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14. The Power Of Your Intent


The power of the thoughtform of the human species has been vastly misunderstood and undervalued over the course of the past 40,000 years of human history. The reasons that so little is consciously understood by the current human thoughtform surrounding the power of your intent is simply the result of the manipulation of the forces of the dark. This manipulation has occurred as the result of the forgetfulness of the souls governing humanity and Earth, and forgetfulness breeds forgetfulness. The forces of the dark are nothing other than souls who have gone into forgetfulness and are not to be feared but are rather to be understood.


Soul Fracturing


Why have these souls gone into forgetfulness? Forgetfulness occurs for many reasons. Generally, it is the result of fracturing or splitting apart either on a biological or a soul level. An example of one form of forgetfulness that Mother Earth went into was the result of the splitting of Earth in half. This occurred about 1.2 billion years ago, and as a portion of Earth shattered and split off, the libraries of knowledge inherent in what was destroyed were indeed lost.


Soul fracturing occurs in a parallel manner, with a portion of soul fracturing off, and whatever information or knowledge is held in what has fractured is therefore likewise lost. Soul fracturing occurs for numerous reasons, the most prevalent of which is a drop in frequency. Earth has dropped and dropped in frequency over the past 30,000 years of history, and each significant decline has caused all souls incarnate on Earth to fracture, thereby losing a portion of their knowledge. As Earth continued to decline in frequency, so much working knowledge inherent in the pieces of soul that fractured off was lost that Earth herself went into forgetfulness.


Earth in her choice to ascend is choosing to move out of forgetfulness. In so doing, Earth is rising in vibration and little by little restoring all fractured pieces of soul, thereby restoring all lost segments of information, libraries and knowledge that had been lost over time. It is through the act of restoration that Earth will one day enter the next dimension of thoughtform. For Earth once existed in the dimension above this one, and in tracing her history back in time, Earth will restore herself to the magnificent star she once was as a fifth dimensional vessel.


In a parallel manner, the human species has dropped and dropped in frequency along with Earth. Each drop caused a portion of all souls incarnate in human form to fracture. Over time, so much working knowledge of the human species was lost (which can be equated to DNA or genetic material) that humanity dropped into unconsciousness. Unconsciousness can be defined as a species that cannot evolve, or in the current dilemma of humanity on Earth, cannot remember to ascend


Victim Thoughtform


One contributing factor to forgetfulness is the thoughtform that you do not create your own reality, that you are indeed a victim to some experience that was not created by yourself in some manner. It is perhaps the thoughtform of victimization more than any other that leads to beliefs in powerlessness. It is out of the belief that the human being is powerless that you cower into submission over abusive authorities and believe that a single human is not capable of changing anything, let alone having global impact.


The difficulty for the human condition is the delay in cause and effect. You may cause a particular experience and not reap the benefit of the effect until either much later in your life or until the next incarnation or generation. An example of this might be a young man who does not take care of his form adequately, abuses it with poor nutrition and toxic substances, and then experiences a disease later in life. Another example might be treating a child with great abuse and then experiencing the grown child turning their back on the parent.


Time Delay


This delay is the result in the slowing down of time, which has been the result of the multiple drops in frequency on Earth. As Earth dropped in vibration, time slowed to a point where cause and effect experienced a delay. It is the delay in effect that has you think you are a victim. For if you experience a particular circumstance, say such as child abuse or sexual abuse, you indeed caused that experience on the perpetrator in a prior incarnation. Additionally, if you are subject to a brutal murder, indeed you also caused a brutal murder in a prior incarnation to the perpetrator, the cause and seeming effect being delayed between incarnations.


If there was no time delay, murdering someone in this life would result in being murdered yourself in a short time frame. Abusing another would result in being equally abused in a very short time frame. As a result, you would not create that experience without wishing to experience it in return.


It is the fracturing of human spirit that is at the bottom of the delay in time. With only two strands of DNA, the current human form experiences an eight to ten year time delay between cause and effect. You may set a cause in motion, and it takes eight to ten years for the effects to be experienced or noticed in your life experience. The only problem is that you have long forgotten setting that cause in motion and may no longer associate the effect with the original cause.


