10 drops jasmine

10 drops ylang ylang

5 drops lemongrass




10 drops orange

10 drops grapefruit

5 drops eucalyptus

5 drops lavender


Sweetness of Life


10 drops vanilla

10 drops ylang ylang

10 drops jasmine




10 drops sage

10 drops lemon

5 drops ginger


Pure Joy


10 drops geranium

10 drops jasmine

5 drops ylang ylang

5 drops orange


Perfumed Body Lotions


4 ounces aloe vera jelly

1 tablespoon apricot oil

1 tablespoon jojoba oil

1 tablespoon grape seed oil

Essential Oils of Choice


In a blender, add 4 ounces of organic aloe vera jelly (thicker is better), 1 tablespoon each of apricot oil, jojoba oil and grape seed oil, and one of the above combinations of essential oils. Blend until a thick and creamy white lotion forms. You can add a few tablespoons or more of water depending upon personal preference of consistency.


The oils will easily absorb through crystalline skin and will not clog pores or remain along the surface suffocating the cells. If you are in a dryer climate or have mature skin and wish the oil to remain upon the skin longer, add another tablespoon of sesame, avocado and/or almond oil to the above formula.


For the face, we recommend adding only 10 drops jasmine and 10 drops ylang ylang and no other essential oils to the above formula. Jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils are most similar to the oil that crystalline skin produces and therefore the gentlest upon the face and neck.


Natural Household Cleaners


Glass Cleaner


2 cups distilled water or soda water

2 tablespoons white vinegar


Place ingredients in a clean spray bottle, shake and use. This formula can also be used to clean other surfaces such as tile counters or tile surfaces in the bathroom creating a nice shine.  The vinegar will retard the growth of mold and make glass shiny and clean. Try using soft cloth baby diaper to clean mirrors and glass surfaces. The diapers can be laundered and used again.


Disinfectant Spray


2 cups hot water

2 tablespoons white vinegar

¼ teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil

¼ teaspoon lavender essential oil

3 drops tea tree essential oil


Place ingredients in a pan and stir and allow to cool before filling a clean spray bottle. Shake and use. This is useful for bathrooms or any surface you desire to disinfect. Eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree are known for the antimicrobial properties, and vinegar retards the development of mold.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner


2 tablespoons baking soda

2 tablespoons vinegar

1 teaspoon orange essential oil

1 teaspoon grapefruit essential oil

2 cups water


When you mix the vinegar with baking soda, it will foam. Let stand for 10 minutes before placing into a clean spray bottle for use.


Natural Abrasive Cleanser


½ cup clay

¾ cup baking soda

1 ½ tablespoons grapefruit essential oil

1 tablespoon orange essential oil


Place all ingredients in a bowl and sprinkle the essential oil on top mixing in as you can. Place in an airtight container and use with a soft damp sponge to scrub surfaces clean.


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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