Image of the spectacular mountains of the Himalayas at night with the mists parting to reveal the beautiful night sky of stars. Transcending Fantasy Realities And The Seven Veils Of Illusion

14. Transcending Fantasy Realities And The Seven Veils Of Illusion


We would like to speak about the concept of illusion. Illusion is a form of veil that causes one to perceive the veil as true and accurate rather than the truth that is so behind the veil. Over time, and with the many falls of the human species, Earth became layered with layers of illusion or non-truth. The current belief by many in the metaphysical community that the ‘Ascended Masters’ are Gods Goddesses of Earth is example of such an illusion. The belief that one may ascend without altering the biology of the form is another example of such an illusion. The belief in anything by anyone is an example of a veil of illusion, for all beliefs are founded upon illusion.


All illusions are layered around the Earth and human consciousness much like an onion. As one ascends, one lifts in frequency day to week to month to year. Each momentum upwards in frequency causes one to lift beyond the veils of illusion that they have believed to be true in their present life experience at a given frequency. One may wonder if this is so, what underlies illusion? After all, humans and all human interactions are based upon beliefs, belief in this or that is superior or inferior to this or that. Underlying all illusion and belief systems is TRUTH.


Truth cannot be defined by a belief in this or that. Truth can only be defined in the concept of I AM THAT I AM. In the concept of ‘I Am That I Am’, one accepts what is as the truth of the experience that they are expressing at any given time. Such acceptance is without judgment or blame. However, this does not mean that such acceptance is not without assessment or awareness of the experience that one has created. Here we get into an interesting dilemma within the human dance, the difference between neutral assessment and judgment.


Neutral Assessment and Judgment


All judgment has an emotional charge attached to it that pits one concept or belief as superior, and yet another as inferior. All beliefs within the veils of illusion that surround humankind have preferences and are weighted as better, worse, or somewhere in-between. An example of this can be seen in one’s day to day activities in which one believes that the outfit that they are wearing is superior to another, and chooses to wear such clothing based upon the belief systems attached to it.


When one is neutral, such as Asur’Ana, one chooses to wear whatever resonates with the truth that they are embodying today. Such choices are not based upon judgment or preference based upon perceptions of “better than” but rather based upon resonance. Truth is based upon resonance or that which is attracted due to “like” or similar matching vibrations. And so, Asur’Ana chooses to wear whatever garment matches her frequency upon any given day.


Another example of choices based upon judgment can be viewed in most relationships. All humans have preferences in relation to the individuals that they choose to associate with, and they weigh the import of such relationships from highest to lowest in priority. As such, one chooses to spend more time with those that they deem more highly of worth based upon the belief systems associated, and less time with those perceived to be less highly of worth. One may even deem that they have a better time with those that are perceived as more highly valued than with those that are not. However, such a perception is a reflection of the illusion of the belief that such an individual is more valuable, and not necessarily true to the truth underlying the illusion of the circumstance. Now what do we mean by this?




In neutral assessment, one views not others as better or less than in worth. One ceases to categorize others in this manner and views all others as equal. However, one chooses to spend time with others whom have common soul’s purpose and goals that support one’s own soul purposes and goals. And so, the choice to spend time with one and not another has nothing to do with judgment or preference, but solely to do with purpose and resonance.


In resonance, like or matching vibrations of truth are attracted to dance together. The joy in the time spent together may or may not be present depending upon the circumstance and that being accomplished by those that gather to accomplish a particular resonant task. As such, living from non-judgment is a very different experience for our translator, for she simply accepts whatever is in whatever circumstance that she finds herself, and only spend time with those that she has soul agreements and purposes to do so based upon resonance.


Resonance is sustained as one is willing to release all discord internal to oneself within one’s current phase of ascension. The ability to release such discordant patterns requires the ability to see what the patterns are, assess them, rise above the current illusion within one’s thoughtform, and choose to release them. As such, one is always attempting to perceive the TRUTH that lies underneath and beyond the veil of illusion that may be blocking that pattern in need of transcendence. One wants to move into neutrality about the patterns that one perceives about one’s own dance of energy in ascension.


Illusion Will Mirror Back Whatever One Believes


Each ascending initiate has a dark side. Each dark side is a composite of harmful patterns either directed at oneself or another based upon fear-based beliefs. Any dark side also is a composite of disowned information that can lead to new gifts and talents emerging into the initiate’s life experience as they are integrated. And so, any dark side is both light and dark in nature, with both harmful patterns and gifts and talents contained therein. It is not the gifts and talents that one often judges as an ascending initiate, but the harmful patterns. Sometimes there is such judgment about such patterns that the veils of illusion actually block one from perceiving the truth of the matter altogether.


