Awesome image of a wolf that howls at the moon. The Wolf That Howls At The Moon

13. The Wolf That Howls At The Moon


Blessings of Holographic Knowledge and Inner Knowing


The Wolf Kingdom


So many nature species have something to say to our ascending human brothers and sisters. What does wolf have to say to our ascending humans today? The wolf species is one that has been honored as “teachers” in Native American tradition. Teacher is one who shows another a potential path or direction within one’s journey that might not be available unless the teacher pointed it out as a possibility. This is the concept of teacher within the unity paradigm, one who directs another towards his or her own path and truth. Often students can also show the teacher another path that the teacher could likewise not see and is of their truth, and this is how the student becomes as much the teacher as the teacher.


Teaching Those with Holographic Knowledge


Teaching another who already has holographic knowledge is not the same as teaching one who has no knowledge. Instead of controlling, one may awaken another to be able to attune to their knowledge from within. Asur’Ana has taken the stance that this is what she is here for as a teacher and writer of the ascension materials as well as being a facilitator for her Aligning With Earth website. Those whom contacted her are only guided in a manner that leads to an internal state of knowingness. In the internal knowing, one walks one’s own path. Sometimes as this occurs, such students are turned onto a path of their own making. However, she has fulfilled upon her purpose, which is to open the student up to their own knowing, from which they can then discern their own way in their own evolutionary journey.


It has taken a lot of internal change for Asur’Ana to direct or guide in this manner. For a long time, she too controlled her students. As she made a large evolutionary leap after the end of the year 2013, the remaining patterns of such forms of control were released in her own field and form through her own evolution. Therefore, for those who are teachers, understand that the current modality of control as teacher is not wrong; it is just a part of the dance and a part of one’s own genetic make-up until it has been transcended. If one has the path of teacher in ascension, one will evolve beyond control in due course.


One will at first attract students who wish to be controlled who partake in the dance until one or both has transcended. This is the gift of the path of the ascension teacher, the ability to look in the mirror provided by one’s own students to see one’s own internal state of being, and then utilize the mirror to transcend one’s own unconscious patterns. Asur’Ana has become fluid at this sort of work or she would have died long ago. For the dance of control causes increasing attachment that only kills the form by snuffing out the life force rather than allowing for ascension. Given that increasing life force is a prerequisite for ascension, ascension and control and the related attachment are at odds with one another.


As a human being, one has a lengthy history of attachment and control. Such control began early in the dance of the human species as seeded upon Earth from Sirius. Therefore, working one’s way out of the game of control as teacher is not an overnight process. Understand also that for as much as one may control as teacher, one’s students also control the teacher. As the dance changes through ascension, greater and greater freedom between the two emerges, and the dance changes to one of unity and honor as the foundation for teacher-student relations.


Unity and honor create a different dance for the teacher as well as the student. For one, the two may view one another as equals, which perhaps even alters the word student and teacher within the vocabulary. Asur’Ana altered the word student to “affiliate of the ascension materials” long ago, as affiliate denoted greater equality in her estimation than the word student. She also altered the word teacher to “director”. One might say that she understood the requirement to move towards equality.


Teaching and the Loss of Holographic Knowledge


In the genetics of all species is all knowledge; this is because genetics are holographic that this is so. Holographic knowledge is infinite and interconnected with the Tao from which all consciousness extends from and goes Home to when the creational dance is complete. How can one therefore teach another anything if one already knows holographically all that there is to know? Teaching in the current human paradigm is founded upon a loss of holographic knowledge, and in so losing such knowledge, one fails to remember enough to know or to evolve. This is a sad thing for Wolf to bear witness too; however, it is the result of the genetic manipulations of man himself who created a limited slave race in a laboratory. The slave race lost the holographic interconnectedness to the rest of life, and therefore lost the innate knowledge necessary to know or to evolve.


It is in the dance of the slaves that the concept of teacher became so distorted. In present time, teaching is associated with programming another with a particular set of beliefs that are then parroted by the student verbatim; this is not teaching from the viewpoint of Wolf, it is rather a form of control. Under the control of the teacher, the student loses his or her freewill choice of any path except the one that the teacher himself or herself is on. One must follow the teacher or guru parroting their truth in hopes that they know where they are going. What if the teacher or guru is as lost as oneself? A bit problematic, and many reading this book may have followed one or more lost teachers in one’s own life experience thus far. This is how the dance of the guru and devotee emerged in the human expression.


The guru takes of the knowledge of the devotee, and then sells it back at a price. This is the unconscious dance of the guru. The devotee had a truth; the truth had a particular path that would lead to evolution; the guru strips the devotee of his or her truth and then walks the path for the devotee beaconing him or her to follow. In so doing, the guru also loses his or her truth, as the truth of another will never resonate with oneself. The devotee also loses his or her truth, and must follow another rather than lead oneself down one’s own spiritual path of awakening and evolution.


This is not teaching in the view of wolf. This is a form of manipulation in which one perceives another as knowing better than oneself. If one’s own holographic knowledge lies within, and one already knows all, then how can another know better than oneself what one’s path may be? Another cannot know; however, in order to know one must have access to one’s holographic knowledge. This is problematic if one’s ancestry was primarily of slave origin as one was severed therefore from one’s own holographic knowing.


