Image of rainbow waves enveloping Earth. The End Of The Era Of Dogma

17. The End Of The Era Of Dogma For Earth And Humankind


The One Source would like to give our readership a better understanding of what these Great Central Sun Transmissions are and entail on the part of our channel to bring through for other humans to understand. Earth and each species compile records of data that is transmitted to the Great Central Sun on a monthly basis that summarizes the experience of ascension upon Earth. Such records include not only karmic records but also energetic solutions to compression of energy due to the distortion that Earth has entered.


All ascending stars within the Great Central Sun, which number seven in total from dimensions 3 through 144 carefully digest such transmissions thereby uncovering parallel problems in their own fields or matching unknown karmic experiences. Not all ascending stars have human life, but five of the seven that are ascending do. Therefore, the human records are important to human counterparts upon dimensions 12, 18, 36, 72 and 144 that are also ascending at this time in history.


These records are transcribed from the records shared with the Great Central Sun and all ascending stars therein at this time in history. Asur’Ana acts as the transcriber and to the best of her ability shares what has been relayed. What is not shared are the energetic solutions that accompany such changes, as this is so complex it would cause this chapter to be ten times longer in length to attempt to include.


The False Intervention


Long ago, the Dara Soul Group began to investigate a group of souls that had opened a gateway into the 5th Dimension by extending themselves down the space between your creation and a neighboring creation. The beings formed a star and claimed themselves to be a part of an intervention of All That Is. It has been subsequently determined that these beings are not from your All That Is, but have been traced to a parallel All That Is that had an incomplete ascension long ago. These beings are now being determined by the One Source to be responsible for the destruction of 8 All That Is that neighbor the All That Is that Earth is associated with. This is the 9th All That Is that this particular set of beings have entered and subsequently caused fall after fall in consciousness therein.


These beings claim themselves to be an intervening factor, but are not a helpful source of information, although they present themselves as such in the beginning. Often such souls start at the bottom or the parts of any creation that are learning the basic lessons of creation and destruction. They intervene and sometimes appear as highly enlightened and willing to help. Sometime they are invited to help as a particular planet or star encounters difficulties in their own evolution. Sometimes they are invited to incarnate into a specific species upon a specific dimension, as their dance appears to match in congruence of the lessons that a particular form might offer. However, the reason for such souls’ incarnation is not to evolve or learn, and not to help, but rather use the associated planet or star as a place to dump karma from the false intervention and strip mine ascension records. The ascension records are then used to ascend out of the creation as the creation itself falls into non-consciousness or total annihilation.


Soul chooses many species for specific lessons. Each species offers a specific foundation from which soul may evolve. Some souls that have been involved with destructive patterns are shunted to the lower dimensions to begin again and anew, learning the basic lessons of supporting a consensus reality rather than destroying it. Such species chosen for the incarnation of destructive souls are often very limited in nature. The Koala Bear upon Earth is one example of such a species, along with the Sloth Bear. Both the Koala and Sloth sleep most of the time, eating and mating upon rare occasion.


The slow nature of such species gives the soul incarnate lots of time to ponder and learn from their prior destructive incarnations. Sometimes such species find themselves harmed by yet other souls in other species. In such harmful experiences, souls that have harmed are harmed themselves, and balance their karma. In so doing, such souls learn not to harm another again as it results in being harmed oneself, and out of such a dance learn to support in full the consensus that they are incarnate within.


Although the souls from the false intervention meet the requirements of species such as Koala or Sloth due to their harmful history, the purpose for their incarnation has not proved to be supportive of Earth. Such souls have used the species incarnated into to add to Earth’s density by depositing karma from other creations through the false intervention causing Earth to decline in vibration. Such souls have also stripped Earth of vital information necessary for her own ascension. Earth has uncovered 8 species involved with souls from the false intervention, one of which is humankind, and the seven others include moth, panda bear, walrus, kangaroo, lizard, toad, and opossum.


Such species have been utilized to deposit loads of karma beginning about 8 million years ago in Earth history. Earth history is recorded as rotations of her sun around the sun’s sun, which are measured in four rotations of Earth around her sun. Therefore, we are speaking of 32 million years ago as humanity records a year, and long before humanity arrived to dance upon Earth. Humanity was seeded roughly 50,000 earth years ago (or 200,000 human years).


