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11. The Seven Paths Of Leadership Of The Mahavishnu


We would like to bring to consciousness the seven paths of leadership that were once prevalent on the Earth plane during the era of the Mahavishnu about 60,000 to 74,000 years ago. Each initiate, who is ascending at this time towards the vibration of the Bodhisattva, or for those who are pushing beyond Bodhisattva into the next segment of ascension, will discover that they most deeply resonate with one of the following seven paths. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for restrictions on human ascension based on holograms and lineages.)


Each path can be likened to a sequence of vibrations. Within such vibrations, one will discover the Ten Octaves of Love. Each of the seven paths contains the Ten Octaves of Love, which represent respectively Forgiveness, Truth, Power, Compassion, Conscious Breath, Non-Conditional Love, Freedom, Divine Union, Unity Consciousness, and Non-Conditional Governance in Action. However, each path has a different emphasis that relates to the type of governance that the spiritual elite once held on Earth. (Please see Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information on the Ten Octaves of Love.)


As more in human form step forth and become the Mahavishnu in their own biological evolution, a new form of leadership on Earth will also emerge. It may be many decades and require much change before such a form of leadership comes forth in relation to all sectors on the Earth plane. However, for those who are determined to ‘ascend now’, such information becomes pertinent in present time. It is for such a reason that we are guided to bring this information to consciousness now.


Each initiate who moves towards Bodhisattva in their personal ascension will also discover that they have a root fear or arrogance that is most dominant within their particular genetics. (Please refer to Chapter 5 “The Seven Pitfalls Upon the Spiritual Path”  for more information.) We point out that the root arrogance would be directly related to the path or vibration that is true to their leadership potential as a Bodhisattva or Mahavishnu. For each type of arrogance also has a gift that remains as the arrogance is transmuted. It is the gifts that lie within each initiate which lead to a different potential type of leader on the physical plane.


The Mahavishnu governed a group of humans related to a particular region on the physical plane. There were many types of temples that such leadership was once related to. There were temples associated with each Octave of Love, and those Mahavishnu were responsible for sustaining Forgiveness, Truth, Power, Compassion, Conscious Breath, Non-Conditional Love, Freedom, Divine Union and Unity Consciousness on the Earth plane. Each temple was responsible for sustaining a particular vibration in the portion of human civilization they were in governance of and provided a form of governance based on the principles of unconditional love and the ten octaves of love. Each temple had certain initiates affiliated with a different path of governance associated with it. Many initiates may begin to recall their association with these temples in their genetic history as they read this material.


The Temple of Forgiveness (Pink to Pale Pink-Silver White)


The Temple of Forgiveness was responsible for sustaining a balanced karmic debt between all incarnating souls on Earth. A balanced karmic debt ensured that no souls became trapped on Earth for any length of time. This balanced karmic debt also ensured that all souls experienced both sides of any lesson in a given lifetime. Each lifetime lived allowed for certain lessons to be extracted, which allowed the soul involved to continue its evolution in the incarnations that followed.


The Temple of Truth (Violet to Silver-Violet)


The Temple of Truth was responsible for sustaining truth on Earth. Truth can be likened to vibration. Vibration can become distorted in interactions between two or more different truths. It was the responsibility of the Temple of Truth to utilize yet other vibrations to cleanse any distortion from the Earth plane on a regular basis. It was also the Temple of Truth that assisted all souls incarnate on Earth in remaining pure to the vibration of their own unique truth.


Truth on Earth was sustained through the process known as ‘recasting’, which occurred between incarnations of any soul, or for those who were ascending, at certain initiatory junctures in their personal evolution. Recasting is the process by which a soul is returned to its essence vibration and purified of any distortion in vibration that has occurred in a particular incarnation or experience.


The Temple of Power (Peach to Pale Golden Peach)


The Temple of Power was responsible for sustaining power based on unconditional love on Earth. Such a temple was responsible for monitoring all who were given positions of power or authority on Earth or in the non-physical governance in Shamballa. The Temple of Power was also responsible for making sure that each human in governance had attained the appropriate level of evolution in their respective ascension to have earned the level of authority that they had been granted. Evolution was the prerequisite for power in all positions on Earth during the era of the Mahavishnu. This ensured that all positions of leadership were based on the principles of unconditional love, unity consciousness and abundance for all.


