Image of the harmonious willow tree. Blessings for Building a Strong Crystalline Immune System

17. Blessings for Building a Strong Crystalline Immune System


From the Willow Tree Kingdom


It is the Willow Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Our kingdom has been a favored tree for many a Japanese garden over time. The gentle swaying leaves of our kingdom causes a feeling of peace to surround those entering the garden. Why is this so? Our kingdom holds the vibration of peace within the Language of Light for the Tree Kingdom. Each species of plant or tree has a special purpose in association with the tones of creation that we hold as well as the dream that we foster in any region that we exist.


Asur’Ana has outlined the vibrations of the herb kingdoms in Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Through the herbs, each of the single tones of the ascending language that each species is choosing to embody at this time of evolution is sustained. One can gain the benefit of the vibrations not only in procuring and taking of herbal tinctures, but also by planting the herbs in one’s garden. In so doing, one can receive the benefit of the energy movement and vibrations that one requires to ascend.


Language of Light and Trees


Trees also host vibrations in association with the Language of Light. One can plant trees in one’s garden and yard and reap the same benefit as the herbs offer; or one can procure smaller houseplants in the form of young trees for one’s indoor garden at home or in the office. The Pine Tree kingdom hosts the vibration associated with forgiveness. Forgiveness is the foundation of ascension and if one cannot forgive, then one cannot ascend beyond a certain mechanical level of field rotation. Forgiveness is also the first note on the scale of the Language of Light. Having a pine tree of any variety in one’s yard or home will assist one in remembering to forgive and not to hold on to grudges. Visiting the older pine forests will assist one in learning Absolute Forgiveness.


The Redwood Tree Kingdom hosts the Language of Light vibration known as “Dream”. The dream symbol has to do with remembering how to consciously intend and then manifest one’s dream in the physical. Those that plant redwood trees in their yard or grow a young redwood tree indoors will reap the benefit of assistance in one’s process of dream weaving. One can also visit the more ancient redwood forests to receive an opening into the void of infinite possibility.


Cedar Trees hold the vibration of “Honor” in the Language of Light. Many initiates have difficulty with honor, not of others, but often of oneself; and if one does not master honor of self, then one has failed to master honor, as honor can only occur if one first honors oneself and one’s own needs in the dance of life. Planting a cedar tree either in the yard or raising a young tree indoors will assist those learning the lessons of honor in mastering the associated energy flow. One can also visit the ancient Cedar forests for opening to honor for the purposes of community building or relations unto groups of others. It is the Cedar Tree Kingdom that often lived near peaceful and unity-based human civilizations in times past, and they hold a lot of records on this subject as a result.


Gum Trees such as Eucalyptus hold the vibration of “Unity” in the Language of Light. Unity is a state of being in which the greater good of the whole is considered above and beyond the individual or any specific kingdom. It is a state of unity that must be mastered in order for Terra (Earth) to more fully ascend into the Great Central Sun Dream. This is so for humans. Planting gum trees in the yard or having a young gum tree indoors is useful therefore to learning the unity movement of the Language of Light.


Bamboo and Palm Trees hold the vibration of “Truth” in the Language of Light. Planting a palm tree or bamboo outdoors or a smaller version indoors will assist humans in remembering one’s truth in the dance of life. It is interesting to note how popular small bamboo plants have become as gifts, especially here on the islands as they are considered good luck by Asian cultures. However, perhaps the popularity is really the desire to return to a state of truth on the part of the human species.


Aspen and Birch Trees along with the Fichus Kingdom hold the vibration of “Hope” in the Language of Light. Planting Aspen, Birch or having a Fichus tree indoors will teach one a new energy flow that will lift depression. Often initiates go into deep depression as you process heavy karma from disease or warfare in one’s ancestry. Having a lovely Fichus tree around will remind you to find the hope and joy again in the dance of life.


Banyan Trees hold the vibration of “Stealth” in the Language of Light. Planting a young Banyan tree or visiting Banyan trees will assist one in carrying forward in one’s ascension when perhaps one feels as though one has run out of steam and needs a lift. Asur’Ana would often walk amongst the Banyans upon the island of Oahu and in Queen Kapiolani Park to assist her in finding a way to a state of renewal so that she could carry on.


