Image of countless gorgeous pink flowers. Transcending Ownership And Possession

13. Transcending Ownership And Possession


We, the Order of Dari, along with Mother Earth, would like to discuss at length the issues of ownership and possession. Ownership and possession were not a part of the human dance as the human species was seeded upon Earth about 200,000 years ago. Nor was the ownership by souls over Earth a part of the dance of the ensouling factor of Earth.


Where did ownership originate? To understand the paradigm of ownership one will need to discern between magnetic energy and radioactive and electrical energies. For ownership is a radioactive thoughtform. Humans, as they were seeded upon Earth, were magnetic only, so one may deem ownership as the result of a distortion with radioactive frequencies at cause.


We have already discussed at length the discord caused through the added electrical frequencies to the human genetic structure. We do not wish to repeat what has already been written elsewhere, and advise our readership to read all of the material as it has been brought forth through our translator in the sequence that it was written. For the information not only builds upon itself in knowledge, but also in frequency.


Whereas electrical energy is in the form of a straight line which can pierce holes in the rotational energy that is magnetic only, radioactive energy slows down magnetic energy. As such, if the rotation of a magnetic system is slowed enough, it will begin to wobble, or become impaired. If the wobble is great enough, the rotation will drop in frequency. If the human form is based upon a certain frequency and rotation that is magnetic, and is bombarded with radioactive frequencies, the magnetic rotation will slow and over time create a drop in consciousness or frequency for the human species. If the energy slows enough, the energy will cease to move altogether. And this is what pain is, energy that has ceased to rotate, vibrate or move.


Restoration of Truth in Ascension


Long ago, another planet within your solar system known as Maldek was destroyed by nuclear weaponry. Recent revelations from Earth’s own ascension clearly show that Maldek was shattered as the result of Pleiadian and Sirian forces in retaliation for the bombing of Sirius B. Sirius B, in the bombing raid by Andromedan forces, became a water planet not unlike Earth due to the shattering of the protective ice shields that surround her. Following such attacks, which were veiled to be the result of humans upon Maldek, Maldek was destroyed in counterattack. Not until the ascension of Sirius B was the truth revealed in the process of the Sirian ascension.


Ascension brings about the restoration of truth. Why is this so? Well, in the increasing frequency of ascension, that which has been veiled is seen for the truth of the matter. It is why, in the act of ascension, one becomes clearer and clearer as to what one’s truth really is. This is also true for Earth whom is gaining more clarity as a global consciousness due to her own increasing frequencies.


Our point here is that the distortion, any distortion, exists until one rises above it. Each human, as they ascend, will rise above third dimensional distortion. Sirius A, Sirius B, and the human, whale, dolphin, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms that ascended therein about 120,000 years ago rose above their own distortion in the third dimension in so accomplishing such a task. In the process of rising above the veils of illusion, the humans upon Sirius A came to an understanding that they had been conned into destroying Maldek needlessly. As such, they came to understand that they had great karma with your solar system as a result of their response that had not been verified before taking action.


Sirius Seeding of Human Life Is Karmic Return for Maldek’s Destruction


Karma is an interesting thing. If the humans upon Sirius did not rectify their karma with your solar system, they could not ascend. As such, it was decided by the humans upon Sirius A to reseed human life into your solar system in karmic return for their destruction of Maldek. Earth became the chosen planet, and the only one with third dimensional life remaining within the third dimension, that such an act of benevolence was to be fulfilled upon. And indeed, 200,000 years ago, human life was seeded upon Earth through Sirian intervention.


Many miscalculations upon their part of Sirius were made in the seeding. One of the miscalculations was the difference in frequencies emanating from your solar sun. You see, the Sirian Sun was a pink-red color and your solar sun yellow-orange. The differences in color are related to differences in frequencies. One might even denote the differences in color to be a fifth dimensional distortion of your solar sun, which indeed it is. Your solar sun is in the process of clearing its distortion in its solar ascension just as Earth is clearing her distortion in her global ascension.


A solar distortion leads to planetary distortion. There is no other way that this could be given the nature of frequencies. If the frequencies of your solar sun were distorted, the distortion translates down to every living thing within all planets within such a solar system. This is simply a reflection of the nature of the interconnectedness of all of life. If you can imagine all living things upon all planets in your solar system are bathed daily in the frequencies of the sun. As such planets absorb such frequencies, each planet also embraces any distortion in those frequencies as emanated from the sun. In so doing, any life form upon each planet will also become distorted in a parallel manner to the distortion of the sun.


Where did the distortion of your sun originate? One apparent cause appears to be the destruction of Maldek, which left a residue of radioactive energies within your entire solar system. Such radioactive frequencies slow down or distort the magnetic frequencies prevalent in all life within your solar system. As a result of the destruction of Maldek, everything sank in frequency due to the slowing down of magnetic flow of energy causing the frequencies of the sun to alter or drop. So, one may denote the yellow-orange frequencies of the sun to be the result of a lowering in vibration from the red-pink state that such a sun once held.