The Temple of Compassion (Pale Turquoise to Silver White Turquoise)


The Temple of Compassion had the responsibility for sustaining compassion on Earth. Compassion is a form of allowance that allows every soul incarnating in form to experience their creation and manifestation without interference. The vibration of compassion creates the fertile ground through which evolution can be sustained. In allowing souls to experiment with their creations, these souls learn and grow from their experiences. A state of compassion allows for all difficulties, triumphs and tribulations in the greater understanding that such experiences catalyze evolution. As all experiences and manifestations are allowed to be experienced and learned from, so evolution comes forth most effortlessly. It was the responsibility of the Temple of Compassion to sustain the appropriate level of allowance on Earth.


The Temple of Conscious Breath (Yellow Golden White to Pale Golden White)


The Temple of Conscious Breath was responsible for sustaining time on Earth. Time is related to the in-breath and out-breath of God Goddess/All That Is. It is during periods of the in-breath that there is less chi globally available, and it is time to retreat and meditate on one’s life experiences. It is during the period of in-breath that initiates would gather the understanding from their experiences on the Earth plane.


It is during the periods of the out-breath that plenty of chi is available on Earth, which can be utilized to move forth in creative self-expression of any sort. It is in the period of out-breath that the physical outpouring of activity will occur with ease and with the greatest potential outcome, because there is plenty of chi available to make manifest one’s dreams.


Those maintaining the Temple of Conscious Breath would assist humanity by creating calendars that tracked the patterns of in-breath and out-breath in a given week, month, year or decade so that initiates could plan their lives in harmony with the chi made available from God Goddess/All That Is. Creative expression was more likely to succeed when planned during periods when more energy was available. Additionally, the cycles of life were sustained in balance with periods of outer activity and inner assessment on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis in the human experience.


The Temple of Non-Conditional Love (Silver to Pale Silver White)


Those maintaining the Temple of Non-Conditional Love had the responsibility of sustaining the vibrations of love in the region where they lived or on the entire planet if it was a global-level temple. It is the vibration of love that sustains unity consciousness, honor and peace on Earth. It is also the vibration of love that transfers the chi from God Goddess/All That Is into a consumable vibration that can be utilized by human, plant, animal and mineral forms to sustain life. It was the Temple of Non-Conditional Love that sustained the chi on Earth to just the right proportions to sustain all life without the need for the consumption of food by any species.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, food was not a necessity to sustain form. All animal kingdoms existed in peace with one another and humanity. There was no need to consume such kingdoms in order to sustain their life experience. Food was considered a pleasure that was utilized to enhance one’s experience in form but not needed to sustain form. Furthermore, humanity would not choose to eat another fully conscious species, and all animal species on Earth were fully conscious in this time period. Humanity did enjoy the consumption of the plant kingdom however, along with the manufacturing of such things as elixirs.


The Temple of Freedom (Gold to Pale Golden White)


The Temple of Freedom had the responsibility of sustaining the freedom of self-expression on Earth. Self-expression often comes forth in the form of a creation of some sort, such as music, art, dance, poetry or writing, and so the Temple of Freedom was often directly involved with ‘the arts’ in civilization.


The Temple of Freedom was also involved with the education of the masses, as such education led to the continued freedom to create on an individual and collective basis. Between species, the Temple of Freedom sustained the state of honor between humanity and the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. In the state of honor, one species did not consume or destroy another but rather lived together in a harmonious manner.


The Temple of Divine Union (Violet-White to Silver Violet-White)


The Temple of Divine Union governed relationships between the masculine and feminine, along with human relations of all kinds. It was the responsibility of the Temple of Divine Union to sustain harmony in all relations, including those who chose marriage and family as their life experience, as well as between all of the many forms of governance and the populace.


It was also the responsibility of the Temple of Divine Union to sustain the union between the body and the soul. The body is a vessel for Spirit. Spirit chooses to dance with form based on the principles of resonance. It was the responsibility of the Temple of Divine Union to make sure that nothing interfered with the dance of soul and form and that the communication between each embodiment and the Oversoul was sustained.


