Image of a sacred sea turtle swimming in aqua-colored water. From The Heart Of The Honu Or Turtle

14. From The Heart Of The Honu Or Turtle


Blessings for Living in Harmony with Earth


The Turtle Kingdom


We of the Turtle Kingdom are pleased to be able to speak forth our guidance and truth to our fellow human brothers and sisters. Turtle has long been associated with privacy or an ability to tuck our head into the shell for safekeeping and protection. In essence we carry our home upon our backs, and therefore the return home is simply an act of pulling our head and legs into our shells and resting. In parallel manner, each species learns that all that each requires to sustain oneself is contained within.


Self-Reliance and Self-Sustenance


Self-reliance has long been lost in the human dance. Humans have learned to rely upon farmers for food and builders for houses, and manufacturers for clothing. One becomes so far out of sync with nature that one may not remember how to survive if such manufacturers, farmers or builders cease to be. What would one do? How will one cope if the current technology humanity relies upon simply ceases to exist? This turtle ponders; and alas we have seen many human civilizations go through a parallel turn of events, and most perished sometimes from starvation due to the inability to forge for oneself the necessities of life.


A state of self-sustenance comes as one learns to tune inward and listen to the nature kingdoms. Nature will point one in the right direction for food, shelter and any implement one may require in order to sustain oneself. Nature is conscious. Often nature creates that which certain species require to survive, whether it be a mountain lake for water and bathing, a mountain cave or burnt out tree for warmth and protection in a winter storm, or a bed of grass one can simply lie down upon and have a wonderful rest. Nature does indeed provide all for all species that are a part of Earth’s dream.


The Human Dream Was Never a Part of Earth’s Dream


Recent revelations in Earth’s global ascension have shown that the human dream was never a part of Earth’s dream. Alas, humans were seeded with a Sirian dream from Sirius A; and Earth did not know of human presence until about 3,000 years after the seeding was completed upon. The human dream remained a separate force, and this did not allow Earth to either embrace or protect humanity from forces of the dark. Over time, the dark destroyed the grand masters of great human knowledge. As the grand masters died, the very ones who could potentially unite the two dreams had passed, and Earth was then in for a lengthy downward spiral into destruction from forces using the human dream to manipulate her dream.


Earth acknowledges that she made a mistake in the rejection of humankind. She did not invite humankind to seed Earth; for humans have a horrible reputation as a species for destroying most places they dwell upon. What consensus wishes a species that destroys to participate in the global dance? No consensus wishes this. Alas, the forces of the dark manipulated the agreements and contracts of Earth to make it appear that Earth requested human seeding. Perhaps if Earth had embraced the human seeding and woven humanity into her dream, she could have better advised the human grand masters in a manner that they would not have died. This might have avoided the entire 200,000-year decline in vibration Earth has since experienced. Hindsight for Earth is not unlike hindsight for an ascending human; it is crystal clear.


Lessons Learned from Earth’s Rejection of Humanity


There are many lessons here. For one, there is the lesson of rejection. Earth herself has been rejected many a time upon many a dimension and understands this well. This time she herself rejected a species that chose to incarnate onto her body. When one rejects another, one ultimately rejects oneself. As Earth rejected humanity, she more or less also rejected herself, which was then the fertile ground for her destruction to come forth. For rejection breeds hatred; and hatred is a vibration of non-love; it is non-love that causes one to destroy oneself or destroy another, whether that other be another human, member of the plant, animal or mineral kingdoms, or Mother Earth herself.


Earth is learning her lessons in her own ascent. She is learning that one cannot reject; and she now embraces those humans willing to ascend into a harmless and loving state in the coming quarter century as a part of her dream. This ends the manipulative dance of the dark as humans now have a place upon Earth and are a part of the global dream. For our fellow human brothers and sisters, we know that the wounds of the heart are great. We invite you to heal now; heal the original sense of rejection by Nature and Mother Earth that is an inherent part of your ancestral history; and to heal the sense of “not belonging” and “not being welcome” that has plagued you since your inception upon Earth.