Acacia Trees hold the vibration associated with “Breath of Life” in the Language of Light. Human initiates are learning to master “conscious breath” whereby one can breathe in the oxygen that one’s etheric body releases, and breathe out the carbon dioxide that the etheric body requires. This creates the first steps towards a self-sustaining system of breath where one provides for oneself between physical and nonphysical realms. Planting Acacia Trees in the yard will assist human initiates in mastering “conscious breath”.


Language of Light and Flowering Trees


Each flowering tree also hosts vibrations that can assist in learning the Language of Light. The Trees adore each who chooses the path of ascension. It is only as you ascend in human form that we too can ascend in plant and tree form beloved, for it is fully conscious species such as humanity that direct evolution home. It is why we write to foster greater understanding of evolution and offer our blessings of love, so that many more humans can ascend and so that we can all go Home to the Great Central Sun dream.


Maple trees hold the vibration of “Freedom” in the Language of Light. Planting maple trees in one’s yard will assist in mastering the freedom tone and freeing oneself from the karmic ties that bind giving birth to change in the dance of life. If one does not have a yard, one may also benefit by having maple syrup in one’s yogurt, cereal or upon one’s pancakes for breakfast.


Fruit and Vegetable Bearing Plants and Trees host the vibration of “Fortitude”, a dual tone in the Language of Light. Planting fruit trees and vegetables or eating of organically grown fruits and vegetables will provide fortitude to ascend. The fortitude offered is both energetic as well as physical, as many fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals necessary to construct crystalline biology as well as digestive agents to help break down old tissue within the body.


Nut Bearing Trees in general host the vibration of “Unconditional Service”, a dual tone in the Language of Light. Planting nut bearing trees or eating nuts such as pecans, macadamias, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts and so on will teach initiates about being in world service unto Mother Earth. World service is a state in which one’s life is devoted to serving the ascension of the whole and one’s species. Asur’Ana and Per are examples of world service in action as there is not one activity that they partake in that does not serve in some manner in the ascent of the whole. Over time as more humans master full conscious biology, humanity shall return to a state of service unto the whole and this is a time that all kingdoms look forward unto.


Willow trees are considered a part of the same family by the Oak Tree Kingdom. Oak and Willow Trees hold the vibration of “Peace” in the Language of Light. Peace is a state of being that occurs when the molecules and music that they generate are in harmony. Humans today are generally in a state of non-peace or disunity due to their own molecular sour music. The sour music humans produce is due to a blending of DNA that was dissonant and from two variant creations that are inherently disharmonious with themselves. As humans were produced from the two dissonant creational sets of DNA, internal peace was lost in the human species.


Origins of Discord Between Humans


Humans like all other kingdoms are holographic. It only takes one human of dissonant DNA to enter the dance and all humans go into dissonance. It was the family of Anu, a Pleiadian group of humans that came to Earth to mine gold for their own dying creation, that blended DNA between themselves and a Sirian red nation humans associated with the Native American Root Race. The Anu and their Orion scientists deliberately blended dissonant DNA as they desired that their slave nation age and die rather than be immortal. The Anu themselves had come to Earth because they were far enough from home to experiment with sustaining an immortal physical existence, which would have never been allowed upon their planet of origin. Therefore, they came to break Pleiadian law, and also broke spiritual law in creating human life in a laboratory.


The slave human life caused all other humans living upon Earth to go into great discord. The discord erupted at first in the forms of small disputes within red nation’s tribes between husbands and wives or children and parents. Over time, the discord increased as the slave populations grew in an excess later in the era of the Anu. The more slaves that were bred to extend the life of the Anu, the more dissonant all humans upon Earth became.


The discord began to erupt between tribes who began to dispute over territory and resources. The reason for the territorial dispute has to do with procreation. When the Anu altered the energetic pulls of the moon to cause their own slaves to procreate in excess, it also caused all red nations tribes to procreate in excess. Suddenly women became fertile every month rather than once per year; the result was an increasing population of red peoples as well as Anu slaves to a point that the land could not sustain them.


