Image of a graceful swan with light peach orbs in the background. The Call Of The Swan

15. The Call Of The Swan


Blessings for Opening the Heart


The Swan Kingdom


The Swan Kingdom holds the vibration of Divine Union in the new astrology that has been anchored upon Earth late last year. This astrology was explored in Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” translated through Asur’Ana in December 2018. Each of the species that have been written thus are gatekeepers for human evolution. What do we mean by this? Gatekeepers? And with nature kingdoms holding a gate for humanity? Is not humanity a fully conscious species, and should not humanity hold the gate for nature?




Well yes, this once was so; humanity held the gate for nature, but humanity has fallen into great forgetfulness and is insufficient to the task at this time. It is not only humanity that nature holds a gate for, but also the dolphin and whale species as well and in this time in history. It was determined by Solar and Universal Counsels overseeing Earth’s ascension that nature has fallen less into distortion in the nonphysical than humans, whales and dolphins. Therefore, we are more suited to the role of gatekeeper than the fully conscious species at this time.


This is not to say that nature does not experience physical distortion, as we too have fallen into the patterns of aging, death and disease along with consumption of flesh within our genetic materials. Our fall mimics a fall in consciousness into such preoccupations that occurred amongst the fully conscious species that are more or less at cause. Nature fell because humans and dolphins and whales held the gate for nature, but fell in consciousness. Nature only mimics the thoughtform of fully conscious species, and therefore as such thoughtform became distorted, so we also became distorted. Although this distortion is physical, it is not necessarily nonphysical in nature.


In the nonphysical, nature has retained its unity. Therefore, solar and universal counsels determined that we were better guardians in our remembrance and could hold a pure gate of unity for all other species to cross through in ascension. Furthermore, nature chooses not to have a “gatekeeper” again. Nature now chooses to become its own gatekeeper, and return to the state of unity and sovereignty that we once knew in both biology and energy field long ago.


Nature is ascending beloved; and we invite humans, whales and dolphins to come along for the ride. Nature will hold a gate open for all who so chooses to join us at this time; however, we cannot hold this gate open forever. The gate we hold will be available through 2053. After 2053, each species must cross over to a fully conscious biology and unity-based relations in both the physical and nonphysical realms. As humans, dolphins and whales cross into full consciousness again, entering the dance of world service and becoming a steward of Earth in full, humans, whales and dolphins will become one’s own gatekeeper. Asur’Ana has crossed over into such a state in late 2018.


What is the role of gatekeeper? Gatekeeper assures that all who ascends enters an increasing level of harmlessness and unity that is expressed both physically, non-physically in energy movement, and in the unconscious dreamtime realities surrounding Earth. It is nature that monitors the tests of ascending initiates in human, dolphin and whale form who are both map makers and map followers. It is nature that assures that no human, whale or dolphin ascends into greater disunity or in other terms, splits light and dark causing increasing unconscious harmfulness towards one another or towards Earth. Such increasing harm would prevent further global ascension otherwise, and so this is an important role that we hold.


Opening the Heart and Harmlessness


There have been many cases of harm perpetrated through ascending human map carvers. Humans have the tougher time ascending in harmlessness as compared with whales and dolphins. Perhaps this speaks of the electrical veils that surround human civilization through the very technology that humanity relies upon. The number of acts of unconscious harmfulness coming through dolphins and whales are less than 1% in comparison to the harm flowing through human initiates overall. Much of such human harm comes through the failure to open the heart in ascension.


Why is opening the heart so imperative in ascension? An open heart allows for a state of divine union between body, soul and Earth. It is only as soul communes with form that compassion is learned and expressed and a harmless state retained. The purpose of ascension is to move beyond harmful ways. Harm includes judgmental thoughtform, that when expressed, sends energetic blows to the one who is judged. Harm includes thoughtform that is mental to the exclusion of emotions.


