Image of a delicious watermelon bowl filled with watermelon pieces and fresh fruits. Ascension, Nutrition And Disease

14. Ascension, Nutrition And Disease


There is a great need to give to the body that which the body requires in order to ascend. Ascension can be an uncomfortable process, and to the degree that one denies the form whatever is required to ascend, to such a degree one prolongs the discomfort. The discomfort can come from body pain during which that which has died, scarred or decayed is being resurrected and reconstituted. Pain can also be emotional as one processes through the drama and trauma that remains from one’s ancient ancestry. To the degree one fails to support the form in detoxification or feed the form the foods necessary to ascend, to such a degree one prolongs the period of pain, whether the pain be physical or emotional in nature.


We therefore make some suggestions and guidelines for ascending folk such that they provide the form that which is required during each phase of ascension. For some, seeing a chiropractor, nutritionist, acupuncturist, homeopath, or massage/aromatherapy specialist may also be vital or helpful depending upon one’s constitution at the beginning of their journey. Some forms are more decayed than others, some more scarred than others. Some may even begin their journey already diseased, and yes ascension can transmute disease if one’s form is strong enough to handle the detoxification inherent in ascension.


Reversing Heart Disease


With a diseased form, the process of ascension is modified to address the weakest organs first, repairing them so that they can support the whole of the form in the continued detoxification necessary to ascend. In some cases, the genetic materials may be modified by one’s soul in a variety of ways to support the recovery of a specific disease. We have had success in reversing heart disease, even following a heart attack. This individual’s heart grid work and biological ascension was taken to 5,000 segments of genetic materials in the heart and circulatory system after the remainder of the body arrived at 1024. In essence, all ascension beyond 1024 was focused upon the recovery of the heart. Once the heart had recovered, this individual could proceed through bringing the remainder of the form to 5,000 segments of DNA.


Recovering from Epilepsy


We also have had several recovery cases of epilepsy. Epilepsy is caused by an exorbitant amount of electrical energy running through the nervous system. The cause of such tends to be karma, and as the karma is released, and the electrical sacred geometry dismantled in full, a full recovery can indeed come forth. Some folk suffering from Epilepsy will have a nervous system that has decayed more greatly than one that has not suffered from such a problem. This is simply the result of how electricity shatters the energy flow of a magnetic based form that this is so. As a result, it may be that the nervous system requires repairing and bringing forth to a higher initiatory level before the remainder of the form ascends. This has successfully worked in two known cases of epilepsy to date.


Reversing Autoimmune Dysfunctions


We have had cases of autoimmune dysfunction in which the spleen, kidneys and liver were terribly compromised. In these test-case ascensions, the spleen, kidney and liver were addressed above and beyond the remainder of the form after transiting 1024. In one case the spleen, liver and kidneys were built to 2,500 segments before the remainder of the body was addressed. This allowed enough recovery that this individual was no longer sleeping most of the day and could begin to function again in the world. In yet another more severe test case, the kidney, liver and spleen were taken all the way to 5,000 segments, again allowing for a recovery of the fatigue associated with an infection of such viruses.


Autoimmune diseases have been traced to the inoculation system that the human species utilizes. Apparently, the inoculation system introduces 7 new viruses, and it may be caused by the actual manner in which the inoculations are derived. We have no scientific evidence of this, but in reading the origin of all such viruses, they were not a part of the genetic structure from birth, but rather were introduced at whatever age the human was inoculated. This causes one to believe that the inoculations themselves somehow create the entrance for the related viruses into the form. We would therefore guide ascending humans to refrain from further inoculations altogether, and to choose not to inoculate your ascending children. Here in the United States, one may choose such based upon medical, philosophical or religious beliefs, and schools and medical practitioners accept this as a spiritual choice.


Viruses in Ascension


We have record of an additional 7 sets of viruses as being a part of the ancient human genetic structure in the ascension records gathered thus far for those embracing Bodhisattva in their personal ascension. Such viruses include Herpes, Hepatitis, Rubella, Mumps, Measles, Chicken Pox, and Small Pox. Interestingly enough, these viruses are remnants of the crystalline cellular structure that once held a supportive role in the overall cellular structure of the form. Such groups of viruses are altered to their supportive role a little at a time on one’s continued ascension.