This is the difficulty with illusion. Illusion will mirror back to oneself whatever one believes. So, if one believes that they are beyond harmfulness, the illusion will indeed mirror this back whether or not this is actually true. And the reality is, no human is beyond harmfulness as harmfulness is an inherent part of the human genetics at this time in history. We advise initiates to believe the worst about themselves, and then seek out the truth based upon karmic records held within their genetics. In this manner, the illusion of wishing to believe that one is beyond harmfulness is more easily transcended and one more readily uncovers the truth of the patterning within their genetic heritage.


In moving beyond judgment and into a state of neutral assessment, one accepts whatever “is so” about their own genetic inheritance and patterning, or life circumstance for that matter. In accepting whatever is so about their unconscious harmful nature, one is then free to alter the agreements and patterns and change them to become harmless. If one is not honest with themselves and chooses to remain in the denial of the illusion, then the harmful patterns cannot be transcended because they have gone unperceived due to judgment. We suggest that one become a “realist” in ascension, accepting whatever is within their biology, and then seeking to change that which does not serve one’s goal of ascension and one’s goal of harmlessness in all that one does.


Fantasy Realities Are A Form of Denial


Many of you have heard of the concept of denial. Denial is the result of the veils of illusion that cause that which one believes to be mirrored back. Such denial is also known as “fantasy realities”. In a fantasy reality, one constructs a manner of relating to the world based upon a certain set of beliefs. Each human has hundreds of fantasy realities that they work within that are set in place in full no later than age 15 in any human life. There are fantasy realities that are run in relation to school, and other fantasies in relation to the job that one holds, and yet others in relation to one’s family or spouse, and yet others in relation to one’s children or pets. All in all, the average human has hundreds of different fantasy realities that they utilize to relate to the world, each of which is a form of denial.


Now, why are such fantasies a form of denial? Fantasies are constructed out of frequencies that are so dense that soul cannot penetrate the form. As a result, when in a fantasy, one is “out of body”. Have you ever heard the expression “the lights are on but nobody’s home”? This is how most humans live their entire life, out of body, disconnected and in a fantasy reality of illusion and denial. A sad state of affairs, but it is just such a state that the process of ascension allows one to transcend if one so chooses the spiritual path of biological evolution.


In ascension, the fantasies are peeled away a little at a time allowing more and more soul to become infused in the form. As soul is infused into the form, the experience of communion or divine union results. It is hard to express what it feels like to be in communion or divine union, but Asur’Ana will tell you it is a very exhilarating experience, with joyous energy pouring through her heart and entire field. The depth and breadth of communion and divine union continually increases the further that one ascends upwards in vibration from week to month to year.


In order to embark upon the release of the fantasies, one will need to discern the difference between being in a fantasy and being in real communion with one’s soul. This can be difficult if one has never had the soul anchored in the form for an entire lifetime. However, there are means by which that this can be created so that any initiate may experience kinesthetically what it feels like to be in communion with their soul. Exercise is a good place to start, especially that which puts one in touch with the Nature Kingdoms. Swimming and sunbathing are also helpful. Once one has the kinesthetic experience of soul fully grounded within one’s form in a state of communion, one wishes to live their entire life in such a place as it is so much more joyful and beautiful than any fantasy that one has manufactured in its place.


This in and of itself can be a problem for some ascending initiates. For the layers of fantasies are so great that surround the human vessel. Such fantasies are related to the personality entities, which often tie into the fantasies as they are engaged. As one transcends personality entities around initiation 3000, approximately 1/3 of the fantasies that one exists within are dismantled. This allows for the experience of genuine communion between the body and soul approximately 1/3 of the time thereafter. As one continues to ascend, all fantasies and their related illusions are released and transmuted in due course.


Fantasy realities are constructed of one of two types of distorted energy prevalent within the human dance. We have spoken of at length about how the human species was originally designed to be magnetic in nature. It has been in the introduction of electrical frequencies that one form of distortion or veils of illusion came to be in the human experience. The second form of energy contributing to the veils of illusion is indeed radioactive in nature. Such radioactive energy appears to be the result of the destruction of Maldek within your solar system, which was blown apart through the use of nuclear warheads through Pleiadian and Sirian sources per Earth’s karmic records. The karma for this has been written of rather extensively in previous chapters, and involves the miscalculated response to the bombing of Sirius B which appeared to be caused by humans then incarnate upon Maldek.


The Pleiadians and Sirians destroyed Maldek so rapidly, they did not have time to verify whom actually was at cause of the attacks upon Sirius B. It was not until Sirius A and B began to ascend that ascending masters acknowledged that Maldek was not responsible for the original attack upon Sirius B, but rather Andromedas was responsible. As Sirius A seeded humanity upon Earth 200,000 years ago in karmic restitution to the destruction of human life upon Maldek, such humans came into an already radioactive environment that was not a part of the place of their origin. This in and of itself created the first distortion in the magnetic human energy field.