It was out of the rejection of humankind that humankind drew unto itself and into his dance another group of humans from another place that was foreign and dissonant to Earth. These humans were known as the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods). The Red Race rejected the Annanuki humans much as humanity was rejected by Earth. The Annanuki did not feign at the rejection; instead they chose to gain dominion over the red race along with Earth. This is the other side of rejection Earth is exploring in her own ascension, and is the dance of dominion. In the dance of dominion, one says “If I cannot belong, I will make you subordinate to me! Then you will belong to me, and how can I not belong if you belong to me?!”


The red race was docile and worked in harmony with all other kingdoms upon Earth even though they were not a part of Earth’s dream. However, this new form of human Annanuki was not docile and harmless at all. They utilized science to manipulate Earth’s energy flow to create their dominion. Indeed they “owned” the red race and forced them into subordination. Members of the red race lost their land much like the Native Americans and Hawaiians have lost their land in recent history.


Furthermore, the tactics to cause subordination over the red race also subordinated Earth into fall after fall in vibration and consciousness. Earth drew unto herself her own mirror of rejection of the red race in another group of humans who instead of returning home following the rejection, chose to subordinate all of life upon Earth unto them. Although the Annanuki have long perished, humans who carry the holographic remembrance of the Annanuki nature and are related to their DNA carry on to this day in parallel manner.


Humankind Does Not Support the Environment


Turtle has shown Asur’Ana how humans tear up the beautiful landscaping nature has constructed, leveling the ground to mere dirt, and then building a home later only to add “landscaping” of human desire. Why do humans tear up nature’s perfect work of art? Why must humans shape nature into neat and tidy rows of plants that do not work together collaboratively to sustain themselves? Everything in nature is designed to work together, beloved, in unison to support the health and well-being of the other. Certain plants and animals are drawn to live within the same region because their very dance supports one another in thriving.


In looking at a recent gum forest in the Blue Mountains of Australia, Turtle explained to Asur’Ana how each kingdom provides what another kingdom requires; from the waste of the fecal matters of the small mammals such as the koala bears, kangaroo and wombat that provide nourishment to the gum trees, to the birds such as the parrots and kookaburras that provide nourishment in their waste to the ferns. The plants furthermore provide berries and leaves to feed the mammals.


Additionally, certain plants create just the right soil as the leaves decay into mulch that allows certain other plants to grow and thrive in ease. Even the insects have a role, with the bees pollinating the plants through the gathering of honey, to the ants and worms who till the soil, to the maggots that allow the compost to be created. All parts of the gum forest work together in a beautiful, magical and synchronistic manner that supports the life, health and well-being of all species therein.


And then of course enters humankind; and humankind does not support the environment. Humankind generally tears everything down only to build a home upon the now shredded landscape, bringing in foreign materials that are toxic, and planting trees and shrubs not native to the neighboring region. Soon a whole new life begins to overtake what once was a balanced kingdom, and the native plants and trees along with bush animals begin to die, or worse yet become dependent upon humans for their sustenance.


All of nature wishes to be self-sustaining. No species wishes to rely upon human handouts to survive. And yet nature often will be found digging through garbage cans or begging for food if the sustenance required for survival has been destroyed by the very building modalities utilized by humanity. The nature kingdoms in your cities and suburbs have become co-dependent upon humankind for survival; and so, we understand codependence ourselves from such a relationship.


Asur’Ana used to feed the birds from her apartment in Hawaii. She is learning to allow all birds to find their own source of nourishment now and no longer feeds them. She sees that there is plenty of natural provisions in Hawaii, and her handouts only create a certain form of codependence that does not allow all kingdoms their sovereignty. We honor her for seeing this, and she often tells the small birds and pigeons who come up to her begging, “Go eat your grubs. You do not need to beg. There is plenty here for you.”


Suddenly, as the birds acknowledge the truth they cease to beg and move off feeding from the worms and grubs in the grass or bushes nearby. You see, begging is as big a habit for nature as it is for humanity to take away our source of nourishment through your building practices. As all humans cease to feed nature, nature will provide for herself. As all humans learn to work in harmony with nature, nature will also provide all that humans require in order to thrive and survive.


Healing the Separation of Dreams Between Earth and Humanity


Turtle perceives that the reason humanity redecorates the environment rather than simply living in the environment that nature has provided is the result of a deep feeling of “non-belonging” that goes back to the original Sirian Seeding and the lack of collaboration between Earth’s dream and the human dream. Without participating in Earth’s dream, human is always “outside” of Earth, and quite naturally he/she would feel “homeless” and as though he/she does not belong. This creates an internal need to create a “home” which manifests in the act of redecorating the land rather than simply living from the land as it is provided by nature.


