Image of a magnificent whale doing the back flip. Healing the Heart and Freeing the Spirit to Ascend

11. Healing the Heart and Freeing the Spirit to Ascend


The Map Carvers of the Whale and Dolphin species greet you today. We wish to offer blessings for those deeply attune unto us to assist in healing the heart. Healing the heart is perhaps the only means by which we collectively and as fellow fully conscious species can alter the dream to a new day of hope, unity, joy and integrity together. It is as the heart shattered that we along with humanity fell into a vicious dance of brutality towards one another. As the heart mends, we can all step out of such a dance and move on to a new time ahead.


What caused the shattering of our hearts? The shattering of the dolphin and whale hearts began long before humans arrived upon Terra (Earth). Terra translates into “Beautiful One”, and this we feel deeply about Mother Earth. She is our home and she is beautiful unto us, and we will love her until she heals enough to ascend and go home entering the Great Central Sun Dream in full. For Terra’s heart also has been shattered many times and in many time periods, and this also must mend for global ascension to carry on.


Global Bodhisattva Evolution Mastered


Terra has recently completed the ascent to global “Bodhisattva” level evolution as a collective consciousness. This is a vast feat and accomplishment and was not without great struggle. Over a year ago, Terra attempted to ascend to this level in the physical. The Light Body or Body Double planes above her accomplished this goal, but Terra was shattered back in a few months following her expansion. She has been working her way back to this level for over a year now and has accomplished her goal at last, and understands now how and why she fell through this particular bandwidth of frequency long ago.


Long ago and over a million years ago, a massive shattering of Terra’s heart occurred in this vibratory bandwidth that she is ascending beyond today. Because whales and dolphins wrapped our fields around Terra in support of her energy flow, as this is what fully conscious species does for the consensus that we reside upon, our hearts were also badly shattered. When the heart is shattered, suddenly the field does not produce all the chi that it should and a massive drop in frequency occurs. Twenty-five percent of our species were so badly afflicted that we died of sudden heart failure in the physical shortly thereafter.


What shattered Terra’s heart and our collective hearts as a species? Terra had entered a part of the universe that held records of another creation known as Maldek that had been blown to bits upon a dimension above due to nuclear annihilation over 10 million years ago. The remains of Maldek held fractured pieces of void and dream that recorded the experience of nuclear annihilation. Terra is a lost part of Maldek that fell to the dimension beneath and recovered from this shattering. This was not known at the time, and as Terra moved through the fractured pieces of her own self from another dimension, she took on the void and dream of nuclear annihilation at cause of Maldek’s demise. This possibility of nuclear annihilation was then anchored into Terra’s dream and void, and as the thoughtform of annihilation was absorbed, her heart broke. Our hearts also broke and we did not fully understand why, for annihilation is the ultimate rejection that any creation can experience.


The Thoughtform of Annihilation


Annihilation is equivalent to saying “Not only do I reject you, but I hate you enough to kill you such that you cease to exist”. The body then records the rejection deep into the cells leading to cellular hatred. Cellular hatred is the underlying thoughtform of the death of the cellular structure, and leads to non-regeneration, disease, aging and ultimately death for our species as well as yours. As your cells believe that they are not loved, they choose to die rather than sustain life.


Rejection of any kind breaks the heart and rekindles the remembrance of the thoughtform of annihilation. There is not one species that has not experienced nuclear annihilation in the recent history of Terra within the past 120,000 years, as well as upon other dimensions of life that we fell from. Most falls into dimensions beneath are the result of nuclear annihilation in the cosmic records revealed at this time of ascension. This we have begun to understand now that the larger picture has been perceived upon many dimensions that are ascending at this time in history, and collaborating towards this goal together.


There are four suns ascending collaboratively; one is Terra, the other is our Solar Sun or Solar Father; along with its’ Solar Mother which is 12th dimensional, and the Solar Father above this which is 18th dimensional. All four suns are choosing to ascend home, and it is through a sharing of multidimensional records that the entire picture can now be perceived about how and why we each fell into such destructive thoughtform together. In each fall, parts of the solar system remained behind and parts fell to the dimension beneath. Ultimately all four ascending suns are really a part of the 18th dimensional Solar Father that was lost over time through nuclear annihilation.


