Image of 6 dolphins jumping up joyously in the air with a small island in the background. Forgiving the Past and Changing the Future

10. Forgiving the Past and Changing the Future


It is the Whale and Dolphin Kingdom that desires to write to you today. We wish to speak about unity formation within our kingdom so that our human brothers and sisters may strive to master a parallel formation within your own species. Unity is a state of being in which each holds the same sized field and the same pace of rotation of chakras, subtle bodies and Light Body or dreamtime self. As each within the group holds the same sized field and spins the field in the same pace, then unity is sustained within the pod, whether the pod is human or dolphin or whale matters not.


Unity is a form of equality where each relates to the other from the standpoint of compassion, love, respect, value and wholeness. Each within the pod is deemed necessary to contribute unto the whole. Each pod forms yet another energy flow that is created through the united but equal sized fields of each member. Each member of the pod is therefore necessary and important unto the energy of the whole. As each member of the pod masters another level of ascension and expansion of field, each other member also then masters allowing for unity and equality to be sustained in the continued ascent of the pod.


These are the lessons that we as map makers of ascension within the whale and dolphin species are coming to understand at this time in our evolution. In order for unity to be sustained, each member of our pod must strive to retain an equal sized field unto the other that is founded upon level of mastery. Over inflation of field that is not founded upon mastery leads to one who desires to be “better than” or “more important” than any other member of the pod. This then leads to competition and out of the competitive nature of a dance of unequal fields, there are then lesser than and greater than members of any pod, or in other terms disunity.


In ascension, there is no greater than or lesser than; there is only the journey home in which each strives to create the pathway as rapidly as the body can transcend and transmute into another biological state of being that holds a higher frequency. Dolphins and whales have resorted to a stratified consensus as a result of the various speeds of ascension within our kingdom with each united with others of parallel vibration and expansion of field so that equality can be sustained within the whole of our relations. It matters not what tier of vibration any one whale or dolphin rests within, as each in all tiers is still deemed equal to all others and worthy as they are contributing to the whole of the ascension of our entire species.


Long ago, dolphins and whales understood unity as we all existed at the same vibration. This state of being existed prior to our first fall in consciousness about 150,000 years ago as Earth measures time (600,000 years ago in human timeframe). Up until 600,000 years ago, any one whale had the same sized field and spin of rotation as any other whale incarnate upon Terra (Earth). In parallel, each dolphin also had the same sized field and rotated the field in the same pace as all others. This retained a vast level of unity within each pod, between pods, and between fully conscious whales and dolphins anywhere that we existed.


Males and females within our species rotated their fields in counterbalance to one another. Males rotated their fields to the right or clockwise and females to the left or counterclockwise. This allowed males and females to sustain unity in life relations although they were of different genders. Much of the information Asur’Ana has brought through to create balanced field rotation came from our species recollection of a state of unity from ancient times. She utilized this information in her own ascension and passed it on to the entire human species through holographic communication.


What Is Unity?


Unity is a state of being in which each honors the other in the dance of life. There is no competition in unity, only the desire to contribute and love one another for all that each expresses and experiences in the dance of life. There is no comparison in unity; one species is not better than another, the female is not better than the male, or the male better than the female. Variant sexual preferences as well as each unique perspective are embraced of each in a state of unity. There is only acceptance of self and all others in unity, and this is what we recall from our ancestors that existed in this time period of 600,000 to 1.2 million years ago and after we were seeded upon Terra by the scientists from Sirius.


There were other dolphins and whales that already existed upon Terra from more ancient times in the many large fresh water lakes that were the size of a small sea that we were seeded into. These whales and dolphins embraced us just as we embraced them; sometimes dolphins or whales from Sirius would inter-marry with their counterparts that had existed upon Terra producing blended offspring. This was a reflection of the dance of love that existed in this time period amongst all of our species. Whales and dolphins never interbred however; this was something that has only ever been attempted in human laboratories and with a vast problematic outcome for both of our kingdoms.


As a collective and in present time, our consciousness that is dolphin and whale is severely intertwined. Perhaps it is for this reason that Asur’Ana channels both our species simultaneously rather than individually. We have come to understand now that due to human scientific interbreeding of our two species how we became intertwined consciousness when at another time this was not so. The intertwining of consciousness creates problems for our kingdoms as dolphin biology is vastly different from whale biology as is the consciousness associated. As a result, the blending of consciousness leads to distortion for each of our kingdoms.


In parallel manner, humans are often intertwined with one another particularly if one is married, or has children, or amongst one’s friends or workmates or spiritual associations. The intertwining of consciousness also causes distortion in such experiences of parallel kind to what whales and dolphins suffer. It is for this reason that the path of ascension for each of our species causes one to begin to individuate again and separate from all others, so that one can create a sovereign energy flow and truth rather than a blended truth. Blended truth is a part of the nature kingdoms that are no longer fully conscious; fully conscious species each seek to express a sovereign truth as this is one of the many purposes of full consciousness. Alas, this is not possible if consciousness is blended in any manner.


What Is Consciousness?


Consciousness is the fairy dust or sparkle that an energy field produces as it rotates. Consciousness holds the magic of existence within its expression. Magic allows one’s own dream and the dreams of others to come together in divine timing, unity and joy. If consciousness is blended and becomes sour as a result, the magic evaporates and then one comes together with one another in sourness or joylessness or depression. This too has been a part of the dolphin and whale experience for a very long time; so long in fact that we barely recall another state of being in which joy was our foundation.


