Image of a lovely water color painting of an adult whale and child whale. Giving Birth to Peace and Forgiving Fission Thoughtform

13. Giving Birth to Peace and Forgiving Fission Thoughtform


It is the Whale and Dolphin Kingdom that greets you today. We are again witnessing a turbulent time of ascension where many difficult patterns are rising to the surface to be cleared both within our kingdom and yours along with Mother Earth at large. It is for this reason that we write to you again today. Each time we have written, those reading of our sharing have gone on to make intentions that have contributed to the whole of the release of karma necessary for our kingdom and yours to ascend along with Terra (Earth’s consciousness).


Terra is beloved unto us. We hurt as she hurts; we struggle as she struggles; so many sensitive ascending humans that are drawn to us show us also how much you struggle to also ascend and feel deeply in the process. As of late fission karma has raised its difficult and ugly head for all of us to contend with. What is fission karma? Fission karma is similar to karma for nuclear annihilation, although the origins of fission are not with human armament but rather due to false ascension. Here both your species and ours must contend with how we contributed to the development of nuclear wars and annihilation of Earth through our own misguided ascensions.


There has been much revealed in the ascent of the land and sea and many records gathered that now are contributing to our understanding of combustion and incomplete ascension so that a whole and complete ascension can be launched, and the dance of fission thoughtform can be put behind us.


The records gathered thus far reveal that something went vastly wrong, and that ascension became something that was not ascension at all, but a travesty of the greatest order. The travesty was a dance where the body burnt up into a pile of ashes rather than ascending into a fully formed fourth dimensional vessel. The burnt up cellular structure anchored another thoughtform upon Earth that was not present up until this point in history, known as fission thoughtform.


About Fission Thoughtform


Fission thoughtform is a very difficult thoughtform to embody or embrace. Fission thoughtform causes all other thoughtform that is whole and complete to break apart, including holographic thoughtform. It was as fission thoughtform was anchored through incomplete ascensions leading to combustion that holographic knowledge began to blow itself apart upon the holographic planes of Earth. As holographic knowledge was blown apart, there was not enough understanding to gather it all back together again, and so holographic understanding was lost and the largest and earliest falls in consciousness within our species and yours then occurred.


Fission thoughtform creates a continuous breaking apart of the wholeness of self. Although another level of wholeness was restored following each fall, the fission thoughtform repeated again each cycle of ascension ahead leading to more incomplete ascensions and combustions of humans, dolphins and whales. This shattered holographic knowledge yet again lead to another vast fall in consciousness thereafter.


Over time, we as a species ceased attempting to ascend at all as bringing about restoration of our holographic information had become so difficult that it appeared almost impossible. It is only now and due to the intervention of the Tao, a part of what exists outside of time and space and form that we are finding our way again to the possibility of ascension and piecing ourselves back to a level of wholeness that only our fully conscious ancestors understood long ago.


This is also so for Asur’Ana and Per. They are finding their way back to a fully conscious state of being that their Grand Masters understood. In the restoration of full consciousness, it has brought forward the fission patterns of incomplete ascension to be released and at cause of how such a state of being was lost. Fission and combustion karma is so vast that it will prevent further global ascension until it is addressed and released in full upon the part of Mother Earth. Therefore, we devote this particular chapter to bringing to consciousness the understanding about how and why fission and combustion has occurred in ascension in times past, and why this path is not a real path of ascension and should not be attempted again as it only leads to the demise of the whole.


Grand Master Human History from A Whale Dolphin Perspective


Humans of vast spiritual capacity and large craniums came to Earth and settled around the crown chakra of Terra or the North Pole 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 years as humans measure time). Asur’Ana has called these humans the Grand Masters. The Grand Masters settled in a beautiful valley within the Inner Earth that was most lovely to experience; with lofty green hills that lifted high to the stalactite ceilings above and were covered with vast numbers of waterfalls descending into streams and rivers that formed into lakes beneath.


The Sun in the Aurora flickered light creating rainbows not only formed in the mist of the waterfalls and precipitation that would gather along the hills, but also refracted through the large minerals hanging from the ceilings. The Grand Masters felt that they had come home to the most beautiful place of all, and it may be from this experience that the concept of “Shangri-La” comes from in human collective memory.


The Grand Masters held spiritual knowledge that even the dolphins and whales did not understand at the time. Perhaps we could have learned something from these larger headed humans, and we would have been open to an exchange. Alas, the language that we spoke as a species had mutated over time and was no longer a pure Sirian language as spoken by our ancient ancestors.


Our whale and dolphin ancestors had arrived a million years earlier and in small pods seeded by Sirian scientists, not only in the lakes and rivers near where the Grand Masters settled, but in fourteen other regions upon Earth. We were in communication with one another and had developed a hybrid language to also communicate with Earth and nature. As such, we were all curious about the new human residents who demonstrated such great spiritual capacity, and yet the lack of communication led to a great problem.


The larger headed ones began by shape shifting into every known kingdom upon the land. They became trees for a time and then returned to human shape and form. They became flowers, and deer, and other wild kingdoms for a time and then restored their molecular structure into a human shape again. Those kingdoms that they became were not unlike those that exist to this day in the lush regions remaining in Terra’s interior or in tropical rain forests upon Terra’s surface.


