Image of a pretty rainbow colored snail's shell. The Trail of the Snail

12. The Trail of the Snail


Blessings for Opening to Holographic Thoughtform


The Snail and Slug Kingdoms


We are most honored to be able to relay our message to ascending initiates through Asur’Ana. Snails and Slugs are indeed a part of the Crawler kingdom. We are neither insect nor mammal; but rather a combination of the two. We breathe like a mammal, which is something that bees and ants do not do, but we do slither like an insect. Our breath is a form of osmosis; through our slimy skin we absorb oxygen prevalent in water or in the air.


We Are Modifying Our DNA to Crystalline


Snails and slugs were once only underwater creatures. Over time, we learned to create a skin thick enough or hard enough to subsist upon the land near water, but not requiring to be immersed any longer. It is also for this reason that our species continues with an underwater form of vacuum traction that propels us from one place to another including upside down or straight up walls and rocks.


One will note however that the suction pads upon the bottom of the feet of most insects along with the Gecko Kingdom hold the same form of vacuum traction; it is why geckos, ants, and caterpillars can crawl up walls or hang from the ceiling. We shared our information from living under water with surface Earth kingdoms, and over time they embraced some of our features.


Where does the snail and slug kingdoms originate? We originated upon the Pleiades; however, we are adapting a cellular structure that is Crystalline at this time in our own species ascent. It is perhaps far easier to modify the DNA of a slug or snail than of a human, as we are far less complex. The building blocks for the crystalline structure were already in our forms; with some slight modifications, now we can ascend home with Earth to the Great Central Sun, and this brings our species great joy!


Difficulty of Transmuting DNA in Humans and Fully Conscious Species


Why is DNA so difficult to transmute in human form, or mammal form such as whale and dolphin? This has to do with the complexity of structures within fully conscious species, and primarily the nervous system itself. The brain and nervous system of the fully conscious crystalline form has 188 types of crystals imbedded therein. Each crystal in the crystalline form is a form of salt and not silicone.


Those with Pleiadian, Reptilian or Grey DNA will have silica-based crystals in the brain and brainstem. Silica based crystals will not transmit or pick up on the wave lengths associated with the Language of Light or Language of ONE. It is this difficulty primarily that makes ascending from silica-based to carbon-based form so difficult for fully conscious species; for one may not have the blueprint necessary to alter the nervous system in its biochemistry within one’s genealogy. Furthermore, the attempt to alter biochemistry in this manner has never been attempted before, and so there is no path or map for the journey.


Recently, Asur’Ana brought through a new section of interpretations for the Language of ONE in Volumes 6 to 8 of the Ascension Insights series. These interpretations of symbols that were captured in what humans know as crop circles demonstrate holographic thinking in a magnetic creation. Magnetic thinking is circular; electrical thinking is angular. Silica based minerals attune to angular thinking; salt or carbon-based minerals unto rotational thinking.


Hybrid Species and Language


Angular thinking occurs in other Great Central Suns that were designed to carry angular sacred geometry. Magnetic thinking occurs in your Great Central Sun that was designed to carry rotational sacred geometry. What happens when the two geometries are intermixed through genetic experimentations or interbreeding of fully conscious species? What then? One ends up with a hybrid species.


Some hybrids survive and work well upon Earth, and others do not. However, certain humans from the Pleiadian star system known as the Family of Anu arrived and altered the biosphere of Earth to contain electrical sacred geometry. Electricity was harvested from other creations and directed unto Earth; minerals were imported from the Pleiades that were programmed to run silica-based angular geometry. Earth was pressed into a hybrid circumstance herself thereafter.


It was as this occurred that Earth lost touch with communication with the Sun or any other counsel in your Creation that is magnetic only. Why is this so? The solar counsels did not understand hybrid language. When new sacred geometry is launched in any creation, it alters the very language that is spoken along with the tones of creation associated with life, along with the DNA itself. Earth fell into major distortion at this point and there was no one to go to for help as all communication was severed.


