Image of the brilliant orange yellow Sun shining on a field of dandelions. Blessings and Meditation for Returning to the Light Earth Dream

12. Blessings and Meditation for Returning to the Light Earth Dream


About the Light and Dark Earth Dreams


Long ago, Terra split into two regions of domain as she exited the Great Central Sun. Inside the Sun, there was not a split between light and dark as the two opposing series of vibrations were amalgamated or united into a single rainbow of synthesis. Outside of the Great Central Sun Dream, Earth lost the amalgamation and the lighter tones split into one rainbow and the darker tones into another. This occurred as Terra’s field was turned completely inside out as she exited the dream. One might think of the split in light and dark as one rainbow of pastel colors that are lighter in vibration and another of primary colors that are denser in vibration.


As Terra split into light and dark, so did the dreams surrounding her. This was complicated by the fact that no soul inside the Great Central Sun chose to exit the dream with Terra. As a result, she was left altered but without a host of nonphysical forces to explain what had occurred or rectify the circumstance. Perhaps if all that is known today about the Great Central Sun Dream was known at the time, Terra would have never exited but rather simply extended the dream that she was in until a return cycle was manifest. Alas, this was not understood at the time, and Terra did exit, as have a host of other creations from this Sun and many others throughout time, space and form.


Terra turned to the blueprint of her own hologram and created a series of nonphysical forces to manage her field to replace the souls that were no longer with her. These forces come in the form of creator souls, angel souls as well as serpents that weave the fabric of the physical and nonphysical vessel. These nonphysical forces were constructed after Terra had already split into light and dark in exiting the Great Central Sun Dream.


As a result of this, the nonphysical forces created were also in a light and dark form. Or in other terms, there were those forces that were positive in nature and constructed from thoughtform of the positive ley lines of moving energy systems; these forces desired to keep Terra’s field moving. There were also forces constructed from negative consciousness or the space between due to the manner in which Terra had split into light and dark.


The space between hosts consciousness that separates and divides; it is the nature of the space between to carve the pathway through which the energy flows in the chakras, subtle bodies and etheric grid work. The negative or space between hosts an opposing thoughtform to the space without. If the space without seeks to create and live, then the space between shall seek to destroy and die. This only occurs when the two are split into separate forces that oppose one another.


Inside the Great Central Sun in comparison, there is space between and space without but it is not of variant vibrations. There is a golden vibration that rotates in one direction and a silver vibration that rotates in the opposite direction. The two rotations occur in each chakra or subtle body and create enough movement to sustain the energy of the physical without the requirement to ingest anything; those inside the Great Central Sun subsist from the breath only and do not consume anything as a result.


Separation of Golden and Silver Vibrations


As Terra left the Great Central Sun Dream, gold and silver separated into two systems. No longer did the space between rotate in the opposing direction as the space without as it moved into a separate force outside of Earth. Earth had split into two energetic fields although only one body remained. The space without or light Earth dream dominated and the space between was cast off as a shadow. This caused Terra for a time to not have enough density to balance her field as she pressed up and up and up in vibration, spinning herself in excess. This occurred as the light Earth dream forces supported only ascension.


Over time and in utter exhaustion, the opposite occurred and now Terra slowed and slowed and slowed until she dropped in frequency beneath where she exited the dream of the Sun. This occurred gradually and over a very long time period. As she dropped in vibration, the dark Earth dream became dominant along with the thoughtform of destruction; and the light Earth dream moved outside of Earth.


Terra then continued to drop in frequency in equal to how far up she had spun herself unto at an earlier time. This led to the first fall into the dimension beneath causing Terra to fracture even more greatly into light and dark. This information is from the analysis of the Tao that has received records from Terra’s early transition out of the Great Central Sun Dream. Terra is releasing karma now for how this occurred so that she can return home and ultimately unto the Tao again, where all life originates from.


It is as Terra split into light and dark that light and dark dreams were anchored upon her. Light Earth dreams can be associated with those forces that wish to piece everything together and return Home or evolve. Dark Earth dreams can be associated with those forces that desire to separate and divide, and out of this become caught in other endeavors that instead of allowing for a return journey home perpetuate the same dance unto extinction. There have been many forces dancing in light and dark Earth dreams over time; and Terra is coming to understand the entire dance so that she can forgive absolute.


Terra’s Dark Dream Caused Falls in Consciousness


For Terra now understands that it is her own dark dream and consciousness therein that has caused her falls in consciousness. It has been in each cycle as the dark dream has dominated that Earth has fallen to the next dimension beneath. However, the dark dream is still her dream, although it splintered off long ago and as she exited the Great Central Sun. Perhaps this speaks to how one is really destroyed by oneself; and that it is not outside of oneself therefore to cease to be destroyed and ascend “home”.


At this time, Terra is reverse polarizing the light Earth dream back upon Earth in lieu of the dark Earth dream for all regions of domain that have yet to amalgamate enough to enter the Great Central Sun Dream. The light Earth dream serves ascension as it strives to piece together all that has fallen apart over time. Therefore, in anchoring the light Earth dream, Terra will best support each kingdom and species that chooses to ascend at this time in history.


Over time and in the human species, the light Earth dream will dominate again. As this occurs, humans will quite naturally awaken and ascend in larger numbers than today. This shift into the light Earth dream begins now; Terra is vying to press all of Earth into the light Earth dream in the coming 2 years. As such the dance shall change. The dark shall retract from Earth as there will no longer be a dream to sustain their existence. In time those who are destructive in nature in human form will settle their karma through restitution; humans en masse shall begin to be redirected into pursuits that better support the evolutionary times ahead. It is the light Earth dream that shall foster a greater awakening of humanity as a result.


About Absolute Forgiveness


What is absolute forgiveness? Absolute forgiveness allows for a release of karma and patterning that has occurred upon any dimensions that Terra has resided upon. (Please refer to Mineral Treasures Chapter 6 “Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love” for more information.) At this time, Terra is learning to forgive absolute and dissolve all patterning that can be perceived upon any dimension of origin outside of the Great Central Sun. This allows Terra to begin to complete with this creational experience outside of the Sun and to cross over into the Great Central Sun Dream again.


This shift includes an amalgamation of light and dark again in Earth’s field. It is the amalgamation of light and dark tones that has been the primary maneuver that has allowed for entrance into the Great Central Sun Dream; this occurred around May-June timeframe of last year. Suddenly Asur’Ana and Terra recalled how light and dark were united prior to leaving the Great Central Sun Dream long ago; and in the reunion of the two sets of frequencies into a single rainbow of tones, suddenly a large part of Earth bypassed 30 Star Gates and entered the Great Central Sun Dream.


This shift was not only unexpected, but has vastly influenced the possibility of Terra becoming extinct, and now the dream for extinction is literally a dream of the past. This is grand news and assures that all species shall return Home with Terra over time through ascension, including the human, whale and dolphin species. (Please see Mineral Treasures Chapter 4 “Blessings for Entering the Dream of the Great Central Sun” for more information on crossing into the Great Central Sun Dream.)


Terra is uniting her own dark dream that had separated off long ago and upon Dimension 25. Now in the greater understanding that the dark forces vying for global extinction are really a part of Earth’s own lost consciousness, all is being retrieved, all is being reunited, and all shall go home. And the darkness that desires to destroy Earth concludes within in the amalgamation of light and dark.


Passing Multiple Star Gates at a Time


The remaining part of Terra’s field that is still split into light and dark factions is also rapidly shifting. In the past six months, the rest of Terra has passed through 10 Star Gates, when she was averaging only 1 to 2 Star Gates per year in times past and since the first Star Gate was entered in the year 2018. This has doubled the pace of ascension as well as global warming, and shall continue to do so due to the recovery of information that had been lost inside of the Great Central Sun long ago.


Terra is going Home, beloved; and so is each who is ascending at this end of cycle timeframe. Although the world mirror may appear very difficult and painful in your human dream, changes are coming due to Terra’s own evolution that shall make the era of awakening not only possible, but the ride into the future and the birth of a new era ahead less of a struggle.