The Temple of Unity Consciousness (Silver Pink to Silver Pink White)


It was the responsibility of the Temple of Unity Consciousness to sustain unity amongst all species on Earth, including human civilization. Such unity consciousness was sustained through the application of the tones of creation to all regions on Earth. The tones of creation are also known as the Language of Light. There are 144 symbols in the Language of Light. (Please refer to Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information on the Language of Light.)


The Temple of Unity Consciousness would assess the tones of creation in each region on Earth. If any region fell out of balance or harmony in vibration, the appropriate tone was applied as an antidote, thus bringing the region back to harmony in vibration. As the vibrations surrounding Earth remained in harmony, unity consciousness was also sustained amongst all species incarnate in all regions, including humanity.


The Temple of Unity Consciousness also had the responsibility of sustaining the health and well-being of all species on Earth. Disease is a form of internal dissonance. Through the application of tone, the form can be returned to a state of internal harmony, which can heal any disease. So, one could say that the Temple of Unity Consciousness also governed the ‘doctors’ and healers in human civilization.


The Temple of Evolution (Contains All Octaves of Love)


In addition to the temples of Forgiveness, Truth, Power, Compassion, Conscious Breath, Non-Conditional Love, Freedom, Divine Union, and Unity Consciousness, there also was the Temple of Evolution. It was in the Temple of Evolution that ascension was brought forth on a yearly basis in all conscious species to make sure that Earth continued to evolve and rise in vibration. Such ascensions were administered in the form of ‘group initiations’. (Please refer to Chapter 10 “Mastering Group Unity and the Collaborative Paradigm” for more information.)


Overview of the Seven Paths of Non-Conditional Governance


The paths of Non-Conditional Governance were involved with all areas of human interaction, leadership and governance on the Earth plane. Such governance was divided into seven major categories or paths. Each path is also related to one or more of the temples overseeing the Earth Plane during the era of the Mahavishnu.


As initiates read this material, they can begin to discern where their gifts and talents lie. Additionally, these gifts and talents are directly related to the arrogances and pitfalls of the spiritual path. As these arrogances are transmuted in one’s genetics, the gifts and talents can come forth in a form of leadership based on world service and the principles of unconditional love and unity consciousness.


The First Path of Non-Conditional Governance: Catalyzing Evolution


First path leadership was generally involved with the Temple of Evolution on the Earth plane. The first path of the Mahavishnu is related to birth, death, rebirth, change, forgiveness and ascension. Such a leader is directly involved with the dance of karma and spiritual lessons of all individuals whom this leader is in governance of.


First path individuals work closely with the karmic boards to ensure that all karma is kept in balance to maintain the evolution of a civilization, group or an individual. Karma is equivalent to the lessons to be learned by a particular individual or group to bring forth evolution. Every group and individual have specific lessons that need to be addressed in order for the entire group or individual to rise in vibration and ascend. In a deep sense, the first path individual catalyzes the lessons necessary in the group they govern so that the group may evolve as a whole.


There are always lessons the group, as a whole, is working on to bring the group to further harmony and the next higher vibration. A first path leader requires a form that is gifted in holding many sequences of vibrations, is a gifted channel, and gifted at their utilization of kundalini and sexual energy. It is through the sexual energy that the vibrations are administered to the group at large to both catalyze evolution and then harmonize the group to the next higher vibration as they ascend.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, it was first path leaders who assessed the evolution of specific groups, such as those individuals who were working on their ascensions, along with the evolution of civilization at large. It was the responsibility of these leaders to ensure that there was an evolutionary path for all of the human species to ascend to the next dimension. It was also the first path leaders who created the pathway for those incarnate in Bodhisattva form to the vibration of the Mahavishnu and then on to a full physical ascension.


Today, first path leaders will be those who are gifted at map making ascension and group ascension.


The Second Path of Non-Conditional Governance: Sustaining Structure & Discipline


The second path individuals were most involved with the Temples of Compassion, Conscious Breath, Non-Conditional Love, and Freedom, along with all other aspects of human civilization. All of these temples were associated with sustaining the structure in human civilization and between humanity and other conscious species on the Earth plane. Structure is likened to the order in civilization itself, along with the order in the governance overseeing civilization. Second path leaders are gifted at sustaining order and structure through their fields and in their interactions on the physical plane.