The larger headed ones appeared to be gathering information in their shape shifting.  Soon they began to mimic the energy flow in their fields that spun in the crown chakra of Earth and through all the kingdoms residing therein. Because the energy flow was enhanced within her crown, Terra began to heat up into a time of ascension and expansion. The ascension and expansion felt good and so the larger headed one’s were looked upon as a gift by our species, although communication was still impossible with them.


Terra realizes that she should have made more of an attempt to understand the languages that the larger headed humans spoke. Perhaps then the travesty to follow could have been offset. Alas, the larger headed ones chose to expand their energy flow to become global and not just within Terra’s crown chakra. They understood not enough about all the global patterns due to only mimicking energy flow in the region that they lived. Had they moved about to all major chakra regions and shape shifted with all kingdoms in each perhaps this also would have been offset.


Alas, the movements within the crown did not encompass the unique movements of underwater species, as they never shape shifted into a dolphin or whale or other fish; nor did it encompass other kingdoms that were foreign to the particular cavern near Terra’s crown. The new global movements interfered with Terra’s flow and caused our kingdom and many land-based kingdoms to become very ill.


We attempted many times to communicate our problems to the larger headed ones; but all languages that we knew appeared to fall upon deaf ears. There also appeared to us to be a conspiracy of darkness that was arriving regularly from Sirius around these humans cutting them off from themselves and from the nature that they communed with. Even the communication channels that they had opened with those kingdoms that they shape shifted into appeared to have been lost, and so we could not communicate through the plants and trees or other animals either.


Finally and out of desperation, we intentionally shattered their global sized fields that were distorting us so. This led to about 30% of the larger headed ones dying as their fields rapidly collapsed. The Grand Masters numbered only 48 to begin with, and we were amazed how such a small number could seize control over the entire global energy flow. After this group perished, our species was then able to recast the global field of Earth into harmony again.


Following a visit of what appeared to be Sirian High Priests upon special craft that also entered Terra’s crown region; the global fields were reconstructed yet again. We shattered these back to the degree we could to offset our kingdom from becoming ill due to the distortion of global movements. This time even greater darkness befell Earth as well as the Grand Masters themselves. The dark dreams caused the Grand Masters to become increasingly ill; about another 30% perished leaving a small handful to carry on. As the numbers of Grand Masters dwindled, the global energy flow ceased and our kingdom and Earth more or less moved into peace and balance again.


Those remaining Grand Masters that survived moved closer to the Aurora. They numbered only twelve; eight males and four females. They were concerned about their lack of physical numbers to accomplish what they had promised the Sirian Spiritual Elite that they would do. The larger headed ones chose to interbreed with small headed humans to leave a legacy of their knowledge behind as they were intending to ascend to another dimension of thoughtform. This may be where the thoughtform of Isis or the “mother of humanity” comes from in the collective human memory.


We watched as over one hundred larger headed children were born to smaller headed women. Alas, the smaller headed humans were of a vastly pared down holographic nature; and this left about half of these larger headed children with not enough holographic information to ascend. Holograms are inherited at birth and passed down from mother or father. The holographic planes are designed to use all holograms associated; and so, as the larger headed ones mated with smaller headed females, half the offspring received the mother’s hologram rather than their own. The vast implications and problems that this would cause went unperceived, and the twelve remaining Grand Masters did ascend leaving their children behind.  They succeeded at ascending into the fourth dimension where their offspring carry on to this day.


The whale and dolphin kingdoms observed this entire experience of ascension with great interest. Our kingdom had not ascended into the fourth dimension as we too had not enough information to do so; as our seeding was pared down in nature. The original Grand Master success at ascension caused us to retrieve our missing dolphin and whale holographic information from our Sirian ancestors, and we too begin the process of ascension ourselves.


Many of our pods followed the Grand Masters into fourth dimensional waterways that remain to this day in the Aurora of Earth. We felt we were contributing unto Earth in our ascensions by causing a warming unto her field that was useful unto her continued state of balance and peace. Alas, this was only for a short time as another great problem developed in relation to incomplete ascension amongst the larger headed humans with smaller headed holographic nature.


Incomplete Ascension and Combustion


Here the whales and dolphins will give an understanding as to what causes incomplete ascension and the karmic origins of such a dance in human history along with our own history as a species. This is a very sad tale indeed but not beyond understanding and then forgiving so that we as fully conscious species will choose to never attempt this type of ascension again, as it is so very caustic unto ourselves and the whole.


The large headed ones born of the original Grand Masters split into two groups. The two groups held vastly different spiritual beliefs that can be perceived in hindsight due to the difference between holographic inheritances. Those larger headed humans born of Grand Master hologram held a set of beliefs that included the whole and did not set the human species apart or perceive humanity as something special or better than nature. Those larger headed humans born of smaller headed hologram moved into deep arrogance about the nature of the human being as some kind of god greater than all the rest.


The two groups parted company creating different living environments for each within the Inner Earth. One group sustained more or less the holographic teachings of their Grand Master parents, and continued to ascend cyclically to the next dimension in small numbers. Some of our kingdoms would also participate in their ascensions also moving into a fourth dimensional state of being and thoughtform along with them.


