Image of a yellow bird among pinkish lavender flowers. Transcending The Seven Forms Of Seduction

15. Transcending The Seven Forms Of Seduction


We wish to explore the nature of seduction in the human dance upon Earth. Seduction goes hand in hand with such concepts as “information brokering” or “chi brokering”, “ownership” and “veils” as we have defined them in previous chapters written thus far. Such materials are offered to others whom are choosing the path of transcendence and ascension in this lifetime. For transcendence requires moving beyond all distortion upon your plane of reality within the third dimension. Seduction is another form of illusion or distortion that is most prevalent upon Earth and within the human dance.


The Dance of Seduction


Most are quite familiar with the pattern of seduction. For is it not the good “salesperson” that is capable of convincing another that they “need” this product or that and then “cons” the individual into purchasing it? A good salesperson is gifted at the art of seduction and utilizes such capabilities, gifts and talents in each “deal” made. Seduction comes in many forms, from the “sleazy” manipulations that leave one feeling not so good after a transaction, to the “brilliant” manipulations that leave one feeling elated and as if they have done the “right thing” for their current life expression. Underlying all seduction is a manipulation of information and energy that favors the manipulator or seducer, and such unconscious transactions are those that we will be exploring in this chapter.


Seduction is such a common expression upon Earth that most of humanity is blind to the fact that it exists, except perhaps in the odd sleazy transaction that does not feel so good after the fact. Most human interactions involve seduction of one form or another upon a daily or even hourly basis. As a matter of fact, seduction is so common that it underlies all human behavior upon Earth altogether, as examined by the souls in observation of Earth’s ascension. It is through seduction that one fails to see the unconscious manipulations that are occurring in any human transaction.


In Chapter 17 “Ascension and Manifestation”  of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, we explored the concept of karmic manipulation and how retailers and manufacturers alike add karma as one enters a store causing one to purchase items in response to a karmic debt. Such manipulation is indeed a form of seduction that appears to be a common practice amongst all successful human businesses upon the Earth Plane. Such seduction can occur as one enters the store and perceives the glittery veils of illusion surrounding the merchandise.


In dancing with the veils that are filled with pictures of sexual and personal pleasure along with thoughtforms that such items will fill one with a sense of being “loved”, one loses chi, records, information, grid work, and then has karma added in its place. Removal of any energy system causes a vacuum through which something else can be added, and this is what is utilized to add karma to one’s field under such a circumstance. It is the karma that has been added that causes one to actually desire and then purchase the merchandise.


The same dance of seduction and karmic manipulation occurs through the media on an ongoing basis. Through commercials, infomercials, and ads in publications of all kinds, information, records and chi are taken and karma added in its place. It is the karma that causes one to perceive themselves as needing the object, merchandise or service. Often times, the merchandise or service is out of the affordability range of the individual, but the desire remains nonetheless as the karma is left causing the desire.


In your current civilization, such karmic manipulation leads to the desire for a fortune to be able to purchase all desired merchandise and receive all services offered as the result. It also leads to thievery, drug abuse, and a system that is polarized to an extreme with some who have much more than they could ever utilize and many others in great poverty. In returning the karma through conscious intent, the desire for all objects that are not a true karmic debt to one’s genetic ancestry simply goes away bringing an end to the dance of consumerism in one’s life experience, along with greed or poverty.


Asur’Ana has observed this dance for a long time in her own life experience. She has learned to alter her unconscious agreements such that she no longer gives chi, records or information away under any circumstance, nor does she take on karma from another, whether that other be a merchandiser, store, conglomerate, corporation, or individual. Only those purchases necessary and in settlement of a karmic debt have been made over this past year in her own life experience. And the interesting thing about it is that Asur’Ana finds that she does not desire anything anymore. She can look and appreciate the merchandise in any store, even the most posh and exclusive designer items, but no longer need or want any of it.


Becoming Filled from the Inside Out with Soul


We have spoken in the past about how possessions consume one’s chi. The more possessions one possesses, the more chi that such possessions consume. Ascension requires chi, and sooner or later each initiate will free themselves from their physical plane possessions in order to ascend, for otherwise there is not enough chi to accomplish the task at hand. Possessions are not just physical objects, but also can be people, places, plants or animals that one “owns”.


Therefore, a different lifestyle shall emerge amongst ascending initiates that is free of consumerism and owning possessions beyond that which one needs to fulfill upon their soul’s purpose. Such a lifestyle shall be a simple life, but one that is filled with joy, love, companionship of others upon a parallel path, and the fulfillment of one’s soul’s purpose in physicality. Freeing oneself allows the chi consumed from the possessions to be placed towards the purpose for which one has incarnate to be fulfilled upon. For many light workers, this is to ascend and contribute their part to the healing of human karma so that Earth may likewise ascend.


Over time, Asur’Ana learned that it was soul that fills her. Sometimes it is meditating in Nature that fills her to the brim. Sometimes it is a visit to the mineral pools and mud baths that fills her. Sometimes it is a long walk upon a Hawaiian beach and playing in the waves that fills her. Sometimes it is the gathering with friends interested in the goal of ascension that fills her. Sometimes it is listening to live Hawaiian music and watching the Hula Dancers that fills her. Sometimes it is the act of eating a fine meal that the chi and love from soul was added leaving her feeling full to the brim.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Asur’Ana has learned that the things that fill her the most are not merchandise, but interactions with other living beings or things, whether they be nature, water, friends, food or performers. The reason that such interactions fill one is that living beings and things contain energy or chi, and when such energy or chi dances with one’s field, one becomes filled from the inside out. As one becomes filled from the inside, one ceases to look to consumerism to feel loved, whole or complete.