The Sirians also overlooked the potential effect of the residue of radioactive frequencies prevalent upon Earth from the destruction of Maldek upon the human species. Radioactivity slows down magnetic flow. As such, the magnetic energy of the human species incarnate upon Earth slowed over time due to the constant bombardment of radioactive frequencies. The slowing of magnetic energy would naturally cause a fall in consciousness if left unattended to over time.


As humanity was seeded upon Earth, the distorted frequencies of the sun along with the residue or radioactive energy from the destruction of Maldek began to distort the human thoughtform. Such a distortion translates down to a biological level, for the skin of the human species was designed to absorb frequencies from the sun and translate such frequencies into nutritional components necessary to the health, well-being and sustenance of the form. If not all of the frequencies necessary to sustain the health and well-being of the form were available, the biology would naturally transmute or alter over time as a result. The Order of Dari has discerned that this is the first cause of the first drop in consciousness for the human species as seeded upon Earth. The continued bombardment of the human species with radioactive frequencies causing the magnetic energy of the human field to slow is deemed the second most prevalent cause of the fall in consciousness following the original seeding of humanity upon Earth.


Biological Unity vs. Biological Separation


Humanity, when they were first seeded, was indeed harmonious and in a continuous dance of communion with all of life along with one another. It was a joyous experience for Earth to have the presence of human form upon her surface. Such a harmonious dance was not only an outer manner of relating to one another and all other kingdoms upon Earth, but was also a biological manner of relating. What do we mean by this? The original blueprint for the human species included biological unity. What is biological unity? Biological unity is a state in which each and every cell within the form is fed and nourished so that it may subsist, and all the substances released by the cell within its life-stream are utilized elsewhere in the form or by other cells within the form. Such a system leads to a form that is self-sustaining and does not age or experience disease.


The current biological system of the human species is based upon biological separation. What do we mean by this? With only 2 strands of DNA, there are some cells that are fed and well nourished, and there are other cells that are not. These are the cells that either decay or become diseased over time within the human experience. Additionally, some cells and their related organs do their job quite efficiently within the overall biological system of the form, and others do not. As a result, there are parts of the form that are healthy and well, and others that are not, which creates a variance in frequency between some parts of the body and other parts of the body. The difference in frequency between some cells and other cells or some organs and other organs is biological separation. The separation is directly related to the difference in frequency within various parts of the form.


In the original blueprint for the human species, each cell and organ held the same frequency, and each cell was fed, nourished and supported in full throughout the long lifetime of the form so that form had a 2000-year life span. Additionally, each organ did its part in full to sustain the overall health and well-being of the entire structure. In your current paradigm, you have some cells that seek to destroy other cells, which are known as bacteria and viruses by current medical thoughtform. Such cells sabotage the overall health and well-being of the form. This too is a reflection of biological separation, for in a state of separateness, there is biological disunity.


What is disunity? Disunity is the result of one part of oneself moving in one direction, and another part of oneself moving in another. In the case of biological separation, some cells support the health and well-being of the form, and some undermine such a state. As such, some cells are moving in one direction and others in another. This is biological disunity. In a parallel manner, disunity in the human experience is reflected in the act of some humans that are ascending and yet others that are working against Earth’s ascension by not rising in frequency to match Earth’s new global vibration. This is a form of global disunity.


Human behavior has become increasingly disharmonious and disunity based with each subsequent fall in consciousness. The fall in consciousness that we speak of was indeed biological. For consciousness is biological in the human experience. If there is disunity thoughtform within the inter-relations of the human species, there is also disunity in the biology. If humanity is to move from a state of disunity in the way that they relate to one another, the biology will have to change first, for the disharmonious relations between humans is only a reflection of the disharmony contained within the cellular structure.


Ascension Alters the Biology


There is a myth perpetrated within the current metaphysical thoughtform that ascension can occur without altering the biology. Indeed, this thoughtform is a fantasy. For no ascension has ever occurred upon any star or planet without the biology coming along for the ride. Such biological changes bring forth the embracing of increasingly higher frequencies as a planet or star gradually ascends to the next dimension. If the form cannot hold the increasing vibrations of the planet or star that it resides upon, the form dies out. As all forms that cannot hold the increasing vibrations cease to exist, the star or planet ascends.


The Necessity of Cleansing in Ascension


We wish to point out that any star or planet that ascends experiences a cleansing. This cleansing is of that which no longer resonates with the choice to ascend. On average, ascensions of such planets as Arcturus along with Sirius A and B resulted in the cleansing of approximately 10 percent of the overall forms incarnate prior to the beginning of such planets’ respective ascensions. Upon Earth at this time in history is a far greater level of discord and disharmony within all biological structures upon Earth. As a result, the Order of Dari anticipates that there may be a 50 percent or higher cleansing of all non-resonant genetics within all species over time in order to bring Earth’s overall goal of ascension to fruition.


What does this mean for humanity? This means that those who do not ascend, or do not choose to keep pace with Earth will cease to exist in due course. This will occur as the vibrational threshold for Earth is high enough to cause the meridians of the subtle bodies of non-ascending forms to clog enough to create a biological disease. So, the choice to ascend is forced upon all in form at this time in history. Those that choose to ignore the evolutionary choice of Earth shall indeed cease to exist in due course.