This also is due to absolute forgiveness of the fully conscious species that this has become so; Terra has forgiven all acts of harm of the human, dolphin and whale species in the greater understanding of the original cause. She understands now that each kingdom was only responding to a dark dream that she herself was encapsulated within; and so no other possibility could have really ever occurred. It is her own dark dream ultimately that is responsible for all falls upon Earth.


Therefore, the Tao invites those reading this information to open your hearts and receive the blessings of absolute forgiveness. As you allow the forgiveness from Terra to penetrate your field, you shall move into a light Earth dream again. As a light Earth dream surrounds you and all willing to receive this blessing, a light Earth dream can then be anchored for all of humanity and Earth alike. In the light Earth dream, all shall vie to weave the dream together to foster an evolutionary cycle ahead.


Terra is complete with the dark Earth dream and how it came to be through the splintering of her own consciousness as she exited the Great Central Sun. For a time, those regions that have not crossed into the new dream through amalgamation will sit in a light Earth dream until enough ascension can be fostered to allow for a crossing into the Great Central Sun Dream. Earth chooses to give this to all kingdoms including the human kingdom as her gift and also out of the greater understanding that the darkness that has plagued her is not anyone else’s cause other than her own.


The above understanding is deep and vast spiritual lessons learned from the point of the Tao that have incredible consequences. For you see as each takes full responsibility for the truth that the darkness outside of self is really one’s own lost darkness, and chooses to retrieve it, forgive it and reunite it into an amalgamated thoughtform where light and dark become one, then the dance of extinction not only comes to an end, but peace, unity, honor and unconditional love can be born as a new foundation. First this occurs within each willing to forgive and then embraces the love within; then as enough humans forgive and embrace the love within, a new dream that shall restore love unto the human species can also be woven.


This cannot occur without your participation; and it is for this reason that the map makers of ascension in human form are so important unto Terra. It is also why Terra loves and honors each of you, regardless of role, and regardless of level of contribution. You are necessary unto the whole beloved. Terra has learned this year past that she really loves human consciousness. For a long time, forces guiding Terra blamed humans so much for her own strife that it was hard not to dislike humanity.


Seeing the Entire Picture and Loving All Parts of Oneself


Perhaps this too is a mirror for many reading this book; for whom do you blame as problematic unto yourself not unlike Terra has blamed humans? As the greater picture has been come to be understood and human cause has been reduced to a mere fraction of what once was perceived to be, Terra has had time to reassess. In the reassessment, and in the dance with those who are ascending and becoming an asset to her evolutionary choice, Terra has come to appreciate and enjoy the human species.


Loving all parts of oneself is what Terra is accomplishing; humans are a part of life upon Earth. Indeed, humans have done many things that have caused strife for Terra; but the dark dream that was Terra’s own splintered consciousness caused the humans to create her strife. So, Terra is taking responsibility for her own dark dreams and how they were called unto her field annihilation recurrently throughout the cycles outside of the Great Central Sun.


Perhaps had this been understood long ago, Terra would have taken charge and then it would have been a very different outcome. However, from the Tao’s point of view, it matters not when the spiritual lessons are learned. It is in the learning to love again what one thought one hated that everything changes; for what one hated then no longer has power over oneself in any way; and then ceases to direct one’s life in a manner that one would not prefer life to go.


This is perhaps the single largest spiritual lesson for Terra and all fully conscious species upon Earth at this time; that what one hates controls oneself until one forgives absolute. As one forgives absolute, there is no power in the one that one has blamed for a long time for one’s own state of being. It is only in seeing a partial picture of all the cause that one blames; as one sees the entire picture, and then it is easier to forgive. We will use Asur’Ana as an example.


Asur’Ana has long been pummeled and shattered recurrently by famous gurus around the world. In recent weeks, she accessed records where she could see that her own ancestry was just like the gurus that were troublesome to her, but on the 5th and 18th dimension. On the 5th and 18th dimension, her ancestry played the role of the famous guru and pulls apart others for self-gain; upon the 3rd and 12th dimension, the polarity is opposite and she is pulled apart by the gurus. Now that Asur’Ana confronted that she had played the role of the famous gurus used by the dark to assure Earth’s extinction upon other dimensions, she could forgive the present day gurus absolute. As this occurred, the game is over, as Asur’Ana has transcended the power that the gurus had over her to determine her own fate.


This is the same for each human as well as Terra. All lies within. There is no role you have not played, beloved. Looking at the world mirror and considering your multidimensional ancestry, understand that there is not one role exhibited here that you yourself have not played in your own inheritance. Therefore, one can forgive those in the world mirror and erase the need to create such a role in human dance again into the future. This is the purpose really and truly of examining the world mirror; to forgive; and now that it is possible, to forgive absolute so that the multidimensional karma is also released that is associated within one’s own inheritance.


World Mirror of 2004 Hurricanes and Tsunamis


2004 was a year of natural disasters that were focused upon in the news. Beginning with the Tsunami in Asia in late 2004 where over 200,000 lost their lives, karma with the sea began to be settled with the human species. Those who died in this experience were from many other parts of the world on holiday at the time. Those that passed settled karma for the consumption of the sea. Those that survived learned something about the power of nature that will probably create life altering circumstances that may foster many personal awakenings.


Humans have vast karma for over consumption and pollution of the sea. Humans have raped the sea by over fishing to a point that there is not enough for other species to feed out of. Many reefs have been fished to a point of extinction. Asur’Ana has long pondered the over fishing which has also occurred in Hawaii, not on the part of the Hawaiians as much as other cultures that immigrated to work the plantations several hundred years ago now. In over consuming the sea, sooner or later the sea will then consume one’s own ancestry. One cannot cause something and then not live to experience it as this is the nature of cause and effect or karma.


What is confusing to most humans is cause or karma. Cause is not limited to one’s life. Most who died in the tsunami or hurricanes in 2004 may not have had anything to do with the sea in this lifetime. And yet they held karmic cause in their current and past ancestry for the consumption of the sea. In being consumed and dying in the floods of the tsunamis or hurricanes, the karma is settled with the sea.


Cause is confusing in particular if one sees no relationship between the current life and the preset time disastrous circumstance one has made manifest. Those who are ascending will understand that humans today are settling karma for the past 10,000 years of existence and from the era of Atlantis and Lemuria. Millions of ancestors are related to any one human in present time; out of millions of ancestral lives, one will have a particular theme of karma that one has brought forward into this life to settle.


Such agreements to settle karma are made at birth and generally well known by the souls and consciousness of the child incarnating before entering the world. Few humans if any recall the karma that they agreed to settle upon birth or the dream for one’s life ahead; however, all of this is known at birth and generally fades by age 2 and as each child begins to speak.


If humans were more aware of their pre-birth agreements, there would be less shock at the travesties that each manifests in the life experience. There are many ways of examining one’s pre-birth agreements; one is the use of hypnosis where one can regress oneself to prior to birth and recall what one knew. Another is simply to read the Akashic Records in one’s field where the agreements are stored. Many reading these materials may choose to bring to consciousness one’s pre-birth agreements to understand what one is working upon, spiritually speaking, in this lifetime.


There is another option to living a particular experience to clear the karmic cause in one’s ancestry. One can choose to forgive. The consciousness of the Salt Mineral Kingdom wrote a beautiful essay about human karma with the ocean; within this essay are many intentions that may be useful in releasing karma for the many natural disasters involving water that occurred in the world mirror. (Please refer to Mineral Treasures Chapter 5 “Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms” for more information.)


Most of the animal kingdoms were not destroyed in the 2004 Tsunami that hit Asia. There were reports of animals in large game parks that fronted the coast who retreated uphill and beyond the scope of the waves that hit shore drowning so many people. One man who had an elephant that had lived chained to a post for its entire life break the chain the day before the Tsunami and take itself uphill. Later, he happily found his elephant who returned home with him. Why is it that nature understands the impending disaster and humans do not? Humans are out of touch with the land or the dream of the ocean and natural world. Humans have so fallen in consciousness that they lack the information to attune to the natural world dream and make life choices that will protect them from natural disasters.