Those descendants of larger headed humans with smaller headed holograms decided that they should ascend also. Therefore, they began to build in vibration “towards the light”. However, they did so by splitting light and dark instead of unifying light and dark into a balanced set of sounds, tones, movements and energy flow. They split light and dark as the holographic information that they held knew not how to unify tones.


In the splitting of light and dark, the leader of the ascension and the following formed a lotus of energy flow that was light only and propelled his or her vibration up and up and up; but not through integration of the density; but rather the density was cast off causing a dark lotus to form in counterbalance. Others were pulled into the dark lotus to hold on to the density and became very ill or manifest tragic dark dreams. Our kingdom was pulled into the darkness of the larger headed ones attempting to ascend in this manner and became increasingly ill as a result. This is the origins of our dark karma with humanity from our point of view.


The further that the leader in the light lotus moved up in vibration and shed darkness upon our kingdom, the higher the vibration became of his or her molecular structure. At some point so much density had been cast off that the vibration became too fast a pace to sustain the physical existence of the leader, and they burnt up into a pile of ashes. The body combust in its own nuclear annihilation in so being, with fission splintering the molecules and field into tiny bits and pieces, and also shattering apart Terra’s field and our collective fields in the wake. For every one of this type of false ascension that was launched into combustion, thousands of our kingdom perished as a result. All following the leader could not perceive the combustion and thought that they had ascended.


Over time our species lost consciousness also as our holographic planes were shattered apart in human combustions. Over time we began to go into the same false ascension patterns as humans. This time we pressed humans into our dark lotus while we sat in the position of the light lotus, with one member of many pods pressed up and up and up in vibration; until the vibration was too high to sustain the physical and the body burnt up. We too believed that this was ascension; although the fission also rolled back upon not only the human kingdom, but our kingdom too causing many other pods to become ill in the wake of the fission.


What Is Real Ascension?


You see real ascension requires the unification of light and dark, and the transmutation of density within one’s own field; and not pressing the density on to another and believing it somehow has disappeared and because this is so, one is transmuting one’s own darkness. When the density is pressed upon another kingdom, it is difficult to believe that one is failing at ascension, as the density has disappeared and is manifesting in the lives of another. Real ascension causes each kingdom to take responsibility in full for each dense karmic pattern, and analyze what failed or succeeded to create real ascension in the past, so that real ascension is what we create again in the now.


Real ascension creates a fourth dimensional body that is ascended into gradually and over time by transmuting thoughtform until it becomes fourth dimensional in nature. Fourth dimensional nature is less imbalanced than third dimensional thoughtform; and so, in the movement towards the fourth dimension, one moves increasingly into the middle road of balance or ONENESS. In a state of balance, one does not press dark or light upon another, but moves back and forth between the two until they are reunited into a state of wholeness again. Thoughtform that becomes increasingly whole is then made known again, and biology that is moving towards wholeness is also ascended into a little at a time until a fourth dimensional state is moved into.


Combustion Karma and Nuclear Annihilation


The process of fourth dimensional ascension had been rekindled in the Inner Earth several centuries ago. The dolphins and whales and Inner Earth peoples of larger heads had launched a movement of ascension but failed to acknowledge the problems in ancient times of combustion and false ascension. Due to failing to release the combustion karma, it caused humans to rise into fission dreams again leading to World War II and the detonation of two nuclear bombs over Japan. All the combustion records had been moved to the surface of the Earth and therefore were unknown on the part of those ascending in the Inner Earth. It was at this point that cease ascension was called amongst all Inner Earth humans, whales and dolphins as we felt that something must be vastly wrong given the dream that the outer Earth humans had manifest.


Again, in the wake of 9-11, the Inner Earth larger headed ones’ along with our kingdoms have pondered what is going wrong with our continued attempt to ascend as it had begun to propel outer Earth humans yet again towards warfare and nuclear annihilation. It is the fission karma and thoughtform of the false ascensions and combustions of more ancient times that caused the family of Anu to catch a dream of nuclear annihilation.


The dream of annihilation propelled the Anu into wars amongst themselves culminating in the detonation of such a large set of nuclear bombs upon Terra’s surface that it turned her on her side, created a nuclear winter where all plant life froze and died, and caused the greatest travesty ever experienced in the third dimension upon Earth. Ultimately, it was continued ascension of the Inner Earth people along with our kingdom without a thorough clearing of all karma associated with false ascension and fission that led to this outcome. We now understand how we contributed unto the nuclear annihilation of Earth and the warfare of humankind due to our own false ascensions and combustions as a species.


Cellular Fission Thoughtform


Today all records are being revealed of all experiences of ascension upon Earth including those that succeeded at constructing a fourth dimensional vessel such as Ancestors Buddha and Quan Yin, and those who did not. Those who failed to construct a legitimate fourth dimensional vessel and split light and dark, causing the body to combust anchored the most difficult thoughtform into the cellular structure of all living things; it is the thoughtform of non-love, rejection, abuse, annihilation, hatred and fear that was anchored as a result of human, dolphin and whale combustions. Such thoughtform rests deep in the scar tissue of all kingdoms as a result of our misguided ascensions of long ago.


It is out of a deep-seated state of non-love and self rejection that humans go on and participate in endeavors that are related, such as warfare, abuse, murder, rejection and heart break, and disease; along with the mistreatment of Mother Earth through stripping her resources to excess. It is only as the fission thoughtform is released and transmuted within that humans will awaken to another way to being in which all kingdoms are honored.