All viruses, including the autoimmune viruses, tend to be stored in the nervous system of the form regardless if one has had a related disease or not. Such viruses can reproduce in the soft tissue between the spinal column known as the “disks”. From our analysis, many a “slipped disk” is really a virus that has reproduced so much that the soft tissue of the spinal cord has become compromised enough to fail to hold its structural function. One will find the Herpes virus stored in the lumbar region of the spine, Hepatitis in the sacral area, Rubella in the middle back, and all Autoimmune diseases behind the heart and between the shoulder blades. Mumps is stored in the neck region, Measles in the brainstem and Chicken Pox and Small Pox in the brain itself.


As one ascends, all viruses stored in the nervous system shall surface to be cleared. Building the immune system is important to all ascending beings as a result. We recommend immune system building herbs as the desired treatment as such. Often back pain or “pinched nerves” will occur as certain portions of the soft tissue between the disks or spinal cord itself is being transmuted, especially if such a region has become compromised by heavy reproduction and storage of a particular virus. During such moments, we advise the use of such muscle relaxant herbs.


For those with autoimmune problems, building the immune system is paramount to the success of ascension. We guide such ascending humans to seek out those substances that support the immune system.


In ascension, one addresses all emotional issues in the human dance. Each is born with a particular set of emotional issues, which are related to a particular region of the form that is healthy or diseased, and a particular set of viruses in the nervous system. To the degree that such a region has been compromised from birth, to such a degree disease or decay may be present in greater amounts than in other areas of the form.




With all herbs, we recommend liquid tinctures over the dried variety. There is more life force in the liquid than in that which has been dried. Also, often the liquid contains a form of alcohol. One may bless the herb by running chi from your soul through the crown and out the hands each time one utilizes the tincture, thereby adding whatever tones or the Language of Light one needs to proceed through the next phase of ascension. Alcohol can hold more tones than water or glycerin.


The blessing of all that one consumes has become a way of life for Asur’Ana. She blesses all food sources that she consumes, along with all humans or nature kingdoms that surround her wherever she goes. This leads to joy as she feels the love pouring through her heart chakra often causing others to light up in joy around her, and replenishes the kingdoms of enough chi to continue to provide the necessary nourishment for those whom are ascending worldwide.


The act of blessing also calls soul back to the food. Most food, which has been raised in an unconscious manner, has lost its soul as the soul has retracted in pain. In the act of blessing, one calls back the soul behind the fruits, vegetable, grain, nuts, fish, eggs or dairy products, and then one can commune with the spirit behind the food. This not only allows one to commune with the souls behind the food, but transfers chi back to the related kingdom so that more food can come forth to feed humankind.


Asur’Ana is a vegan and has attained Full Consciousness. As one attains Full Consciousness or 36,000 segments of genetic materials, the body ceases to produce the “death hormone” in the pituitary. As this occurs, it is no longer suitable to eat anything that has died that is animal in nature. All dead flesh contains the death hormone in small amounts, which will kill the cells in a form that have transcended death internal to itself. The dead flesh also re-introduces the thoughtform of death and warfare, which one transcends in full as they attain a state of full consciousness.


However, each body is different and ascending initiates should listen to their inner guidance as to what type of diet to follow. The requirements for each phase of ascension will always vary from initiate to initiate depending upon the health of the form, the age of the form, or whether or not the form is diseased. If an organ is diseased, and is being transmuted in full before the remainder of the form is addressed, a very different diet than what we are recommending may be advised. One can follow their cravings, as the body will always know what it needs.


Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for restrictions on human ascension based on holograms and lineages.


Initiations 1 through 1,024


During this period, the healthy cells within the form are being converted to Crystalline. This requires a lot of cholesterol to accomplish. Cholesterol from eggs is perhaps the best source for this as eggs hold the added benefit of a biochemical component necessary for growth that is present as eggs are in the process of growing into a chick at the time that they are consumed. This helps support the return of HGH or Human Growth Hormone to the system. For the average human, eggs or an omelet every other day or 3 to 4 times per week are recommended during this period along with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and grains.


If one is a vegetarian or vegan and doesn’t want to consume eggs, then one can intend that one’s body manufactures its own cholesterol! This was what Asur’Ana intended during this phase of her ascension and successfully passed her initiations without consuming any eggs. The power of human intent can move mountains. In alignment with the Divine, anything becomes possible!


During this period, one may also crave salt as the crystalline cell holds more salt and less potassium than the non-crystalline cell. Allow the salt to be consumed, but follow it with lots of fluids to allow the potassium to be detoxified through the kidneys.


