Image of abundance of coconut fruits on a coconut tree. Blessings For Interdependence

13. Blessings For Interdependence


From the Nut Bearing Tree Kingdom


It is the Nut Bearing Trees that greet you today. Nuts such as almonds, pecans, macadamias and walnuts have been a part of human dietary habits since the original seeding of the Red Nations Peoples about 300,000 years ago. Nuts are high in fats and proteins necessary to sustain life. Long ago, the ancient red nations’ peoples did not consume flesh; they survived instead upon a vegetarian diet. Primarily, the nut kingdom assisted in providing 80% of the protein requirements for the crystalline biology of these ancient humans. Legumes (beans) and mushrooms provided the other 20% of the protein requirements.


Complete Foods


Protein is a necessary substance to ascending biology. The muscles, organs and glands require adequate protein to assist in the ongoing regeneration of crystalline cells as well as ascension of decayed regions of the form. Nut proteins may be one of the easier sources of proteins to digest by crystalline enzymes, easier even than eggs. Why is this so? Nuts when ingested break down into many nutrients as they contain small amounts of sugars, oils and protein making them a “complete food”.


Complete foods host all nutrients necessary to sustain one’s form. Crystalline digestive enzymes break down all three components in one’s diet, which is why it is good to include some protein, carbohydrates and fats along with fermented foods in each meal as an ascending human. This makes nuts a good “complete food” to ingest as a snack or as added to one’s main dishes, salads or desserts.


Most plant kingdoms do not host fruits that are complete as a nutritional source. It is through food combination that one creates a complete meal providing all nutrients required for continued health and evolution. In time, many other plant kingdoms much like the nut kingdom will increase in nutrients as they ascend into a genetic blueprint from another time in which all foods held greater levels of nutrition. Foods in ancient times were complete unto themselves.


Coconut is an example of a more ancient food that is complete to an even greater degree than most nuts, and is one of the few of this nature remaining upon Earth. Fresh coconut juice provides a fermented liquid filled with many digestive enzymes due to the heat of the sun. Asur’Ana discovered that this fluid is very useful in breaking down the deposits in the liver and kidney ducts as well as cleansing the veins of the blood.


Fresh coconut juice has become a favorite snack of hers while shopping at local sunshine or farmers markets on the islands as a result. She then takes home the coconut and harvests the young flesh that is yummy. Coconut flesh additionally provides fat, protein and sugars. Eating coconut flesh and drinking of its juice is equivalent to having a complete meal containing fat, protein, sugar and fermented food source. Asur’Ana has noticed that she is not hungry for many hours to half a day following eating and drinking of young fresh coconut as a result.


At another time, many other food sources were complete in nature like the coconut. Due to the many falls in consciousness, genetics fractured and mutated into two or three variant fruits each carrying a portion of the original nutrients of a single fruit at another time. Now one must eat two or three fruits to have the same nutrition once available in a single food source. It is therefore primarily through food combining that one assures adequate nutrients to retain one’s health and continue to ascend in present time.


One could say that vegetables, fruits and nuts work interdependently to feed all other kingdoms reliant upon them through food combining. Interdependence is a state of being where one supports the other and each relationship supports the whole. The plant kingdoms support life in two ways; one is through providing oxygen through photosynthesis in our leaves; the other is to provide nutrients as food source. In a state of interdependence, one supports the other without destroying or sacrificing of oneself or another.


Interdependence versus Codependence


Interdependence is vastly different from codependence. Codependence is a state of being where one sacrifices of oneself in order for another to thrive or exist. One can view the consumption of flesh as a good example of codependence; one animal or fish consumes another animal or fish to subsist. This is codependence in action, beloved. Many have thought of codependence also as a behavioral expression in which one supports another to a point of sacrificing of one’s own health and well-being in the dance. In essence, this too is a good example of the sacrifice associated with codependence.