Earth has settled her karma with the false intervention. All of the above seven species have received new souls from the Great Central Sun that are supportive to Earth’s continued rise in vibration as of late. The karma from the false intervention has been returned, and the records taken retrieved. This ends the manipulations of beings claiming themselves a part of the false intervention of God Goddess/All That Is with Earth and all species, except for humankind.


Humanity has also danced with beings from the false intervention, and the dance began shortly after the original seeding of the red race from Sirius. This dance led to complications with the ascensions of the red human form as the souls from the false intervention began to remove genetic information from the great masters and their initiates. The loss of genetic materials was not caught, and the great masters fell further and further into distortion with each loss of genetics and subsequent incomplete ascensions. The false intervention also introduced electrical sacred geometry to Earth through red human ascensions, which were not an inherent energy flow for your creation. The electrical sacred geometry not only threw the red race further into distortion, but later attracted the Annanuki family from the Pleiades to come to Earth who resonated with the electrical energy flow.


It will take all humans ascending to the fourth dimension to release all karma with the false intervention. However, those humans who are ascending are invited to be cautious when any soul promises miracles in one’s life or evolution. There have been many mapmaking initiates who have been waylaid in their purpose in entering into bargains with souls from the false intervention, only finding themselves stripped of all ascension records and a load of karma deposited into their field that is not their own. This causes a cessation of ascension, and sometimes illness, for if enough genetic materials are removed as the crystalline cellular structure is forming, cancer can be the result.


An initiate had been approached by beings from the star Altieryn, which indeed is not a star at all but a false intervention hole from between the creation that Earth is related to and a parallel creation. The souls emanating from this supposed star are the same beings that have destroyed creation after creation in their long history. They are also the same beings that created the “Star of David” over Christ’s birth and 9 other stars at specific times in Earth’s recent history. They indeed entered your creation each time often manipulating the outcome of a particular segment of human history. The false intervention has been found to be partially responsible for bringing forth Christ’s crucifixion by depositing crucifixion karma that was not Christ’s true inheritance from birth. This caused Christ to create his demise rather than ascend.


Earth sees that there are parallel false interventions upon dimensions 12, 18 and 36 of your creation. Earth is intending that these beings leave her creation in full and return to where they originally came from. The One Source has determined that these beings have been in such a destructive pattern for so long that they are incapable of evolving beyond it. Source is therefore choosing to receive such beings as Earth ascends and shall place them into a forced recasting outside of time and space. Recasting brings about the revelation of all records accrued in the dance of any soul over time. As the recasting begins, and it has already, more and more shall be revealed about how these souls have destroyed creation after creation through time and space. As more is understood, such creations too can be resurrected and return Home to the One Source.


It is anticipated that dimensions 12, 18 and 36 shall likewise cease to work with these beings of the false intervention as they both recognize the real nature of them and their karma is complete. It is anticipated that by the time that Earth enters the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun around 2048 that all dimensions shall have completely severed all ties and fully removed all beings from the false intervention in full.


New Mass Human Ascension Plans


Earth has determined that humans must ascend, and has inserted into the human hologram agreements that shall now cause all humans to begin to match Earth’s global vibration and begin their ascent through the lower initiations leading to 1,024 segments of DNA. It is anticipated that within the coming 20 months, most of humanity shall be sitting at a new threshold of vibration, which shall support Earth in her continued ascension.


Eighteen prior attempts to release information to trigger mass human ascension have failed within the past decade. Sixteen of such attempts were through the Dara Soul Group. All attempts failed as all information dispensed to bring forth ascension was rapidly removed from Earth by information brokers. Many humans are unconscious information brokers, and such brokering is so rampant that no attempt to dispense ascension records to the human species has succeeded. Such information has been found moved to many other creations including Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromedas, along with the false intervention itself following dispensation.


Earth has determined therefore that the records for ascension shall be delivered through the elements of air, water, earth and fire. All humans have water in the form of blood and intracellular fluids. All humans have fire in the form of kundalini, even at 2 segments of DNA. All humans live on the land and eat foods grown of the land. All humans also breathe the air surrounding Earth’s atmosphere. Through the elements, it is perceived that the attempts to broker all ascension information away shall fail, as the information shall be delivered from inside of the form and field rather than outside.


