Image of clouds with special effects to represent the act of manifestation. Ascension and Manifestation

17. Ascension And Manifestation


Humanity suffers from the fear of survival. Such fear causes humanity to work hard in order to seemingly survive or make ends meet, and often for employers that take far more than they give. Such an imbalance of giving and receiving has created the imbalanced karmic system that the human species has danced with. This imbalanced karmic situation must be balanced, or those incapable of balancing such a system internal to oneself shall simply not ascend. What does this mean? This simply means that those whom die will carry on with their indebted circumstance in another 3rd dimensional creation.


Balanced Giving and Receiving


Balancing giving and receiving is paramount to ascension. Earth as a whole is in the process of balancing giving and receiving in her overall energy flow. Those creations that have taken chi from Earth as a result of a false debt of one sort or another are now being collected from. All chi taken over time is now being returned to Earth and utilized to fuel her ascension. Such creations include Alpha Centauri, the home of the Greys and Reptilians, Andromedas, and the Pleiades.


Earth did not owe such creations chi, but rather karma was added to her field in the dance with the human species and other species from such creations causing a “false debt” to be created. Then the false debt was collected upon by such creations causing fall after fall in frequency as more of Earth’s chi was sent elsewhere than was necessary for her to sustain her overall vibration and energy flow.


Those responsible for anchoring agreements upon Earth include the Greys, Reptilians, Andromedans and Pleiadian Humans, whom over time, came to dance upon Earth and within our solar system. Such beings had no concern about Earth’s future, and raped and pillaged Earth’s resources both physically and energetically. Such resources contributed to the ongoing overall imbalance of Earth’s frequency.


The Language of Light glyphs are tones of creation that create or manifest life. If you could imagine that each species upon Earth, the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, collectively hold such tones. What happens if large forms of one or more minerals are mined over time and removed from Earth? Human history tells the story of the raping of large crystals and gold being bartered off in exchange for technology to neighboring star systems. Each mineral holds a specific tone of creation necessary to the whole of Earth. Such exploitation undermined the tones of creation necessary to hold Earth, and Earth began to sink and sink in frequency, falling further and further into density.


Loss of Chi Results in Fall in Consciousness


The ongoing loss of chi due to the false karmic debt created a circumstance in which the distortion that resulted from the loss of Earth’s resources could not be corrected. Why is this so? Correcting the distortion caused by the loss of certain tones as various minerals were mined and bartered to an extreme takes chi to accomplish. With the added problem of false debts added to Earth’s karmic records, the subsequent loss of global chi never allowed enough chi to be available to correct the distortion. So, fall after fall in consciousness for Earth ensued.


Humankind, not unlike Earth, has been a source of chi for many other species, including the Greys, Reptilians, Andromedans and Pleiadians. In order for humankind to ascend, one will need to sever ties to such beings and become sovereign in energy flow ceasing to lose so much chi.


Ascension requires the ongoing building of energy in the field, up and up and up. Wherever one is losing chi to another or to another species and/or creation, such loss must be corrected over time or one will cease to ascend. So, it behooves the ascending initiate to investigate their own karma within their own ancestry such that those false debts can be rectified. In so doing, one shall cease to pay upon a false debt from karma that has been added to one’s ancestry over time.


Debts and False Debts


Debts are not just between humans or other species from other star systems. Humanity has also indebted one another in a manner that has created a lag in the debt between incarnations. It is the unpaid debt or uncollected debt from one incarnation to another that causes the experience of reincarnation in the human dance. As all debts are balanced, one moves off the reincarnation wheel and is free to evolve or ascend.


What are false debts? False debts are debts that were manufactured through the addition of karma within one’s current life, or within one’s own ancestry. The human species is comprised of 144 main lineages of ancestry and genetic material that is drawn upon in order to ascend. Each lineage will exist for a certain timeframe in the overall time span of Earth. Some lineages will dead end in a laboratory in Atlantis about 40,000 years ago where slaves were manufactured and incubated or cloned.


Yet other lineages will dead end in an earlier time period where Pleiadian scientists also incubated a slave race in a laboratory about 120,000 to 180,000 years ago. Some lineages will be related to either the Pleiadian creator gods themselves, or to those humans that were seeded upon Earth by Sirian forces about 200,000 years ago. It is within one’s heritage that the blueprint for ascension lies. It is also within one’s heritage that the false debts owed to another human upon Earth or to another race of beings from elsewhere is also contained.


