Image of a magnificent Sun shining over a flowering tree. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao

13. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao


It is that time of year again; summer solstice is upon us, or winter solstice for those down-under. Ever since the winter solstice, the sun has been slowly growing and the days have steadily been getting longer. On the summer solstice, the sun reaches its peak and it completes its cycle of growth. This makes the Summer Solstice an excellent time for Earth and all ascending species including the human species to look inward, assess and reflect on spiritual goals. Did you fulfill upon your spiritual goals, beloved? What did you learn? This is what Earth, Asur’Ana and Per along with the Tao are assessing at this time.


The Mirror of One’s Life Dance


Lessons in the human paradigm often differ from those in other kingdoms. Humans have a dance that includes a cast of characters. How the humans behave in the “play” associated with the dance of life is how humans learn their lessons and master. Mastery is about demonstrating unity in the life expression along with forgiveness. Forgiveness seeks to complete through understanding a particular experience, and in the understanding one chooses another dance. Understanding is acquired in many manners in human form, but generally speaking it is through the observation of others in the life “mirror”.


The others in one’s life dance mirror one’s unconscious predisposition; they also mirror the nature of ancestors long come and gone from the physical plane. Others also mirror thoughtform and beliefs that perhaps one would prefer to transcend through ascension than live to experience in another incarnation ahead. As each mirror is looked at as an internal reflection, and one chooses to release the associated patterning within through forgiveness, one transcends in ascension.


Collective human ascension lessons are learned in a parallel manner; one watches the mirror of world events around oneself. As enough in observation choose to release the karma and beliefs associated that created the collective experiences within the human species, then the dance may change. Collective change therefore requires enough to transcend the world mirror.


This is challenging at this time as there are few ascending (less than 10% global wide), and those mastering may not be releasing karma far enough back in time to allow for a significant shift as of yet in the collective dream. It may take the birth of ascending children in the decade ahead for enough of the karma to be released to perceive a significant alteration towards unity in the current human dance. For this, Earth, the Tao, and the Ancient Ancestors are vying for; enough ascending children to press the human dream as a collective towards unity in the quarter century ahead.


The New Consensus Dream of Unity


This does not mean that one cannot experience a life shift towards unity in this lifetime. Those who are ascending have entered a new dream; this dream is a dream of unity. Each who is ascending participates in the new consensus dream of unity primarily in dreamtime, as many do not have many ascending friends or associations in physicality. However, the unity-based dream is there nonetheless for those doing the inner work and clearing necessary to ascend in the life dance.


As one intends for unity, the dream for one’s life is impacted by the ascending dream that one associates with in dreamtime; in so doing, one begins to anchor the dream for unity into the physical. This impacts everyone around oneself who is pulled into unity due to the new dream that one projects outward upon all others. This is how one can begin to mold the dream for one’s life dance towards unity in the NOW.


How is the dream altered towards unity? Primarily those who are ascending are beginning to operate in a new modality or language known as the Language of Light. As one embraces these tones into one’s field and biology in the act of biological ascension, then one begins to utilize this language in all that one does, and in all that one communicates. This alters the script in the life dance that one participates in drawing a more unity-based experience towards oneself.


Dreams are founded upon resonance of thoughtform. Those in polarity will draw experiences associated with the extremes or non-extremes that they sit within in association with their genetic encoding and operational language. Extremes tend to be about life and death, war and peace, relationship and non-relationship, abundance and lack, along with health and disease. Non-extremes tend to be about boredom and non-fulfillment or unhappiness in the current life expression within the old consensus. Some try and compensate for the boredom, unhappiness and lack of fulfillment by creating life drama and trauma; for feeling something is perhaps better than this; and so, they attract a dream that is “exciting” to experience instead.