For you see, humans have fallen into a thoughtform that is electrical in nature and devoid of emotion; such thoughtform includes energy dynamics that utilize straight-line movement known as cords. Cords and straight-line energy cut up the rotational energy flow one ascends into the further that one masters the initiations in ascension. Such straight-line cords can send blows of harm while humans engage in “mental only” activities and thoughts or judgment and when soul is not present in the form to sustain a state of harmlessness.


Little by little, human initiates must give up the straight lined electrical thoughtform altogether, embracing the unity-based Language of Light thoughtform in its place. This requires opening the heart, as the Language of Light is an emotionally based language, whereas the electrical thoughtform prevailing within human civilization requires primarily a functional mental body. Most initiates who are gifted at expressing themselves mentally are also devoid of a functional emotional body. Therefore, ascension requires such initiates to open the heart, restore the emotional body and learn to feel again. Otherwise, one simply cannot ascend and will remain in the initiations below 1,800 segments at this time.


It is Swan that monitors the heart opening in all human initiates. If one fails to restore enough of the emotional body and open the heart to a great enough of a degree at any level of mastery, one will be retained in the vibrational bandwidth below until one masters this part of one’s initiation. Many human map makers have ascended into larger vibrational bandwidths without opening the heart in full, and this has led to greater and greater unconscious harm. It is because of this that new restrictions have been set surrounding human ascension, and humans must now open the heart in order to master the initiations to 3,000 or 6,000 segments that are allowed by solar and universal counsels overseeing Earth’s global ascension.


Swan is overseeing the heart opening of all human initiates at this time. Opening the heart for whales and dolphins is less imperative as they never fell into a thoughtform that was “mental only” or electrical in nature. The language of dolphins and whales is song based, and has retained an active emotional body. Therefore, whales and dolphins overall are not having the problems in ascension that humans are; they are also allowed to ascend to full consciousness vibration provided that they have the required lineage and ancestry for the job.


Opening the heart occurs in stages. Ascending humans must peel away layer upon layer of pain, anger and fear that has generally built a wall of energetic ice that surrounds the heart. This can be intended each day, week and month of one’s continued ascent to bring to fruition the opening of the heart. Furthermore, human initiates must retrieve and restore the emotional body. Ascension brings about balance; one will have a functional mental, emotional, intuitive and creative body as one transcends initiation 3,000. As one has all four subtle bodies present, one communes with soul in ease, and soul sustains one’s synthesis and a harmless state more than not out of any given day.




What is synthesis? Synthesis is an alignment of one’s tones of creation into a rainbow that pushes out forces of the dark that are not of Earth in origin. The tones or colors initiates synthesize into alter from initiation to initiation mastered. In the initiations to 1024, one embraces a synthesis of primary tones that are red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple and magenta in color. As initiates hold primary tones more of any given day than not within the field, one has mastered 1,024 to 1,800 segments in vibration. One then leaves the old consensus of thoughtform entering a bridge consensus that is primary toned in color. This primary bandwidth spans the globe and holds all humans along with all other species who have ascended to this level of genetic material and thoughtform.


1,024-1,800 and the primary tone range is the bottom most gate that the nature kingdoms are holding for human ascension at this time. In the coming 8 years, the gate will close, and humans will then have a new gate to pass through. Why is this? Earth will begin to ascend beyond primary tones in vibration in 2028. Those who fail to pass through the next gate will likewise cease to exist in the decade to follow, or upon entry into the Photon Belt anticipated in the 2048 timeframe.


Those who master 3,000 DNA segments must detoxify roughly one half of the electrical thoughtform inherent in the current human language system. This is seen as a level of clarity within the field in which no white energy remains, only pastel tones of creation related to the Language of Light. Some of the Language of Light may be opaque; and this designates areas of electrical thoughtform yet to be transcended. One may wish to have an aura photo taken to assess one’s current level of mastery.


