Image of colorful symbols representing humans holding hands in a spiraling motion. A Stand For Unity

13. A Stand For Unity


We would like to discuss the import of unity upon Earth. Unity was lost as humankind fell from being a conscious species to an unconscious species. For the human blueprint requires a state of full consciousness to retain unity with all other species. Why is this so? The human blueprint is one of conscious biological understanding of evolution. What do we mean by this? Whereas other species are not designed genetically to consciously or biologically understand their process of evolution, the human species is.


Thoughtform Modification


Soul directs form. Form for most species upon Earth, except the human, whale and dolphin blueprints, are nonconscious or instinctual in nature. Instinctual nature is nature that seeks not to “know”, seeks not to “understand”, but seeks only to “experience”. As such, all species including plant, animal, mineral, plus the elements known as earth, air, water and fire, seek not to know consciously but simply to experience. In the experience of experiencing the creation, the plant, animal, mineral kingdoms plus the elements understand the collective thoughtform that they hold, and then in modifying such thoughtform, evolution occurs.


Evolution requires modification of thoughtform. Thoughtform is represented by thoughts that can be translated into words in any human language, and it is the words that define the limitations of one’s human experience. For example, the thoughtform of destruction and all related thoughts such as shatter, dice, slice, dissect, mutilate, harm, beat, slash, hammer, and slam, create the experience that is related in one’s life. If one held not such thoughts, there would be no experience of slicing one’s hand while cutting up vegetables for dinner, or having a car accident that mutilates the form, or having a child that is disabled. One would also not experience disease of any kind, for all disease is related to destructive thoughtform.


What came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the words come first and the thoughts second? Or is it the other way around? From our perspective, thoughts and words are synonymous, and as a result, both occurred simultaneously. As humanity fell in consciousness, words that were not a prior part of the human language were developed to describe destruction.


In earlier chapters, we have explored the rift between the seeded red race and the Pleiadian blue race and how it led to warfare. Warfare and the above words based upon destruction are related, as a nation of humans embrace thoughtforms that mutilate, over time mutilation shall occur between nations known as war. Such is the nature of thoughtform, which seeks to express itself in the physical actions of those embracing such thoughts.



Mixing of Incompatible Energy Signatures


The blue race and the red race were not compatible. They were not compatible because they carried different energy signatures that were from different creations. The Pleiades is highly radioactive in frequency. Earth is magnetic. As magnetic and radioactive energy mixes, distortion occurs in which destructive thoughtforms become present. Prior to such a mixture, only creative loving thoughts were present in the human dance. As destructive thoughtforms become present in the human dance, destruction began to act itself out in the physical life experience of all concerned.


As the Pleiadian and seeded Red Race blended genetics producing offspring, a biological distortion occurred. Such distortion is equivalent to mixing oil and vinegar, they do not blend and seek to separate. It is the action of separation that causes separation in the human dance. The fall from grace or fall in consciousness for humanity is experienced as a separation, separation from God, separation from Earth, and a separation from all species upon Earth. This separation is also called “a lack of grounding”, for in a state of grounding, one connects to Earth and their soul, and in such the experience of separation ceases.


Separation is biological. It is a part of every human’s inheritance upon Earth. Separation equates to a part of the biology receiving more nutrients than others, and those parts not receiving enough nutrients and are starving, age and decay over time, or become ill. Such biological circumstances also expresses itself in human civilization, in which hoarding extreme wealth thereby leaving others in extreme poverty or homelessness is a reflection of the biological state of being within the human form. It was as the human biology was blended with two dissonant sets of genetics that separation became the norm, and that extremes in wealth and poverty likewise became the norm upon Earth.


Unity and Biological Changes


A return to unity for the human species requires biological changes. There is no other way out of the “fall” that one’s ancestors experienced otherwise. A return to unity means an ageless human form that can come to understand its life experience, and evolve out of it because the life shall be long enough to comprehend one’s own creation consciously. This is what the original human blueprint calls for, conscious understanding of life, and conscious understanding of evolution.


The seeded Red Race had a life span of 2,000 years. In a 2,000-year period, there is enough time to experience and experiment with life, and one then learns from life why they have created the experiences that they have. The blending of red and blue genetics caused the life span to decrease to less than half or 900 years over a few short generations, shortening the time that one could come to understand their creation in human form. Such lives were shortened so rapidly that there was not enough awareness of what had occurred and how to rectify the circumstance. In essence, the human ancestors whom died more rapidly than their predecessors after the mixing of genetics never came to understand their mistake, and no action was therefore taken to rectify the problem. Subsequent generations assumed that the shortened life span was the norm as soon it was forgotten that human lives could be so long.