Clearing Karma


As one ascends, one works backwards in time clearing karma that one’s ancestry incurred. Such is the nature of ascension which requires the clearing of all karma ever incurred in all of human history upon Earth and within the 3rd dimension in order to ascend to the next dimensional experience. One’s current state of being and persona, gifts, talents, as well as handicaps are all related to past life dramas and traumas, along with debts and false debts that have been incurred over time. As one releases the karma from such experiences, the drama and trauma and its genetic memory is erased in full allowing one’s seeming handicaps or fears to be healed in full. Additionally, both debts and false debts are released in full through the act of forgiveness allowing giving and receiving to come to greater balance.


In a state of forgiveness, one ceases to in-debt another, and furthermore becomes free of all prior debts oneself. How is this accomplished? Well, experience within one’s tapestry of ancestry tends to cancel itself out. For example, in one lifetime, one is murdered, and in the next, one murders the other in return. As the two lifetimes are cleared in full, one not only transcends the thoughtform of murder, but all debt from both experiences is released as the opposing experiences cancel each other out. One has experienced both the murderer and being murdered, and the lesson is therefore complete and understood with all sides of a particular circumstance lived to fruition.


One also has lifetimes of great fame and/or fortune, and a multitude of lifetimes of poverty. Why so many lifetimes in poverty? When one has great fortune or fame, one incurs a lot of debt owed to others whom have given greatly towards the fortunate one. Every cent given is now owed and calculated by the karmic boards governing human life at the end of any incarnation. Every cent owed must be paid back, and so many lifetimes follow that are required to pay back the debt incurred. This is not only one cause of reincarnation, but also a cause of poverty and homelessness. As humanity ascends, such karma shall be balanced in full in due course amongst all remaining humans upon Earth bringing an end to poverty altogether.


False Debt is the Cause of Extreme Imbalance


However, there is another type of soul and individual that we would like to call attention to. Such individuals do not balance their karma from a lifetime of wealth, but rather dispose of such karma by adding it to the records of others that they have known. Such an experience leads to lifetime after lifetime of fame or wealth, and not the experience of poverty or hunger within the genetic or soul memory. It is only one whom has never experienced poverty or hunger that would inflict such a state of being upon another or a mass of others by the hoarding of great wealth to excess. So, it has been this kind of individual that is at cause of the extreme imbalance in resources in the current human dance.


Such a passing on of debt to another is how false debt between humans has been incurred over time. So the ascending individual may need to examine their current karmic records to see if there is much false karma held therein. If so, it behooves the ascending initiate to send such karma back to the original cause or the lineage that is actually responsible for incurring the debt.


One cannot balance the karma for another, nor can one release karma that is not one’s own. Why is this so? All karma is recorded in the biology of the form within the grid work, cellular structure and DNA. The records of a false debt will not be held within the form nor the DNA because it was not incurred by the initiate. Only the karma that is inherent within one’s genetic package requires processing and transmutation in order to ascend and exit the third dimension in the act of spiritual evolution.


Many spiritual aspirants live impoverished lives in which their needs are barely met. Such an experience comes from taking on many false debts from others. In so doing, one has the false remembrance of owing many others, and then one gives more than one receives. In giving more than one receives, one is forever in debt or living a very meager and poor life.


Become a Walking Blessing of All That Is


On the other hand, many spiritual aspirants believe that they need great wealth to accomplish something of “import” in their lifetime, or contribute greatly. In reality, accruing great wealth only creates more karma, which will prohibit one’s ascension. Contribution does not require anything other than the willingness to allow soul and God Goddess /All That Is to bless all that is around oneself. Such blessings will extend into the food that one eats calling back soul to the soulless food that humankind is growing. Such blessings will extend into the nature kingdoms of our cities that have become soulless due to the pain and density therein. And such blessings will reach out to yet other humans like yourself that are destined to ascend bringing forth their awakening. One does not need to create wealth to contribute, only agree to ascend and becoming a walking blessing of God Goddess/All That Is in human form.


Live a Fluid Life


This is not to say that initiates should be homeless or live in great poverty. In bringing to balance the “false debt” added, one comes to balance with the giving and receiving of energy. As giving and receiving of energy is balanced, giving and receiving of monetary needs also balances upon the physical plane. Such balance will never accrue great wealth, for energy must move. Whatever one acquires must be passed on or used to create the next wave of monetary need. So, one begins to live a fluid life in which all funds incoming are expended in one manner or another to sustain one’s life experience.