Ceasing to Lose Records, Chi and Information


The path of ascension requires that one cease to lose records, chi and information. Without one’s ascension grid work, one cannot ascend. Without one’s chakra system or kundalini energy system, one’s vibration drops in short order. Without one’s akashic records, the very records that soul draws from to move the energy in the field are gone and soul ceases to be able to do its part to sustain the auric field. Sooner or later, each ascending human will need to cease to dance the dance of consumerism and seduction in order to ascend.


Consumerism is only one form of seduction, although a prevalent one in the human dance. The more invisible forms of seduction occur in the dance with friends, family, employers or other employees in one’s life experience. Do you ever wonder why the friends that you love so much, the employee that entertains you the most, or the family member that you love so much, attract you the way that they do? They are gifted at seducing in a particular manner that you enjoy during the time that you are together. Energetically, such seduction often looks like a large fan that is projected from a certain chakra region enveloping both you and the seducer. The fan sparkles, glimmers, is playful, and perhaps the seducer is also gifted at story telling or entertaining others. As one engages with the sparkling fan, one’s field is tapped into and records, chi and grid work removed and karma added in its place.


Seduction can occur from each chakra and has a slightly different purpose when projected from each body region. Each human is gifted at seducing in one or more manners in their current life experience, including all ascending initiates. We present this information so that each may become aware of their own patterns of seducing others, and how they themselves are likewise seduced. It is only as seduction ceases altogether that the manipulation of records, information, chi, grid work and karma can cease altogether in the initiates’ life experience. In becoming aware of the dance of seduction, one will also be more likely to detect when they have been seduced, and call any lost records back to one’s field or return the karma to the source of origin.


Clearing Only One’s Karma in Ascension


Karma that is not one’s own cannot be processed in ascension. If it is karma that is destructive, such as accident karma, mutilation karma, or death karma, one could manifest the karma if one is not aware that it has been added. The further one ascends, the faster one manifests. In learning to stay on top of such things one is more likely to return the karma before it is made manifest in the physical. Karma is always added through the act of seduction, and so in noticing when one has been seduced by another, one is more likely to recognize the energetic exchange and consciously choose to undo it.


Karma is often black in color, and can appear as reels of tightly compressed film or paper, like roles of fax paper, which contain thousands and thousands of records of cause. What are records of cause? When one has caused something in another’s experience, they will then experience their own cause returned in a like experience of one’s own creation. So, if one has caused thousands of people to die via a holocaust, they will create their own experience of similar annihilation thousands of times in karmic counterbalance. If one has caused the death of another through a seeming accident, then one shall manifest being the recipient of a similar accident at the cause of another in return.


All karma that is true to one’s genetic inheritance of past lifetimes must be balanced in order to ascend and it can be balanced through forgiveness rather than manifestation into physicality. As one reviews the cause or karmic experience in each of one’s past life records, and releases the trauma, one can then forgive their ancestry for incurring the karma and the karma is wiped clean. The ascending initiate does much of such karmic clearing and forgiveness nightly in dreamtime.


Karma added by another is not one’s true inheritance and cannot be cleared through forgiveness because one is not truly the cause. It is therefore karma that has been added that is more likely to be manifest in an ascending initiate’s life, as it cannot be released through the act of forgiveness. The exception to this is those karmic experiences that soul deems necessary to manifest for the lessons that they teach the initiate. Such karma is allowed to manifest by soul for the greater purpose that it serves the initiate in their life experience. In learning to detect when karma has been added, and returning it to its source of origin, one is more likely to avoid difficult manifestations that one is truly not at cause of, and are not deemed necessary by soul to experience.


Karmic manipulation often takes the form of reels of records of cause that are inserted into the grid work of the form and seemingly disappear to the eye of even the best clairvoyant. However, regardless if the added karma can be energetically seen or not, it is there nonetheless and therefore can be made manifest if left undetected. Removing the karma can involve unraveling the reels and returning the records to the source of origin, or pulling the entire roll out and sending it back all in one piece. In either case, all that is required to return karma that has been added to one’s field is intent. Often there is karma between the initiate and the one whom adds the karma, and such an individual has done the same things multiple times in multiple past life incarnations and interactions. In releasing the contracts or agreements to take on karma for another, one shall cease to dance in this manner the next time that one encounters the same individual.


Karmic manipulation has become one of the main forms of manipulation by the forces of the dark. Why is this so? An anti-Christ or soul that has lost its connection to its own source is incapable of evolving. Without evolving, such a soul has no use for understanding the cause behind a particular manifestation or any manifestation at all for that matter. Such souls wish simply to continue to dance that they enjoy, and will displace their “unpleasant” cause onto others so that they may re-experience that which they like, without ever reaping the karmic consequences.


The Order of Dari has discovered millions of souls that have only experienced one side of the dance and never its opposite in 120,000 years of human history. A good example of this type of karmic manipulation is the souls dancing in the wealthiest humans upon Earth. The same souls have continued to incarnate into the same lineages for 120,000 years experiencing only extreme wealth. In so doing, they have never experienced poverty or hunger. It is only a soul that has never experienced poverty or hunger that would inflict such an experience upon another or a group of others by hoarding to great excess.


The souls from the Intervention of God Goddess/All That Is call the above “Karmic Delay”. A karmic delay is when one experiences only one side of the polarity again and again, delaying the consequences again and again. The consequences are never delayed forever, and such souls will now experience 120,000 years of poverty and starvation in karmic counterbalance to their creation upon Earth. Such souls could ascend and forgive themselves, however, they are devoid of any source to ascend to.


And so, this leaves such souls only with the experience or cause ahead in the next many thousands of years of experience upon another third dimensional planet. However, it is also the fact that they had no source, nor interest in evolution that they delayed the karmic return in the first place. Perhaps in experiencing the karmic consequences they will seek to find their source and return to it in due course and ascend.


