Image of the sunrise to represent the coming Golden Era. The Path To Compassion

16. The Path To Compassion


From our point of view, soul and form were never designed to be separate; they were designed to be co-creative partners in the creative self-expression inherent in the dance of life. The human species is a multidimensional vessel for soul to experience and express through. This always was the purpose for the human dance, to allow soul to experience form, and through such experiences learn, grow, evolve and ultimately ascend form as the purpose for the form ceases to be relevant to the experience of soul.


In ascension, soul and form become ONE. This is accomplished through Soul Infusion, in which soul is gradually infused into the cellular structure and grid work until over a very long time, form appears semi-etheric. Continued soul infusion proceeds until form simply exits the physical dance in full, with soul and form becoming ONE.


The purpose of this chapter is to explore many spiritual concepts, insights, wisdom, lessons learned, and lessons to be learned regarding polarity for all in human form that are interested.


The Nature of Polarity


Polarity is perhaps most difficult to understand in the limitation of the current human thoughtform. In polarity, all sides of any thoughtform must be expressed. Any stand on one side will cause an equal stand upon the other. It is for this reason that those who wish to ban “guns” in the United States will elicit equal stands for the opposing side of the coin, or one that wishes to allow for the free sale of arms. Those who take a stand against cigarettes will find an equal stand on the other side of the pole for the use of them. The same is true for anti-drug campaigns. It is perhaps for this reason that drug use is at an all-time high, as there has been so much energy expended in relation to anti-drug campaigns, which has elicited in response and counterbalance an increased use of drugs. The more energy expended towards such a polarity of thoughtform will elicit equal thoughtform on the other end, and actually cause an increase in drug use instead of the original goal of less drug use.


What to do? Taking a stand for this or that is not wrong. Sometimes taking a stand is one manner in which major changes in civilization have come forth. Indeed, did not Gandhi take a stand, and over time win independence for India from British jurisdiction? However, there was a battle, and one that many do not know of. The battle nearly killed Gandhi several times long before he was assassinated. Why? He internalized the battle so that fewer would be harmed which caused him to become weak and sickly much of the time. However, Gandhi succeeded at his goal, and through nonviolent demonstrations brought the British to their knees. This is an example of a swing in polarity of thoughtform that elicits change.


How does such a swing elicit change? The dance of polarity swings from one extreme to another. For a long time, India had known the oppression of the British dominion. Gandhi pushed the pole from British dominion to freedom and independence. This was accomplished as those in India en masse focused upon freedom and independence, which pushed the pole from one extreme to another. Had all in England focused with equal degree upon retaining India under their dominion, there might have been a standoff and no change would have occurred at all. Not everyone in England had an opinion about whether or not India should be independent, and in not choosing sides, those in India succeeded at their goal of freedom through reversing the polarity of their nation through holding the stronger of the two thoughtforms.


For a long time there were many battles between the demonstrators and the British army. Many died. But those in India continued with their focus upon freedom until the energy was greater than the opposing British ownership of the land, throwing the polarity from the extreme of oppression to the extreme of freedom.


Focus was the key here. As one continues to focus, and as many join together with parallel focus, one can reverse the poles from one extreme to the other in any human dance. For those who are ascending, intending to ascend has the effect of continuously reversing the poles in support of one’s ascension. In intending world peace, one causes their focus to add to the thoughtform of world peace, and as such a thoughtform gains enough strength, a cease-fire will be the result.


Earth has won her freedom from the dark just as Gandhi created enough ongoing focus to free India. Earth polarized herself against the dark. Battle after battle for nonphysical dominion ensued that has raged continuously for the past decade. Most in human form are not aware of such battles as they occur upon dimensions that have not known human contact since the death of the Great Masters about 168,000 years ago. Earth continued to focus upon freedom until she pushed the polarity of dominion to its opposing side of independence, and won. This was no easier for Earth than it was for Gandhi or the people of India.