Codependence originated with the consumption of flesh. At another time in history, humans related to one another interdependently and not codependently; as such each human gave unto the tribe and received from the tribe in equal exchange without any sacrifice. Each tribal member gave of their skills as a cook, or at gathering food source, or at weaving baskets, or constructing dwellings to protect the group from the elements. In return, each member of the tribe received love, unconditional acceptance and enough provisions and housing to continue to exist in the third dimension. No one sacrificed of oneself in order for each to have enough within the tribe. This is interdependence in action. Interdependence is a state of being that humans are destined to return unto into the future and through continued evolution of your species.


A vegetarian diet is also a good example of interdependence. Fruit, nut and vegetable producing plants and trees offer a gift known as the fruit that they produce. As one chooses to eat the fruit, one receives the gift of the associated kingdom. The trees or plants do not sacrifice of themselves in the giving of the gift; for the tree or plant continues to grow even after the fruit is cut from the vine.


Gatherers from ancient red tribes would harvest the fruits of many trees, bushes and plants along with yet others in the form of roots or mushrooms. If harvesting roots or mushrooms, the ancient ones knew not to take all or destroy the entire crop in the process, for if they did this, there might not be enough provisions for the future. So, they took only what they required in the moment and left enough so that more could grow of whatever was required for the future. This too is interdependence in action as it honors the life of all kingdoms.


Current farming practices have become codependent. In a state of codependence, one sacrifices the entire plant or animal as food source. In current farming practices, farmers often plant a field from seedlings and then harvest the entire plant rather than a few leaves or bulbs as food source, allowing the rest of the plant to regenerate for the next harvest. Why have humans learned to farm this way? This is an example of moving increasingly into codependent thoughtform where one species must sacrifice of itself for your continued existence.


In reality, there is no need to farm in this manner and it actually takes five times more chi to destroy the entire plant and raise another crop from seedlings than harvesting portions of the plant and allowing the kingdom to regenerate. The associated kingdom loses chi in the process allowing less of any given species to be grown to feed the whole of humanity.


Why is there starvation? There is starvation as a result of your current farming practices. If farmers did not grow their crops around the world from seed, but instead harvested the plants and allowed them to regenerate, the plant kingdoms would have more chi to grow more food to feed those who are starving. Any plant kingdom only has so much chi or life force to grow beloved; the more chi stripped from any kingdom due to this type of sacrificial harvesting, the less crops over all any kingdom can sustain. This is so regardless of your fertilization practices which forces plants to grow when they might not otherwise.


Consumption, Sacrifices, and Karmic Return


There are further problems with this type of farming that the Nut Kingdoms would like to elaborate upon. What humans fail to understand is that if one sacrifices another, whether the other is a living animal or an entire plant, one ultimately sacrifices oneself and one’s own species. The same modalities of slaughter utilized upon any other kingdom will wind up in one’s own human experience; hence the dance of torture, war, murder and any other act of violence in the world mirror today; it is all due to sacrificing plants and animals that this then comes to be so in the human dream.


One may think to oneself: “Well fish lay eggs each season and they then grow up to provide more fish for us to consume. Cows continue to breed giving birth to new little ones. What is the difference and why is this sacrifice?”  The difference is that in the slaughter, one takes the life of the fish or cow in the process, and the fish or cow sacrifices of its life to sustain your life. It is when one kills the entire existence of any life form including a plant that one consumes, and the life form then sacrifices of itself for one’s existence.


Consumption also occurs in the form of harvesting trees for your lumber; or harvesting bushes such as tea tree for the oil. How does one cease to sacrifice another kingdom in order to build one’s home or make one’s tinctures? One might wonder. Tea Tree Oil could easily be extracted from the leaves only leaving the bush to regenerate; and would be a purer essence with fewer poisonous side effects. Perhaps some humans harvesting tea tree will make a more refined product in this manner and see the difference.