Soul, as it is incarnate in form, knows not any loss if the form ceases to exist. Soul, if it cannot ascend in one form, will move to another. So, from the perspective of soul, this cleansing is necessary and not to be grieved but to be rejoiced as it will bring forth the yearned for unity, joy, harmony and love amongst all species, including humanity. From the point of view of the animal kingdoms, they do not experience consciousness within an individual body. They experience consciousness as a group of bodies, some of which will cease to exist and some of which will be born with the new genetics as their respective species ascends.


For the human experience, this cleansing may be very difficult. For humanity no longer experiences the whole of the human dance, but only the individual dance of the individual embodiment. When humanity was seeded, this was not so, humanity experienced both the individual dance and the collective dance in a state of ongoing communion. As such, a very different perspective and life upon Earth was experienced in human form at that time in history. This is indeed a state of full consciousness, in which one experiences both their individual life-stream and the collective life-stream of the whole of their species simultaneously.


Restoration to Full Consciousness in Ascension


Gradually, in the process of ascension, full consciousness is restored. As such, one perceives their reality from a very different perspective and begins to open up to the collective life-stream of all of humanity.


Full consciousness brings about a resurgence of the unity-based biology. This unity-based biology, which is founded upon the crystalline cellular structure, knows not separation. Each cell exists in harmony with all other cells within the form. No one cell is considered of greater import that it should receive more nutrients than any other cell. All cells release those substances that are no longer needed in the life-stream of the cell, which are transported and utilized elsewhere in the form.


As the biology becomes unity-based, the consciousness of the form receives a new thoughtform emanating from God Goddess/All That Is, which is also unity-based. One can liken the frequency of the form to be similar to a tuning fork in which the thoughts that one receives are based upon parallel thoughts within a particular bandwidth of frequency. Indeed, the human biology in a state of separation can only hear the thoughts of separation because the bandwidth of frequency emanating from the form resides within the frequency of separation. As one ascends, the bandwidth of frequency emanating from the form shifts upward causing new thoughts to be received, and the further one moves up in frequency, the more unity-based such thoughts become.


Unity-based thoughtform is different from thoughtform based upon separation. Unity-based thoughtform takes into consideration the greater good of the whole in all actions. What this translates into within an individual life is that any action that does not support one’s overall health, well-being or continued evolution is considered an act that does not the serve the whole of one’s existence. Such actions are released a little at a time as one ascends, or if they are not released, one’s continued ascension is indeed compromised.


To transcend to full consciousness and embrace the principles of unity consciousness within both the biology of the form along with one’s life experience, one must let go of all ownership and possession patterning. Ownership and possession are such a part of the current human distortion that one may not even perceive such patterning as discordant until they move beyond Bodhisattva in frequency within their personal ascension. However, the conscious choice to release ownership at an earlier juncture of one’s evolution will have the gift of fueling one’s ascension at a more rapid pace. It is for this reason that we, The Order of Dari, along with Mother Earth, are guided to bring this information to consciousness at this time in history.


About the Order of Dari


Who is The Order of Dari? And why hasn’t anyone else channeled such beings in the past? Well, The Order of Dari has always been present upon Earth, but the thoughtforms from such beings had become trapped in a particular bandwidth of frequency surrounding Earth. The human form is required to reach the vibration of at least 3,000 segments of DNA within their form to be able to begin to hear the thoughtform extending from The Order of Dari. It is for this reason that such thoughtform and information has only recently become available to those that are ascending at this time in history.


Asur’Ana made contact with The Order of Dari when her embodiment rose to 3,000 DNA segments, not only as it surrounds Earth, but also as it resides upon the 800th dimension of your Ovum. Asur’Ana is a gifted conscious traveler and dreamer and learned long ago to light body project to different dimensions for assistance and advice. Each level of vibration attained in her personal ascension allowed her Light Body to travel higher and higher up the dimensions, seeking the support of the nonphysical realms for the plight of the fall of humanity and Earth. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 6 “Godheads and Goddessheads of Our Ovum” for more information about the administration and dimensions of this Ovum.)


At this time, there is an aspect of All That Is anchored in Asur’Ana’s field. This too is the result of her persistence in reaching up the dimensions and calling to Earth the support necessary to fuel her personal ascension, along with the ascension of Earth as a whole. Each that is ascending in human form will likewise embody aspects of such beings that are indeed a part of the Intervention of God Goddess/All That Is.


The Intervention has been at last anchored upon earth, and Earth Mother is receiving more support and assistance than ever. The ascension of Earth is now more assured than ever in her history and this is a wonderful thing indeed. It is not just our channel that anchor the presence of All That Is upon Earth. Many whom resonate with the material presented in these books likewise anchor such an aspect of All That Is within their ascending field. As such, there are over 10,000 in human form anchoring All That Is within the human species, along with many more in dolphin and whale form, along with the Peoples of the Inner Earth. As such, the Intervention of God Goddess/All That Is is now considered in full swing, so to speak.


The Intervention will not ascend humanity or Earth. The Intervention has agreed to bring forth the necessary information to allow ascension to take hold. It is still up to each human, whale, and dolphin along with all other species to choose to ascend. Such a choice is a daily endeavor, for each day brings forth the next increase in vibration and all related biological and personal changes inherent within such an experience.