Therefore, if one does not have enough, one can begin to examine not only false debts that they may have taken on from others, but also their own modality of operating upon Earth. When one has accrued many possessions or property, the creative energy becomes trapped therein. Giving and receiving requires an ongoing movement of energy. We therefore guide initiates to take inventory. What do you own that you are not using? Give it away or sell it in a garage sale. In so doing, you will start to move stagnant energy allowing yourself the ability to manifest with greater ease.


Manifestation and Attachment


Manifestation in the new paradigm is different from the old. In the old, manifestation occurs through attachment. One has attachment to property and possessions, and as the property or possessions appear in one’s life experience, one accrues them. The attachment was there before any possession or property is ever purchased. How is this so? The attachment comes from your ancestors. Your ancestors have owned property before, either land or antiques. As you pass such things again, they feel as though they belong to you and you purchase them again, and indeed they do as a part of your own ancestors’ energy is trapped within the land or antiques.


What about new products, clothing and the like? Why do we purchase certain things of such a nature? This is karmic based. One purchases a particular new dress, new piece of jewelry or new furniture because they have karma with the manufacturer, department store or merchant. In the act of purchasing the product, one settles the debt. But what if the debt is not real, but rather false in nature having been added by the manufacturer or merchant? Many successful merchants and manufacturers add karma to whomever enters the store causing a false debt so that consumers will then purchase something from them.


Consumerism is a Form of Addiction


Often times, one becomes seduced with the belief that they need a particular lifestyle or possessions to be “loved” or look “good” or feel “accepted”. In most cases, one will find that not only was the karma added to cause one to purchase such articles, but that a false image of being “loved” was also added to the field. Such “love” is not lasting, and is at best a hoax that underlies consumerism. For love is an energetic dance that occurs between two souls in form, whether such souls are in the plant, animal, dolphin, whale, mineral or human form. Consumerism is a form of addiction, an addiction to a false sense of love coming from material objects.


The nature kingdoms will tell you how beautiful you really are. They perceive all humans as beautiful regardless of the clothing that one is wearing, the house that one resides within, the size and shape of one’s form, or the jewelry that one has adorned upon their flesh. The nature kingdoms see the beauty of Source within form, and this is the only form of beauty that they can perceive. Unfortunately, many humans are almost soulless, so lost in consumerism and the current paradigm that they are. As such, there is little beauty from the perspective of Nature emulating from such fields.




One may wonder why such places like Los Angeles continue to increase and increase in population? As humans enter Los Angeles along with other major cities global wide, they become soulless. As they become soulless, they cease to have direction from soul, and remain in a region much like an automaton.


Why do they become soulless? They become soulless because that which exists in such regions devours soul. Such humans cannot awaken and cannot ascend, as there is no soul to direct the ascension. Such humans are used by forces of the dark to transfer karma on to Earth so that chi continues to be extracted to other star systems. Such humans also lose all capacity to awaken unless they become aware and call back their soul to begin their process of ascension.


Why are so many famous and rich humans living in such regions as Los Angeles? Such regions are filled with karma, and such karma is easy to transfer onto others if this is what one knows how to unconsciously do. As such, humans living in such regions can easily transfer the abundant karma coming from other star systems on to others to cause others to purchase their art, purchase their merchandise, watch their movies, listen to their music, or purchase their property. This allows such humans to become rich and/or famous. However, such rich and/or famous humans will never be able to ascend if they continue to dance in such a fashion.


Karmic Manipulation


One can see from the above example why wealth cannot be accrued if one chooses the path of ascension. The dance of wealth is a manipulation in most cases. There are a few sincere cases in which wealth is attained as a form of karmic return from a legitimate prior debt from one’s own ancestry. Such wealth is few and far between, one out of one thousand per the karmic board analysis of the human karmic dance. Generally, such wealth is not large in size, but a small to medium sum that was indeed owed to the party whom receives it.


The receipt of karma on the part of Earth and the false debt that humanity has anchored is coming to an end. Earth is returning all false karma to their source of origin. In time, there will not be a surplus of karma for the wealthy to place on to others to fuel consumerism. As such manipulation dries up, and the wealthy lose their wealth, perhaps there will be ample reason to begin to search within. Perhaps the search within shall lead them to the choice to ascend.


Legitimate Karma


How does one legitimately settle karma? One calls their legitimate karma in through intent, and then releases all false karma by returning it to the source of origin. Legitimate karma will present itself as a sale made, a job offered, a place to live, or a gift given. Legitimate karma can be settled in an inheritance, or in giving of oneself or allowing another to give to one in one manner or another. Legitimate karma can also be settled by giving chi to another, or taking chi from another. Such energetic settlements are handled via the karmic boards of Earth and a payment plan for “chi” is constructed between indebted parties.