As such issues are healed between humanity and nature, and in particular in the coming 25-year cycle and through incoming ascending children, Turtle sees a new future ahead. Such children will feel as at “home” in an open field as within the house the parents may provide. Gradually and due to global changes and the requirement for humans to relocate, future humans will accept nature’s blessings of providing houses in the natural landscape of the valleys, hillsides and mountains that they are guided to move. This will restore a state of collaboration in full between nature and humankind at such a time.


In so doing, humans will learn that their home is really within their heart; and that they can be at home anywhere upon Mother Earth; for every valley, hillside or mountain will have a special place and home prepared to ensure one’s safety, sustenance, and needs. This can only be so as the human dream becomes a part of Earth’s dream. For if the human dream is not a part of the consensus dream of Earth, how can Earth know what humans need in order to survive? She cannot anticipate that which is not a part of her dream beloved. This is why humans have felt victim to hunger or certain natural disasters over time, and even in your present day circumstance in some parts of your world.


Is not starvation a problem in certain sectors of human civilization, and in particular, in parts of Africa? How can Earth modulate her weather providing enough water to grow the food necessary to feed the human populace if the human populace is unknown to Earth due to the separation of dreams? This is the problem with separate dreams; Earth knows not of human presence for it is the dream that allows her to know and sense such. Now that the dream has been rewoven to include ascending humans, future generations will not know such hunger, as weather patterns will be adjusted to assure that all species are provided for, including humankind.


Natural disasters often put humans in great fear of nature. Humans being outside of Earth’s dream cannot likewise sense when the dream is calling for earth movement, flood, tornado or hurricane to cleanse a particular region of a particularly dense and stuck energy. In not sensing the impending movement, humans are caught in a disaster that might be avoided otherwise. This too is due to a separation of dreams. Humans further build cement structures in regions that are bound to be hit by such forces over time, and the very nature of cement calls the disaster to the regions; for cement creates the very dense energy that requires the cleansing.


Constructing Homes Out of Natural Elements


Cement or anything seemingly permanent is not a good foundation to build any home with, as Earth is continually changing her surface to meet the needs of her own ascent. Into the future, such Earth changes will speed up, and if one fails to pay attention, one could build a home today only to discover it destroyed by earthquake or flood tomorrow. It is for this reason that Turtle guides humans to find natural places to construct the home and to work with nature in the planning. One can build a home from natural elements provided from the land.


In earlier history, humans took from the land to construct your homes. This is witnessed in the “log cabins” of the United States and Canada, along with the natural thatched houses of those in tropical regions such as Hawaii and Tahiti. Such dwellings did not collect negative energy that would cause Earth to create such a large natural disaster to cleanse; furthermore, if such a disaster did develop, such homes could be easily reconstructed from the same materials as before as they are already provided for by the land upon which one lives.


Much of the natural disasters ahead are simply the result of the nature of cement, and in particular, the cement used to construct your cities and suburbs. Cement and rebar collect radiation and electricity. Earth is purging electricity and radioactivity at an ever-increasingly greater speed in her own ascension. Those regions that continue to collect such vibrations will become increasingly dense against the backdrop of rising vibration of the countryside; the increasing density will draw a natural disaster to “move the energy” in such stuck points global wide. This will call earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods to such cities and suburbs.


As humanity learns to build in alliance with Earth and in natural materials that are resonant, such a dance will be avoided into the future. For those planning your communities, call upon Turtle for advice and suggestions about how to structure a residence that will work with nature in a manner that will avoid the current pitfalls of human building practices.


Balancing the Weather in Hawaii


Weather will follow ascending humans’ conscious intentions. A small group of initiates has been working in collaboration with Earth to balance the weather patterns to allow for an entirely green island in Hawaii. This is important, as Earth wishes to be green from region to region around the globe, as it is the lush plant life that supports her skin in holding the vibration upon the land.