Ascension Map Makers


Where did the pattern of ownership and possession come from? When humanity was seeded upon Earth, humanity lived in a state of unity and non-ownership. Such an experience allowed for the sharing of all things necessary to sustain the health and well-being of all humans, including food, water, clothing, shelter, technological resources, and spiritual knowledge. All humans were deemed equal, although different in the gifts and talents expressed. Such differences allowed soul to experience a multi-faceted dance within the human experience.


Spiritual knowledge was not reserved for those that were ascending. However, those who chose to ascend in a given lifetime were providing an important service to the whole of human civilization. For it was the role of the ascending master to clear karma for the whole of civilization every so many thousands of years. As such, karma was kept in check so that civilization could run smoothly and harmoniously. It is karma that creates the imbalances, for if a debt is not settled in one lifetime and carries over to another, energy stagnates. Stagnant energy causes the energy of the whole to wobble if it is great enough. So, it was the role of the ascending master to burn off all karma of the whole so that the whole of civilization could remain in balance.


Indeed, humanity upon Earth was seeded with a variety of gifts and talents. There appears to be over 2,000 lineages from Sirius involved with the original seeding, and then the populace was filled in with others from Sirius that also wished to contribute in one fashion or another. These 2,000 lineages were carefully chosen to allow for a balanced civilization. Out of these 2000 lineages, only 10 percent or 200 were designated for the role of ascension. The other 1,800 lineages specialized in other gifts and talents necessary to a smooth-running civilization.


Of those 10,000 or so map makers currently pushing forth in their ascension and carving a path for the rest of humanity, each will find that they are indeed related to one of the original 200 lineages of ascension as seeded upon Earth. The intervention reseeded those that are related to such ancestry so that such ancestry would fulfill upon its original purpose, which is to ascend, and to map make ascension for the whole of the human populace. So those whom are the map makers of ascension are neither better nor worse than any other human upon Earth, and one can see that they are simply fulfilling upon their original design or blueprint in human form.


In ascension, one works backwards through their tapestry of lineage and pulls into present time information that once existed within an ancestor at another time as an incarnate human upon Earth. This is how ascension is coming forth given the density into which the human species has fallen. In essence, each ascending human must trace backwards in time through the many falls in consciousness that one’s predecessors experienced and bring each level of awareness thereby experienced within one’s ancestral history into present time. In so doing, one lives out the reverse of the fall of one’s ancestry and returns to greater levels of consciousness and awareness, week to month to year in the process of ascension.


Resurrection and Soul Infusion


Ascension is truly a form of resurrection, in which that which has decayed or become distorted is corrected into healthy living biological tissue, a little at a time over a many year period. This is not really ascension as ascension once existed upon Earth; however, it does bring forth an ever-increasing frequency within the biology of the form.


Ascension is the infusion of soul into form, a little at a time, until soul and form become one. In order to ascend humanity out of its current level of density, first the decay must be reversed, along with the scar tissue and biological distortion of disunity. Once this occurs, real ascension can begin in which greater and greater amounts of soul are infused into the biology until the biology and soul become one.


Our translator has started upon this next phase of ascension. It has taken her close to 10 years to resurrect her current cellular structure to enough of a harmony and unity-based system to begin the act of soul infusion. Soul infusion follows a different pace and series of steps than what has been discussed within her books thus far. However, her experiences will indeed be documented so that others can understand such a process and bring such an outcome forth in their personal life experience and ascension.


In the process of resurrection, one re-embodies the original blueprint for the human species as it was seeded upon Earth. This blueprint calls for 12 strands of DNA. However, each of these strands has become so compromised in the 120,000 years of falls in consciousness that humanity has experienced and operates with only 2/36,000 of the original information necessary to construct the human form. In essence, each of the original 36,000 pieces of information inherent in the original human blueprint must be embodied in full before the next phase of ascension or soul infusion can begin.


The structure of the new genetic material is a bundle of 12 tubes, or major strands of DNA, which sit or lay against one another. It is not unlike the ‘Structure’ glyph within the Language of Light. Each of these 12 tubes contains 3,000 segments of information necessary to construct a completely crystalline form and nervous system. As each of these sets of 3,000 segments of information is embodied, all of the frequencies of the Language of Light, in their Single, Dual, Tri and Quad Tone nature, are embodied into the cellular structure of the form.


The Language of Light can be considered the operating thoughtform or tones of creation based upon unity and are utilized in restructuring the human form from its original blueprint as seeded by Sirius. It is for this reason that we make this information available to those whom are ascending at this time in history.


We guide those whom are ascending to utilize these frequencies daily to assist in their ongoing process of ascension. In focusing upon the vibrations behind these frequencies, one will more readily clear the distortion out of their field and release those patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve. The Language of Light replaces another language system that is separation based. The old separatist language system for the human species is based upon ownership and possession.


Ownership and possession underlie all attachment. Attachment can be viewed as cords extending from one human form to another human which are held in place by karma. The karma is recorded in the etheric body and genetics of the form. Such attachment allows energy to be sent from one human to another via the cord, along with information, grid work, chakras, chi and sexual energy. In essence, the one giving the chi or information is settling a karmic debt of receiving chi and information in a prior incarnation.