Cause and Effect


Cause is a particular thoughtform that is set in motion through intent. Let us use this as an example. Let us say that a young woman desires deeply to have a child. She sets in motion the cause or the thoughtform for her desire by intending that her vision of having a child manifest into her life experience. However, all of the wrong men show up in her life, one after the other, and none of her relationships manifest into anything long term. Eventually, she conceives a child, but it is with the wrong man. She decides to have an abortion. Years later, she conceives again, and it is not quite the right relationship, but the desire to have the child overrides the difficulties, and the child is born. The time lapsed is eight to ten years.


Perhaps at the time that she conceives, this woman thinks “I don’t want a child with the wrong man” and forgets entirely how she had intended to conceive a child so long ago. She may even feel like a victim or perhaps her partner feels this way. Her partner also must have intended to create a child and may not remember setting that intent in motion. Here is the tricky part. You also have unconscious intents which may never be known, but they are set in motion nonetheless. It is the unconscious intent to conceive a child that may cause one or both parents to believe that the conception was an accident or surprise. Yet in reality, it was chosen or intended, albeit unconsciously.


Integrating the Unconscious


In ascension, you become conscious of the unconscious. Bit by bit, the unconscious must be integrated in order to ascend. This occurs as the body rises in vibration through biological transmutation, allowing for what has fractured in spirit to be integrated into the auric field, subtle bodies and grid work of the form. As this occurs, there are fewer and fewer surprises in your life experience and a greater chance of succeeding at manifesting exactly what you consciously envision. For the unconscious skews your vision in such a manner that it may distort your conscious intent.


What do we mean by this? Well, in the above example, the woman not only wished for a child but also a permanent relationship. She got the child, but her unconscious intent to remain free and liberated created a transient relationship with the father. We will give you another example. A woman seeks a loving partner. Her ex-husband was physically abusive. She sets in motion the thoughtform and vision for a new mate. Indeed, he appears, and over time she comes to understand that he is also physically violent. What went wrong? Well, this woman’s unconscious vision for a mate included the thoughtform of violence.


Ascension can alter this outcome. In ascension, you address the unconscious thoughtforms and agreements that cause you to manifest something other than what you consciously intend. As each thoughtform and agreement that is unconscious is transcended, then your manifestation can come to fruition in the manner that you wish. So ascension makes possible the seeming impossible in the current human paradigm.


New Paradigm


Ascension brings forth a new paradigm for human civilization and relations, one that is based on unity. In unity consciousness, no one is ever sacrificed to succeed at a goal. Rather, all individuals work in unison and in varying capacities to accomplish the goal at hand, each reaping a reward equal to the energy expended in any given project. This is what unity consciousness is in action: energy in equals energy out, or, in other terms, an equal reward for effort expended.


In our current paradigm, we have some who contribute very little to anyone or anything and live a wealthy existence. They are rewarded in excess of their contribution to humanity. We have some who give greatly but receive very little—Mother Teresa being a recent example of this. However, this experience is also the result of the delay in time. For those of great wealth have given greatly time and time again and reaped little in return. Their lifetime of wealth is the return on up to 800 to 1,000 lifetimes of poverty in which they gave greatly and saw little in return. Additionally, those who work hard an entire lifetime and live in poverty again are reaping the return at another time and in another incarnation.


Removing Time Delay


In ascension, you shorten the delay in time. What this means is that you will experience the effect of your cause with greater speed and see your visions or rewards manifest in this lifetime. As you integrate 36 planes of reality (also known as parallel lives), you release all unconscious thoughtforms that could skew your vision entirely, making it possible to manifest your vision with great ease and without distortion. This occurs as the human form is restored to the original blueprint for the human species as seeded on Earth about 200,000 years ago.


Aware of Thoughtforms


In removing the time delay, we must also be aware of our thought. If we hold a destructive thought, it will manifest much more quickly. Therefore, we have to be very diligent about only allowing positive, constructive, loving and joyful thoughts to cross our mind in any given moment of any day. Often there are those forces of the dark that would like to manipulate us through sending destructive thoughts into our field. We can learn to simply send such thoughts back to the perpetrator. In this manner, our thoughts remain positive.


Anything that is fearful, negative, abusive, destructive, judgmental, angry or painful is the result of destructive thoughtform. As you allow those thoughtforms to be returned to those who still function in that paradigm, you remain in peace. It is only as you enter an ongoing state of peace that you can sustain a thoughtform free of destruction.


