Image of a sweet and gentle giraffe. The Spotted Giraffe

12. The Spotted Giraffe


Blessings of Gentleness


The Giraffe Kingdom


Giraffes are often looked at with great interest in human zoos or upon wildlife preserves. What makes Giraffe so interesting? Is it our long neck, and an ability to balance therein? Is it our large brown eyes? Is it our gentle manner? We are related to the Deer Kingdom, although grew a very different form over time given the special region that we live and the requirement to dine upon leaves 10 feet or higher in the air.


Loss of Gentleness on Earth


Giraffe holds the vibrations of gentleness upon Earth. Gentleness can be equated with a soft summer’s breeze upon the face, or a gentle rolling lake that one is pushed to and fro within as one swims. Gentleness has all but been lost upon Earth due to the harsh electrical elements that pervaded beginning about 24 million years ago, and became even more prevalent due to human manipulations and electrical sacred geometry launched about 184,000 years ago. Why are electrical elements so harsh? They do not originate within this creation. As a matter of fact, it is now understood that such elements never originated in any creation; they are a part of the programming for destruction and stripping of creation on the part of certain souls that never ascended home to the “Tao”.


Such souls soon dwindled and dwindled in chi as all else returned home after an extensive period of contraction. Soon such souls recognized that they would move into extreme distortion without the presence of the life force of the Tao. One can equate this to what would occur if the light of the sun disappeared. If Earth failed to ascend and the Sun accomplished this task seeming to disappear, Earth would be left to die or become extinct. In essence, this is what occurred for such souls.


Such souls then chose to demolish a part of themselves in order to sustain the rest. But which part? Was any part ever going to volunteer? Of course not. And so, the governance chose to trick a portion of self into being destroyed all the while thinking that something else was going to occur. This indeed is the dance upon Earth to this day, and eons and eons of time later. Why is this occurring again? Because the forces designed to destroy a part of this group of souls was so clever and so good at what they do that the dance carried on even during subsequent full expansion periods of the Tao were in motion, and when such a dance really and truly was not necessary.


Earth was a gentle being and experience once. She never volunteered to be destroyed or experience so many falls in consciousness. Those in this dance manipulated and manipulated and manipulated, as they have done for eons of time, ripping apart creation after creation. In her choice to ascend, Earth has had to fight back; fight the forces that wish to continue to manipulate and destroy her. Sometimes in such battles, one loses sight of the gentle side of self for a time.


Ascending initiates have had their share of battles. From all angles, the dark work often to attempt to destroy their form or destroy their dream of ascension; or destroy the dream for human ascension that they co-create with Earth. The battles seem endless, although in the mastery of thoughtform, over time the battles lessen as one simply commands the dark into submission. This is occurring at last with the bottom level of manipulation that causes a tearing of creation, or a ripping apart of the threads that hold creation together. For this is what the forces of the dark are gifted at, and it is for this reason that humanity along with all species knows such a shortened lifespan in the current paradigm.


Reweaving the Etheric


Through ascension, the lifespan will increase in preparation for birthing new young with more genetic material and a more greatly and finely tuned weaving of the threads of creation of one’s own form. This is what also occurs in ascension, one reweaves the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies and light body into an ever-increasingly finely woven garment. The finer the weave, the more chi is available to be held in the form for the purposes of increasing vibration and resurrection to a regenerative and self-sustaining biology.


Reweaving the threads of creation is a gentle task; much like a gifted maker of cloth in human form, it requires great attention to detail, and a willingness to sit quietly for long periods to handle such a task. In the etheric, this is what Giraffe and Deer participate in, the reweaving of the etheric grid work of Mother Earth. She too just as with all form is reweaving herself, reweaving herself for ascension.


The latest reweaving causes a new dreamtime that is global to be present. This dreamtime allows all upon the land or within the oceans to be bathed in a new dream of ascension. The dream for ascension has been launched at last, and shall now come to fruition. Much care to weave the dream has been taken so that all species are accounted for, including humankind. Indeed, it was Giraffe and Deer that have woven the new dreamtime for all to partake in.


It is a great truth that the forces of the dark wishing to retain dominion would like to shred this dream. Sometimes they work through other creations upon other dimensions, reaching down the dimensions with shattering blows against Earth. Sometimes they reach up through the human species, who in their slumber understand not the changes underfoot upon Earth.


