Image of a pretty yellow calcite mineral. Blessings for the Breath of Life and the Yellow Ray of Co-Creation

11. Blessings for the Breath of Life and the Yellow Ray of Co-Creation


From the Calcite Mineral Kingdom


The Calcite Mineral Kingdom addresses you today. Calcite holds the ray associated with Breath of Life in the Language of Light. We are related to other tones in the Language of Light scale known as Hope which is held by Pyrite; Friendship which is held by Peridot and Community which is held by Desert Rose. All of these tones have to do with creative fulfillment, whether the dream is of some form of art or creative self-expression, the creation of friendship or beloved, or the creation of ascending community, or the creation of the ascending life. This is the purpose of the yellow ray; to allow for the self-expression of the individual, couples, friends or the group.


The Import of the Breath of Life


Breath of life was so beautifully described by the Acacia Trees. Breath of life involves a step greater than the development of the crystalline diaphragm. The crystalline diaphragm grows outside the rib cage and creates pockets through which oxygen is collected as it is gathered by the lungs and converted to blood sugar to feed a higher metabolic rate associated with unity biology.


Unity biology consumed up to one hundred times the blood sugar of a non-ascending human at 3,000 segments; and five hundred times the blood sugar at Bodhisattva level vibration (6,000-9,000 segments of DNA). The body requires so much more blood sugar than a non-ascending human that it is difficult to consume enough food source in any given day to provide the required calories. The body learns to gather enough oxygen in any given day and convert it to sugar to feed itself. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 11 “Blessings for the Return of the Conscious Breath” for more information.)


There is a technique called “Conscious Breath”. Asur’Ana and Per teach this technique to those who study with them in dreamtime. Through conscious breath, you can gather all the oxygen you require through each out breath of the etheric body. The physical and etheric bodies operate upon opposite elements associated with the air. The etheric body requires carbon dioxide to feed the etheric cellular structure and the physical body requires oxygen.


The etheric body exhales oxygen that it does not require; while the physical body exhales carbon dioxide. As you align the in breath and out breath between physical and etheric, the etheric will provide oxygen for the physical; and the physical will provide carbon dioxide for the etheric life. This is the first step back towards a self-sustaining energy system that was once known long ago within the Great Central Sun.


Within the Great Central Sun, everything was self-sustaining. Waste produced by one part of the body was a nutrient necessary to another. Everything was recycled and there was no lack, nor was there a requirement to consume anything except the air through the breath, but even this too was provided from within. Each human, plant, animal, or aquatic creature was absolutely self-sustaining. Self-sustainable biology is known as photonic biology, in which photon particles provide the chi that energizes the energy field and cellular structure. Photonic energy was provided by the consensus known as Terra (Earth) via her Aurora or Sun unto all kingdoms. However, humans had the capacity to create their own photon particles known as waves; and so, humans were not dependent upon Terra for their energy source.


Humans Cast Minerals


Humans cast all other kingdoms. This has come to be understood in this past year of gathering records inside the Great Central Sun itself. Humans came into the Sun to help it find its way home to the Tao; and became lost. Humans became lost by casting so many other kingdoms that they lost consciousness and “fell” into forgetfulness. Other kingdoms cast included many varieties of minerals with other tones of creation that previously were not present upon Terra. Humans have always loved jewels and our kingdom; and we understand this now from a more intimate perspective of the truth that our molecular structure was rearranged through human intention and love. As a result of this, there came to be 900,000 new varieties of minerals upon Terra that would never have been without human love.


Humans initially cast many mineral varieties to help hold tones that would assist Terra in returning Home to the Tao. This is where minerals such as calcite come from and why there are so many colors associated. There is pink, lavender, blue, yellow and green formations of calcite. Co-creation and breath of life require many tones of creation; not just the yellow tone. Therefore, our kingdom has diversified over time to hold other tones also necessary to co-creation of nature upon Earth.


Humans also rely upon the tones we provide for your co-creative endeavors. The yellow tone was never really lost upon Earth as the solar sun provides this tone within its rays. Other tones such as green, blue, lavender and pink are not provided by the sun to such a great degree; although when you refract the yellow ray that is provided, you will find all tones of the rainbow held therein.