Another form of karmic manipulation is the business of another taking one’s good karma or karma that is owed. In so doing, the one who loses the karma loses the opportunity to collect upon what is actually owed to them. In some cases, this may mean that one cannot create the job or sale through calling the karma to oneself because the karma has been displaced upon another. In such a case, it behooves initiates to retrieve the genuine karma owed to them and then intend to collect upon it. Initiates can go from jobless to a new job in a few weeks after retrieving their lost and legitimate karma.


Manifestation in Ascension


As one calls in their debts, and calls back chi owed to them, there is ample chi to manifest with. How does one manifest? One manifests by envisioning their creation, and sending their vision to the planes of reality surrounding the sun which then returns the vision to seven planes that surround Earth that cause all visions to step down into form in due course. Such principles of manifestation require chi, and so the more chi that one has available to fuel their vision into form, the more rapidly one’s vision indeed does manifest.


The further one ascends, the more chi one has to fuel their visions into physicality. The act of sending visions to the sun requires all subtle bodies to be intact, including the mental, emotional, intuitive and creative body. Such subtle bodies have often been compromised over time in the many falls of humankind. As such, it requires almost 3,000 segments of DNA embodied in order for fully functional subtle bodies to be reconstructed in the human act of ascending. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


After initiation 3000, it is far easier to fuel one’s manifestations into physicality as a result. Why do all four subtle bodies need be present? Each subtle body serves a specific function in the act of manifestation. The mental body languages one’s vision into words or the Language of Light. The emotional body provides the emotions or feelings behind the tones of creation or the Language of Light. The intuitive body allows soul to infuse one’s vision with soul vision. The creative body sends the vision to the sun so that it can be returned to be manifested upon the physical plane. If one subtle body is missing or damaged, manifestation is impaired.


It is human nature to become polarized in relation to subtle bodies. Oftentimes, parents and siblings will be either mental and creative or emotional and intuitive. What occurs in such a dance of polarity is that the mental and creative individuals hold two or more mental bodies and two or more creative bodies but no emotional or intuitive bodies. Such humans are indeed gifted at communicating and manifesting their visions, but are devoid of love or vision of soul.


Conversely, the emotional individual has one or more emotional bodies and one or more intuitive bodies and no mental or creative bodies. This causes such individuals to be gifted at feeling and intuiting, but not expressing themselves through language or manifesting in their life experience.


Those with difficulty manifesting can begin to rectify their circumstance by intending to return those parts of the emotional and intuitive subtle bodies that are not their own, and retrieve the missing mental and creative subtle bodies so that they can become whole and complete. In so doing, manifestation shall occur with greater ease. Those initiates whom manifest with ease will likewise need to retrieve their emotional and intuitive bodies and return the mental and creative bodies that are not truly their own inheritance. In so doing, one’s creations shall become soul generated rather than ego based.


Feeling is Necessary in Ascension


Feeling occurs as initiates retrieve their emotional and intuitive bodies in full. Feeling is important to the act of ascension. Soul collects records and experience in ascension not through language, but through the act of feeling. Emotions are the main language that soul understands. Soul understands the Language of Light; the Language of Light is a symbol-based language founded upon color, tone, sound and energy movement. Color, tone, sound and movement are transcribed through the human form in the act of emoting or feeling. No emotions, no communication with soul, period. Furthermore, no emotions equals no communication with God Goddess /All That Is.


One wonders sometimes why one’s prayers may seem unanswered. It is because without an emotional or intuitive body, one lacks the very components necessary to communicate with soul or God Goddess /All That Is. So, one can see that the lack of feeling cuts one off from soul communication and is the root cause of separation between body and soul in the human dance.


Feeling adds a rich texture to the experience of life within the human dance. How can one appreciate nature, a beautiful sunset, a beach, a redwood forest, a snow-capped mountain, if they do not feel? And what happens when one doesn’t feel? They become bored and seek out entertainment through consumerism to fill the void. In learning to feel, one shall cease to depend upon entertainment or consumerism to feel alive, and shall experience authentic love. Authentic love does not come from entertainment or consumerism, but from soul dancing with soul. Soul can only be felt dancing with the form through the emotions. As one learns to feel, one may feel the pain at first, but sooner or later one will also feel the love and soul and begin to be loved from the inside out. In becoming loved from within, one will cease to need to purchase anything to feel loved, and shall move off the treadmill of consumerism.