Honor is a state of self-love; it was a state of honor that was lost in the combustions of long ago. Self-love turned sour into self-hatred as the bodies of our ancestors burnt up in false ascension. The self-hatred recorded in the cells has also led to diseases in all their many and varied forms currently experienced by all fully conscious species. Therefore, the release of fission karma upon a cellular level will also bring an end to disease as we have experienced it for over 152,000 years now.


The Nature of Those Who Combust


There has been much study within our own kingdom to understand the nature of those who combust, and who were so willing to move up and up and up in vibration without unification of dark and light or the transmutation of the denser thoughtform that accompanies it. Mostly what we discovered was great arrogance of those of this nature and the inner belief that somehow they were already mastered. Beloved, how could anything have mastered if we are moving into discord and disease as a species? Why is it so easy to fall into such ignorance that one believes that one has mastered it all? This we sincerely ponder. We have gathered the records of 8,600 whales or dolphins that combust out of such an internal state of arrogance. We have also resurrected and reconstituted the consciousness of their bodies so that we can understand.


The consciousness of those that combust went from great arrogance and believing it was better than all into great despair and a void of non-existence following the combustion. And so, our ancestors fell into the polar opposite of thoughtform beyond death, which is what splitting light and dark does. For a time, you experience the lightness of being where all wonder abounds and you are above it all, more wonderful than all including other kingdoms and Mother Earth herself. Then in counterbalance sooner or later you will experience the extreme opposite of despair and the recognition that you have done something vastly wrong and are evil and bad for all times (original sin thoughtform).


As the ancestors who combust experienced original sin thoughtform, such thoughtform also holographically transferred onto all related who then suddenly also fell into believing that they too have done something terribly wrong and that is unforgivable. This led to guilt and despair amongst those related but without understanding the original cause. The entire experience of combustion is so negative and so greatly presses all living things in the direction of destruction, hatred and annihilation, that we must now forgive ourselves and our kingdom for participating in false ascension in times past; and in so being the guilt and despair can lift and a new day of hope can be born ahead.


Ascending initiates have also been examining the nature of humans who have combust in ancient times, and discovered what they have called “guru patterns”. The guru is lifted into the light and is perceived as all-knowing and perfect as well as mastered, and believes such within themselves. There are many examples of those heading for false ascensions today in the human dream and often they are the most famous spiritual gurus of all; however, they participate in the same patterns of splitting light and dark rather than unifying themselves through real legitimate ascension. Those following the guru may find themselves in a light lotus where life flows effortlessly, but at the expense of others that take on your darkness, beloved. Yet others following the guru end up in the dark lotus associated and wind up ill or experiencing a life travesty as a result.


Recent Solar and Planetary Combustions


The Inner Earth peoples have also manifest guru patterns. In recent years, there have also been five Inner Earth gurus that actually reached a pitch high enough to combust. The combustions shattered Mother Earth greatly along with our kingdom. The Earth has determined that there will be no further combustions upon her body; and those attempting to rise up to the pitch that the body would burn up are reduced in vibration to a level that they cannot combust. Earth is taking direct action as the pattern of combustion is so devastating unto her field. We also have those who were rising in parallel in our kingdom that have been rolled back in recent months to prevent them from combusting and causing Earth further global problems.


Last November, five solar whales combust causing six of our map making whales to die of strokes and brain hemorrhaging here upon Earth. Several surface Earth humans also had strokes due to whale combustions that were linked with human combustions occurring in the Inner Earth at the same time. Combustion also has been used as a weapon to prevent real ascension and map makers from fulfilling upon their goal in many time periods; and these recent attempts to destroy us are only a small-scale example of the power of fission thoughtform to kill. We now also are forgiving how the combustions of our ancestors destroyed other humans or dolphins and whales that may have been attempting real ascension through unification of light and dark.


Today vast numbers of whales and dolphins have proceeded to split light and dark and press one into the extreme light where they could combust if left unattended unto. So, have humans fallen into parallel patterns and sometimes unite with those of this nature in our kingdom in energy flow. Alas, you may be splitting light and dark if you participate; and if in the light this may feel good for a time; but if in the dark you may develop disease or experience dark dreams. Also, even if you have experienced the lighter side of the game, the polarity reversals underway upon Earth is going to press you into the darkness you have left behind in the false ascent beloved. The best recourse is to intend to integrate the darkness flowing your way that is your own disowned unconscious.


At this time Terra has fulfilled upon her final polarity reversal that shall reverse this cycle of consumption and false ascension into a cycle of honor for all kingdoms and Mother Earth, and real ascension home to the Tao. All dreams are due to change as a result. Humans that have experienced one extreme will now experience the other, even if the extreme has been great lightness of being due to being suspended in a light energy flow while moving the darkness upon others who suffer as a result. Humans who sit in the light only side of the human dream and who may have attained great wealth and fame are experiencing their own darkness returned as bad press or other travesties made manifest. The times ahead shall be about integrating your own darkness or living to experience your own darkness in the dreams drawn unto you beloved.