From the Tao’s point of view, ascension restores human knowledge that was lost long ago and was holographic in nature. Long ago, one’s ancient ancestors lived upon the land and holographically attuned to Nature’s dream. Through this attunement, these humans knew where food source was for gathering; they knew where the land would sustain a good place to live with natural shelters of protection; they knew when to leave if a disaster was about to strike due to Earth movement or difficult weather patterns. As humans ascend, they will open to this knowledge again and know where to be and when so that one is always safe.


Moving Sticky Energy Through Hurricanes


The hurricanes over the Gulf of Mexico and the Southern United States were particularly caustic in 2005, flooding New Orleans unexpectedly along with other regions in Mexico and South America. The flood also killed thousands of humans who also settled karma for consumption of the sea in their inheritance. The reason that these hurricanes were so powerful was the sticky radioactive energy left over from two nuclear bombs detonated within the grids of this land at the end of the era of Atlantis.


The sticky energy was preventing the ascent of the region and so the hurricanes increased in magnitude to allow for the clearing necessary to foster continued evolution of Earth. The hurricanes successfully moved this energy and also resurrected unknown ancestral records of billions of humans who died in the nuclear holocaust of Atlantis. Earth has written a little about some of these records from Atlantis in the last chapter “The Nature of Light and Dark Earth Dreams”.


Had there been more ascending humans in the region, the magnitude of the hurricanes would have been far less and might have not been so devastating to those living in the region. The most difficult part of the experience was how the energy movement of the hurricanes shattered the human dream over New Orleans following the floods. If there is no dream to direct authorities to assist, then there will be no assistance brought forth.


It saddened Asur’Ana to read about those trapped in the stadium without food or water for five days and to a point of near insanity for many. She was also saddened to see the lack of response of the national government; and when they did arrive, they shot at people seemingly to restore law and order rather than assisting them with food and water or in leaving the flooded region. It was as if the dream for the region was a war zone rather than natural disaster and this was what played out in the dance.


Indeed, there were many war dreams activated in New Orleans as the hurricanes released the records from Atlantis. Following the detonation of two nuclear bombs over the capital of Atlantis, the surrounding regions that were related to New Orleans in present time were also affected but not blown to bits. Humans in these regions began to go rapidly insane due to the radiation released and how it causes DNA to fray; the end result was lawlessness and looting in the regions surrounding the capital of Atlantis. Remaining authorities entered the scenes and shot at people much as the US National Guard shot at people in New Orleans in 2005 in an attempt to restore order.


Disastrous Dreams


Understand that humans live the dream that is broadcast from the solar Sun. At this time of ascension, dreams can also come up from the land as they once had occurred long ago due to the ascent of Earth. Humans upon the land that the dreams are arising upon due to the increasing vibration of the region may find themselves caught in a parallel dream from long ago. In not understanding that this is what is occurring, humans then have no say in what they experience, and are simply subject to whatever is projected upon them.


The Tao perceives the drama in New Orleans in 2005 to be a reflection of this; the humans inside of the flood experience were reliving the lawlessness that occurred as Atlantis was bombed 10,000 Earth years ago (40,000 human years) and the outlying regions went into great turbulence and looting as a result. As all the records were gathered by Mother Earth, the dream of lawlessness ceased to be broadcast and those in New Orleans then came back to order again, and were finally provided food and water and transported to other regions of safety.


We will give you another example of this. Trinidad has been plagued with murders and robberies on the part of terrorists for over a year now. The terrorist acts are all associated with “black hole dreams”. Black hole dreams create violence wherever they appear upon Earth and in the human dream. The black hole dreams were arising from a time in the era of the Anu where Merduk and Innana were at war with one another, and their slave nations became increasingly brutal towards one another depending upon which “god” they were aligned with. This caused those in alignment with Merduk in particular to terrorize those slaves aligned with Innana.


Merduk bred a group of humans in his laboratory specifically for terrorism; these humans were unfeeling and rebellious in nature and enjoyed destroying and frightening others. As the terrorist slaves matured, they moved into Innana’s slave cities and began to terrorize those who supported Innana in parallel to how those that have been terrorizing others in Trinidad.


The black hole dreams arising upon the land of Trinidad were from the era of the Anu. As the land in Trinidad and surrounding ocean ascends, the ancient dreams of terrorism became active again and caught upon those with associated ancestry. Those terrorizing citizens in Trinidad today hold the same genealogy as those bred for terrorism on the part of Merduk in the era of the Anu. As the dream arose, those with the associated ancestry simply acted out in the same manner as their ancient ancestors had behaved in another time period.


More recently, the land in Trinidad is moving beyond the vibration that was held 36,000 Earth years ago (144,000 human years) during the terrorism of the Anu war. As such, the records from this time period have been released and gathered and fewer black hole dreams are appearing in this region. The murders and terrorism had suddenly subsided. This too is an example of how as the dream changes, human behavior changes in parallel.


In 2005, there were terrorist suicide bombers in London and Bali along with other regions around the globe. Bali also hosts records from the era of the Anu for terrorists that invaded Innana’s slave civilization and became caustic towards those living peaceful lives. This dream also has played out now in several incidents where Australian citizens primarily have been targeted on the part of terrorists. Those targeted as well as those terrorizing were simply catching a dream from the era of the Anu that was emerging from the land as the records from a particular time period are released through global ascension.


If humans were more conscious, they could choose to assist in releasing the records rather than recreating past experiences in the now. The intent to release the records in collaboration with Earth will erase the caustic dreams of the past and then the associated dance need not play out again in present time. Those ascending and conscious of this can choose to participate in the gathering of human records wherever one lives or travels; in so doing, one will assist in releasing dreams that might play out again otherwise and consciously support the ascent of one’s species in so doing.


In London in 2005, suicide bombers also appeared destroying the transportation system. London also was beginning to ascend; however, the dreams appearing in the land records of London are more from Atlantean time periods and not the era of the Anu. England sits in grids that once were over the north coast of Atlantis. The north coast of Atlantis was not turned to dust in the nuclear annihilation at the end of this era; but instead those in this region lived through severe depression and then the insanity that follows a rapid decline of DNA due to exposure to radioactive dust. These humans experienced the after-effects of a large-scale nuclear bomb, and as a result, the remaining civilization went into chaos.


In the chaos, humans looted and killed other humans, or blew themselves up, or committed suicide. The dream that caused the suicide bombers of the London transportation system were all reliving a black hole dream that was arising due to global ascension that projected a dream of insanity of a post-nuclear holocaust in Atlantis. As the records were gathered by Earth, the dream subsided and there were few parallel incidents since.


The Density of Cities and Black Hole Dreams


Ascending humans can learn to release black hole dreams before they manifest a terrorist travesty in one’s region of origin. Earth works through ascending humans to modify any black hole dreams that she can perceive any given week or month of her continued ascent; sometimes in the density of the cities, the black hole dreams go unnoticed until travesty strikes. This is also what occurred in Paris in 2005 where many young men of Arab descent suddenly arose into great violence and destroyed the personal property, cars and buildings in an insane staging of violence that carried on for many weeks.


Once again, the violence was a series of black hole dreams that had risen due to the ascent of Earth; these dreams occurred in the grids of Paris following the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis. Paris is in what was the east coast of the continent of Atlantis. This region suffered a state of chaos due to a rapid fall of consciousness due to fraying of human DNA following the Atlantean nuclear holocaust, much like those in the north coast associated with London in present time. Humans became lawless and insane and acted out in violent ways in this time period much as the young Arab men of Paris. As Earth gathered up these records, the violence subsided as there were no additional black hole dreams to call more terrorism into the region.


Also in 2005, a group of young Australian white men chose to gather and beat up others of Mediterranean or Arab descent in a famous beach area near Sydney. This too was a black hole dream rising from another time of warfare in this region. Sydney is in a region that was once known as Lemuria. Lemuria and Atlantis were at odds with each other over a particular mineral that Atlantean scientists wanted to develop further technology.


Lemuria refused to sell the minerals for any price. Atlantean leadership chose to invade Lemuria and simply take what they wanted. This invasion occurred off the coast of Sydney about 10,250 years ago as Earth measures time (41,000 years ago in human terms). This dream also has been called to the surface of the Earth due to the ascent of the land and sea. A portion of this dream caught causing the young white men to violate those of Mediterranean origins much as the Atlantean soldiers had violated Lemurian citizens.