A Life of Compassion and Understanding


The focus or intention for unity and ascension may not create a dream of excitement or boredom, but instead will begin to focus one inward upon one’s own inner reality. For it is only as one begins to open to having a relationship with oneself that is internal and a part of one’s inner landscape that one can begin to learn the spiritual lessons associated with ascension. Spiritual lessons are about internal understanding about why one is one way and another is another way; and bringing forward the karma associated in the ancestry where the dance played out at another time or many times in one’s inheritance so that it can be reviewed and understood. Then in the understanding, the dance can be forgiven and one may alter the associated beliefs and patterning within.


Many who are ascending may find that the internal process of understanding and release of karma is much more exciting and interesting than any other outside life manifestation. If this is so, this is a sign that one has begun to become inner focused and driven rather than outer focused and driven. As one moves the drama and trauma inward to understand one’s spiritual life lessons, then life upon the outside may seem docile and bland. However, as one moves through the emotions associated with the processing of karma from times past, perhaps one will be grateful that the outer landscape is quiet in comparison.


The focus upon ascension and unity draws a dream of compassion and understanding into the life dance. Compassion entails understanding why another is a particular way, and further understanding that one is the same way upon a parallel plane of reality and in many ancestral lives. In choosing to release such a way of being through forgiveness and the conscious freewill choice to change, one may transcend what one perceives mirrored in another.


Ascending and Growing Crystalline DNA Through Forgiveness


Through forgiveness, the genetic encoding associated with the beliefs that were locked in traumatic karma from the past can be released. In the releasing, new encoding can then be embraced in their place; this is how ascending humans are growing crystalline DNA in all age ranges; through the forgiveness of the trauma of the past; whether the past be within this life or within another ancestral life matters not.


The body does not distinguish between present and past ancestral trauma; to the body, all trauma is one. Another experience of broken heartedness is compressed upon countless other experiences of broken heartedness that one’s ancestors experienced. In the choice to ascend, now one may release the pain associated with having a broken heart in this life and all other lives of parallel experience. In so doing, the release work transcends time, space and form, allowing for the healing to occur today, and yesterday and throughout one’s ancestry. Each ancestor then releases and forgives just as one releases and forgives in the present moment. It is perhaps for this reason that the act of forgiveness is such a powerful force; for it unleashes life force that has been suspended in pain for hundreds of thousands of years in one’s ancestry.


What occurs when the pain releases and lifts? Joy and balance are then experienced for a time hereafter along with a load of new energy that has been freed that had been previously tied in the past. It is the recovered chi and life force from the act of forgiveness that allows for the continued ascent, and the understanding of the next layer of patterning to be revealed and transmuted. This is transmutation in action, beloved.


The focus upon transmutation as a life goal brings a whole new meaning to existence amongst those pursuing the inner path of ascension. One exists to forgive and to understand what one’s ancestors failed to understand at the time that they lived. The ancestors are grateful unto those willing to walk this path as a result of what they are learning. The result is a collaborative dance between oneself and other relations of the past in the moment; and the relations of the past watch over oneself as an ascending human as a result. In so being, humans are assisting with their own ascension; which is as it should be.


Each species must ascend oneself. There is no other way out of the current dance and into another dance, beloved. One can intend to transcend. One can intend to forgive that difficult dance of the others that one has created in the life mirror. If one does not understand enough to forgive, then one can intend to create an experience so that one can understand and so that one can forgive. This is how Asur’Ana in particular has learned through the dance within their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). She has watched the mirror closely, and often created experiences so that she could understand the past problems of her ancient ancestors and forgive.


Asur’Ana’s ancestors had many difficult experiences in their attempts to ascend along with a group of other humans long ago. In the understanding, what went wrong long ago is being corrected through forgiveness; in the correction, there is now an opportunity for the ascension of the whole, as humans collectively and in the unconscious are learning their ancient spiritual lessons.


Personal and Collective Transmutation and Transformation


Translating the spiritual lessons that ascending humans are transcending into the collective human dance of life is a whole other process. Such a push towards a new way of being as a civilization requires that each within the civilization transcend. Alas so few are transcending that it really assures a repeat of the past in present time. However, those that are ascending can begin to mold the human dream through personal transmutation and transformation.