The elements are conscious and have many souls incarnate therein. Such souls have often been involved with circumstances that have contributed to the decline in consciousness of the human form either upon Earth or upon other dimensions of your creation. Therefore, such souls shall pay back their karmic debt in anchoring the genetic information necessary for humanity to ascend upon Earth.


The mass ascension is anticipated to be triggered as Earth completes global initiation 3,000 in the etheric this coming October 2019. As this is accomplished, there shall be enough chi available unto the elements to begin to infuse the human form and field with the genetic materials necessary for humanity to rise en masse to 1,024 segments of DNA. As this is accomplished, the next phase of mass ascension shall begin to 1,800 segments of DNA.


The rise of the human form from 2 to 1,024 segments of DNA shall allow humanity to transcend dogma. Dogma is a thoughtform that pits one human against another, or one nation against another. It is determined that as humanity rises above dogma that the likelihood of a global nuclear war shall be avoided in humanity’s near future freeing Earth from such a threat in her choice to ascend.


Many children shall be born at Bodhisattva level vibration or 7,500 segments of DNA in the coming 8 years. Such children are anticipated to assist in holding the vibrations for other humans surrounding them to ascend. Overall it is anticipated that 10% of all births shall be Bodhisattva in vibration beginning later this year and into 2020, 10% in 2021, 15% in 2022, 15% in 2023, 20% in 2024, and 30% by 2026. In 2028, the vibration of the human species shall be high enough to introduce the first Mahavishnu level infants, and children will begin to be born with 15,000 segments of DNA. This shall also bring about an increased head size perhaps causing many more cesarean sections in order to deliver. It is anticipated that science shall catch on to such changes and prepare accordingly.


Such changes are coming in alignment with Earth’s increased pace of ascension. It is now anticipated that Earth herself shall reach Bodhisattva level vibration (7,500 segments of DNA) no later than 2024. This is in preparation for entry into another major Star Gate of the Great Central Sun.

New History of the Annanuki Revealed


Initiations from 1 through 1,024 cause the transcendence of dogma in all species. Dogma is extreme belief in right or wrong that have often caused humans to war upon one another or annihilate one another. The karmic cause of dogma has just been revealed. Dogma is the result of the splintering of the self-perpetuating thoughtform devised for a limited slave race that the Annanuki incubated in a laboratory. These 18 thoughtforms that the original slave race was founded to function within are nicely described in Chapter 12 “A New Divine Plan for Earth and Humanity Is Launched”.


Dogma caused these 18 base slave thoughtforms to splinter into extreme polarity of right and wrong. The original cause of the splintering appears to be brutality towards the slaves on behalf of the Annanuki. This indeed is the original fall out of the “Garden of Eden”, as the slaves lived in joy up until the first mass annihilation of their growing population. The Annanuki found over time that as the slaves bred in too many numbers that the slave thoughtform began to impinge itself upon the Annanuki. They therefore chose to annihilate the slaves en masse to reduce the overpopulation, and introduce restrictions in their breeding practices.


The mass annihilations have now been determined by Earth to have killed over 17 billion of the slave race over a 19,000 year period. Such annihilations began after the creation of the oceans due to the bartering of extensive parts of Earth’s mineral kingdom by the Annanuki to other star systems. Such annihilations caused fear to become a bottom line vibration for the slaves even when large portions of their populations were never told about the annihilations. Creation is holographic and if one member of any creation experiences anything, all members feel the results of the experience.


The Annanuki first used a form of rapid poison to kill the slaves by the hundreds. This became too slow and later they took to smashing the forms and burning them alive. The pain from such annihilation was recorded predominantly in the dolphin and whale species imported from the Pleiades to support the energy flow of Earth following the creation of your oceans. Such pain was so great that it caused the whales and dolphins to decline substantially in genetic material, as the density of the vibration of pain is so low.