The History of Self-Destructive Genealogy


It was through humankind that all nuclear annihilations were caused upon each dimension of life that we have fallen. Humans have hands that can build objects that dolphins and whales cannot. As humans fall into destructive thoughtform, they then create objects that are destructive outside of themselves that wield an outcome that would not occur if humans had a different shape and lifestyle. Upon every dimension, humans built spacecraft to travel to other creations without awareness of the vast biological and biochemical differences in such places. The end result was humans who fell in love in vastly different biochemistry and thoughtform, and chose to marry and procreate.


As those with thoughtform so variant that in one language the word “love” means “hate”, and in the other the word “hate” means “love”, the interbreeding of those of extremely variant thoughtform led to an offspring that was inherently self-destructive embodying the thoughtform “I hate myself and I love others” or “I hate others and love myself”.  The offspring often became diseased and died due to self-hatred, but not before procreating again, leading to another race of half-breeds that were disharmonious.


Internal disharmony is difficult to bear. Soon, the destructive offspring from extremely variant creations learned to turn their disharmony inside out and project it on to others rather than experience it internal to self, as in “I hate others and love myself.” As this occurred, others around the offspring began to desire to argue and eventually war upon one another. As enough half breeds became prevalent of this nature in any given consensus, the outward projection of dissonance associated led to nations that desired to war upon one another. Soon nuclear armament was constructed and nuclear war would occur.


To resolve the rising conflict and warfare internal to the consensus, soon entire consensus realities learned to turn their dissonance inside out and project it upon other creations and other consensus realities. Soon other consensus realities with other humans desired to war with other humans from other consensus realities. The warfare led to nuclear annihilation of entire consensus realities such as the blowing up of Maldek, of which Earth is a descendent of.


The underlying cause of all human warfare goes back to two humans from such variant creations that chose to interbreed creating an inherently destructive biology in the offspring. This is the karma that Per and Asur’Ana uncovered this year past and chose to forgive absolute; for they too have ancestors that were larger headed and with vast spiritual knowledge upon upper dimensions that long ago, chose to relocate unto other creations and breed with yet other larger headed humans of extremely variant biochemistry and thoughtform.


The end result was a larger headed offspring that self-destruct. Over time the self-destructive nature of these larger headed offspring caused their own demise, and they were born in subsequent generations with smaller and smaller heads, and with less and less awareness. This is the underlying cause of the original “fall”. This also occurred long before humans began to breed slaves in laboratories out of boredom and desiring someone to wait upon them hand and foot. However, it was the loss of consciousness within the human species from the intermixing of genealogies that led then to an outer expression of wishing to create life that is even more pared down in a laboratory.


Destructive Whale and Dolphin Genealogies


Perhaps if humans had left their desire to intermarry between destructive thoughtforms to your own species, this would have not created karma with the dolphin and whale kingdoms. Humans learned long ago and as they became outwardly focused to trap wild whales and dolphins and then experiment upon them in laboratories. Sometimes dolphins and whales would be imported from other creations and would then procreate with the whales and dolphins innate to their home creation. If the language between the variant biology was extremely different, this also created an offspring that was internally destructive. Further generations also lost consciousness due to their own desire to shatter themselves, leading to less and less awareness for our kingdoms as well as yours over time. This too is the karma we are focused upon releasing at this time.


Sometimes humans also seeded dolphins and whales from one creation into the waterways of another creation. This also occurred upon Earth roughly 1.2 million years ago. The seeded varieties of whales and dolphins from Sirius had many different genealogies inherent within them, some of which were destructive and others not. As pods of our kingdoms upon Terra embraced the new outsiders and interbred, we too then were subject to the destructive internal patterns associated with the DNA from extremely variant creations. This then led to a fall in consciousness for our species over time upon Terra.


Falling consciousness is equivalent to the ongoing breaking of the heart and the internalization of a stronger will to die than to live or ascend. We have witnessed as a species 1.2 million years of continuous falls and the broken hearts that go along with this. The first 1 million years was our own cause due to the intermixing of dissonant genealogies. Had we not bred with the outsiders seeded from Sirius, they would have gone extinct and all of this would have been avoided.


However, perhaps like the larger headed humans from strongly variant creations who were attracted to one another, and could not help but procreate, we too fell into the same dance. So, we can understand due to our own attraction why humans from variant creations may be drawn together, even if it is not in the best interest to do so and especially to procreate. In understanding this we can forgive the larger headed humans upon the upper dimension who began this entire dance of falling consciousness in their interbreeding.