Failing to have ample provisions was already problematic for the red nation’s peoples due to the melting of the ice shields and creation of the oceans. The Anu mined so much gold over time taking it home to the Pleiades that it caused a wobble in Earth’s energy flow. As the wobble increased to enough of a degree, the friction melted the ice that the Sirian scientists had so carefully suspended in Earth’s atmosphere. The end result was the “Great Flood” in which over 8 billion red nations’ peoples drowned. It was following the Great Flood that the Anu chose to procreate their own slave populations into larger numbers, and this caused the red tribes to also increase in numbers again into the billions.


Wars for Territories and Resources


The loss of land due to the great floods created less land to live upon. 8 billion red nations’ peoples living upon Earth’s entire surface without oceans and with the many deep and fertile valleys offered plenty of provisions for continued sustenance; and abundance was an ongoing state of being in the experience of humankind as a result. Following the great floods and with more than half of the original land mass under the ocean, 8 billion red nations humans upon the surface of the Earth was too much; and this was not even taking into account another 3 billion slave nations peoples that had grown in population that also required providing for; as well as another 4 billion humans living in the Inner Earth.


As a result of the growing and too large populations, humans began to war upon other humans over resources. Red tribe began to war upon red tribe to claim the more fertile valleys. The Anu slaves began to war upon the red nations peoples living nearby running them off the land so that they could increase the size of their farms. The red nation’s peoples soon chose to build large boats and sail to a new continent known today as North America. Alas, it only took a few thousand years and soon there were red tribes from one end of North America to the other; and once again tribes began to war upon one another for resources.


When there are too many humans, and humans that have gone into discord, the discord then spreads to all other kingdoms to be experienced. It was as this came to be so that all Tree Kingdoms and plant life also went into extreme discord and lost the state of peace we had known prior to this time in history. Peace returned somewhat following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu, but at a large expense unto Earth’s vibration and field.


Over time the Anu went insane due to their life extension practices and extending life way beyond where it could be sustained in health (18,000 years). Innana and Merduk began to war upon one another. It took 1,000 years for the war to conclude as Merduk detonated two large nuclear bombs. The two nuclear bombs detonated pressed Earth on her side and shattered her chakras. The impact caused Earth to wobble on her axis leading to the experience of seasons as you know them today. All of earth went into a nuclear winter with all life dying upon her surface. Humans and animals resorted to eating flesh to survive. It took Earth 32,000 years to recover enough to begin to rise in vibration again.


As Earth began to rise in frequency, and with less large populations of humans prevailing upon her surface, the plant and tree kingdoms returned to a state of peace again. Alas the populations of humans again rose about 60,000 years later and in the era of Atlantis and to such large numbers that there was again not enough to sustain all. The end result was war and disputes over territory amongst humans, even in Lemuria.


Humans in Atlantis went into extreme disputes over territory and in particular a specific mineral required for further technological advancement that was only available upon Lemurian shores. Atlantis invaded Lemuria to procure this mineral. Atlantis also poisoned Lemurian humans through their own waterways and unleashed harmful biological agents of destruction in their warfare. Lemuria retaliated by detonating two nuclear bombs over the annual congressional meeting in Atlantis. The Atlantis government was wiped out in a single blow, but sent Earth again into a minor ice age.  All of life died again upon Terra’s surface; again, humans and animals alike resorted to eating flesh to survive.


Again, we are facing a time where the history could repeat again. Due to the ascension of Terra (Earth) as well as humans both upon the surface of the Earth and Inner Earth, the karma is being cleared faster than a nuclear annihilation can be manifest, even given the turmoil at this time in the Middle East. Although nuclear annihilation has been diverted, there is still a great deal of radiation upon Earth’s surface that is problematic for her global ascension. A part of the cause of why so much radiation remains is the nature of human technology.