Anchoring World Peace in the Physical


In order to push the polarity from world conflicts to peace, more focus upon peace is required than those focusing upon conflicts. As those who are ascending continue to focus upon peace, the current conflicts shall cease in due course, and humanity shall be pushed into the polarity of peace again. This requires each who is ascending to focus upon world peace each day. We invite each to intend world peace in every meditation, or upon your walks into nature, or as you drive to and from work. Such focus and with enough power of ascending fields upon it will push the polarity from conflicts to peace in due course.


One cannot however get caught in the media trappings of wishing to push people to take sides with the East or the West. One must hold the middle ground and simply not choose to take sides. How is this accomplished? One manner is simply to stay away from the media, which is designed to program those who watch it in one manner or another. Television uses the vibrations of anti-matter to retain humans in dogma. Dogma sits in the vibrations of anti-matter, and it is such vibrations that force one polarity to hold to an extreme, which then elicits the opposing polarity to hold to an extreme in counterbalance.


For the ascending field, anti-matter shoots holes in matter. Engaging in television therefore shoots holes through one’s cellular structure, and if one engages in it enough, one will be much like a leaky sieve that will lose more energy than one can hold. If enough holes are present, one will not be able to ascend any further at all as they are losing more chi than they can hold, and may actually backslide in vibration and initiation. Newspapers, magazines and other types of media do the same; one engages with a group energy that is founded upon anti-matter.


Staying away from the media will also assist ascending initiates in remaining focused upon world peace. You are not out of the woods yet, or in other terms out of the potential for World War III yet beloveds, and it is why we point this out. It will only be as there is a complete cease-fire that one can say that the human civilization has transcended the need to war. This may not occur yet for many years. However, the continued focus upon world peace will illicit more and more all over Earth to take a stand for peace, and in due course and with enough focus therein, you will assist in reversing the poles from war and conflicts to peace and succeed at your goal of world peace.


The Nature of the Anti-Christ


An anti-Christ is a lost soul, one that has no source, and therefore has no guidance from above, so to speak. Such souls are generally fractured and separated, and often fractured off in a particular thoughtform. Some anti-Christ souls will sit in the thoughtform of dogma. Such souls fractured off in a similar thoughtform of extreme polarity, and therefore sit in such vibrations. Those that engage with such souls hold like thoughtform.


There are anti-Christ souls however that are so large that one would consider them God Goddess, as they are from the upper dimensions of All That Is. These anti-Christ souls are just as lost as the smaller fractured ones that sit in human dogma. Such souls have often descended to Earth and guided her in a manner that was not supportive of her evolution. Earth recently has coined such souls “False Gods”.


Some false gods have come from another creation known as the Pleiades, which is a creation that is from the past. Some false gods are the result of a false intervention of souls that became lost so long ago that it cannot be measured in time as you know it. Some false gods were the result of incomplete ascensions that occurred long ago in Earth’s history leaving a fractured piece of soul behind. In all cases such souls would be considered anti-Christ, as anti-Christ is defined as a soul without a source, or a soul that has separated off from the greater part of itself or “home”.


Humans long ago separated from their source. Most humans do not have any interaction with the soul ensouling the forms at all, except while asleep. As a result, and from a lack of communication with one’s soul, one could consider the human species lost. One could therefore also state that the human species at large is anti-Christ in nature founded upon our definition of anti-Christ, which is lost or separated off from one’s source or soul.


Is anti-Christ evil? There is no good or evil. Many have heard this before, and perhaps in the polarity of the dance in your human world, this is hard to comprehend. Souls that are lost act a particular way. Sometimes from fear they lash out and harm another. Sometimes in fear they plot to retain dominion or power over such a place as Earth. Such lost souls are so confused that they cannot see where they will go next if Earth succeeds at ascending, and this puts such souls in great terror. Out of great terror, such souls fight Earth in her choice to ascend and attempt to delay or prevent her success.