As enough transmute and transform in the new consensus, it will begin to have impact upon the collective old consensus human dream. How does one transmute patterning that will alter the human dream? Ah, this is complex, and it is what we wished to delve into so that each may focus upon the past lessons presented in the world mirror of about 2 decades ago, in the year of 2004.


What is the world mirror? The world and the regional, national and international news is a mirror of one’s own ancestral karma. As ascending humans choose to release the karma offered in the world mirror through conscious intention, the mirror changes and world events may be altered or skewed into a more positive direction, potentially leading to a greater awakening of the human species.


The World Mirror of 2004


2004 was a year of great difficulties in the collective human dream. The tug of war between the peace bearers and warmongers was in full tilt over the circumstances in Iraq. The tug of war was almost equal; with equal numbers pitted on both sides. This was reflected in the re-election of President Bush in the United States. Asur’Ana thought that Kerry had a chance of winning; he did win in Hawaii and along the Western US, along with the Eastern seaboard; only a few Midwestern states voted for Kerry in comparison. One can see in this that the push and pull was almost equal in the re-election; this is a sign that polarity is coming to balance with equal push towards the dark as towards the light within the collective human dance.


Bush had karma to win; regardless of what one wished or others wished, he was destined for re-election from the point of view of Earth. The karma is important to settle for his ancestry in this; and it is why the human dream was pressed in this direction. Karma must be settled either through forgiveness, or in living to experience the karma that one has. What is the karma that Bush has? Primarily it is for disease, as his inheritance is one of Innana and a part of her tapestry that ended up diseased at the end of her lifetime. Such disease may not occur until Bush is much older and therefore failed to occur while he was in the Whitehouse.


There is collective karma through in the United States that may bring about a large shift in the years ahead. This karma is for a rebellion and shift of a grand scale. What would this shift look like along with the rebellion? It is too soon to tell as there are 18 possible dreams that could step down, along with a repeat of what occurred in the end of Richard Nixon’s term.


The choice of what is created upon the national human dance within the US is not Earth’s choice; it is karmic. The collective human karma in the US will draw the experience into the physical that is associated. This Earth is intending, as it is the only means to give closure to the era of the Anu so that the birth of the Grand Master cycle ahead can be born.


The push and pull of national and international influences were dramatic. There was a pitting of other nations against the United States and Britain for their choice to evict another leader of a nation (Iraq) upon false terms or faulty guidance. In 2004, there was a push to blame those who provided the faulty guidance in the first place. It is interesting to note that when something goes wrong, always there is a desire to find fault in the current human drama and fail to take responsibility for one’s own creation.


Earth foresaw that ultimately the taxes in the US must be raised to compensate for the largest deficit ever. If the deficit continues to increase without this administration taking responsibility, there will come a point where the international community will lose confidence. This will be difficult to avoid, and the outcome may be a vast depression in the US in the decade ahead. The depression will be the result of over taxation, but not receiving anything for the added taxes drained from the workforces; for the funds will go primarily into interest of an increasing debt.


The loss of international support added to the problems. Perhaps the international community felt justified given their position about Bush and the US led invasion upon Iraq; however, the end result was a worldwide depression, and the world was really dependent upon the US economy more greatly than they understand. In time, the depression will be complicated by increasing numbers of deaths due to the times of cleansing ahead, which will cause folk to default upon their loans, credit and mortgages, as there is no way for the current mortgage system to collect from the survivors or heirs. Perhaps the mortgage companies will wish into the future that they had the right to collect from the surviving heirs, as many will go bankrupt as a result of this.


The bankruptcies and loss of life will create a time ahead where there are avid amounts of products, furnishings, cars, and land that is no longer “owned” or is foreclosed upon. This will begin to balance the scales of high property value bringing the cost of home ownership to a level of great affordability, along with countless beautiful possessions upon the market for a pittance due to the death of so many. The underlying cause of this will be the continued loss of life in the times of cleansing, which may never really have the West rise out of the economic depression it sinks into in the decade ahead.