The process of removing only the leaves rather than destroying the entire plant would also honor the kingdom; the kingdom could then bless the tinctures provided, allowing them to bless those who utilized this substance upon the skin or in the brushing of the teeth. It is only as one harvests in honor that the blessings of the associated kingdom can be shared.


Trees exist in common relationship to the entire forest. Cutting down a few trees out of a forest to build one’s home can be done in agreement and honor. If one cuts down a few trees in this manner, the entire forest will support the dream of one’s dwelling and life therein. The forest is not sacrificed in the process and the few trees taken will regenerate. It is as humans choose to cut down entire forests to build cities that trees are sacrificed en masse, much as the animal kingdoms are sacrificed as flesh for human food source. This causes great pain to all kingdoms and leads to an inability of the kingdom to support life upon Terra as each has agreements to do.


In recent decades, some humans have learned to reforest what has been deforested; this has begun to repair the circumstance into one that is supportive of all concerned. When one removes the entire forest, one limits the supply of oxygen required for one’s own life, health and well-being, and in so doing one also destroys oneself.


Many falls in consciousness of the human species and in many time periods are really the result of a lack of oxygen due to so much deforestation, particularly near human cities; the lack of oxygen then causes the brain to deteriorate. One really cannot destroy or sacrifice another without destroying and sacrificing oneself, as such is the nature of a consensus reality that you live upon. Destroy any one part and you destroy yourself beloved. This is perhaps the largest lesson that all species are learning at this time of evolution Home.


Animals, Balance, and Cellular Sacrifice


Animals also support Terra. Animals provide moving energy that allows Terra’s field to move properly. Remove enough animals in any one region, and the energy flow upon Earth becomes stuck. As any energy becomes stuck, the regions begin to die. This is how deserts have been created beloved and all due to the dance of sacrifice of one species to sustain another.


Nature reproduces in balance. If there is a requirement for more bears to assist with the energy flow of the North Pole and Arctic, then more are born in any given year. If fewer are required, then fewer births occur. This is the same for each species. As humans invade a region and hunt a particular kingdom to near extinction, then there are not enough bodies of the given animal to sustain the energy flow of the region. The result is sticky energy that also debilitates the energy flow of the human species living in the region, leading to complications with health and again falling consciousness.


Sacrificing animals for food is another form of codependence that is worse perhaps than deforestation or your current farming practices. When one consumes flesh, it is equivalent to intending that one’s own flesh is consumed, or in other terms, destroyed, maimed, tortured or warred upon. Humans are so unconscious this cycle that they have failed to return to a vegetarian diet even when enough provisions are available from the vegetable, nut and fruit kingdoms to do so. When one continues to consume flesh, one moves into the deepest level of codependence known. In such a state of being, sacrifice turns inward and becomes a biological or a cellular state of being.


Cellular sacrifice can be equated to aging until death, where cells sacrifice themselves gradually and to a point where the life can no longer be sustained. Cellular sacrifice can also be equated to disease in all the variant and often painful forms that occurs in the current human experience. If one consumes flesh long enough, the body level dream registers the consumption as an intention and the body begins to consume itself; and then out of this intention manifests disease and death in the physical.


As humans fell into the state of biological consumption, nature followed suit. Nature responds to fully conscious species and their thoughts. Humans are a fully conscious species and each action of your species affects the entire thoughtform of the consensus that you reside. As humans ate of flesh, animal kingdoms began to eat of one another. As humans rise out of consuming flesh, nature will follow suit and become completely vegetarian. Because key ascending humans and dolphins and whales have chosen to become vegetarian, this change is already underway. It will take until 2035 to fulfill upon in Terra’s estimation with each meat-eating kingdom turning vegetarian.


Origins of Sacrifice and Codependence Upon Terra


How and why did it become necessary to sacrifice of oneself for another to subsist; or for another to sacrifice of itself for you to subsist? There is a long history as to how and why a state sacrifice came to be upon Terra. Sacrifice is the result of the blending of two non-resonant genealogies. In other times preceding human, whale and dolphin seeding, Terra was perceived as a lovely terrarium that human scientists would visit from many other creations and conduct experiments upon.


