Image of a green and alert cricket sitting on a leaf. The Hum of the Crickets in the Night Air

13. The Hum of the Crickets in the Night Air


Blessings for Divine Timing in the Divine Dance


The Cricket and Grasshopper Kingdoms


It is the Cricket and Grasshopper Kingdoms that address you today. Asur’Ana has long loved to listen to our hum at night out her bedroom window. We remind her to move into syncopation with Earth in her rotation of field, as this is the purpose of our kingdoms, to retain a rhythm that holds the heartbeat of Earth.


Syncopate with the Heartbeat of Earth


What is the heartbeat of Earth? The heartbeat is an ongoing pulsation that is the result of the rotation of molecules within the land, forests, trees, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Grasshoppers and Crickets attune to this rotation and mimic it in the movement of rubbing our wings together, which produces a hum late in the day or evening and at night. We do so in order for all kingdoms to align their own rotation of molecules to our pulsations.


One may also listen to our hum and intend to rotate one’s molecular structure in syncopation. At this time and in some regions of Earth, the pace of rotation has increased. In Hawaii and under major chakra centers such as in Alberta Canada, if one is out in the country, then the molecular rotation may be at a pace that reflects the ascent of the land to 3000, 6000, 9000, 12,000 or even 15,000 segments of DNA. The higher the evolution of the land, the more rapid will be the syncopation of our sound.


The syncopation is not in the actual hum, but in the surging of sound. Therefore, listen for our surges or when the sound suddenly gets slightly louder to the ear. Each rotation of the molecules will be reflected in a slight surge of sound; every 18 rotations will have a slightly larger surge; every 48 rotations will have the larger surge and therefore a louder sound; every 144 rotations end with the largest sound of all, and then a short period of silence. As you learn to syncopate the rotation of one’s own molecules to the sounds of the crickets, one will come into divine timing.


Divine Timing Is the Present Moment


What is divine time? Divine time is in the present moment. In the moment, there is only the now. In the now, there is no past and no future. In the now, patterns of the past fall off and patterns of the future have yet to become activated. One will find peace therefore in remaining in divine timing as much as one can. Perhaps given the current human drama and trauma, it may be the only place that one finds peace. Asur’Ana has learned that taking a daily walk and sunbath (if the weather allows; if not, then a bath at home) is crucial to her ascent; out in nature or in the sun and in the water, she comes into present time. She intuitively aligns to the rotation of the molecules in the land and the water in such moments and in so doing, her troubles melt away into peace as she moves more fully into present time.


Why is she troubled? Ah the push and pull of the students in Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) or writing the ascension books and for the website often causes friction in her field. As she takes a break from such preoccupations and goes for a walk, she pulls herself into present time and Asur’Ana goes into bliss. “Ah, this feels good” she says. The body relaxes and more readily grounds and anchors Spirit, cleansing itself of unnecessary discord. This may also be so for each who reads this book. One may align to the rotation of the water in the bath or pool, or take a walk in the evening attuning to the sound of the crickets, coming fully into the present moment, allowing the past and future to be held in time where they belong.


Human fields tend to be splintered between the past and the future. Some chakras will be in front of the form; they are in the future. Yet other chakras will sit in the back of the form; they are in the past. The chakras in the future become clogged with future karmic patterns one cannot address today, causing them to wobble or not spin properly. The chakras in the past become clogged with past karmic patterns one has already cleared in one’s ascent to date and also begin to wobble. This generally causes one’s synthesis of tones into a rainbow to become splintered and then one goes into discord.


One solution during the day and while at work is to intend to synthesize the field again and again. There is a set of commands that assist with the syncopation of field for the purposes of being in present time. We would like to take a moment to review these intentions as they are powerful ascension tools from the perspective of our kingdoms. These commands will realign a field in 10 minutes if intended; however, one must be grounded to Earth in order for this to be so.


Commands for Ascension


I Intend True Function


True function allows each part of the field to be supported by the proper nonphysical forces required to weave the etheric body, chakras, subtle bodies, light body and energy flow for ascension. Serpents weave all moving energy systems along with the etheric body; angels direct the weaving of the serpents founded upon the genetic and holographic blueprint; and the oversoul and source move the field expanding it outward in ascension and direct the recovery of records and spiritual lessons learned in the life dance of the initiate. Intending true function aligns each nonphysical aspect into its proper function and role within the field.


I Intend True Symphony


Much like a symphony, each serpent, angel and soul in the field has a particular script of music and movement to follow in order to allow for continued expansion and ascension. True Symphony allows each nonphysical aspect the proper script to play and rotate to allow for harmony in the field.


I Intend True Orchestration


True orchestration causes all parts of their form to play the sound that they have received as a script or score of music in the nonphysical. Harmony is held through sound; as the molecules, chakras and other moving energy systems rotate, there is a chorus of music. If the music is harmonious, it denotes balance. If the music goes sour, it denotes imbalance or the improper movement in the field. True Orchestration allows all parts to sound in harmony to retain balance for further ascension.