What is Distortion?


Distortion is caused by any energy system that does not move or rotate properly. In the proper movement of energy in an auric field or chakra system, each moving energy system rotates at just the right speed and pace to sustain the health and well-being of the form, and the clarity of the field. Clarity of any field can be seen in relation to the translucence of the colors emanating from the field. Translucence is clarity or an ability to “see through” the field, much like one sees through a windowpane of glass. Distortion is not unlike a muddy or dirty window through which that which one is seeing becomes unclear or unable to be perceived.


Current human thoughtform is muddy indeed, and those in the nonphysical realms perceive it as so discordant that one can hardly see through the field at all to the etheric body and grid work of the form at only 2 strands of DNA. The muddy and unclear energy is the result of the distortion of energy movement caused by electrical and radioactive frequencies that creates a dissonance in the field. Any dissonance creates a haze, and the haze then makes it difficult for one to see clearly through one’s own field. The greater the haze, the more difficult it is to see clearly one’s truth. One can say that humanity at 2 strands of DNA is so hazy that they have absolutely no access to their truth as soul, as the haze distorts whatever truth is present to such a degree that it ceases to be truth at all.


Even 200,000 years ago as humanity was seeded, the radioactive energy distorted the energy flow of the human species. How does radioactive energy impact the energy flow? Radioactive energy slows energy flow down. Any slowing down of energy in a moving energy system will cause a drop in frequency over time. However, even before a drop in vibration occurred for humankind, the radioactive energy caused a distortion that created a haze in the human fields. Therefore, one can say that the first veil of illusion occurred at the time of the original seeding of humanity due to the interaction of the radioactivity with the human energy field upon Earth.


How Do Veils Work?


Ah, veils are interesting. As enough of a haze occurs within an energy field, a screen is created. The screen then mirrors back or reflects back that which one wishes to perceive. This is why the denial of the human form is so great with only 2 strands of DNA, as there is layer upon layer of screens made of the haze of the distorted energy flow that reflects back whatever such a human believes to be true.


Therefore, if one believes one’s husband to be sincere and not having an affair, even when this is clearly not the case to everyone else that knows you, then this is what is perceived. If one believes their best friend to be sincere and true when they actually are having the affair with one’s husband, then this is also all that one perceives in the illusion. And so, it goes with experiences of denial in the human dance.


In ascension, veils can work to cause one to not perceive the very pattern that one is in need of bringing to consciousness in order to transcend. This brings us back to our earlier point about neutral assessment and being willing to look at one’s own dark side, as the veils are so great one may actually block one’s own ascension through an inability to perceive the patterns in need of releasing. As one intends to “LIFT ALL VEILS” and looks again at their predicament, one may have a better chance of seeing beyond the illusion.


The Language of Light is designed to assist in the consistent removal of veils in the process of ascension. One may also utilize the movement of energy through the field with the Language of Light to assist in lifting the current level of veil that one is working upon within their given level of ascension. The frequencies of the Language of Light are designed to lift electrical and radioactive veils, as well as dispense information necessary to ascend. The Language of Light, or tones of creation, have been modified to succeed at this goal by the Intervention of God Goddess/All That Is.


Another technique that has helped our channel much is the simple intent “I INTEND TO DISMANTLE ALL FANTASY REALITIES”. Often in her own self-observation, and kinesthetic understanding of communion, she catches herself in her own fantasy. In intending to release and transmute the fantasy, so it is, and then the restoration of communion can follow. However, there is a catch to all of this, and one that she discovered years ago, and that is one’s intent does not work while one is in denial or in a fantasy.


Intent only works when one is in a state of communion, because soul is only then present. It is soul that causes any intent that one makes to be fulfilled upon. If soul is not present, there is nothing in the form to take action upon one’s intent. The only exception to this is the time right before one falls asleep at night or wakes up in the morning when they are “between the worlds”. From here, there is greater communication between soul and body and one’s intents have a better chance of being heard. Why is this so?


Well, while in a fantasy, soul is not present in the form and is severed off from all communication with one’s consciousness. In essence, personality entities have taken over the form while in fantasy when an initiate is below 3,000 DNA segments. Above 3,000 DNA segments, although there are not personality entities, distorted forms of soul dance with the remaining fantasy realities often blocking one’s intents from being heard by one’s Oversoul.