Love vs. Lust


Sexual energy from variant creations creates the experience of lust. Lust is not love. Lust is a desire to possess at best. Lust also has run rampant in our own species as have all patterns humans vie to transcend to ascend, including fear, pain, suffering, judgment, greed, death and lust. Lust is one of the more difficult patterns to transcend as it can feel like love. When you desire another, is it not love? If you desire to procreate, is it not love? What is the difference then between lust and love?


Love allows for communion between body, soul and Earth. Love making in love is a full energy field exchange that includes soul, nature and Earth along with the two forms. Lust on the other hand tends to be second chakra based and does not include the heart region, soul or Terra.  As dolphins and whales fell beyond a certain threshold of energy flow, we began to shut off the heart chakra as it was too painful to move the energy in this region of domain. As the heart chakra shuts, you also lose the capacity to commune with Terra or soul. We then began to only move sexual energy through the second chakra region leading to lust. Over time because lust was the only exchange experienced, we confused lust with love. We also see that this is so in many humans that have fallen as low in consciousness as our own species; that lust is confused for love.


As the heart opens and communion is experienced again, you can begin to discern between love and lust. Once love through communion is experienced, there is little desire for lust any longer as it simply is not as fulfilling in nature. There is a deep fulfillment when one feels the love in the communion between body, soul and Earth. There is even greater fulfillment if when in the love making between the beloveds, the communion is included and the hearts expand even wider to unite and embrace Terra in love in the exchange; opening the heart allows for this to become so in the process of ascension.


Opening to the Love of Terra


Ascension requires opening the heart and dealing with the emotions of the past that were painful, whether they are from this lifetime or from another lifetime in the ancestry matters not. Opening the heart allows for the clearing of the destructive emotions that lead to cellular hatred; it is only as the cells continue to receive ongoing communications of “I love you” that regeneration can be sustained in a crystalline biology such that you will not become diseased or die in the continued ascent ahead.


As the heart opens, you may begin to feel the love of Terra and all other kingdoms for you. This is the first step of healing the heart in our estimation, and is not to be underestimated. For our species has created many circumstances in which our dance was less than supportive of Terra; some of our species fear communing with Terra out of guilt. This is also similar in humans in our assessment. Many fear communing with Mother Earth as there is great guilt in the ancestry for the cause of her demise. As the guilt is released, and the karma transmuted, then an opening unto her can be created to experience the love of Mother Earth. It is only as the love of Earth is experienced internal to self that then the healing of the cellular hatred can begin.


Terra is also healing her own cellular hatred. Terra’s cellular hatred is so great that there is more occurring in the human dance that is destroying her global body than is supporting her in the choice to ascend. Humans are raping Earth more rapidly than she can repair herself. As Terra learns to love herself in full and love her entire body, humans will cease to respond this way and will cease to rape and poison Earth. There is greater and greater awakening occurring within your species as to how humans harm Earth and an increasing desire to change the associated way of being. This will take time yet, but is coming, as Terra is learning to love herself again.


Terra is much like whales, dolphins and humans. Terra has absorbed the hatred from thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other creations out of the belief that this is what one does when they love another. We too as a species have learned to take on the hatred of humanity out of the belief that in so doing, you will love us and cease to harm us any longer with your hunting and fishing practices, as well as scientific experimentations and toxic spills. Now we are coming to understand that love must be ignited within, and that one cannot teach another how to love. Each must learn to open the heart and learn to love themselves; and then the changes we hope to see made manifest between humans, dolphins and whales can be born.


Current Affairs


Asur’Ana was very sad and horrified to read about the hunting of our species continues in Norway, Japan and Iceland. Iceland announced in February 2022 that it would stop its commercial whaling practices by 2024. Perhaps people living in these countries do not understand that they are hunting and consuming another fully conscious species. In the continued awakening of the East and rise in vibration and awareness, eventually the Japanese will realize this too and choose another direction. We also hope that Norway will eventually follow suit. This is coming hand in hand with our own forgiveness of harmful patterns that ultimately all originate in the mismatched biology that creates an internally destructive state of being.