Karmic delay is coming to an end in your creation. Ascension brings forth the reversal of all karma and prevents further karmic delay. As such, one shall see the reverse playing out in each humans’ life experience in the clearing of karma in the years ahead as Earth ascends. The only way out of experiencing the opposite of one’s current life creation is to choose to ascend along with Earth. In ascending, the karma is forgiven and one simply transcends the thoughtform at cause of the karmic dance in the human experience.


Transcending Karma with the Language of Light


In order to transcend karma, one must move to a new thoughtform that is beyond polarity. In order to accomplish this task, all karma held within the records of five billion ancestors related to one’s current incarnation must be cleared in full. Such records are recorded in the cellular structure of the form in great accuracy, and as all decay and scar tissue are converted to crystalline, all karmic records are released a little at a time and then forgiven. As all scar tissue and decay are resurrected and all karmic records released and forgiven, one enters an ongoing state of forgiveness and transcends karma altogether.


The thoughtform of the Language of Light is beyond polarity, beyond karma, and as one embraces it in full, one transcends karma altogether. This requires embodying 36,000 segments of genetic material, which converts every cell within the human form to crystalline. In so doing, one enters a state of ongoing forgiveness. Last year, Asur’Ana has transited to this state in her own evolution.


In a state of forgiveness, cause and effect are no longer kept track of as they are instantaneous and concurrent. It is in entering a vibration of “no time” that cause and effect are simultaneous or concurrent and then cancel themselves out. For this reason, our channel’s thoughtform has had to be purified of all destruction or harm, otherwise she would instantly create harm for herself or another. It has taken much clearing and inner work within her journey to enter such a state given the density of current human thoughtform. However, it has been accomplished, and those devoted to their path of ascension shall follow in the years ahead.


Releasing Spells, Curses and Hexes


Spells, unlike karma, look like giant webbing of energy, often black in color, that is cast over a portion of one’s field or one’s entire field like a net. Spells are generally anchored or pinned into one or more areas of the grid work or chakra system. In order to release the spell, one may unhook the pin and then send the webbing back to the source of origin.


Spells have a similar affect to karma, as they hold a particular thoughtform in the field. It is when one holds the thoughtform of death or accident in one’s field that one projects such a thoughtform to the Universe, and then the Universe returns such thoughtforms by allowing one to manifest an experience of accident or death. Therefore, spells can have a similar outcome to karmic manipulation if they have been cast around oneself and left unattended to in ascension.


The original purpose of spell casting was for manifestation of one’s dreams and desires. When one seeks to manifest a particular creation, one utilizes a giant spell or web work of energy that unites all others whom are to be a part of one’s creation. However, the anti-Christ souls dancing upon Earth have learned to utilize spells for destructive purposes. If someone gets in the way of their desired manifestation, such souls have learned to cast spells of death, destruction or mutilation over such individuals or groups of individuals and in due course, such individuals or groups manifest their own annihilation.


All initiates are composed of light and dark, conscious and unconscious. All initiates are both recipients of curses, hexes, karma and spells, and likewise cast spells, throw curses, throw hexes and dish out karma towards others without knowing upon planes of reality that one has yet to become conscious of. Often times it is in receiving curses, hexes, karma or spells from another that then one can look to see if they have done the same unconsciously to others in a parallel manner. In releasing patterning at cause of both karma received and sent, such forms of manipulation and harmfulness are more likely to be released in full.


Hexes and curses are blows of energy that mutilate the field, subtle bodies, chakra system or grid work. Hexes often look like a hexagon, which is flat, like a dish, and is flung into the field cutting up whatever energetic region that it enters. Curses often take the form of a group of long pins or needles that are flung as a group into a particular chakra or portion of the grid work. The pins and needles generally are placed in the pattern of an “ownership signature” and have the effect of not only mutilating the field, but also sending chi or information back to the sender.


Releasing all patterns, whether they be spells, curses, karma that is not one’s own, or thoughtform that is polarity based or destructive simply requires “intent”. Intent is an act of will in which one simply states “I intend to release this pattern now!”. Energy moves with one’s thought, and as one thinks it, so it is. The only hitch to this is when one may be in a fantasy reality, ungrounded and disconnected from one’s soul. You know, the moments you feel “out to lunch” or “out of body” and ungrounded? These are not moments in which intent will have any effect. Therefore, one must first ground, anchor soul into the form, and then intend.


Spells that are cast upon oneself can be returned to the sender through intent. Spells that you have cast upon another can be retrieved via intent. Karma that has been added to one’s field can be returned via intent. Karma that one has unconsciously added to the field of another can be retrieved through intent. This is important, as one must release all of their own karma in order to ascend.


Curses or hexes that one has received can be returned to the sender via intent. Curses or hexes that one has unconsciously sent to others can likewise be called back through one’s intent. In so retrieving one’s own curses, hexes, spells or karma that one has unconsciously sent to others, the harmful action and karma is released and then can be forgiven in full.


It is human nature to believe oneself angelic and beyond harmfulness and others evil or harmful. In reality, all initiates are both light and dark, and perpetrate the same destruction perpetrated against them. Such is the nature of the human dance, and initiates must be willing to look at their own darkness, or they shall fail to transcend it in full. If all harmful thoughtform is not transcended, one shall cease to ascend, for otherwise one would simply create harmfulness in real time. This would be far more disastrous than simply not ascending at all and ending one’s lifetime in death.


It is through the act of seduction that unconscious harmfulness is perpetrated. Spells, curses, hexes and karma are all transferred from one party to another through the act of seduction. Each time one engages with the seducer, more spells are cast and curses laid in or engaged allowing more information, records, chi, grid work or moving energy systems to be transferred from one party to another. A clairvoyant initiate once observed a friend who was a stripper “strip” an entire room of male adults of all information, grid work, chi and moving energy systems and dump karma upon each in a single act! She was so good, these male adults returned again and again. This leads one to a whole new concept of the purpose behind stripping!


