Image of a glorious eclipse with the light and the shadow to represent the Dance Of Light And Dark.

10. The Dance Of Light And Dark


Timelessness is a state of being in which one ceases to age, ceases to experience pain, ceases to become ill, and ceases to die. Some have equated such a state with “paradise”, “heaven” or the “Garden of Eden”. In the mythology surrounding human history, there is a story, a story of a time when all was beautiful, all was in harmony, all humans and nature danced in unity and joy together. Then somehow the paradise was lost.


Why was paradise lost? The examination of the karmic records of those ascending in human form offer up layer after layer of history at cause. There were multiple falls, multiple times that humans went from paradise to paradise lost. Each loss stabilized into another paradise of sorts, but with less than the paradise before, until it was lost yet again. Human history is 200,000 years old upon Earth, and began with the original seeding of human form by the Sirian Race.


There have been three significant periods of decline, each of which involved a loss of paradise. The most significant declines, which are traced back to roughly 90,000 years ago, 45,000 years ago, and 10,000 years ago each involved major nuclear catastrophes, which mutated the human genetic structure to such a degree that a major drop in vibration occurred over the course of one generation. In addition to such catastrophes, there are also records of deliberate and scientific manipulation of the human genetic structure to create 3 separate slave races by humans themselves. Each slave race lived with less awareness, less gifts and talents, and in essence, resulted in paradise lost for all of humankind.


Humanity’s Pain


For many in human form living with the outcome of such manipulations and annihilation, it is hard to understand the thinking behind those humans whom perpetrated such things. What were they thinking? How could they possibly set in motion a circumstance that would result in the current level of pain that humanity is in?


Most of humanity is in great pain, even if they are numb to it. As one rises up in vibration, and rises above the current fantasy that humanity is in, such pain makes one very sad. You see, humanity does not see the elderly, crippled or ill as abnormal. Humanity is in a consensus in which pain, illness, and distortion of the form is the norm. As one ascends, one brings in souls that have never seen such things before, and they are indeed horrified! What kind of place is Earth that such mutilation of the form is considered normal? For this is not normal anywhere else in your creation, beloved.


There is human form upon other dimensions. They know not disease, and they know not deterioration, nor distortion of the form, nor illness, nor pain, nor death as you experience it. For a long time, the awareness that this is the norm for human form upon Earth was hidden by the veils surrounding Earth’s field which reflected back that which such dimensions would wish to believe to be so, which is “everything upon Earth is fine as it is here”. At first, when Asur’Ana revealed the records from her own ascension, humans upon such dimensions did not believe they were real, so mesmerized by the illusion were they! However, the larger numbers of records now gathered from yet other ascending humans is providing such overwhelming proof of the truth that such humans upon other dimensions can no longer deny what is so.


Distorted Justice Systems


There is action being taken upon Earth’s behalf. There are those in the third dimension that are responsible for the problems upon Earth and are seen now as at cause. Such cause creates a karmic bond that requires a return payment to the debt incurred. Such a debt is large, for the destruction of a planet by the human species is indeed a cosmic level offense. There is justice coming for Earth, however, much like the current human justice system, the Universal justice system in which we live within is very distorted. It is just such Universal justice systems that have sought to hide the truth, hide the records of Earth’s predicaments from the counsels sitting upon the dimensions above.


Why would our Universal justice systems do such a thing? Look at the human justice systems, and you shall see why. Is there really any justice upon Earth in the human dance? Those with enough money and power buy their way out of crimes that are as unjust as those committing murder or selling drugs. And there is a system behind the system known as the Secret Government made of the wealthiest individuals upon Earth. These individuals create war and manipulate the remaining governance of Earth as they wish for profit and gain of continued and ever-increasing wealth. Such governance has blocked knowledge necessary for humanity to awaken and ascend. It is not our job to point out whom such individuals are, as they know whom they are, but state that such is the nature of the governance upon Earth.


In a parallel manner, there has been a secret governance of your Universe. Such a governance is behind the karmic boards of our Universe, behind the Lords and Ladies that appear to be holding and running the show. Such beings control, puppet and manipulate Earth along with the Pleiades just as the secret governments of our world do. So it is, as above so below.


Such “secret governance” of our Universe was never elected nor placed within their positions by the God and Goddesshead of our creation, but simply set up a system by which they would control our Universe. It is now understood that such beings are not from our Creation at all, but remaining from another Creation long come and gone, and utilize a different energy signature. The energy signature used is radioactive.