The blending of red and blue genetics created enough dissonance to translate into disharmony amongst humans. Humans that peacefully co-existed with nature turned against one another in a few generations causing civilization to fall apart. One nation began to war upon another. One nation, known as Atlantis, run by the Pleiadians from the Pleiades, imported nuclear devices to assure their dominion over the uprisings that were simply a result of mixing incompatible genetics. Instead of seeking the underlying cause of the dissonance, they utilized such weaponry to retain control.


Such devices were harmful to the human DNA along with all DNA upon Earth causing yet another fall in consciousness for the human species. This time, the human species went from a 1,000-year life span to one that was less than 100 years long. Without enough time to understand one’s creation, one ceases to understand much of anything. Without the understanding of much of anything, life becomes a repetitive cycle of birth, death and rebirth without evolution, without understanding, and without unity.


Who is responsible for this mess? Humanity is. All of this could have been avoided if humanity turned within and tried to understand what the underlying cause of the dissonance was. If they had chosen to do this, and rectify the situation through conscious intent, the second and third falls in consciousness would have been avoided for humanity at large. Humanity could have chosen to consciously alter their genetic structure and remove the discordant DNA. For humanity is a conscious species, and therefore this is the nature of full consciousness, one can consciously choose to evolve, which is also known as “ascension”. Instead, humans blamed one another, blamed the Pleiadians, and blamed Earth. The human species is at cause of their own creation. No other species, no other human causes another human’s experience.


Short Life Span is the Cause of Victim Thoughtform


The current short life span of less than 100 years causes great confusion in the human dance, for cause and effect are delayed and one fails to see how they manifest their own life experiences with their own thoughts and beliefs. In a long life span of 2000 years, one can cause something and then receive the benefit of experiencing the effect before they die. An example of this might be a spouse whom loves one dearly, but chooses to cheat and have an affair breaking the marriage, and causing great pain to oneself and the children. In 2000 years, the karma would return and the individual at cause would then find their new spouse cheating upon them instead! As such, they would gain an understanding of how their own thoughtform reaps their own experiences, and learn the vital lesson of cause and effect.


With such a short life span, one experiences the cause one life time, and the effect the next, leading one to believe that one is a victim. In the above example, in one lifetime you cheat upon your spouse and break up the marriage leaving the family in pain and like seeming victims. In the next lifetime, the opposite occurs leaving oneself feeling like the victim. One is not a victim, one simply lives the effect of their prior ancestor’s cause. One is their ancestor and the sum total of all ancestors ever lived in one’s extended family tree going back 200,000 years of human history. You are all of your ancestors in present time, and your own ancestors caused your own effect or current life expression, although there was a delay between lifetimes. No one is victim. Not even the most horrendous of creations such as a mass annihilation, is a form of victimization. All was caused, and then experienced.


If humanity is going to lift to an understanding of the principles of cause and effect, a longer life is required. The genetic alterations now possible through the conscious choice to ascend allow for the opportunity to extend one’s life much longer than previously possible. It will take many generations of humans to restore the life-span to a full 2,000-year existence, but this too is the new blueprint for the human form as it is being re-anchored upon Earth through the intervention of God Goddess/All That Is.


Ask for a New Human Blueprint to Ascend Into


To receive this new blueprint, one must ask for it. You are a conscious species; therefore, you were designed to experience your evolution consciously. No one shall receive this blueprint that does not ask for it, nor can one ask for such a blueprint on behalf of another. For this defeats the entire purpose that human form was designed, which is to be conscious. Embodying this blueprint is not rapid; it is a gradual transmutation of the form from the old structure to a fully conscious structure. One must intend each phase of evolution as it is anchored, or one’s continued evolution shall cease.


Biological evolution brings forth a new relationship to others around oneself, and to all kingdoms upon Earth. For such evolution brings forth a return to unity. Unity consciousness is not easily understood within humanity’s current thoughtform of separation. It is separation that leads one to believe that humanity is superior to nature. This is not true. In many respects, nature is more aware than the average human being, for they remember the whole of whom they are, and the whole of their history upon Earth, along with their own evolutionary process.