Now why is this the dream Earth perceives stepping down? For a long time, the West pressed its darkness upon the Middle East and Africa primarily. Darkness for war and civil disobedience is pressed upon the East; darkness for poverty, disease and financial difficulty is pressed upon Africa. This darkness is moving due to the cycles of astrology that govern such things. The economic darkness is moving over the United States; disease darkness is moving over South America. The darkness for warfare is also moving towards Mexico, however the pressure to invert this into disease rather than continued war upon the part of Earth may result in greater plagues playing out in this region into the decade ahead.


For Africa and the Middle East, the darkness will at long last lift allowing for easier times ahead. It is interesting to note how dreams mold reality for war or poverty or disease. Many young Western men and women who are probably quite “sane” at home entered the dream of Iraq, and found themselves torturing and tormenting Iraq prisoners. Would they behave this way at home? Most likely not, however this was the dream over Iraq; it was a dream for extreme invalidation and intimidation through torment that was both emotional and physical. This was how the former leader ruled, as it was the only way to remain in power in such a dream.


Black Hole Dreams


At that time (2004) of chaos in Iraq, kidnappings and deaths by beheading that were then aired upon websites and local television were the norm. Why was such a dream playing out in this region of this nature? Why did not the Iraqis simply cooperate and elected their new governance causing the US to withdraw as rapidly as possible? This was not even a viable dream from Earth’s point of view. Why? The dream over Iraq and the Middle East is filled with black holes. Black holes are created in nuclear detonation of weaponry of ancient times.


Radiation causes insanity as the DNA frays in those in the region. The radiation was not cleared from the 1991 invasion; and now has increased due to the use of such weaponry again. Now the increased radiation has caused an even worse plight than in the 90’s, as the dream has inverted into one of a black hole. Black hole dreams create chaos and extreme abuse wherever they have traditionally appeared throughout human history. There has been a black hole dream over Israel and Palestine now for over 45 years, and the recent history of this region is symbolic of what this causes.


Gulf War Syndrome


Many have heard of the Gulf War Syndrome. There is a former marathon running that Asur’Ana met upon the Big Island years ago. This individual could not walk without a cane, was bone thin and appeared to be suffering from something akin to MS. However, prior to the Gulf War, this individual was a marathon runner in excellent health that had won the annual “Iron Man” competition upon the Big Island. Now they are dying a slow seeming death; what are they dying from? A form of limited nuclear poisoning from the radiation emitted in the warfare in the Gulf.


There are now so many suffering from this in England that their medical system has to admit to “The Gulf War Syndrome”. What is this syndrome? It is that enough of the grid work of the etheric body of those suffering has collapsed into black holes within due to exposure to radiation; the black holes cause the grid work to combust or cave in upon itself, which is similar to the energetic symptoms of MS. The cause of MS can often be radioactive karma in the ancestry that has been triggered.


Many of those serving in Iraq have already developed parallel symptoms more rapidly and in greater numbers as a result of the exposure to radiation. Asur’Ana read an article years ago in a fashion magazine. The article delved into a reserve soldier who had gone to Iraq in 2003. The picture of this soldier prior to leaving the US was of a husky man who held a job as a security officer. The picture of this man in 2004 is one of someone who is extremely thin and ill; and this is only one year later. The article delved into the fact that the ammunition is coated in radioactive materials and is causing the US soldiers to become ill in present time.


Radiation Poisoning Karma


Why was this occurring from a karmic point of reference? The radiation poisoning of the US soldiers was the return of the karmic cause for the US who in the dropping of the bombs upon Nagasaki and Hiroshima, caused nuclear poisoning and associated deaths to the Japanese following World War II. The Japanese are considered an “Eastern” nation. Although the karma is with Japan, from an international point of reference, karma in the East includes the Middle East. Such is the nature of karma; what goes around comes around, and this was the patterning at play in 2004 as a result of the recent ancestry’s actions less than a century ago.