The Universal justice system has been under the control of these Orders of beings that do not belong in our creation. They have run the Universe based upon their particular thoughtform, which surrounds the bartering of knowledge and the lack of interest in evolution. They are involved in such things because they lack the awareness to operate otherwise, as they themselves have no source, and were left behind in the prior ascension of another Creator. Such beings and the power that they acclaim are now under investigation by all dimensions within our Creation. As a result, and in due course, such beings shall be removed altogether for interference.


Rama’s Creations


Creations are complex, and they mirror patterns of the whole. Long ago, Lord Rama separated his 14 creations into light and dark. As light and dark was separated, problems began. The problems occurred within all creations, for those creations without enough darkness ascended with ease but never came to understand the nature of the dark. Those creations with too much darkness had not enough light to transmute the dark, and fell and fell in frequency. Earth lives at the bottom threshold of such a creation in present time.


(Please refer to Chapter 8 “The Vedic Planes” for more information on Rama’s retraction to the One Source for recasting. The Godhead/Goddesshead, Lord/Lady Alora, have extended themselves to attempt to reverse the distortions of Rama’s inexperience as Creator God of this Creation so that Earth can ascend.)


Rama, in his separation of light and dark was after the experience of paradise. For indeed his light creations are “paradise” to experience. However, paradise can become boring if there are no challenges, and with only light, there is little challenge and boredom is the predominant experience. Conversely, in creations with too much darkness, experience becomes painful to enough of a degree that souls become numb to the pain. In the numbness, there is also a level of boredom, and one strives to find entertainment to jolt one out of the numbness. Sound like the current human condition? This is the condition of our entire creation. Rama’s major problem is that he created creations that in their very polarization caused a circumstance in which non-evolution is the outcome, along with boredom.


Underlying one’s vision of paradise is a great non-truth, and this is what we wish to bring to consciousness in this chapter. In the fantasies and mythology of the human species upon Earth is a vision of paradise that is false. This vision is one of “perfection”. The perfection envisioned is one of no darkness whatsoever being present. Where does this vision of paradise come from?


Dragon and Serpent Souls


Earth has had a long history preceding the ice ages of a period of only “light”. Light souls, within Rama’s creation, take on the form of a “dragon”. Dragon souls are magnificent, and in their original blueprint containing all tones of creation and all information to evolve. In addition to “dragon” souls, Rama created “Serpent Souls” or souls that appear as snakes. Such souls are not so magnificent and devoid of anything but darkness. Such dark souls comprise the density with which light and dark can enter the dance of life within any creation, and are necessary.


Upon Earth, there is great judgment about darkness. This is only so because the darkness has reigned and become “out of proportion” to the light. In so becoming emphasized to the extreme, the dark appears larger than they should, and in so doing, do what darkness knows how to do. Serpent souls have no information to ascend or evolve, or do much of anything, for they were never designed to do anything but hold density for any creation. As such, when serpent souls attain too much power, they take knowledge from dragon souls, diminishing the ability for dragon souls to ascend or evolve. Indeed upon Earth, all information originating from the original dragon souls whom came to ascend Earth has been taken and confiscated by serpent souls that pose as God/Goddess of Earth.


How did this happen? The original blueprint for Rama’s creation separated light and dark. Rama placed most dragon souls in 5 out of 14 creations, and most serpent souls in the other 5, and mixed them relatively evenly in the middle four. The middle four of his creations are the most balanced, and contain the ingredients necessary to ascend. The remaining 10 creations are in deep trouble, with ascension so effortless in creations 1 through 5 that the souls learn nothing about transmutation and the nature of the dark. Ascension in creations 10 through 14 is impossible because there are so much serpent souls that there are not enough dragons to transmute the darkness or density to ascend. Do you see the dilemma that our creation is in? This problem permeates all dimensions of our creation.


Indeed, this problem is greater than one may perceive. Outside of time and space, where the Source of All Sources exists, the devastation from such extreme forms of polarity threatens the very existence of All That Is. There is a point in which a creation can fall that is so low that it cannot be retrieved, cannot be resurrected. Earth is upon the brink of such a state and if she were not to ascend, alas all life would cease to exist upon her over time. In essence, this is the last gateway, the last opening to the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun offering a potential for recovery. If Earth misses this opportunity, there are no more opportunities. So, Source of All Sources has intervened to make possible Earth’s ascension, to make possible a recovery.


Intervention from Source of All Sources


This intervention involves the projection of Source into our creation to create a pathway of recovery. Asur’Ana is a direct projection from Source, but she is not the only one. There are 144,000 upon Earth with such a source of soul, and as they awaken, they shall lead the rest of humanity Home. Those reading this material may discover that they, too, are a part of those whom were directly projected back into time and space to resurrect Earth.