Lemuria was once a continent of purely red nation’s peoples. Atlantis was a continent of mostly white nation’s peoples. Lemuria became a favored vacationland for those of Atlantis in the height of their era. Much like the Polynesian islands or many other island chains today that offer a beautiful place to take respite from dirty cities and a hard work schedule, Atlanteans flocked by the millions to Lemuria to be pampered and enjoy their time off. Lemurian people were not prepared for an invasion any more than the Mediterranean humans that were attacked were prepared for the angry young white men that confronted them in 2005 on a beach near Sydney. As Earth gathered the erased the records, the conflict subsided.


Ascending humans can watch the world mirror and assist the regions near where one lives by helping Earth to gather human records from other time periods. The more rapidly the records are gathered and erased, the less likely that the travesty associated needs to play out amongst the humans that live nearby. Earth is learning to become increasingly gifted at erasing emerging human records so that less of the related caustic dreams catch. She needs humans however to assist with this, and one can volunteer in dreamtime for this world service role and it will be most appreciated. In so doing, one can contribute greatly to the ascent of one’s species.


Bird Flu and Other Diseases


Bird flu is really the result of a virus that has become activated again due to the increasing vibration of the land. Birds that are not equipped to ascend and have a poor immune system may catch this virus through polluted waterways or food source; and the body will then die. Other birds in their own flocks that are ascending also are exposed to the same virus, but having a healthier immune system simply defeat the virus through their own immune function. This is a time of cleansing and as a result, those birds or other animals that cannot ascend may rapidly pass. In any flock of birds or herd of animals, there will always be those that are ascending and will survive. This is evolution beloved and nothing to be feared.


Caged birds or farm animals may be subject to the same viruses as those that exist in the wild. The viruses do not originate in the wild birds or animals but in the polluted waterways or food source due to human dumping. The same viruses can come through the polluted water that farmers feed their own chickens, turkeys or farm animals; however, most farmers exist in regions that may have water purification systems that then prevent their animals from the same exposure to toxins as those in the wild.


Over time and as global warning continues, viruses will become active in potentially less polluted water systems that humans and farmers alike rely upon. These viruses will only affect those who are non-ascending in nature. Those who are ascending will develop strong immune systems that nullify most viruses. These viruses existed once long ago and when Earth was parallel in vibration and temperature. As the temperature increases, the viruses that were dormant or frozen will activate and then potentially affect many people or kingdoms. This is the main cause of plagues that Earth perceives stepping down the dreamtime planes towards humanity in the coming 10-year cycle – viruses being reactivated from more ancient times due to global warming.


All creatures in the wild are ascending unless they are choosing retraction from physicality at this time. Some years ago, many gorillas suddenly died of a caustic form of bacteria. This bacterium is also from ancient times and was reactivated in the global warming of the rainforests that the gorillas lived within. The gorillas are not ascending as they do not have genetics to allow for it; gorillas were the result of another experiment of the Anu who incubated a half ape and half human form. The resultant species was too docile to work for the Anu or wait upon them, and so they chose to incubate a humanoid shape in their next experiments. Gorillas were freed and have lived up until this time in their original form. Over time they will all go extinct, however, as they have not genetics for ascension.


The same is true for some of any flock of birds or herd of animals; some will ascend and some will not. Those that cannot ascend will become sick and die but often after giving birth to those that can ascend. This is also the same for the human species, many of which will become sick and die in the times of cleansing ahead. However, many other humans are choosing to enter the world ascending, and these little ones will carry on along with the ascending adult populations to create a new era of unity and joy ahead.


In the times ahead, larger numbers of deaths than births upon each continent will occur as those at 2 DNA segments and who can ascend no further also leave physicality. We wish to remind each reading this book that consciousness does not end in death; consciousness carries forward to understand, evolve and ultimately go “home” in the ascension journey ahead. Each human that passes becomes an ancestor; each ancestor carries on following death to contribute to the ascent of the entire human species. This is also true for each nature kingdom choosing partial extinction to full extinction at this end of cycle time period upon Earth; the consciousness of nature also carries forward beyond death.


About Farm Animals and Pets


Farm animals and birds raised as food will also go extinct as Earth is not choosing to ascend any kingdom held in captivity as human food source, including those animals in human zoos or theme parks. All will go extinct in the coming times of cleansing ahead. There are 24 viruses that will become prevalent in farm animals and birds, some of which have already become activated. This will not be so in eggs or milk; and so dairy farms and chickens raised for eggs will not be affected to begin with.


Humans will need sources of food that hosts cholesterol as this is the basis of the crystalline genetic structure; and so, Earth is weaving a dream to allow dairy cows and chickens raised for eggs to ascend. The buffalo kingdom now ensouls all dairy cows, particularly those in organic farms. Eagle ensouls chickens that are free range, vegetarian and raised for eggs. No soul is ensouling any other farm animal raised for flesh and any kingdom without soul will cease to exist in the times ahead, as it is soul that directs the field and biology for ascension.


Many humans in the future will trace the viruses that have killed their parents, family or friends to have come through the meat or flesh that they have eaten. However, this is not really the cause of death; the cause of death was a failure to ascend and develop a stronger immune system that would have simply cleared the virus out of the body without becoming drastically ill.


The Tao recommends that ascending humans cease to eat farm animals to avoid being exposed to potentially caustic viruses and turn to a mostly vegetarian diet at this time, supplementing one’s food source with wild fish from time to time when one requires a little more protein. Wild fish have agreements to feed humans up through 2050. Farm raised fish may go extinct also from viruses not unlike the farm animals, chickens and turkeys into the future, and also expose humans to a parallel disease. This is why wild fish is recommended.


The problem with farm raised fish is that the fish do not feed upon a wild food source. Farm raised fish are fed a human made diet that lacks the nutrients for evolution. Asur’Ana recently read that farm raised salmon are fed a pink dye to make their flesh pink for the grocery store. Why is this so? Wild salmon turns to a diet of flies and other insects in the spring and summer and this causes their flesh to turn pink. Humans have a hard time selling salmon that is not pink and so they dye the flesh for the appropriate appearance. The farm raised fish however lack the nutrients that are supplied in a diet of wild salmon and also host other caustic substances such as dyes that are not healthy for ascending humans.


Many human pets may also fail to ascend for parallel reasons to the farm raised fish. If you desire to have your pets ascend, then place them upon a diet that serves this purpose. Raise your cats and dogs on a purely vegetarian diet with the intent that they be born with a vegetarian digestive system. Vegetarian digestive systems have many pockets and each secretes more digestive enzymes than the next to assure adequate breakdown of all foods and the ability to absorb proteins from vegetable sources. This is the blueprint for the crystalline digestive system not only for all humans, but also for all animal kingdoms.


As the animal kingdoms are born vegetarian, they will consume grass and berries in lieu of one another. Vegetarian cats and dogs can be fed fruits, nuts, vegetables, eggs, and milk just as vegetarian humans subsist upon. You can supplement your pet’s diet with a little eggs and milk along with whole grain cereals such as raw oats. This type of diet will provide nutrients that pets can better ascend with.


Nature perceives that many humans derive pleasure from their relationship to their cats and dogs or other pets. There are many ways to open the heart; sometimes humans open their hearts to their pets more easily than to other humans or nature. There is much that is required to do in order to press humanity into a cycle where love is the foundation of all relations. Anything that opens the heart and teaches humans about love is useful therefore from Terra’s point of view, including pets.


Humans who raise pets or farm animals for the wool, feathers, milk or eggs can choose to work with Mother Earth to provide an ascension blueprint for these species. Understand that one cannot consume the flesh of these animals or one will break all agreements for the nature kingdoms to ascend their biology. Therefore, one will need to honor this agreement and bury the dead body as it concludes the life in old age or through disease.


Karma with the Animal Kingdoms


We have an interesting story to share about an initiate who raises sheep in Europe. This individual had 9 out of 10 ewes die this year following birth. When seeking to understand why, it was pointed out that they did not love their sheep or the ewes, and without love, all kingdoms will die into the future. In exploring why this initiate could not love the sheep, it was discovered that they had deeply loved their animals in early childhood as they had been raised upon a farm. It was as they matured and understood that the sheep or cow that they loved so dearly was upon the dinner plate that their heart shattered. In the shattering, they chose never to love any animal raised for food again, including the sheep.