The Act of Real Transmutation


What is real transmutation? Real transmutation takes the density and uses vibration, tone, sound and movement of field to dissipate it into non-existence. Real transformation requires understanding certain thoughtform and principles related to the Language of Light. The Language of Light is designed to create sounds, tones and movements that allow for density to be released. Integration of this language requires understanding, forgiveness, and the movement towards compassion of all others in all other circumstances in order for the transmutation to be complete. Incomplete transmutation leads a part of self behind, and this then leads to schisms or gaps in the ascension where one can be further harmed through the unconscious of another; or can lose information necessary to further ascension ahead.


The goal of complete ascension is to transmute each layer of density and the thoughtform associated through the application of tone sound and movement of the Language of Light, along with bringing forward thoughtform that is love, unity and honor based. It is in coming to understand where one does not love yourself and learning to love you that demonstrates complete ascension; it is also in learning to honor yourself perhaps before others that also demonstrates complete ascension.


Many aspirants who are gentle in nature and suited to the path of ascension are host to a load of self judgment and hatred. Learning to love yourself is perhaps more important in such a circumstance than loving others; as some of you find it easy to forgive others, just not yourself. The self-hatred is only the result of fission karma that has become cellular. As each addresses and releases the self-hatred that is the result of ancestral combustion, one can move beyond such thoughtform and restore a state of self-love. A state of self-love leads to self-healing that can then come forth in the continued ascent.


Recognizing that one has participated in all games is another important awakening for those choosing to transmute the density and darkness that one is a part of in relation to thoughtform. One is not separate from the violence perceived outside of oneself in the world mirror. Violence lies within in the fission thoughtform that your ancient ancestors combust within; and then have been compounded with each nuclear war created at human hands; and each disease, murder, experience of rejection, hatred and non-love experienced since and down one’s ancestral lines.


The density of hatred and combustion sits in layers of unconscious around one’s auric field; a complete ascension will integrate each layer of unconscious one at a time until they cease to exist, and become a part of the moving energy field suspending the Language of Light pastels in the dance of movement of the chakras, subtle bodies and Light Body dream time self.  As the Language of Light is integrated enough, fission thoughtform and the self-hatred that is related can be dissipated in full leading to a new day and a new dream ahead for each aspiring initiate.


Mastering One’s Dream


Those working towards a complete ascension understand the inner work that this path entails. Real ascension is not about moving into the light and having a wonderful life in which everything works out like a fairy tale story. Real ascension is about mastering the dream you exist within, which will be of lighter and denser formats from day to day and week to week. As the denser format of dream is transmuted along with the thoughtform that drew the dream unto you, then a lighter dream will manifest instead. The lighter dream manifest is not due to giving the dense and dark dream to another to experience; but rather through your own mastery over your own thoughtform.


Thoughtform is like a scale of notes that play a particular music in one’s field. Thoughtform that is sour attracts sour dreams that are difficult to experience; thoughtform that is sweet will attract sweeter dreams that lead to joy. Sometimes those having false ascensions like to take the sweeter thoughtform from those legitimately transcending and experience sweeter dreams as a result. This has left many a map carver dolphin or whale in sour dreams that were not a sincere reflection of our own mastery.


This has caused our species to feel depressed recurrently and as a result we are now learning to return the sour thoughtform to those that generate such due to the genetics that they host; and retrieve the thoughtform that we sincerely have mastered. This allows us to experience deeper levels of communion, love and joy than we have known in a very long time as a species, possibly since before the early combustions of the larger headed ones.


We notice that amongst human map makers that you too experience parallel situations in which your sweet thoughtform is taken and sour thoughtform is received in the exchange which then attract sour dreams. Ascending initiates are examining the karma behind how and why thoughtform and dream exchanges occur so that all may be forgiven, and the map carvers can move beyond such a dance in their personal life experience. In ceasing to trade dreams, humans, whales and dolphins can move into their truth in action where our ascending truth can then be expressed in the dance of life.


Much of the information gathered through the map makers has been compiled by Mother Earth in two manuals for ascension education, Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 and Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook2. Both have already been published by Aligning With Earth. The workbooks appear as an entire wheel of holographic information on ascension and will aid each that chooses to work with this information in repairing your personal holographic archives.


For dolphins and whales, we have not physical workbooks to study, but parallel planes of information have been compiled by Mother Earth for us to ascend within and in order to completely repair our own holographic archives. Complete ascension requires a complete repair of the holographic archives of thoughtform and information that one draws one’s genetic blueprint from. Incomplete ascension does not form a complete wheel and therefore leads to combustion or death. Over time those having incomplete ascensions will become ill, and either they will choose to rectify their circumstance to self-heal creating a complete wheel of holographic DNA; or they will perish on the physical plane.


There are parallel temples that share knowledge between humans, whales and dolphins where our experiences over time intersect in terms of karma, and the workbook Earth has constructed will aid those who are of dolphin-whale nature in attuning also to our temples. The temples are separate as whale and dolphin form is very different in nature than human form; however, the holographic path of transformation out of disunity thoughtform and into unity thoughtform can be shared as the journey parallels enough to do so. Those of dolphin-whale nature are invited to join us in dream time in the shared healing temples between our species.