The Seven Types of Seduction


Now we would like to take a moment to better define the seven types of seduction. Each form of seduction is related to one of the main seven chakra centers in the form, and is energetically run from the related region. In addition to the seven main categories of seduction is called the “Seducer of Seducers”. Such an individual is capable of running all seven types of seduction either sequentially or simultaneously. One will notice that your most famous humans global wide are most likely each a “Seducer of Seducers”. It is because they are so gifted at seduction that they are loved so and are so popular.


We would like to point out that seduction is not love. Love is the result of communion. Communion is an act in which soul enters the form and blesses the form with its love. The act of communion also allows the soul to dance with Mother Earth extending its blessings to Earth. Two in communion share the love of each of their souls together with each other and with Earth. This is what love is. In the act of love through communion, no information is moved from one person to the other, no chi is moved from one field to the other, and no act of harmfulness occurs. In the act of love through communion, the two souls dance together through form enhancing the overall vibration of the two whom come together.


1. The Seduction of Survival

(Related to 1st Ray or the Red Ray and the 1st Chakra)


The seduction of survival causes one to believe that they “need” another or something in order to survive. In the seduction, the seducer programs the one whom is seduced with the fantasy of “need” and each time the seduced feels “needy”, they call upon the seducer to fill the “need”. Each time the seduced calls upon the seducer or enters the fantasy of “neediness”, the seducer accesses their field taking another segment of information, chi, records, or moving energy systems and transfers karma to the seduced.


The seduction of survival is often the type of seduction utilized by merchants whom create a false “need” for their products or services in the consumers. It is important to realize that any organization or corporation has a collective energy flow that has a mental body, emotional body, intuitive body and creative body, a collective unconscious, and group chakra system. It is not only individual humans that can seduce, but groups or corporations as well. One will see in a group seduction that the seduction is run from the group chakra system related to the type of seduction created. Therefore, this type of seduction based upon “need” would be run from the first chakra of any group energy field or any individual energy field.


Group energy creates a flow that all whom participates with the product or service engages in. It is often the group emotional body that engages with those participating in the group endeavor to allow the participants to “feel” what the group wishes them to feel. It is the group mental and intuitive bodies that allow participants to understand what the group wishes to express. It is the group creative body that manifests for the group by calling the participants in to purchase the merchandise or participate in the event.


Movies are a good example of group energy flow in action, as movies allow the viewers to experience emotions via the group emotional body engaging with the viewer’s emotional body. Movies also allow the viewers to understand what is presented by engaging the viewer’s mental and intuitive body with the group mental and intuitive body. It is the creative body for any movie that draws all viewers into the theater to view the film or to the video store to purchase the video.


The group energy field for any movie along with the subtle bodies and chakras are constructed unconsciously by whom participated in the movie’s creation. This includes all cast members along with the technicians, writers, screenplay editors, costume designers, and any other members of the corporations involved in producing or financing the film. Each co-creator of the movie contributes a part of their own subtle bodies or energy field to the creation of the group subtle body and group energy field behind the movie.


Most movies are a group form of seduction that is often used to strip viewers of information and dump karma into their fields. This occurs as the viewers engage with the group emotional, intuitive or mental body behind the film. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana abstains from all forms of this type of entertainment, as she chooses not to be manipulated or seduced in this fashion.


Upon a more personal level, the seduction of need can be seen amongst those who provide services of all kinds, from restaurants, to healing practices such as massage, to hair salons, to grocery stores. Such group seduction places a false “need” into the field of all whom chose to engage in such a service along with karma. In engaging in the service, the false karma is settled. Additionally, in entering the grocery store, eating at the restaurant, receiving the massage, or having one’s haircut, one is then stripped of their records, chi, grid work or information, and often additional karma is added to ensure that one returns again. The more successful the restaurant, the hair salon, the grocery store, or the massage business, the more gifted those managing such businesses are at such unconscious karmic manipulation.


The ascending initiate, in becoming aware of such exchanges, does not need to quit engaging with all such services. One simply needs to pay attention and if something is lost, call back all lost records and chi, grid work or moving energy systems that have been taken, and return the karma to the source of origin. Such a dance will only occur if there are karmic agreements to allow for it. As all karmic agreements are released in full from one’s tapestry of ancestry, one can engage with the grocery store, hair salon, or restaurant without the seduction occurring again.


If, on the other hand, one owns such a business and chooses to ascend, one can consciously choose to transcend the pattern of engaging in such unconscious harmfulness and seduction in full. In so doing, one ceases to create more karma for oneself, and instead can call in that karma which is sincerely owed to one’s ancestry to create the sales or clients. In this manner, karma can be settled, one can succeed at their business, and one can ascend simultaneously.


2. The Seduction of Feeling

(Related to 2nd Chakra and 2nd or Blue Ray)


The seduction of feeling causes one to be manipulated by the emotions expressed by another, or conversely manipulate another with their own emotions. As the emotions are engaged, one may “feel” in the manner that the one whom is seducing wishes one to feel. However, simultaneously, one’s field is accessed and one’s records, chi, moving energy systems or grid work is taken and karma is added in return.


Examples of the seduction of feeling include movies, as they have been examined above. One may be seduced into seeing a comedy so that one may laugh and then feel good, but in the engagement with the emotional and mental bodies behind the film, lose records or chi and have karma added. It is the emotional engagement with the movie, in particular, that causes viewers to be so easily seduced.


It is perhaps movies and television that can do the most ongoing damage to an ascending initiate’s field. It is for this reason that we advise that one simply leave behind such artificial forms of entertainment if one is serious about ascending in this lifetime.


It is interesting to note that many humans enjoy movies for the experience of leaving behind their current life trauma and being engulfed by an alternate reality for a few hours. The life trauma doesn’t go away, but the humans escape it for a short period. For the ascending human, current life traumas are transcended through alteration of the thoughtform that created such traumas in the first place. Escaping the trauma is not necessary, but rather facing it, examining it, and then choosing to release the karma and thoughtform behind it. In so doing, such traumas will not be made manifest again leaving ample room for a more joyful life expression. One is also free to create entertainment that fills one from within, such as a walk upon the beach, a sunset, a bubble bath by candlelight, or any number of other forms of joyful experiences that are communion and love based.