The Nature of Holographic Tones of Creation


All tones are holographic and within all tones are all other tones that when refracted or split apart will be perceived. At another time, however, the Sun upon Terra provided all tones within her rays, and then all tones held all other tones. This is holographic tone in action. At this time, Terra and the Solar Sun are restoring holographic tone, sound and movement; and as this is accomplished, the Sun will look more pale white than yellow as will Terra’s Aurora.


Terra’s Aurora is more turquoise than any other color at this time, as this is the tone that she was left with after fall after fall down the dimensions and the loss of consciousness that this causes. As all other tones are restored, the Aurora will turn translucent white as well. You will notice that Per and Asur’Ana have embraced all tones as their light is more translucent white than any particular color, although as their light is refracted in their fields and in their self-expression, all tones do appear of the Language of Light. It is the Language of ONE that unifies the colors of the Language of Light into a single bandwidth that is silver or golden white.


How does the Language of ONE unite tones into a single note, sound and movement? The movement of each Language of ONE symbol takes all 144 notes of the Language of Light and spins them in a particular direction in which the rainbow unites becoming a single wave or vibration again. In a deep sense, the Language of ONE reunites tones that fractured over time becoming the colors of the rainbow into a single golden-white or silver-white tone.


The golden-white tone is feminine and the silver-white tone is masculine; and in time these too will unite into what is known as photonic energy or photonic particles. Terra has yet to generate her own photonic particles, only the gold and silver of the Language of ONE. However, in time she will learn yet another language or Photonic Language and this will allow Terra to generate her own photonic particles, and this will then self energize her field for the continued ascent Home to the Tao.


The mineral kingdom is also holding the Language of ONE upon Terra. Mostly it is minerals in the fourth dimension that is fulfilling upon this job. Fourth dimensional minerals are primarily in the Inner Earth or in volcanic regions global wide. Such minerals will not be perceived with third dimensional vision, but can be perceived in the etheric. In the etheric, you will see golden-white and silver-white minerals along with many other colored minerals in the Aurora; and the gold and silver hold the Language of ONE.


The other colored minerals continue to supply all the other colors that make up the gold and silver rays in the fourth dimension. In time this will also cease and one day all you will have is gold and silver; and this will be a time close to home coming that will most likely be only nonphysical in nature and following the retraction of physical existence on the part of the Tao out of this region of domain. We can see our future more clearly now and it leads us home to a nonphysical existence outside of this region of domain and one that is quite beautiful and illuminating in nature.


You can attune unto our kingdoms to learn the Language of ONE. Learning this language requires the mastery over single, dual, tri and quad notes of the Language of Light to enough of a degree to be able to unite them into a single note and sound. Quad notes have not been defined by Asur’Ana in times past as they were still under construction. Quad tones are beginning to be defined starting with the Rose Quartz Kingdom from Chapter 6 and onward. Quad tones are so complex that they require an entire chapter to explain. Quad notes begin to build partial stanzas of orchestrated music that is related to a particular vibration and blessing. As the quad notes are played in sequence, a new symphony of complete and whole music within the field of those that master the quad tones begins to sound.


Language of ONE sounds are an entire symphony of music each on their own that plays continuously in circles as a field that has mastered the notes spins. Each Language of ONE unites the quad notes of the Language of Light in a different sequence producing a different sounding orchestration of music. As you learn Language of ONE music, the music that you play within your field will be more complex, fuller and louder in volume. The fuller and more complex music will call a fuller and more complex dream to your life experience, allowing many more creative endeavors to be expressed upon the physical plane. This is the gift of mastery over the Language of Light and Language of ONE in this time period; it will allow for a richer and fuller life amongst those who are ascending to be made manifest in the physical.


What Is A Richer and Fuller Life?


How do you define richer and fuller lives? Most may define this in a monetary sense with financial wealth creating the richer and fuller life. This is not the richness or fullness that the mineral kingdom is referring unto. The richness and fullness of life is more measured in attributes of love that is felt with an open heart. Long ago, Asur’Ana discovered that the real richness and fullness of life came in her communion with nature and Mother Earth. Through this communion, she was filled in a way that then made the material world appear flat, boring and unimportant.