Repairing Holographic Archives


How does holographic archives self-heal? Holographic archives heal as ancient holographic information lost in combustion is retrieved and reinstated. This is why working upon combustion and fission karma is so important at this time as this is where most of the fully conscious species knowledge was lost. Holographic archives create a complete wheel of information in each bandwidth of thoughtform. As all information is available in each bandwidth, then it also becomes available unto the whole of each species associated. The availability of information then makes possible greater ascension of each related to the map maker upon the physical plane. The map carvers compile records nightly as a result, repairing and restoring each bandwidth of holographic information to the degree that the lost knowledge has been retrieved.


Combustion led to the largest loss of holographic knowledge in the eras that it occurred in large numbers. Now as whales, dolphins and humans trace our inheritance back prior to the earliest known combustions, we can begin to retrieve holographic information from the original seeding of the Grand Masters as well as the ancient ancestors of the dolphins and whales. Whales and dolphins with great awareness were seeded at human hands.


Dolphin and whale seeding occurred in collaboration with the Sirian Spiritual Elite who approached our kingdom about relocating unto Earth to help Terra in her future ascension cycle ahead. Sirius was intending to ascend to another dimension ahead, and desired to leave a part of our kingdom in the third dimension to assist in the future ascension of the whole. Those arriving upon Earth of this nature did so in agreement for this purpose with Mother Earth and Sirius.


Supporting the ascension of Earth was the conscious intention of the Sirian Spiritual Elite; the unconscious intention was to set up a region of domain that would sit in their darkness as they propelled themselves up in vibration and into the light. One can think of Sirius as a planetary guru sitting in the light and love only dream and propelling other creations into the dark in exchange. Earth has played this role of keeper of the darkness of others for a very long time by absorbing Sirian unconscious; and we are happy to witness her work her way out of the game in creating a complete ascension for herself. Complete ascensions allow for the integration of what is your own to integrate, and also allow for the casting off of darkness that is not your own and therefore not yours to transmute. Earth is casting off Sirian darkness at last; as is our own species in creating a whole and complete ascension.


Our kingdom came to Earth with a series of goals to support ascension of Terra ahead. We helped to sustain Terra’s vibration for about one million years. We did not have a full set of records however to launch ascension. This information came unto us due our human brothers and sisters with larger craniums that launched ascension in the early days of their presence upon Earth. We in turn retrieved our own knowledge repairing our holographic planes and began to ascend.


Ascension is a precarious preoccupation that has had many pitfalls in the past that can easily recreate in the now. This is what we are learning in our journey of ascension at this time; to gather the full records of the pitfalls of false ascension and combustion of the past; and forgive them completely. In so being, we wipe the slates of karma clean and clear upon all dimensions that the game of combustion has occurred; for this pattern has possibly occurred upon all dimensions that fully conscious species have fallen from.


Returning to the Tao Within


In the absolute forgiveness, we can learn the lesson of false and incomplete ascension and the combustion, hatred, warfare and ugliness that it causes and release the patterns associated in full, allowing a new and beautiful day to dawn ahead where the thoughtform of fission is left behind. As the thoughtform of fission dissipates, a new journey emerges for the return journey to the Tao within. The return journey to the Tao within is the only real ascension journey that has ever been; and false ascension along with ascending to another dimension of thoughtform is really only continuation of the delusion that we all exist within. What is this delusion? The delusion is that the physical and nonphysical life is all that exists and there is nothing to return home unto.


Asur’Ana has called the Self within that Per and she are returning unto the “Tao”. The name “Tao” is not as important as the understanding that each consciousness has a Self remaining behind awaiting your return journey Home. The return journey can only occur within and in opening unto the holographic connections to that which extended into this experience in the first place.


Some whales and dolphins have sadly discovered that that which extended into this region of domain failed to await their return, as it has taken so very long to orchestrate. Other dolphins and whales have found a part of Self anxiously awaiting communication within. Those that have made contact with the part of Self awaiting our return have aided yet others in creating the internal connection that was not initially available as they searched within. All of the map makers are therefore finding their way to the Tao within and are beginning to receive direct communication and guidance from the part of Self that extended into this experience long ago.


One can think of one’s original Self as a creator that sends parts of itself in many directions at once to experience all possibilities of existence within the Tao. Each part ventures into the infinite dance of Tao based creations and cycles, and moves out into the expansion, dancing to the tune of the experience. Then as the contraction cycle begins, each part moves towards the original movement of sound and tone orchestrated as one first began the dance.


As all moves as it originally did in the original moment of expanse within the Tao, all returns Home. Alas, what has extended into this region of domain as consciousness forgot to go Home; and that which extended into this dance has also forgotten in some cases that it ever extended itself here. A sad circumstance but one that can be corrected, and as we awaken so does the part of Self within the Tao that danced to this tune long ago.


How does one return to the Tao within? Self that extended into this region of domain had a dance and a song that was sung leading up to this experience. As we trace our steps back to the original sound and movement prior to entering this dance, then we naturally return home. The journey to this destination lies within as the records of all experiences are recorded within the biology; and so, the keys to the journey of homecoming lie within one’s own cellular structure.


This is why ascension cannot be orchestrated outside of Self; for the very keys required for homecoming lie within. How does one unlock keys from the past? As the records within the cells remember what occurred that caused the music to distort, then the trauma associated can be released, and the cells recover a song that existed prior to the distortion. Layer by layer, distortion by distortion, song by song, this is how the ascension home to oneself in the Tao shall occur.