Many initiates really have enough. However, they are filled with fantasies fueled by consumerism and infomercials that cause them to believe that they need more, when in reality, they do not need more possessions, they need to ascend and become loved from within. We invite you to examine your life based upon the thoughts that we have presented, and take inventory. Perhaps you will begin to dance to the beat of a different drum and follow your soul to a new destiny and future based upon authentic love.


Purpose of Manifestation


Manifestation was not designed for the purposes of consumerism. Manifestation was designed to allow soul to express itself through the act of creation through the human form. In so doing, soul provides the vision of the creation that form is to make manifest, and then form goes about creating the creation. This applies whether the creation is a piece of music, a work of art, an article of clothing, a piece of furniture, a work of literature, or a meal made from love. There is nothing wrong with creation, however, creation was designed so that the love of soul could be transferred into the manifestation and shared with others.


How much love of soul is held in the automated manner in which your food is processed, your clothes are made, your homes are manufactured, and your cars are designed? If there is no love in any creation, there is no life force emanating from it. And that which has no life force seeks to take life force from all that is around it, as such is the nature of energy, it flows from the life to the lifeless. This is how one loses their chi to possessions.


Manifestation, in its original inception, was designed to share energy, give life and then receive life in return. Therefore, an article of clothing manufactured in love gives life force to the wearer. The wearer, in loving the article of clothing, sends life force back to the designer. A meal prepared in love gives life force to all whom consume it. Those whom consume a meal in love give love back to the one whom prepared it. This is the principle of balanced giving and receiving in action. It is also that which creates the magic and love within one’s life experience.


Where is the Magic?


One may wonder where has the magic gone? Why am I bored? There is magic in the giving and receiving described above that cannot occur in our current method of manufacturing. It simply is not possible. Perhaps if the human form were simply a living machine, it would not matter how that which humanity dances with was created. However, humans are not machines, although our current governance prefers that humanity acts increasingly like well-oiled and well-tuned machinery. Employers give no consideration to the time that one may need to heal or clear patterns in ascension and expects each to be present on a 9 to 5 work week. Feel outraged? Good. Perhaps this will be the beginning of change within your life and alter that which you are willing to perceive as normal.


The employers are like the merchants and also dance the dance of adding false debts to their employees. This is not true in 100% of all cases, but at least 80% of our largest and most wealthy corporations function in this manner. This is how they accrue so much ongoing wealth, they add karma to the employee causing the employee to give and give and give, both in physical ways through the act of working, but also in the form of chi. It is not unusual for an employee to give most of their chi to their employer, and receive a pittance in return. This is not balanced giving and receiving, and the resultant lack leaves one bored and without the joy and magic that would be possible under a balanced circumstance.


Honoring the Land


Long ago, there were tribal and nomadic human lifestyles that kept balance to the life experience of the human dance. Such lifestyles have mostly vanished at this time in our history. Such pockets of humans often honored the land, and honored one another by allowing each to contribute to the community that which they were most talented at giving. And the community honored each for their contribution. Such is a more unity-based paradigm than the current human lifestyle, and one that humanity shall return to again in the future. Why is this so? Because the current paradigm will simply fall apart the further that Earth ascends upwards in vibration healing the very nature of karma and false indebtedness that fuels the current consumerist civilization that humanity exists within.


Sovereign Income


For initiates that are ascending, we guide you to create a sovereign form of income that moves you out of the false debt scenario so prevalent within our civilization. In the sovereignty, one is free to live where one’s soul sees as most supportive of one’s ascension, and is free to express their truth in physicality which is the entire purpose that soul incarnates into form. Whatever that expression be, whether it be art, dance, music, healing, teaching, or any form of creativity, soul seeks to express itself in form. As soul expresses itself in form, there is a satisfaction that is hard to understand, but fills one to the brim. Is this not the purpose of life? To give of oneself in the creative act of self-expression, and then to receive in return? This can only come forth as soul expresses through form that which soul wishes to make manifest.


The current jobs that most in human form hold are not supportive of ascension. Such employers take their chi which in turn ages the form or creates illness over time. One may need to go within and ask, do I continue in this manner and become ill? Or do I create a new tomorrow for myself and live to ascend? Such evaluation may also need to be extended to a spouse, partner or living circumstance, or the properties or possessions that one owns that could likewise be causing one illness. In such a case, separation or selling the possessions may mean life and ascension.