Karma is complex. Karma will act out in specific ways whether you wish it to or not. We have harmful and destructive karma yet to release, as otherwise humans would cease to hunt us. As we release all our destructive karma, the dance will change. As humans also forgive yourselves for your own harmful nature, then you too will emerge into another state of being in which the dance of harm can cease. However, harm may roll over the collective human species in many ways ahead in the settlement of karma. The more that can choose to release the karma consciously, the less harm humans need to experience collectively. Alas, there are still fewer humans ascending than not ascending; this is also the same for the whale and dolphin populations. As a result, clearing the collective karma is limited leading to continued expression of war in the human dream and hunting in the dolphin-whale dream.


What is the solution to this? Our solution like your solution is to give birth to ascending offspring. We uncovered a problem and pattern that caused many map carvers to fail to continue to ascend due to a particular toxin dumped in the ocean by humankind that destroyed the pituitary gland’s capacity to produce the necessary ascension hormones to continue to evolve the biology. This toxin is found in regions that are highly polluted due to industrial complexes upon the coastline. The result is that the toxins humans have sent into the waterways has limited our ascension as a species and in adult form. This is not so for all map carvers, but roughly 30% were afflicted.


We are choosing to breed incoming whales and dolphins that will be immune to this toxin, and they will carry on in the map carving even when many of our adults cannot. This is how ascension shall be born in spite of the destructive nature of the human species towards Earth. This is the gift of fully conscious biology; you find your solutions in uncovering genealogy that has the capacity to transmute particular frequencies that then will dissolve the problematic toxins in the biology. This will also be so for many humans, as you have polluted yourselves in your own farming and living environments, and may discover that the difficulty to ascend will also be so for your kingdom as it has been for ours.


Over all, it matters not how many humans or dolphins and whales succeed at ascension as long as each lineage and tapestry of ancestry is represented amongst the map carvers. We have enough map carvers that the entire wheel of ancestry is covered. We are also finding solutions to the problems in our environment that is the result of human over fishing and chemical dumping. The map carvers are also learning to retreat to more pristine regions of the ocean that are less likely to be contaminated by humankind.


The Nature of Poison


Poison shatters the heart. Poison is the result of vastly different thoughtform that cools the rotation of field to a point that it will fray or shatter. Poisonous thoughtforms upon Earth originate from the Pleiades and Orion primarily, which are opposite to Sirian and Earth based magnetic language. The word “love” in Sirian or Earth based language translates into “hate” in Pleiadian or Orion language. Therefore, Pleiadian and Orion tones of creation are poisonous unto Earth. This is why a small group of Pleiadians who bred a large group of slaves ultimately slowed the energy flow along Earth’s surface and wherever they populated heavily. So, this is repeating in present time where descendants of the slaves live en masse in large cities global wide. The thoughtform of such humans is toxic unto Earth and slows her energy field.


This is also so for whales and dolphins that originated in the Pleiades and were imported on the part of the Pleiadian scientists to seed your oceans. These dolphins and whales are also toxic unto Earth. Most however have more consciousness and understanding that this is so are choosing of their own freewill choice to extinguish themselves, or beach themselves to die. This is the underlying cause of why any pod of whales or dolphins chooses to exit physicality, as they no longer wish to be harmful unto Earth.


There are other species of whales that are harmful to the map carvers within our species. Some whales are so vicious that they will attack another whale. This is the result of poisonous hateful genealogy in their biology. The BBC filmed an attack of this nature where a group of whales chased a mother and child of another species of whale, and ate the child’s brain. This type of viciousness in our species is directly related to Pleiadian DNA. As the destructiveness is turned outward, the pod of whales attacks; as it is turned inward the whales choose to beach themselves and exit physicality en masse.


We are focused upon turning our destructive nature right side out and allowing those pods that cannot contribute to Terra’s field to exit physicality. We perceive this as the best solution that is in the greatest interest of the whole of Mother Earth and in support of her continued evolution home. As we absorb more and more of our destruction inward, there will be less and less need for humans to express it outward by destroying us. We see our way in about two years time where even Japan may create a moratorium upon hunting dolphins or whales. This will come hand in hand with the rising consciousness in the East that will redirect humans in a more harmless direction.