Why Earth? Indeed, you are back in time. Earth came and went and died long ago. However, Earth has a special nature, a special place in creation, from which if resurrected all other fallen creations within All That Is shall then likewise find their way Home. Earth sits in the creation that is the “Truth Bearer”. The Truth Bearer is the one responsible for holding the Truth for all creations. When the Truth Bearer falls into distortion, all other creations fall into distortion. Conversely, if the Truth Bearer remembers the truth, all other creations shall likewise remember the truth and return Home. So, Earth plays a special role in resurrecting All That Is and All That Has Ever Been that has fallen into distortion.


The correction shall come with the correct balancing of light and dark upon Earth. Serpents must do what serpents were designed to do, which is not to ascend, and not to lead or govern, because they do not know how to do such things fairly and equitably. They know not because it was not a part of their original blueprint.


Our planet has been run by the dark. Those that call themselves “God” or “Ascended Masters” are nothing but serpent souls that have taken the information of all dragons upon Earth, confiscating it over time, and inflating themselves into such a position. They run this creation with great injustice because they were never designed to govern and do not know how to govern equitably. The form of justice is much like Earth in her current monitory flow of great wealth and great poverty; all power and information is given to the biggest serpent with the most chi. Those that have the most chi and information as serpent have the most control, and all karmic boards within our Universe are under their dominion.


Humanity is easy to manipulate. There are many in human form whom worship such beings. However, those whom are dragon or angelic in nature and incarnate in human form know the difference. Many “non-Christed” spiritual governances in our creation are not very loving. Why is this so? Well, they have been run by serpents, and serpents do not know how to act any other way.


Go to Your Source for Guidance and Healing


We guide initiates whom are awakening to not give your power away to any being. You are dragon or angel in origin, and we guide you to go to your own source, the place from which your own soul emanates, for all healing and for all guidance.


Each initiate emanates from a different Source. Asur’Ana has long worked with a being known as “Dara” from the Order of Dari. Dara is still present and a part of her dance and shall ascend out of this creation with Asur’Ana. There are many other special agents with specific purposes, and it is best that each initiate uncover and connect with their own source rather than reaching towards Asur’Ana’s source. Such reaching does not serve as each truly originates from their own creator. However, all creators emanate from the Source of All Sources. It is up to each ascending initiate to build a bridge from their own source back to the Source of All Sources. This is accomplished as one attains Full Consciousness or embodies 36,000 segments of genetic materials. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


The Nature Kingdoms connect directly with the Source of All Sources, and will be a bridge until you may do so yourself in your own evolution. Call upon the kingdoms beloved; it is what they have agreed to do. Buffalo, in particular, has agreements to assist humankind. Each kingdom has specific gifts to be shared, and they shall willingly share them with those committed to their evolution in human form. So, call upon them when you are transcending a difficult moment, or in need of outside support through your current phase of ascension. If lost and unable to hear your guidance, go into the country, by the ocean, or to a mountain stream. Call upon the Nature Kingdoms that surround you and listen, listen to their guidance, and feel their support.


The purpose of serpents is to hold density, not to direct. Serpents are the density between the grid work of the etheric body of your form. Over time, and as humanity has descended and descended in genetic material and vibration, there are more serpents inside of the form than not. This is what the density of the third dimension is from, excessive numbers of serpents in the form. As one ascends, the serpents are transmuted bit by bit by the fire of one’s kundalini as one moves up in vibration. Such transmutation is slow; however, Earth has begun her process of parallel transmutation of this nature which shall quicken in the coming two decades.


Dragon souls infuse the grid work with their consciousness, and infuse the field with their presence to run the chakras, run the kundalini, keep one grounded and connected to source, and keep one energized.


Dance of Dragons and Serpents


As an ascending initiate, one becomes aware of the dance of dragons and serpents. Dragons are magnetic in nature, and seek to expand the field, heal the heart, retrieve fractured pieces of self, and ascend. Serpents upon the other hand are more interested in the accrual of power, taking of information of others, or bartering off one’s own knowledge of ascension when dancing with the field. One shall always have a mixture of dragons and serpents dancing with one’s field until one attains Full Consciousness. It is the dance with serpents that causes the struggle in ascension, for often the information is bartered off faster than one can anchor it, and ascension either comes to a halt or one moves backwards in frequency or descends instead.


What to do in such moments? Call upon the Nature Kingdoms. They shall support you, anchor healing, along with guidance as needed. One needs to pay attention to how they feel. Are you feeling good, or are you having a tough time? Is the tough time recurring over many weeks with the sensation that you are sliding backwards? Then it is time for some housecleaning. Send the serpent souls to your own source and allow your source to rectify the situation. Ask the Nature Kingdoms to assist and support in your intent.