This is where roughly 60% of the current human populace is, beloved; unable to know, as the very means of knowing holographically has been lost through human manipulations to the DNA. Such humans shall be cleansed from Earth in the times ahead. The lineages of incoming children shall be increasingly restricted to those that retain holographic knowledge until after 2030, such lineages are the only available choices for all incoming births. Therefore, humans shall return to innate knowing and sensing that is holographically interconnected to Earth and all species therein along with the Tao in the coming quarter century.


A New Paradigm of Leadership


Asur’Ana also demonstrates a new paradigm of leadership as teacher; she does not consider herself teacher as much as facilitator or a director of orchestration, along with a field of energy through which the Tao can work through to manage the map of ascension that is being carved by those in the new consensus. One might say that the Tao is in all things, but requires a modality through which he/she may orchestrate; Asur’Ana and a few high-level initiates have become prime fields for the Tao to work through to orchestrate human ascension and the coming times of cleansing ahead, particularly in the West. There are also humans of equal evolutionary status, a few on each continent that the Tao is also orchestrating through.


Therefore, teacher becomes director or conductor in the new unity-based paradigm; and the conductor anticipates that all in the orchestra know already how to play one’s own instrument. In parallel manner, Asur’Ana anticipates that all reading the ascension materials already know how to ascend. In so doing, it is the role of the conductor to bring in a script or music that allows all in the orchestra to play on time and in tune with one another. In parallel manner, she orchestrates an energy flow for those reading her books that allow the ascension of each to occur in a harmonious and synchronistic manner. To the degree that the ascension of each is harmonious and synchronistic, to such a degree the group rises in vibration anchoring new tones within the Language of Light.


At this time, those affiliated with Asur’Ana’s website or books anchor the tri-tones in the Language of Light. One will notice that these tones have to do with multi-dimensional and multi-creational orchestration and stewardship. Terra or Mother Earth is reuniting with all dimensions and all creations that are ascending at this time in history. In so doing, she is a part of a greater tapestry and dance that is choosing to exit the dance of destruction in full returning to the Tao through evolution. In parallel manner to those affiliated with Aligning With Earth or the ascension materials, Earth had to show that she could ascend in order to enter the multidimensional dance of ascension already underway in your creation. This Earth has successfully proved as of late and upon completion of global initiation 3,800 in the physical, and 4,600 in the nonphysical.


Global Warming, the Aurora, and Etheric Fire


What do these numbers equate to? They equate to an overall vibration and temperature that can be measured in the physical. Many are familiar with global warming. Global warming is a symptom of ascension. It is not a symptom of pollution as many humans think, or the production of methane gas from the animal kingdoms. Earth is heating up from the inside out; the Aurora or the Sun in the center of the Earth who’s light can be seen and is known as the “Northern Lights”, is growing in size and color; and the magma and lava is increasing as more and more of Earth’s core melts due to the increasing fire of the Aurora. This is occurring through the conscious intent and will to ascend upon Earth’s part as a consciousness along with all sentient species therein.


The further Earth moves up in vibration, the hotter Terra will become. Already those who are living on the Big Island of Hawaii where there is an active volcano, notice how hot it is. The heat rises from the land and vibrates down from the Sun due to the tropical location of Hawaii so near the equator. This heat is an energetic phenomenon, as it is indeed Mother Earth’s kundalini. Her kundalini is rising, just as human kundalini rises in order to ascend. Human ascension also causes an overall leap upwards in body temperature as the fire again begins to flow in the kundalini channels.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


In a recent visit to the ocean on Kauai, Asur’Ana noticed etheric fire leaping upwards of six feet out of the surface of the water. Indeed, the elements of fire and water have healed their competitive nature, and now fire burns in the etheric inside of water, and water is also aglow inside of fire. One day in the coming 1,000-year cycle, water will become an ocean of flames in the physical as Earth moves to the next dimension of awareness. The beginning of this newfound state of being is already emerging, beloved.


For those who are ascending, living upon land in which the fire burns in the etheric continuously augments ascension as one may burn off more karma in a given day than anywhere else. For those who are not ascending, the fire burning upon the land of a place such as the Big Island will shorten the lifespan exponentially. Why? One’s karma will be completed upon more rapidly. Therefore, as one completes all karma in full, and if one is not ascending, then death is the next step in one’s path.


Death is not wrong; it is a valid path, and many humans have little choice as the ancestry and biology have not the holographic remembrance necessary to ascend. The further that Earth’s fire burns in the etheric upon all land global wide, the more rapid the cleansing will become for those with non-ascending ancestry. These times lie ahead and in the coming 25-year cycle for all humans global wide. Although it may be an unsettling time, and confusing for many, the era thereafter will birth the Golden times upon Earth in which peace, unity, sovereignty and non-conditional love become the foundation from which all species relate.