It is interesting to note that outside of Britain, few were willing to participate in the dance in Iraq. It was also Britain that participated in the development of the bombs dropped upon Japan. The radiation poison that their surviving British soldiers may have experienced due to the Iraq conflict was the karmic return of parallel nature unto the United States with the East.


And what about the Iraqis? What about the terrorism that they appear to have caused? One cannot deny the dance of terrorism that they act out as a result of the many kidnappings and beheading of Western humans. Some of such humans have devoted their lives to improving Iraqi lives; and yet they were kidnapped and tortured and destroyed nonetheless. Was this fair? What did it accomplish?


The Iraqis sit upon land that was used for terrorism and warfare long ago on the part of Innana and Merduk. This karma had been triggered due to the rising frequencies of Earth in her global ascension. Those sitting upon this land were living a karmic dream that is 30,000 Earth years old (120,000 human years) from an earlier period of terrorism, barbarism and war. The dream is not new; and yet regardless of what Earth attempts to do, the scripts cannot appear to be altered at this time in history. The DNA attuned to the scripts and acted out the dream of this type of dance of life. This is why soldiers in another dream who may never behave as they do enter the dream in Iraq, and behaved badly. The dream dictates the experience.


One could say, “Such soldiers should know better!” Perhaps; but perhaps not; perhaps they too were being pulled into a cycle of falling consciousness. Were they not exposed to the same radiation as the Iraqis who were acting out in extreme chaos towards one another and those from the West living upon their land, even the peacekeepers? One could say that the US and British soldiers may have also experienced a fall in consciousness due to the radiation that they were exposed to, and as such, acted as crazy as anyone else in parallel circumstance.


Preview of Potential Ascension in the Human Dream


Were the humans in Iraq responsible for the dream that they were living that had been triggered in Earth’s ascension? One could say that the dream upon the land as it was triggered called the experience of the United States invading Iraq into the physical. Was the US and George Bush therefore responsible for this dream? Not really from Earth’s point of view; the collective of humanity pressed the dream into physicality as the karma was triggered upon the land, and the end result affected all humans and was in the daily news around the world.


Why would humanity call in a dream of such great travesty? Karma; karma calls in such a dream so that each viewing the dream can use the mirror to release the associated karma within their personal ancestry. One can say in this that this particular war or non-war or whatever you wish to deem it was therefore necessary as if it were not, humans would not have called such a dream into the physical.


One can also say that the lessons of this type of war, which is not unlike Vietnam, were not learned at the time Vietnam occurred. For if they had been learned, the US military advising Bush would have known that you cannot win a war against an entire group of people who do not wish one’s interference in their lives; as this is why Vietnam was never really won. So why did not the US or Britain learn this spiritual lesson last go around and choose another outcome in foreseeing the “no win” possibility?


Ah this is an interesting point that Earth would like to make. Vietnam, the assignation of John F. Kennedy, the impeachment of Richard Nixon and the end of the Cold War were all a preview of these times of potential ascension in the human dream. The dark rolled time backwards, inverting the future into the collective human dream to see what ascension of humanity would cause. It caused the past as it played out. Why did the dark or false gods do this? So that the dark could attempt to find a way to waylay real ascension causing Earth to sink into extinction. The result is that there were no spiritual lessons being learned by humanity at the time that Vietnam occurred in the world mirror, as ascension was yet to become a physical possibility, and no one could release the collective karma associated as a result.


9-11 and the Release of World War III Karma


The dark’s plan has failed; their plan has failed as enough ascending humans released their karma for WWIII. This occurred following 9-11; and so, 9-11 served as a mirror as it caused ascending humans to release their karma for another world war. The release of this karma forced the war upon Iraq into the straight jacket of scripts that were almost a repeat of Vietnam in present time.


For what could have happened? Perhaps another nation in the Middle East or East would have come to Iraq’s aid and detonated a nuclear bomb of greater capacity than Nagasaki to force the United States to back off. If this had occurred, ascension would not be a viable future at this time. Therefore, one can breathe a sigh of relief in understanding that the problems with radiation from nuclear weaponry will be limited to the Middle East and not become a global problem; as this is where the world was headed if not for those who are ascending and capable of releasing their karma to divert the future into a different direction.