Opaque energy is allowed at 3000, but not for those moving up to 6,000 and mastering Bodhisattva level evolution. Those transcending to 6,000 must have no opaque energy remaining whatsoever, as the initiations are mastered 100% in the physical. Such a field will be translucent to a point that one can see the etheric body through the entire field. Swan is also monitoring this to assure that those mastering Bodhisattva level evolution in human form are indeed harmless, nonjudgmental and compassionate in nature, and fully Language of Light based. Those mastering such a state enter a new consensus of ascending humans that synthesize only pastel colored tones of creation more than not of any given day.


Mastering Love


There are gateways also for the opening of the heart. The heart builds from 3,000 to 6,000 segments into two chakra systems; one system is triple sphere in nature; the other is a lotus that begins to open and grow to 500 petals over time. This is the 500-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva; the Bodhisattva is one who has mastered love, and mastering love requires an open-heart chakra. The heart opens in stages therefore from 3,000 to 6,000 segments as the genetic materials are embodied fully into the physical. A fully opened heart at 6,000 requires modifications in the thymus gland, lungs and diaphragm to hold the chi necessary to sustain the energy movement of the lotus. For the 500-petal lotus reaches outwards up to 300 feet around the Bodhisattva level initiate, and this requires biology to support such a state of being.


It is in mastering love that one learns not to judge; for judgment is simply a lack of love and compassion for another. No human journey is easy; no human journey is better or worse than another; one comes to understand this through the inner process of mastery and examination of lifetimes related to one’s ancestry in the act of ascension. It is as one sees that one has been “all things human”, good and bad, right and wrong, that one then has compassion for all other humans.


The state of compassion comes to be understood upon a biological level as all human lifetimes for the past 30,000 Earth years of one’s ancestry (120,000 human years) has been compiled, understood, and the karma released. As one embraces one’s own ancestry and all of the darkness therein, one learns to forgive. As one has forgiven one’s own self and inheritance, one will quite naturally reach out to others in forgiveness and compassion rather than judgment.


Forgiveness requires an open heart. One cannot forgive if the energy cannot move through the heart chakra. This requires the wall of ice around the heart to first be dissolved in the initiations to 3,000; and then the 500-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva to open in the initiations to 6,000. Furthermore, one cannot forgive without an active emotional body. Humans have become polarized, polarized into having only two subtle bodies that are active and working. Much of the ascent to 3,000 involves retrieving and piecing together the two missing subtle bodies so that one can have all four present and active. It is as all four subtle bodies are present and active that one feels more “whole” within. This is why ascension to 3,000 causes a greater sense of internal wholeness, which in and of itself can be a form of “homecoming”.


The four subtle bodies are an energy system that surrounds the etheric body of the form. They are much like a bubble that rotates into a four-petal flower that then engages with the heart. The heart is the seat of the soul and the seat of the translation between the Earth and I AM Presence or Source. Therefore, as the four petals of the subtle bodies engage with the heart, soul can commune with the form along with Earth. One also becomes mental, emotional, intuitive and creative simultaneously rather than polarized into an either-or nature. This allows those attaining 3,000 to express their thoughts in ease, learning to become the dreamer and the dream again.


It is as one has all four subtle bodies present that one may exit the dance of poverty or lack; whether that lack is expressed through a lack of love or a lack of finances matters not; lack is lack whether it be lack of enough to pay the rent, buy the food, or the lack of friends and loved ones who honor to surround oneself with. The initiations to 3,000 allow ascending humans to begin to create a very different life than before ascension and one in which a greater level of fulfillment can be experienced. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 17 “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream” for more information.)


Forgiveness and Compassion


However, in order for fulfillment to be appreciated, one must be able to feel. Therefore, skipping over the opening of the heart and then manifesting one’s dream leaves one empty; as empty as those with fame and fortune in present time within the human dance. Swan guides humans not to skip over this segment of work. Yes, it is painful; but the rewards upon the other end far outweigh the difficulties in the process, for one will feel the love of one’s soul, feel the love of Mother Earth, and feel the fulfillment when the dream does come true in one’s life dance.