I Intend True Timing


True timing allows all rotation of field to be in time with one another and in time with the rotation of the field of Earth. It is as all parts of the field play their music in time that a symphony of sound is heard that works together to create beautiful music. It is also as one stays in True Timing that one begins to move out of time so that resurrection and reconstitution of the form can occur in ascension, as the form ceases to age.


I Intend True Purpose


True purpose allows one to anchor the Language of Light symbols that are true to one’s new truth in action or ascension-based astrology sign as sacred geometry in the moving energy systems surrounding the form. Each has a unique truth as expressed by three of the ten base notes of the Language of Light. These notes or tones are then utilized to construct a Flower of Life patterning in the rotation of the field. As the Language of Light becomes the sacred geometry, one then begins to attune to unity-based thoughtform as the foundation for one’s relations to all others.


I Intend True Law


True law is karmic or creational law. Creational law is founded upon cause and effect. True law states that one is only held responsible for any cause that one truly created in one’s current life or ancestry. All other karma of others is null and void along with the thoughtform, patterning, machinery and entities associated. Intending True Law allows one to only create karmic circumstances true to one’s cause in the dance of life.


I Intend True Honor


This command causes one to honor oneself and all others in the dance of life, including all kingdoms. In a state of honor, one is harmless unto oneself and unto all others as honor precludes harm.


I Intend True Synthesis


This command causes the field to align in a rainbow of tones from densest to least dense; the density is then evenly distributed throughout the field so that it can be spun off and transmuted in the act of ascension. Density can be equated to karma and patterns that are non-unity-based. As the field synthesizes, the non-unity-based thoughtform is dissipated leading to easier ascension.


We Are Conductors for Earth’s Symphony


Crickets and grasshoppers are much like a conductor for Earth and all land-based kingdoms therein; we conduct sound that allows each kingdom upon the land to syncopate in rhythm and time the music that their own molecular rotation creates so that the sound in any region may be beautiful and harmonious. Alas this only works well where humans are not living by and large, as humans add a sour sound unto the mix. Much like trying to blend a western symphony with eastern music, humans create static and discord that causes the sound to go sour anywhere that they live, and in particular the sourest of music occurs in your cities.


Cities are generally without crickets and grasshoppers. Without enough crickets and grasshoppers, the land in the cities has lost their conductor to retain the timing for the molecules of the land and trees. Furthermore, the cement that humans pour over the land makes it impossible for the molecules to do anything but slow down. In the slowing of molecular rotation, the cities drop in vibration. Then humans living in the cities over time experience a fall in consciousness.


Perhaps 100 years ago or more your cities were not so bad, as before the addition of electricity, the cities still had some beat of music that was relatively harmonious. Now however, with the addition of the electricity, cities are pulled into sour sounding discord that is attuned to by those who bring forth head banger and other harsh electronic music. They are only attuning to the sound that the land in the cities is making beloved, and channeling it through.


Those living in the cities begin to mimic the sound of the discordant music of the land in their bodies. In so doing, over time the bodies can do nothing but get ill; and one will have a difficult time ascending if one is living or working in any city as a result. One needs the open space and land or sea around oneself to expand and attune to a new rhythm; the rhythm of ascension that is being offered by all kingdoms upon Earth to each who is willing to listen.


Moving into the Country or into Community


Into the future, the behavior of humans in the cities may become very barbaric. This may occur due to a fracturing of your civilization due to the massive loss of lives in the times of cleansing ahead. As many dies, there will be no one to grow and harvest the food and deliver it to the cities. Those in the city will feel trapped and without sustenance; they may end up doing horrible things to one another in order to survive. This however will ultimately only be a reflection of behavior that is associated with the sound of music played within the field of each human and upon the land in the cities.


Humans will not be able to alter the problems in the cities in time for the impending movement into the Great Central Sun Dream. At best, humans who are aware can choose to leave the cities and suburbs and move into the country or into community with one another. In the country, one can pay attention to the rhythms of nature; growing one’s own food is an excellent way to attune oneself to the rhythm of Earth. If one attunes to the rhythm of Earth continually, one cannot help but ascend, as Earth is ascending.


Divine timing allows for one’s dream and life to rearrange itself into a script that supports ascension. Each human who intends to ascend receives a new holographic script for ascension. The script for ascension will be unique unto each human and one’s personal life circumstances. The script calls for a raise in vibration through genetic modifications to the form; the photonic energy flowing from the Great Central Sun triggers the growth of new DNA without one’s awareness. The intent to ascend will have the effect of gathering more photonic energy towards oneself, increasing the pace of ascension through one’s own freewill choice to evolve.


Karmic Completion


The script shall call for karmic completion. Karmic completion shall allow one to conclude whatever debts currently exist within one’s current life expression. If the debt is to one’s spouse and the spouse is not ascending, then the karma will be completed upon allowing one to separate from the spouse. If the spouse is causing one to become ill due to unconscious energetic abuse, then this will be a good thing as it will free one up for further ascension in greater ease.