Drug or alcohol addiction is often related to the seduction of feeling, as the user is seduced by the entities behind the drug or alcohol that they will feel better while “high”. The entities behind the drug and the dealers that run such entities enter the field of the drug user during the “high” stripping the user of their information and adding karma. The added karma causes the drug user to purchase the drug again and again.


In a similar manner, the entities at the bar entice the addict that they will feel better “high” or drunk. The entities often run themselves through the bartender or barmaid, and as the addict becomes drunk, again enters the field stripping them of records and adding karma so that they will return again. Those with such addictions may find relief by simply returning the karma for the drug use to the dealer or alcohol use to the bar, bartender and barmaid. Drug use and alcohol abuse, much like the enjoyment of movies and television, may need to be left behind in full given the destructive nature of such energetic exchanges if one wishes to ascend in this lifetime.


Other forms of emotional seduction can occur through many a business, and one is often attracted to such services because one “feels better” afterwards. Massage and therapy of all kinds including psychiatry, healers and clairvoyants can fall into the category of second chakra seducers. Often the patient is seduced into believing that they feel better after the therapy. Indeed, such therapies involve many energetic exchanges. Sometimes the massage therapist, healer, psychiatrist or clairvoyant takes on the patient’s pain. Usually, the pain goes away and the patient feels better, however, the patient may walk away with the therapist’s own karma, or the karma of another patient in its place.


Often times, such seductions also include the programming of the seduced by the seducer. A program is a series of thoughtforms strung together and added to another’s field through a group of spells. In the above example of the healer, the healer would program the client during the seduction of the session in a manner that the client may relate to their life experience in a new manner. In so doing, the client feels better about whatever was bugging them before the session. However, we would like to point out that ascension requires that all such programs and fear-based thoughtform be released in full. So, such programming, which adds fear-based thoughtform to the patient’s field does not serve the ascending initiate, although it may serve another upon a different path of non-ascension in their current life experience.


At this time, all initiations and information for ascension is dispensed direct by the Temples for Ascension in the dreamtime ascension planes of reality after initiates pass each related test. Therefore, initiates receive the information for their next evolutionary step direct from counsels that govern such things. As such, we encourage all initiates simply to intend to ascend. In the act of ascension, fear-based thoughtform at cause of a particularly difficult moment is transcended, and therefore healing naturally occurs in the act of ascension.


Another example of a second chakra seducer can be seen in sexual practices of all kinds, including erotic massage and striptease artists, and those that supply merchandise for such things such as lingerie. Second chakra seduction can include those that are gifted at the art of making love and Tantra or enticing others to feel erotic. In the dance of sexual energy between two parties, the seducer strips the seduced of their records and adds karma. Sometimes sexual seduction can also move the pain from the seduced to the seducer allowing the seduced to feel better after making love.


The act of making love is a basic principle that underlies all creations. It is not wrong, however, it has been used upon the Earth plane for harmful purposes. In the new paradigm, it is through the act of communion that two souls dance with one another. This can include the physical act of making love in which the dance of energies between the two souls are used to facilitate and enhance one’s field for ascension rather than deplete it. However, the programming for harmfulness through sex is so great that it will take initiates transcending 36,000 segments of DNA to be able to engage in regular lovemaking based upon communion.


This may be difficult for initiates that are couples to hear, but we guide each to find their own truth of the matter, and to open their eyes to the underlying patterns that may occur unconsciously without one’s awareness. Again, ascension requires the ongoing building of chi and vibration, and is easily sabotaged through such manipulations. For those that are single, casual sex may need to be avoided in full until partners of like mind and transcendence become available in one’s life experience. Such is the nature of the current human dance in which most of the human species is not ascending at this time in history, and as such, are not transcending harmful unconscious patterning.


3. The Seduction of Power

(Related to 3rd Chakra and 3rd or Orange Ray)


The seduction of power causes one to perceive another as powerful and in so doing, the power that one carries is transferred to the one who is perceived as powerful. The seduction of power is engaged as the seducer programs the seduced with a fantasy reality that the seducer is powerful. Each time one moves into the fantasy, the seduced gives their power to the seducer. Giving power to another can also include giving one’s records and information surrounding power, or one’s moving energy systems or chi to the one whom is perceived as powerful.


We would like to point out that each form of seduction is present in one manner or another in an initiate’s life experience. Each initiate will be gifted at seducing others in one manner, and being seduced in another. Each initiate will find that they have a dominant seduction that they rely upon in one fashion or another to survive in the current paradigm. As each initiate examines their own tendencies, and comes to understand the underlying energetic dance behind their own genetics, there is then the opportunity for transcendence.


Let us look at an example of the seduction of power in one initiate whom we shall refer to as Mike. Mike has run a veil of power all of his life, and always ended up in a management or authority level position in every company that he worked for as a result. He accomplished this by taking the power and records of power from each whom were willing to be seduced into his fantasy thereby relinquishing their power and knowledge of power to him.


In choosing to ascend, Mike has been working towards transcending the seduction of power and the embodying of authentic power. Little by little, all of the manners in which Mike confiscated power from others, or their knowledge of power, has been relinquished. We can now state that Mike has transcended his need to empower himself at the expense of another. One can see from this that transcendence of such patterning occurs a little at a time and has taken many years to accomplish in full.


Mike has recently experienced the other side of the coin and had his own power and records for power taken by an even greater seducer than he was himself. As such, Mike has now experienced the opposite of his own innate genetic pattern, and in experiencing and then transcending such a dance with another, has allowed him transcendence in full.