Earth is learning to modulate herself around upper dimensional forces of the dark along with humanity through the creation of a new tapestry that is strong enough to hold the dimensions in place. Earth is stratified now with 24 planes, and those who exist in deep slumber of non-awakening are in the lowest tier of all. The new weaving holds their presence therein along with all in the nonphysical realm that so dances with such forms. In so doing, Earth is less plagued with human interference or multidimensional interference at this time.


Much like an ascending master masters thoughtform altering the reality that one manifests to serve ascension, so is Earth altering her reality to serve ascension. The new dream sets in motion a time of cleansing ahead. The cleansing will trigger an awakening of those in human form that can ascend, and a new tomorrow will be constructed that serves the ascent of the whole. As the cleansing is complete and the dissonant vibrations and energy patterns that tear creation apart cleansed in full, a return to gentler times are ahead.


As an ascending initiate, one often becomes the warrior. One becomes aware of the forces in the old consensus that wish to tear one apart, or take one’s information for themselves without earning it through ascension, or simply prevent one from attaining the next level in one’s ascent. Such forces rip at any ascending field day and night. One learns to live in the defensive, protecting oneself from harm, retrieving what has been lost on a recurring basis so that one’s ascent does not fail to come forth.


Becoming the warrior leaves little time for gentleness. However, as one leaves the cities and density of human thoughtform behind, moving further into nature, gentleness can return again. For the nature kingdoms do not tear apart at one’s field, but gently share in energy exchange through communion that strokes one’s field much like the gentle summer breeze, and rocks one’s field much like the gentle waves of a lake. For the warrior of ascension, retreating for such moments of gentleness is important, as it allows one to receive, revive and regenerate.


What does Giraffe and Deer wish to say to ascending humans today? Be gentle with yourself. Give unto yourself those things that make the body happy. The body is your temple; it is the home of your God Goddess within. Allow the body to receive what it requires in order to ascend; whether it is food, nurturing, or time alone to meditate, or time in the country or by the sea. Give unto yourself, for the body is not a machine; it is a living, breathing conscious organism.


Transcending Mechanization


For a long time, the body has been anticipated to act like living machines. Mechanized devices were inserted into the field, and humans often pride themselves upon acting like a well-tuned machine. Working 9 to 5, 52 weeks a year without a break, and without becoming ill is deemed “good behavior”. Such behavior does not take into consideration at all the needs of the form, which is a conscious organism. Consciousness will never agree to work 9 to 5. One works when there are creative spurts that bring joy to the form to participate in. Then one rests whether rest is sleep or moments of nurturing that also brings the body joy.


One will notice in nature that nature does not work as humans work. We seek out food and eat a portion of the day, and then rest, roam or bathe in a rain shower or lake. Working might be equated with searching for food; however, this is not really work as humans would define it, but a part of the adventure of life.


A portion of any day is also spent making love. Lovemaking might be physical, but more often than not it is an energetic phenomenon in which the sexual energy exchanges with one another of any given species, and with all species upon Earth along with Mother Earth herself. Sometimes in the height of such energetic love making, which occurs in every 18-hour cycle at this time, the form must remain still. These are the moments, in which any species may simply rest, closing the eyes, and experiencing the ecstasy of the union. Often Asur’Ana joins in during these peak moments. She too must lie still as the energy movement is so great in its expanse that the form does not wish to move, just experience.


In time, all humans will join this rhythm with nature. The ecstatic moments are the expansion of field that occurs concurrently amongst all species upon Earth through the intent to ascend. Each period of global lovemaking causes the field of Earth to expand farther and further than before. This is a gentle time, and one of great intimacy and love amongst the species. In order for humans to partake, they must be invited, and this requires having attained an absolutely harmless field, for any adverse energy movement could rip up Earth to such a great extent that Earth and all species therein are careful with the boundaries, less the opportunity to ascend each day be lost.


Return to a Gentler Way of Life


We invite humans to return to a gentler way of life. The cycles of the Earth, the cycles of planting and harvesting along with celebration, have been lost, as farming practices became big business. Once humans tilled the land. In so doing, they were closer to the rhythm of Earth and the heartbeat of lovemaking that we speak of. Now humans have pulled far away, except for those living a more indigenous life. Even those living such a life are few and far between.


Giraffe foresees a return to such gentle preoccupations in the decade ahead. One may spend a few hours in one’s garden each day, with the rest of the day free to focus upon one’s ascent. Ascension requires focus, and a focus that is relentless. There is not much more time for the map carvers to complete upon carving the map. Beyond this each will still have to tend to embodying the map 100%. This may take another 10 years, and there may continue to be changes along the way that one embraces, as more efficient manners of holding and moving energy are created into the future, or new manners or relating to changes in Earth’s global energy flow become a necessity.