One of the major symptoms during this period along with the ascension that follows is bloating. The bloating may cause one to feel “sticky” or sweat more than normal. It may also make one feel “stiff”. The stiffness is the result of the collecting of potassium chloride in the muscles themselves. One may also find that their sweat “smells bad” and this is the result of the toxins, which are beginning to flow through the pores of the skin. This is also true for the period of ascension that follows.


We have made many suggestions about baths, swimming, saunas, steam rooms, salt scrubs, and mud baths. We recommend all of such throughout the ascension process and as much as one has time for such things. To the degree one can detoxify, and indeed the skin is a major organ through which most toxins can be pulled in a bath or act of swimming, to such a degree the ascension shall come forth at a more rapid speed.


We also recommend mild daily exercise such as a 30-minute walk or swim to commune with nature and move the energy of the field and form. One may also utilize running the kundalini and grounding meditation in Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 5: “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension”.


To assist in the detoxification of the kidneys, liver, spleen and bowels, we also recommend the consumption of watermelon or watermelon juice and/or grapes as they are in season throughout one’s ascension. Watermelon is better than grapes as grapes can alter the pH of the form, whereas watermelon is more neutral and therefore can be consumed in greater amounts without affecting the pH.


A too acidic or basic body pH leads to yeast and other problems, and therefore balancing the pH of the form is helpful in this regard. Watermelon is not only more neutral in pH but contains a substance that is helpful in dissolving the fat utilized in pastries and frostings that tends to collect in the ducts of the kidneys and liver over time. It also contains a gentle bulk that has a laxative effect upon the colon.


Parasite Cleanse


Ascending initiates may wish to tune into their inner guidance to check if they are infested with parasites. Parasites can affect the pH of the form by causing it to become overly acidic, which then causes the growth of yeast which can infest the entire form. The yeast eats away at healthy tissue as it roots which then must be repaired in the act of ascension.


Parasites themselves are hosts to bacteria and viruses, and some theories believe that most western diseases are related to parasites in present time. (Please see The Cure for All Diseases by Dr. Helda Clark for more information.) One symptom of yeast and parasites is a lot of gas and flatulence and an inability to digest food well. Recurring yeast infections in the vaginal tract are another symptom for women.


Parasites are in all foods that one eats, from raw vegetables to cooked meat, along with sushi. If one has a lack of certain digestive enzymes that digest proteins, the eggs of the parasites fail to be digested in the stomach and then go on to infest the intestinal tract. The intestinal worms then lay more eggs which go on to spread throughout the entire form moving through the circulatory system into major organs and glands throughout the form, nervous system and brain.


Why this simple bit of knowledge has been lost in current medical understanding is not quite clear, except that perhaps it is so simple that doctors would have quite a few less clients if more took the time to clear the parasites from their form on a recurring basis. The removal of the worms will cause an out of balance pH to return to normal within a few months then allowing all yeast to die.


Following is a gentle manner of de-worming that we recommend for many initiates below initiation 3,000. After initiation 3000, the digestion improves greatly enough with new digestive enzymes allowing the parasite eggs simply to be digested along with the food thereby preventing re-infestation in most cases. Often initiates would stay upon this for up to 3 months, but we recommend tuning into inner guidance for the individual’s dosages and length upon this program for each individual initiate.


Tincture of Wormwood

Kills parasites throughout the intestinal tract and circulatory system along with the organs, glands and brain. (15-20 drops 3 times per day)


Essential Oil of Clove

Kills parasite eggs. Often the dying parasites will lay 1000’s of eggs causing re-infestation, and the clove oil prevents this by killing the eggs. 2-3 drops 3 times per day. One can add this to apple juice or applesauce to avoid the strong taste.


Colloidal Silver

10 to 15 drops 3 times per day. The parasites are hosts to viruses and bacteria, which can flood the system as they die. The Colloidal Silver assists the immune system in handling the flood of viruses and bacteria such so that the form does not get ill as one de-worms. An initiate failed to take the colloidal silver and ended up in the hospital with a large infection of the e-coli bacteria from de-worming. So this is a lesson well learned, and one would not recommend de-worming without the support of the immune system to accompany the process.


Yogurt or Acidophilus

Small amount before bedtime. The colloidal silver will also kill the friendly bacteria in the colon, and so one may replenish this with a few spoonfuls of whole milk yogurt or tablespoon of acidophilus.