Has not Earth reached out to such souls trying to sooth them and show them their future? Yes, however each time she found herself shattered in exchange, and after enough times and enough setbacks, she ceased to attempt to educate such souls, as they had become so lost that they were incapable of being educated, or in other terms, learning and growing. There is a point in which a soul becomes so fractured that it ceases to be able to evolve. All of the false gods entered such a state. Each has been returned to their source of origin in recent months. In the reunion between fractured soul and its source, there is an opportunity for growth. Such opportunity comes through the process known as recasting.


In the recasting, the lost or fractured soul is embraced by their source. Then all records of all experiences that have occurred over time from the point that the soul became fractured are relived. They are relived not only by the fractured soul, but also by its source. If the soul has caused harm to another, the pain of another is also experienced. The process of recasting perhaps more than any other teaches all souls compassion, for it is only through pain that one has felt that one will understand why one cannot harm another, as it hurts. As the pain is felt, and if enough pain is felt, soul learns not to destroy ever again.


Such is the basic lesson for soul surrounding creation and destruction, to learn that one cannot destroy another without destroying oneself, and destruction of any kind is painful for soul to experience.


Fracturing in Trauma


Humans are not unlike soul. It is often only in the experience of a painful dance that one learns compassion. If one has not experienced such difficulties, how can one understand first hand? And here we see the perplexity of the differences of the East and West. The East exists often in war torn nations. Such nations have known bombing and incidents not unlike the 911 New York travesty, but they have occurred again and again and again. They have lost their loved ones, and they have witnessed thousands crushed in crumbled buildings due to bombs or terrorist attacks. They have wept for those that have died, and carried on.


The US in comparison has had few of such experiences. How can one understand what it feels like to live in a war zone if one has not? How much easier is it to inflict a war upon another if one doesn’t understand such things first hand?


There are a few in the US and Europe that will remember World War II or Vietnam. Those that do remember would most likely never wish to see such a dance again, so painful it was. Humans fracture under great travesty. Many of those alive after the experiences of Vietnam are often slightly “off center” or deemed “a little crazy” by current human standards. Why? In the fracturing of the experience, there has been more or less permanent damage to the field and DNA. This damage can be reversed however in the choice to ascend.


Even those living near to the event in New York have fractured due to the experience. In the fracturing there is a time-encoded remembrance of the original incident that will never go away as it is recorded in the DNA of every human that was present to witness the event, and because humans are holographic, in the entire human species. However, it is most detrimental to those who witnessed or experienced the event or war firsthand. This is why those from war torn regions often have nightmares, or nightmarish recalls at the sound of helicopters or planes above, or the sound of shooting guns or fireworks. Such recalls come from the genetic memory of the terror of war.


For those who are ascending, any wound from such an incident may be healed. For those near New York who still feel shattered inside, or those even further away that feel shattered from this incident, or feel shattered from a prior war experience or trauma of any kind, take a moment to go into the wound. Sit quietly with eyes closed. If you wish, play some soft music or light some candles. Hold yourself or cover yourself with a plush blanket. Then, relive it, only do so with the intent to release and erase the experience from your memory forever. Underlying the incident in New York or another travesty of like kind will be countless other ancestral experiences of a parallel nature. Allow these also to surface and be released, beloved. In so doing, the shattering can be healed, along with all other like shattering of soul and form in your ancestry.


This perhaps is the greatest gift of ascension, the ability to transcend. Transcendence is a form of erasure, in which the records of a particular incident are released to be understood by soul and source, and then erased from the form altogether. In the erasure, it is as if the incident never occurred, and one may come to their center and a state of peace again. Soul remembers the experiences, and therefore one doesn’t forget, but has learned the lesson behind the experience, and in so learning it may be erased from the genetic encoding of the form.


Compounded Pain


The main lesson of war is pain, and that harming another causes pain and that if one is harmed oneself, one also enters a state of pain. There is also the pain of grief over the loss of a loved one through war or through tragedy such as the incident over New York. Allow all times that one has grieved over the loss of another in one’s ancestry to also surface, particularly if you have now lost someone that was loved in your life dance. In so doing, one may begin to transcend the vibration of grief altogether, and return to the joy again.