Human Technology is Causing a Backward Sliding of Earth


Upon the surface of the Earth, humans harvest electricity primarily along with fossil fuels. The harvesting of electricity traps radiation along Earth’s surface, and particularly in human suburbs and cities. The fossil fuels create an exhaust that also traps radiation in Earth’s atmosphere. The two combined cause greater radiation upon Earth than magnetism when less than 100 years ago this was not so. Human technology is causing a backward sliding of Earth at this delicate time of potential evolution home to the Great Central Sun as a result.


This combined with a load of radioactive technology developed by the Inner Earth peoples has caused another back sliding in vibration over the past 250 years. The Inner Earth peoples however have enough awareness to alter their fuel and technology into magnetic forms of energy that do not pollute; as a result, Earth is moving forward again in her ascension. This combined with new vibrations anchored from the Tao that dissipate radiation is allowing Earth to begin to heat up enough to enter the Great Central Sun dream again. So, hope has been restored; and now what waits ahead is a shift in the outer Earth human dream towards technologies and fuels that do not harm Earth or prevent her ascension.


A new human dream is being woven for the surface of the Earth that will cause those of great wealth to begin to invest in the development of an alternative fuel and energy resources that will work with current human technology and yet not pollute and cease to draw upon electricity for power. Perhaps the current gas crunch will support the momentum to this new dream in the coming 4 to 5 years rather than delaying it into the future. Such a shift will support global evolution rather than hinder it.


Viruses Will Not Affect Those Who Are Ascending


There is also a host of new viruses which are really old viruses that will become reactivated due to Earth’s rising temperatures. These viruses will not affect those who are ascending who have constructed strong crystalline immune systems. The viruses will affect those however that are failing to ascend or creating incomplete or false ascensions. The underlying cause of death will be the failure of the immune system to capture the viruses released through the ascending land enough and this will allow for a massive infection that will kill the form.


Bird Flu may be a concern to humans at this time; however, this is only 1 of 24 viruses that are to become reactivated in Terra’s continued global ascent. Although the concept of immunization may be nice, the viruses are not like those that humanity is accustomed unto that slowly reproduce through cellular means. The new viruses will have carrier cells of their own that reproduce the viruses in the blood causing a massive infection overnight. It is for this reason that so many may die of these new viruses coming to the forefront of human civilization again; but they are not really new, as they existed in the time of Atlantis.


Where did these viruses originate? These viruses were developed by human scientists in the era of Atlantis for the purposes of biological warfare. Those dying of the viruses in present time will clear the karma for how humans created biological warfare in times past. It was as Atlantis dropped viral bombs upon a certain part of Lemuria that Lemurian governance acted to an extreme and detonated two nuclear bombs over Atlantean government during their annual congressional sessions. As the temperatures raise enough upon the surface of the Earth to be similar to the time of Atlantis, the viruses that have remained from this time period will again become active. It is anticipated that Earth is on course to match the vibration she held during the era of Atlantis by 2025 along the equator and 2029 in more northern or southern regions.


For those that are ascending and are building strong immune system, the viruses will not affect you. Exposure to these viruses might make you ill, however the crystalline immune system will adapt by creating white blood cells that ingest the viral carrier cells within the blood stream. Many ascending humans and other species have actually already created the necessary immune response in their own ascension to date for this type of virus. Why is this so? Scar tissue will hold viruses that one’s ancestry died of long ago. As one’s body heats up and dissolves the scar tissue to resurrect the form, viruses that killed one’s ancestry become active again. The body then learns how to handle the infection through an appropriate immune response.


Per and Asur’Ana recall many bouts of the flu and colds in their ascent to 3,000 segments. Many of these infections were really viruses from earlier times of biological warfare that had killed their ancestors and were stored in their scar tissue or decayed regions of the biology. As the decay was resurrected, the virus was released, and as such the body learned how to cope with this new type of virus by creating white blood cells to consume it. Perhaps this speaks to how brilliant the body can be if one has genealogical information to ascend; as one may create immune responses that one’s ancestry may not have been able to at the time that they lived and died. This is the gift of ascension.