The cords are held in place not only by karma, but by ownership signatures, or the distorted tones of creation that emanate through the current thoughtform of the current human dilemma. Inherent in such ownership signatures is the ability to transport chi or information from one embodiment to another. Such signatures are indeed a distortion that came to be upon the original tones of creation as they were seeded upon Earth, or the Language of Light. As initiates replace each ownership signature with the new tones of creation, or Language of Light, one layer at a time, the cords dissolve and the karmic debt is released simultaneously. The release of karma is directly related to forgiveness, which is the pink ray that runs throughout many tones within the Language of Light. Forgiveness dissolves all karma and debt in the greater understanding of the lesson learned.


Fractured Piece of Soul Left Behind in Incomplete Ascension


The Order of Dari has been reviewing how the original tones of creation became distorted. Indeed, they were distorted in over 2,000 incomplete ascensions over a 10,000-year period from 35,000 to 45,000 years ago. The karmic records reveal that each of these incomplete ascensions fractured all souls upon Earth, and that which was left behind became a force of the dark, or that which has gone into great forgetfulness. (Please see Chapter 12 “Soul Schisms and Recasting in Ascension” for more information.)


How did this occur? Over time, as the radioactive frequencies slowed the magnetic energy of the human energy field down, the result was a lack of chi. If there is not enough chi to launch an ascension, an incomplete ascension results. Additionally, the lack of proper nutrients due to the distortion of the sun within your solar system altered the biology over time in such a fashion that not all cells were healthy within all human forms upon Earth. If some cells do not ascend due to internal discord or a lack of health, an incomplete ascension also results. (Please refer to Chapter 8 “Transcending the Pattern of Incomplete Ascension” for more information.)


In an incomplete ascension, a portion of the soul ascends to the next dimension, and a fragment or multiple fragments of such a soul are left behind upon the planet from which such a soul ascends. In the Tales of Ramtha, Ramtha explains that as he ascended, he became the wind surrounding Earth. Indeed, what Ramtha is describing is the fractured piece of his own soul that was left behind upon Earth, which became the wind. You see, when a soul ascends, it leaves its dimension of origin entirely, because it is done with all experiences upon that particular dimension. Anything that remains upon the planet or star of origin, such as Ramtha, is a fragment of the whole left behind as the result of an incomplete ascension.


What does a fractured piece of soul that has been left behind experience? Well, such a fractured piece of soul has been severed from the whole of that they were, but are not necessarily aware that this is what has occurred. If such a fractured piece of soul were aware of being left behind, such a soul would call back the remainder of its soul to pick itself up and take it to the next dimension of experience. Nor is that which has lifted off to the next dimension aware that something was left behind. And if that which has lifted off were aware, it would return to pick up that which was indeed left behind.


Furthermore, that which has been left behind thinks, “I am an ascended master. I have all the remembrance of having ascended. Therefore, I must be God/Goddess of Earth.” For what else is such a fractured piece of soul to think? This is where each of your ascended masters came from that so many of you are familiar with in your metaphysical teachings. Mother Earth explains that she never requested the presence of these ascended masters to hold the positions that they have held within the governance of Earth. These souls suddenly appeared and seized control over Earth and her governance in their belief that this is what an ascended master is supposed to do.


(NOTE: The ‘ascended masters’ are no longer in governance of Earth. Please read earlier volumes for more information.)


However, the ascensions of these ascended masters left them with little spiritual knowledge. On average, each ascended master that created an incomplete ascension left somewhere between 8 percent and 12 percent of itself behind in the review of the records by The Order of Dari. What this translates into is many souls governing Earth with 88-92 percent of their overall spiritual knowledge missing, because the remainder of their knowledge left Earth along with the rest of their soul in their respective ascension.


We, The Order of Dari, have defined what an anti-Christ is. An anti-Christ is a soul that has gone into forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is achieved as a soul fractures, because the fractured piece of soul does not remember the whole of whom it was before the fracturing occurred. As a result of the fracturing, such a soul only contains a very small portion of the original operating knowledge of the whole of whom it was prior to the separation. The ascended masters that have been in governance of Earth are anti-Christ or that which has gone into forgetfulness.


Please understand that it is not the view of the Order of Dari that the anti-Christ is evil. The thoughtform of evil is a part of the separatist thoughtform prevalent within the human species, and is not related to the greater understanding of forgetfulness and what such forgetfulness perpetrates over time. It is a great truth that those in forgetfulness can unknowingly cause damage to others in their lack of remembrance, or even put others in pain. It is out of the pain that humans have considered other humans, who in great forgetfulness put others in great pain, to be evil. One can see from this how the thoughtform of good and evil, right and wrong, was born in the forgetfulness of limited consciousness within the human species. For if all humans experienced the pain of all other humans, starvation, abuse, murder, terrorism, torture, and imprisonment would become a thing of the past overnight.