One can see from this example that the seducer may become the seduced in the relinquishing of a particular form of seduction. In so doing, one experiences all sides of the coin in the human dance, and comes to an understanding of what it feels like to seduce and then be seduced by another in the same manner as one may have engaged in their entire life. As both sides are understood, one can transcend seduction altogether in their ascension. This is also an example of the type of manifestation that soul allows to be made physical for the experience and lesson that it has to teach.


The seduction of power can be seen in most leadership capacities in the current human dance. All leaders of any degree, whether they be the boss, the CEO, the governor of a region, the president of a country or the director of a corporation, are gifted at manipulating power. They would not have attained their position of authority if others did not relinquish their power to such individuals. Initiates will find that they have not only given their power to every boss that they have ever worked for, but also parents, aunts or uncles, teachers, along with such organizations as the IRS, banks, and all governments that oversee the region that one lives. The president of any country is powerful because all residents of such countries give their power to the president.


In the case of the violent dictator, the dictator is powerful because they have learned to cause others to give them their power out of the fear of death. Such a dictator not only confiscates the power of others, but programs others with the thoughtform of death. It is out of the fear of death that whole populaces of humans have been manipulated for the past 120,000 years of human history. The karma for this is related to the Pleiadian’s invasion and manipulation of the human genetics.


As an ascending initiate, one retrieves all power that has been given to another so that they may stand in the power of their own truth and expression as an ascending master. Likewise, if one is much like Mike and tends to take the power away from others, one shall learn to cease to dance in this form of seduction and transcend to a new state of being which is founded upon authentic power. Authentic power is not earned through education or granted through popularity based upon seduction.


Authentic power comes from transcendence and mastery over the physical plane in the act of ascension. Authentic power seeks not to dominate or abuse another, but rather simply to stand in its truth and express it in full. If others choose to follow such a leader in authentic power, it is because they resonate with the truth expressed, and not because they are dominated, controlled, subordinated, programmed, or seduced. Therefore, ascension will bring forth a new form of power and leadership in the human dance in due course.


4. The Seduction of Love

(Related to 4th Chakra and 4th or Green Ray)


The seduction of love causes one to believe that they cannot feel loved without the love of another. The seducer programs the seduced with the fantasy of their love, and the seduced then believes that they will only feel love in the presence or memory of the seducer. In the seduction of love, the fantasy can be used to transfer information, chi, records, moving energy systems or karma from the seducer to the seduced or vice versa.


As with our above example of the seduction of power, we would like to share our translator’s root seduction and how she has transcended it in her personal ascension. Asur’Ana is an excellent example of the seduction of love. Most of her life experience, Asur’Ana was seduced by the love of others at the expense of herself, losing most records and information to others over time. Asur’Ana’s quest for partnership is the underlying cause of her desire to evolve, so strong has been the desire to be loved. In her own examination of the difficulties in male and female patterning, she chose to begin to transcend such patterning internal to herself early on, and this fueled the beginning of her self-examination which led to her personal ascension.


In another example of the seduction of love, we shall refer to this initiate by the name of Kim. In relationships earlier in Kim’s life, each partner easily seduced Kim. Each took more than they ever gave leaving her depleted over time. As the depletion and pain became too great, she would leave or end the relationship, and then seek another partner. Each partner she had never fulfilled her for very long, and one might equate this with the pattern of the unrelenting quest for the beloved. As she turned within, and began to heal herself, she committed to having no physical partnership until it could be founded upon unconditional love. Five years passed, and she was clearing initiation 3,000 when Mike entered her life. And for once, a partner was presented that was fulfilling, and willing to walk the common path of ascension and transcendence with her.


Was there seduction between Kim and Mike when they met? Yes, Mike holds the power for their relationship and Kim holds the love for their relationship. Over time, Kim has learned to cease to give Mike her power and stand in it of her own volition, and Mike has opened his heart to express a masculine form of love within the relationship. So, one can see how the process of ascension balances out that which is unbalanced within oneself over time.


One can also see how partners are often attracted to one another based upon balancing out where one another is inherently weak. In ascension, the weaknesses are gradually transcended leading to a new type of partnership based upon equality. Such a partnership is not possible without ascension, for the current genetics of the human species is so very limited that it polarizes one into a bundle of strengths and weaknesses. With any weakness, one is forever “less than”, which does not allow for true equality. As the weaknesses are transcended, equality can then be embraced.


In walking the path of ascension, communion becomes the common denominator in Kim and Mike’s life experience and relationship. Communion is the union between the body, Earth and soul. In a state of communion, one is filled with the love of soul dancing with one’s field. In a state of communion, one ceases to need to seduce another to bring them into the dance with oneself in order to be loved, as one becomes loved from the inside out through soul dancing with form. In a state of communion, one also ceases to be seduced by another in order to feel loved as soul fills one up to the brim with its love.


The seduction of love affects many other forms of businesses and practices including healers and spiritual teachers alike. However, such a seduction is not love. Only communion allows authentic love to pour through the field, and seduction is a poor substitute that actually allows great harmfulness to pour through instead.


As any initiate engages with a spiritual teacher or healer of any kind, examine how you feel afterwards. Do you feel depleted? Then chi has been taken. Do you hurt in the head? Then your crown has been violated and records of spiritual knowledge have been stripped. Do you hurt in the solar plexus? Then your third chakra has been violated and your power stripped. Does your chest ache? Then your heart has been violated and information on love has been stripped. Pay attention, and if you have lost something, intend to retrieve it and examine why you have manifested the experience. All manifestations serve, all are karmic, and one can use such manifestations to fuel their journey home.


5. The Seduction of Creativity

(Related to 5th Ray and 5th Chakra and the color Fuchsia)


The seduction of creativity utilizes creative self-expression to seduce another. Such seduction can come through music, the arts, dance, theater, books, or any outward creative endeavor of one sort or another. Such creations are used to program a fantasy reality into the audience which entertains or entices the audience but also transfers records, information, moving energy systems or chi from the audience to the artist, or from the artist to the audience. Those artists of extreme fame or fortune are gifted at taking records and chi. Those whom are poor and unrecognized generally are gifted at giving records and chi and often end their life in great pain or illness.