The Annanuki also took to placing all of their karma upon the slaves and executing selective numbers in the form of a sacrificial ceremony conducted several times per year and in 18 locations upon Earth’s surface. The locations of such sacrifices include 9 locations on Hawaii and 9 near Machu Picchu. Such humans were specifically raised for the purposes of sacrifice, and told that they were contributing to their gods in so doing. Often, they were brutally slaughtered in the process and then thrown into an active volcano. Sometimes they were thrown into the active volcano alive. In all cases, the karma of the Annanuki was erased, as the flesh of the slaves was combusted in the heat of the melted lava.


Combustion does not really erase karma; it simply causes the karma to become stuck in time and space, and in the sticking fails to have impact upon those responsible. Therefore, the Annanuki did not really erase the karma, simply delayed its return. The return of their karma is now up through Earth’s ascension. Such karma is being returned from humanity upon Earth to the Pleiades as the Annanuki returned home after Earth was devastated in a nuclear incident. Because the Annanuki did not die upon Earth and returned to the Pleiades, all karma incurred during their reign is not considered Earth or human responsibility upon Earth. However, those lineages related to Annanuki procreation carry a portion of the karma, but were not the original cause and therefore cannot be burdened with all of it.


Because the slaves were not the cause of the karma, the Annanuki and slave race itself scarred in the genetic structure. Scarring occurs as records are locked in time and space. It is now understood that this scarring of the Annanuki nervous system through such practices is another cause of the decline of their reign and eventually caused their insane warfare amongst each other.


The Annanuki utilized a form of “blind erase” of all karmic archives as the slaves combust in the lava. Unfortunately, some of their own records necessary to hold the weaving of the slaves were erased along with the karma. This caused the Annanuki to go increasingly out of balance as the records necessary to retain balance had been permanently erased and therefore stood beyond their own recovery. The only manner records are recovered is in ascension, and the Annanuki were not interested in ascension, only immortality. It has now been determined that the Annanuki caused their own distortion and demise through such practices.


At the time that Merduk and Innana, two members of the Annanuki went insane, they had extended their life 18,000 human years. The life extension practices included not only the sacrifice of the slaves to avoid karmic return, but also the consumption of human blood also known as the “elixir of the gods”. Such blood consumption became increasingly impure as more and more of the slave race went into fear from the brutal manner that they were treated, annihilated, or sacrificed. Fear causes genetic changes, and the fear caused the blood of the slaves to change. Over time, the blood no longer supported the Annanuki as it once had in their desire for immortality.


As the blood of the slaves no longer supported their life extension practices, the Annanuki took to hunting the red seeded race for blood. Often such humans were held captive and bled to death over a year period or more. As the red race also went into fear due to such practices and the holographic remembrance, the blood of the red race also altered in biochemical structure. At this juncture, the desire for immortality was so great that Merduk chose to utilize the blood of his own half red/ half Annanuki offspring.


Many have heard of the myth of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld. Persephone was a red child that was abducted at age 7 and taken to Merduk for blood. He fell in love with Persephone and married her at age 11. They had 8 children over an 800-year period. It was as Persephone caught Merduk killing her own child for blood that she herself went insane and committed suicide by throwing herself into an active volcano. Merduk went on to marry 3 other red females, each abducted at an early age as Persephone. He continued to utilize his own offspring for blood to extend his life. Over time even the blood of his own offspring was too impure to keep his flesh from decaying. It is the decay of the Annanuki that led eventually to their insanity, and their insane warfare upon one another.


Merduk warred upon his sister Innana for over 1,000 years. The warfare created greater and greater brutal experiences in the experience of the Annanuki slave race. Such records of brutality were transferred to the dolphins and whales who subsequently again declined in genetic material as the vibrations of pain were so dense for them to hold.


Merduk took to creating a specific set of human slaves bred for warfare. Such slaves were devoid of emotions, had only 1,024 segments of DNA and would fight to the finish without complaint. Groups of such slaves were so violent that they pushed the forces of Innana’s slaves back to a single region upon Earth currently located in South America. Innana would not surrender, and trapped Merduk in a pyramid threatening to destroy him. Merduk escaped and went off planet in one of his spacecrafts.