After 3000, the opening of the heart is mandatory. One cannot become the Bodhisattva without learning forgiveness and compassion. Those destined for this role and next phase of ascension are therefore monitored even more closely than those ascending only to 3,000. For there is little purpose in creating non-compassionate ascended masters in the human dance, with great power of thoughtform and persuasion. This would only lead to a repeat of the kind of leadership humanity already experiences that are self-serving in nature. It is just such self-serving leadership that time and time again took a conflict to such an extreme that nuclear annihilation was the outcome. Therefore, those attaining this level of power must love, or again all could be lost upon Earth for all time with all species choosing extinction over ascension.


If one fails to open the heart in the sojourn to 6000, one will be retained at 3,000 in vibration and initiatory level. There has been many a map carver attempting the ascent to 6,000 that has had to be restrained at 3,000 due to a lack of opening the heart in full. Some managed to create global harm incurring a great global debt to Earth. They will spend the remainder of their life at 3,000 settling their debt with Earth. This is neither right nor wrong, however for those intending to master Bodhisattva, the mirror of those who failed creates a “lesson” through which one can learn from the mistakes of others, bypassing a repeat of the same problem in one’s own ascent.


Why did such initiates fail to open the heart? This is a good question. For one, Swan perceives that non-emotion is a far easier manner to exist in human form. For so much of the current human preoccupations are actually painful to the field and form. If one does not feel, one can continue to engage with current human entertainment or media and not feel the harm, or continue to work at a job in front of the computer and not feel the harm, or continue to be in a relationship that shatters the field and not acknowledge it. However, over time such preoccupations will cause disease; and the lack of feeling will be the underlying reason that one did not know enough to change one’s habits.


It is through the open heart that those becoming the Bodhisattva navigate through their continued ascension and master the inner planes of reality that surround oneself. For the open heart will tell the Bodhisattva that they have entered a karmic dance in which harmful blows are sent to the field; now the karma can be addressed and intended to be released before the shattering of field causes a physical ailment or cease ascension.


The open heart also allows the Bodhisattva to love and feel the love of Mother Earth, Soul, God Goddess All That Is and the Tao. It is the presence of soul that must be felt so that the Bodhisattva can hear soul well enough to allow soul to direct the life. If one cannot discern between guidance that is soul driven and forces of the dark wishing to take one off of one’s path, then what kind of master will one become? One that is only a pawn of the dark with a large energy field that can harm Earth; and this Earth has experienced enough and has recently transcended in her own ascension and therefore will not allow.


The open heart allows the ascending initiate a new and heightened level of awareness of the nonphysical energetic realms that surround oneself, as one will feel such realms as though they were physical. It is just such feeling that is required for continued mastery and discernment. It is also just such feeling that will cause the initiate to leave the spouse or partner as the karma is complete as the continued harm in the dance prevents further ascension; or leave the place of residence that no longer serves as again the harm flowing therein prevents further ascension; or leave the job when the karma is complete as again it prevents further ascension. One will feel the harm of such preoccupations, as one will be shattered again and again therein. This requires an open heart, and then one can choose to leave and master the change into the physical.




Ascension to Bodhisattva level evolution requires physical change. One cannot remain in the same job, home, relationship and friendship and ascend to such a level of evolution beloved. One must leave behind those that one is complete with, and leave behind preoccupations that do not serve ascension. Those mastering their ascent understand this; when the karma is complete with mom, dad, the spouse, the child, or the job, one suddenly feels ties that wish to bind one in a prison rather than allow one the freedom of continued expansion. One then must leave such things behind so that they cease to compromise one’s continued ascent.


The open heart will allow initiates to navigate through physical change by assessing how any circumstance makes one feel. If it feels like a prison that continually restricts or shatters oneself, then this is a sign it is time to leave; and the change will birth further ascension and mastery as the cords of attachment into the etheric body fly free. One will feel better as a result of the change than before; however, in order to perceive this, first one must be able to feel, and this requires an opened heart chakra in ascension.