Here is the spiritual lesson in the dance of raising food for consumption. It is love that creates life and allows for health and a joyful dream. A lack of love leads to death. How can one love what one is going to slaughter for food? Humans do not love what they slaughter whether it is food source or the enemy upon the battlefield. Hatred kills whether it is of the animal kingdom or other humans. Hatred ultimately leads to extinction. The 9 dead ewes went extinct out of a lack of love. As this initiate releases the original cause of why the ewes died, now they will love their sheep. It will be interesting to see how many ewes survive next year as a result. Also, they are choosing only to raise the sheep for wool and not consumption.


Humans have many hard lessons ahead surrounding slaughter and their karma with the animal kingdoms. The experience in 2005 in the Astrodome in Louisiana following the hurricane is an example of animal karma. Humans sat in their own excrement and seated tightly next to one another along with other dead bodies, without enough food or water; this is a reflection of the karma for how humans raise animal kingdoms for food, beloved. Many animal kingdoms are stored in barns or cages and not allowed to walk outdoors or move; many live in their own wastes. One cannot do this to another kingdom without experiencing it oneself as this is the karma one has caused as a species.


We point this out so that those that are awakening and are farmers can choose another way of treating their animals that is more honorable. Perhaps one will cease to raise livestock for food and choose to create dairy instead; or choose to raise free range chickens for eggs. In so doing, one will honor the kingdoms that are providing human food and settle this type of karma in one’s inheritance.


About Earthquakes


The 2005 earthquake in Pakistan that rendered so many homeless as well as dead was another example of humans settling karma with the land. Those dying in earthquakes settle karma for trauma to the land at human hands. Human trauma to the land has to do with how humans build large cities without agreements with the nature kingdoms; or how humans deforest the trees to a point where they cannot sustain themselves any longer. This type of karma is also extensive and goes back to two time periods; one in the era of the Anu who’s massive numbers of slaves created large cities over 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 years as humans measure it). The slave cities were constructed from large forests that were cut down without agreements with Earth or Nature.


The violation of the land will cause the land to violate those who hold this type of karma in return. Once again it may be confusing as those violated may not have been at all involved in the housing or lumber industry in present time; however, many of the millions of ancestors of their inheritance were involved and are carrying karma of this nature into this lifetime. The death due to natural disaster settles this type of karma with the land.


It was interesting to note how many thousands of Pakistanis have sat for months now awaiting assistance for their predicament; once their ancient ancestors created these towns in the mountains by gathering rocks or other natural resources to build their shelters. Those devastated by this earthquake have lost so much information and become so dependent upon current human systems that they lack enough knowledge to simply forage again to rebuild their dwellings. Instead, they await help from outside sources.


This is not the Pakistanis’ fault and Terra holds no blame; however, it points out a great truth and that is that humans have fallen into such a great loss of consciousness that they no longer know how to forage for themselves and get by in the natural world. In perceiving this to be so, Terra is striving now to reinstate knowledge of how to forage for oneself as one’s ancient red ancestors understood long ago. In the times ahead, there may be so many natural disasters occurring all at once that support from the outside may not be possible; the survivors will have to learn to take care of themselves as their ancestors once understood in collaboration with nature.


New Forms of Governance


Venezuela has been an interesting country to watch in 2005 in particular. The Prime Minister Hugo Chavez chose to take the land that was unused back from wealthy foreigners or citizens and gave it to the poor to be farmed and to create a livelihood from. He also chose to overtake closed businesses and reopen them to put his impoverished people back to work. Coffee and chocolate plantations as well as steel mills have been some of the businesses reconfigured under Chavez’s guidance.


It is interesting to note in one CNN report, the management in the reopened steel mill was elected by the workers. Chavez was encouraging employees to work with management to assist in improving production. His point was that often the workers know how to improve output but either does not share or are not listened to by management. The steel mill has already increased production by 12% as a result of this style of management.


From the Tao’s point of view, this is an example of unity in action. In unity, all must serve the whole. If there is unused land or businesses that are not running, they can begin to serve the whole and provide for all concerned. Venezuela is a nation where over 80% of the people live in poverty. Chavez turned his nation around by finding ways to create businesses that will ultimately turn the country into a middle-class lifestyle. This is an example of an impoverished nation finding its way to a recovery through catching a dream of unity. This is how Mother Earth anticipates all third world countries to ultimately find their own solutions to their own dilemmas; they will catch a dream that allows for unity.


Northern Africa is another region that is ascending and beginning to take charge of their own land again. Many black leaders are taking away land from the white land barons and giving it back to their own people again. This settles a long-time debt where white slave nation’s peoples of the Anu overran African or North American Indian peoples off their own land. Now the land reverts back to those of indigenous origins; more and more of this type of restitution will occur ahead as the karma is settled from more ancient times in this evolutionary era ahead.


Also in 2005, Canada has given back to the indigenous First Nations people much land including one region with a known diamond mine upon it. Canada has also offered a large settlement to each first nation’s person due to how the government removed their children forcing them for generations to attend white run boarding schools. The damage done to the traditions of their nation and the children are now being acknowledged and restitution along with apologies offered. This type of restitution may occur in many regions where indigenous peoples were mistreated under white governance in times past.


Red nations peoples lived in a dream of unity long ago. In a dream for unity, there is no ownership of the land. Each may have personal property such as clothing, jewelry or personal wears and a personal space that one dwells; the land belongs unto Earth. Humans reside upon the land because there are agreements with Earth; as such all are welcome but no one possesses the land. In non-possession, one does not use or pollute the land as this would not be a unity-based action. One would also not use or harm another, as this also would not be an act of unity. The red nations peoples did not understand the ownership of the land that the white nations peoples participated in. This is all the result of Anu based karma.


The Anu came and bred a large race of white slave nation’s peoples that numbered into the billions towards the end of their era. The slaves did not hold agreements with Terra to exist. The slaves lived upon the land as the Anu did, in ownership. Out of ownership, they possessed the land; in the possession they could treat the land however that they would like including harming the forests and polluting the waterways, and constructing dwellings that were non-resonant with Earth. This dance repeated in the era of Atlantis and is repeating again in current human civilization.


In time, humans will resort again to a unity-based dream. Communities of those gathering to work the land and share in the responsibilities of guardianship may gather together at first and become the first known humans to live in unity again. Over time, humanity shall move from a technologically based civilization to an agrarian civilization again, where working the land is the foundation of human endeavors, sharing and celebrations. This will come to be so due to the loss of electricity and the failure to develop magnetic forms of technology in this era. Ahead and possibly in 2100, humans may develop magnetic technology, but this will be at a time that due to greater consciousness through evolution that humans will not misuse the technology to pollute or cause harm. This too is a part of the human dream ahead.


Countries over time and in the coming 100 years may evolve to be more social party in nature, where no one human or group of humans own the land; all may share in all responsibilities of sustaining the needs of the region or various communities. All may pull together to help one another out as well as celebrate together. This too is a part of the dream Earth is weaving for humanity ahead.


Extreme Polarity and National Order


The European Union is moving towards increasing power as a world force. To the degree that Europe unites into a group status, to such a degree the United States may fall apart. Why is this so? Extreme polarity. In extreme polarity, there can only be one united states. If Europe chooses to become a united states, extreme polarity will force the US to break apart into many countries.


This is a dream that the Hawaiian ancestors as well as Native American ancestors have been aware of for some time. The Hawaiian ancestors perceive that if the US breaks apart, the West will become a separate nation that will include Hawaii. This will allow Hawaii greater participation in its own nation, as Hawaii is more or less ignored in present time in Congress, as it is not deemed powerful enough to pay attention unto. This would please the Hawaiian ancestors very much, and would be the first step towards Hawaiian sovereignty.


The US could split into three countries from a potential future dream that is now stepping down. One reason that the US might consider this is to get out from under a vast national debt that is impossible to pay the interest upon let alone settle. If the US suddenly became three separate nations, who would the international bankers collect from? There would be no nation remaining if the constitution was dissolved. The Southern US would find its freedom at long last for the civil war raged 160 years ago; and the Eastern seaboard as well as Midwest would be able to conduct business as they prefer without all the Westerners pressing for a greener nation.