The Language of Light Allowed Earth’s Cries for Help to Be Heard


It has taken much time and effort upon the part of Earth to take the symbols emanating from the Great Central Sun that we are energetically immersed in at this time in history, and to develop a language that could be understood by other creations. The Language of Light is the initial language developed from the early symbols that entered Earth’s field in the 1980’s and 1990’s from the Great Central Sun. Each symbol that entered Earth’s field, some of which appeared as crop circles, was duplicated by the Aurora. Then Earth experimented with each symbol, moving it as it had moved as it entered her biosphere.


Those symbols that assisted in ascending her field and form upwards in vibration and temperature were retained. Over time, all affective symbols that were of assistance in ascension were categorized into a scale from lowest to highest in energy pulsations; this is known as the Language of Light. The Language of Light allowed Earth’s cries for help to be heard for the first time in over 48,000 Earth years (192,000 years as humans record them). Now there are working relationships with the Sun and solar counsels to support global ascension, along with the Great Central Sun and the Tao.


The Language of ONE Allows for Communication with the Great Central Sun


Communication with the Great Central Sun requires yet another language altogether; and this is known as the Language of ONE. All Language of Light when combined into a single note including all single, dual, tri and quad tones creates the Language of ONE. The Language of ONE is a holographic language. Holographic language is different from what each species upon Earth has known for a very long time. Holographic language is whole and complete; when one knows something all that is holographically attuned suddenly know the same.


Holographic language records information in a different format than has been prevalent upon Earth for eons of time. Now Earth is returning to a holographic state of being, and in so doing, all information known ever in your creation or the Great Central Sun is suddenly remembered. As such, there is now the information necessary to assure the ascent of the whole Home into the Dream of the Great Central Sun.


The Great Central Sun Has Its Own Problems


The Great Central Sun is not perfect. Recent records from Earth’s own field have shown how the Great Central Sun has been subject to its own falls in consciousness that are not unlike Earth’s own. As a result, there is a sharing of information that is allowing the Great Central Sun to begin to repair herself. The Sun is indeed fractured so greatly to a point in which that which exists within the fifth, twelfth and eighteenth dimension is severed in communication from that which is above it. This Earth now understands from her own experience of separation, and can assist the Sun in its own reparation to end the era of separation that it has known.


Furthermore, Earth perceives in her own review of Great Central Sun history now available through her own holographic communication skills that a group of humans ascended into the Great Central Sun of non-resonant sacred geometry. Over time much like the Family of Anu, they launched their own alternative geometry within the Great Central Sun. This act severed the Sun from herself and all dimensions beneath the threshold that this alternative geometry has been run. Now through the records of Earth’s own ascent, the Great Central Sun begins her own period of modifications to allow for resonance and communication with the dimensions above.


All Exists within the NOW in the Great Central Sun


The Great Central Sun much like Earth may go through a period of “cleansing” where those humans or species running the alternative geometry may cease to exist, but birth offspring that are resonant with the change. If the cleansing is of assistance unto Earth in pulling her into resonance with the Great Central Sun, then a parallel choice of path will be of assistance unto the Sun itself into the future. However, for the Sun the future is now, as all exists within the NOW within the Sun.


What do we mean by this? Holographic nature is only in the NOW. All things exist within the NOW; past, present and future occur simultaneous and concurrent. As Earth enters the dream of the Great Central Sun, she must be ready to enter the NOW with past, present and future running simultaneously as simultaneous scripts. Some scripts shall be removed and erased from the past as they shall be non-resonant unto the future of ascension. This is what this time of cleansing is; a completion with and erasure of the past so that the past, present and future of ascension may align in preparation for the entry into the NOW of the Great Central Sun.