The expression of love requires gentleness. One cannot be on the defensive and open the heart to receive love. It is not possible. Alas, the harm that flows through the human expression makes it hard for humans to trust enough to open the heart. However, in Asur’Ana’s experience, she proceeded in opening the heart nonetheless, with the understanding that an open heart is vital to ascension.


Opening the Heart and Gentleness


It is through the open heart that one communes with Soul, Earth and the Nature Kingdoms. It is through the open heart that the ecstatic movement of energy can flow each day. It is through the open heart that one learns to feel again; feel the love of the Creator for its Creation or soul for form; feel the love of Mother Earth for all species including humankind; feel the love of the beloved if one has a beloved; and feel the love of nature as one connects therein. Without an open heart, a return to gentleness is not possible.


So many humans try and skip over this segment of work in one’s ascent. Why? It is so painful. For hundreds of thousands of years, forces of the dark have used the human heart to destroy the human species, and then to destroy Earth. Why the heart? As the heart goes numb, one no longer feels and allows the harmful energetic dance to carry on out of slumber and non-knowing. The dark know that in order for humanity to be used in such a manner, the closing of the heart is essential, and much of the early human history caused this to such a great degree that opening the heart through ascension is very painful.


Asur’Ana cried and cried and cried for seemingly years and years in her earlier ascension. Each layer of pain and times that her ancestry had been harmed in the heart, betrayed, used, prostituted, killed, tortured, imprisoned and so on, was examined and understood; the karma was released and as the pain released, the heart opened another notch further than before. It is a lengthy process, this business of opening the heart in full to return to full consciousness in human form. For the human heart spiraled closed over millions of lifetimes, each of which must be examined and understood and the pain released in order for the heart to open in full.




Many would rather numb themselves through addictive use of substances or preoccupations, such as alcohol, cigarettes and television. Ascending initiates cannot afford such preoccupations, as they prevent the opening of the heart. Cigarettes in particular have agreements with entities that enter the field as one smokes that spirals the heart shut in full. Those that smoke are in terror often of pain. And yet, pain when felt and released, only leads to a greater expansion of the heart and greater joy.


Television and other media such as reading newspapers, books and magazines, bombard the form with antimatter. This is also the same in going to a movie or spending time in shopping malls, or living or working in the cities of your world. Human thoughtform that is dogmatic is recorded in the vibration of antimatter, and as initiates attune to any printed matter in the current paradigm or spend time in places that collect antimatter such as shopping malls and cities. Antimatter rips holes in and through one’s field. How can one ascend if one is continuously ripped apart? One cannot as one will spend more time reweaving one’s field than focusing upon the next phase of ascension in the addictive use of such forms of entertainment or places.


Alcohol much like cigarettes also have entities associated. Such entities tend to push soul out of the form. This is what a state of “drunkenness” is, one’s soul has moved out of the body. As one’s soul leaves the body, one does not feel, and this allows the pain to subside for a time. However, one is also leaving the form unprotected. One drunken night and one may be shattered by the darkness surrounding oneself setting back one’s ascension by 3 months or more due to the repair to the field necessary thereafter. One cannot afford to be drunk therefore if one’s intent is to ascend.


Giraffe recommends that ascending initiates move out of the cities, and move out of preoccupations that retain one there. Giraffe also recommends that ascending initiates give up television, playing video games, smoking, drinking to excess, and any other preoccupation that does not serve ascension. Instead, spend time out in nature and commune with the trees, lakes, ocean, mountains or forests that surround one. In lieu of being ripped apart, one will be supported and nurtured, leaving such time spent revived and expanded instead.


There is a use of alcohol and tobacco that can serve, however it requires the absolute intent of sacredness to do so. A small amount of alcohol when blessed and infused with one’s soul and the vibrations that one requires to integrate the day’s worth of ascension can be beneficial to the form. Tobacco with the intent of sacred purpose, making one’s intents, or calling of one’s boundaries may be useful in holding space for one’s ascent.


However, in Giraffe’s perception, some initiates take the use of such substances many steps beyond sacred purpose. This only has the effect of closing the heart or pushing one out of form, which then causes the ascent to move backward in vibration rather than forward. All initiates must address addictive behavior and transcend it. Then as the behavior is transcended in full, one may return to the utilization of such things in a sacred manner, and in small amounts to serve one’s continued ascent.