Initiations 1,024 through 2,500


During this period of ascension, the decay begins to be addressed. In order for decay to be resurrected and reconstituted, greater amounts of HGH are introduced by the pituitary gland into the system. This may cause the entire frame and bone structure of the form to grow again in size and density or width. The crystalline diaphragm also begins to be constructed which will have pockets that protrude over the rib cage giving one a “Buddha Belly”.


There are ducts that extend out of the brainstem that must be open to allow for the flow of HGH to enter the form. Sometimes such ducts have been compromised only allowing a small amount of HGH to flow into the form. Sometimes they have been closed altogether and in such cases, no ascension can come forth at all. If one discovers that little to no growth of the form occurs over time, it is a sign that perhaps the ducts are not fully functional or are closed entirely. We would recommend in such a case to intend to open the ducts and anchor the grid work necessary to do so.


All in all, this period of ascension will require greater amounts of amino acids and protein than the period that preceded it. We recommend food that is raw or freshly cooked that contains high amounts of proteins from plant or grain sources, such as nuts, beans, quinoa, and legumes. However, some ascending initiates may crave for fish. Please follow one’s inner guidance or body cravings, as the body will always know what it needs.


One of the symptoms of protein deprivation during any phase of ascension is the desire for sweets, ice cream or pastries along with caffeine. This is because there is an added requirement for blood sugar due to how much of the food consumed is being placed into the form for resurrection or reconstitution. Protein digests more slowly than carbohydrates and provides a greater stability of blood sugar therein over the course of the day, along with vital amino acids for the restructuring of the form.


In addition to protein, fat will also be craved, and one may desire such things as potato chips, French fries, or coconut ice cream during this phase. Avocados are also a great source of fat, along with nuts, nut butters, coconut milk, and olive oil. The excess fat goes into the restructuring of the nervous system and brain, which is being altered to receive the tones and unity-based thoughtform of the Language of Light.


Salads and fresh fruits are also helpful as they provide enzymes to assist in breaking down the decay of the form. One may find themselves craving papaya or pineapple which are excellent sources of enzymes that can break down the decayed cellular structure.


Swimming and the drinking of lots of fluid assists in the passing of the excess potassium chloride that is still being released throughout the system. One may continue to experience bloating or water retention during this period along with stiffness. Baths are recommended, along with the consumption of watermelon as in the above initiatory phase. We have seen the consumption of large amounts of watermelon take a very bloated form down to a more normal size in less than 3 days. The watermelon assists through the gentle form of bulk, which absorbs the toxins and carries them out the intestinal tract at a more rapid pace.


The further one ascends, the more rapidly one detoxifies. Therefore, the higher in vibration one goes, the more toxins per day that are released to be removed from the system. Such toxins are removed largely through the blood and lymph, which carries them either to the pores of the skin, intestinal tract or kidneys for disposal. One manner to easily flush the lymph is to alternate between a hot bath, hot tub, sauna or steam room and a cold pool, moving back and forth between the two three or four times in an hour. The act of utilizing hot and then cold water pushes the lymph from the top to the bottom of the form, allowing toxins that have built up therein to move more readily out the system.


Initiation 2,500 to 5,000


This phase of ascension brings forth yet again another expansion of the diaphragm during which pockets are added to allow the form to feed the increasing vibration of the crystalline form. The crystalline form as it moves up in vibration requires more and more blood sugar to sustain itself. As a result, pockets are added to the diaphragm during each phase of ascension increasing the ability of the form to convert oxygen to blood sugar to feed an increasingly hungry cellular structure. This may increase the size of the Buddha Belly.


For most initiates (except those with heart disease at the beginning of their ascension), the circulatory system is restructured during this phase of ascension. The blood including both red and white blood cells receive a new blueprint that is far more efficient at detoxifying the form. Blood latches on to toxins and carries it for disposal to the waste management systems of the form such as the intestinal tract, kidneys or pores. Blood cells also latch on to blood sugar to carry it to the cells so that they may be fed. The blood cells also latch on to oxygen to carry it to the diaphragm for conversion to sugar, or direct to the cells themselves. White blood cells become increasingly capable of digesting certain toxins and transmuting it within the cell itself.


The restructuring of the circulatory system requires rather large amounts of protein and amino acids, along with fruits that provide enzymes to break down the old structure and decayed tissues. The bone marrow and spleen are also restructured during this phase of ascension to allow the blood manufacturing system to be brought up to a new code.