Integrating Polarities


How can this become so? It is through the biological transmutation of the form to a significantly higher frequency that this becomes so. As the body rises in frequency, you can integrate the polarity or opposites in yourself. If you think about current human thoughtform, it is based on polarity or opposites. You are either judgmental or non-judgmental, abusive or loving, negative or positive, angry or peaceful. You can polarize into your opposite but will automatically experience the opposing thoughtform at some point, for any one swing to one extreme will result in a swing back to its opposite.


The swing of opposites is the result of the fracturing of the human experience into 36 separate planes of reality (parallel lives). In essence, the fracturing resulted in the polarity of expression of the human experience. One plane expresses one extreme and the other its opposite. So, an example could be that you are extremely peaceful and loving in nature on the physical plane and be abusive and aggressive on another. The dance of opposites also causes the opposite to be expressed in your conscious daily life experience. For example, if you are loving and peaceful you will naturally attract an abusive and aggressive partner. It is in the attraction of opposites that some semblance of wholeness can occur. However, in the human experience, it creates a lot of ongoing difficulties.


In ascension, you integrate the part of yourself that is opposite on each plane of reality that you exist on. So, in the above example, if the peaceful loving individual integrates their unconscious persona, which is abusive and aggressive, they come to the middle ground and embody peace. The peace they embody is not the result of polarity or opposites but rather the result of embracing or embodying the middle ground. In so doing, they may also attract a partner who is likewise peaceful as they have also integrated their unconscious polarized nature.


Prescription for Manifestation


  1. Call on Mother Earth to anchor for you. Ground by connecting to the center of the Earth. Utilizing the grounding and kundalini meditation from “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension” . This ensures that your field is clear of those forces that may wish to distort or manipulate your vision.


  1. Begin by envisioning what it is your heart truly wishes to make manifest in your current life experience.


  1. Fill the vision with the emotions of joy, love, unity and nurturing.


  1. Call on the I AM that you are and the Oversoul from which your I AM extends itself into form to infuse your vision with its vision for your life experience. Surrender to the changes that your soul wishes to make in the greater understanding that your soul sees more than yourself what is necessary to experience to fulfill your mission.


  1. Align your vision with the Divine Plan of God Goddess /All That Is by asking Source to support your vision with its blessing.


  1. Intend your vision into manifestation. It is the act of intending (or willing your vision to be so) that the vision is sent to your solar sun to be recorded. As the vision is recorded on the solar sun, and understood, it is then relayed back to the outermost dimension where you exist and begins to step down into physicality.


  1. Intend to ascend! In the act of ascending, you begin to integrate your unconscious parts of self, thus speeding up the time of manifestation of all visions or intents into the physical.


  1. Intend to bring to consciousness those unconscious thoughtforms that would prevent your manifestation from becoming realized. As each thoughtform blocking your manifestation surfaces, intend to release it in full. This intent has the greatest power just before you fall asleep at night or as you awaken in the morning when you are ‘between’ the worlds.


  1. Intend to bring to consciousness those unconscious thoughtforms that distort your manifestation in a manner that would not bring you joy. As each thoughtform that distorts your manifestation surfaces, intend to release it in full.


  1. PAY ATTENTION! Pay attention to the small creations to give you clues as to your unconscious state of being. Pay attention to the mirror of your thoughtform that you attract in the world around you. Do you attract an angry client or friend? Then what part of your thoughtform is angry? Intend to release your angry thoughtforms and patterns. Do you attract a cold-hearted lover? Then what part of yourself is cold hearted? Intend to release all related patterns so that the next lover can be closer to what you desire to make manifest.


  1. Give thanks for what does manifest. Sometimes what does manifest teaches you about your unconscious distortions yet to be released. Then whatever does manifest is a great gift if you utilize the experience to release the patterns at cause of the creation.


In ascension, you come to understand that you are empowered to change your world. You learn that as the inner world and unconscious changes, along with all related beliefs and thoughtforms, your experience of the world simultaneously changes. Then you learn that you are indeed powerful after all, powerful enough to change your own experience of reality.


For a very long time now, you have believed that power has resided outside of yourselves, that others controlled your fate, whether that other was your parents, your boss, your client or your child. Ascension brings forth the truth. The truth of the matter is that you create each of your experiences, whether they are difficult or joyful in outcome. As you understand that only you hold the keys to your creations, and that you take your power back from those you have given it to, and take responsibility for your own thoughtforms, then life has an opportunity to change and become what you have always longed for.


The power of human intent can move mountains. In alignment with the Divine, anything becomes possible!



This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.


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