Many humans watching us in the sea may think that we experience more joy than you; for we do play with one another, and leap into the air, or dance upon our tails, enjoying the movement of the moment. We do experience joy; and yet there are also long periods of depression and joylessness that also occurs for our species. Asur’Ana recalls running into a tourist who had gone out to “swim with the dolphins” upon the Big Island and was disappointed when we were not playful and were sullen. Perhaps humans think that whales and dolphins are somehow different from you and do not feel pain or the struggle of Terra to ascend. In reality, our species is deeply emotional and therefore feels the pain of the whole as well as the struggle to ascend within each of our pods and our kingdom.


The struggle to ascend is often the result of old emotions that spin off from falls in consciousness within our species over time. As each pod hits the vibration that another fall occurred, generally we experience a period of boredom with life, followed by grief, and then depression, and then sometimes physical pain. As all layers of any “fall” releases, then we re-emerge into the joy again, but not until all has been processed and understood. Such is the path of the map carvers that may be the first to move through a particular frequency within one’s inheritance. As we clear the way, the others can follow, which is what the role of map carver is all about.


We see that most humans also find ascension has its moments of struggle as well as joy. Sometimes the layers of karma associated with a given fall in one’s ancestry may be quite thick in nature. As one moves through the layers, one may find that one is in a sullen or depressed state for months and months. In going into the review of the ancestral lives associated, and perceiving what had occurred when the ancestors were alive, it is easier to understand the emotions associated; it is also easier to forgive as the details of the associated lifetimes are understood.


So, we invite ascending humans to go into the misery associated with ascension and into the review of the lifetimes that your ancestors felt miserable, and bring to consciousness what occurred that caused their misery and forgive the dance. It is only as we understand that we can forgive beloved; this is the same for dolphins and whales along with our fully conscious human brothers and sisters. Ascension is not easy. Many humans in depression today who may not understand that they are choosing to ascend in dreamtime may actually be re-experiencing what their ancestors experienced long ago; and in so doing are feeling all the same emotions but without the life turmoil to explain why this is so. Perhaps over time more psychologists will begin to understand the process of ascension, and help to explain it to their patients.


The Blending of Consciousness and DNA


There are many time periods in our ancestry in which whale and dolphin consciousness and DNA was blended at human hands. We bring this up so that those humans bearing lineages to the scientists can begin to release their karma for how this affected our species. The underlying problems caused are not unlike what befell the human Native American root race as the DNA was blended with the Anu (Greek and Roman Gods) to create the Anu Slave Race on the part of the Pleiadian and Orion scientists. The Native American root race lost a part of their genetic information in the blending. As such, they fell into a state where less than wholeness was experienced along with much depression.


What was the depression really the result of? The depression was due to the blending of Native American consciousness with the white Anu slaves, who had been pared down in genealogy to such an extent that they existed in fear. The Native Americans then experienced the fear of the Anu slaves as they were intertwined both in holographic nature and genealogy. Fear was not a common vibration unto the Native Americans in this time period about 172,000 years ago. The fear of the slave nation registered upon the Native American emotional bodies as depression. This was due to the electro-magnetic nature of the Anu slaves.


The family of Anu were from the Pleiades and hosted electrical geometry and biology; the Native Americans were from Sirius and hosted magnetic geometry and biology. The offspring of the two as designed in a laboratory were electro-magnetic as a result. It is estimated in present time that 40% Native American DNA was blended with 60% Pleiadian Anu DNA to create the Anu slave offspring in a very pared down set of genetics that were easily controlled as a result. This is what the family of Anu were after in the breeding of a human slave race, and so it came to be.


Alas, the blending of genealogy also affected the Native American root race that became intertwined holographically with the Anu slaves. The part electrical flow of the slaves registered as an ongoing depression for all of Native American inheritance in this time period. The Native Americans did not understand what the underlying cause of their depression was; or even is today. Many of Native American descent today speak to their ongoing depression in their music, poetry or writing. Native Americans often sit in deep depression as a result of this karma.


Now in this time of ascension, there is the possibility of working one’s way back in time to pre-Anu time periods and recapturing DNA that was compromised and restoring the genealogy to wholeness again. There are some of Native American descent on the path at this time; there are many more that may have less awareness of the path of ascension that are clearing the karma from this time period so that greater joy can become the life expression for their nation again.


Interbreeding of Dolphins and Whales


In parallel manner, whales and dolphins were interbred at the hands of the Anu and their scientists. This occurred after the ice shields broke creating your oceans in what is known as the “great floods”. The Anu invited scientists from the Pleiades again to Earth following the floods in order to seed the newly created oceans with life. We have spoken before in prior materials about the regions that were used for seeding purposes which are primarily the land known as the Grand Canyon in the Southwestern United States today as well as the Great Barrier Reef near Australia. The seeding of the sea kingdoms pulled genealogy unto Earth from 18 different water-based creations including Sirius B prior to its ascent to the next dimension.


New dolphins and whales were imported at this time and some were set free into the ocean to see if they would survive. Many of these varieties of whale and dolphin were from electrical creations including the Orion Star System, Pleiades, and Alpha Centauri that also hosts water planets. The electrical variety of dolphin and whale were also blended in a laboratory with magnetic whale and dolphin DNA with a parallel result to the Anu slave nation and Red Nations Peoples. This created a half dolphin and half whale that could be enslaved by the Anu to run their electrical sacred geometry through in order to extend their lives.