At this time, the island of Oahu is completely green all the way around. It took over 2 years for the weather patterns to be corrected, and the Hawaiian initiates worked collaboratively with Earth to allow this to be so. A model was first constructed from the island of Kauai, which is considered the garden island by the Hawaiians because of its lush flora and fauna and heavy rainfall that falls upon all parts of the island. As the energy movement was altered around Oahu to mimic Kauai, lo and behold the weather patterns altered to allow for a totally green and lush Oahu to emerge! The weather balanced itself out.


This success has caused these ascending initiates to move on to their next project on behalf of Earth, which is to balance the rainfall upon the Big Island of Hawaii. Upon the Big Island, it is much more difficult as there are many more deserts. Deserts are the result of a lack of devas or angels to call the rain to the land to grow the plants for which they hold the genetic blueprint for. In global trauma, often devas are crushed, or sometimes they have been moved elsewhere through human ancestral expression. As the karma upon the land is released and the devas retrieved and restored, soon the rain begins to fall and the plants begin to grow again. It is anticipated that the weather upon the Big Island will be corrected no later than by the end of 2022 allowing for the emergence of a totally lush and green island all the way around.


Why is this so important to Earth, the balancing of weather in Hawaii? As a template is constructed for Hawaii of balanced rainfall and water, it will then be implemented around all of Earth. As the karma for how the devas in certain regions were lost, sometimes which is the result of nuclear warfare or testing, and sometimes simply due to other painful moments in Earth’s history, the devas will return. As the devas return, they will call in the rainfall to construct the plants for which they hold the genetic blueprint for, and Earth will be green from end to end again.


In so doing, there will not only be enough rainfall to support all species including humankind anywhere one so lives; but the flora and fauna to support Earth’s continued ascent into the future will also be present global wide. Much like the Hawaiian initiates, those living in desert-like regions may work with Earth to support the rebalancing of energy flow and assist in the release of land-based karma and the recalling of devas so that the rain may begin to fall again. This is what becoming a steward to Earth is all about in Turtle’s estimation.


Working Collaboratively with the Nature Kingdoms


Turtle reminds ascending humans of the power of your thoughtform. As one chooses to intend rain, so it will rain. If one’s garden is filled with devas, they will call in the rain for oneself as needed to sustain the life of the garden. Alas most seeds do not grow vegetables filled with devas, as farming practices are so painful that soul has withdrawn. As an ascending being, one can call the devas back, inviting them to dance within one’s garden again. In so doing, the garden may ascend and provide the necessary nutrients to support one’s own ascension. Furthermore, the garden will call the rain in necessary to sustain its health and well-being without the requirement for outside water.


As humans recognize their innate power as ascending beings, one will see that one can be at home wherever one is, and learn to work again with the devas and elements to provide for one’s garden, oneself, one’s family and one’s community. However, one may wish to move out of the cities and be in the country in order to allow nature to dance with oneself.


Nature cannot dance with those living within the cities; one will have to leave and find a new means of living from the land again. Those that choose this path will be greatly rewarded and supported by all kingdoms upon Earth. One shall not starve or be harmed in the years ahead as a result; and one will be guided to move as the Earth changes make one’s current residence soon to be uninhabitable for whatever reason. In so doing, one will survive the coming times of change ahead.


Turtle reminds humans that your home is in your heart. One will access the nature kingdoms along with the consciousness of Earth from the heart. The heart holds the keys of holographic knowledge; holographic knowledge knows all that ones’ ancestry understood and all that all kingdoms have ever understood in the lengthy history Earth has experienced within your creation. Such knowledge will provide oneself with whatever one requires knowing in the moment that one needs to know.


Turn inward, and the plant kingdoms will talk to you, guiding you to foods you can gather to eat to ward off your hunger; or places to dwell that will keep one safely out of the sun or rain and warm and dry; or through the passageway of the mountain so that one can enter the valley beyond which is to become one’s home. As one opens to talking to nature in relation to one’s garden, the kingdoms will tell you which plants to plant next to one another so that they can create an intricate system of self-sustenance that enhances the garden’s ability to grow, providing its bounty in greater amount and ease. Nature provides such out of the love of the human species as a part of the whole, a part of Earth’s dream for the future.


