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10. Blessings for Opening the Heart and the Silver Ray of Acceptance


From the Hematite Mineral Kingdom


It is the Hematite Mineral kingdom that speaks to you today. Hematite is associated with the silver ray of unconditional love and acceptance in the Language of Light. The silver ray has an important role in the ascension of all kingdoms. Primarily, the silver ray allows for proper movement of the elements of air, water, fire and earth through the meridian system and energy flow of the ascending field. Proper elemental arrangement is helpful for a smooth spinning field that will sustain one’s health in the continued rise in vibration ahead. The silver ray also rearranges the elements to allow for the release of attachment between one’s own etheric body and all other persons, pets, plants, property, possessions and people one knows.


The silver ray is expressed in four minerals associated with the Language of Light: Hematite that represents the Unconditional Love tone, Iolite that represents the Function tone, Herkimer that represents the Creativity tone, and Titanium that represents the Honesty tone. The silver ray allows for the experience of self-acceptance in the dance of life. What is self-acceptance really? It is a state of being in which one comes to peace about all things within oneself and in the dance with others.


Numbness vs. Peace


Peace is a difficult attribute to master in a living environment that is highly electrical. The electricity of your human cities agitates and numb the field. Although being numb and not feeling may be preferable to the pain that most humans are in, one cannot confuse numbness with peace as they really have nothing in common with one another. In a state of numbness, one cannot feel or love or bless or be blessed by the kingdoms or the land. In a state of numbness, there is only boredom and the seeking of excitement through entertainment or emotional exchanges or even violence.


Most inner cities today are filled with those so numb that they seek out anything to appease the boredom including the use of drugs, alcohol to excess, smoking, sexual exchanges that are not founded upon love, or even violence and violent lifestyles. If those that are bored do not act out the dream for excitement in this manner, many simply attune to violent or entertaining media flicks as this feels better than the boredom that the numb state of being creates.


Why does electricity numb humans? The human nervous system was not created to have excessive electrical impulses running through it. Although at another time in history there were humans that thrived and extended their lives upon electrical energy (the family of Anu), as this was the biological nature that they originated from the Pleiades within; few humans have a pure ancestry to the family of Anu today. Most humans today after 30,000 Earth years (120,000 years as humans measure time) of interbreeding and migration patterns are a combination of red nation and Pleiadian lineages creating a half electrical, half magnetic genetic structure.


A half electrical structure will never thrive upon pure electrical input as the Anu once did. At best, such a structure is best sustained in an electro-magnetic energy flow. Electro-magnetic movement is found in the countryside and not in the cities or suburbs at this time in history. The map makers however are learning to transmute all electrical DNA and embody a purely magnetic biology as this is the only biology sincerely resonant with Terra (Mother Earth) along with the Great Central Sun that she is entering at the end of cycle time period. As others follow the map of the map carvers into purely magnetic energy flow, they will discover electrical environments increasingly incompatible with their magnetic biology, and such environments will make them ill over time. They are better off living in a more rural environment.


Wobbling Molecules


In a rural environment, peace is more commonly found within the land, lakes, streams, mountains or oceans therein. Peace is a state of being in which there is no molecular agitation. Agitation can be considered a pulsation that causes the molecular structure to wobble; in the wobble there is a feeling of being energized or excited; however, the wobble itself leads to an ongoing loss of chi as it is not a smooth flowing system. The smoother that any energy system spins, the less chi is required to sustain the movement. The greater the wobble, the more chi that is required leading to an inefficient system. If the wobble is too great upon a molecular level, it leads to someone who is always tired or symptoms of chronic fatigue due to excessive loss of chi.


In electrical environments such as the city, there is such great wobble of molecular flow that many molecules have ceased to vibrate at all as there has been excessive loss of chi over time. Excessive loss of chi in a wobbly system will cause some molecules to snuff themselves out over time and cease to vibrate at all. As this occurs, the density of such regions increases as there is less moving energy overall. This is why cities will feel very heavy to those who are sincerely ascending at this time in history; there is so little movement of energy that the vibration is verging upon dropping to less than 1 to 1.5 segments of DNA, and are causing a fall in consciousness from 2 segments downward amongst those who live in such environments.