The half whale and half dolphin did not survive. Much like the mermaid and mermen experiments along with the centaur and half human and half lion, these creatures were in such pain that they rapidly aged and died; many before the age of 12. This was also similar for the half dolphin and half whale that lived only to the age of 20 at best. Over time the interbred species of whales and dolphins went extinct and the Anu did not attempt this blending again.


Those lineages of dolphins and whales that were used for DNA to blend whales and dolphins together went into depression as the half and half offspring was born. The depression carries on to this day for those related to the ancestries used in these experiments. As we forgive, release and erase the experience from our memory banks, then the depression lifts and we can ascend into another set of genetics that was pure and prior to the blending of our two kingdoms; this is what we are working upon at this time to create a separate consciousness for dolphins and whales as two individuated fully conscious species.


The Origins of Depression


When biology that is inherently dissonant and from two different species is blended, it creates sour music in the energy flow of the offspring. The sour music is a form of dissonance that not only ages the form, but also creates disease. The blended creatures of the Anu experiments, whether they be of whale and dolphin, human and horse, human and dolphin or whale or human and lion created such dissonant biology that their lifespan was limited and diseased at best. Also, the pain and suffering were transferred unto each associated kingdom through the holographic interrelatedness of all of life. As a result, horse, lion, whale, dolphin and human entered a state of depression due to the relationship to those lineages used in such experiments.


Many humans suffer from depression or suicidal feelings today. So do we dolphins and whales suffer from parallel feelings of depression and suicide. Often those pods that beach themselves are feeling so suicidal that they simply cannot carry on; and they choose as a group simply to die. Sometimes humans try and rescue such whales and dolphins. One can see in this the karma that is being played out for it is at human hands and due to scientific experiments on the part of your species that causes us to become suicidal.


There is no right or wrong; there is nothing spiritually wrong in the choice to die. Humans have funny concepts of life and death as if life is the only valuable state of being that there is. Dolphins and whales know otherwise as we experience the nonphysical all around us along with our ancestors from ancient times. Sometimes the call to die is the best way to extinguish a particular set of lineages that are troublesome to our kingdoms or to Terra and her global ascension. Therefore, the mass suicide is supportive of the whole and the best possible choice for the associated lineages in present time.


The conscious ability to die is becoming an increasing capacity of our kingdom. Many of us will no longer require beaching ourselves and will simply cease to breathe sinking to the ocean floor. In this way we do not need to place ourselves in a position where humans may interfere with our spiritual choices. For humanity, there is also a need to extinguish certain lineages that cannot ascend with Terra. Humans are not aware enough to choose as we are and the current paradigm disdains suicide and it is in great fear of death. So lost is humanity that you perceive not the nonphysical, generally speaking.


This is changing amongst those humans who are map making and must be gifted at opening unto the unconscious and perceiving the nonphysical as otherwise they would fail at their mission. In time, all humans will again perceive the nonphysical as real instead of believing it only to be in the realm of fantasy. As this occurs, death will be less feared and choosing to die when one is complete can become a conscious freewill choice.


Disease and the Times Ahead


The times ahead will bring about many diseases. Whales and dolphins that are choosing to depart physicality though conscious freewill choice to die will avoid the gradual decline into disease that would occur otherwise due to dissonant biology with Earth. Disease is another form of suffering and our species has suffered enough from our point of view; it is time to leave the suffering behind as well as the depression and return to a state of health and joy again! This is what the map makers of our species are succeeding at.


As of late, we have discovered that over 40 million gallons of raw sewage was let loose due to sewage failure in Honolulu Bay. A man fell into the canal that this occurred within and developed a bacterial infection that ate away at his body and he died within a few days thereafter. What will this do to the fish and coral reefs nearby? This our kingdoms ponder. We were warned by Asur’Ana of this occurrence and are heading far away from the Hawaiian island chains so that the diseases associated cannot develop in our biology. We will not return for six months until after the ocean has cleansed itself.


Too many humans live in small regions such as Honolulu. The underlying cause of the sewage dump was vast rainfall that backed up their system to a point of failure. The weather is changing to restore life upon the land; many will experience excessive rainfall and floods as the thirsty land receives the blessings and love of Mother Earth through the water element. What will humans do if they find their own wastes baking up into their drinking and bathing water? Humans will become ill.


This is the return of karma for dumping toxic wastes into Terra’s waterways from the point of view of the Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms. Humans have polluted the waterways of Earth and all nature kingdoms therein have suffered as a result. Now humans will suffer in counterbalance not unlike our kingdoms, unless one forgives. One can, therefore, forgive your species for not understanding balance; balance of life upon the land or life within the sea to sustain the health and well-being of all kingdoms including the human kingdom.


This is the time of karmic settlement and cleansing and may be very unpleasant to experience, whether you are human, whale or dolphin matters not. The karmic return for those who are failing to release their karma through ascension of harmful acts towards nature as well as towards humanity will come home to roost now and into the coming quarter to half century of cleansing ahead.