Ownership and Possessions


It is in forgetfulness that one also owns or possesses another. For in a state of forgetfulness, one has fractured and is lacking in one’s own experience of wholeness. It is in the state of fracturing or a lack of wholeness that such souls band together in a form of ownership known as the Group Soul phenomenon. It is in a state of lacking wholeness that humans seek others outside of themselves to feel whole, and then own or possess one another along with the many objects and possessions within one’s life experience. It is out of ownership that one can starve, abuse, murder, terrorize, torture and imprison another, for that which is owned has become property. It is only as another is deemed one’s property that it ceases to have equal worth to oneself. It is only as someone has unequal worth that the above patterns of abuse prevail.


So, one can see from this that ownership and possession is the result of fracturing and a lack of wholeness that emanates from within. As one ascends, greater and greater depths of wholeness are attained. Such wholeness is the result of the reconstruction of the auric field, chakra system, subtle bodies, and etheric grid work of the etheric body and the physical form in ascension.


It is also the return of wholeness of the soul residing within the form, which is pieced together again as each karmic incident that created its original fracturing is released that leads to an expanded state of unity. All pieces and parts of soul are gathered, reunited and rewoven into greater and greater levels of wholeness as each phase of initiation is embodied. As such, ownership fades away and unity consciousness, which is non-ownership based, is born within the life experience of the ascending initiate.


Ownership patterns translate down to biochemical substances within the biology of the form. In essence, the ownership patterns translate into longer molecular strings of polypeptides or fats, longer molecular strings of amino acids or proteins, and longer molecular strings of minerals that compose the bones of the form, which are heavier in frequency along with body weight. As the molecular strings are altered to become shorter in nature in ascension, the density of the form decreases.


This can be seen in ascending initiates whom have grown in size and stature, but are lighter on the scale than a year ago. They are lighter because the molecular weight of the components of their embodiment has decreased due to the process of ascension. Another example is their ability to float unaided in fresh water rather than sink, which is a reflection of the lighter molecular structure that they have embodied. The new molecular structure comes hand in hand with embodying the original blueprint for the human form as it was originally seeded upon Earth.


Instant Manifestation and Levitation


Such a blueprint also calls for the mastery of such things as levitation, walking on water, and instant manifestation as it is soul infused in the next phase of ascension. Only those whom were ascending at an earlier time in history about 160,000 to 200,000 years ago demonstrated such gifts and talents per the human genetic records. Our channel will demonstrate such gifts and talents in the years ahead as she is indeed infused with greater amounts of soul in her next phase of ascension. And so, it will be for all that choose to ascend.


As one can manifest anything that they need with a thought, the need to own or possess anything becomes a distant memory of another time within one’s life experience. In a parallel nature, ascension brings forth the release of all attachment and the subsequent releasing of all desire to own anything or anyone. As the attachment releases, a newfound level of freedom is born along with the new thoughtform of unity consciousness.


Being Responsible for the Fall of Humankind


How does ownership occur in the etheric? Each cord of ownership is held in place by a specific ownership pattern related to one’s genetics. How did such ownership signatures become a part of one’s genetics? Well, one’s genetics are related to a specific ascended master that had an incomplete ascension so very long ago. It is why some humans are attracted to the teachings of one ascended master over another, because one holds the memory of such an ascended master’s incomplete ascension in the very fabric of the biology of one’s form.


Which brings us to our next point. Who created the incomplete ascensions upon Earth? You did, or you would not be ascending at this time and rectifying the fact that you are also responsible for the fall of humankind. How are you responsible? Well, you hold lineage to that which caused the fall through the act of incomplete ascension. As all that hold lineage to those who caused the incomplete ascensions and subsequent ownership of Earth by the ‘ascended masters’ release their karma, one rectifies the situation thereby releasing themselves of the original cause or responsibility.


So, who are the map makers of ascension? Why, they are the ones who are related to those who caused and experienced the distorted ascensions so long ago. It is only as all such karma is released that a complete ascension for the human experience becomes possible. And who is Asur’Ana? Why, she is related to that which held the position of High Priestess that set up the fall of humankind within her own ascension. In ascending in her current embodiment, she is releasing all karmic cause of this dilemma, and in so doing, a path of ascension is created for others to follow.


Asur’Ana is related to 6 ascended masters. In her map making endeavor, the genetic remembrance of the 6 souls at cause of 200 incomplete ascensions is held within her respective ancestry and lineage. And she is not alone, as 10 percent of the current world populace holds parallel records within their respective lineages.


Do you know that in their extended lineage any human is related to 5 billion other humans currently incarnate upon Earth? If one goes back in time, one will see that they have relationship to almost 1/2 of the human populace worldwide. This leads to the greater understanding of the underlying oneness of the human experience and the interconnectedness of All That Is.


For ascension to come forth, forgiveness is key. In understanding that one is responsible for their own fall, then one can forgive themselves, and in so doing, forgive everyone else involved. It is in a state of forgiveness that one can ascend, for the forgiveness heals the wounds, forgiveness releases the karmic ties of attachment, and forgiveness repairs the fracturing of soul, and forgiveness expands the field leading to a yet higher frequency.


Incomplete Ascension and Ownership


Why would an incomplete ascension lead to ownership? As enough ascended masters incurred an incomplete ascension, a thick wall of such fractured pieces of soul surrounded Earth. As a result of this wall, all humans became severed from their own connection to their I AM, Oversoul and Source. As a result of the disconnection from their own soul and truth, humanity felt separated off. It is in a state of separation that one feels un-whole, incomplete, and unloved from within. It is from a state of lack of wholeness that one owns or possesses another in an attempt to become whole from the outside in.