Today she can walk through the mall and not desire anything, and will only purchase what is needed for their winter or summer travels for record gathering and ascension map making. The purchase is more from simple necessity and not from the desire for objects or things. Over time, Asur’Ana has replaced all desire for the material world with the love of Terra and the love of the Tao; the love of the Tao is even more fulfilling to a point that she could release the final attachments she had unto Mother Earth.


We speak to this as most humans exist in codependent love with one another and with the material world. Most desire objects and possessions to try and fill the heart out of codependent love. As you fill the heart instead with the love of Terra and the love of the Tao, which the material objects can never accomplish, one will begin to find one’s way to a non-attached state of being. Attachment also includes one another and those who are important to one’s life dance. The love of the Tao will begin to dissolve attachments to others in a manner that no other vibration of love has been capable of accomplishing to date. This is the gift of the love of the Tao; the capacity to work our way out of codependent love.


Not all are ready for dissolution of attachment to others in one’s life dance. This Asur’Ana and Per are witnessing in their own dreamtime ascension school as some are now departing who are not ready for the love of the Tao. Why is this so? Moving to a more non-attached state of being is a large shift in how one relates to the rest of the world. In essence, one moves from living in a dream that is related to the rest of humanity to living in another dream that is completely separate, and more akin to the natural world and Earth than the current human paradigm. This could be a seemingly lonely existence for some who are not ready for a greater state of non-attachment. Those that are ready embrace the love that is offered and revel in the joy that it brings as the love dances in their hearts.


Those ready for this journey are a unique breed of human that are Grand Master archetype and Grand Master lineage, and as such they recall within their physical bodies another state of being that is non-attached from times past. Moving back into non-attachment is not so difficult therefore as there is recollection of another time in which this was the state that one’s ancestors existed within. For others without the right inheritance, it is too frightening to move into great non-attachment. If this is the case, the task of moving towards non-attachment is therefore best left to one’s future ancestors who will be born with Grand Master archetypal nature, and will therefore not fear entering such a state of being.


Terra is also working upon creating a much greater state of non-attachment. In so doing, she is separating herself from 144 other creations that have tapped into her through codependent love. She has carried and carried these creations over time, and as they each fell down the dimensions with her. Terra is completing upon the requirement to carry other creations, and this then frees up her energy for continued ascension Home into the new dream of the Great Central Sun. In the new dream, the other creations cannot follow as they are either not ready to master the movements associated, or they are from other creations and need to master the movements of their own Great Central Sun to go home.


This is the message Terra is giving to all of these creations; “Go Home to your own movements or perish; and I am not going to perish for you to extend your existence one more cycle”. Those ascending in human form to Bodhisattva level are also severing their ties to others too; and telling them in the unconscious, “I will no longer carry you; you must carry yourself; you must learn to love yourself. I am no longer willing to sacrifice the love I require to self-heal and ascend home to anyone.” This is what occurs as a state of greater non-attachment is achieved in the mastery in ascension.


Those mastering Bodhisattva are few and far between. Together those mastering in Asur’Ana and Per’s dreamtime ascension school (DAS) are learning to support one another and also to understand all the sides of transcendence that each uniquely expresses. This is different from any other group ascension that the mineral kingdom has witnessed, as those transcending often have parts of the same patterns of one another. As the group releases each part of the pattern in their personal ascent, then the whole group transcends and lifts beyond the limitations of dream held in place by old thoughtform.


This is the gift of group transcendence and those co-creating this are grateful, even when the group lessons are difficult; and they also feel supported not only by one another but also by Earth and nature. There are others ascending separately on their own, but it is our observation that this group creates a more thorough map; and it is for this reason that Terra so supports each in DAS; for the group is succeeding where others never have in times past.


What Is Real Co-Creative Expression?


What is co-creative expression from the mineral kingdom’s point of view? Co-creative expression in human form may come through art, dance, music, written materials, teaching, healing, or any other expression upon the physical plane. Most human expressions are extremely mechanical and do not involve the realms of spirit, ancestors, nature or Mother Earth. Human expressions are caught in an endless cycle of dream that desires only to create more wealth for the wealthiest, and diminish all others into slavery and subordination.