The path to compassion is not an easy journey. The path to compassion requires that one feel, and feel deeply, not only for the pain that one has caused upon another, but the pain experienced in one’s own life dance or dance of ancestral experiences. Such pain is great, and compounded, much like a compound fractured bone. As one enters the pain from the present, it elicits all like pain from the past, compounding the pain into sometimes seeming grand suffering.


For over 152,000 years, most ancestries have not ascended. Ascension brings about a wiping clean of all ancestral pain. One has 152,000 years of pain to process in the choice to ascend beloved and millions of lifetimes that ended in grief, disease, travesty, annihilation, suffering, loss and so on. One is not going to process so much pain all at once, as it sits around the field like layers around an onion. However, through ascension, one layer at a time can be processed, and in so doing, one will gradually rise to a new foundation of peace and joy within.


The Dance of Anger


Pain is not the only response ascended out of by ascending humans. Anger is also a part of the vibrations that surround any human field. Anger is often a more difficult emotion for ascending initiates to deal with, as there are so many taboos in your civilization against expression of anger. However, the anger must be felt in order to be released beloved. Go into the anger, release it like a volcano rising and exploding out of the top of one’s head! One will not only feel better, but also perhaps express what they have required expressing for many ancestors’ lifetimes.


Many feel great anger as a result of the experience in New York. Yet others from other regions may feel great anger about other like incidents that they have lived near. Anger is a natural response to any violation, and indeed any travesty is a violation on a grand scale. If one is nearby such an incident, or has been touched by the loss of others therein, the rage may be exponential. HOW DARE THEY? One may feel this way. This is not wrong beloved, as it is a natural response to any violation. Go into the violation and allow it to be healed and erased.


How many of your ancestors were violated in a parallel manner? How many of your ancestors were verbally or physically executed, terrorized, raped, traumatized, dissected, tortured, falsely imprisoned, and so on? Allow all ancestors that never had permission to express their rage to do so now! You will not only process the rage, but feel better at the same time.


Anger is most confusing due to the enmeshment of the human species. When one feels the rage of another, one feels like violating another. When one feels their own rage, one speaks their truth and takes a stand! See the difference? One may utilize grounding to Mother Earth to move out those energies that are of another, and then so choose to process the anger or pain that is only one’s own.


Grounding and Connecting to the Elements


  1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed, preferably upon a chair with feet uncrossed and touching the ground. Take a deep breath. (Soft music, candles, incense and dimmed lights may also help.)
  2. Imagine a connection to the Aurora of Earth (the sun in the center of Earth that glows brightly and is known as the Northern Lights). Bring the energy of the Aurora up through one’s feet, into one’s legs, up the torso, and throughout the form and field. One may imagine the Language of Light tones in beautiful pastel colors bathing one’s field, as the Aurora is filled with the Language of Light. This is the element of fire. Allow fire to burn off that which is not of one’s own energy.
  3. Imagine from the sky the air descending and blowing away that which is not one’s own. This is the element of air, and air not only provides the oxygen and life force one requires in order to ascend, but assists by moving out of one’s presence all that no longer serves one’s path of ascension.
  4. Imagine from the left the element of water. Allow water to wash away that which no longer serves, including the pain or anger that one may be feeling. Water is also in your blood. Allow the water external to self to connect with the water internal to self, and feel the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of your form to all form upon Earth.
  5. Imagine from the right the element of Earth. Allow Earth to cleanse your field by grounding back to the Aurora all that does not serve. Much like a mud bath which absorbs toxins, allow Earth to absorb your toxic thoughtform of pain, anger or fear that you are releasing.
  6. Allow all elements to connect you now to a greater body than yourself as a human form. You are a part of Earth. You are a part of God Goddess/All That Is. Allow the I AM and Source that you are a part of to descend and bathe you now in the vibrations and love of your own soul.


As you complete this simple exercise, one will find that the anger, pain or fear that belongs to another is diffused by the elements of Earth. In so doing, one may feel now what they feel as a human at this time in history, and process only one’s own emotions.