Peaceful Focuses and Imprisonment or Death


Several years ago, Asur’Ana read a news article of about 2,000 humans who were imprisoned in China for associating with a peaceful spiritual group and practice. Those losing their freedom and their lives for peaceful life pursuits may seem like an oxymoron; why do peaceful preoccupations lead to imprisonment and death? Should not peaceful preoccupations lead to health, abundance, even wealth and joy? Karma is the underlying cause of any circumstance; regardless of one’s focus, or even if one chooses to be vegetarian and meditate each day. If you are not processing and forgiving your karma for whatever offensive acts that your ancestors participated in, you may find yourself reliving their experience in this lifetime as the karma surfaces due to the ascent of Earth. If one cannot forgive the karma, it will be settled in the experience of a parallel circumstance, beloved.


Therefore, it is not enough for ascending humans who are conscious of their journey to simply choose a peaceful place to live, and peaceful focuses each day; you may still experience an unpleasant dream or illness ahead if you fail to address all of your destructive karma that your ancestors created. This also is the purpose of creating a complete ascension; to assure that all karma is cleared and none remains to suddenly appear and cause one’s dream to go in a direction that one would really prefer not to experience.


What Is Forgiveness?


In order for those who are ascending to continue to create peaceful and joyful life dreams, all ancestral lessons in each bandwidth of vibration one is transcending must be learned and understood and then forgiven. Forgiveness is an act of love. As one loves those who one would deem unlovable, such as the Chinese government mentioned above, as well as any ancestor in one’s tapestry that committed parallel crimes, then one will have forgiven the karma in full. How does one love what is seemingly unlovable? Ah, this is up to each human heart to discover in the choice to forgive.


What does it take to forgive? The Dolphin and Whale kingdoms could hold on to many grudges towards the human species for all that you have done to us. For your ancestors have hunted and eaten of our flesh; left us wounded to die caught in your fishing nets; and have polluted our environment to such an extent that we have suffered many diseases in many time periods including the era of the Anu, the era of Atlantis and now again in present time. We have forgiven these atrocities as otherwise we simply could not ascend. We also have taken responsibility for our cause in the matter.


What is the whale and dolphin cause of such travesties upon Earth that we have experienced? We as a species began a war against the human species as the Grand Masters with the larger heads were seeded upon Earth about 200,000 years ago. We energetically shattered 43 of these humans to death through conscious intention. We did so as the energetic changes they were anchoring upon Earth was making our species ill. We were unable to communicate as our knowledge of Sirian language had so distorted that the Grand Masters could not hear or understand us. This is the original cause of the war between humanity and the dolphin and whale kingdoms upon Earth.


The war between humanity and our kingdoms was not expressed in the mutilation of our species in the beginning. It took the appearance of the Pleiadian family of Anu 32,000 years later for the return of our destructive karma to be reflected in our dance of life. It was Merduk (Hades) who derived a cruel sense of enjoyment out of the pain he inflicted upon the nature kingdoms in the laboratory. Not unlike how we had cut off the etheric heads of the Grand Masters in our energetic blows, Merduk cut off a large head of a descendent of the Grand Masters and hooked it up to a machine. The machine kept the talking head alive for many years until it finally died.  Merduk enjoyed his conversations with his talking head.


In parallel manner, whales and dolphins were mutilated and whale tails or dolphin tails were hooked to machines and triggered to continue to swim in Merduk’s salt water tanks. Later, DNA was taken from dolphins and whales and blended together to create a slave dolphin-whale race, as well as blended with human form in an attempt to create mermaids or merman. This was the first mutilation that our species could recall in our history upon Earth; and it caused all of our species to go into great fear, pain and suffering. The depression from this era has not lifted until this time, some 168,000 years later.


The experimentation of our species continued in the era of Atlantis, mimicking Merduk’s bizarre dance. There was little success with the experiments in Atlantis. Even the experiment to create another human slave nation through cloning failed in this era. Perhaps there was just not enough knowledge to do so; and perhaps this was a good thing or you would have a yet more greatly pared down human form today than already exists from the experimentation in the era of the Annanuki.


Had the whale and dolphin species somehow created a relationship with the Grand Masters, most likely all of this could have been avoided. We have learned at this time to create a relationship unto humans so that the karma of ongoing warfare between our two species can conclude. This is the purpose of our communications; to create understanding and bridges for forgiveness; forgiveness of each that reads our materials of your own ancestral karma with our kingdom; and forgiveness towards each human that is choosing to consciously ascend at this time in history on the part of our kingdom.


About Consumption of Flesh


The hunting and consumption of our species also began with the Anu. The Anu discovered that they were increasingly incapable of regenerating after their large pyramids had been sunk to the bottom of the sea following the great floods. They had not the Pleiadian funds necessary to reconstruct the elaborate machinery that they had developed for the purposes of regeneration. From the records compiled from this time period, the Anu had already extended their lives 7,000 – 9,000 human years. Now without the pyramids, they were falling into patterns of aging and disease. Certain substances that were required for their continued regeneration were mutating within their own biology faster than they could repair them. Perhaps they would have been better simply choosing euthanasia at this point, and most family members did except Innana (Aphrodite) and Merduk.


As substances necessary to regeneration could no longer be produced within, Innana and Merduk resorted to consumption of blood for the purposes of continued life extension. So did the offspring of the other family members resort to consuming blood as they also chose to extend their lives. Human blood was preferred, and they would bleed their slaves incessantly in large farms for this purpose. This occurred for several thousand years of continued life extension and was known as “the elixir of the Gods”.