It is for this reason that some initiates complain of seemingly releasing the same patterns again and again. They are attempting to release patterns while in a fantasy with soul disconnected from the form; and with no soul present to hear the command or intent, the pattern goes unreleased. It is for this reason that initiates under initiation 3,000 may need to rely upon the time just before falling asleep and awakening to make all intents surrounding their choice to ascend to ensure that soul hears their commands and can then follows through with one’s wishes.


Anchor a Soul, Oversoul and Source That Is Interested in Ascension


Which brings us to another point, which is that many souls upon Earth truly have no interest in ascending. It is important for all ascending initiates to intend to anchor a soul, oversoul and source that has interest in ascension, and will oversee such a goal to fruition within one’s life experience. In so doing, one’s intents are more likely to be fulfilled upon in relation to one’s goal of ascension. Most humans, if they believe that they have a soul, also believe that all soul is perfect and that all soul works in the best interest of the incarnating form. Clearly, this is a veil of illusion surrounding the human dance. As Earth has been used as a storage tank for souls in forgetfulness.


Souls in forgetfulness often have forgotten how to evolve as soul, and as soul cannot evolve, neither can the body ascend. Given that this is so, it is a great truth that there are many souls upon Earth that may not be able to evolve, and may not be able to ascend one’s form. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all ascending initiates to perceive beyond the veil of illusion that soul is perfect and all souls will always support one’s choice to evolve.


If the souls incarnate upon Earth truly were in support of evolution, the numerous falls of humankind would not have occurred, as they would have sought to rectify their circumstance. Clearly, the history of Earth supports an understanding that souls present upon Earth have not been working in the best interest of human or global evolution. One can see from this alone, the nature of illusion and how easy it is to buy into beliefs that one has held about this or that, and how such beliefs may actually prevent one from ascending or evolving if they are not transcended.


Before initiation 1024, one is incarnate by parts of one’s I AM which is comprised of 144 fractured segments or pieces, every 12 of which have been called a “Monad”. As all 144 aspects or 12 Monads unite, an entire I AM is reconstructed and one can then go back to their “source” of origin and be recast for the first time. (Please see Chapter 12, “Soul Schisms and Recasting in Ascension” for more information.)


This is accomplished by the end of initiation 1024. Beyond 1024, one begins to piece together an oversoul. An oversoul is comprised of 144 I AMs. It is not until Initiation 15,000 that the body is high enough in frequency to embody an entire oversoul. By 36,000 DNA segments, the body is high enough to anchor 12 oversouls or “A Counsel of 12” that oversees one’s world service work, incarnation and continued ascension. Beyond oversouls are multiple sources with inter-dimensional connections throughout All That Is.


Original Blueprint of the Human Species


It is important for each ascending initiate to anchor a source and oversoul with multidimensional links throughout All That Is. The reasons for this are simple, and that is as each initiatory test is passed beyond 1024, one is recast upon a higher dimension of source. Through the action of recasting, the distortion in one’s soul is removed, and new information from yet another dimension higher can be anchored in one’s field thereby supporting one’s continued choice to ascend. As one attains initiation 36,000 and embodies 36,000 segments of DNA, one attains a state of “Full Consciousness”. It is 36,000 segments of DNA that humanity was seeded with 200,000 years ago, and so Full Consciousness occurs as one embodies in full the original blueprint for the human species.


Many have heard of the concept of embodying 12 strands of DNA and that is “Full Consciousness”. The 36,000 bits of information are divided into 12 tubes of 3,000 segments of DNA each, which is the original blueprint for the genetic structure of the human species. Although ascension brings forth “full consciousness”, it is not possible to alter the current human structure to the full biological state that once existed 200,000 years ago from its current distorted state. Therefore, attaining 36,000 is a modified version of “Full Consciousness”, because the original blueprint is for a 12-foot tall human with an oversized head. It is the lack of space within the cranial cavity in particular that causes the modifications in the current blueprint for ascension. However, it is anticipated that those born approximately 1,000 years into the future will have corrected the entire blueprint through modifications that shall come forth in each subsequent human generation incarnate.


The Magical Number Seven


Illusion comes in seven major categories that we would like to bring to consciousness so that each of you will better understand the nature of illusion. One will notice that seven is a magical number upon Earth, as there are seven rays, seven paths of the Mahavishnu, seven forms of arrogance, seven forms of root fears, seven chakras, and indeed there are seven types of illusion. Why seven? All creations have a particular mathematical theme that is related to the original energy flow allotted to the Godhead and Goddesshead of such a creation. The magical number for your creation is indeed the number seven.