Any handmade object created by an artist, whether it be a painting, a sculpture, an article of clothing, a scarf, or a piece of jewelry, holds the energy and ownership signature of the artist. In wearing the object or placing the object in one’s home, the dance of energy between the artist and one’s field occurs and can be used to strip information, records, grid work, or dump karma on to one’s field. Such is the nature of the current paradigm of creativity, which has become a form of seduction.


This is not true for all artists at all times, however it behooves initiates to examine their own possessions based upon this understanding to determine where they may be losing chi or information. Sometimes such pieces can be re-programmed or cleared through the application of energy through one’s hands. Sometimes they cannot, and one is faced with relinquishing the object to another if it creates a big enough drain or loss of records.


For those that are artists, one can become mindful of allowing only the love of the soul, oversoul and source along with God Goddess/All That Is to be left in the creative expression that one is gifted at. One can intend that no harmfulness comes through any creation, and as this becomes so, one shall cease to create karma for oneself. Additionally, one can anchor the Language of Light into their pieces instead, which is the new unity-based thoughtform emerging in all ascending species upon Earth. Such frequencies can be added simply through intent and channeled through one’s hands into the art as it is created, the voice as it is used, or the body as one dances.


Ascending initiates may also wish to become aware of the loss of records or the programming that can occur through the act of reading information or books written by certain authors gifted at seduction. Again, pay attention to how one feels as one engages with the energy of the book and author. Does it make you hurt? If so, examine if your field is violated by the author’s energy. If so, perhaps it is not the author that one wishes to read or engage with. Each level of initiation brings forth a higher frequency within the form. Those articles or books engaged with yesterday that felt good may not feel good tomorrow as one ascends to a higher frequency. Why is this so? Seduction relies upon veils of illusion.


As long as one is underneath the veil in frequency, one shall engage in the veil or fantasy and not feel the pain that one’s form may be in. Such is the nature of fantasies and illusion, which cause soul to leave the form and one to experience an alternate reality that is fantasy based. As one rises above the illusion and fantasy, one will not enter the fantasy any longer. Now the same activity or book that made one feel good in a fantasy yesterday causes one’s form to hurt today. Then, one can understand that they have just lifted beyond the veil and fantasy that the book or activity relied upon in the seduction, and now one is at choice. One can either cease to dance with the activity or book thereby ascending, or continue and be violated by losing records. In one case, one shall succeed in their ascension, and in the second, one shall fail. The choice is up to each initiate at each phase of ascension, for each phase brings another layer of veils that are peeled away causing one to more clearly see the seduction of others for what it is.


We have spoken at length about movies and we would like to point out that the same form of seduction also occurs through music. Your most popular artists strip chi and records from all whom engage with their music and utilize such knowledge to fuel their fame. This is indeed a form of fifth chakra seduction. As such, again we invite initiates to examine how they feel as they engage with a particular artist. If one feels depleted or aches in the form, one will know that one is being violated and then can choose whether or not one wishes to continue to engage with such abuse.


Over time, Asur’Ana has chosen many Hawaiian artists whom inherently share “mana” or life force through their music. In the sharing of life force, one can return the life force to the musician in an ongoing exchange of chi that enhances all parties involved. The same goes for Hula dancing which is based upon the principles of sharing the mana or life force with others through the dance. Such entertainment is most wonderful as the dance of energies leave both the performers and our channel feeling “full” at the end of the evening. It also allows communion as all souls present whom are ascending can dance together enhancing the love present in the room. Not all performers react this way, but over time Asur’Ana has found those that do, and both their recorded and live performances are a treat to listen to as a result.


This is an example of the creativity of the future, which will be an expression of the love of soul and God Goddess/All That Is through the human expression of art, music, writing, acting and dance. As such, soul shall share its love with others through the creative expression enhancing all concerned in the greater dance of love through communion. We see the new paradigm will emerge in due course as more in human form ascend whom are gifted at creative self-expression through art and music.


6. The Seduction of Vision

(Related to the 6th Ray and the 6th Chakra and the Yellow Ray)


The seduction of vision is one that many psychics and healers run. The seduction causes the seducer to program the seduced with a fantasy that the seducer sees more than the one seduced. In so doing, information on visionary skills can be transferred either from the seduced to the seducer or vice versa. It is also in this fashion that some clairvoyants create long-term clients who rely upon them for their vision.


In ascension, one learns to rely upon one’s own vision to lead oneself Home. No one can see for another where one truly needs to head. Vision is an act of soul entering the form and sharing with the form through the intuitive body what the next step upon the path is. Only the initiate can truly see for him or herself what the next step is for only the initiate is intimately connected with their own soul. No one outside will ever as clearly lead another as one’s own self via the connection to one’s soul.


The difficulty with the seduction of vision is that so few in human form believe that they “see” anything. The truth is, all initiates see. Each sees in a different manner that can be cultivated over time in one’s ascension. Asur’Ana herself does not “see” in color pictures. Instead, she sees outlines and has direct cognition or “knows” the truth. Her “seeing” has been adequate for her to transcend her own initiations over time.


Seeing is a function of soul, and as one learns to allow personality to step aside and soul descend and engage with the form in a state of communion, soul will begin to guide the initiate. We have found that transcending initiation 3,000 often opens initiates up to a greater connection to their soul, as the personality entities are released in full and the subtle bodies have been repaired enough to have a mental, emotional intuitive and creative bodies present.


It is the intuitive body that allows for the transference of the soul’s knowledge or vision to the form, and so until this has been reconstructed, such soul communication and communion can be difficult for some initiates. However, if one has not transcended 3000, muscle testing or applied kinesiology is another manner of accessing body level knowing. Muscle testing will give one an accurate body level reading as to what one needs to see for their next step upon the path.