Often the nature kingdoms are insulted as humans treat them as pets, or trained circus animals, or experiment upon them in laboratories, or hold them prisoner in a zoo. We would not put ourselves in such experiences, would we? Why would we then take another species and treat them as such? They are no different than us, although they may lack the ability to language. If they could language, humans might better understand the nature kingdoms. However, as one’s telepathic abilities open, one may communicate with nature non-verbally. All plants, animals and minerals along with the elements upon Earth are nonverbal species.


No Animal Souls Held in Captivity


At this time, there are no animal souls present in any zoo or any animal held in captivity. They have withdrawn as they are done with their experience of imprisonment in relation to the human dance. All animals under such current experiences are ensouled by human souls that have karma with zoos, animal experimentation, the circus or as owners or operators of pet stores in their ancestry. Why is this so? The animal kingdoms are complete with their karma surrounding enslavement and usury. They have lifted through such thoughtform and no longer need to participate in such experiences. They have learned their lesson well, as they shall never give such a species that is to be fully conscious so much power over their thoughtform and existence.


We Are One


It is the thoughtform of separation that causes one human to believe that they are superior to another. Then out of the superiority, such a human gives themselves permission to use, prostitute, abuse, starve, torture or war upon another. We are all ONE SPECIES! When we prostitute another, we prostitute ourself. When we war upon another, we war upon ourself. When we torture another, we torture ourself. When we starve another, we starve ourself.


Long ago, the human species experienced the interconnectedness with all other humans, and all other species upon Earth. Such interconnectedness allowed the joy to flow from one human to another, and one kingdom to another upon Earth. All humans felt what all other humans felt, and what nature felt. Such is a state of joy and communion that all species upon Earth recall from long ago. If one human was tortured, all humans felt it. As one human was captured by Pleiadian scientists and experimented upon, all humans within the Red Race experienced it! So did all other kingdoms upon Earth! What a horror it was.


You are not separate! Even though you may not experience the torture of warfare upon another side of Earth, a part of you records each and every horror that occurs, along with all pain, grief, loss, and suffering therein. Asur’Ana cried and cried and cried as she has ascended. She cried for those starving around the world, and for those whom have been tortured either in experiments or prison camps, and for those blown up upon the battlefields.


Many initiates cry all of the time as they begin their process of ascension. It is because we are one species, and one has records of all atrocities ever done upon one another along with Earth in one’s field. However, as one cries, one comes to understand, one learns that one shall not inflict harm upon another ever again, nor shall one allow one nation to destroy another, nor shall one destroy Earth any more. It is time to end this dance of destruction and barbarism in the human experience and upon Earth. For all suffer the consequences regardless of species.


Authentic Unity


The path to unity is not an easy journey. However, it is the path that one has agreed to in human form in coming to walk upon the land of Earth. Long ago, our red ancestors came to Earth to support Earth in her evolutionary walk. This walk requires the conscious participation of humankind. Now is the time to move forth beloved, do not tarry. Earth needs us to follow through which what our ancestors agreed upon so very long ago.


Unity is a beautiful state. Many in human form are in a fantasy that they already exist in unity, that they somehow “have already ascended”. You will not have ascended until you enter the Fifth World. It shall take upwards of 1,000 years to anchor the vibrations necessary to carry Earth and all species upon Earth into the next dimension. Each must do their part or be left behind.


The fantasy of unity is not unity. At best, it is a conscious creation to avoid the pain that one is really in. Most of the entertainment so prevalent in the human experience places one in a fantasy such that one cannot feel, and this is why it is so addictive. As soon as one begins to really “feel” it is time for the next fix to numb out the pain, whether that fix is a drug, cigarettes, alcohol, television, a trip to the shopping mall, a movie, or some other form of entertainment.


There are forms of entertainment that do not numb, but allows one to feel. Such forms of entertainment may include the act of dancing which moves the energy in the field, moving out the pain and anchoring the joy. Such forms of entertainment also include dancing with nature through walking, hiking, biking, swimming, or the simple act of touching a tree, smelling a flower, watching a sunset, or standing in the waves at the beach. Sometimes such entertainment may cause one to cry, as the pain is then felt in the next layer of one’s process in ascension, but the pain is quickly followed by joy as one communes with one’s soul and Earth again.