Many humans displace emotions on to others as a form of unconscious manipulation. In the neediness, they seek others to take chi from and deposit their pain. Beloved, how can such humans learn if they do not feel their own pain? Allow them to feel, and perhaps it shall trigger their own awakening and evolutionary dance.


Finding Compassion in the Dance


How does one find compassion for the perpetrators? Ah, this is a difficult one, but not impossible. Anti-Christ behavior often strikes out. Has not the United States in their own fear also struck out, bombing seeming terrorist sites? This is the pattern of the anti-Christ. Those in the East also struck out at the United States in the hijacking and destruction of the New York Trade Center. Therefore, what happened? What happened that caused the Middle East to feel so fearful that they would strike out at the United States and the West in this manner?


Perhaps we will not really ever know the actual cause. Perhaps the cause is the Middle Eastern policies of the United States, or perhaps it is a stance of the CIA or FBI or other secret service organizations, or perhaps something in relation to the secret government. In any case, something occurred that caused the Middle East to feel so fearful, so terrorized that the circumstance justified from their point of view the shattering of the New York Trade Center. One may never know the actual details, however, if one did, then one could perhaps understand.


One perhaps can understand the reasons for the United States retaliation. However, understand that both were caused by the same set of circumstances, something that terrorized humans into action. Is one set of circumstances warranted and another not? Beloved, terror is terror regardless of cause. Who is to judge terror, and what terrorizes one may not terrorize another.


In recent years, those in the West have seen humans in terror, enough terror to gun down strangers or fellow schoolmates at a University. What happened to such an individual that would be in such a state of terror that they would choose to gun down another? Perhaps, much like the Middle Eastern circumstance, one will never know, as one would have to be inside of the individual at cause to understand. Perhaps something had caused the individual to splinter so greatly that they went insane with terror, and then out of the insanity chose to kill another or group of others. Is this not also what has occurred in New York beloved? Something has terrorized the East into taking such action?


What of the disgruntled employee who guns down their boss or workmates? Has not this scenario played itself out as of late in various places all over the world? What was such an employee thinking? Were they not somehow in a place of such great hopelessness and terror that they felt that the only solution was death, death to the one who threatened them so, and perhaps death to themselves through suicide? What was such a human thinking? Why were they so terrorized? Perhaps they had gone into a form of insanity, and in the terror of the insanity, the choice to kill appeared as the only appropriate action.


War torn places create a form of insanity, as the damage is not only physical but also nonphysical, beloved. The damage over New York was both physical and nonphysical. There was rip after rip in Earth’s auric field in over 1,000 places between New York and Boston that Earth has been striving to repair as of late. Such rips and tears also tear the fields of those humans living nearby. Indeed, those who live along the Eastern Seaboard have been ripped themselves and the shattering of field caused enough of an imbalance to create panic attacks, sleepless nights, and the feeling that one is suffocating, being torn apart or dying.


If this is so from only one travesty, what happens to the fields of those in nations that are war torn? The imbalance of field causes insanity beloved. Perhaps the insanity from such a nation is the result of such devastation of physical and nonphysical nature. And from such insanity, the terrorist act over New York was manifest.


Earth is striving to heal the rips and tears in all war-torn regions, including New York and the Middle East. Most of such regions have more than one event that occurred therein of parallel nature over time. The Middle East has been plagued with wars in 18 separate times in history between 40,000 and 143,000 years ago. As all layers of war karma are released from such regions, the field of Earth shall be repaired therein, as will the fields of those humans residing in such places. One may also ask to assist in the repair of such regions during dreamtime and under the direction of Earth. This is due to occur in a few short weeks.


How many of one’s own ancestors have gone insane and committed such crimes? Go within beloved and see, and we guess that there are more than you realize. In the examination of your own history, perhaps you will understand. In the understanding, one can have compassion for the perpetrator, for one can see how another can be tormented into such a place that they would commit such a crime, as the crime appears as the only solution to the internal terror and insanity that they exist within.