There are also serpent souls that are radioactive or electrical rather than magnetic upon Earth. Magnetic serpents originated from Rama’s creation, and belong here. They are designed to sit inside of the grid work of the form and be transmuted by one’s kundalini in the act of ascension. Sometimes there are serpents that are magnetic from dimensions much higher than ours. These are large, sometimes the size of one’s leg or one’s spinal column, and do great damage to the etheric grid work of the form. Intend to send such serpents back to the dimensions of origin and again ask the Nature Kingdoms to hold the space for your intent.


The radioactive and electrical serpents are not from our creation. Indeed, they are either a part of the “secret governance” of our creation or their gophers. Such serpents are being cleansed from Earth altogether as they did not originate with Rama’s blueprint and therefore cannot be transmuted. Such serpents are being returned to the Creator of Origin, which is known as “Athena”. Again, ask the Nature Kingdoms to assist in the returning of such serpents from your field to their source of origin. As one cleans house in this manner daily, one’s ascension shall come along with greater ease.


Upon Earth, there is great judgment about the dark. The dark have their purpose, are necessary to the density of your current form until you have transmuted such density in full and entered a fifth dimensional state of being. To enter the fifth dimension, one must be roughly 20% serpent and 80% dragon in the grid work of the form. One will discover that one may well be currently 60-80% serpent at this time, and one can see from this the work ahead if one is going to ascend.


Full Consciousness and Soul Infusion


With only 2 DNA segments of genetic materials embodied, the average human is indeed 80% serpent or dark. Much like the stars in our nighttime skies, with great darkness in large amounts and only tiny points of light, human grid work has only tiny points of light with great darkness in-between. As the ratios of light and dark in the etheric grid work balance out to 50% light and 50% dark, one attains “Full Consciousness” or embodies 36,000 segments of DNA. Indeed, Asur’Ana has accomplished this task, and shall move on to the next phase of ascension in the years ahead known as “Soul Infusion”.


It is through Soul Infusion that the remaining 30% of the serpents in her etheric grid work shall be transmuted, gradually and over time, until she enters the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension requires 80% dragon or light and 20% serpent or dark to attain. This is a many year project and is experimental, and shall be taken slowly lest she dies rather than ascend due to an imbalance of frequencies that create a disease. It took Buddha three hundred years to ascend to the fifth dimension. Although Asur’Ana knows that physical ascension is possible, she does not get attached to it as assisting in the ascension of Earth is her mission and life’s work. The ascent of the whole takes precedence over her personal ascension. So it shall be for Earth as a consensus reality, which shall take the next 1,000 years or more to move into the next dimension.


It is anticipated that Earth shall attain as a whole a state of Full Consciousness in 2070, and in so doing, there shall be no plant, animal, mineral, dolphin or whale that has less than 36,000 segments of DNA remaining. Then Earth shall move on to her own “soul infusion” and the next dimension in the coming 900 years.


One can see from this why it is important to awaken and ascend now. Much of such ascension shall be accomplished in generations, with the newborn young of each species carrying the next phase of genetic alterations forth. For humanity, this is also so with your next generations of newborns being prepared for the State of the Bodhisattva or 7,500 segments of DNA, the next generation beyond them to be prepared for Mahavishnu or 15,000 segments of DNA, and finally the final generation to be prepared for Full Consciousness or 36,000 segments of DNA. However, this is not all children, only those whom are embodying dragon or angel souls and whom have agreements to ascend, which is roughly 5% of the current newborns in any given year.


Souls in Forgetfulness


Why so few? It is the deep level of forgetfulness that soul is in that this is so. The souls dancing upon Earth do not know that the time of awakening is ahead. Such souls are mostly serpent in nature and only pre-occupied with the current dance, the current bargain, the current power that they hold. Just like the current human form, whom is only concerned with paying the rent, or the next “deal” that they are to make, or the relationship that they desire, and so on, the souls upon Earth are vastly unaware of the impending changes.


Why is this so? They do not listen. There have been attempts to awaken such souls and assist them on to the next phase of development. They withdraw into their own dance and do not care, much like the human sitting in front of the television night after night. They sit and watch their own creation without concern for the greater purpose for which creation or Earth exists. Such is the nature of forgetfulness. Such souls shall be cleansed from Earth, retracted and repaired such that the same dance is not perpetrated again elsewhere in the third dimension. The Source of All Sources shall gather up such souls little by little as those humans that such souls are incarnate into either die or ascend and recast them.