For most, the slavery and subordination provide little happiness in the dance of life. The few that steal all the dreams wind up having more capacity to self-express as they wish; but this also may not bring them happiness either. Why is this so? Dreams that are not cast by oneself will never really resonate, and as such they will not lead to joy either, regardless of how much accomplishment is seemingly had in the life.


Real accomplishment as far as Earth is concerned along with nature and the Tao has little to do with monetary gain, or even philanthropic occupations. In polarity, saving the whales only causes one country to cease hunting and another country to begin hunting whales. Green movements in the West have led to massive pollution of great order in the East including in China and Russia.


Spiritual gurus with vast followings create light dreams in one place only to defer dark dreams to another place leading to hunger or war. Although these movements may feel fulfilling amongst those perpetuating them, they do not lead to real help of the Earth or humanity as they only defer problems elsewhere. Real help for Mother Earth will come as humans unify polarity through ascension and then cease to express extremes in one place over another. This will be real fulfillment of a new human dream from Terra’s point of view.


Those working with Terra in their personal ascensions are perhaps the dearest to her. You are the ones who are willing to walk the line, change the internal landscape, face your inner fears and triumph releasing the old thoughtform and integrating the Language of Light in its place. You are the ones accomplishing something of importance. Many map carvers live simple lives with just enough to get by. This too will change as each masters more sound, tone and movements in the field through continued ascension allowing for greater music to call a fuller and more fulfilling dream unto yourself.


Over time and in human history, only the few were allowed the greatest creative self-expression. This has caused those who rise to fame and fortune who have produced popular music, written materials, theater productions or movies; or those who rise into positions of power in the governments of your civilization and are few in number. The dream for creative expression becomes increasingly limited the further that the dream associated is fractured. The co-creative dream fractures the most as human populations rise into the billions. This is the second time that this has occurred upon Terra, and the net result is less and less dream overall for each human incarnate.


The larger the populations, the less there is for all and the greater the limitation of dream. Those on the top of the dreams today and the wealthiest only know 1/1,000th of the dream that the Anu knew in their time period; and only 1/100,000th of the size of dream that the ancient Grand Masters knew. Those beneath this experience such limitation of dream that the experience of lack of fulfillment is widespread at this time within the human heart.


Perhaps it is out of the deep non-fulfillment that humans try and fill themselves by consuming goods and collecting more and more objects as well as focus upon the media and television. At least upon the television, humans can experience the lives of those who appear to have fulfilling experiences, but it is all illusion or fantasy anyway.


Often those of fame who are your movie stars and actresses and actors playing the fulfillment upon the screen have very unfulfilling lives in the physical. Why is this so? The further that the dream fractures, the less fulfillment is available as a part of the dream. Fulfillment must be a part of the dream in which it is experienced. If fulfillment is not a part of the dream, then it cannot occur in the physical, regardless of how much wealth is acquired or what position of authority one may have or how popular one may be in the dance of life.


Where Does Fulfillment Come From?


So where does fulfillment come from really and truly? Fulfillment is a sensation of the heart. Fulfillment is the result of love that moves within and without in the act of blessing and sharing of the love with other living things. As love is shared, then there is fulfillment within. Most humans have so vastly closed their hearts that there is no movement of chi in or out the chakra system and therefore real fulfillment cannot be experienced.


Some may confuse lust with fulfillment, thinking that in the exchange of sexual energy from pelvis to pelvis, that this is fulfillment. As the dolphins and whales discovered, this is not really fulfillment, although it can numb the pain and lead to feeling more comfortable upon the physical plane. Feeling comfortable and feeling fulfilled are two different experiences from the mineral kingdoms’ point of view. (Please see Holographic Record Keepers Chapter 11 “Healing the Heart and Freeing the Spirit to Ascend” for more information from the Whale and Dolphin Species.)