As Asur’Ana and Per have figured out how to transmute certain viruses as well as poisons released in their scar tissue, the information has been made available through holographic knowledge unto all who are ascending at this time in history. The map carvers that have passed through 3,000 segments and up in vibration have also contributed their biological changes to the wheel of holographic knowledge.


All that are ascending can attune to this information through the dreamtime Healing Temples for Ascension to anchor a new blueprint for one’s own immune system. The information made available shall also assure that the incoming ascending children shall survive the coming times of change ahead, as their immune systems will be strong from birth and host the necessary response to the diseases of the future.


There may be a massive decrease in human populations after 2029 and as the viruses release and become active again. The decreasing populations must be embraced from the Tree Kingdoms point of view, as it is the greatest good of the whole for there to be fewer humans both inside and outside of Earth.


Viruses Also Affect Inner Earth’s Populations


In the Inner Earth, a parallel population growth has occurred in the past 250 years; this has resulted in too many humans and not enough resources to retain the necessary farmland without encroaching upon the needs of nature and Earth at this time of ascension. This has led to the extinction of some animals as well as plant life and sea life in the Inner Earth. The Inner Earth people are responding by creating new laws in which only one child per family is allowed at this time. They too are already experiencing a cleansing from the viruses that will hit the outer Earth by 2025 to 2029. This all told is reducing the Inner Earth populations by about 1/3 or 28%.


How did the viruses of Atlantis end up in the Inner Earth and affecting their populations? Ah, well, biological weapons can be released in waterways and in the air; and the water and air flows through the Inner Earth. Many an Inner Earth human died in the time period that Atlantis invaded Lemuria as a result and as the biological agents of destruction spread. It has been since this time that the Inner Earth peoples have created elaborate filters to protect their own air and water from causing additional harm to their populations.


Overall however, Terra estimates that human populations need to be less than 50% or ½ of what they are today to allow for the balance necessary for her continued ascent. The reduction of human populations will allow each continent as well as the Inner Earth to grow enough food source to sustain human life without depriving other kingdoms of the necessary resources to sustain their existence and support the evolution of the whole. Therefore, the dream Terra is weaving will cause a reduction of 50% of the overall human populations of Earth in the coming 100 years.


Humans Are Waking Up and Repairing the Damage to the Land


Outer Earth humans have destroyed many forests and other resources due to a lack of understanding of how this impacts the whole, and there is still a general lack of response on the part of outer Earth governance to prevent the continued mutilation of the plant and tree kingdoms. This may change ahead due to the new dream that Terra is anchoring that will cause more humans in all regions to begin to awaken and choose to repair the damage that they have caused unto the land.


After all, trees can be replanted; forests can be regenerated; so can rainforests be regenerated. Waterways can also be purified. All that is required is for a few of much wealth to assist with the costs of such endeavors and they can become physical. Much healing can also occur simply by intending to love the land and sea again. This too will support Terra in the times of ascension ahead as it comes to be so.


A part of the problem for Earth and nature alike is excessive human populations. Each human requires so much toilet paper and paper products that are derived from trees as well as so much food to sustain their existence. Each human requires so many vegetables and fruit as well as nuts to sustain their existence. The consumption of flesh also requires far more grains to be farmed per meal consumed just to feed the cattle raised for this purpose. The same farmland if utilized to feed humans upon a vegetarian diet could feed the world 3 times over. The more land that is farmed, also the less land is available for nature to freely ascend and support Terra’s overall evolution.


Acquire Plants for Oxygen to Support One’s Ascension


In some regions, humans are replanting trees in deforested regions, but this is not enough as the lack of trees also create a lack of oxygen. There is an overall lack of oxygen upon the surface of the Earth. This deprives not only humans but other animal kingdoms that have yet to develop conscious breathing techniques in their own evolution. Humans living in the cities and dense suburbs are also generally oxygen deprived. This may cause an inability to ascend or create a complete ascension in the density of the cities and suburbs as a result of a lack of enough oxygen to support the evolution of the form to a point where conscious breathing can be restored.