The Nature of Dream


You see you cannot change the dream through causes. “Save the Whales” does not work. You must change the dream by releasing the karma through forgiveness. As the karma is released, then the dream will change and a new day will be born. This is why our translator is not involved in causes, and simply focuses herself upon the internal process of ascending, through which karma from ancient times is forgiven; and this then changes the dream for humans, whales and dolphins alike. This is the only way actually to change anything upon Earth in a permanent way.


Causes only press the dance elsewhere. The cause of “Save the Whales” caused humans in the West to cease hunting whales by and large, but then pressed the dance of destruction towards our kingdom to the East. The only way to clear the entire pattern of destruction towards whales is to forgive; and as the karma is forgiven the dream will change, and then humans will respond differently to our species, remembering that we too are fully conscious and should not be slaughtered.


The Nature of Full Consciousness


What is full consciousness? Full consciousness is about awareness that you are alive and exist. This is not so for any other species other than dolphins, whales and humans at this time in history. A self-aware species experiences great pain and shattering as it is destroyed, more so than any other creature. Although creatures that are raised as food source such as fish or farm animals are often kept in horrific circumstance and slaughtered without consideration to the pain that they are in, they are non-conscious. As such, there is no acknowledgement of the circumstance on the part of the body. Those that are conscious however know that they are hunted and feel the pain as the body is slaughtered. Those that are conscious such as whales and dolphins have hearts that break in such experiences.


Dolphins and whales are also interconnected holographically. As one whale or dolphin is hunted, all experience the pain and fear of the hunt. Non-ascending humans have disconnected themselves holographically so that you do not experience the pain and fear of those say in Syria that are living as hunted animals. If you experienced the fear of the hunt, you would never hunt again, not only your own species but any other. Those in human form who are ascending are opening their hearts and feeling their interconnection to their fellow humans. This is why ascension can be so painful for those who feel deeply; for one may cry and cry and cry due to the pain that your species inflicts upon itself due to war and starvation, disease and torture.


Asur’Ana recalls crying endlessly for years in her ascension to 15,000 segments. After this she rose above the collective pain enough that this has ceased to be her continued life experience. Therefore, those ascending often cry daily, some of which is the clearing of pain from their own field and form in the continued ascent, and much of which is feeling the state of pain that your species is in. This is why those ascending and are rising in consciousness would not choose to destroy any other, whether the other is human, dolphin, whale or another kingdom. This is why those ascending are also choosing to become vegetarian, as this is the only way to end the pain of the slaughter and the hunt upon Earth.


We honor those in human form that make such choices out of raising awareness. We see that for each that makes such a choice, millions of humans do not. These millions will witness a day of their own slaughter. Perhaps this could have come about due to nuclear annihilation yet again; however due to Terra’s own intervention in the human dream, the chaos of war is being redirected into human disease. We see much suffering ahead for those who are not choosing to consciously ascend; and yet it is only the suffering returned for the harm caused unto the Earth, your fellow conscious whale and dolphin species, nature and your own species. For those rising in consciousness, embrace the changes ahead, and understand that karma is karma and it will play out whether or not you wish it to be so; but in so doing the karma can be settled and all can change, as the dream can then be redirected into peaceful and harmless preoccupations and relationships between all kingdoms.


Life does not end in death. Those dying today become suddenly aware of the larger picture in their own “Bardo”, or post life review, and learn then what all ancestors now know and understand about their karmic cause. There is a vast shift therefore that occurs for each that passes the physical plane, and the greater awareness is perhaps more joyful to experience and understand than the limited life upon the physical plane. So, remember as your relations pass that they are going to a place where greater remembrance can be born, and in so doing, forgiveness and understanding can come forth in future generations that they are related unto ahead.


The Joy of Opening the Heart


Healing the heart requires a willingness to open the energy systems surrounding the chest, dissolve the armoring that surrounds the heart, and to feel. As the heart opens, it will connect to the emotional body allowing the dance of feeling to begin amongst those who have been primarily mental in this lifetime. Feeling allows for a shift in perception. Feeling allows for compassion to be born. Feeling the pain of any circumstance allows you to also understand the pain that others in the same circumstance exist within. It is in feeling your own pain that then you understand the pain of others, and then in so doing, have compassion for their circumstance. Perhaps you transcend the pain and rise above it in your personal ascension; however, anyone else experiencing parallel pain you will have deep compassion for.