Over time, humans transplanted a host of vegetation and animals along with aquatic kingdoms from other creations with variant genealogy on to Earth. Some of the kingdoms relocated unto Terra became dominant; as this occurred, they suffocated the life force of other kingdoms that were native unto Terra and held resonant genealogy. Those kingdoms that went extinct sacrificed of their existence for others of dominant genetic blueprints. This is the origins of sacrifice and codependence upon Terra.


Later in parallel manner, humans from foreign creations relocated unto Terra. In the beginning, there were only red nation humans seeded upon Earth from Sirius. Sirius was once a part of another larger creation in the 12th dimension that Terra was also a part of at another time and before she fell. These humans were primarily magnetic in DNA and did not seek to dominate or destroy Earth. Instead, they lived peacefully from the land and were an asset to any region that they existed within; for these humans would move magnetic energy that was supportive of the overall energy flow of the land. These red nations humans were resonant with Terra.


Over time, humans from another creation in the Pleiades also relocated unto Earth. These humans were very dissonant as they hosted energy flow that was non-resonant and electrical. These humans (the family of Anu) were only small in number but the dissonance was so great that it caused a fall in consciousness. These humans were so dissonant unto life upon Terra that they began to age and die as well. To restore their health and extend their lives, they began to drink of the blood of other humans as well as eat of the flesh of certain animals. As a result of this, consumption and codependence were anchored into the human memory banks. As this occurred, nature began to mimic this behavior and some animals began to consume other animals.


Magnetic Energy Flow and Interdependence


What types of DNA are dominant in a magnetic creation such as the one that Terra hosts? Electrical DNA dominates. Any plant, animal or human originating in Orion, the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri will overrun other plants, animals or humans of magnetic origins, and will overrun them to extinction. There are also magnetic varieties of plants that will overrun other magnetic varieties, but never to extinction. In a magnetic state, all species allow all others to exist. Allowing all others to exist without sacrifice is a state of interdependence. It is a state of interdependence that Terra is now decided to return unto; as this is the state of being required to enter the Great Central Sun Dream.


In order to sustain a state of interdependence instead of codependence, one must move into magnetic energy flow and release or transmute all electrical energy flow within the biology. One must also become vegetarian and cease to slaughter or sacrifice any other kingdom for one’s continued existence and well-being.


Additionally, it has been recently perceived by Earth that magnetism or electrical energy flow is associated with the minerals of the biology; and in particular, what salts that the biology hosts. Electrical salts tend to be longer in molecular chains than salts that are magnetic and will conduct electrical geometry such as pyramids and boxes. Magnetic salts are shorter in molecular structure and conduct rotational shaped geometry such as the Language of Light or Language of One.


Releasing a few molecules at the end of all salt chains has the effect of taking a formerly electrical based energy flow and causing it to become magnetic within the ascending field. In the magnetic only state of being, electrical energy is returned to the creation of origin rather than absorbed by the biology (i.e., electricity runs around the body instead of through). The lack of electrical energy cutting up the etheric body can only lead to greater health of all concerned, as it is electricity that deteriorates magnetic DNA and grid work more than anything else currently present upon Earth.


Shifting to Magnetic Only Salts


This shift into magnetic only salts may have many positive side effects. Ascending children can easily enter the world with completely magnetic energy flow due to hosting magnetic salts. As a result, the current electronic era that the Indigo or Pale Indigo ascending children are destined to enter into will not result in another fall in consciousness or fraying of their DNA. Instead, resurrection and continued ascension in the life dance shall be more assured as these young ones mature.