Structure in a group can be likened to a group weaving of energy. Second path leaders are gifted at group weaving or the weaving of energy between members of a group. Group weaving is related to dream weaving or magic. Second path individuals are also gifted magicians and gifted at casting spells which hold individuals or groups together for a common purpose. It is also second path individuals who will be involved in the restructuring of civilization on Earth in the New Age.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, second path individuals were responsible for maintaining peace, harmony, unity, love and collaboration in all humans incarnate on Earth. These individuals would apply vibrations through their fields on an ongoing basis to maintain a balance and unity consciousness between regions on Earth. The second path leaders of the future will assist in bringing forth a new form of structure for all aspects of human civilization. This new structure will once again be founded on the principles of unity consciousness, unconditional love, and abundance for all.


The Third Path of Non-Conditional Governance: Sustaining Power Based on Unconditional Love


The third path leaders are gifted at understanding and maintaining the distribution of power, either in those governing civilization or in civilization at large. Energetically, these individuals are responsible for making sure that the distribution of power is in balance and harmony with the needs of civilization and that those in power do not abuse their positions of authority.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, third path leaders were prevalent in all temples in order to sustain the power necessary to maintain a civilization that retained harmony. Third path leaders of the future will be involved in bringing forth a new structure of power and leadership on Earth based on the principles of non-conditional love.


The Fourth Path of Non-Conditional Governance: Sustaining Harmony & Balance


The fourth path individual is gifted at maintaining harmony and balance in the group which is directly related to unity consciousness. Without harmony and balance, unity consciousness and divine union cannot be sustained in a group. In the era of the Mahavishnu, fourth path individuals were responsible for sustaining harmony and balance throughout civilization, along with the spiritual elite who were ascending as a group. Fourth path individuals were involved with all temples, as all temples required harmony to function with grace, ease and joy.


Disharmony and imbalance are directly related to disease in the human species, for every form of disease is the result of a biological imbalance of some sort. Those gifted at the fourth path are also gifted at biological resurrection, in which the cells and organs in a form return to a state of harmony and balance. They are gifted healers, doctors, counselors or medicine men and women.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, fourth path individuals were often the counselors and doctors in civilization. These individuals were gifted at examining where the diseased or discordant individual was out of balance and would apply certain vibrational techniques to correct the distortion, thus allowing for a recovery.


It is the fourth path individuals who have the role of awakening the current medical practitioners of Earth to the ascension process and the resurrection possible in ascension. As ascension becomes a more common understanding of medical practices, the current limited thoughtform surrounding aging, disease and death has an opportunity to become transmuted in the third-dimensional paradigm.


The Fifth Path of Non-Conditional Governance: Sustaining Creativity Based on Joy


Joy is directly related to creative expression. It is the vibrations of joy that are expressed through all creative arts, including singing, dance, theater and art. It was the role of those of the fifth path to oversee such creative endeavors by sustaining the vibrations of joy necessary to fuel creativity into manifestation. During the era of the Mahavishnu, fifth path individuals were involved with all temples, because joy was the foundation of all leadership on Earth, along with all of life.


It is creativity that leads to evolution in human form. Souls incarnating into human form desire to express their creativity, and each form of expression over many incarnations leads to completion. As a soul is complete with their exploration of human form in one dimension, they are ready to ascend to the next dimension and continue their evolution elsewhere in creation.


Creative endeavors in the human species are different from those in other species, such as dolphins and whales. In a sense, the hands and mobility of the human form on land leads itself to creative activities that include the development of technology. Technology without a counterbalancing spiritual form of guidance can lead to a civilization that is so outer focused that it ceases to remember to evolve. This is what has happened to humanity on Earth at present time.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, it was up to the fifth path individuals to retain a balance between technology, creativity and spiritual evolution. Such leadership would always guide initiates to the spiritual meaning behind their endeavors and how such experiences contributed to their soul’s evolutionary pathway. It will be the fifth path individuals who will have the role of bringing the remembrance of spiritual purpose to all areas of human civilization in the New Age.


Creativity also leads to those activities that are necessary for a civilization to sustain its health and well-being, such as food production, housing, clothing, physical care and entertainment. These endeavors are a necessity on your third-dimensional plane of reality and will also be a necessity as humanity moves into the fifth dimension. Such activities, when based on joy, bring forth a different vibration in the product produced.