Each of the ascended masters anchored a specific ownership signature upon Earth and within the human experience. The ownership signatures take chi and transfer knowledge between parties. Without a complete set of knowledge, each of the ascended masters lacked something, and lacked a lot of knowledge. Over 88 to 96 percent of their spiritual knowledge had been lost or lifted off to the next dimension along with the remainder of their soul. As such, in order to understand that which they had forgotten, the act of taking knowledge from one another became prevalent. Over time, such a thoughtform translated down to the biology of the human experience through the use of ownership signatures.


As Asur’Ana studied the dance of ownership, she has discovered that ownership pervades all human interactions. Therefore, as ascending initiates understand how such ownership works, they become capable of choosing to release the dance of ownership and embrace the dance of unity in its place. How does the dance of ownership work? Each ascended master anchored one of 18 ownership patterns upon Earth. Each of these ownership patterns will be related to all relationships within one’s life experience, whether that relationship is to another, to a group, to a property, to a pet, or to an object or a possession.


Ownership in Romantic Relationships


Do you ever wonder what attracts two together in the romance of relationship? One will find that the two have the same ownership signatures running at the same frequency. It is the ownership signatures that attract the two to dance together. In the dance of ownership, there is always one that is dominant, and one that is subordinate. The dominant one receives the chi and information, and the subordinate one conversely relinquishes the chi and information.


Often times in relationship, one will be dominant in one area of life experience, and the other in another. An example of this is in the relationship between Janet and Neil. Janet is a gifted musician and singer, and gifted at creative flow. Janet holds the dominant ownership signature over the creative endeavors of Neil and takes his creative chi and information fueling her success. One will observe many cords of attachment between Janet’s and Neil’s neck and pelvis that allows for the transference of chi and information to Janet. Conversely, Neil is very knowledgeable about many things, including spirituality. As a result, Neil takes Janet’s spiritual knowledge and chi fueling his own expanded awareness. One will observe many cords of attachment between Janet’s and Neil’s crown and third eye that allows for the transference of chi and spiritual information to Neil.


Now as one or both Janet and Neil ascend, the cords are released. They are released as the ownership signatures and karma are dissolved in one or both etheric bodies and replaced with the Language of Light. The Language of Light dissolves the attachment between their pelvis, neck, third eye and crown. As this is accomplished, both Janet and Neil can be gifted at creative endeavors along with spiritual knowledge simultaneously. One can see that two ascending together create a very different type of relationship, one in which both parties can be empowered in all areas of life experience together. Such is the dance of unity in the path of the two or relationship.


One can see that as they transcend ownership, a new kind of relationship emerges. So, it will be for all relationships in the future for those that are ascending, which allows for couples that are powerful and gifted to stand side by side together.


Ownership Signatures in Businesses and Possessions


Ownership also pervades all purchases of objects, property, pets, plants, furnishings, clothes, or anything else for that matter. Asur’Ana observed that each department or specialty shop in a local mall runs one or more ownership signatures. Those who shop at one store over another resonate with the particular ownership signature that a store exudes based upon biological heritage to a particular ascended master. Anything one purchases is chosen based upon the ownership signatures inherent in one’s ancestry.


Do you wonder why some humans, in the act of purchasing a car, prefer one car to another? It is simply because each car manufacturer is related to one or more ownership signatures, and only those with the related signature upon a biological level will purchase from a related manufacturer.


Asur’Ana also discovered that these ownership signatures exuded from various stores or possessions took her chi on an ongoing basis. She discovered that each time she would drive her vehicle, the manufacturer received a portion of her chi. This loss of chi occurred through the ownership signature in her etheric body, which tied to the car and then tied to the manufacturer. As the ties of ownership and the related signatures were dissolved within her etheric body, Asur’Ana ceased to lose chi each time she drives her car.


Within a year of relocating to Hawaii, one department store that Asur’Ana purchased many of her Hawaiian clothes from was suddenly on the front page of the news with the caption ‘Up 9 Billion in Profits’. Upon seeing this, she had to stop and think. Why was it so hard for her to manifest abundance that year? Well upon further examination, over 60 percent of her creative flow had been taken by this particular department store over the course of a year. Asur’Ana subsequently altered her unconscious agreements to give chi to any store, and released all of her ties of ownership.


Releasing Ownership Signatures to Fuel One’s Creative Endeavors


In further examination of ownership, our translator saw that the reason anyone was attracted to a particular group, or to work for a particular organization, is all based upon ownership. The ownership creates ties between the individual and the group causing the individual to dance with the group. Such ownership extends to all employers of any kind of business, along with the cities, state and country that one lives.


The ownership signatures between the individual and their employer take chi from the individual for the purpose that the group exists in exchange for the feeling of ‘belonging’. The chi that the group or employer takes fuels the creative endeavors of the corporation or organization, but at the expense of the creative endeavors of each member or each employee. As initiates ascend, they will release the ownership ties between themselves and all groups or corporations that they have belonged to or worked for, and in so doing, cease to lose chi to others in this fashion. In ceasing to lose chi to another, one can put their own chi towards their own creative endeavors.