There are always hundreds of possible future dreams. The future dream that humanity draws into physicality is associated with karma that the collective consciousness has or has not cleared. As ascending humans begin to clear the collective karma due to the ascension of enough with all tapestries associated with all humans, then the collective dream changes. How does it change? Well as in the above example, a potential world war was offset into a regional conflict. This is the result of the release of the karma of those who are ascending, and as the karma was released, it forced the dream to occur in a different script than would have otherwise.


So, what of the dream for Iraq in the now? Over time and if radioactive weaponry ceases to be used, the radiation will dissipate and the chaos will end. The ascension of Earth and others in Iraq and the Middle East who are entering the world as ascending children will straighten out the dream by inverting the black holes right side out again. As this occurs, the chaos and terrorism will leave as rapidly as it came, and peace will be restored upon the land.


Peace in the Middle East


Can humans elsewhere focus to clear the dream of black holes in the Middle East? Yes and no; it takes ongoing work to hold the human dream on the part of those who live in any given region. Therefore, it will require the ascent of those who live in the Middle East to create peace. This is also the same for Israel and Palestine. As enough ascending children are born, the chaos shall cease, as the dream for chaos shall be lifted through the fields of the children united. There are also small numbers of ascending adults in this region that Earth is working through to augment a return to peace.


What is the lesson in this? That radiation causes insanity and insane and chaotic behavior in humans. The dance in Iraq was an extreme example of what is also occurring anywhere that there is radiation in the rest of the world. What is occurring in nuclear power plants? Are the employees beginning to lose consciousness? Are those living near these plants beginning to lose consciousness? And what of electrical radiation that permeates the human reality, in particular in the density of your human cities? Are not humans in the cities losing consciousness beloved?


Falling Consciousness Due to Electronic Media


Asur’Ana has been told that she was born at a particular vibration. Over the course of her childhood, she sank in frequency due to the ongoing watching of television. She did not have a computer at home; and the few ones at school at the time were just recently invented and produced. Students were lucky if there was a computer available in a classroom, as they were rare to come by and did not become an essential component of education as today. Asur’Ana recalls the grief she sat in when she was in high school; the grief was due to a fall in consciousness due to the electronic media she was surrounded with.


Asur’Ana also recalls the early years of ascension where she cried and cried and cried an unending stream of tears as she lifted out of the pain. Much of this would have been unnecessary if she had not been surrounded by electronic devices and the media most of her life. She was told early on to give the television away; to work only with a laptop computer that has less radiation; and to live in a place in the country and away from the density. This is necessary to her continued ascent, as it will be for each devoted to this path.


And so, what of humans today? Humans have dropped in consciousness over the past 65 years of technological development. One may think that such technology has “civilized” humanity; in reality, it is causing a fall in consciousness that is reflected back in the turn of world events. For the turn of the 2004 world events was that war is preferred to peace; for the world collective consciousness at that time pushed the leadership into power that solicited the set of circumstances leading to war and greater bloodshed. Therefore, one can say in this that the collective falls in human consciousness due to electronic devices is being reflected back in increasing brutality of humanity towards humanity; humans are losing their humanity towards one another, which is what a fall in consciousness causes.


Fear and Falls in Consciousness


Why is this so? Falls in consciousness put humans in fear. Out of fear, humans no longer trust. Who do humans in the US in particular not trust today? Anyone wearing turbans or from a Middle Eastern background; these are the current humans to be feared, abused, followed, persecuted and who lose their right to be free in the US along with other Western nations.


For a long time in the US, it was the African Americans that was persecuted; in 2004, this has shifted to be the Middle Easterners. For a long time in the US, it was the war upon drugs; in 2004, the war upon drugs has fallen away and it is the “war upon terrorism”, which is really just another reason to persecute those of Middle Eastern or Eastern inheritance that are of another culture and religion. It is always as humans can be pegged due to color of skin or sex that persecution can occur, as one must be able to rapidly identify the one who is to be feared.