The effect of altering electrical salts into magnetic salts will also affect Terra as a whole. In the vast oceans that make up 70% of Terra’s surface, only 4 salts out of 18 are electrical. As the electrical salts are modified into magnetic salts through a minor change in the sea, Terra will begin to reject more electrical pulsations than she absorbs. Over time and through continued ascension, Terra will only host magnetic salts in all kingdoms and all regions of her body, then electricity shall be defected back to the Pleiades, Orion and Alpha Centauri where it originated. As this occurs, electricity shall dwindle to non-existence in the century ahead and Earth shall regenerate enough to enter the Great Central Sun dream in full.


Humans have fallen in consciousness primarily due to the discord of your electronic devices and media. As ascending humans learn to anchor magnetic salts in all organs, glands and systems of the biology, the electrical density that you sit within shall flow around the etheric body; this in turn will bring an end to falling consciousness and give rise to ascending consciousness within. This shift will also allow for a greater return to health for the ascending adult population.


We invite each reading this book and who are consciously choosing to ascend, to intend to alter all salts within the biology to be of magnetic nature. As each strives for this goal, it shall lead to greater harmony within as there will be a stronger resonance between biological systems, which over time will translate into greater harmony between humans and within one’s life dance as well.


Changing the salts to shorter chains in the biology is easier to do than to attempt to ascend to a higher vibration of genetic materials because salts are more easily modified in every cell of the body than anchoring an entirely new crystalline blueprint. Therefore, Earth is guiding each ascending species at this time to stop and focus upon bringing all salts to a magnetic type of conduit; as this occurs each kingdom along with Earth as a whole shall move towards magnetic based energy flow.


In the physical, salts primarily determine the viscosity of the fluid of the blood and lymph; or the viscosity of the fluid within the cells; the more salt, the thicker or more viscous the fluids; the less salt, the thinner the fluids. Both magnetic salts and electrical salts work in the same manner to create viscosity in the fluids of the body; and so, it matters not which type of salt holds this purpose from a physical point of view. Salt is however the primary mineral that conducts the energy creating the movement of the meridian system, kundalini, chakra system and subtle body systems of the ascending field.


It is magnetic energy flow that sustains life and health in a magnetic creation; as such Earth shall move increasingly towards health as shall each kingdom in this focus. Magnetic energy also leads to inner peace as all parts of the biology are in greater harmony within. As such, this shift should lead to greater peace within and without; a more harmonious dream to be lived leading to a new day ahead where humans can ascend out of conflict and war.


Electrical Energy and Soullessness in a Magnetic Creation


Electrical energy in a magnetic creation leads to sacrifice and viciousness. The manner in which the flesh is sacrificed today is often gruesome and creates more pain for the kingdoms associated than one can imagine. The BBC has created a documentary film depicting cats boiled alive and dogs in large cages dropped into the slaughterhouse, shattering their paws and causing them to squeal in pain. Why is this acceptable to humans to treat animal kingdoms so torturously? Why are humans not honoring what they slaughter enough to assure that the creature is not put into great pain in the process?


Why are humans becoming so brutal that they care not about how another kingdom feels, or one another for that matter? This has to do with electrical genealogy and a soulless state of being. In a magnetic creation, soul is held within the field and form through rotational energy flow. As humans descended into part electrical biology, straight lined energy movement became a part of the human energy field. The straight-line energy flow cuts up the nonphysical, and so soul retracted outside human vessels and fields in order to cease to be shattered. It is soul that feels and soul that cares and loves; if soul is not present, there is nothing present to care about how humans treat one another or how one treats one’s fellow kingdoms in the dance of life.


As humans become soulless, they become living machines. What does a machine care about how it grinds up another, putting creatures in great pain? The machine cares not. Humans have become like living robots that care little about how they treat one another or other kingdoms. It is because humans have become soulless in many places upon Earth that such drastic forms of torture have become a part of the slaughter process, whether the slaughter is in the slaughterhouse or upon the battlefield makes no difference from our point of view.