Enlightening Entertainment Within


Humans, dolphins and whales as conscious dreamers will attune to all scripts and experience them concurrently. This will be so entertaining that there will be no requirement for outside entertainment as all that is within shall be so interesting to participate in. This Asur’Ana discovered long ago as she opened unto her own inner world; there was an ongoing communication and experience with certain nonphysical forces that presented themselves to guide her home; there was also a budding awareness of the parallel lives that she lived.


At this time, Asur’Ana gave up all other forms of outside entertainment, as the inner world was far more interesting, and enlightening. What snail means by enlightening is that the inner world illuminated Asur’Ana as to the “why’s” and “wherefores” of her own life experience, and provided keys to alter her world in a new direction that led to greater joy and fulfillment of dream.


This can also be the same with each ascending human; one may choose to open unto one’s own inner world and dreamtime. As one opens to dreamtime, there is an entire cast of characters associated with one’s inner guidance, one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source, along with the Nature Kingdoms and Mother Earth. One may choose to attune to the guidance offered through nature in your encounters with us in one’s everyday world, and allow the wisdom that flows through to propel one forward as a spiritual master.


Mirrors and Spiritual Mastery


What is spiritual mastery? Spiritual mastery is a willingness to look at all occurrences in one’s life dance as a spiritual lesson, and to look at each individual that crosses one’s path as a teacher. As one begins to look at one’s life from this perspective, all changes, as one then becomes aware of the mirrors that others present unto oneself, and how through transcendence of the associated thoughtform and karma, one has an opportunity to alter the world around oneself for the better.


What is a mirror? A mirror is a reflection of an unconscious part of self. If one has an encounter with an angry and belligerent individual, one has an angry and belligerent part of self in one’s unconscious, or a parallel life self that is equivocally angry and belligerent. As one integrates this part of self through ascension, transcending the associated karmic trauma and thoughtform, then one will no longer call angry and belligerent individuals into the dance.


Mirrors are founded upon resonance. In the principles of resonance, only that which is of “like” kind is drawn into the dance. All that is of non-like kind is repelled or fails to be drawn unto the dance. Asur’Ana and Per have been surprised at how personal the principles of resonance and mirrors are. On a recent trip to Austria, they stayed at a Bed and Breakfast with 10 other travelers.


Each had their own experiences with the proprietors of the Bed and Breakfast. Some felt welcome, others rejected, yet others in conflict with the owners of the establishment. Per and Asur’Ana experienced the owners bending over backwards to please and assist them and everyone they’ve encountered. They saw in this that mirrors are very personal; and that each will have a different experience with the same individual or group of individuals founded upon the karma that one is releasing in any given moment of ascension that is reflected back.


Clearing the karma will assist, for as the karma is cleared, there is an opportunity for a new relationship to develop with those who may have been previously too difficult to work with. Others who are not choosing the path of conscious ascension at this time are non-conscious. What this means is that they will reflect back one’s own inner state of being without awareness of how and why they are behaving so. This provides an advantage for the conscious ascending individual to alter the inner landscape thereby altering the physical landscape to a more desired life experience that gives one joy.


Opening to the Inner World


How does one open unto one’s inner world? One intends it so. One intends to retrieve the information from one’s ancestry surrounding conscious dreamtime. One may also invite one’s ancestors that understood conscious dreaming to enter one’s field and teach one how to open to the inner world. The inner world is a parallel world. Parallel worlds exist in layers like an onion surrounding Earth. Each layer will present a different reality and experience occurring concurrent to the physical reality one attunes unto in one’s day-to-day life.


Concurrent lives will provide one an understanding of the fullness of dream that one has the possibility of catching due to one’s genetics and birth hologram. Any dream one cannot manifest in the physical is splintered off and manifests in a parallel reality. Perhaps as one attunes unto the parallel realities, one will wish to bring the dream playing out upon another plane into the physical. This is a possibility in ascension; as one may reverse polarize the dream from one plane onto the physical plane through one’s conscious freewill choice.