Food raised with joy will contain more chi. Clothing created in love and joy will emit the love to the person wearing such clothing. Houses created out of love and living materials such as minerals will contribute to the health and well-being of those living in such dwellings. Those on the fifth path of leadership will alter the human awareness so that the necessity to do all things in joy becomes the common understanding for the human species.


The Sixth Path of Non-Conditional Governance: Sustaining Vision in Leadership


The sixth path individual is the visionary responsible for the planning of both short-term and long-term goals. Such goals are directly related to evolution, and it is the visionary who can see which path leads a group to evolution and which does not. In so seeing, it is up to the sixth path individual to guide the group down the path that leads to evolution.


Vision was considered of great importance during the era of the Mahavishnu, for without vision, distortion and destruction would result. Sixth path individuals were therefore involved with all areas of leadership on Earth, including all temples. The sixth path individuals were the counselors of the governance on Earth. They would provide the vision necessary for governance to move only in the direction that would allow for evolution of the human civilization.


Within the act of creation, one must first envision the creation they desire to make manifest. If one cannot envision something, it cannot be made manifest. The current human civilization continues only to envision what they already know, which is a world at war, poverty, hunger, homelessness, hoarding and toxicity. In order for the human species to evolve beyond this reality, a new vision for tomorrow must become known and accepted. It is the role of those on the sixth path to bring such a vision to Earth, hold it, and allow it to be understood and embraced by the human species.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, the sixth path individual held the vision for all manifestations on Earth. These visions were in the form of holographic blueprints that could then be translated into physicality. The sixth path individual would project the hologram of each desired creation on to the populace who would then pick up on the projection, envision it themselves, and then manifest it.


In a similar fashion, it will be the role of the sixth path individual to project the hologram of the ascension of human civilization on to humanity. As such a hologram gains strength, with more and more sixth path Mahavishnu projecting the same hologram, the human population will also begin to envision ascension. Only as they envision ascension as a possibility for their future can humanity manifest such an outcome.


The Seventh Path of Non-Conditional Governance: Maintaining Spiritual Knowledge


It is the role of the seventh path individual to retain all records necessary to evolve, ascend, create, harmonize, retain structure and balance, and retain power based on unconditional love on the Earth plane. These individuals might be thought of as living libraries or record keepers who retain such information in the biology of their form.


Because it is through the gathering of records that evolution in any civilization is sustained, seventh path individuals were involved with all temples on Earth, along with the Temple of Evolution during the era of the Mahavishnu. The role of such record keepers is to provide those records as they are needed on an individual or group basis, or to a civilization, in the evolutionary process.


At this time in human evolution, the genetic transmutation inherent in the act of ascension requires the restructuring of all records related to the human species, along with all species on Earth. The seventh path individual is busy indeed, for never a day goes by that some records are not in need of releasing, restoring or transmuting.


Those whose ancestors have held this path in the era of the Mahavishnu might discover they contain all records within their own form from an earlier time in human history. Additionally, during the era of the Mahavishnu, there were many kinds of record keepers. Some held the records only of the human species; others held records of the non-verbal species such as the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms; and yet others held the records of non-verbal conscious species such as the Pegasus horse. During the era of the Mahavishnu, it was the Pegasus that flew to one region or another to balance the energy of Mother Earth at her request, much like the whale and dolphin population travel in the oceans today.


The ability for the human form to retain records has not been lost, per se, but was only given to those who held that form of specialty in their genetic lineage. It is for this reason that as humanity ascends, all records from the past will eventually be recovered and restored, for they are all held in certain humans in the biology of their form.




We hope you have found this information of use on your personal path of ascension. In the distant future, a new culture will evolve for the human species on Earth. As unconditional love and unity consciousness prevails in the ascension of the human species, a new form of civilization will emerge.


The form such a civilization will take is hard to discern. However, in looking back at what existed during a long era of peace on Earth, one can get a glimmer of what might be possible tomorrow. It is the hope of the many beings supporting the ascension movement from the non-physical realms that this information will inspire others to a new vision of hope for humanity’s future.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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