As soul returns, then humans will suddenly awaken to the torture that they are inflicting upon one another and other kingdoms, and begin to change their ways due to feeling again. This will occur as human biology is modified to host magnetic salts creating a rotational field that can harbor soul in a harmless manner. The times are coming ahead for the return of soul unto the human species. This shall occur as each adult and incoming child chooses to move increasingly into magnetic only rotational flow; as this occurs all of life, as you know it, shall shift, and the awakening of humankind shall become a living breathing reality.


Electrical energy causes the emotional body to become numb. It is only out of a numb state of being that one could put another creature or human into pain and suffering. If one feels, one will feel the pain or misery that one has put another into; and this is an unpleasant experience. It is the electrical technology more than anything that has caused humans to become increasingly numb and then increasingly brutal as a result this past century. As electricity diminishes due to the ascent of Earth into a magnetic biology, then humans will move increasingly towards gentleness and love again. It is only as electricity diminishes that peace on Earth and harmony between all kingdoms can be fostered.


For humans who are awakening, it can be a very painful time of recognizing that others around oneself are like living robots that do not feel and do not care. This was Asur’Ana’s remembrance of her early days of awakening; that she was alone in her awareness in an odd world. She found nature a place to escape because out in the woods or hills nearby her California home, there was consciousness that felt and cared not only about her, but also about Terra as a whole. There were also red nation ancestors that presented themselves unto her for guidance, nurturing, love and assistance upon her path. For many that are awakening and feel alone, the tree kingdoms invite you out into nature where you can commune and find solace and understanding upon your journey home.


Indigo Children


There is a whole crop of Indigo Children maturing now and who are in their late teenage years to early 20’s. These children were born at 1,024 segments of DNA and have greater wholeness and awareness than many others. They not only recall childhood more greatly but also their unconscious perceptions of their family. This is a sign that in entering the world at 1,024 that they were less subject to fracturing or living out of body in childhood. This leads to a young adult with greater wholeness and capacity to ascend to the next level. Ascending adults might find solace and joy in creating friendships with young indigo adults who may relish the wisdom that one is bringing forth from one’s ancient ancestors, and wisdom perhaps they have not received at home from their own parents.


Now the Pale Indigo Children are beginning to be born. These little ones are coming in at 2,200-3,000 segments. Earth is now modifying their genetic goals to move completely into magnetic salts. These little children shall be the life of the party, as they shall host soul. Soul shall guide the child in all interactions along with relationships and education. These children may succeed in ways that others cannot simply due to the presence of soul and ancient ancestors guiding the life dream. They shall be a beacon of love for their family, as they shall be born with open hearts, assisting their teachers, parents and siblings in remembering to love again.


Ascending adults may find joy in being around these new little ones; perhaps one will become a preschool or early education teacher and experience more of the pale indigo children in this manner; or perhaps one will befriend or take care of young children of this nature to be in their presence. Perhaps one will consider giving birth to an ascending child and make this one’s intention.


Although from a human perspective, the current drama and trauma playing out in your world mirror is depressing and seemingly hopeless. From the greater perspective of possible future dreams, there is more hope now than a year ago to fulfill upon the collective goal of evolution Home into the Great Central Sun dream. Entering the new dream requires modification of genetics and energy flow in order to be resonant. Now the understanding of how salts sustain non-resonant or resonant energy flow, and how they can be easily modified through intention to become magnetic, there is greater hope of entering the new dream in full.


We invite you into the dance of interdependence. Interdependence is a natural state of being for the pale indigo children. In a state of interdependence, slaughter or sacrifice ceases as does codependence. In a state of interdependence, each learns to support the whole without requiring the sacrifice of anyone or any other kingdom. It is only as humanity moves into a state of interdependence, that aging, illness and death can be left behind and regeneration and health become the newfound state of being. It is only as Earth and all kingdoms therein move into a state of interdependence that the health of Earth can be restored enough to enter the Great Central Sun dream in full.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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