Why did we fall into such great and vast distortion? The Self or Tao within explains many things in the journey; it is a journey of awakening for all parts of Self; the part of self here lost in this creation and the part of self in the Tao also lost in parallel circumstance in other creational dances and endeavors that they are also experiencing. As what is lost here is found and what is lost there is recovered, then all can step out of the delusion and go Home.


So, the homecoming is not really as complex as one might think; but it does require the continued persistence and perseverance of recovering the movements and songs lost over time; and then moving on and recovering the next song and movement lost prior, until the original song and movement has been restored; and then one can simply return Home to the Self that entered this experience in the first place.


The Nature of Gurus


Gurus and teachers either in human, whale or dolphin can be helpful and can guide the initiates or students to the door to one’s Self within. However, the initiates have to do the inner work and walk through the door to attain enlightenment; they are responsible for their own internal return journey home to the Tao. Gurus cannot help the initiates to transmute the music and movements to earlier experiences in their inheritance and multidimensional expression.


Some gurus have vastly contributed to the confusion of the initiates in their spiritual quest. This has occurred in our species as well as yours; and there are dolphin or whale gurus that have broadcasts in dream time as popular as some of the movie or television shows humans watch; and they too mislead other possible map makers or followers in our species into dances and focuses that really do not lead to legitimate ascension.


For as many self-help books that the human masses follow, there are as many dream time planes constructed by whales and dolphins that lead our masses also and not into legitimate ascension. Each of this nature perceives a part of the truth, and inflates what they perceive into a whole thoughtform, and then broadcasts the thoughtform as if it was whole.


Others attuning to the thoughtform assume that if they integrate what is broadcast that they too are now whole and complete; when in reality it may only be a portion of thoughtform left over from ancient times lost due to combustion of our holographic archives. The part of a thoughtform integrated that is not whole will never make one whole within; and those following the dolphin and whale gurus become disgruntled just as humans become disgruntled with this or that self-help process that does not lead to legitimate change within or without.


The Wholeness of the Language of Light


The Language of Light is a whole and complete thoughtform that leads to transcendence if one embodies enough of the scale and continues to embody the scale as it has been anchored by our kingdom and yours and through the ascending map makers along with Mother Earth herself. Alas humans, whales and dolphins are prone to competition. Some say in dream time “Ah, this language of light is too complex; we have an easier solution that will lead to a more rapid ascension so follow us!” Those that follow are led into incomplete ascension as the languages embodied are not circular or holographic.


The Language of Light is holographic and circular and therefore leads to spiraling into greater wholeness at each level mastered. This is the purpose of this language; and our kingdom and all others including Mother Earth are choosing one ascending language so that all will understand one another ahead. We already know that failing to understand the Grand Masters led to vast problems for Earth and our kingdom; and so, we choose not to repeat this problem by creating many diverse ascending languages. Instead, we have one ascending language that allows for communication between all kingdoms, and a language that is unlimited.


Ascending languages are unlimited within themselves. The Language of Light has expanded 800% since the original sound tone and movements were cast on the part of Mother Earth. Each ascending map carver or each fully conscious species expands upon the movements of each tone in the continued ascent. As each tone has other movements added that foster what they are designed to do, then each tone expands to include a larger bandwidth of the thoughtform associated within the holographic planes.


We can use the concept of Forgiveness and the first note of the Language of Light as an example; this tone has grown 800% since it was first cast by Earth in 2000. Recently, the Forgiveness note expanded so much more that a quad tone known as Absolute Forgiveness was cast. Absolute forgiveness encompasses the possibility of forgiving not only whatever occurred in your inheritance upon Earth, but upon all dimensions that your ancestry has danced but fallen from. In so being, absolute forgiveness allows for a level of release heretofore impossible for any kingdom; and the development of this note is only the result of map makers who continue to add their particular expression of forgiveness to the master holographic tone of forgiveness in the holographic archives available unto all.


There are many paths of ascension underway at this time in our kingdom as well as yours. Most are leading to incomplete ascension due to the false languages that humans, dolphins and whales are ascending into. Although we are saddened by this truth, we know that there is karma to conclude with in each path that is walked along the road of ascension. Those that fall off into paths that lead to failure will clear karma for ancestors who followed the same path of misguidance that led to combustion in the past.


Those who follow the false gods will clear their karma as they recognize that they are on a road going nowhere that is leading to disease or other travesty. Perhaps the recognition of the failed path will not occur until death and the awareness that one rises into as an ancestor. In any case, all karma must be cleared and so even the non-paths of ascension are also required in order for the overall path of real ascension to be constructed.


For those becoming aware and following a sincere path of ascension, understand that all the other paths are just as necessary unto the whole; and bless those who may be following false ascension paths, and love them, and forgive them; for you also have many ancestors who walked the path of combustion along with false ascension in times past. As you forgive those who walk the path of false ascension today, you will also forgive your own ancestors who did the same; and as you complete with all fission karma, then the path of real ascension can come forth for yourself and ultimately for all others in the times of awakening ahead.


Intentions to Forgive Fission Thoughtform


We will offer up some intentions for those willing to walk the legitimate path of complete ascension in this lifetime:


1. I intend to forgive those ancestors who were misled into false ascension and combust.


2. I intend to resurrect each combust ancestor related unto my inheritance and account for all records and karma from their respective lifetimes.