Figure 8 Magnetic Energy Signature and the Magical Number 9


In the case of your creation, the original allotted magnetic energy signature is a figure eight, which has three points above and three points below with one that crosses in the middle, totaling the number seven. You can see that you are altering the energy flow for your creation, known as Earth, to the Triple Sphere. The Triple Sphere will have the magic number nine, three points for each sphere times three equaling nine. Nine gives your creation greater balance and centeredness than the number seven. Such a state of centeredness is required to pull such a creation out of the level of decay or density that it has gone into in order for each species upon Earth including humankind to ascend. Those that are ascending are altering the very nature of your creation, and in so doing, pulling your creation out of the distortion and beyond the veils of illusion that have held it captive for eons of time.


The Seven Veils of Illusion


Numbers and energy patterns are also known as sacred geometry. One can see from this dissertation that the Mer-ka-ba being sacred geometry is an illusion, as this was never the energy signature designated to your creation. However, in the blending of electrical and radioactive energies with magnetic energies, the Mer-ka-ba became prevalent and then became accepted as a part of the geometry for your creation. This however is precisely how the illusions are constructed.


When an energy signature is accepted as the norm when indeed this is not so in the original blueprint of a particular creation, illusions or veils are created. It is the discord between the two signatures that causes the fog or mist, which becomes the veils of illusion. The Mer-ka-ba is only one of 36 electrical patterns that cause the distortion or illusion, and our translator has called them “ownership signatures” as indeed they do create attachment, ownership, usury, and abuse in the human dance which are simply a part of the illusion that humanity lives within.


There are many layers of veils to be lifted beyond in order to ascend. The writing of Asur’Ana is really nothing other than a dissertation of the many veils of illusion that she has come to rise above and understand in her own ascension. In lifting beyond the veils and sharing such knowledge, it becomes easier for others to do the same. It is also in the releasing of all such conflictive energy signatures within one’s field and ultimately the biology of the form that unity consciousness is embodied and one becomes restored to the original blueprint of the human species as seeded upon Earth, which was solely magnetic in nature. Only as this occurs are all veils of illusion simultaneously transcended as they currently surround humanity and Earth.


We would like to discuss further the seven types of illusion. One will notice that the seven types of illusion parallel the seven forms of arrogance and root fears, but are not exactly the same. One will also find that those predisposed to a particular root fear or arrogance will also be predisposed to a related illusion, and may have the most difficulty transcending such an illusion within their respective ascension. In bringing to consciousness the nature of the differing kinds of illusion, one will perhaps be more readily prepared to transcend those that are a stumbling block within one’s own genetic nature.


1. The Illusion of Anarchy


The Illusion of Anarchy is related to the first Root Fear of Survival and the Arrogance of Ambition along with the first chakra region. The illusion of anarchy stipulates that leadership must be pitted against one another rather than cooperating in unity and harmony. The illusion of anarchy also stipulates that there can only be one leader in control and in charge rather than multiple leaders associated together under one umbrella, each contributing their specific truth, gifts and talents.


In the current paradigm, which is based upon a hierarchical structure, there is competition between leaders. If multiple leaders fall under one umbrella, they exist in a pecking order from highest in import to lowest in import. It is when one leader at a lower level seeks to overthrow another leader at a level beyond them that the pattern of anarchy acts itself out in the physical. Such is the nature of leadership currently upon Earth, with leadership in competition and striving to take over the other’s dominion that each has earned over time.


Examples of such difficulties can be seen in “corporate takeovers”, in which one corporation vies for another through the manipulation of resources. In such a case, leadership does not honor the leadership of another, but rather strives to undermine it and take the profit and gain for him or herself. Another example of anarchy is in the form of revolution, such as the “French Revolution” in which the governance based upon genetic inheritance or royalty was overthrown and replaced with a more democratic system of election. In such a case, the royalty was not honored and indeed, many were outright destroyed or killed. This too was karmic return for the royalty not honoring the populace, which indeed created the anarchy in the first place.


The energy behind anarchy creates an imbalance in energy flow in any group. As the imbalance becomes great enough, the opposing forces win the battles and take over the leadership capacity. As such, the energy of anarchy inside of the group initiation process prevents further ascension of the group unless each within the group transcend the need to compete with the current leadership and instead, embrace them in honor. As anarchy is transcended, there is the possibility of multiple leaders that work together within an organization or collaboration. As such, leaders can stand side by side and support one another in an evolutionary context, rather than undermining one another.


2. The Illusion of Blind Trust


The Illusion of Blind Trust is related to the second Root Fear of Sexuality and Emotions and the Arrogance of Inflexibility along with the second chakra region. The illusion of blind trust stipulates that one blindly trusts another without verifying whether the other resonates with one’s own internal truth, allowing the other to mislead them down a path that does not take one “home”. The illusion of blind trust can also occur with one’s guidance in a similar manner, where one implicitly trusts all guidance received without cross verifying if it truly resonates with one’s truth.