Canada may also split into two or three nations; with the famous French Montreal finally finding their French independence. The momentum of Europe to unite will press other countries such as Canada and the US to split apart. This appears not to affect Australia however at this time. If this occurs, it may cause a very variant financial structure, as most of the wealth is held in the east or west in the US. This will leave the east and west as the wealthier nations and the south as a poorer nation potentially falling to lower class status such as Mexico or South America.


The dreams for any nation move in cycles; for a cycle, the United States was pulled together as a single force as was Canada. The dream for the union held through the civil war within the US. It also held through many attempts to separate Montreal from the rest of Canada. As the polarity shuffles, the dream will cease to continue to pull together regions that may prefer to exist under separate governance and constitutions. The Tao perceives this dream stepping down sometime around 2033.


In parallel to the European Union, South America may also choose to unite more, potentially creating a constitution for all countries therein much like the EU. As South American unites, they will be able to enforce new taxes and levies upon their exports that will cause them collectively to rise from an impoverished region to one that is middle class. Parts of the former US and Canada may fall into impoverishment in counterbalance. This is the nature of extreme polarity and the cycles that direct the human dream.


Earth Intervention of the Human Dream


Earth is weaving another possible dream for humanity upon all nations at this time. The dream is for momentum into unity. To the degree that more ascending children are born, as well as more adults who awaken and ascend in the decade ahead, the dream that is caught may shift more rapidly than originally thought. In time the dream for unity will become global, but this requires far more ascension into magnetic rotation of field on the part of the human species to accomplish.


South America and Africa are two regions that host a tremendous magnetic dream upon most of the land, outside of the cities that have developed. Many regions in Africa of once greater affluence and pyramidal energy flow such as the Ivory Coast has given way to a magnetic rotation again. Although great dissonance and warfare has been the result of the tug of war between the two systems, in the end the magnetic dream of greater equality for all has won. This too is a sign of the reverse polarization of the Anu era back into a Red Nation era of greater unity that is beginning to occur.


Terrorism and Conflict


2005 has again been a year of conflict and turmoil in the Middle East in particular. The Middle East is plagued with black hole dreams that are from the nuclear annihilation of the Anu. As the land ascends, more and more of this type of dream continue to catch upon those living upon this land. Black hole dreams create terrorism and chaos wherever they appear. The land however is now in present time whereas a few years ago this was not so. Therefore, there is much change along with the turmoil and in time the region will settle down and find its way to peace again.


Now there is an opportunity for ascending children to come in between 1,024 to 1,800 segments of DNA and assist in repairing the adult population that are their relations. This is not a short-term prospect; and many adults are leaving the physical plane and will become ancestors that will support the next wave of incoming ascending children. Many passing this way will return right away into bodies that will enter the world between 1,024 to 1,800 to allow for a rapid rise out of the discord and back into a greater level of peace again. This may take the better part of a decade to see through; but this is the dream that Earth is fostering for the Middle East and in particular Iraq and Afghanistan along with Palestine and Israel.


Prime Minister Arafat passed away at the end of 2004 ending the long-term polarity of struggle between Palestine and Prime Minister Sharon of Israel. What was the karma between Arafat and Sharon? It is the karma between Innana and Merduk. Although Arafat is Arab, he holds lineage to Innana and Sharon to Merduk. Merduk fell into great hatred of Innana after she revealed to his wife Persephone how he was using their eldest child as a source of blood to extend his life, and was bleeding him to death. This was more than Persephone could handle and she committed suicide at this point; throwing herself off a cliff and into an active volcano.


Merduk loved Persephone in a strange way and never forgave Innana for revealing the truth. Over time the hatred for what Innana had done built and built inside Merduk, to a point that he was filled with violent and vile thoughts towards her. This led Merduk into obtaining large amounts of uranium to construct his own nuclear bombs as well as incubate a race of human terrorists to war upon Innana. The war raged between the two slave nations, one that supported Merduk and one that supported Innana for 2,000 human years.


In the end, Innana discovered that Merduk had entered a particular pyramid, and locked him inside. She was ongoing to let him starve to death, but other Anu family members convinced her to release him. Merduk went on to detonate the two largest nuclear bombs ever released upon Earth; it took Earth 32,000 human years just to recover her chakras. All of life fell in consciousness and went into a nuclear winter; and Merduk “won the war” but lost all else. Merduk committed suicide by running his space craft into the face of Mars; Innana returned to the Pleiades and committed euthanasia as she had become too ill to carry on. All other family members were blown to bits along with the slave nations in a region now associated with the Middle East (Sahara and Gobi Deserts).


This was the karma that played out in the hatred of Bush (Innana inheritance) and Saddam Hussein (Merduk inheritance). Innana (Bush) won in lieu of Merduk (Saddam Hussein) and this was the beginning of the settlement of some ancient karma from the Anu era where Merduk originally won. Arafat in an odd way won in 2004 as Israel was pressured into creating a Palestinian state and backing out of their settlement endeavors. As Sharon passes, the polarity that has left Israel and Palestine pitted against one another for so very long and due to the karma of Innana and Merduk in their leadership will also pass; this will allow for another dream to begin taking hold allowing for peace to return to the region.


The original cause of the karma of the Anu cannot be settled upon Earth as they were from another creation of origin (the Pleiades). The karma that Sharon and Arafat or Bush and Saddam Hussein settled is really those war dances that repeated in other time periods between others of parallel inheritance. Those of Anu inheritance shall retract off Earth following death and return to the Pleiades as they do not have DNA that can ascend with Earth. Earth perceives that the karma that has repeated from the original Merduk and Innana war has been settled; and now the drama and trauma associated shall fade into a past memory and gradually, peace and honor shall be restored to the Middle East. This will take time, perhaps as much as 15 or 20 years, and ascension shall make this possible potentially at an even more rapid pace.


The Feminist Movement in the East


There is a feminist movement in Saudi Arabia, China and Japan. In China and Japan, the movement is not new and the feminine force has found their way to high paying jobs and often single lifestyles in the many prosperous cities in these countries. For the Middle East, the manner in which the land was sitting in time 30,000 years ago made it difficult for any progress to be made in association with the repression of women. The land was pulled into present time in 2003 fostering many changes that are beginning to unfold as a result.


Regions such as Greece have come more into 21st century perspectives of the power of women, and women are a large working force that have relatively equal rights to men. This is less so in Turkey, but coming to be so more and more due to their drive to unite with the EU. In the Middle East, there is also a movement underway to restore women’s rights, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Several years ago, Asur’Ana recalls reading a Time Magazine article about the current queen of Saudi Arabia who is famous and popular, but is also pressing for many changes in her country that will create greater women’s rights.


Recently, another news article exposed that there had been a minority of right-wing Muslims that had pressured the government to restrain women’s rights that have faded from office or influence. Now certain rights such as the right for a woman to drive one’s own car are up to be passed through as national law. It may be hard to imagine in the west not being able to drive one’s own car as a woman, but it certainly is one way to keep women subordinate unto their partners or fathers.


The issue of covering one’s head with a headscarf is also an interesting one. France chose to eliminate all head scarves in their school system regardless of religious beliefs. This was met with resistance and some students who demonstrated, one who shaved off their hair to gain international attention. In reality, the original karma for the entire dance of wearing a head scarf occurred in the slave nations of the Anu, particularly in the early era when there were not too many slaves.


Zeus in particular along with his business buddies was keen on having sex with the slave women. Often, they would go out in their craft of the time and hunt for those slaves with beautiful flowing hair that they wanted to have sex with. Slave women did not like this and they learned to wear head scarves so that Zeus could not tell from above if they were male or female and then would leave them alone. This is the karma underlying the wearing of head scarves, although it has come to mean something far different in present day Muslim religious traditions.