The Stance of Compassion


One may think, oh, “I am sane, I would never do such a thing, commit a terrorist act.” Well, perhaps you wouldn’t, but your ancestors did. The point of this exercise is to go within and understand, and not to judge. It is judgment that polarizes one against another. It is understanding that allows for non-judgment and finding the middle ground in which one can be neutral about all things. In the neutrality, one can say, “I understand. Many of my ancestors have gone insane in terror and done similar things. I have compassion, as the insane state of being is understood from personal and firsthand ancestral experience.”


Compassion is a state of being in which there is love for all others. In a state of compassion, one would have love for the terrorists, love for those living in such war torn and dire circumstances, and love for the victims who lost their lives upon the plane or in the devastation of the towers. One would also have love for those left behind mourning the loss of their loved ones, along with those firemen or policemen wounded or killed trying to save the day. One would have love for all involved, regardless of role.


Difficult? Perhaps. As one attains unity, such compassion is a natural way of being. For one understands that the human form is so limited, that there is a prescribed role for any genetic package. Those who ended their lives as the terrorist were born to fulfill upon such a role. Those who died in the collapsing towers, or as the firemen or policemen trying to save the day, they too were born to fulfill upon such a role.


How can this be so? Is there not free will in the human dance? The human dance is so limited beloved that it can go no other way than the genetic predisposition of the form from birth, unless one chooses to ascend. In other terms, the destiny of the life is known the moment the child is born. Through ascension, one may modify the genetics and thereby modify the genetic predisposition that causes a particular destiny in one’s life dance. Such a destiny will go from death to ascension in the choice to ascend.


If such humans had no choice as to the role that they were to play, who is to blame? No one is to blame, beloved. However, we take the stance that this human dance must change, and it has the opportunity to change through evolution. Through evolution, the very lineages and genetics that would cause a future terrorist or Hitler to be born again can be phased out allowing a new day in human civilization to dawn. The new dawn will occur as all humans enter a state of unity with one another, as in a state of unity, all shall have compassion, and from compassion, one will not seek to harm to destroy another out of fear. This shall occur as fear is no longer a part of the dance; the human form will have transcended the vibrations of fear, anger, pain, grief, suffering, along with death, illness, deformity and disease through ascension.


Parallel Lives


Compassion is learned through experience. One not only experiences such things in the past, but in the present in one’s parallel life dance. For each experience, there is another that occurred in a parallel life. For those in New York, upon the physical plane, some were killed in this incident, some boarded the aircraft that was hijacked, some were the hijackers themselves, and some lost loved ones. Yet others assisted as police or firemen, also many of which died trying to save others.


Upon a parallel life, the incident was reversed in polarity and those that had died survived, and yet others who survived died. Upon yet another parallel plane, the incident was only partially successful with only one tower destroyed. Upon yet another parallel plane, the incident didn’t occur at all as the crew and passengers rebelled causing the hijackers to fail at their mission. Upon yet another plane, the devices used to hijack were caught in the pre-screening at the airport and there were no knives or paper cutters available to pull off the plan. Such is the nature of the parallel life dance; all poles must be expressed in order to retain the balance of energy surrounding the human form and field.


One may go into their parallel life as an ascending being and see what occurred. Did you die in the incident upon a parallel plane? Did you lose a loved one? Did you strive to save others as a fireman or police officer and die? Did you survive but were injured? Did you ward off the event by waylaying the hijackers? For some near New York and closer to this incident, there are many probable parallel lives that were intertwined with this travesty than one understands. It is why this experience has been so upsetting, not only for those who are unaware and perhaps not ascending, but also for ascending initiates along the North Eastern seaboard of the United States.


As all polarities must be expressed, for some reading this material, perhaps upon a parallel life you were the hijacker, or you were the terrorist to some other incident that has occurred near where you live. One can see that one experiences much more than they think in physicality, and can use such understanding to assist in the transcendence of the very thoughtform at cause of the creation of such experiences in the human dance. As enough humans transcend the thoughtform of terrorism or warfare, such experiences will evaporate from the human expression en masse.