For some who may be ill or in great pain in the physical, reverse polarizing a dream for body health and strength may give one an opportunity to recover enough to ascend. Snail perceives that this may be the means by which many may ascend out of disease in the decade ahead. Furthermore, if there is a dream playing that would cause one to be greatly fulfilled, why not manifest it in the physical instead of the nonphysical, beloved? No species wishes to see our human brothers and sisters experience lack or painful experiences. Your pain becomes our pain as you holographically interconnect with us; and so, as you learn to manage your dream to create a fulfilling and joyful life, we shall share in your experience of fulfillment and joy.


The Interrelatedness of All


The pain that humanity inflicts upon itself along with nature is a difficult experience for all concerned. Several years ago, Asur’Ana saw a BBC news report about those in Canada currently hunting the seal populations along the Arctic Circle. Many seals were dragged along the ice before death, leading to even greater suffering of their species. As long as humanity is so destructive towards nature, there is no manner of preventing the destruction of humanity towards itself.


Asur’Ana remember reading a news article many years ago about the US soldiers killed in Iraq and were passed down the street while hundreds of Iraq citizens knifed the dead bodies. One can see that the abusiveness under such a circumstance parallels the abuse towards Nature. The only solution for this is ascension; through ascension one becomes aware of the interrelatedness of all things.


As such, one would not choose to do unto another or another species what one would not wish to experience oneself, as one understands that all actions will ultimately be experienced in the physical, and if not in this lifetime, then in one’s future ancestry. Perhaps those dying in Iraq are the sons and daughters of hunters that were inhumane to nature at another time; now their offspring experience parallel inhumanity in one’s own life dance. Therefore, it goes around and around in circles, until one chooses to end the cycle through evolution out of the thoughtform at cause.


Businesses That Incur Negative Karma


At this time, humans complain about the slaughter of seals, but do not look at their own slaughterhouses for food raised to feed the masses. Slaughter is slaughter; there is no difference between the hunter and the one who owns or is employed in any business that supports the slaughter of flesh. One will incur karma that ensures the slaughter of oneself or one’s future ancestry as a result of the participation, unless through forgiveness one releases the karma.


This may be hard to understand, as perhaps one works for a restaurant, grocery store or health food store that serves and sells dead flesh to the public; one is still participating in the act of slaughter from a karmic point of view in the exchange. Perhaps aware restaurants and health food store owners will move towards stocking and serving only vegetarian items to move out of the slaughter dance into the future.


Those who are spiritually mastering may wish to look more closely at those dances that create karma for oneself or one’s future ancestry. Perhaps one will choose another occupation that is less problematic as a result. What businesses create karma? Anything having to do with the slaughter of flesh will create karma; anything having to do with the banks and credit industry and the manner in which they amass fortunes without providing any real service creates karma; this can include being the shop keeper that utilizes credit cards by those paying for merchandise purchased. Also, anything having to do with the collection of taxes or money exchange will create karma.


Karma Associated with Credit Cards


When living in Hawaii, Asur’Ana has learned to shop as much as possible at fruit stands around the islands along with farmers markets (or sunshine markets) as these merchandisers do not sell flesh, and generally do not accept credit cards. She has watched as those employed by grocery stores as checkout clerks or baggers age rapidly and look so “death-like” after any length of employment. Why is this so? These lovely young Hawaiian men and women sit in slaughter thoughtform all day; for this is what the grocery store exhibits as energy flow. Alas, it prevents their ascension and makes them ill in the long haul. This is also so for many large chains of supermarkets, drugstores and department stores.


Asur’Ana and Per have ceased to use credit cards except in making reservations for travel; and rely on debit cards, cash or checks. This prevents the creation of karma from the use of credit. Credit creates two types of karma; one that is involved with the bank that collects a percentage of the sale from the merchandiser or store; and the other that takes a percentage from the bank that offers the credit card. Generally speaking, in the use of credit, one has created 3% of the purchase price in a karmic debt in any transaction, and the debt is with the banks involved. This is above and beyond the actual interest one may pay upon the debt, which also creates karma.