There is a body level truth, which is a part of the human dance that is based upon vibration. Souls that resonate with the truth of the body come to dance with the body based upon matching energy frequencies of truth. Souls also come to dance with the karma held within the genetic memory of the form, and often these souls are not resonant at all. As the karma is released, the souls attracted to the karma leave, allowing for greater levels of one’s authentic truth to shine forth and less distortion of soul to dance with the form.


Sometimes, the souls that are distorted and attracted to one’s karma, which has yet to be released, enter the field giving mis-guidance or blocking one’s oversoul from communication altogether. As one learns to cross check all guidance heard with their body level knowing, which can be accessed via Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing, one then can be more assured that they are not being misled by distorted souls dancing with their field.


It is human nature to wish to trust. Trust is a distorted concept that causes one to rely upon another rather than learning to rely upon oneself in full in order to evolve. As such, all forms of trust are related to codependence, where one “trusts” another who takes care of oneself, or is “trustworthy” if one takes care of another. The concept of trust creates spiritual stagnation in which one wishes another to “do it for them” rather than learning to evolve of one’s own volition and capacity. Outside of the distortion of your creation, there is not trust, only the willingness to look at everything, learn, grow and evolve.


Blind trust is emulated in the guru-disciple relationship. In such a relationship, the disciple blindly trusts the guru to lead him or her home. The disciple expects the guru to “do it for them”, and the guru codependently takes care of the disciple.


In ascension, trusting anything or anyone outside of oneself can pull one off track with the journey that their form and soul have devised. It is therefore advisable for all ascending masters to learn to tune into their own truth and follow it implicitly, trusting no one and cross checking all messages from guidance so that one may remain true to their journey Home. The pitfalls and detours upon the spiritual path are many, and it is often through blindly trusting another that one becomes mislead and then misses their opportunity to ascend.


3. The Illusion of Harmlessness


The Illusion of Harmlessness is related to the third Root Fear of Power and the Arrogance of Abusive Power along with the third chakra region. The illusion of harmlessness has one think that they are beyond harmfulness altogether, and therefore cannot accept their own unconscious darkness. When one rejects their own darkness, they reject the unconscious, and ascension cannot occur unless the unconscious is embraced and forgiven in full.


As each recognizes the fact that each has destructive karma, one will be able to bring such destructive patterns to consciousness and transcend them. As one embraces one’s own destructive patterns within, one will cease to judge destruction outside of oneself, and embrace and forgive all of humankind. Only in a state of forgiveness can transcendence occur and transcendence is required for ascension to be brought forth.


It is human nature to believe that one is an “angel” and beyond harmful patterns, and that the darkness exists outside of oneself. We would like to point out that it is the nature of the anti-Christ to use, own, possess, harm, victimize, control, manipulate, hoard and destroy. We would also like to point out that all such patterns of usury, ownership, possession, harmfulness, victimization, control, manipulation, hoarding and destruction are a part of the human genetic encoding. In essence, the human species upon Earth has become anti-Christ in nature.


If one is not acting in a harmful destructive manner in one’s conscious daily life, one is acting harmfully upon the multiple parallel planes upon which one also exists. Embracing the unconscious causes one to embrace one’s own parallel self. In so acknowledging the parallel self and all gifts, talents, and harmful tendencies, one can then choose to change such patterning bringing oneself one step closer to a harmless state of being. So, believing that one is not harmful is a form of denial, which denies that one exists upon other parallel planes of reality, and denies the very nature of the current human dance.


4. The Illusion of Attachment


The Illusion of Attachment is related to the fourth Root Fear of Love and Relationship and the Arrogance of Codependent Love along with the fourth chakra region. The illusion of attachment stipulates that one will not be happy unless another or a group of others accompany one’s spiritual journey Home. In not releasing the attachment to the other or group of others that does not support one’s ascension, one’s ascension ceases.


If one is in a relationship with others, be they a friend, spouse, or family member, one may honestly ask if the other is indeed ascending. If the other is not ascending, and one continues to have fantasies about the other ascending, then one can choose to release the fantasy in full such that the reality of the situation can be embraced. Allowance requires one to honestly assess others and allow them their own journey. As one allows others their journey, one will leave behind those that do not support one’s choice to ascend. It is only as all others are allowed their journey that one masters Bodhisattva.


Allowance is a state of being in which one honors the path of all others. Some human paths are not choosing to ascend at this time. It is therefore an act of harmfulness to try and pull another down one’s own path of ascension when their soul wishes not to ascend in this lifetime. All paths serve, and some are serving in the simple cleansing of karma for many souls that are to leave Earth and continue their third dimensional dance elsewhere. The Bodhisattva learns to honor all paths, even those that may end in death in this incarnation, in the greater understanding that all paths serve.