Manifestation requires chi. How can one’s vision come to fruition if the employer, spouse or possessions is consuming most of one’s chi? It is chi that holds the dream weaving together so that it may manifest down into the physical plane. What is dream weaving? Dream weaving is a combination of a vision and a web of energy that weaves together all that are to be a part of one’s vision. The weaving requires chi to be sustained and chi to bring the dream into physicality. If one’s visions are not coming to fruition, one may need to seek whom or what is consuming their chi. In seeing where one is giving their chi to, one can choose to release such attachments and agreements and pull one’s creative flow back. In so doing, there will be more chi available to hold one’s own dream weaving intact long enough to bring one’s vision forth into physicality.


If chi is being taken by merchants or employers, and karma added in its place on an ongoing basis, one may never move off of the treadmill of consumerism and into a sovereign life. In not moving off such a treadmill, one will never have enough and will always be in debt. Such is the nature of the current paradigm, which seeks to keep one forever indebted.


Soul Vision


We would like to share with you nine intents for manifesting one’s soul vision. Soul vision is often different from vision that is ego driven. Soul seeks to express itself in form in a manner that brings joy to oneself and joy to others. Soul is not interested in fame or fortune, only creative self-expression out of joy and love. Therefore, visions of fame and fortune cannot be manifested in the manner that we share. Nor can possessions be acquired that soul deems unnecessary to one’s evolutionary pathway through what we share. Only that which soul wishes to become a part of one’s life experience becomes possible as one surrenders to soul manifestation.


As soul manifests, soul will handle the details. One need not concern oneself about anything, but simply to surrender to soul’s will and intend to ascend. Soul will bring forth the correction of the missing bits and pieces of subtle bodies to allow one’s manifestation to be brought forth. All that is required is the intent to ascend, and the intent to serve soul and God Goddess /All That Is in all that one does.


Nine Intents for Manifesting One’s Soul Vision


Nine Intents for Manifesting One’s Soul Vision MP3


Envision your heart’s desire. Allow yourself to see the vision come to fruition upon the physical plane. Leave the details to Soul, Oversoul and Source. Note: You can create as many visions as you wish.



Fill each vision with the symbols of the Language of Light. Such thoughtform is unity-based and will bring forth only those creations that support one’s soul and continued choice to ascend.



Feel the emotions of joy and success as each vision is made manifest in the physical.



Allow soul to edit or add to each vision as soul wishes. Sometimes soul has an alternate plan that will be more joyful than one would allow oneself to make manifest. Sometimes that which is not in alignment with the Divine Plan must be edited out of one’s vision, or karma would be created otherwise. In aligning all visions for manifestation with soul, one ensures that their creations are in alignment with God Goddess /All That Is and all species upon Earth.



Intend each vision into manifestation by stating “I intend to create my vision!” The vision shall be delivered to the sun and then relayed back to the seven planes of manifestation surrounding Earth to begin their descent into physicality. Know that your vision shall be made manifest in due course as long as it is continued to be supplied with enough chi to allow it to be so.



Visions can become distorted, or manipulated by others whom have unconscious jealousy or harmful intent. Visions appear as a hologram outside of one’s etheric body near the throat chakra. Such holograms need to be cleansed daily with the Language of Light so that they do not become distorted, and repaired if they become cracked or damaged. One’s visions also need to have creative energy added to it so that it will continue to step down the 7 planes and become physical. One can envision the energy flowing from their creative centers into each vision.



Manifestations can provide the fertile ground for many lessons for the spiritual aspirant. Sometimes manifestations will occur not in the manner in which one desires. So, one may need to seek out and clear unconscious patterning that would distort or block one’s manifestations from coming to fruition. In allowing such patterns to come to consciousness, and consciously choosing to clear such patterns along with all related karma, one is more likely to manifest their vision.



Each manifestation is an ascension opportunity. All manifestations teach something about oneself and mirrors one’s own unconscious state of being. For aspirants upon the spiritual path, each manifestation provides clues as to what needs to be released or cleared in order to continue to ascend. So, one surrenders to whatever is made manifest, and allows the manifestation to teach oneself that which one has manifested such an experience to come to understand. In so doing, one can learn from each creation and allow future creations to be more joyful as one clears the patterns at cause of a distorted outcome.



Soul has contributed to your life by bringing forth the manifestation of your vision. Although it may not be exactly as you had hoped, it was what one was ready to receive, or something else would have been made manifest. So, one extends love and gratitude to one’s soul along with God Goddess /All That Is for bringing forth whatever manifests in the greater understanding that it serves one’s evolutionary path.


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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