In the communion between body, soul and Earth, authentic unity is experienced. Unity is an internal state of being in which soul dances with form, and form dances with Earth. In a state of communion, one’s heart opens wide and the love of God Goddess/All That Is flows through the heart, expanding the heart to encompass all that surrounds you. It is through the heart that unity is extended to all other kingdoms upon Earth.


Opening of the Heart


The opening of the human heart is a painful process. We have watched many others committed to this choice to ascend anchor the love and soul into their field for the first time in over 120,000 years in their ancestry! This is a real gift to witness, as painful as it might be. As the layers of pain dissolve, and the heart opens, one can move from a state of separation into unity again. The gateway to unity is through the heart.


Fantasies close the heart. Fantasies as promoted upon our entertainment systems cause the heart to contract and one’s soul to leave the form. Why does soul leave the form? Such electrical forms of entertainment are abusive to soul, and to avoid becoming shattered, soul has no choice but to retract when one occupies themselves in such a manner. Electricity and radioactivity shatters soul. Soul has been shattered enough in the many falls of consciousness of Earth already. Soul chooses not to be shattered any further, but rather to piece itself back together and become whole again. This requires a human form to ascend and choose preoccupations that no longer shatter soul.


Soul Retraction


Humans living in densely populated areas heavy in electrical current are mostly soulless. Soul has had to retract due to the dissonant nature of the environment that would shatter it otherwise. It is for this reason that so many whom shall choose the path of ascension will relocate to a place less discordant. This is necessary, for otherwise one is continually shattering soul and then re-piecing it together again, which makes it difficult to move forth in one’s ascension.


Humans that are soulless are living machines that perpetuate the same patterns over and over and over again. Such a state of being is difficult to witness, as there is no joy in such an existence, only monotony, only pain that is unknown because no soul is present to feel it, and only non-evolution and death. Perhaps the humans living such lives perceive themselves as alive and adventurous, but we view it as a living death regardless of the fantasy that one wishes to place upon it.


Electricity Is Harmful to Soul


Life comes not from the television, movie screen, or the computer. Electricity tears up the form and field, and kills. Our research scientists know this and are prevented from speaking the truth due to the effect it would have upon consumerism. The wealthiest humans upon Earth control the media, control the truth. It has been known for a long time now that the burning of fossil fuels pollutes and kills life upon Earth. These humans shelve technology to replace such devices that require fossil fuels. They shelve such devices because their own wealth is dependent upon the economy generated from such substances. In a similar manner, they shelve the truth about electricity for the same reason.


It was in the use of our human ancestors’ devices of a parallel nature that Earth was polluted once before. Such devices created a fall in consciousness that is at cause of the current human dance. Yet again, humanity has developed the same types of devices, which pollute Earth, pollute the energy field of the human form, and yet another fall in consciousness is again underway. In less than one generation, children raised while watching television have such a shortened attention span that they can barely focus at school. They cannot focus because they are soulless. It is soul that channels through form to create the life, to live the expression of any given human dance. Without soul, there is nothing to hold the attention of the form.


Many children with attention deficit and other behavioral problems are soulless. They are soulless because the electrical preoccupations that their parents rely upon to babysit their form cause soul to retract. We speak this for all parents whom are awakening. Throw out the television and learn to play with your children. Inspire them to the greatness of who they shall be as soul is more fully anchored in their form. Share in the joy as two humans commune in the love possible when both souls of parent and child are present. Such communion shall fill the hearts of both parent and child in a manner that no technology can. No movie or computer game is a substitute for this.


Earth Approaches Entry Gates of the Great Central Sun


There is an opportunity for all humans to return “home” to the fifth dimension, and ultimately to a formless state if this is what one so chooses. This opportunity comes now as Earth approaches the entry gates unto the Great Central Sun, a 36th dimensional energy field that is supporting Earth’s choice to ascend by bathing Earth day and night with magnetic photonic frequencies. Such frequencies, when called into the field and etheric body of the form cause ascension, cause the genetic restoration to the blueprint of full consciousness for the human species. It also causes such a restoration of full consciousness to each nonverbal species that so chooses it. Many are choosing to likewise return to full consciousness once again within their forms.