Eventually the slave blood also mutated to a point that Innana’s and Merduk’s regeneration again was failing. This time they tried whale and dolphin blood, but this did not satisfy them. They also tried eating certain organs of our two species, the brain in particular. This also did not work. Eventually, Merduk bred shrimp and shellfish with the right biochemical ingredients and they ate these instead. This extended the lives of Innana and Merduk another 7,000 years. Later, their slaves were also given the opportunity to eat shellfish and fish to assist in their own health and longevity, and much as the Anu they too began to consume flesh whereas up until this point the slaves had been vegetarian in nature.


Over time and as the slaves grew into populations of billions of humans, the requirement to feed them all caused the Anu to teach them to fish. It was in this time period that the slaves did not distinguish between conscious fish and unconscious fish, and often both dolphins and whales would find themselves hunted and then consumed. The Native American root race, being a blended genetic structure also related to the Anu slaves soon began to hunt our kingdom as well, particularly those living along the sea. This was due to the holographic interconnection between the two and how information passes through such a connection that this came to be so.


The whale and dolphin kingdoms did not understand the karmic cause of why we were hunted in this time period. Great bitterness developed within our species for the human species as a result. Later, we were captured to be a part of slave human theme parks and treated as pets. Those of our kingdom who were bred in human tanks went into deep forgetfulness; however, because all dolphins and whales are holographic and interrelated nonetheless, we all experienced the sometimes deplorable environment that others of our species lived within in these aquatic prisons.


Had we recalled the karma of the Grand Masters and our cause of their shattering, and the subsequent mutilation of our species on the part of the Anu, we would have been able to forgive and perhaps trigger an awakening at this time of humanity unto another way of being. Alas, our own bitterness continued to cause the cycle of destroyer and victim to repeat again and again. This is the problem of not perceiving the original cause; it causes one to believe one is a victim when one is only really experiencing the return of one’s own cause.


Consumption of Humans


Humans have not known whales or dolphins to consume or hunt humans. We only hunt fish for our own continued existence at this time. It is the belief of most of humanity that dolphins and whales are harmless and loving in nature towards humans. However, we have a relation known as shark that is very violent with humans along with other fish and sometimes our own kingdom. Asur’Ana recalls reading about a baby whale that was attacked and consumed by a shark off the coast of Maui. Indeed, this does occur when there is karma for it. Also, there have been reports of certain whales killing other whales; this occurs as dark forces desiring to prevent ascension of our species overrun a whale embodiment or pod and then attack the pod or whales of another species of whale. You see we have our own karma of destruction playing out amongst us at this end of cycle era.


Sharks created in a human laboratory are the result of the blending of part whale DNA and part fish DNA (not unlike Marlin) that was bred on the part of Merduk. Merduk desired to create a vicious fish that would attack humans. This was a part of his planned warfare upon Innana and her slaves. Sharks were bred and released into the salt water surrounding her island known as Mt. Olympus, and poisonous alligators were bred and released into nearby fresh water lakes, rivers and streams. These creatures were released in regions that Innana liked to bathe, and she did not know where they had come from. Over time, she chose only to bathe within her private swimming pools as this was the only safe place remaining.


Hunting karma between humans and whales has often be settled through shark attacks upon humans. In other time periods, there were enough sharks that humans were careful in entering the sea as they were more likely to be attacked or consumed than not. Fishermen often died in centuries past, until boats became so large and impermeable that sharks can no longer penetrate or mutilate those on board. Now the cycle has reversed and there are few sharks remaining and even fewer shark attacks upon humankind.


What has happened to all the sharks? Most sharks have been hunted to near extinction. Marine biologists estimate that less than 1/10th of the original shark populations remain surrounding all continental coastlines or island chains. The reason for this is simply humanity’s fear of sharks and how they have deliberately hunted and killed enough that there are fewer remaining. Additionally, the toxins dumped into the sea have taken a toll upon all underwater life, causing many of each species to become ill and die. Those that remain are mutating to cause the toxins to be non-toxic unto their systems.


Electrical Energy and Viciousness


Sharks run a particular energy flow that creates viciousness. The energy flow is non-pod associated or perpendicular. Pods of magnetic whales and dolphins run a rotational flower like energy movement that is not only beautiful to behold, but creates gentleness of nature. The flower like flow causes harmlessness and harmony within the pod and in the relationships between pods and other kingdoms. Perpendicular energy flow in the ocean creates vicious behavior. This is also the same for the vicious whales who attack other whales. Vicious whales host lineages that are primarily electrical and create a perpendicular and straight-lined field as well as flow.


Asur’Ana also read about how sea lions are nipping at the hands and nets of fishermen off the West Coast of the United States. Why are sea lions or walruses becoming vicious when they had been peaceful and harmless up until this time? One might attribute it to the over fishing and lack of fish available unto their kingdom; however, this is not entirely the cause. What the Dolphin and Whale kingdoms perceive is that in the interaction between humans and sea lions or walruses, perpendicular energy is created causing their kingdom to become violent towards humans when it is not their nature in association with other aquatic kingdoms, other than the fish that they hunt in order to subsist.


Perpendicular energy is different from pyramids and boxes. Humans that have gone into competitive and codependent patterning due to their many falls will find themselves in pyramidal or box shaped energy flow. It is the shapes of pyramids or boxes that are also electrical in nature and not suited to the new holographic movement emanating from the Great Central Sun that Terra is entering at this time. In parallel manner, perpendicular flow as it occurs in the ocean is not resonant with the Great Central Sun movement either. Both our species and yours must transcend these angular types of energy movement in order to enter the new dream as a result.