End of the Era of Dogma and Self-Perpetuating Thoughtform


Earth in her ascension has recently replaced all planes of communication and manifestation surrounding Earth. Such a shift brings about the end of the era of dogma and self-perpetuation in Earth’s global thoughtform. This is important as Earth is transiting to a unity-based thoughtform known as the Language of Light. All dogma and the self-perpetuating loops of electrical based thoughtform anchored by the Annanuki, the False Gods, and the “Ascended Masters” have recently been removed from Earth’s communication planes.


It is important for humans to understand that these beings have become a part of the very genetic fabric that Earth and humanity exists within. As the genetics are modified, the thoughtform associated with such beings along with their very essence is transmuted and removed from each ascending species. Can one can still channel the False Gods and the “Ascended Masters” after their global removal? The answer is yes as when any human channels, they tune into their own thoughtform held in their own DNA. Until such a human transcends the genetic material that such a thoughtform resonates in, they will still be able to channel such thoughtform. As more humans rise above dogma and self-perpetuation, they will begin to channel unity-based thoughtform, which is the Language of Light.


Dogma in the Human Dance


Dogma pits humans against one another in judgment or acceptance based upon marital status, social status, income, career, position, fame, birth inheritance, religion, appearance and behavior. There are 18 groups of dogma-based thoughtform that is transcended as any human or species rises from 2 to 1,024 segments of DNA. As dogma is left behind, the extremes of right and wrong are also released allowing humans to become more accepting of one another. Such acceptance may well decrease crime and the need to violate another in any manner over time, both in the singular and as a collective.


Humanity shall bring forth many changes in civilization as a result of rising out of dogma. For the extremes in wealth and poverty, health and disease, warfare and violence, along with homelessness and hunger are all related to dogma. As humanity rises above such dogma, such extremes shall be modified allowing for a new civilization to be born in which all shall be fed, all shall be provided for, extremes in abuse or torture shall cease, and disease may fade into a distant memory in the human dance.


There are many humans that may well not be strong enough for the rise in vibration to 1024 segments of DNA. The push from the elements of Earth to trigger ascension may well cause such forms to decay more rapidly than otherwise would occur. As such, it is anticipated that those not strong enough to evolve shall become diseased at a more rapid pace allowing for the cleansing of all lineages not suited to ascension in the decade ahead. It is important to remember that the human race is one species. As long as some humans ascend, all shall experience the ascension of the whole. Death is but an illusion, and all humans continue to exist beyond death. Such humans shall join their living ancestors and experience their future ascension. All humans therefore shall live to witness the golden era ahead for Earth and humankind.


For the sake of those who are about to embark upon the ascension to 1024, we would like to take the time to better define the 18 categories of dogma that humanity exists within. Humanity shall modify such extremes in thinking in the act of ascension over the coming 7-year period, allowing a new thoughtform that is less extreme in polarity to become the foundation of the human dance. All parts of civilization shall gradually restructure themselves accordingly allowing for a greater level of acceptance and understanding of one another and the varying human cultures, practices and beliefs to prevail. Such a shift shall prepare humankind for the next momentum upward and beyond duality in full, during which the self-perpetuating thoughtform shall likewise be transcended en masse.


What does this mean? Well, what if your president or prime minister steps down from office voluntarily? Or what if the Pope quits? Such changes are possible with ascension as one moves from one polarity to another to balance out the two extremes. As polarity shifts from one opposite to another, life shall change accordingly for every human. Some may go from health to disease, or disease to health, or poverty to wealth, or wealth to poverty, or marriage to divorce, or single to married. It is the extreme polarities in one’s life that are modified as dogma is transcended. As long as one continues to ascend, the extreme opposite is again modified and one comes to the middle road. This equates to balance, and from a state of balance, one is more stable within. (Please refer to Chapter 16 “Balancing Opposing Forces of Persona in Ascension” for a greater understanding of balancing the polarities within in ascension.)


Many humans may rediscover the underlying spiritual nature of existence. Many humans are caught in the dogma of working to an excess and not giving themselves enough time to focus inward. Sometimes lengthy periods of outward momentum in the life dance will turn to lengthy periods of inward momentum as one reverses polarities in ascension. One may lose the job and have more time on their hands, or become too ill to work and then have more time on their hands, or choose to create the time in seeing that the inner work is more important, and quit finding another preoccupation that is less consuming. However it occurs, humans are in for a lot of change.