It is as one has enough creative energy that one can manifest in a sovereign manner and need no longer be employed by another. There are many examples of those ascending along with our channel that are venturing into sovereign forms of manifestation as healers, teachers and authors in their own right. It is only as one becomes sovereign in their creative self-expression that one can ascend through the initiations that occur beyond Bodhisattva, as the act of being employed takes so much chi that one is prevented from rising any further without leaving their employment altogether.


Each region or country also operates under the umbrella of a group of ownership signatures. As such, only those that resonate with those particular signatures will be attracted to live in such regions or countries. All such ownership signatures are related to wherever the ascended masters ascended from. As each ascended master ascended from a given region, the related ownership signature was recorded in the soil, along with the regional plants, animals and minerals. All of those incarnate in human form surrounding such regions also have the same ownership signatures recorded within their forms.


All regional ownership signatures take chi from all that reside upon such land. This is how any government, whether it be regional or national, fuels its creative manifestations, by feeding off of the chi of the populace. In ascension, one needs their own chi for their own ascension, and it is therefore advisable to dissolve all ownership between one self and one’s region of existence.


Asur’Ana has released all such ownership to the land in order to push beyond Mahavishnu to a complete state of Resurrection or embodying 36,000 segments of DNA. Such a releasing of ownership is easy where she resides in Hawaii, for Hawaii is likewise releasing all ownership between the human populace and the land in its own respective ascension. Likewise, ascending humans may be more attracted to live in places that resonate with their ascension, such as the mountainside, countryside or oceanside, as it is easier to dissolve ownership in a place of higher frequency and which no longer has ownership signatures present.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Ownership Signatures and Global Ascension


Earth must come to greater and greater degrees of stability and fluidity in her energy flow in order to continue to push up in frequency, which will require that the human ownership of all regions upon Earth be lifted in due course. So, it is not only humanity that is called to release all patterns of ownership, but also Earth and all kingdoms incarnate upon her.


Ownership signatures cause a stagnation of energy. This occurs as energy is transferred from one place to another, or from one embodiment to another. As chi is depleted the energy stagnates or ceases to move. Upon a global scale, if the stagnation is large enough, it causes Earth’s energy to wobble. Upon a personal level, if the stagnation is large enough, it creates pain in the body. The cessation of energy movement creates a form of density that is known as pain, anger and fear. As all energy moves again, pain, anger and fear become a thing of the past both in the human act of ascension, and also in Earth’s global ascension.


The human karma of ownership must be released in full in order for Earth’s continued ascension. As such karma is released, the distortion of the ascended masters that has prevailed for the past 120,000 years of human history shall also lift. This will allow both the ascended masters along with all of humanity to awaken, as the frequencies of the Language of Light will become more prevalent thereafter. As the Language of Light takes precedence as the major language for Earth, humanity has an opportunity to tune into these new frequencies and begin to ascend en masse. It is the greatest wish of Mother Earth that a mass ascension for the human species comes forth. It is for this purpose that the Intervention of God Goddess/All That Is has been anchored upon Earth.


So, we guide initiates to pay attention. What are you owned by? Who owns you? Release the ties of ownership by replacing the ownership signatures held within the etheric grid work of your form with the Language of Light. Watch the cords of attachment dissolve, and a newfound freedom ensue. Allow the changes within one’s life experience, and fear the change not. It is all as it should be. Know that such a release of ownership will be ongoing until all ownership is released altogether from one’s form and field.


Notice the ownership prevalent within your language. Choose to insert the Language of Light into all language that you use, including your name. In so doing, you will cease to lose chi just by thinking. Asur’Ana noticed that as she inserted the Language of Light into the English language, certain words have ceased to be a part of her vocabulary. Why is this so? Only unity-based language is related to the Language of Light. Those words that are not related to unity quite naturally fall away and cease to exist within one’s vocabulary as the Language of Light is embraced. Perhaps this is not such a bad thing, for all humans are God Goddess in human form. As such, one’s thoughts create one’s reality. If one’s thoughts cease to be separatist, one will quite naturally create a unity-based reality in their life experience.


It is out of a state of unity that soul, oversoul, and source dance with the human form again. As soul, oversoul and source dance with the form, there is the opportunity to become soul directed in all that one does. As source is anchored within the form in full, a newfound connection to God Goddess/All That Is is born, allowing one’s manifestations to come into total alignment and harmony with the Divine Plan of All That Is. Is this not what becoming a walking example of God Goddess in human form is all about?


It is the ownership that interferes with such alignment within one’s life experience. So, release your ownership to all others, and all objects, and be free. It is in the freedom that the joy, bounty and love return to one’s life experience. For both lack and boredom, along with pain, anger and fear are only the result of the imprisonment of attachment. As the attachment is released in full, unity prevails.


As unity prevails amongst all humans, a new civilization shall be born upon Earth. Is that not why each of you whom are choosing to ascend wishes for the most within your hearts? So, let us birth this change together, humanity and Earth, first and foremost within one self. And then may it extend to all other humans and all species upon Earth.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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