For those living in the cities or suburbs, you can support your choice to ascend by filling your office and home with plant life and running water in the form of fountains. Cities and suburbs along with work environments are filled with a load of electrical static and radiation that causes chakras and energy fields to slow in rotation. If one cannot consistently increase the rotation of one’s field, one will also fail to ascend beyond a certain point and then may become diseased as a result. Running water in every room will assist in clearing the field enough of the radioactive static that one can continue to move up in vibration.


Indoor plants will provide the oxygen required to ascend in the physical. When Asur’Ana lived in San Jose, California, a very dense suburb, she had fountains in every room along with many house plants that provided the oxygen that she required to master 3,000 segments. If this worked for Asur’Ana, it can also work for each living in such circumstances.


One can also assist Terra in anchoring the new dream through intention in one’s region of origins. Perhaps in so doing, more will begin to awaken and ascend. Perhaps those surrounding oneself will begin to become more conscious of the environment, and set up cleanup programs for polluted waterways or replanting programs for deforested areas as well as recycling programs. In so doing, one can begin to become a steward or guardian of Earth and work with Terra in support of her global ascension in the anchoring of the new dream.


The land of Earth was never designed to support too many of any one kingdom in a certain region of domain. Interestingly enough, the Goose Kingdom is learning to live off the green golf courses in the Northwestern United States. There are so many geese upon each golf course that they are beginning to become a problem for the golfers and golf course. It is not that the geese get in the way of the game, but that there is so much goose waste that the courses are now covered in poop. Why are so many geese relying upon grass seed from golf courses to live upon? Well humans have taken so much of the natural terrain in the Northwest that was once their habitat in their migration patterns that there is not enough grass left as open space to sustain them. So, they stop and visit nibbling upon the grass that humans plant on golf courses instead.


Problems Associated with City Life


This is also a mirror for what humans do to the land when living in large numbers in one region; there is too much poop or waste than the land is designed to handle. The land was never designed to house hundreds of thousands to millions of humans in a small space. The land is designed to have small tribes of humans every 10 acres at most. If there was a small tribe of 100 humans living every 10 acres, there would be no waste as the land could absorb what humans cast off and transmute it. With millions of humans living in large cities, there is no way for the water and land to transmute the waste fast enough and this leads to pollution of waterways.


Understand that there are few waterways that are not polluted as a result, and humans are drinking polluted water from their own sinks. Some have learned to purify water through filtration. Even Asur’Ana filters the lovely rainwater that comes out of her sink in Hawaii, as there are toxins enough to do so. Water in cities is so toxic that she chooses to buy filtered water instead in her travels.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Why is this so in large cities and human suburbs? Waste management pipes are placed next to water pipes and over time leak. As the pipes age enough, waste enters the clean water as a result. Those drinking the clean water are being poisoned by small amounts of waste that will make the body ill over time. Although filtering water is one solution, what will humans do when there are no filters left? What will humans do when one must drink from the stream and yet the stream is so toxic that it makes the body ill? The body will adjust and evolved into an immune response that will prevent disease due to the continued ascension into crystalline biology. This is how the ascending children of tomorrow as well as animal kingdoms shall survive the times ahead beloved.


Developing Immune Response to Handle Toxins


Perhaps this speaks to a great truth and that all that one really needs to know lies within. There are humans today living in toxic regions and their bodies have developed an immune response so that the toxins do not disturb them. Many visiting Mexico from other countries are told “Do not drink the water, it will make you ill”. And yet, those living in the region drink the water all the time and have no trouble. They have developed an immune response that handles the toxins in the water. So can each learn to do this through ascension and in so doing, the environmental toxins need not affect you and you need not fear the viruses that may emerge into the future due to global warming.


Nature has often been pegged as very “adaptive in nature” by human scientists. Nature has learned to tolerate great mistreatment as well as toxins over time and through generational mutation of DNA. So, this is true for many species. Some species however are going extinct now due to human toxins and are failing to mutate to survive. These are species that lack genealogical information on ascension, as if they held ascension knowledge, they would adapt to the environmental circumstances and carry on nonetheless. Those that do not host this knowledge would become extinct anyway with or without the human toxic mess that has been created this past half century past.