The job of clearing such patterning begins with you, the ascending initiate. You are more powerful than you think. If Gandhi could polarize India to attaining its freedom, one could say that it is not beyond a single human to bring forth great change. Indeed, this is true. At this time of ascension, the change that is possible is exponential. What is required of ascending initiates is the choice to transcend, the choice to transcend the destroyer within, the part of self that would like to destroy oneself or another in any manner. This is what has been reflected in the incident over New York perhaps more greatly than all realize, the destroyer has surfaced so that all in human form may so choose to transcend.


Applying Forgiveness to Everyday Life


Life is a mirror. There is not one thing that any human attracts unto oneself that does not mirror an unconscious part of self. If one attracts an abusive partner, one is abusive upon a parallel plane of reality and has been abusive in their past lives. As one integrates the abusive unconscious self and forgives the abusive ancestors, the abusive partner will either change, or they will leave, or perhaps one will choose to leave of their own volition. Forgiveness is the key to such changes, and it is all forgiveness of self.


Why is it forgiveness of self? Because one is and has been all things and is all things human. Upon a parallel plane, one is already all that one judges or finds disgusting in others in the physical. Furthermore, one has been all things and done all things in one’s own past lives, including something parallel to the terrorist actions over New York. One must first forgive oneself, and forgive their own ancestors, and then the forgiveness can extend outward to others of like expression in form.


One may therefore use their life as a daily mirror. What does one see outside of self that one does not like? Seek inward to like expressions within your ancestry or parallel life self and forgive. What do you see outside of yourself that you judge? Seek inward to like expressions within your ancestry or parallel life self and forgive. What do you see outside of yourself that causes you anger or the desire to be violent towards another or violate another? Seek inward to like expressions within your ancestry or parallel life self and forgive. It is not outside of oneself beloved, although it certainly appears as though it is. This is one large veil of illusion surrounding the human dance and the most important one perhaps to transcend for those upon the path of ascension.


Forgiveness dissolves all emotional reactions. Following forgiveness and the release of karmic patterns between the ancestors, the boss that irritates one so will have no affect whatsoever. The parent that drives one up the wall will only be mildly irritating following forgiveness, forgiveness of self. The friend who betrays oneself is only a mirror for all the times one’s own ancestry has betrayed others. Forgive the ancestor, and one will forgive the friend, and perhaps in so doing it will no longer feel like betrayal.


It is the sense of betrayal that pits one human or one group of humans against another. Betrayal is truly an illusion. Betrayal is only so because one sees only one half of the cause and effect, which is the effect. If one sees the cause of why so and so betrayed oneself in this life, one would also see that one betrayed so and so in the past. One is simply experiencing the effect of one’s own cause, albeit a past life cause. There is no effect that does not have a cause, and there is nothing that one experiences now that one has not somehow caused another to experience in the past.


There is one exception to this, which is known as karmic manipulation. Karma can be passed to another or another’s lineage, and then one will live to experience the cause of another. Karmic manipulations are returned in ascension, and this shift has become a part of the map to Bodhisattva. However, one may also simply intend to return any and all karma that is not one’s own to its source of origin, and collect up all karma that one or one’s ancestry is responsible for. In so doing, one will have all karma present at any stage of ascension to ensure a complete ascension. For it is only as all karma from one’s own ancestry is released that any ascension can be complete.


Karma and the Incident Over New York


With this understanding, let us examine the incident over New York. Earth and her governance along with the karmic boards have declared this incident part karmic and part manipulation of the dark. The manipulation is the result of karma added to New York that allowed for the war like circumstance of collapsing buildings therein.


New York soil has never known warfare in the past. New York was a center for the execution of the slaves by the Annanuki. As the slave populations became too great threatening the dominion of the Annanuki, the slaves were killed by the hundreds of thousands. New York and the Chicago region therefore hold karma upon the land more similar to Auschwitz than a war zone. Sometimes the slaves were drowned, sometimes they were buried alive, and sometimes they were burnt alive. New York therefore does not carry karma inherent for warfare, although mass annihilation of this form can occur inside of the dance of war, just as it occurred in Germany during World War II.