The restructuring of the bone marrow accompanies a restructuring of the entire bone structure of the form. The bone structure “lightens” during this phase of ascension and becomes much less dense. One may therefore require larger than normal amounts of food source that contains calcium, such as milk and dairy products. If one is a vegan, then one can eat plant-based calcium sources. Calcium, needed for strong bones, is found in dark green leafy vegetables, tofu made with calcium sulfate, calcium-fortified soy milk and orange juice, and many other foods commonly eaten by vegans.


One may also crave coconut during this phase of ascension. Coconut has a component that when combined with calcium in milk products such as whole yogurt, creates a new form of calcium required for the restructuring of the bones. The bones become far less dense during this phase of ascension, and one will find that they begin to “float” in fresh water when complete. One floats because the bones become lighter in density.


By and large, we would recommend staying away from junk food or food with chemical additives throughout one’s ascension. Fresh food, freshly prepared has greater amounts of chi, and digests with greater ease. Enjoy treats, cakes and pastries that are made with fresh ingredients, fresh fruits, real chocolate, or fresh crème.


Some preservatives are more toxic than others. Sulfur dioxide which is used to retain the freshness of such things as dried fruit is toxic to the initiations leading to Full Consciousness, but not so toxic in the lower initiations. BHT and BHA are antioxidant and do no harm. EDTA however kills cells or takes the life out of the food, which does indeed preserve it, but it also will kill the cells in your intestinal tract when consumed. EDTA is utilized in a lot of products, including most mayonnaise. One may wish to become increasingly aware of their food labels as a result and avoid those additives that kill the form rather than support it in ascension.


Initiation 5,000 to 6,000


Another phase of ascension has been added to the path to Bodhisattva in recent months. The genetic structure changes in initiations 4,200 to 6,000 ensure unity in group relations, which is what becoming the Bodhisattva is all about. Mother Earth therefore elongated the initiation process including this phase of work in the stretch to Bodhisattva.


This phase of ascension predominantly involves the nervous system. The nervous system is being prepared to hold more Language of Light tones that are dual and tri tone in nature. This period of transmutation may require more fat than protein as a result, as the entire lipid system for the nervous system is under reconstruction. Such fats are most easily provided through avocados, coconut milk, olive oil, nuts and nut butters if one is a vegan. Eggs, cheese, whole yogurt, and butter for those not on a vegan diet.


Tempura or deep fried delicacies are also useful, but again we would recommend that which is fresh over that which has been frozen, canned or packaged and shelved for long periods.


For those not on a vegan diet, we recommend eating fish. There are some fish high in both protein and cholesterol, particular shellfish such as scallops, shrimp, crab and lobster. One may discover that small amounts of lobster and crab are helpful during this phase of ascension in providing certain essential lipids for restructuring the nervous system.


Fresh fruit is also helpful in order to provide enzymes to assist in the breaking down of the old tissues in the nervous system. One may find that if one follows their cravings, that the body informs them of what is required by sending the tastes to the taste buds causing one to crave the appropriate foods. The accuracy of cravings increases the further that one ascends as the personality entities are moved out of the field and life dance.


Herbs and Products Useful in Ascension


Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold

Both silver and gold are anti-viral and anti-bacterial in nature. One may consume the colloidal silver or gold, along with dropping such substances into the eyes, ears, or inhaling it into the nasal passages and lungs. If the nasal passages or lungs become compromised in ascension, try inhaling colloidal silver and gold. One may find that the stuffy head and nose clears much more rapidly. Dropping such substances into the ears, along with ear candling, can be useful in the clearing of toxins that may clog the inner ear.


During certain phases of ascension, the eyes shall be reconstructed. Initiates have found that dropping colloidal silver and gold into the eyes offered some relief during this process by flushing out the toxins and killing bacteria. Often when the eyes are irritated, one wishes to touch them more frequently only causing an infection of unnecessary bacteria. The colloidal silver helps to kill the infection allowing the eyes to feel better.


Some initiates also found that until they cleared their sinuses, that there was not an easy pathway to detoxify the eyes. Therefore, they found that utilizing a nasal spray with colloidal silver along with other anti-bacterial agents such as grapefruit seed extract helpful in detoxifying the nasal passages. This allows their eyes to complete their segment of reconstitution at a more rapid speed bringing an end to the eye discomfort.



Echinacea is an herb that is useful in building white blood cells. Echinacea triggers the development of white blood cells in the event of an infection, and likewise causes less white blood cells to be manufactured as the infection is complete. One initiate took Echinacea on and off for many years, particularly as her lungs were being restructured. Her lungs would fill up with fluid and mucous during their reconstitution, giving her a deep cough and seeming bronchitis.