Later Zeus simply set up sex worker slaves for his clients and no longer required hunting women down for this purpose. As this occurred, women ceased to wear head scarves in the slave civilization of the Anu. Slaves were kept as chattel except for a small number that waited upon the Anu. Men keep women as chattel in some Middle Eastern countries in parallel to this day due to this karma. As the karma for how humans of any sex, religion or sexual preference are defined as unequal to another or subordinated is released, this too shall shift with women finding their way to their own voice and power again throughout the world.


There are currently 15 nations that have banned the burqa, a sheath that covers a woman from head to toe including the face. The countries include Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Tajikistan, Latvia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chad, the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Morocco, the Netherlands, China, and Sri Lanka. These countries view this type of wardrobe very abusive of women and it is out of their own beliefs in equality that they have banned this type of dress. It is a sign of change and the truth that in time women will find their way to equality in the Middle East. This may not occur over night but within the coming 20 years of continued planetary evolution.


Prisons and the Dream of Torture


A dream for torture has emerged in the West and in particular in the US management of suspected terrorists, such as those held in Guantanamo Bay Prison. One will see that these regions such as Guantanamo Bay sit under very dark dreams that are not black hole, but close in nature. Other nations are beginning to question the US position on torture as well as kidnapping those that they feel are threats from other nation’s land without appropriate court orders or legal procedures. Other countries are also questioning the holding of prisoners for many years without legal aid or trial in Guantanamo Bay.


The US governance has also fallen into a dark dream in their approach to handling terrorism. The dark dream causes those participating to work outside the law to fulfill upon what they are wishing to manifest, which is to prevent another 9-11 from recurring. Lawlessness is a pattern that is a part of the human dream in most regions. Lawlessness occurs in many ways in many regions; sometimes it occurs as covert corruption of the leadership; sometimes in places such as brothels and sex joints where what occurs is considered illegal, but the law participates in the dance and so does not really uphold the law. Sometimes lawlessness occurs within the legal system under the guise of upholding the law.


The conflict between law and lawlessness is going to sort itself out in the coming 20 years of continued global evolution within the human dream. Earth has entered a period of extreme law where true spiritual law is the law. True spiritual law is not law as humans have defined it; true spiritual law upholds karma. If there is karma for this or that, then one either forgives or experiences the karma. If there is karma to be a sex worker, then one is actually inside true spiritual law to participate in the dance until the karma is settled or forgiven. If one has karma to be a corrupt politician, then one is within true spiritual law to participate in the dance as well. This is most likely very confusing to humans who desire to believe in absolute right and wrong.


Alas there is no absolute right or wrong; there is the experience and then there is the spiritual lesson gained from the experience. Perhaps the sex worker will forgive themselves following death for having to make a living in this manner and feeling unable to catch any other dream. Perhaps the corrupt politician will forgive himself in the greater understanding of how his ancestry had upheld the law in other times and wrongfully imprisoned folk that were not guilty.


There are many lessons. Lessons are very personal to each life dance. All humans that pass from physicality enter a long period of bardo where they review their lives with the possibility of understanding the spiritual lessons that they were learning in the experience. This offers humanity a broader perspective of the dance of life other than extreme right and wrong and the possibility of forgiveness to be born.


Extreme right and wrong is what pits one against the other to a point of warfare. It is extreme right or wrong that causes humans to lash out between races or gender or sexual preference rather than unconditionally accepting all others in their particular karmic dance. Extreme right and wrong are the result of dogmatic tones of creation that humans at 2 segments sit within. As most remaining humans come to exist at 1,024 segments of DNA in vibration or higher through ascension, dogma will be left behind and a new era begin to be born. Earth perceives that humans are on track to meet this goal by 2043, after which the golden age will be entered.


Intentions to Make in Relation to the World Mirror


There are many intentions that one can make associated with the world mirror that we’ve explored in this chapter. Intentions made by many ascending initiates have impact upon the world dream. Intentions also will have the effect of clearing karma in one’s ancestry that may have participated in parallel patterns in one’s own inheritance. In clearing the karma, the world mirror can change as there will not be the past calling to be reenacted in present time. This is the gift of karmic release; it allows for change.


Karma is like a broken record that continues to play the same tune again and again. As karma is erased, there is a possibility of creating a new tune and new song that leads to greater harmony and peace amongst all humans. As this is so for one’s personal life, this is also for the world at large. As enough ascending children enter the world and release the karma for humanity, the human dream shall drastically change. Earth is vying to create a replacement dream that humans can ascend into that is of greater equality, unity and peace. This is our hope and dream of tomorrow, beloved.


  1. I intend to release all karma in my ancestry for consumption or pollution of the land and sea and forgive absolute.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who over farmed, over fished or deforested to a point that the region could not regenerate.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who raised animals for slaughter in horrific conditions in which they were not free to move about and lived in their own waste.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who treated other humans in horrific circumstances akin to how animals are raised.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who built housing in non-conscious manners without agreements with Earth or the forests.


  1. I intend to honor the land and the sea.


  1. I intend to consume only those species hosting agreements to sustain my physical form, including fish (up until 2050) and fruits, nuts and vegetables.


  1. I intend that a new form of construction emerges that honors the land. I intend that human cease to pollute the land or sea.


  1. I intend that humans cease to deforest and reforest those regions that have been deforested.


  1. I intend to open my heart enough to be able to love and bless again.


  1. I intend to bless the farm lands as well as my garden and the kingdoms of the sea with each meal, allowing for an ongoing exchange of love that shall foster their continued existence.


  1. I intend to bless the forests for providing wood for human shelter and for their job of providing oxygen and holding the void of Earth.


  1. I intend to release karma for the hatred or non-love of all kingdoms retained for slaughter and consumption.


  1. I intend to learn to love all kingdoms, plant, animal, mineral, whale, dolphin, and human along with all of Earth.


  1. I intend that farmers learn to love and honor their animals as well as the land and kingdoms that they farm.


  1. I intend to ascend and develop a strong immune system that will be resistant to viruses that are emerging due to global warming.


  1. I intend that all relations associated with my tapestry of ancestry ascend to the degree that they can and also build a strong immune system.


  1. I intend that the ascending children related to my inheritance enter the world with a strong immune system as well as with a dream for greater peace and unity.


  1. I intend that enough humans ascend in every region so that natural disasters that are very caustic are less necessary for Earth to create to move the energy enough to ascend.


  1. I intend to do my part in world service in the region that I live or any region that I travel each year, assisting in moving the energy and gathering human records from the land.


  1. I intend to assist with clearing black hole dreams in my region of origin or any other region that I visit so that the dark dream associated need not be recreated in present time.


  1. I intend a restoration of human knowing so that I or future ascending ancestors will know how to fend for themselves in the wild if a natural disaster strikes.


  1. I intend to be at the right place at the right time and to listen to the land as to where I should move and live to avoid a natural disaster.


  1. I intend to be fluid enough to move as I foresee a natural disaster ahead. I intend the completion with karma for war and torture within the human dream.


  1. I intend to forgive those ancestors associated with the wars of Innana and Merduk along with their slave nations.


  1. I intend to forgive those ancestors who hated so greatly that they would kill or maim another human.


  1. I intend to forgive those ancestors who sided with one leader over another rather than seeking the middle road of peace.


  1. I intend to forgive those ancestors who participated in torture in any manner.


  1. I intend to forgive those ancestors who were tortured or imprisoned and restrained without legal assistance.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who were terrorists and destroyed others out of extreme beliefs in right and wrong and self-righteousness.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who were leaders and took law into their own hands, breaking the law out of fear of terrorism.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who took away the land that other humans lived upon without compensation and for self-gain.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who left the land that other humans overran them from.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who took a stand to defend their land and either lost or were imprisoned.


  1. I intend the equality of all humans with one another regardless of gender, race or sexual preference or social status.


  1. I intend that women or humans that are repressed to an extreme regardless of cause find their way to their power and freedom again.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who were racist or bigots and believed in extreme right or wrong.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who repressed others founded upon gender or who were repressed by others founded upon gender.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who repressed others founded upon religion or who were repressed by others founded upon religion.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who repressed others founded upon race or who were repressed by others founded upon race.


  1. I forgive those ancestors who repressed others founded upon sexual preference or who were repressed by others founded upon sexual preference.


  1. I intend to unconditionally accept myself and all others in the dance of life.


  1. I intend that humanity move into unconditional acceptance of all others through ascension into the new dream of unity that Earth is holding.