What if humans of the future refuse to work such long hours? What if employers have to offer more balance in the workplace, allowing time for spiritual evolution? Perhaps this shall be so for the employers of the future whom have so few employees that they must give benefits of such a nature to those willing to work for them. For if enough humans become ill, who is going to run your civilization? There may not be enough humans to run the trains or buses or delivery trucks, or any business for that matter. What then? Humanity will begin to refocus as the order of their reality ceases to be so well orchestrated due to personal upheaval.


The personal upheaval shall cause more humans to focus inward. Perhaps in the inward focus, they will rediscover and open unto their inner landscape and begin to listen to the God Goddess within. In so doing, they will find their way home in their own ascension. Civilization will go from order to chaos, as this is the opposing polarity from that which you currently live within. It is perhaps for this reason that those whom are the map makers of ascension shall retreat out of the cities and into the country where such chaos will have less impact. One may also choose to grow their own food for sustenance as the food sources become increasingly unreliable.


Why will food source become unreliable? There may be less and less humans to orchestrate the growth and delivery of such food. Additionally, some food sources shall cease to grow and become diseased unless humanity adapts conscious farming practices that honor. We foresee that humans will become less dependent upon farmers and more self-dependent or sovereign over time. Ascension brings about greater and greater sovereignty over time, and therefore we foresee that this shall be so for communities of humans in the future whom choose to become self-sustaining. It shall be out of the chaos that this shall become so, however humans will also learn that the self-sustaining communities flourish with greater ease, and will most likely not move back into highly populated cities again.


Why will humans leave the cities? As the molecular rotation of Earth increases to enough of a degree, cement shall begin to crumble. It shall reach a time that the cement of your cities shall crumble faster than it can be repaired, and therefore shall not be a safe place to reside. It is anticipated that by 2035, most humans shall have abandoned all cities worldwide. This shall be a time of great peace in such locations for Earth; for such locations have held so much density that then they can be cleansed of the density in full in Earth’s continued ascension.


It is anticipated that by 2035, most humans shall also have risen above self-perpetuation and into the unity-based thoughtform of the Language of Light as the vibrational foundation of existence. As this occurs, yet another restructuring of the human dance shall unfold over the coming century leading to a new foundation of unity relations amongst all in humans to become the norm. It shall be at such a time that the human species en masse shall re-enter the dance of unity with all species upon Earth.


The 18 Categories of Dogma


The following are the 18 forms of dogma associated with the human dance at 2 segments of DNA. Be aware that as an ascending human, one transcends such polarized thoughtform in climbing to 1,024 segments of DNA. By 1,800 the transcendence is solidified enough and one begins then to address the 18 self-perpetuating loops of slave thoughtform spoken of in Chapter 12.


1. Control: This form of dogma causes humans to be in control over another or within a particular arena of the life dance. Such control can play out in a multitude of manners. Often the one in control will exhibit anger when another fails to be controlled. Sometimes the one in control will shame another into subordination. Sometimes the one in control will kill the other to demonstrate their dominion, which is the most extreme form of control upon Earth, to extinguish the life of another. In all cases, such behavior is an example of the dogma of control.


2. Subservience: This form of dogma causes humans to make another subservient in a certain area of the life dance. An example of the dogma of subservience may be seen in the extreme forms of sadomasochistic behavior exemplified in some of the human sex industries. The desire to tie another up or beat another is a form of the dogma of subservience. Torture would also fall into this category; along with child abuse of all kinds including parents lock up their children or tie them to the bed at night.


3. Nurturing: This form of dogma causes humans to desire to perpetually nurture another. However, underlying the nurturing is a dogma that seeks to cause one to depend upon the other for their internal sense of well-being or truth. Many doctors and healers run this type of dogma, which is a form of codependent love. In such a dogma, one has no truth outside of the truth that the nurturing one offers. Many humans who are addicted to their doctor’s opinion over their health and well being, going back again and again for this test or that procedure, would be an example of this type of dogma in action.