The Origins of Perpendicular Energy Upon Terra


Where did perpendicular movement within the sea originate from? The Anu imported many electrical varieties of whales and dolphins to press into an energetic flow of pyramids to support their life extension upon Earth. The family of Anu were from an electrical creation and required electricity in order to regenerate. There was too little electrical energy upon Terra and so they manipulated her biosphere, importing electricity from Alpha Centauri primarily, and then captured it around Terra through their billions of slaves that hosted part electrical DNA as well as electrical dolphins and whales. Many varieties of salt in the sea are also capable of holding electrical geometry, and the Anu also relied upon this to extend their lives another cycle.


The nature of the sea is non-conducive to pyramidal formations. Instead, the salt has a tendency to cause electrical energy to run straight up or across, much like a grid rather than arching or bending into a shape. As the Anu applied the electricity of their slaves to the ocean and attempted to run the same pyramidal patterning through electrical whales and dolphins, the electricity actually dissipated into a grid and it was useless as a result for the purposes of their regeneration. Merduk eventually gave up relying upon electrical dolphins and whales to regenerate himself or the remainder of the family of Anu as a result.


Regardless of how and why the electrical energy ran within the sea, it still created viciousness amongst many kingdoms. Perhaps if the Anu had not directed electrical energy into the sea, the sea today would not hold an electrical grid at all. This would have been far better for Terra as it is the electricity in the sea that is perhaps the most restrictive pattern upon her skin that does not allow for an easy expansion or ascension. It is for this reason that all electricity must ultimately be detoxified, as it is not harmonious with Terra or the Great Central Sun that she is entering.


The sea however can be reprogrammed to dissipate the electricity and assist Terra in her choice to ascend. This is one way that the sea can become supportive of ascension. The reprogramming of the sea has already begun, and many salts that hold electrical charges are being altered through vibration emanating from Terra’s Aurora into magnetic molecular combinations. As all salt within the sea becomes entirely magnetic, the sea will begin to dissipate the electricity off of Earth rather than contain it. It is anticipated that this shift shall be accomplished by 2026, and that after this time electrical pulsations shall begin to rapidly dwindle. By 2060, it is anticipated that little electricity will be able to be harvested from water or the land as a result.


As electricity leaves the ocean, there is the possibility of all kingdoms therein to begin to relate to one another in greater harmony and harmlessness again. Harmlessness requires the cessation of the consumption of flesh. Just as the Anu consumed our kingdom, over time we have become dependent upon the consumption of fish. This is not true for all whale species, some of which retain a vegetarian diet in consuming the plankton of the sea in large quantities.  All species of whales and dolphins are working towards creating a digestive system that parallels the Manatee and Humpback Whale which thrives upon plankton; and over time we will learn to thrive only upon the breath instead of consuming anything through our continued ascent.


There are a wide variety of nutrients necessary to support ascending biology. At this time, we are still dependent upon the consumption of some fish every other week, although we have developed the means also to gather plankton as well. Over time we hope that the plankton alone is enough; and we speak to you as the map carver dolphins and whales which are few in number upon Earth’s surface. Most remaining whales and dolphins are restrained at much lower vibratory rates due to conflictive genealogy that creates trouble for Terra; and so we number less than 50 pods, 30 whale pods and 20 dolphin pods in genetic origins global wide. We also tend to exist in regions far from fishermen or harm and that are less polluted in nature.


Asur’Ana was sad to read a BBC article that discovered killer whale blubber from the North Arctic Circle so filled with petrochemicals that the scientists measuring it all were surprised they were not ill. This dance is the result of non-restriction of how the sea is dumped upon in Russia at this time; Russia appears to have few environmental policies. The North Artic Circle may actually be more polluted than any other part of the ocean upon Earth as a result. We remain far from this region, much as Asur’Ana choose to live in Hawaii for parallel reasons of non-pollution and a clean environment that supports evolution.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Love and the Ability to Transmute Toxins


The sea as well as the air has the amazing capacity to self-heal. Love has the capacity to alter your oceans, clean up your toxic fresh waterways, as well as clear up the toxic substances upon the land. How exactly does this work from a dolphin and whale perspective?


Love is a vibration. Vibrations are songs and energetic movement. Toxins create very sour music and are a very slow energetic formations. As one applies higher vibrations to the sour music and slow formation of toxins, the sour music can dissipate into harmony again; and the slow energetic formation can release and be restored into a new movement that flows more rapidly and resonates. This is how one utilizes the capacity to focus vibration, frequency and sound upon density to clear, clean up and harmonize the land or sea, or one’s own body for that matter.


This is what ascension is all about to us map carvers in the Whale and Dolphin form. Ascension is the capacity to take our thoughts and use them to increase the vibration of our field and out of the increasing frequency, apply energy to those regions of our biology or field that are stuck and in disharmony, bringing them into harmony through love again. As this occurs, the music in our fields goes from off key or sour to harmonious, and we ascend to the next level of threshold upward in vibration towards the fourth dimension.


Humans also can apply vibration through focus to any region of the body that aches or is diseased and allow it too to come back to a state of harmony again; and this is what the Language of Light is for. The Language of Light is transmutative tones of sound, movement and color that have proven to allow for dissipation of sour music and density or toxins out of the fields and forms of the map makers of ascension in dolphin, whale and human form. (Please see Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information about the Language of Light.)