  1. I intend to learn to live upon the land in non-ownership and in community with other humans as well as nature.


  1. I intend that humans learn to live together in non-ownership of the land and in community with one another.


  1. I intend the restoration of a unity-based dream for myself in this lifetime. I intend the restoration of a unity-based dream for all of humanity.


  1. I intend to enter the light Earth dream that supports my choice to ascend. I intend to anchor the light Earth dream in my region of origin and wherever I travel.


  1. I intend that all of Earth including the human dream move into the light Earth dream so that all will be supported in the coming times of change and ascension ahead.


  1. I intend to forgive my ancestry for feeling responsible for the falls of Earth. I intend to forgive myself for feeling guilty about past history and the cause of my own inheritance.


  1. I intend to embrace the love of Earth into my body and field.


  1. I intend to enter the light Earth dream through Terra’s absolute forgiveness of humankind.


  1. I intend absolute forgiveness of my ancestry upon all dimensions that they have resided.


Meditation for the Light Earth Dream


This meditation is offered by Mother Earth in collaboration with the Tao to anchor a light Earth dream into one’s field and region of origin. One will be connecting to those regions within a 200-400 mile radius that host a light Earth dream and expanding this dream to one’s home, office, neighborhood and the open space surrounding oneself. The time has come to move out of the dark dream of destruction and into the light dream of peace, honor and love. In the light dream will be angels and other nonphysical forces that will support one’s choice to ascend. This is the purpose of this meditation.


The light Earth dream appears much as a structure symbol and involves a new system of flow that is related to pod based energy. In the pod, all are welcome, all are a part of the whole, all are honored, no one is excluded, no one is less than, all are equal and all are loved. This is the new dream for the human species to be anchored this year and into the years ahead of continued global evolution.


  1. Put on some quiet music; dim the lights. Light some candles or incense. Blow a little lit sage (if you wish) into each of the four corners of the room with the intent to open sacred space. Intend that your ancestors, the nature kingdoms that guide you as well as Mother Earth consciousness to be present for this meditation.


  1. Take a seat in a comfortable chair with feet flat on the floor and uncrossed. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly.


  1. Now intend that Terra’s angels surround you along with your ancestors and nature guides. We are going to begin to grounding deeply unto the Aurora of Earth, creating a large tree trunk with roots deep into Earth’s core. Imagine the roots stretching out for hundreds of miles around oneself and connecting to those regions and open space that foster a light Earth dream.


  1. Imaging the top of your field becoming like a large tree that extends its branches up past the moon and unto the solar Sun. Now through one’s branches, one is going to bring in a host of new souls and angels to support one’s field and ascension. The souls are a gift of Terra and the light Earth dream.


  1. Take a deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now you are going to allow the angels to begin to rotate your field in a way that is most conducive to your own peace as well as continued evolution. The angels may anchor new tones of creation or vibrations in your field to attune you unto the light Earth dream. Embrace these vibrations.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Embrace the vibrations of the light Earth dream. Allow these vibrations to penetrate throughout one’s field including the meridians of the etheric body. Notice the new vibrations moving slowly under one’s feet, up through the legs, hips and pelvis, solar plexus and diaphragm, breasts and chest, hands, arms and shoulders, neck and head. Allow all parts of the etheric body to be bathed in the vibrations of the light Earth dream.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Allow the vibrations of the light Earth dream to begin to nurture the etheric body. If there is grid work or meridians that are twisted or shut down or smaller than they should be to sustain life, allow these regions to untwist and the meridians to open again so that chi may move throughout the etheric body.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now allow the vibrations to come up into the etheric skin and into the regeneration chakras that sit just above the skin as well as the ascension grid work beyond this. Allow the vibrations of the light Earth dream to assist in creating adequate regeneration chakras as well as allow them to move freely and as they should to pull chi through the etheric body.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now allow the vibrations of the light Earth dream to penetrate your 12-chakra system beginning with the chakras under the feet, the first chakra at the base of the spine (grounding chakra), the second chakra in the pelvis (sexual chakra), the third chakra in the solar plexus (power chakra), the fourth chakra in the diaphragm (breath of life chakra), the fifth or heart chakra in the chest (love chakra), the sixth and seventh chakra in the neck (co-creation and dream catcher chakras), the sixth and seventh and eighth chakras in the head (pineal, pituitary and visionary chakras), the ninth chakra in the crown (spiritual knowledge chakra), the 10th chakra above the head and all chakras leading to one’s oversoul (connection to source chakras), and the 11th and 12th chakras on either side of the head (male and female chakras).


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Intend to redistribute all chi throughout the field evenly and along with the vibrations of the light Earth dream; the vibrations will assist with this. Intend that the chakras to spin to the left (counterclockwise) if you are female and right (clockwise) if you are male in gender and syncopated in rhythm and timing unto Earth’s field rotation. Intend that each chakra balances out to the same size and intensity as the new light Earth dream energies bathe you from top to bottom. Allow any chakras that are twisted or missing or too small or too large to be healed and come to balance, syncopating to the timing of the whole of your field.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Allow the vibrations of the light Earth dream to dissolve ties of attachment to others in your life dance. Intend now to burn off all ties of attachment in the space within or without and reunite broken circuitry, pressing together that which is of the front with the back, the left with the right, and the masculine or feminine within and into sovereignty of energy flow.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now allow the energies of the light Earth dream to bathe your subtle bodies, first the mental body, then the emotional, now the intuitive and last the creative body. Allow any part of the subtle bodies that is twisted to untwist and separate from any other that one is intertwined with. Allow the subtle bodies to become the same size as one another and begin to rotate in the same direction as your chakras.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now allow the vibrations of the light Earth dream to penetrate your dreamtime self that sits outside of your subtle bodies. Allow this dreamtime body double to be healed and nurtured in the light Earth dream. Intend that your dreamtime self visit the healing temples for ascension tonight and every night to receive the support and nurturing that Terra is offering to each ascending human.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now let us anchor the healing temples for ascension and light Earth dream into your home. Allow your home to be filled with the vibrations of the light Earth dream from the foundation and land underneath to the ceiling above and throughout. If you are in an apartment, then fill the entire apartment building with the vibrations of the light Earth dream.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now extend the light Earth dream throughout your region of origin and as far as it will go, anchoring this new dream into the fields, rivers, streams, mountains and oceans or open space as well as into all trees and land that fosters the nature kingdom’s presence.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now press the light Earth dream into all human lives in the region of one’s origin that are ready to receive this dream as a blessing of love from Mother Earth.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Intend to receive the love of Terra into your heart now. Imagine the pale pink vibration of the love of Earth flowing into every cell of your body beloved, and every part of your field. You are beloved unto Earth; you are a child of Terra. You are welcome here as this is your home.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now extend the love of Terra to all other humans in the light Earth dream in your region of origin. May those who can receive this blessing do so now.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now imagine many hundreds of people focused upon this meditation surrounding Earth. Let us imagine the light Earth dreams begin to interconnect into a global web due to each focused upon this anchoring at this time. You are the ascending map maker. Long ago your ancestry caused the dark Earth dream to inflate; now through intention you as a map carver shall restore the light Earth dream by deflating the dark Earth to smaller and smaller proportions until the light Earth dream is all that exists for all humans and all kingdoms to dance within.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Sit with this vision for a time. The new era is about to be born. You are heralding this era through conscious intention. This is the gift of fully conscious species; they were designed to direct energy through conscious intention.


  1. Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now receive the special blessings of the Tao for assisting with this global shift this year of 2021-2022. When you feel complete, stretch up and down and open your eyes.




We hope you have enjoyed our analysis of the world mirror in this chapter. The intentions made by many through our books and the articles upon our website have begun to redirect the human dream. This is the gift of the map carvers that work with our materials. We honor you as such for your contribution to the goal of ascension of humankind as well as our beloved Terra.


May you have learned the spiritual lessons that you have created for yourself to experience in this year behind; and may you create a more joyful life dance ahead through the release of karma that would cause otherwise. We invite you to support Earth in her continued journey Home to the Great Central Sun Dream.


Meditation for the Light Earth Dream MP3


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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