New Consensus Reality


Recently, all nature kingdoms, whales and dolphins, along with the humans whom are ascending, created a new consensus reality. This consensus is separate from the old that most of humanity resides within. This new consensus supports the ascension of Earth and the unity of all species. It is a great truth that one must choose to ascend and choose to enter the new consensus, or one shall simply be left behind.


The new consensus means many things. A new dream has been woven surrounding Earth that leads to a new future in which ascension of Earth is assured. Source of All Sources is overseeing this new dream. There are many changes that must come forth to bring this new dream into physicality. In 2019, all human karma for warfare shall be addressed and released in full. In 2020, all karma for poverty and world hunger shall be addressed and released in full. In 2021, all karma for disease, insanity and death shall be addressed and released in full. In 2022, all karma for governance based upon dominion and control shall be addressed and released in full.


Dark Souls Easily Duped Light Souls


Humanity has a remembrance of paradise. Paradise is a remembrance of a time in which there was no darkness, in which Earth only new the light and danced only with angel and dragon souls. Indeed, at another time in the solar history of Earth, only dragon and angel souls were present in our solar system. However, much like the creations of great lightness of Rama, our solar system learned little about the dark. Life was easy; ascension was easy, but without the vital lessons of coming to understand the dark.


The dark can dupe the souls of the light whom failed to learn such lessons in full. This is how the period of great darkness began for Earth; without any understanding of how the dark function, the angel and dragon souls upon Earth were duped. They were duped into losing all of their knowledge and all of their records to the dark or serpents disguised as angels and dragons. They were duped by their lack of understanding of the nature of serpents.


In so giving all information and power to the serpents, the serpents invaded Earth, claimed themselves to be God Goddess, and have ruled our planet for 900,000 years in our solar history. The dark took over Earth long before humanity was seeded upon her, and such humans from Sirius likewise had little knowledge of the dark and were likewise easily duped. It is no wonder that humans of great darkness known as the Pleiadians came to Earth and took everything away from the seeded Red Race. The seeded Red Race was ill prepared to face such other humans dancing with the serpents, having not learned the lessons of the dark in their own ancestry. The seeded Red Race was designed to hold only dragon souls and dragon sources, and did not understand these other humans whom invaded Earth of serpent sources.


However, when any race fails to learn their lessons, such lessons will appear again at a future point in time. The Red Race and all humans whom ascend shall now come to understand the nature of the dark. They shall not be deceived into giving their power or information away again in the future. Such is the nature of transcendence; such is the nature of mastery, in human form or any form.


Earth is just like the Red People. Earth failed to understand the nature of the dark long ago. Earth was easily duped by forces that appeared light, but were serpent in nature. Earth gave away her power and information to such forces and then found herself under their dominion. All species upon Earth, all nature kingdoms allowed this to be so in their lack of understanding. As such kingdoms now ascend, they now come to understand the nature of the dark. In so doing, they are retrieving their power and their information, and anchor dragon and angel sources to govern and reign upon Earth. In so doing, Earth is coming to understand the nature of the dark, and shall not be duped again in the future. Such is the nature of transcendence and ascension upon a global scale.


Balance of Light and Dark


The era of peace upon Earth once long ago was perhaps a paradise, a seeming paradise for sure in comparison to the pain that Earth and all species is currently in. However, this paradise of long ago was false, for it was devoid of all darkness. This is not the paradise that Earth shall return to, for Earth has learned her lessons well. One must have the right proportion of dark and light to assure evolution rather than dissension and death. The right proportion of serpent souls ensures that the lessons to be learned in mastery are learned in full. So, it shall be another form of paradise that humanity and Earth enters into as she ascends. It shall be a paradise, but one with challenge and the challenges shall prevent the boredom and assure evolution in the future.


Entering the kingdom of unity is joyous indeed. However, it is not “perfect” ongoing days of total sunshine and bliss, for in a state of balanced light and dark such an existence is not possible. There are moments of bliss, moments of great magic and expansion, followed by difficult moments of transcendence. Such is the nature of the balanced state of unity that Earth is now embarking upon.


However, in the unity, there is timelessness. In timelessness, the body ceases to age, ceases to experience great pain, and ceases to know illness. In timelessness, there is the possibility of ongoing and unlimited expansion or ascension. Upon entry into timelessness, the struggle with death ceases, and light and dark find their true purpose. The purpose of the dark is not to rule or reign, but to hold the density of form, and the purpose of the light is to direct and ascend the form into the next dimension. This is what entering unity truly means. The light and dark dancing together as they were designed to bring forth evolution and ascension.


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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