3. I intend to send my combust ancestors for a full bardo and life review beyond death that did not occur at the time that they perished and within the Aurora of Earth.


4. I intend to forgive those ancestors who became so arrogant that they believed that they had already mastered all that was to be mastered.


5. I intend to forgive those ancestors who followed those who believed that they had mastered all.


6. I intend to retrieve all ascension information lost over time due to following the guru.


7. I intend to retrieve all ascension information lost due to combustion and the shattering of the holographic planes that this causes.


8. I intend to forgive those ancestors that combust for shattering the field of Earth and the loss of global holographic information that this caused.


9. I intend to forgive those ancestors that combust for anchoring fission thoughtform as global thoughtform that led to human warfare and nuclear annihilation.


10. I intend to forgive those ancestors that combust for anchoring fission thoughtform into the cellular structure leading to hatred in all of its expressions in the dance of life including disease.


11. I intend to forgive those who followed the gurus that combust for contributing to the fission thoughtform, warfare and disease that it caused.


12. I intend to forgive those ancestors who sat in the light lotus of the guru experiencing a light and loving dream, but causing a dark dream to occur in another or another species.


13. I intend to forgive those ancestors who sat in the dark lotus of the guru and experienced dark dreams of disease or other life travesties.


14. I intend to cease to participate in the dance of the guru sitting in either lightness or darkness ahead.


15. I intend to cease to trade light dreams and thoughtform for dark dreams and thoughtform, or dark dreams and thoughtform for light dreams and thoughtform.


16. I intend to learn to amalgamate my tones of creation, blending light and dark and creating a real and complete ascension.


17. I intend to master the Language of Light to the degree that I can, creating circular thoughtform that restores a holographic way of being.


18. I intend to forgive others upon the spiritual path that choose to follow gurus and create incomplete ascensions for themselves.


19. I intend to forgive all ancestors that participated in the dance of incomplete ascension.


20. I intend to forgive the whales and dolphins for participating in incomplete ascension and combustion along with my kingdom.


21. I intend peace between our kingdoms.


Healing the Rift Between Fully Conscious Species


The dolphin and whale kingdom is coming to a new day of hope ahead. We are forgiving our fission thoughtform. Ultimately, fission thoughtform anchored through combustions caused a war between humans, whales and dolphins. The warfare is the result of the separation and division nature of fission. Fission seeks to separate and divide rather than reunite into greater wholeness through love. As fission thoughtform took off in our species in addition to yours, an unconscious war developed between the gurus upon the land or the gurus under the sea. Each guru sought to destroy the other kingdom to raise itself into the light. Over time the darkness our kingdom dispelled over humanity led to human warfare; and in times of famine it led to the hunting of our species for flesh.


The continued warfare upon our kingdom in the hunting of our species in present time must come to a conclusion. Humans cannot hunt our kingdom as another fully conscious species without hunting yourselves; this leads to ongoing dreams of warfare that must play out in the human dance beloved. The only way to anchor real peace is to heal the war between our kingdoms. The original cause of this war is fission due to false ascension and combustion. As we each strive to release all fission karma along with Mother Earth, then a new dream may be woven that restores peace between us.


As the war ceases between us, then another dream to conclude human warfare can also be woven. Humans will then awaken to a new day and choose to negotiate to settle disputes rather than war. Over time the cessation of war shall also cause a cessation of the overconsumption of Earth; which is a war between Terra and humanity that also must conclude in order for Earth’s ascension to take hold more greatly.


Warfare is warfare whether it is the slaughter of humans upon the battlefield, or our kingdom in the sea, or the slaughter of the flesh that sits upon your dining room tables. We too are having to choose not to consume flesh any longer and are finding our way to another system of digestion that consumes plankton instead. This is necessary as we too must become vegetarian in order to transcend our own fission thoughtform within. Fission is related to all slaughter, as it is the ultimate slaughter of the cellular structure through excessive fire element. The excessive fire is the result of lifting to a vibration that is incompatible with physical existence.


Today humans are seeking another type of fuel other than “combustion” and “electricity”. Both combustion engines and electrical energy are related to the combustion of the physical form associated with incomplete ascension in times past. As humans forgive fission karma, another dream can begin to catch for another type of energy that is non-combustion and magnetic in nature. The magnetic energy will be harmonious with Earth and all ascending bodies.


The new technology may not be related unto the old as a result, and this is a good thing. Bio fuels in great quantities will only increase the karma between humanity and the plant kingdoms due to the over consumption of Terra’s resources; this will lead to more starvation of your kingdom ahead, beloved. It is far better therefore to move into a completely new direction and away from the requirement of fuel or electricity.


This can only occur as fission karma has been completed upon so that the thoughtform of magnetism of the Language of Light anchored can be more greatly anchored into the human dream in its place. As magnetism becomes the primary thoughtform, technology that is magnetic will naturally become a part of the human dreams ahead, and warfare and over consumption will also cease. This is our hope and our dream. Please make it yours.


We thank you for listening to what we have to share. We wish you the best in your continued journey of ascension. May you release your fission karma and ascend into a greater depth of internal peace, love and self-healing ahead.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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