Human toxins unleashed in the environment may actually speed up the cleansing by forcing those species that cannot ascend or adapt to cease to exist. We point this out as there is no right or wrong; there are only the spiritual lessons associated that can be learned at this time of awakening. Just as those species within nature that cannot ascend will go extinct due to human toxic wastes, so will humans be cleansed that cannot ascend and in many cases from the same toxins that have made nature ill and caused extinction of certain species. The karma for making the environment toxic will be settled in the human deaths.


There Is No End to Life


We point out that death is not an end and that extinction is not to be feared. Nature does not fear extinction; it welcomes the change so that the strongest and healthiest genealogies will carry on in the physical and ascend with Earth. This is evolution in action beloved; as it is so for nature, it is also for humanity. Life beyond death carries on in all species.


The consciousness of some species that are going extinct are retracting at this time and returning to the creation of origin that the original genealogy came from. There are consciousnesses of many species returning to the Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Orion and 18 other creations that are unknown to human genetics and history. Consciousness carries on and shall take forth with it the spiritual understanding gained from Terra’s experience over time. The consciousness of the extinct species shall therefore contribute to the ascension of their own creation as they return.


Humans in parallel manner will carry on as ancestral consciousness beyond death. Some humans of primarily Pleiadian DNA shall return to the Pleiades as this is where their consciousness came from. Those humans of primarily Sirian and red nation DNA shall carry on with Earth and these ancestors shall support the ascent of the incoming little ones that shall carry your species forward in momentum towards full conscious biology. There is no end to life; although there are creations that have gone extinct. The consciousness of the extinct creations also carries on in all that are related unto them in DNA in present time. Therefore, you in your own ascension are carrying on for any human related unto yourself that have gone extinct in this dimension or the dimension above; for really and truly, all is ONE beloved.


Asur’Ana has been calling upon her multidimensional ancestry from within the Great Central Sun for the past year and since she crossed into the new dream. These ancestors fell out of the dream and now are returning with her; for you see regardless of how long ago human ancestral lineages existed in physicality, they are still carried forward as consciousness in present time through the very DNA that is related and woven within one’s own etheric body. DNA is conscious and carries all information and experiences that has ever occurred as the physical existed throughout time, space and form. Therefore, the records of all human experiences can be examined through one’s own DNA as one moves up enough in vibration to access the genetic history.


Genetic History and Repeat of Karma


Genetic history is different from the dance of past ancestral lives that one reviews in ascension. Genetic history contains the larger picture of what occurred in human civilization over time and upon each dimension of life and not necessarily the individual lives of the ancestors associated. It is through accessing genetic history in Asur’Ana’s own ascent that it could be clearly perceived how fall after fall into dimensions beneath for creation after creation had occurred repeatedly through human nuclear warfare.


Genetic history has caused a repeat of the civilization-based karma of nuclear annihilation wherever humans have relocated unto over time. Humans carry with them their genetic history which tends to repeat if the karma is not released. Perhaps if this had been understood by the larger headed red nation humans who ascended in the Inner Earth, they would have released their own genetic history karma, and it would not have recurred in the nuclear annihilation of the Anu. Alas, it would take entering the Great Central Sun dream to access genetic history; and so, the information was simply unavailable unto those humans who ascended in times past to clear.


Now however genetic history is coming to be understood and forgiven on the part of Asur’Ana, Per, Nature, Terra and the Inner Earth humans so that the outcome of nuclear annihilation need not repeat into the future. This is also the same for all other ascending creations that host human life. It is only the 12th Dimensional Sun (your sun’s Sun) that hosts human life and is also clearing the karma for human genetic history as a result. Each reading these materials may also intend to clear genetic human history karma as there are now new healing temples available to do so within the Aurora of Earth. Each can intend to visit the Temple of Genetic History to review and clear multidimensional karma associated with nuclear annihilation in dreamtime as a result.