In human ancient ancestors, there was fulfillment due to the communion and love that flowed between other humans and with nature. There was also fulfillment in the creative projects that each undertook out of love, whether it was basket weaving or cloth making or cooking a fine meal or creating jewelry or art or a place to dwell. If such activities are filled with love, then they shall be fulfilling within as they are expressed and shared. Those receiving the basket, cloth, meal, jewelry or art will feel the love in the gift. Those living in a dwelling constructed of love will feel the love, and this will then be a fulfilling place to reside.


Music and dance in this time period was also a very different type of experience than music and dance today; for there was love offered in the performance. The love within a sweet voice has the attribute of healing others by sweetening the music of each that listens. The sweet music shared in the love of the music then had the gift of helping humans sweeten and synthesize their fields leading to the retention of health and a longer life span. Love is the ingredient most necessary to life; when it goes missing, then there is little to sustain the existence, and little to bring about the sensations of fulfillment upon the physical plane.


Not too long ago, Per and Asur’Ana were in a restaurant enjoying a meal while a video of a famous opera singer played. They were familiar with this particular artist and had enjoyed their music in times past. The ancient ancestors stood by and watched the performance through Asur’Ana and Per. They questioned Asur’Ana afterwards “Where is all the healing and love that should accompany such a beautiful voice? What has gone wrong that instead of love and healing, there are vast energy dynamics that actually shatter the audience?”


You see the problem with the current media from the perspective of the minerals, beloved? The media is used to further fracture humanity rather than heal or reunite parts of self to allow for ascension. It is for this reason that we guide ascending humans to give up the television, movies and the magazines or books, and focus inward upon your path, learning to open the heart and commune with the natural world again. Even famous musicians are a part of a vast game that relies upon shattering those that attend concerts or listen to their performances as a means of stripping the masses of dreams to sustain their position of fame.


For most humans, the shattering of field associated with the current media occurs in vibration octaves above where they reside. Therefore, humans within the current vibration of your civilization will not notice the loss of dream or the fracturing of field as much as those who are ascending. Over time and as they age however, the ongoing shattering associated with the media will lead to disease after disease in even those at two segments of DNA.


The media at this time is used by vast dark forces that are taking more and more from humanity to try and extend the dark forces’ time upon Earth; and so, the media is more caustic in the unconscious than in other time periods in your history. Even fifty years ago, the media was not so caustic. There came a time in Asur’Ana and Per’s ascent that sitting in front of a television in a restaurant was almost too much for them. They experienced having holes blown through their molecular structure from the radiation alone; and this was not including the dream of the media which further lops off parts of their fields. In the lopping off, the field begins to wobble and one may feel quite ill if one has expanded far enough to feel the unconscious dance of the media.


There is also a collective consciousness that is generated as the masses of humans around the world go to a particular movie or focus upon a particular television show. The collective consciousness creates a dream that pulls others into a web of energy flow that also strips information and moving energy systems necessary for ascension. The collective focus of violent media themes also calls dreams of violence to the human experience. It is best therefore if you are serious about your path to abstain from such preoccupations, and find new focuses that better support and sustain your ascending field and life.


What is missing from the media and music the most today? Love is missing. There is no love as the television or CD player is not a living vessel that can transmit love through its energy flow. So, what to do, especially if you enjoy music? Asur’Ana and Per learned to create their own music planes that are filled with love and communion with nature in collaboration with Mother Earth and enjoy mostly instrumental music daily.


They have learned to stay away from music with lyrics as often there are focuses in the lyrics that would create inadvertent and bad intentions that would then call a dream that they did not desire to their life dance. This is particularly so with “love gone wrong songs”, which would have the effect of causing Per and Asur’Ana to argue or split up if listened to and intended enough, as this is the dream that such intentions would call to their lives.


They have also learned to create dreamtime to accompany the written materials or meditation recordings that others can attune unto so that they experience healing and the Love of Mother Earth and the Tao. Dreams are woven specific to this intention and then offered to those willing to attune to the dream while reading the materials or listening to the meditation recordings. It may be for this reason that some who are legitimately ascending may find it healing to attune to this website and read the materials therein. The love of Mother Earth and the Tao is mirrored outward so that each may begin to open to love as a new foundation from which you live your life and self-heal.