However, there was karma between the East and the West that was relived in this incident, even though the karmic manipulation allowed the dance to occur upon New York soil. The karma involved the conflict between the Red Seeded spiritual elite and the Pleiadian Annanuki long ago. Over time and due to enough conflict therein and a continuing destruction and pollution of Earth through Annanuki technology, which began to impinge upon the Red lifestyle, the Red Race upon the surface of the Earth chose to strike out. This involved the shattering of several of the Annanuki’s favorite temples, although they existed closer to London than New York.


One could say in all of this that the entire incident is a karmic replay of an old pattern, and one that is not only recorded in the DNA of the human species, but upon the land. The karma upon the land was moved from London to New York causing the incident to occur in the United States rather than Britain. However, the outcome would have been the same regardless of the location of the act from the point of view of Earth, and it would lead to a parallel dance of warfare against the East by the West nonetheless.


All karma within the land related to warfare is being released at this time through the conscious intent of Earth. Such records are being erased from the land. This includes the records in New York, as Earth does not wish to see another incident of this nature occur again, not only in New York, but also anywhere upon Earth. Furthermore, the collective unconscious of humankind has released all warfare karma, and this has occurred through ascending humans worldwide as of late. Karma that goes unreleased plays out endlessly like a broken record. In the releasing of the karma, the possibility for another future comes forth.


Such a future must still be intended beloved. Therefore, those that are ascending may not only wish to intend world peace on a recurrent basis at this time, but also intend the birth of a new Golden Era for humankind, and one founded upon unity and honor.


Addressing Internal Destruction


Although the collective unconscious predisposition for war has been released for the human species as a whole through ascending initiates, this does not take away from the need for each to personally process their own ancestral war memories. For each initiate has many memories of war and annihilation that must be released upon an individual basis in order to transcend destructive thoughtform. Any global occurrence such as the New York travesty is therefore an ascension opportunity. One can use the mirror presented to dig within and heal any and all like patterns within. In so doing, one may transcend internal to self the need to destroy outwardly.


There are two types of destroyers. One is internal, and causes disease when expressed to an extreme. The other is external and causes acts such as terrorism and war when expressed to an extreme. Many humans view internal destruction as better than external destruction, however they are one and the same. In polarity, to the degree that there is disease, then to such a degree there will also be war. As disease ceases, war will also cease.


As it is not enough to release external destructive patterns alone, now the internal destroyer must also be examined, understood, released and transcended. For in reality, all is ONE, and both external and internal destruction are the result of the same thoughtform.


It is perceived by Earth that failing to address the internal destroyer next will continue to force the opposing polarity into action, which is the external destroyer, which is indeed terrorism and war in physical expression. As the karma for disease and illness is released, then the destructive thoughtform within the collective human consciousness shall also be released in full. This shall allow the opportunity for world peace therefore to be anchored more fully into the human dance.


For those with disease, there is an opportunity in the year ahead to transcend the illness through the conscious choice to ascend. A path through ascension from disease to health will be added to the already carved map to Bodhisattva for a healthy and unencumbered form.


This will be a grand gift and shift indeed, as in so doing, the lineages that create illness and disease in the human dance may be phased out after 2020 for all future human births. At this time, no lineages that create humans that war or terrorize others shall be born in the year 2019 and beyond, as such lineages have been phased out due to the release of all war karma and are not an available choice for incoming children. This is a grand shift indeed, and therefore congratulations to all that has held the focus of clearing human warfare karma for the calendar year of 2019.


Earth thanks each and every one of you from the depth of her heart. May we continue and fulfill upon our next goal, which is the release of all human karma that creates disease, illness, aging, death and deformity in the human dance. May this come to be so, HO! May world peace come to fruition for all humans global wide.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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