Fail to feel, and fail to leave the job, spouse, family, friends or region that one lives, and one will become ill in the attempt to ascend to 6,000. Why? The continued attachment to the field will create physical disease in the regions that the attachment plugs into the etheric body. Those rising in vibration to 6,000 segments manifest from nonphysical to physical in a six to eight month timeframe. Fail to make a change one should have made six months ago, and six months later one will have disease in the related part of the form.


Therefore, the Swan Kingdom also monitors the changes one makes in relation to becoming Bodhisattva. If the change fails to be made in one’s physical life that are related to the completion of any segment of karma, one will be rolled back to 3,000 and retained there, as the heightened vibration in the ascent to 6,000 without the release of attachment will only lead to a premature death. This serves not Earth or humanity as each who attains 3,000 assists in holding a particular vibrational bandwidth imperative to Earth’s continued ascent at this time in history.


The question for any initiate becomes, “How badly do I wish to master in this lifetime?  Am I willing to embrace the changes into the life dance that this requires?” For not all humans are ready for the level of change that mastering Bodhisattva requires. Far fewer even in Swan’s estimation are ready for what is required to transcend to Mahavishnu level evolution, as one must give everything one has attached to away down to the physical in order to attain such a level of evolution in harmlessness. And so, Swan perceives that the boundaries around ascension are wise given the high level of attachment in the current human dance due to the electrical nature of current human thoughtform.


Ascending human children will have less difficulty. Ascending children will not create the same attachments as they grow up; for one they will have transcended the vibration that such attachments are made before making them. This will cause ascending children and teenagers to be freer and more liberal, flowing with the physical change and moves along with the coming and goings of friends and relationships due to karmic completion. This will allow the ascent of young folk to come forth in far greater ease than most adult humans. This is how Swan perceives that the ascent to full consciousness shall succeed through future human generations yet unborn but coming in the next quarter century into the physical. Such children will be free like the wind to come and go as necessary in ascension.


Open the Heart and Learn to Feel Again


What would Swan like to say to human ascending initiates today? Be free. Open the heart and learn to feel again. Allow the heart to guide you each step of the way in your continued journey. How does one listen with the heart? One focuses one’s attention upon the heart chakra and then listens. What thoughts come into one’s head? These are the thoughts of the heart; one’s heart will always know the truth; one’s heart will always know the next step upon one’s path; one’s heart will never misguide one onto a path that leads one onto a detour in which mastery cannot be attained.


Many an initiate is telepathic; all humans are telepathic. Alas, often the forces of the dark speak through the telepathic channels guiding one into a non-ascension choice. Such forces cannot speak through the heart, as they are not a part of this creation. Only those species and souls that are a part of this creation can speak through the heart, which is the seat for the human hologram within the human species. Attune to one’s hologram, and one will hear one’s own soul along with any member of the nature kingdoms with ease. Attune to one’s hologram and one will hear Mother Earth and the Tao with ease.


It is the rotation of the hologram that determines the vibrational bandwidth that one is listening to. Spin the hologram and ask any question one may wish to know and the holographic knowledge understood by all souls in this creation will be shared, provided one has not karma for the misuse of such knowledge in one’s ancestry. As the karma is released, the knowledge is shared freely and openly so that all species may return “home”. This is the gift of holographic knowledge. However, one must open the heart to begin to be able to attune to such knowledge.


Therefore, Swan leaves you with these thoughts; open the heart and one has the opportunity to master a level of evolution one’s ancestry has not known for 15,000 to 30,000 Earth years (60,000-120,000 human years). Open the heart and one may go Home. Swan invites humans to open the heart and return to the dance of unity and joy that once prevailed upon Earth. We will continue to hold the gate open for more to pass through as long as the ascent of Earth allows for it.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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