The real cause of the fear however is the falling consciousness of the human species due to the electronic devices that they engage with. Falling consciousness leads to brutality, prejudice, insanity and fear. Now there are leaders who in response to an incident that really could not be pegged upon any given nation (9-11) acted out of fear; acted out of brutality; acted out of insanity causing further violence and war; they are an example of leadership associated with falling consciousness.


For is this not what happened to Innana and Merduk (Aphrodite and Hades)? Were they also not the leaders who in acting out of insanity chose to blow up Earth to “win” the war? The current leadership is only acting out the karma from this script; except for the truth that those few who are ascending are clearing the karma faster than the script for global annihilation can be brought into physicality, which is a very good thing from Earth and the Tao’s point of view.


Ascension Is Reversing the Path Toward Extinction


If not for ascension, the current wave of falling consciousness would carry humanity to extinction. Ascension is reversing this process by allowing the recovery of genetic information lost in many falls in recent history. Those rising to 3,000 segments in particular are working their way back in time to over 18,000 Earth years ago (72,000 human years) and clearing the karma for the era of Ancient Egypt. Egypt preceded the second era of Atlantis and the falls in consciousness caused by the Pharaohs in this time period led to the nuclear annihilation of the Atlantean civilization.


The second era of the Atlantean civilization developed technology akin to the radios, televisions and computers that humanity relies upon today. They too fell in consciousness; they too went to war; they however created nuclear annihilation because there was no ascension movement to clear the karma to cause otherwise. The end result was a repeat of the past era of the Anu.


For those who are ascending, you can use the mirror of world events wisely. You can create intents to release the associated karma that is triggered in your ancestry. What kind of karma would this be? Well, karma for leadership who out of fear goes to war and creates nuclear devastation along with insanity amongst another group of humans; and karma for terrorism in all of its expressions revealed today including the Western soldiers who abused and tortured the Iraqi prisoners to the Iraqis who captured and beheaded Western humans living or visiting their country.


Intentions of Ancestral Forgiveness and Global Peace


Each has karma for these types of experiences in one’s ancestry; some ancestors were the leaders, others the soldiers, and yet others the terrorists. Many ancestors were the wives, mothers, fathers or children that lost a loved one in the dance of war; and many ancestors were the victims of war. One can choose to release the karma in present time altering the script for the future towards one of global peace. Here are some suggested intentions from Mother Earth:


  1. I intend to release all karma for warmonger leadership that is a part of my ancestry. I forgive the warmongers. The warmongers were only acting in fear and out of a fall in consciousness and the insanity that such a state of being creates. As I forgive my warmonger ancestors, the world mirror will change and a new set of leadership will enter the dance that will direct humanity towards peace through negotiation instead.


  1. I intend to release all karma for the soldiers and military leadership that is a part of my ancestry. I forgive the soldiers for playing out the script of the warmongers. The soldiers were acting out of duty to leaders who were insane; they thought perhaps that they were doing the right thing. Many soldiers in my ancestry were wounded or went insane due to exposure to nuclear armament. Some died of nuclear poisoning as well as upon the battlefield. As I forgive my ancestors who were soldiers, the world mirror will change. Perhaps others will cease to choose to participate in the warmonger’s game. Perhaps one day, there will be no requirement for soldiers at all as nations will find peace with one another.


  1. I forgive my soldier ancestors for killing innocent families, children or elderly humans in the bloodshed of the cities or countryside during war. War is insanity. Out of insanity, humans harm humans. I understand what it feels like to go insane from my own personal or ancestral experience of insanity. I forgive my soldier ancestors for participating in the insanity of war. As I forgive my soldier ancestors for the insanity that they participated in, the need for a world mirror that has insanity within it will begin to clear; and humans will find their center and as they do so, will learn to live in peace with one another again.