The Issue with Taxes


Taxes are another story. The only way out of taxes is to complete all karma with one’s land of origin, and create a sovereign business that does not rely upon outside sources that can be tracked. For many this may not occur until one moves into community where one may cease to utilize money, but move instead towards a form of bartering and trade to retain balanced giving and receiving between all parties. Perhaps for a time, the taxes upon the land will be paid through the sales of merchandise or food that the community creates, but in time there may not be enough humans remaining who desire to be tax collectors; after which humanity will go back simply to living from the land again as in ancient times.


Living from the land is a gift of being a part of a consensus reality known as Earth. Earth provides all that one requires to subsist and evolve as a conscious sentient being. If humans could think of a way to collect taxes and interest from snails or nature, they would; fortunately, snails and nature choose not to participate in such a dance. Soon as humanity enters the natural world again through ascension, so humanity shall give up such preoccupations. In so doing, one or one’s future ancestry will live again freely from the land and all that it provides.


Why do humans choose to live off of one another enslaving others to drudgery so that one can be “privileged”? Long ago, humans were seeded upon the land and there was no chief; all lived in equality with one another. 25,000 Earth years later (100,000 human years), a form of spiritual elite known as the Grand Masters were also seeded upon Earth. This set up a circumstance of inequality; after which tribes without Grand Master relations set up a pecking order from highest to least in value, and created their own hierarchy of chiefs.


Holographic Thoughtform


Hierarchical thinking is angular thinking in a rotational creation. The angles compartmentalize thoughtform and then rearrange it from highest to lowest in priority. Holographic thinking does not work this way. In holographic thinking there is no higher or lower, only resonance. Thoughts stick together that resonate; thoughts that do not resonate are repelled with others of like kind. No thoughts are superior or inferior in holographic thinking; all are equal. So is each member of the tribe or consensus equal regardless of contribution in holographic relations.


It is interesting to note that humans began upon Earth in holographic thoughtform; over time, they mutated into angular thoughtform. Now through evolution, there is a possibility of returning to holographic thoughtform again. In so doing, all shall change, and peace upon Earth shall become a viable future. It is this future that the Snail and Slug Kingdom align with; we invite each reading our materials to do the same. Let us make it so, HO! Call upon us to open unto holographic thoughtform.


Honoring Our Agreements


Asur’Ana has had many experiences with snails and slugs. Her little patio yard in her early days of ascension in California was loaded with snails and slugs. She made an agreement with us that we were welcome in her yard and could consume any of the plants other than her flowers. Indeed, we held to this agreement until she vacated the premises to move to Hawaii three years later. Over time, there were over 3,000 snails in her former yard! This is a good example of honor and agreements; there is no reason to use poison to kill insects; one simply has to make agreements with us as to where you wish us to be or not to be, and what is ours to consume and what is not. We will honor all agreements, beloved.


There is one exception to this, and this is any mirror that insects require to supply so that one may transcend and ascend in ascension. Here agreements for ascension will supersede any other agreements that one may make with us. Such may cause insects to “invade” one’s home as a mirror as to something one must address within in order to ascend. As one chooses to address the mirror, we will happily vacate one’s home and mind the agreements one has constructed with us. Asur’Ana rarely attuned to our guidance at the time that she lived in California. However, she enjoyed the tracks we would make upon her brick patio as we came out en masse after a good rainfall. Our tracks mirrored unto her the map that she was carving in ascension for other humans to follow.


Asur’Ana when in her 20’s had a small aquarium that she enjoyed. She purchased a few snails to clean the rocks and glass walls. The snails grew and grew and grew, as there was a load of algae, and eventually took to mating with one another. Snail mating was interesting to watch, as we appeared to merge the sticky bottom parts of ourselves in an orgasmic interplay of union. Within time however, there were hundreds of baby snails in her aquarium, much like the over 3,000 in her yard. One can see that Asur’Ana has had a special relationship to snails for a very long time as a result.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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