4. Vision: This form of dogma causes humans to utilize vision as a means of manipulating another into doing one’s bidding. The dogma of vision can play out two ways, one of which is related to persuading others to follow one’s vision without question. Some extreme examples of this can be seen in cults in which a mass suicide was orchestrated, each following the vision of the guru. Another form that the dogma of vision can take is related to the ability to see into the weaknesses of others and then utilize such perceptions to harm, control, manipulate or destroy. Spying is an example of utilizing perceptions of another industry, country or leadership in order to control, manipulate or destroy.


5. Hearing: This form of dogma causes humans to utilize sound and words to manipulate others into doing one’s bidding. This dogma of hearing is avidly used in commercials and infomercials, which utilize sound that is both audible and inaudible in the forms of subliminal messages to program humans to purchase this or that product. Psychologists in counseling services also program their clients into a particular belief system, which is another example of this type of dogma. Some humans are so gifted at this type of communication that it may not be perceived as dogma at all. However, underlying such communication, no real desire to understand another or allow another their truth is present, only the desire to program another into one’s own beliefs.


6. Speech: This form of dogma causes humans to utilize words to sway others to believe what one has to say. One of the more blatant examples of this form of dogma was displayed in the life of Adolph Hitler who coerced an entire nation into embracing him as a leader, and later accepting his choice to conquer the world and annihilate others en masse. It is the dogma of speech that underlies the greatest of seducers in the human dance. The dogma of speech is often seen amongst the most famous gurus, whether they are spiritual or financial in nature. The speech in their books or live presentations seduces the audience, and in so doing, programs each present with their particular set of beliefs and to be under their control.


7. Sight: This form of dogma causes humans to utilize pictures to sway others to believe what one has to say. One form that this type of dogma is displayed on a recurring basis in the human dance is through the media advertising of all kinds. Such pictures can also have subliminal messages embedded that seduce the viewer into aligning their beliefs accordingly and then later purchasing the product or service. Sometimes this form of dogma can also be seen in the entertainment industry, examples of which include the strip-tease artist to the latest rock star music video. All such performers visually seduce those watching who are then programmed to believe in the performer’s fame. It is in the belief of the performer’s fame of many viewers that indeed creates the fame.


8. Touch: The dogma of touch causes humans to manipulate one another over the desire to be touched. One avid place that one can see this type of dogma is in your advertisements for toilet tissue or kleenex, which emphasize the import of how the product “feels” against the skin. Another place such dogma can be found is in the sex industry, which underlies most advertising upon your plane of reality. There is a deep need for the human form to be touched, and in manipulating one into believing that another will fill this need through this product or that, thousands consume such products every day. Never of course is the real need for touch fulfilled upon through such products.


9. Truth: Humans have much dogma over who is God. From the belief that this or that is God, some of the greatest atrocities in human form have been done against your fellow humans, and often in the belief that “now I will go to heaven”. The dogma of truth is also about which truth is right and which is wrong. Indeed, most of your human reality is founded upon whatever science has proved to be “right” in this laboratory test or that. This has been accepted as the “truth” in the human dance. Alas, this is not the truth; it is only dogma, founded upon a fractured self-perpetuating thoughtform known as science.


10. Failure: The dogma of failure is an interesting one. The fear of failure is so great that most humans can be easily controlled in such a fear. The fear of failure causes one to mind their boss, or even mind the police or the laws within your civilization. For failure is also often equated with behavior that is outside of the law. The dogma of failure can be subtle and include all programming that causes one to behave some way other than the way in which one sincerely feels. This dogma perhaps more than any other leads to non-authenticity in the human dance.


11. Common Sense: The dogma of common sense causes humans to believe that there is justice or truth in common sense. Common sense is not just, nor is it truth. Common sense is founded upon the dos and don’ts of dogma in all of the forms discussed in this material. It is out of common sense that one would only believe what science believes, and not find any truth in spiritual pursuits. It is out of common sense that one would go to the doctor rather than examine the thoughtform at cause of their manifestation. It is out of common sense that one would think that global warming is not the result of Earth’s ascension, but some other physical dilemma.