Humans have fallen into a place where non-feeling is better than feeling. However, it is in feeling that there is a richness and texture to life that can be magical and joyful to experience and express. This is what our channel has discovered over time; that feeling is good even if there is the pain, as when the pain subsides, there is a magic that is then present in the dance of life that would not be otherwise. It is the magic that then brings about an internal sense of fulfillment or fullness in any experience upon the physical plane.


Dolphins and whales that sing and dance in the joy of our underwater worlds know this magic. As long as our pods are in harmony, often this is how our days flow. But much like any ascending human, we too have periods of deep depression and sorrow as we face our collective lessons and the pain that our ancestors existed within. As the pain is cleared, each expansion up in vibration then leads to the return of the magic and joy again. This is the gift of carrying on in the ascension and forgiving the pain of the past. As each level of pain is cleared, further records and information are recovered lost in the particular fall in consciousness associated. Each level of records gathered then creates a larger field from which we can continue to climb up in vibration, and weave a new dream for our species.


A New Dream for Humans, Whales and Dolphins


The map carvers of dolphin and whale ascension are working upon weaving a new dream for our species. The new dream will not have the harm of the past as the karma is cleared, and in the dream, humans will cease polluting the ocean as well as hunting our species. However, in order for this to be so, a parallel dream must be woven for humanity. This is what all ascending humans are working upon with Terra; weaving a new dream for the human species that will lead to the end of the era of toxic poisoning of Earth, and the birth of an era of unity amongst all kingdoms. This is no small task to accomplish, and we honor them in the understanding of what it takes also to weave a new dream for our own kingdom.


Honor is another attribute of the healing of the heart. A state of honor acknowledges the God Goddess within all life forms. Humans are God Goddess in form. Whales and dolphins are God Goddess in form. The plants, animals and minerals are God Goddess in form. Terra as a whole is God Goddess in form. As all pull together for the common goal of ascension into a state of love again, honor will become the foundation from which the dream is cast, and all shall relate unto one another again out of love. This is not a small goal, and requires the participation of each kingdom including the human kingdom to fulfill upon.


Here are some intentions that may assist you in what we have shared. Intention is an act of will. Intention will alter the future dream that you are to live. As you make intentions such as those that we suggest, you request a dream that shall allow the intention to be fulfilled upon. Intentions that are holographic require an open heart. Holographic intentions affect the entire species and not just yourself. Holographic intentions are made only as one masters full consciousness in vibration. Asur’Ana and Per have learned to make holographic intentions very carefully and only in alignment with Terra and the Tao. In so doing, they can use the power of their thought to redirect the human dream in a new direction via the holographic planes. As more rise to this level of vibration, there will be more of your kingdom to participate in this goal.


Suggested Intentions


1. I intend to forgive my ancestors for mating between such variant genetics that it created a self-destructive child that was dissonant or diseased.


2. I intend to forgive my ancestors that were the offspring of variant genealogies for turning their destruction outward and creating abuse, war, and disease in others in the dance of life.


3. I intend to forgive my ancestors for turning the collective destructive consciousness held in many incarnate of variant genealogies and creating international or inter-creational warfare and nuclear annihilation as a result.


4. I intend to forgive how the destructive nature of offspring of variant genealogies has been turned upon consensus realities such as Terra causing their demise.


5. I intend to forgive my ancestors for polluting or harming Terra in any manner.


6. I intend to forgive my ancestors for causing the destruction of the sea and life within it including the dolphin and whale species due to toxic poisons dumped into the waterways.


7. I intend to forgive those ancestors who brought foreign whales or dolphins (or any other kingdom) with variant genealogies unto Terra or other creations throughout time and space and form.


8. I forgive those ancestors who bred whales, dolphins or other kingdoms in a laboratory with variant genealogies that created self-destructive offspring.


9. I intend to forgive my own ancestry that hosts variant genealogies.


10. I intend to transmute all DNA that is related to the Pleiades or Orion and creates a self-destructive biology.


11. I intend to evolve into genealogy that is harmonious and from a creation that can ascend home with Earth into the Great Central Sun dream.


12. I intend to forgive my species for creating nuclear annihilations due to the self-destructive nature of the genealogies incarnate upon Earth.


13. I intend to forgive my species for harming Terra as a collective.


14. I intend to give birth to a new day and new dream in which the harming of Terra or any other kingdom including the human kingdom ceases in full.