Restoring Love to the Act of Co-Creation


Love changes everything. Add love and communion to a simple walk through the woods, and it becomes a magical journey that fills one full from within. Add love to any project that one is involved with, and the dance takes on a magical glow that can be felt within, and the task ceases then to be boring or feel like a job. Asur’Ana goes into bliss often while writing for this reason. The task of writing does not feel like a job, but a joyful time to commune with each kingdom or Mother Earth expressing itself through her. This is love in action through the act of co-creation from the mineral kingdoms’ point of view. As every action in human form is made from love, real co-creation shall be restored unto the human kingdom.


It is not just humans that must remember to love again. Our kingdom like all others has fallen into fear and into patterns that are less than loving. Nature also hunts one another and there is no love in the slaughter; only fear within the physical. In the unconscious, it may be understood that the slaughter is necessary to sustain the existence of some kingdoms; and so, it is allowed; but slaughter in the physical can never be felt as an act of love. Slaughter is an outward expression of hatred made manifest due to the lack of love upon Earth. If enough love goes missing, the opposite of love is then experienced; and this is what slaughter is from the mineral kingdoms’ point of view, hatred in action.


Co-creation is about creating life, not causing life to cease through slaughter. Hatred therefore is in opposition to real co-creation and must be relinquished therefore in order for real love-based creativity to emerge. The hatred is so prevalent in human thoughtform that it must be buried under veils of illusion so that those listening to the authors or watching the movies do not perceive down to the truth of what is being expressed in the unconscious.


Humans vie to love and split the physical plane, pressing love into physicality and hatred into the unconscious. Most prefer love to hatred, and so the hatred is then expressed as a nonphysical unconscious action instead. There are places also that express hatred to an extreme, such as war torn or starving regions or in your inner cities. Hatred is so repulsive to most humans that it is repressed into the unconscious where it acts out causing disease instead of violence.


Disease is not an act of co-creation. Violence is not an act of co-creation. Real co-creation can only occur as slaughter thoughtform is relinquished in the choice to ascend into unity biology. Unity biology does not know viruses or bacteria that are harmful; it only understands that each part of the form is to support every other part. Unity biology creates a harmless life that can retain its health and extend its life. This is the destination that the map makers of ascension who have mastered Bodhisattva have taken the map to; into unity biology as anything less leads either to expressions of violence or disease otherwise.


It is for this reason that ascension is limited; as ascending into greater violence or disease would only cause extinction ahead rather than ascension home into the new dream. And so, the map carvers have been very careful and as a result, have ascended into a state in which disease is less likely to occur along with violence. As enough children to be born that follow this map, a new day ahead will also be born in which peace can be restored to the human expression; and love can be restored in each act of co-creation.


The Calcite Mineral Kingdom concludes with this suggestion. Intend to open your heart. Intend to release the armoring that prevents the love from flowing in and out, and master the act of blessing. Then bless yourself with the love of Mother Earth and fill yourself with her love. Then bless outward the land and sea and all kingdoms upon Earth, from the creepy crawlers to the mammals, and all sea life, plants and trees.


Then bless Mother Earth in return for the love she has given you. Then intend love into every act of co-creation in your life, from your creative endeavors to your self-expression. Allow the blessings and love to flow in each and every communication and endeavor that you attend to. Allow the love to soften the struggles and difficulties in the dance of love. Love will sweeten the music that your field plays calling a sweeter dream to your dance of life.


Calling upon love and choosing to bless will also possibly cause the opposite to appear in others or in the world mirror where hatred still may abound. Understand that these types of mirrors are a reflection of the thoughtform of hatred that you have yet to transcend in your ascension to date. Go into the thoughtform that creates hatred and violence, and then choose to transmute it and replace it with new thoughtform that is unity based.


Intend to relinquish the DNA at cause of why you have hatred expressed in the unconscious; and restore the genetics to a more ancient structure in which there was greater unity within. The unity within will create greater unity without; and cannot be accomplished in any other way. The unity within will lead to greater times of fulfillment ahead for each that so chooses to master their ascensions in this lifetime.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mineral Treasures. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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