12. Ambiance: The dogma of ambiance underlies illusions of all kinds. Such dogma states that there is a proper way to furnish one’s home, or a proper home to live in, or a proper way for a restaurant to look, or the proper music to play to be hip. The dogma of ambiance is more or less controlled by those gifted at programming humans through speech, visual and hearing dogma into believing that this is the way one should or should not live.


13. Appearance: The dogma of appearance, much like ambiance, underlies physical illusions of all kinds for the human form. The dogma of appearance says that this fashion or that is “in” this year, and this one is “out”. The dogma of appearance has most in the West dieting to an extreme to remain thin, as thin is equated with beauty and health. Unfortunately, there is nothing beautiful about very skinny humans, nor is there much energy or life-force emanating from such forms. One thing that is true about thin humans is that they tend to be out of body, and therefore are easily controlled and programmed by those manipulating through visual, speech and sight dogma. Perhaps it is for this reason that the media has focused so much on “thin is in” thoughtform, as in creating a thin group of humans, they are easy to manipulate into consuming this or that product incessantly.


14. Family Relations: The dogma of family relations causes humans to believe that they must either be in or out of relationship with their family. If one is in relationship, then one must visit the family at Christmas, or purchase presents at significant holidays, or send cards that state artificial sentiments to the way in which one really feels. If one is out of relationship with their family, generally there is story or saga of extreme rape or pain that has caused one to separate, and such folk often wish to convert others into believing that their family is wrong, bad or evil.


15. Job Relations: The dogma of job relations causes humans to believe that one must be prompt and must perform on the job here in the West. If one is not on time or fails to perform, one may be punished, which may include demotion, firing or being laid off. The dogma of job relations causes humans to try and act as though they were machines without feelings and without any other purpose than serving the employer. In the East, the dogma of job relations is perhaps the opposite, in which the job is not taken with as great as import as other responsibilities, such as domestic needs. In such, the East may be less prompt at delivering their goods. However, it is still the opposing polarity of dogma rather than unity consciousness behind the dance.


16. Marital Relations: The dogma of marital relations causes humans to believe that the goal of every human is to marry, or conversely and in the opposing pole, every human is to be single. If one is married, unmarried humans are considered threatening, and one seeks to promote the joys of wedded bliss, whether or not it is the way one actually feels or one’s actual experience. If one is single, then one is always longing to be married and imagines the joys of wedded bliss, whether or not they are true. If one is single, one may also promote the joy of freedom inherent in not being in a partnership, and may voice such. If one is gay, then one may promote the joy of being gay, or seek to hide their real nature in a non-sexual marriage.


17. Friendships: The dogma of friendships causes humans to believe that they must like their friends, or if they dislike them, they must see them anyway and attempt to hide their true feelings. The opposing pole is an enemy, which causes humans to never see such folk and justify talking about them with great demise behind their backs.


18. Love: The dogma of love causes humans to believe that they must love everyone, and that love requires that one carry another, fix another or heal another. Conversely the dogma of love causes humans to believe it is appropriate to hate their enemies, or those who do not believe the same dogma as oneself.


Each reading this material may wish to examine where they are still in dogma within their current life dance, and choose to transcend it. Most of you are the map makers of either first or second run nature that have agreed to either carve the path of ascension, or test run the map that others have carved. As such, you are the future leaders of humankind and have underlying agreements to hold space for yet others of less awareness to ascend. This is the purpose of the light workers or the seeded ones, who deliberately seeded themselves with lineages from birth for ascension.


In better understanding what your brothers and sisters in human form shall be addressing within in the coming 24-month period, those who have already surpassed such folk in ascension can be better prepared to support such a shift. Such shifts shall affect all humans, regardless of race, age, or location upon the planet. It shall also affect one’s family, friends, and children, along with employers and fellow employees at work. It may well be a very confusing time for many humans, and those who understand may guide them to not be so afraid, and surrender to the change. For the time of awakening is upon the human species!


The momentum of ascension is anticipated to increase exponentially as humanity rises en masse in vibration. This shall support Earth in her choice to meet her deadlines for entry in the future Star Gates of the Great Central Sun. The next entry point for the second Star Gate shall occur around Christmas 2019. Earth is right on course to meet the vibrational threshold necessary to enter. May it come to be!

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This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



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