In order for any Language of Light tone to be capable of transmutation, it must be thoroughly embraced. Each tone has many frequencies associated, some of which are invisible even from a psychic point of view as they are fourth dimensional in nature. Intending to embody the entire tone requires both the visible (male) and invisible (female) sides of the tone be thoroughly integrated. Often ascending whales, dolphins or humans reject a part of some tones; and then its capacity to clear toxins of a particular bandwidth of density then is also limited. Sometimes the toxins then cause the body to die as they are not thoroughly transmuted in the choice to ascend.


Embracing All Parts of the Language of Light


Ascending the space between is a part of embracing both sides of the Language of Light, visible and invisible in nature. It is the invisible or fourth dimensional tones within the Language of Light that cause the space between the cells to ascend. If you fail to integrate all portions of the tone, or in particular the feminine or invisible side of the tones, then one will also fail to ascend the space between the cells first in the etheric, and then in the physical, and this will make the body ill over time.


One can equate the feminine side of self as the negative ego or the destructive part of one’s consciousness that desires to sabotage and segregate or separate and divide. Most initiates, whether they be human, dolphin or whale, do not desire to look at the darker parts of one’s ancestral experiences. It is so much nicer to look only at the positive and good life experiences. However, our kingdoms would like to point out that it is only in facing one’s destroyer within or the darker parts of one’s own karmic inheritance that one then learns compassion and can forgive.


How could we as whales and dolphins forgive humanity for being so destructive towards us until we faced how we ourselves also destroy? It is in facing this truth that we discovered how large portions of whale DNA were used to create the shark kingdom, and then we could begin to balance the scales for how our ancestors as sharks destroyed humans in the many oceans that they have existed within over time. Then the dance of hunting our species is less cumbersome unto us as there is a relationship unto a part of us that also has hunted human form.


The Nature of the Destroyer


Sometimes one must enter the experience of the destroyer to understand the nature of that which seeks to kill, maim, harm or mutilate in order to understand; and then as a result of the understanding gained are able to forgive. As ascending whales went into the consciousness of the Shark kingdom who we are related unto, what we discovered was a form of madness. The madness we assess as being the result of the blending of a fully conscious whale brain designed to understand and comprehend nonverbal language and a non-conscious fish brain that was designed only to be reactionary in nature. It is the madness from a blended whale and fish brain that causes the sharks to attack; and this would never have been created outside of a human laboratory as whales would never choose to interbreed with other fish let alone other dolphins.


Perhaps if ascending humans entered the reality of those ancestors who were vicious and killed, maimed or raped and even enjoyed such an experience, one might also find a certain level of madness within their consciousness. Terrorist and battlefield slaves were bred in a laboratory to destroy Innana upon the part of Merduk in the latter half of the reign of the Anu. Merduk and Innana began to go insane themselves the further that they extended their lives. Over time, Merduk and Innana began to hate one another and eventually warred upon one another.


Merduk blended human and lion DNA in a particular configuration to create a vicious terrorist type of human that could war against Innana’s slaves. The terrorist slaves enjoyed destroying, enjoyed maiming, and enjoyed raping women. The terrorist slaves were pitted against Innana’s slaves in battle after battle and continued to win, until Innana provided technology to her own slaves that was greater than the terrorist slaves had been provided by Merduk. This was the point that Merduk chose to blow up Earth in a nuclear annihilation 800 times greater than the bombs dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki rather than allow Innana to win.


One can witness the terrorist slave DNA in the world mirror today due to 9-11 and other instances of brutality not only occurring in Syria or the Middle East, but all over the Earth and in every human city. It is time for ascending humans to forgive their ancestors for all the scientific blending of DNA that created a violent or insane human or the shark kingdom for that matter. As we all forgive the dance, then it can be given closure to and a new day emerge where terrorists will simply cease to be born, as well as sharks whose kingdom shall evolve into another more gentle and harmless type of fish.


Intention and the Process of Forgiveness


Our kingdom has often offered up intentions that ascending humans reading our information can choose to make. Intentions are an act of will. In the intent to release karma and the intent to forgive, one sets in motion a dream in which the intention can be fulfilled upon. Perhaps in the moment of the intention, the karma cannot release as one has not the understanding required to forgive. Forgiveness requires understanding. It has been in understanding the nature of sharks that the Whale Kingdom has been able to forgive humanity for its insane and brutal behavior, not only towards the Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms, but also one another.


Each that ascends has one’s own resources of information from one’s own ancestors who experienced a particular circumstance over time. Each must go inward and research the ancestors who destroyed in order to understand enough to forgive. Perhaps one was molested in childhood by an adult; or perhaps one was beaten or abused emotionally either by an abusive parent or spouse. Or perhaps one has lived in a war-torn region.  In going into the experience of the molesters, or the abusive parents or spouses or warmongers in one’s ancestry, one will begin to understand how they felt and why they caused what they caused.


Many of these types of ancestors who were brutal in nature may be the descendants of the terrorist DNA bred by Merduk in a laboratory. In fact, most human lineages host some of the terrorist lineages in one’s extended tapestry of ancestry. Now perhaps one can understand that these terrorist ancestors existed in a state of madness due to the nature of their brain that was half animal (lion) and half human in nature. Perhaps in understanding this, one can forgive them for what they did; and then forgive those like them that one has known this lifetime. Perhaps one can also forgive the terrorists that have caused 9-11 and any other act of extreme violence in the world mirror as a result.