True Law


For those who are ascending and are the map makers, Wolf invites you to become your own teacher within. In tuning inward and opening to one’s own holographic knowledge, one need not follow another. One will know all that one requires knowing in order to follow one’s path to completion. In so doing, one will orchestrate one’s own journey, and allow oneself to participate in the greater orchestration of Earth’s journey of ascension. This is the blessing of True Law, True Function, True Symphony, True Orchestration, and True Timing. These are the blessings that Wolf wishes to share with those reading this material today.


True Law states that the only law that exists is one of unity. In order to attain a state of unity, one must balance the scales. Balancing the scales involves burning off all karma that one’s ancestry has acquired over time.


However, there is a hitch in this dance, and this is known as karmic manipulation. It has been the unconscious predisposition of many humans and the fractured and lost souls directing the human dance to defer karma; deferment of karma involves displacing unwanted karma onto another who unconsciously agrees to receive it. True Law outlaws all such karmic manipulations, as one can never burn off karma for another. One has enough karma that one has acquired in the many falls in consciousness upon Earth. Therefore, each has ones’ own karma, and no one is debt free; and one must only settle that which is one’s “true debt”. Calling upon True Law as a boundary will bring an end to karmic manipulations and rectify all such manipulations in one’s ancestry.


True Function


True Function has to do with all parts of the field doing what they have agreed to. There are dragon souls that are the creators and orchestrate ascension, bringing in the blueprint necessary to attain the intended goal, and directing the angels in modulating the blueprint down into form. There are also angels that are large to small in size that transcribe the DNA down into the form allowing a new blueprint for regeneration to be brought forward in the act of biological ascension.


There are also serpents of positive and negative vibration that weave the ley lines and space between that construct the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies, light body and auric field. Each must do their part; creators orchestrating, angels transcribing and serpents holding the energy field together. True Function calls all to their anticipated role, much like a conductor calls the right musicians in to play the right instruments in an orchestra.


For a long time, there was a mix-up in roles in your creation. Serpents and angels tried to be creators, and angels and creators tried to be serpents, and creators and serpents tried to be angels. In so doing, no proper direction of the field could come forth; and consequently, fall after fall in consciousness occurred in your history. Why the mix-up? Well, this is a long tale that will be delved into in another chapter written by the Tao through Asur’Ana in a few weeks, and so we will leave it to this piece to bring to consciousness the whys and wherefores of the mix-up. As one allows all parts of one’s field to do their proper function, one’s ascent can come forth in greater ease.


True Orchestra


True Orchestra calls the proper tones of creation into the dance. Just like different instruments playing for the conductor, each ascension requires particular tones of creation applied to allow for a continued release of the density and karma within the form, and a continued rise in vibration. Calling True Orchestra will allow all of the tones of creation necessary in a given day, week, month or year’s worth of ascension to be made available to support one’s continued rise in vibration.


True Symphony


True Symphony allows all of the tones that are called into the ascent to sound together in harmony. There is music that any ascending field plays at any given level of ascension. If the music is sour, it is a sign that there is something that requires releasing in order to come to balance. If one cannot hear one’s own music, then one can muscle test if one is sounding sour, and then intend to release the karma at cause bringing oneself back to a state of harmony again.


Generally speaking, such days that one’s music is sour are also days that one does not feel well in ascension. Therefore, the body tells one that the music is sour as one may feel ill, and particularly if the music is really off, one will have flu-like symptoms. Calling True Symphony during such moments and releasing the karma at cause will assist one in returning to balance and harmony again.


True Timing


True Timing allows the rhythm of all tones of creation in the symphony to play on time and in sync with one another. In addition to sour notes, sometimes some parts of the sound of a field are out of sync with other sounds in other parts of the field. Generally speaking, this is when one has a body ache or pain in a particular part of the form in a given day or week of ascension. As one releases the karma and etheric blockage or machine in the region of the form, the sound and music played in such a region comes back into the timing of the rest of the music again, releasing the body aches and pains simultaneously. Calling upon True Timing when one has body aches and pains in ascension will facilitate a more rapid release of such blockages and etheric stuck points.




These tools Wolf makes available to all ascending initiates so that one may learn to orchestrate one’s own ascension. As one orchestrates one’s own ascent, one will become one’s own guide, one’s own teacher, and one’s own guru. One will then direct oneself upon one’s own journey home to the Tao, calling upon one’s own holographic knowledge to do so from within. In so doing, one no longer requires any teachers, and one may contribute to the greater orchestration of global ascension by doing one’s part as a member of the consensus known as Earth.


This is known as stewardship; and humans were designed to be fully conscious stewards of the consensus upon which they reside. Earth is conducting her global ascension; she requires that each species ascend itself. Earth requires not that anyone ascend her; she is handling her own energetic and biological changes. She does require however that each species ascend itself. As this is accomplished, her global ascension is assured.


Wolf invites humans to intend to become stewards of Earth again. Stewardship allows for equality, for each steward is as valuable as the next, and each designated his or her particular part of the dance to fulfill upon. As each steward fulfills upon his or her role, the orchestration of global ascension can come forth with greater and greater fluidity. It is as global ascension becomes effortless that the unity paradigm will also have been anchored again upon Earth. Such a time Wolf looks forward to. Until such a time, do call upon our kingdom to augment your personal return to unity within.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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