Electrical frequencies interfere with the magnetic blueprint for ascension coming from the Great Central Sun. It is for this reason that we guide each choosing to awaken, choosing the path of ascension, to leave such forms of entertainment behind. In so doing, there is room for soul to begin to dance with the form again in a state of communion. Full consciousness is a state of unity and communion with soul and Earth. Unity requires an understanding of the inherent oneness of all of life. Such understanding can only occur as one begins to commune with all of life upon Earth. Communion is easy to describe, but is experiential. The joy in communion with nature and one’s soul is an unbelievable experience! One shall never substitute an artificial fantasy reality perpetuated by electronic devices again once having experienced authentic communion.


The human heart aches. It longs for love. The love remembered is a state of grace and communion that was a natural state of being for the human species long ago. It shall not be found in front of the television. Go outside. Witness a sunset. Play in the ocean. Hug a tree and experience what the tree has to communicate with you. Pick a flower and the flower shall bless you with the love of its soul. There is no substitute for communion.


In unity, one is at peace. In a state of peace, one ceases to argue with another. Without argument, there is no need for war. This shall only occur as each and every human upon Earth enters a state of unity. All species on Earth take a stand for UNITY. It is time for humanity to rejoin the dance with all species. It is time for humanity to take responsibility for their own evolutionary journey and restore their genetics to a harmonious state of being with all of Earth! It is time for humanity to quit pointing the finger outside of themselves, seeking God/Goddess to come to Earth in the form of a savior to carry you home. No one can carry you home! You must choose to ascend, and the process itself, if one persists, shall allow you to find your own way home.


God/Goddess Is Within


The concept of God/Goddess being outside of oneself comes from a state of separation. In separation, one sees God as separate and distinct from oneself. GOD GODDESS IS WITHIN. It will never be found without. The journey to one’s understanding that you are God Goddess in human form only begins as one consciously chooses to evolve out of the separation that caused one to perceive God Goddess as separate.


Humanity is lazy. Humanity is also confused. The laziness and confusion are the result of the electrical energies that retard the field day in and day out. Such frequencies cause soul to retract so that there is no soul guiding the life of the form. Leave the cities and you will find your truth. Truth lies within, not without. Unity is only possible as one discovers their own living truth as a human being. Truth is found by opening the gates to the inner landscape and choosing to evolve, choosing to understand, choosing to come to know the cause that has created the effect known as your current life experience.


Cause and Effect in One’s Ancestry


The study of cause and effect in one’s ancestry shall allow a cleansing and review of all lifetimes that one is related to. As one recalls the most difficult lifetimes, the lifetimes in which one’s ancestry was imprisoned, abused, killed upon the battlefield, betrayed, destroyed, annihilated, became an invalid, was born deformed, shamed, tortured, shattered, dishonored, and unloved, one shall begin to understand the pain behind such experiences. As one understands the pain, one shall cease to inflict pain upon anyone else for any reason. These are the gifts of your ascension, an understanding of the human dance and the oneness inherent in the human species. Life experiences are not separate from yourself, you have experienced it all, and simply forgotten. Now is the time to remember, to relive, to understand, and to ascend out of this mess.


Unity can only be restored as each human comes to understand the human dance, which translates into how one has caused his or her own current experience of separation. As each cause of separation is relived, re-experienced and understood, such experiences shall teach one consciously the nature of good and evil, the nature of creation and destruction, the nature of cause and effect. As such lessons are consciously understood, they then can be forgiven. In forgiveness, one releases and erases the pain from such experiences so that a state of joy can follow. This is what the human form was designed for, conscious understanding, conscious evolution, conscious forgiveness, conscious ascension!


As all pain from all ancestral experiences is erased in full from the biological memory banks of the form, full consciousness and a state of unity are entered into simultaneously. There is no other way. One must understand their creation, and any current human experience is the effect of all other human cause in your inheritance. As all lifetimes are understood and forgiven, one moves out of disunity, finds their way home, and returns to the “Garden of Eden” and unconditional love that each human heart longs for.


You Are Responsible for Your Evolution


No one can process and evolve for another. No one needs to come to understand your own ancestral experiences other than yourself. You are a living hologram, and as you come to understand your truth of experience in human form, all other humans choosing to evolve shall come to know your understanding through holographic transference. As each ascends, they transfer their understanding to all others whom likewise choose to ascend, and the understanding becomes exponential! As all humans and all species upon Earth exponentially understand their creation in full and ascend beyond the separation, Earth shall enter the state of unity in full. Then, and only then, shall all species dance in unconditional love, joy, peace, harmony and abundance, and peace shall be fully restored upon Earth.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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