In the forgiveness, one can wash the karma from such types of experiences away from one’s biological memory banks, and one’s ancestral memory banks. As one does so, then the requirement to recreate a terrorist experience into the future ceases to be in one’s own life dance; and one can also seal the lineages associated with terrorist genealogy in one’s ancestry so that violent humans cease to be born into the future. As enough humans accomplish this task, terrorist type humans of half lion and half human brains shall cease to be born and the era of terror and the warfare associated shall pass as a human experience.


This also shall come to be so for those who are born autistic in either human, whale or dolphin form. For we too have our autistic or retarded young that are a result of a part human and part dolphin or whale brain. Autism in our kingdom is also the result of the mermaid and mermen experiments on the part of Merduk. The autistic whales and dolphins are born with verbal language skills and cannot understand our nonverbal communications any better than autistic children can understand your verbal communications. As each who has autistic children comes to learn that they are only incapable of communicating as they inherited non-verbal communication skills from our species, one can forgive the original cause, and release and erase the trauma associated. In so doing, one seals the lineages off so that autism need not be recreated in future ancestors; either in human, dolphin or whale form.


Suggested Intentions


1. I intend to forgive those ancestors who were involved in scientific experiments and the interbreeding of human DNA to create a slave race.


2. I intend to forgive ancestors who created slave races absolute and upon all dimensions that they existed throughout time and space and form.


3. I intend to forgive those ancestors who were involved in scientific experiments that involved whales, dolphins or nature.


4. I intend to forgive ancestors who experimented upon nature absolute and upon all dimensions that they existed throughout time and space and form.


5. I forgive my ancestors for the pain that they have caused to other kingdoms as a result.


6. I forgive my ancestors for the pain that they have caused the human species and myself as a result.


7. I forgive my inheritance for having any blended forms of DNA from other than human sources.


8. I intend to erase all non-human DNA whether they are from plant, animal, mineral, dolphin or whale sources.


9. I intend to replace all non-human DNA with valid human DNA from my red nation lineages.


10. I intend to forgive those ancestors who are at cause of the experience of terrorism and insanity within the human species.


11. I intend to forgive those ancestors who are at cause of the experience of terrorism or violence in the nature kingdoms, including sharks.


12. I forgive the warmongers in my ancestry in the greater understanding that they were mad due to hosting half animal, half human brain.


13. I intend to forgive those ancestors who are at cause of the experience of autism in human, whale or dolphin form.


14. I intend to seal all lineages associated with terrorism and autism so that they cease to be born into the future in my ancestry.


15. I intend to forgive my ancestry for hunting dolphins, whales or any other kingdom.


16. I intend to forgive my ancestry for the consumption of flesh including whale and dolphin form.


17. I intend to become vegetarian in this lifetime.


18. I intend that my future ancestors become vegetarian and cease to consume flesh.


19. I intend my future ancestors learn to live solely from the breath through continued ascension.


20. I intend to embrace the entire scale of the Language of Light, visible and invisible tones included.


21. I intend to ascend the space between as well as the space without.


22. I intend a complete ascension in this lifetime.


23. I intend to learn to live upon the land and in a state of unity and joy as a land-based creature.


24. I intend to master unity-based energy flow with other humans in my continued ascent.


Through forgiveness, we can release the ties that bind between the human, dolphin and whale species and cease to be intertwined. It is in the intertwining that some humans seek to be with our kingdom rather than your own. Although our species may seem and feel safer and a more joyful place to be than your human world, you are of the land beloved. Although our species extended into human form so that you could remember a state of unity that we have known in pod formation, you must master the state of unity as a land-based creature and apply unity-based flow unto the land so that you and the land may ascend. This is the entire reason we extended into human form; not so that you could swim with us unendingly through shared energy dynamics, or trips to swim with the whales and dolphins.


Ascending Upon the Sea vs. Upon the Land


The entire purpose of sharing of our consciousness and extending into human form was so that humans could awaken and ascend into their own pod-based unity flow with one another. We have called this pod-tribe energy flow to distinguish between what humans require moving together to create unity upon the land from what dolphins and whales require moving to create unity within the sea. For we live in the sea which has a different elemental structure than the air; and you live in the air requiring a different and more expansive energy movement to sustain your vibration and continued ascent.


Many in human form who are attempting to ascend with whale and dolphin energy flow are failing; they are failing as the flow we require in the sea is different from what you require upon the land. The difference is really about viscosity; the sea is very viscous requiring a lighter weaving of chakras and subtle bodies than any creature upon the land. Air is very non-viscous or porous in nature requiring a more extensive weave for the chakras and subtle bodies to retain one’s boundaries as a human upon the land.


As one brings in a human blueprint for one’s chakras, subtle bodies and etheric body, one will step out of the game of trying to ascend like a dolphin and whale when one exists upon the land and not within the sea. As each that is attempting to ascend like a sea creature chooses instead to honor that one is a land-based creature, and chooses to ascend accordingly, then many more real and complete ascensions can be born within the human species and amongst those that we have extended into.


We invite those who resonate deeply with our kingdoms to look and see if one is trying to ascend as a whale or dolphin; and choose out of this understanding to alter the energy flow to be of human patterns and resonate with the land. It is only as humans ascend upon the land and dolphins and whales ascend within the sea that the two may meet into the future and create an ascending consensus. This requires each to do their part for the ascension of the whole.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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