The illusion of attachment is at the root of codependence. It is a state of codependence that believes “I must carry you home”, or conversely, “I must be carried home”. Such is the nature of attachment, which is the underlying cause of “carrying another”, as it drains energy from one’s field preventing one from ever ascending beyond a certain point in frequency.


Attachment is comprised of sticky cords that extend from one individual to another person, place, object, plant or animal. Such cords are hooked into karma that is stored within the etheric grid work of the form in each party involved. Such cords create holes in the auric field, which cause chi to leak through much like water through a sieve or piece of cheesecloth. As one ascends, each layer of attachment related to the next frequency one has attained comes up for review and release. Each layer will be associated with ancestral karma, ownership patterns, fantasy realities, or curses of one sort or another. As the attachment is released, so is the karma, ownership patterns, fantasies and curses also are released and transmuted.


Sometimes as all attachment is released to a particular individual, the individual falls out of one’s life. If that individual is someone perceived as “special”, one might choose not to release the attachment believing that one needs said individual in one’s life. As this occurs, one’s ascension can go no further. Often the attachment cannot be released in full without allowing the individual to leave one’s life experience. And this is the bottom line issue behind the illusion of attachment, as in order to ascend, one must be willing to leave anything and everyone that interferes with one’s choice to ascend behind.


The 5th dimensional thoughtform embraced in ascension cannot dance with the current 3rd dimensional paradigm. If all of humanity were choosing to ascend, human civilization would ascend as well, however this is simply not the case at this time in history. It is for this reason that ascending humans will carve their own relationships to other ascending humans, and eventually their own regions to live within ascending communities. In essence, in order to ascend, one must leave the 3rd dimensional paradigm behind in full, and this may include jobs, family members, homes, property, possessions, and all other forms of attachment to the 3rd dimensional lifestyle.


We encourage each to seek out sovereign forms of earning a living that supports one’s ascension, for it is perhaps the fear of supporting oneself that often is the largest stumbling block to leaving an employer or occupation. Some initiates are choosing to develop healing skills such as offering massage, coaching, counseling, or developing products and services that support others whom are ascending at this time in history. Such preoccupations not only “pays the rent”, but also supports one’s choice to ascend in becoming sovereign. One may say, “How will I pay for this mortgage as a massage therapist?” Well, most likely the mortgage will be forfeited as well in one’s choice to ascend. Which leads us into the next illusion.


5. The Illusion of Possession and Ownership


The Illusion of Possession is based upon the fifth Root Fear of Creative Self-Expression and the Arrogance of Hoarding along with the fifth chakra region. Whereas the fourth illusion is founded upon attachment to others, the fifth illusion is founded upon the possession or ownership of others. Here we will distinguish between the fourth and fifth illusions in a very distinct manner. Whereas the fourth illusion is the result of the unwillingness to let go of the necessary attachment in order to ascend, the fifth illusion is the result of an unwillingness to release all ownership in order to ascend. Sometimes the fourth and fifth illusion accompany one another, sometimes they do not.


Ownership and attachment are related. In a sense, ownership is a higher octave of attachment. Not all attachment is based upon ownership; some attachment is simply based upon karmic contracts that have no ownership signature inherent in them. Ownership not only has the attachment, but also an ownership stamp inherent to it. So, ownership and possession also have attachment or cords between self and another person, place, or object, but in addition to the attachment are the ownership signatures.


Ownership creates a loss of chi in a much greater form than attachment that is karmic-based. For ownership signatures allow for the transference of chi, records, grid work, information, or moving energy systems out of one’s field and into another’s. In ascension, if one is forever losing records for ascension, ascension shall cease until the related ownership at cause of the loss of records is transcended. All ownership signatures are transmuted through the Language of Light frequencies, which replace them allowing the transference of information or chi to cease between parties.


It is not only other humans that “own” an ascending human and take their records, but also groups of a personal, national and international nature. One initiate had lost all of her ascension records beginning on the day of her marriage to a religious organization that she has never affiliated with in this lifetime. The agreements were indeed genetic and surrounded the fact that all spiritual knowledge would be confiscated upon marriage and transferred to the church. One can see from this that ownership by groups can transcend lifetimes and be related to the experiences and agreements of one’s ancestors.


Ownership of many possessions in the form of material objects, or property will need to be relinquished if one is to ascend in this lifetime. Such relinquishing will also require the releasing of such objects or people from one’s life experience. Asur’Ana has learned to live a meager life; her possessions include a small car and everything that she owns fitting into one small sized storage unit. This has allowed her to free herself from all patterns of ownership and its related attachment in full. The commitment to this journey is deep, and is not for the lighthearted spiritual novice.