What exactly is addiction? From Giraffe’s point of reference, addiction is the combination of a mechanized way of being with addictive personality entities that engage in the act of smoking, drinking or engaging with the media. Ascending initiates will require removing the psychic machinery out of the field and releasing karma, along with breaking contracts with the addictive entities. Then one may transcend any addiction enough to ascend. Giraffe and Deer will hold space for such transcendence if one so intends it. One may call upon us for support. However, do not ask us to ground you into form after becoming intoxicated, or open your heart after you smoke. This one will have to do after they come down from the “high” and then intend to release the patterning for good.


Ascension requires an act of will. One must will oneself beyond certain patterning that does not serve ascension, or will oneself into a new preoccupation or place of living that serves. Why is will so important? One is highly mechanized upon the earth plane. As such, one must override one’s own mechanized nature in order to bring forth change; for the machine internal to self wishes only to do the same thing day in and day out each day, week, month or year. The machine knows not how to change. One must learn to override the machine with will to bring forth the change, and in the process, one will dismantle the very machines holding one in a particular place, preoccupation or habit through ascension.


Overriding habit therefore will not occur by itself. It requires the intent to do so, and the intent to redirect all of one’s energy and time towards that which supports ascension. Any ascension will only go so far without intent of will behind it. Therefore, this is an important skill for ascending humans to learn. Asur’Ana has developed a strong will. She can will her dream to fruition, even against great forces attempting to undo and shatter her dream. She has proven that human will can override anything that wishes to manipulate or retain one in an imprisoned state of being.


Intention and Will


Therefore, Giraffe reminds all initiates that intention is everything. Intention is an act of will. When one intends this or that, one utilizes the power center or will center which is in the third chakra region in the solar plexus. It is this region that as it engages pulls the dream that one is intending towards oneself with the tone of power. This is the true purpose of will and power, the gift of willing one’s dream to fruition and the power to do so. Notice that one is not willing another’s dream to fruition or controlling them or manipulating them in any manner. This is wrong use of power, and one that the forces of the dark have engaged with since they manipulated Earth into her first fall in consciousness. In essence, they willed their will of destruction over Earth’s will of ascension and succeeded.


Earth subsequently lost her power and will to live. As the will to live leaves, falls in consciousness follow. In human form, when one loses the will to live, one intends to die, and often diseases or accidents then manifest. Humans by and large have lost their collective will to live. This was shattered and shattered until it all but ceased to exist, which is why the human collective lifespan is less than 100 years of age. Ascending humans are repairing their will to live, both individually and collectively. Those with diseases who ascend out of the illness will repair the will to live, and then utilize their returned power to intend and bring their dream of recovery into the physical. Those who are choosing to ascend will intend their dream of ascension and utilize their power to bring such a dream into the physical.


Humans were designed to be fully conscious, and conscious of the act of dream weaving. Dream weaving is an ability to intend one’s dream, weave it in the nonphysical, and then call the dream one has woven into the physical until it manifests. Dream weaving became an unconscious state of being under the control of the dark about 110,000 years ago in the collective human dance. As this occurred, the human dream was then used to shatter Earth and all species therein, rather than fulfill upon its original purpose.


Many humans are in a deep illusion that they are not unconsciously harmful. Unconscious patterns have little to do with physical behavior. However, one will see their unconscious patterns mirrored around them and in all others. Does one have an abusive partner or boss? This is a mirror of one’s own unconsciously abusive patterning within. Does one witness an accident or beating of a child? Then it is a mirror of one’s own unconsciously abusive patterning within. As one utilizes the mirrors to address such patterning, dismantling the original cause, one may transcend such unconscious and energetic abusiveness. Such transcendence is not an overnight process; it will take one’s ascent to Bodhisattva to accomplish.


Transcending harmful patterning is also an act of will. It requires diligence and a willingness to observe all mirrors around one, even the mirrors that nature presents. Nature will always give one clues to one’s internal state of being, and if one pays attention, one can avoid the manifestation of the cosmic two by four and ascend instead.


Giraffe will leave humans with this thought. Ascension requires that one examine all things about oneself upon all planes of reality that one resides. As one examines such, they will find parts of self not acting in resonance with the whole of one’s being. Such parts ultimately destroy oneself through disease and aging, as they are related to dissonant parts of the biology. Go within, and transcend such patterning. Judge it not, for all species partake in this patterning. In so doing, one will ascend out of harm and the related experience of disease and aging into a new harmless and regenerative form.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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