Working with healers and clairvoyants is not wrong. Often initiates are drawn into such sessions because there is a karmic debt, or because there are soul agreements to work together for a time. Again, we invite initiates to notice how they feel after such a session. Does one feel better? Or does one ache giving one the signs that one has been violated? It is not unusual for seers to be gifted at certain forms of seduction that can violate one’s field and records, and so we invite initiates to pay attention. Ultimately and over time, the ascending master learns to be their own best visionary and advisor. It is through learning to commune with soul that such advice and vision will flow more and more effortlessly the further one ascends. As such, each initiate in due course will cease to look to others for their vision, and instead turn within and find their own way Home.


7. The Seduction of Knowledge

(Related to the 7th Ray and the 7th Chakra and the Violet Ray)


The seduction of knowledge causes the seducer to program the seduced with a fantasy that they hold more knowledge than the seduced. In so doing, the seduced may relinquish their power to know their truth along with all information to the seducer. Sometimes the seducer also gives their knowledge to the seduced causing their truth to override the truth of another.


There are many types of seducers of knowledge. Often your most famous scientists, professors, spiritual teachers, mathematicians, doctors or physicists are seducers of knowledge. The seducer of knowledge collects knowledge from others and then applies it to their preoccupations or writing. For so very long, knowledge has been limited so upon Earth due to the many falls in genetic material that only those gifted at taking knowledge from others could piece enough information together to understand much of anything.


Your recent history and struggle to understand even the basics of biology, physics or math has taken thousands of years to reconstruct. This is the result of a major nuclear catastrophe which destroyed most everything upon the surface of the Earth in the last fall of Atlantis and caused the genetic material to become so pared down there was little information in the form for soul to work with. Soul also fractured greatly losing the whole of the knowledge that soul once contained.


With ascension, information is retrieved as one pieces their fractured soul back together reconstructing the knowledge that such a soul or souls once knew. The genetic alterations also bring forth a newfound biological remembrance of unity consciousness. As one ascends, one ceases to need to gather information outside of oneself; and as one can commune with soul and become a fluid channel, soul will give any initiate all knowledge necessary for them to succeed at their soul’s goal and purpose.


As an initiate, one may need to become conscious of other seducers of knowledge that one may come into contact with either in person or through their written materials. Generally, the seducer of knowledge will access the crown chakra and remove one’s akashic records for their own use and gain. Often this leads to the experience of a headache following engaging with such individuals. Therefore, we invite initiates to pay attention to how they feel after such a transaction. If one has lost records, intend to retrieve them.


If one finds that they are a 7th path seducer, one will need to return those records that truly belong to others. Truth is based upon resonance. The truth of another shall never be one’s own truth. In the taking of knowledge of others, the 7th path seducer scrambles or pollutes his or her own truth with the truth of many others making it difficult for such an individual to know whom they truly are as a spiritual aspirant. As one chooses only to anchor their own truth, and anchor soul that resonates with that truth, then soul may dance with the form and share its sovereign truth with oneself along with others. This is the new paradigm of the teacher or guru, one whom has embraced their own truth in full and simply seeks to share it, and allow all others their own unique truth simultaneously.


The Seducer of Seducers


The seducer of seducers is an individual capable of running all seven forms of seduction simultaneously. Such seduction is readily seen in famous Gurus of the East or great financial barons or movie stars of fame and fortune in the West. Such individuals can seduce in all seven ways individually or simultaneously, taking or giving knowledge of all kinds.


Much like the case of the information broker that has knowledge of all ownership signatures and can utilize them at all frequencies clearing all the information entirely from the field of another, the seducer of seducers has the capacity to access all fields through the act of seduction. It is the seducer of seducers that can do the most damage to an individual or group through the taking of chi, records and information for ascension.


The Stand for Sovereignty


The following commands came through to assist Asur’Ana in clearing her fields from the veils of illusion surrounding seduction. We share them now for each upon the path. Use them daily or as guided to move the next layer of veils and distortion from your field.


  1. I am the Master of my destiny. I walk the path of God Goddess of my form. I allow all others to walk their own path. As one becomes one’s own source of survival, one will become sovereign in one’s form of income and one’s own ability to traverse one’s own path of ascension. One shall also allow all others their choices without interference.


  1. Through my pelvis, only the creative, sexual and emotional expression of the God Goddess of my form shall flow. As one becomes sovereign in one’s own feelings, one’s own emotions are the only emotions felt, allowing one to have body level discernment about their own truth in the dance of ascension.


  1. Through my solar plexus, only the power of the God Goddess of my form shall flow. As one becomes sovereign in one’s own power, one masters one’s own internal demons, dragons and dark sides and stands tall as the ascending master that one is becoming.


  1. My heart holds the love of the God Goddess of my form. Through my heart all blessings from God Goddess shall flow to the physical plane. As one becomes sovereign in one’s own love, one experiences being loved from the inside out as soul engages with form in the dance of communion. One also experiences unconditionally loving all others through the act of blessing.


  1. My throat shall only speak and create the truth of the God Goddess of my form. As one becomes sovereign in one’s own creation, one embraces a form of creative self-expression that is unlimited and in harmony and unity with all kingdoms upon Earth.


  1. My eyes see only the vision of the God Goddess of my form. As one becomes sovereign in one’s own vision, one trusts that what one sees is accurate only to one’s own dance of life and choice to ascend. One chooses not to see for another, for one comes to understand that only another can see their own truth from within.


  1. My crown holds the knowledge and truth of the God Goddess of my form. As one becomes sovereign in one’s own truth, one trusts that which one knows is accurate to one’s own expression of truth in physicality. One seeks not knowledge from outside of oneself and comes to understand that all solutions to one’s dilemmas come from within.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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