This was a problem on and off for well over a year earlier in her ascension. The Echinacea allowed her immune system to increase enough to support the form through this process without the requirement of antibiotics.



Goldenseal is an herb that is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Goldenseal enters the blood and assists the immune system by attaching to the virus or bacteria therein and then the blood through the intestines disposes of the two. Goldenseal can also enter infected cells throughout the form and assist by killing the bacteria or virus therein.


Maitake Mushroom Extract

Maitake Mushroom Extract contains all of the vital amino acids to build white blood cells. In so doing, Maitake Mushroom Extract can assist in boosting the immune system if one has an infection or is ill. Initiates also found it useful to build their immune system before travel so that more white blood cells would be available to ingest foreign substances spread through the oxygen in long plane flights. This has increased their ability to recover from the very difficult circumstance and harsh environment that travel creates for ascending bodies. Initiates that suffer from immune problems may also find this substance useful in increasing the white blood cell count of the form.



Ginseng is a tonic herb often recommended in Chinese Medicine. Ginseng assists the form in maintaining its metabolism through the regulation of blood flow. The regulation of blood flow is a sympathetic nervous system function, and Ginseng supplies a vital ingredient to the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system. Ginseng can improve the flow of blood to the brain allowing for greater alertness and a lessening of “mental” tiredness.


Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola increases the brain’s ability to intake sugar from the blood. Often tiredness or a lack of alertness is related to a lack of blood sugar feeding the brain. In ascension, as the blood becomes increasingly toxic due to that which is being cast off in the transmutative process, the brain is affected as the toxic blood level lessons the amount of sugar carried by the red blood cells which are busy removing toxins from the system. Gotu Kola has proved to be successful at triggering more red blood cells to be created to carry more blood sugar to feed all cells in the form, including the brain. This aids in increasing alertness and decreasing tiredness.



Vitex is an herb that assists in balancing the hormones, in particular before initiation 5,000. New glands are budding upon the Pituitary and each new gland produces a new hormone. Vitex assists in bridging the thymus gland, which is growing and becomes the master gland for the body, in communicating its needs more clearly to the pituitary, so that the pituitary may produce all hormones in only the amounts required by the form at each stage of change within ascension.



Ginger is a tonic herb often used in Chinese Medicine. One may find ginger pickled at the sushi counter or dried and coated with sugar as a wonderful treat. One may also use ginger as a delicious ingredient in Chinese cooking. Ginger warms the intestinal tract, which assists in digestion. Digestion in some cases is one of the weakest links to the form. In the current human form, often the colon is terribly scarred. The scarred tissues lead to large portions of the colon which do not function, cannot absorb toxins from the blood nor allow for the transference of the nutrients back into the blood as food is digested. Ginger increases the circulation to the colon allowing for greater absorption of nutrients in digestion.


Passion Flower

Passion Flower is an herb that soothes the nervous system by causing it to fire less frequently. As such, Passion Flower is useful in the case of a pinched nerve or muscle spasms or even epilepsy. Epilepsy is related to excessive electrical energy running through the nervous system, which causes the entire system to fire to an excess causing spasms. For those whom suffer from epilepsy, the further one ascends and releases the electrical charge along with the electrical sacred geometry, the more rapidly one will recover. Passion Flower may assist during the transition.


Valerian Root

Valerian Root, much like Passion Flower, soothes the nervous system, but not by affecting the nerves themselves but rather by relaxing the muscles that surround the nerves. This is accomplished as Valerian Root enters the cellular structure of the muscles and eases a biochemical reaction that causes muscles to tense up or spasm. Valerian Root is therefore useful any time the muscles have tensed so greatly that one is in pain during their ascension.


Kava Kava

Kava Kava is a leaf grown in Hawaii that has the effect, much like Valerian Root, of relaxing the entire biological system. Whereas Valerian Root affects the muscles, Kava Kava triggers the reproduction of a certain biochemical substance in the pituitary, which acts as a muscle relaxant. Much like a “runner’s high” or following heavy exercise, Kava Kava causes a similar biochemical response that allows the body to feel grounded and relaxed, and yet energized.