Combustion Upon Failed Entry into The Great Central Sun


There have been many attempts to ascend Home into the Great Central Sun dream that failed over time. This information is now also becoming available due to Terra’s entry into the new dream and creational genetic history that is being revealed. The failed attempts to go home have come in two forms; one of which is not unlike Terra’s history in which there are only dark tones of creation and no light or all the light has been transferred to another creation leaving only density or darkness in the exchange. As creations like Terra attempted to enter the Great Central Sun dream with only dense tones of creation, there was not enough light to balance light and dark and the creation combust unto extinction.


The failed attempts have also occurred amongst creations that were only light and had left their density behind to destroy other creations. Just as in the above circumstance, there was not enough density to blend light and dark and amalgamate to cross over into the Great Central Sun Dream. The end result was also combustion and such creations went extinct upon their dimension of origin falling to the dimension beneath. This will be so for Sirius who is in a “light only” position if she attempted to enter the Great Central Sun dream at this time.


What does it feel like to combust? Combustion is the result of the spinning of the molecular structure too fast for the physical vibration of the cells. As the molecules spin up and up in vibration matching the tones of creation held within each star gate preceding entry into the new dream, and if the body cannot match the frequency, the molecules begin to combust and burn up and the body begins to collapse upon itself.


Multiple Sclerosis is an example of a type of disease that is the result of loss of molecular structure. Humans became very ill and then cease to exist in such a circumstance. Nature along with each kingdom also becomes ill due to combustion of the molecular structure. This too would be Terra’s fate if she was not drawing upon enough understanding to retrieve her light tones of creation to amalgamate and ascend into the new dream.


Asur’Ana and Terra have worked for a long time upon retrieving and reweaving the golden planes or octaves of vibrations surrounding Earth so that the light could return and be able to transmute the density enough to allow for ascension. The golden planes have been retrieved from Sirius and the Pleiades that once belonged unto Terra and before human involvement in her dream. Asur’Ana’s Grand Master ancestry was responsible for how these planes were lost; it is for this reason that in resolving her own personal karma, she has assisted Terra in retrieving the golden octaves in preparation for entry back into the Great Central Sun dream.


Balancing Dark and Light


In our observation, most humans upon the spiritual path think that they are love and light only and have never done anything destructive in their ancestry. Dark and light are not the issue; it is the choice to settle your karma through forgiveness and ascend and then assist Terra in ascending that creates a human initiate in world service. It is not about becoming only ‘light and loving’ in nature; or having only light around oneself.


Asur’Ana and Per have balanced light and dark and amalgamated into a single set of tones. They recalled how to do this from other ancestors who crossed into the Great Central Sun dream but died. Now they are choosing to assist Terra in repairing the new dream so that all may go Home. There are also other initiates learning to cross over into the new dream and assist anchoring it more fully upon Earth. These are initiates also working in world service.


Assisting Terra and releasing your own personal karma is a very difficult path. There are days in which Asur’Ana feels quite ill or in deep fear due to whatever is releasing in her genetic history. This is often so for those who are legitimately ascending at this time. Some also are ascending out of disease and this is a very difficult path to have made manifest. However, ascending out of disease teaches one that one is the master of one’s own fate and that one can redirect the body into health again. Ascending out of disease restores the power of one’s genetic inheritance that was designed to command the dream as a fully conscious species.


Many upon the spiritual path are still in the delusion of desiring to split light and dark. They desire only the light and to press the dark elsewhere as it is ugly to look at within. Alas it is only as you face your destroyer within that you will release the karma that would destroy you in your own ascension otherwise beloved. Splitting light and dark will not allow you entry into the new dream period. Splitting light and dark will only cause your own molecular structure to combust the further that Terra ascends and cause you to become ill. The only solution to this is to embrace the density and transmute the karma associated through forgiveness until you reach the point in which you can blend light and dark into a new rainbow of balanced tones of creation and cross over into the new dream. This is the pathway home and anything else will simply fail.


And so, we invite those reading this book to intend to clear the karma for your destructive ancestry; and to intend to integrate and balance light and dark. We also invite you to intend to gather the information necessary to build a strong crystalline immune system to support you and your future ancestry through the times of change ahead. Call upon our kingdom in support of these spiritual goals.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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