6. The Illusion of Illusion


The Illusion of Illusion is related to the sixth Root Fear of Vision and the Arrogance of Seeing it All along with the sixth chakra region. The illusion of illusion stipulates that what one sees is one’s truth without question. In ascension, one is always questioning whether what one sees is accurate, or what one hears is accurate. Whereas the second Illusion of Blind Trust has one trust that which they hear or experience, the Illusion of Illusion has one trust that which they see or envision without double checking if it is indeed accurate.


In order to distinguish between faulty visions and true visions emanating from soul, one must pull the vision into the form and feel how one will feel as the vision is made manifest. If the vision feels good to the form, then the vision supports one’s goal of ascension. This requires an intact emotional body in order to feel, or one is likely to be manipulated. As one ascends, one can ascertain daily if the emotional body is present, or if they have the emotional bodies of others also present. In choosing to retrieve one’s own emotional body and return those that are not of one’s own, one can have better discernment surrounding the visions that one receives for their future.


The illusion of illusion can also be demonstrated with the many clairvoyants, healers, and spiritual teachers that many upon the spiritual path rely upon to “see for them”. For inherent in this illusion is the belief that one does not see well enough to see their own truth, and therefore one seeks someone else outside of oneself to see for them. Another outside of oneself will never accurately see one’s truth, for the perceptions of the other will be tainted with their own illusions, patterns and internal discord. It is therefore advisable for ascending initiates to learn to trust their own vision and cease to seek outside sources to see where one needs to go, or what one needs to do, and learn to rely upon one’s own sovereign seeing and knowing in all that one does.


So many times, initiates would say “I am not clairvoyant! I can’t see anything”. Vision is a function of soul. It is soul that sees what the next pattern is that is up to be released for the ascending initiate. It is not important for the body to see anything. However, as the body and soul commune and unite in the act of grounding soul into form, the soul can transfer its vision and knowledge to the body bringing to consciousness the next pattern in need of transmutation, or the next step in one’s spiritual journey Home. As initiates strive to anchor soul, their vision and knowing shall increase.


There is also body level knowing that occurs as the result of the communication between the body spirit (the angel governing the devas that hold the form together), the akashic record keeper (one’s librarian overseeing one’s spiritual knowledge) and the soul. Therefore, the choice to muscle test is another manner of accessing body level knowing to cross check one’s truth or vision to see if it is supportive of one’s choice to ascend.


For those reading this material that are visionaries or clairvoyants offering healing to the public, we recommend that you cease to give readings, except only by allowing the soul of another to speak through your form bringing to consciousness whatever the body may need to know to fuel its journey Home. We also recommend that you stop anchoring healing for anyone, but rather anchor adequate connection between the body of your client and their source so that their own soul can provide whatever healing it deems necessary for the client to continue to ascend.


In so doing, you shall cease to create karma for yourself as a healer. For interfering with the path of another through giving advice or healing is not only considered an act of harmfulness, but creates karma as well. One simply needs to create an intent of harmlessness for the manner in which they heal, and such a choice will bring forth the necessary changes to anchor all healing or readings offered in a new manner and based upon harmlessness.


7. The Illusion of Truth


The Illusion of Truth is related to the seventh Root Fear of Knowledge and the Arrogance of Knowing it All along with the seventh chakra region. The illusion of truth stipulates that one has “The Truth” and that only one truth can reign. In believing that only one truth is possible, collaboration is not feasible, for collaboration requires the uniting of multiple truths each expressed in a unique manner.


Embracing the truth of another requires the ability to perceive another from inside of their unique experience. Inside of any experience is a unique truth and path of ascension expressed that is totally valid as the creation of God Goddess in human form. Sometimes truths vary, one ascending master experiencing one thing and another its opposite. Both truths are totally valid and are a reflection of their unique experience within their genetic changes and shifts in awareness in the act of ascension. As one learns to embrace their own truth as valid, and all others as valid even if they oppose one’s own experience of ascension, then one has mastered the illusion of truth.


In the guru-disciple relationship, the disciple accepts the guru’s truth as valid and as their own truth. As the disciple chooses to break away from the guru, whether that guru be a spiritual teacher, healer, spouse, employer, parent, doctor, financial expert, or politician, and chooses to take back their truth and knowledge that is a part of one’s own biological inheritance, one will transcend the illusion of truth in their own ascension. As the guru chooses to release his/her disciples in full, and become sovereign in their own truth and allow all others the same, the guru shall likewise transcend the illusion of truth in their own ascension. In so doing, one shall stand tall in the truth of the ascending master that they are.

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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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