Dieter’s Tea or Tea for Constipation

For those with irregular bowel function, increasing bowel function is one manner of allowing the detoxification in ascension to come forth with greater ease. Daily bowel function is important, and teas with sienna bark, licorice root and anise are helpful in softening the stools and increasing bowel action. In essence, constipation in ascension causes a backing up of toxins, which only slows down the entire process. Therefore, aiding a system that is inherently weak is helpful until it has been restructured enough to not require any aid.


The intestinal tract, as one moves towards Mahavishnu level evolution, is capable of transmuting toxins with application of vibration. The vibration is held by new tissue that is built around the large intestine. As such, the amount of waste leaving the form decreases after such time with large portions simply being transmuted through energy or vibration. Indeed, the fully conscious form of one’s ancient ancestors knew not waste, all was recycled. One builds towards such a system little by little the further one ascends, and one manner that this is accomplished is through energetic transmutation of certain wastes not required by the remainder of the form.


Vitamins and Minerals

By and large, the vitamins and minerals produced by current human technology are highly toxic, along with such things as blue-green algae. We recommend ceasing ingesting such substances, and looking for herbal tinctures that supply what one requires instead. There are many herbs available in health food stores, and each initiate is sincerely unique in their requirements. Asur’Ana, early on, would listen to her intuition on what she required and purchased it, bringing it home and then listened to her inner guidance for the dosages each day. Often, she was on a series of herbs for a few months, and when a particular phase of ascension was complete, she never required them again. She preferred tinctures over dried herbs, and indeed tinctures hold more life force or chi than the dried variety.


Antioxidants can be helpful during highly toxic periods of restructuring of the form. However, this shall not be every day. For short periods, some initiates have taken large quantities of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) along with other antioxidants. This was during a period of heavy plane travel in which the toxins through the oxygen in the plane were so great that it was interfering with their bloods’ ability to carry oxygen and sugar to the cells. In essence, the cells in their form began to die due to a lot of plane travel. However, once home and away from the airport, such substances would again become toxic and they therefore ceased to ingest it.


We guide all initiates to tune inward for their bodies need in any given day or under any given circumstance, and do only what the body requires to support one’s continued ascension. In so doing, one shall assure that they are receiving all that they require to ascend, and not adding to the already toxic overload inherent in the act of resurrection and reconstitution of the form. For those whom are diseased, the consumption of certain vitamins may be necessary to rebuild an extremely decayed form. Therefore, it is best that one listens to inner guidance under all circumstances for the specific needs of any given form.


Tiger Balm

There are many aches and pains in ascension. Tiger Balm is an ointment that is available in most drug stores that increases the energy flowing through the grid work of whatever part of the form that the ointment is spread. Tiger Balm is useful for aches and pains anytime in ascension, particularly when rubbed upon the lower back, shoulders, neck, or just under the sternum and along the rib cage where the Buddha Belly can sometimes ache. Tiger Balm not only increases circulation, but the formula for heat which contains cloves also stimulates the grid work allowing a certain section of etheric reconstruction work to come forth with greater ease and less pain.


Fango Mud, Aztec Mud and Batherapy

Baths are a ritual important in ascension. One may utilize a pool, hot tub, sauna or even shower as a substitute for a bath. Bathing clears the energy field, and the water itself absorbs toxins through the pores in the skin allowing ascension to come forth with greater ease.


Bath additives such as Fango Mud, Aztec Secret or Batherapy pull the toxins from the pores of the skin. Also, there is a product that has powdered oatmeal that can soften the skin removing dead skin cells increasing the pores ability to move the toxins out of the form.


One may also give oneself a mud bath at home. Taking about 1 cup of the Aztec Secret or Fango Mud, add enough boiling hot water until the mud is covered. Allow it to cool and sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. The mud will turn gelatinous as it sits and one may then spread it all over the body. Wait 10-20 minutes until the mud has dried and then shower off.


Often in one’s most toxic moments, a mud bath is a very good solution, as the mud shall absorb from the pores of the skin perhaps what a bath or swim cannot, particularly as it dries upon the form. Initiates take any symptoms such as congestion or too many aches and pains (flu-like symptoms) as a sign that they are overly toxic, and they immediately plan on taking a mud bath that night. Frequently, the symptoms disappear overnight as a result.



Meditation is important. Retraining the field to move in a new manner known as synthesis is paramount after initiation 1,800. One may utilize the “Synthesis Meditation” in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Before 1800, it is important to begin to run the kundalini and ground, and one may use the meditation from “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension” in Chapter 5 of the same volume for this purpose.