  1. I forgive those that have destroyed my ancestors in the game of war. I know what it feels like to be maimed or harmed or tortured or destroyed in warfare due to my personal or ancestral experiences of such. I now recognize that this was created out of the insanity of war, and I ask my ancestors to forgive all others at cause of the dance with me now. As I forgive those who maimed or destroyed my ancestors, the requirement of innocent humans to be killed in the cities or countryside due to war shall cease leading to a restoration of world peace.


  1. I forgive my ancestors who died of nuclear poisoning or exposure to radiation. I recognize that this was in counterbalance to causing radiation poisoning to others in the actions of my warmonger ancestors. I ask my ancestors who died of nuclear poisoning to forgive all others at cause of such an experience in the greater understanding that it was due to insanity from falling human consciousness that it all occurred. As I forgive the radiation poisoning of the past, the world mirror will begin to change, and radiation poisoning need not occur again into the future.


  1. I forgive my ancestors for creating technology that causes falls in consciousness. My ancestors, as with those developing such technology today, were not aware of how the technology caused a demise of the human field and DNA. These ancestors as with those today ignored the symptoms as they did develop due to the greed and profit associated. As such, they caused a fall in consciousness that was great enough to lead to the insanity of war and nuclear annihilation in another time period. I forgive my ancestors for this, and as such, perhaps humanity can awaken to the problems with the current technology, and much like many who are ascending, choose to limit the effects so that ascension may take off in their personal lives and their children’s lives.


  1. I forgive my ancestors for bigotry, persecution, racism and sexism that they expressed in their given lifetimes. I understand that such a dance is the result of a fall in consciousness and a fall into fear where another human race, creed, or religion becomes symbolic of the collective fear of humankind. I also ask all ancestors who were persecuted for any reason to forgive their persecutors in the greater understanding of the insanity and fear that was at cause due to a fall in consciousness of the human species. As I forgive the bigotry, persecution, racism and sexism in my ancestry, there is an opportunity for the world mirror to change. Perhaps people will begin to look beyond skin color, cultural or religious differences and sexual preferences and see the humanness therein. In seeing the humanness in all others, humans can return to treating each other as brothers and sisters of the same species.


Ascending humans can lead the way. Ascending humans can forgive the mirror that the world events present each week, month, and year ahead. As each chooses to forgive the dance in the world mirror, the world mirror will begin to change. It is only as enough fulfill upon this task that a new tomorrow and golden age can be born. There is a future possibility for such a dream; however, it will take far more to release the karma to anchor this dream in the decade ahead than are currently focused upon this goal. It is for this reason that we write these intentions today.


Summer Solstice Blessings for Those in the New Consensus


We close with special blessings unto each who chooses this path of ascension in this lifetime. Although there may be few of you, as each intends to ascend and anchors the Language of Light by entering the new consensus, the new consensus shall grow in power. As the new consensus grows in power, at some point it will override the current human dream allowing for a new day to be born. And so, this blessing is for each reading these materials to fulfill upon a complete ascension to 3,000 segments and the entrance into the new consensus of ascending humans. As more adults contribute to this goal, there will be enough larger bodies to assist in the movement of energy necessary to foster the births of the ascending children. And so, you are needed to fulfill upon this goal, beloved.


This blessing is also to allow for the healing of the heart. As the heart opens, there is an opportunity to love again. As one loves, there is an opportunity for a deeper level of forgiveness. The deeper the forgiveness, the further back in time one is capable of releasing trauma held in the DNA. The further back in time that one works as an ascending human, the greater the clearing in association with the collective human consciousness.


From Earth’s point of view, it is not large numbers of humans that are required to ascend to alter the fabric of the collective human dream; only enough of those who are willing to walk this path that shall be diligent and thorough in their focus of karmic release and transmutation. As enough are thorough in the ascent to 3000, the world shall change before your eyes. And so, you are needed in this role, beloved.


Happy Summer Solstice!


Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth

The Tao

Asur’Ana and Per


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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