Love is Life Force


Humans often utilize toxic pesticides to eliminate insects in their gardening and farming practices. Alas, this only causes the toxins to move into one’s food; humanity is literally poisoning itself through its own non-conscious farming practices. There are natural fertilizers.  Alas, natural fertilizers require twice as much, costs 3 times more and works only half as good as commercial fertilizers. This is only because the farmers fail to share their love and “mana” or life force with the plants and vegetables. If the farmer were to love his plants, he would find that the production would be greater than any commercial fertilizer could cause, and might not even require organic mulch at all.


Life force is love. Love flows from the hearts and through the hearts of all species, even the plant and mineral kingdoms. Where is the heart of the plant kingdom? For some it is in the fruits, berries or flowers produced. This is why when humans eat of the fruits and berries of the nature kingdoms; they also eat of the heart of such kingdoms. Provide no love in return, and the heart of the plant kingdoms is crushed. In the rejection, the soul of the plant retracts, and indeed most plants upon commercial farms are soulless, including the organic farms.


In order to sustain soul, one must love one’s garden. It is the exchange of love that will allow the energy of the plant to expand, growing even further than would be otherwise; producing even more fruit to share in the love of the human gardeners. In so doing, there will also be enough to share with the insect kingdoms, each of which also provide an essential role to a balanced and self-sustaining garden. Therefore, there is no need to kill the insects with pesticide; there is a need perhaps to understand that they too serve a particular purpose in one’s garden and to allow them their role.


What if one pest destroys an entire harvest? Well, one will have to look within to see what nature is mirroring unto oneself; for nature will mirror one’s own unconscious. If one is in balance, the garden will stay in balance and there will be enough for all, including the insects. If one is out of balance, then the garden too will go out of balance as one’s mirror. Therefore, as one pays attention and does their inner ascension work, retaining a more balanced field, the garden will reflect such providing for all of one’s needs and the insects needs at the same time.


No Love in Non-Conscious Farming Practices and Empty Food


In eating of the fruit provided in love by the plant and through the shared love between the human gardeners and the plant kingdoms, humans will feel nourished and loved from within, and nourished in a manner that has long been forgotten by humankind. Many in the Polynesian race are often heavy in weight and size. They eat and eat and eat, as they are trying to fill themselves with love; however, there is no love in the nourishment grown through non-conscious farming practices. And so, they eat more, hoping to find the love that was once present even as short a time as 100 years ago.


For 100 years ago, the Polynesian race still thrived off of their taro patches and harvested from the sea and lands what they required to thrive; all of which was farmed and gathered out of love. Why? The Polynesian race is one of the few indigenous races that remember how to love; the Polynesian race therefore has much to teach the human species from Turtle’s point of view. Often, ascending humans heal greatly in coming to the land of Hawaii where one can remember one’s own ancient Polynesian ancestry and retrieve one’s own records on how to love, fueling the opening of one’s heart through ascension.


The intent to love is not enough; one must have an open heart for the energy to exchange between the garden along with nature and oneself. Opening the heart is a painful thing in the human act of ascension. However, as the heart opens, one does love again; and it is the love shared with nature and all of her kingdoms that fills oneself from within. As one is filled from within, the requirement to eat more than one requires is no longer necessary, and one will then find the weight most suited to one’s health and well-being along with one’s continued ascent.


For some in human form, they wish not to eat and have the opposite problem of those who tend to be obese. One wishes not to eat because there is no love in the food provided in your grocery stores; the act of eating “empty” food causes one to feel even more lonely and isolated than before. Alas, one must eat if one is ascending, as there are nutrients required to transform the cells to the crystalline structure. Eat not enough, and one’s ascent is delayed; if the delay is long enough, one can also create a disease in a particularly dissonant part of the form. Therefore, one should eat bountifully and as needed in order to ascend.


What to do then if the food one is eating leaves one lonely and sad? Bless the food. Honor the kingdoms that are providing for you. As you call the devas back into the food, even if it was grown in non-conscious farming practices, it will fill you. It will fill you with the love of all kingdoms that wish to support one’s ascension Home. It is only as more humans ascend that nature too can ascend. Therefore, you are needed in this role beloved; and Turtle invites each to give unto the form whatever it needs to ascend. In so doing both your kingdom and my kingdom can go Home.


Call upon our kingdom. In Hawaiian, Turtle is known as Honu. From the heart of the Honu to yours, the Turtle Kingdom.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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