Synthesis clarifies the field of that which is non-resonant and not from one’s own field or source. As such, synthesis allows for greater clarity of thoughtform, and clears the path to hearing one’s own guidance and truth more accurately. As one’s field becomes trained to align itself in vibration like a rainbow of tones, one need not run through the lengthy synthesis meditation to accomplish the task. One may simply command their field to “synthesize” and so it will.


One may seek to discover in their synthesis where tones are missing, as missing tones creates gaps through which the dark can still manipulate one’s field or guidance. As an ascending initiate, one is forever also anchoring new tones to widen the spectrum of synthesis within their field. Ascension brings about first the embracing of the single tones of the Language of Light, then the dual tones, then the tri tones, and then the quad tones. Quad tones are mastered as one attains Full Consciousness. Therefore, one is forever increasing the dance of tones in one’s field, which translates into increasing the unity-based thoughtform from which one operates in the world in relation to all others.


Taking time to move the energy, move the kundalini, and listen to guidance as to the next step upon one’s chosen path of ascension is important. Sometimes such things can be accomplished as one takes a gentle walk and connects with nature. In the communion with nature, one surrenders to the next phase of their process, which clears the field so that one’s guidance can be heard with greater ease.



Many humans are greatly out of balance. They are so outer moving, concerned about work, friends, family, entertainment, paying the bills, or raising the children, that there is no time for the inner work of ascension. We guide those whom are choosing to ascend to make time for the inner work every day. Skip the television and if you can, give it away. Television only perpetrates the old thoughtform one is leaving behind anyway. Give the newspaper and magazines along with the mundane books away too for they too perpetuate separation based thoughtform. Turn the focus within so that one’s inner landscape may open and then provide one with the very keys necessary to transcend in this lifetime.


Give up the fantasies also, along with the fiction books or movies. Unless such stories are examples of what you wish to create for yourself in the future, you risk creating something that you really do not desire, for you are only intending such experiences into your life dance in engaging in such thoughtform. Such is the nature of intention, and the further that one ascends, the greater the power that one’s intents may have. Therefore, one may not be able to afford to watch the violent film without then intending the violence into their life dance, which means that one shall live to experience the violence in the future. Is this what you want beloved?


If humanity truly understood the power of their thoughts, they would be very mindful of every thought that crossed their head day and night. If a negative thought crosses your mind, intend to cancel it from manifesting, and then kick the personality entities or guidance that placed such a thought into your head out of your field through the act of synthesis. In so doing, you will begin to become mindful of your thoughts, which shall allow nothing other than your intention to ascend to come to fruition in your life dance.



For many, a career that surrounds oneself with electrical energy may require changing in full in order to ascend. For those whom have had preoccupations of electrical engineering or computer science, the ongoing bombardment of the electrical current is absorbed by the cellular structure over time. We have had initiates whom have either became very ill in attempting to ascend and retain their job in such an electrical environment, or whom have had a lot of difficulty transcending from the electrical to a magnetic only energy flow in their ascension.


If you are sincerely devoted to ascension, and hold a preoccupation that is in a highly electrical environment, we encourage you to alter your preoccupation to one that is more suitable to ascension. If the environment is electrical enough, more cells on average may be killed or destroyed in any given day than one can resurrect in the act of ascending. There are many careers and preoccupations that are non-electrical in nature. One will have to weigh the desire to ascend over their current life dance under such a circumstance.


If you have learned to entertain yourself with computer games or surfing the web, we guide you to give these up also. Go outside and commune with nature. Be at one with Earth. It is only as the oneness comes forth that your ascension can flourish, and this requires preoccupations that support such a goal.




Asur’Ana has learned over time to give the form whatever was required in order to fuel her ascension forth. This has not only included giving whatever her body required to ascend, but ultimately relocating to a region that supported the form in the climb to full consciousness. It is for this reason that almost two decades ago, she relocated from the mainland to Hawaii, which not only holds a higher vibrational frequency, but is far less toxic overall as an environment.


We guide initiates whom are devoted to their path of ascension to do the same, to give unto the form all that is required in order to ascend. For some this may require not only altering one’s diet, but moving the form to a region that is better suited to one’s transcendence. It may also require leaving a preoccupation that is either highly toxic in nature, or one that ultimately does not give one joy or fulfillment.


Ascension brings forth the peeling away of that which leaves one in non-joy. Such is expressed in all areas of the life dance the further that one ascends towards full consciousness.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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