If the debt is to one’s employer, then over time as it is fulfilled upon, one will leave creating the next job or preoccupation that one has karma for with people one has karma with. If one has karma with the family or friends or other organizations one affiliates with, as one completes, one may discover that one parts company and then creates new friends and a soul family of ascending others.


Karmic completion brings about life changes. Most humans would rather not change and are comfortable keeping the life the same even when it is killing oneself. One could say that humans are addicted to death as a result. Through ascension, one will learn to release the ties that bind one to death, and choose to resurrect the form instead into the crystalline structure. This does require giving up all preoccupations that are destructive and would prevent this goal, even if the destruction occurring in the relationship(s) is in the unconscious and unknown unto oneself. The script for ascension causes change that is necessary to the ascent of the form.


Script for Death from Solar Sun and for Ascension from Great Central Sun


One may attune to the script for ascension through one’s conscious freewill choice. Each time one intends to ascend and intends the commands above, one aligns to the script for ascension, and the script for death is pressed into the background of one’s dream. One’s dream is a giant dream catcher that catches a script generated by the solar sun and now the Great Central Sun. The script for death emanates from the solar sun; the script for ascension and life emanates from the Great Central Sun. As one intends to ascend, one attunes to a new life script; however, we point out that it is important to do so each day, or one will find oneself falling back into the script for death through failing to make a conscious choice in the matter.


Why does the sun project a dream of death upon humanity? Ah this is a complex subject, but one that we will delve into. The dream for death comes from Sirius through the Sun. At this time, not all of the keys are in to end this dream. In time and over the course of the coming 8-year cycle, the dream for death will be shut down as it emanates through the Solar Sun. One can say that there are bargains and agreements between the Sun and Sirius that require releasing through ascension, and in 8 years of continued solar ascension, these contracts will be cleared through the solar kundalini bringing a new day of greater alignment between humans upon Earth and the solar system at that time.


Most of the dream for death is captured in your cities and suburbs. As you relocate into the country, the dream for death is greatly interspersed with nature’s dream, which is for life and ascension as it emanates from the Great Central Sun. This is another reason that ascending humans will find it easier to live in the country than the city in the times of cleansing ahead.


Humans in Separate Dream from Nature


Nature remains in a separate dream from humans at this time. The attempt to unify nature and human dreams requires additional ascension of the individual as well as the collective of humanity. At this time, you will no longer connect with any kingdom individually; this is because ascending humans had caused too much unconscious harm towards individual kingdoms that this is so. When one communes with the land, lake or trees, birds, butterflies or bees, one will commune with all of Mother Earth. In so doing, we are protected so that we can continue to ascend.


As humans enter a state of full consciousness (embodying 36,000 segments of DNA), humans will enter nature’s dream. This shall occur through one’s future ancestry as humanity in adult form has now been limited to 3,000 segments in a single lifetime, as this appears to be what is necessary to assure the ascent of the whole. These limitations, although they may appear stringent, do not prevent one’s evolution. At 3,000 segments, one constructs a large energy system that is global in size with a powerful kundalini.


The kundalini allows the element of fire to clear karmic records along with discordant thoughtform, machines and entities from one’s field; the element of water washes away the ashes left behind in the clearing by fire; the element of air blows away that which no longer resonates; and the element of earth allows one to ground and connect to a larger body of Mother Earth that one is a part. Cricket recommends working with all four elements through one’s field daily to assist in the conscious freewill choice to ascend.


As the karma is cleared, change is bound to occur. Remaining in present time and entering the divine dance, the change is less tumultuous and easier to embrace. In the divine dance, the change is simply the next step in one’s life. One will feel the need to change deep in one’s heart and in one’s embodiment. As one follows one’s feelings, and fulfills upon the change, one moves into a greater level of freedom than one knew before; and this in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience feels good and feels like a homecoming. Therefore, entering the divine dance will allow for the experience of many homecomings as one embraces each change required to continue to ascend in the ascending life script one receives from The Great Central Sun in one’s dream.


Stay in Divine Timing with One’s Ascension Script


Asur’Ana has had many experiences with crickets and grasshoppers. One day she noticed that there was a sound of a cricket coming from her indoor potted tree in the corner of her living room. We had entered her home to remind her to attune to our rhythm in her own heartbeat. Although we did not live for more than a week, Asur’Ana enjoyed our sound inside her living space, and wished that we could have remained longer.


Grasshoppers have often found their way inside Per and Asur’Ana’s house in Norway, or on top of Per’s car. Each time we appeared, they attuned to us for a message. Generally, our message communicated to stay in step and in divine timing with their personal script and dream for ascension; for when one gets out of sync with one’s own ascension dream, then there is a possibility of a missed step, or worse yet, potentially an accident or death.


At night while living in her former cottage in Kaua’i, Asur’Ana loved to listen to the crickets. Sometimes she went outside and laid on the lawn looking at the stars. Crickets and other critters abound on the islands. In listening to our sound, Asur’Ana came back into her divine dance again and again, and the difficulties she was striving to overcome were more easily released. We invite each to do the same.


Ascension Commands in PDF


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Ascension Commands


This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mysteries of the Little Creatures. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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