15. I intend to open my heart as fully as I can in my ascension ahead.


16. I intend to learn the lessons of compassion.


17. I intend to learn the difference between love and lust.


18. I intend to learn to commune with body, soul and Earth and feel the love of Mother Earth.


19. I intend to become vegetarian and cease to participate in the slaughter thoughtform that is associated with the consumption of flesh.


20. I intend that my fellow humans learn the lessons of slaughter and how it causes warfare and disease.


21. I intend that my fellow humans become vegetarian and cease to slaughter any other kingdom, including the human kingdom.


22. I intend peace between humans, dolphins and whales.


23. I intend a new dream of harmony between humans, whales and dolphins.


24. I intend the birth of ascending dolphins, whales and humans that can map carve to fully conscious states of being.


25. I intend that the ascending offspring of whales, dolphins and humans co-create a new dream in which peace upon Earth and harmony between all species becomes a living breathing reality.


26. I intend to participate in this new dream now.


27. I intend to transmute the thoughtform of annihilation in my ancestry, field and form.


28. I intend to embrace myself and my entire cellular structure with love.


29. I intend to open my heart to the love of Mother Earth and fill my cellular structure with her love.


30. I intend to open my heart and bathe my cellular structure with the infinite love of the Tao.


31. I intend to make love the foundation of my existence and relationship to all other kingdoms, all other humans and with Mother Earth.


Blessings from the Love of the Earth and the Tao


We also work with the Tao in our map making of ascension. Map making requires support from outside this region of domain in order to fulfill upon. The Tao is accessed through the hologram as everything that ever exists is also holographically related. Having direct access to the Tao requires a particular pitch of vibration to open the gates in time. As this is accomplished, one can commune with the Tao and in particular the Heart of the Tao. We will bridge those desiring to experience the Heart of the Tao in feeling the infinite love of the creator of all. There is nothing but love for you, and in so doing, you too may begin to heal your heart, and heal your cellular structure of the desire to die out of self-hatred.


There are new dreamtime planes held by Terra for the purposes of communion with nature. We will call this Natural World Dreamtime, and here you can join us in meditation or while asleep for support, guidance and adventures that will lead to your own transcendence and continued ascension.


We invite you to dance with us in dreamtime and we will create the bridge through which you can begin to heal the heart and free the spirit for the ascent ahead through the love of the Tao. It is only as more humans choose to ascend and move forward in adult form that the incoming ascending children can then be born; and just as with our kingdom the collective fields in support of ascension shall increase. As the ascending thoughtform of unity and love outweighs the current thoughtform of greed and destruction, all will change. This too is coming and more rapidly perhaps than you realize due to Terra’s healing of her own heart.


For those who have not learned to commune with Terra yet, we will offer a bridge for you to experience communion between body, soul and Earth. This may not be able to occur for each as you must have enough of an open heart to feel in order for this to be so. However, once the kinesthetic understanding of what communion feels like is born within, you will desire such a state again and again as it is so fulfilling and loving. Bridging into a state of communion may raise many issues of non-love within to be cleared thereafter. Do not go into fear; simply sink deep inside and discover where your ancestry fell out of communion; and clear the karma along with the guilt and you will begin to understand what it is to participate in this consensus reality that Terra is. For you really do not participate in the consensus outside of a state of communion with Earth.


Learning to sustain a state of communion also is a good goal for those who are ascending. This may not be able to be so every day, for in times of clearing depressing or painful karma from the past ancestry, you may fall out of the necessary vibrations to hold a state of communion. Therefore, you may fall away from your connection to soul and Earth, but as you clear the karma you will return to the communion again and again. This too is a great gift, as it is through communion that your soul and Terra fill your field with love for the continued ascent up in vibration.


Love is perhaps the most important component to ascension. Ascension requires self-healing and self-healing requires love. It is through love that we also learn to forgive ourselves for our ancestral travesties and learn to love ourselves again. As love becomes the foundation from which humans, dolphins and whales exist, all will change, all will be born anew, all will learn to relate in unity, honor and integrity again; slaughter shall become a dance of the past, and we will enter the new dream of the Great Central Sun in full.


Love is key as we cannot enter the new dream in hatred; as the hatred will only lead to extinction. So, we must forgive the hatred of the past, for whatever the cause, and create a new foundation of love ahead. This is our hope and dream. Perhaps it will also become yours.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



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Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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