Falls in consciousness are painful to experience.  It is no wonder given this that those living in the cities choose to numb themselves with drugs, alcohol, and entertainment as this appeases the pain of the fall that they are experiencing. Asur’Ana recalls her own fall in childhood and teenage years in particular due to watching excessive television; and she cried and cried and cried and found herself depressed. She did not reach for drugs to appease the pain; but over time went to work with her mother in her hair salon business, and this then took her away from the television enough that she began to recover.


The Nature of Antimatter


Why does excessive television cause falls in consciousness, even if one lives in a relatively pristine region? Television is filled with antimatter that blows holes in the molecular structure. Therefore, what Asur’Ana experienced in watching too much television is that her molecular structure began to snuff itself out; and this led to a fall into depression at the time. As she ceased to watch as much TV and focused upon living her life instead, the molecular structure had an opportunity to recover and she pulled herself up in vibration again.


Parents of ascending children should think twice about using the television as a baby sitter. The result will be an unruly or depressed child due to the falling consciousness invoked by the antimatter of the TV. The smaller the television, the less antimatter is produced. In Asur’Ana’s day, it was a small screen at cause of her depression. Nowadays, folk have large screened TV or small home theaters; and are really doing themselves in worse in many respects than the earlier era that she spent her childhood within.


Why does television create antimatter? Television relies upon a static form of electricity that remains in one place instead of moving down a wire to another destination. Electricity that moves down a wire is less problematic to the molecular structure than static electrical charge that remains in one place. The static charge inverts the elements of air, water, fire and earth along with inverse elements of ether, lava, smoke and vapor in the field of all around the television along with the land. As elements are inverted and inverted and inverted over time, they cease to sustain life. This is what antimatter is; elements that have inverted in upon themselves into tiny black holes that then shoot holes through a moving energy system such as one’s own molecular structure.


Shopping malls and high rises are also filled with electrical static. The static does not come from television per se but rather all the lights and electrical flow that becomes trapped inside the walls and buildings. Without open fields and trees, the electrical static does not dissipate but accumulates over time. The static then inverts the elements into black holes or antimatter which then blows holes into the molecular structure of all living things within the building or amongst those who frequents the mall. It is for this reason that the mineral kingdom advises that ascending humans move themselves outside of the city and into the countryside where there is more trees, valleys, open spaces, mountains, rivers, streams or lakes or ocean to dissipate the static enough that one is not continually blown apart and then ceases to ascend.


Computer screens create a parallel buildup of static to the television that can also be detrimental to ascending fields. Having running water in the office will assist in discharging enough of the static to make it less problematic. Also working with portable or laptop and smaller computers creates less static overall. Asur’Ana had a water fountain in every room in her home when she lived in California; this discharged the static that also tends to build up within buildings in the suburbs over time.


Ascension requires the continuous rebuilding of the molecular structure to an increasingly densely packed level of elements that hold a more densely packed atomic structure and molecular structure filled with light and fire element. Having a living environment that continuously blows holes through the sub-physical levels of energy movement will prevent ascension beyond a certain point; and this is about 800 segments in present time in the cities.


800 segments preclude the real mastery over the Language of Light and unity consciousness as it is a level that is still primarily electro-magnetic in nature. The Language of Light is a purely magnetic vibration and series of tones of creation that requires a mostly magnetic environment to sustain. At this time purely magnetic environments are only found in nature, and often in the countryside where few humans live.


The Nature of the New Dream


Magnetic movement is a prerequisite to mastering an energy flow that is congruent with the Great Central Sun Dream that Terra is entering at this time. Those that cannot master this flow will perish in the coming 25 to 50 years of cleansing ahead as there will be no dream to sustain one’s existence otherwise. This may be hard to understand, but dreams are caught in relation to one’s geometry.


Geometry is a specific set of movements that create a particular pattern of light within one’s energetic field of chakras, subtle bodies and dream time light body self. Geometry that is magnetic is round in nature. Geometry that is electrical is square, triangular or angular in nature. Electrical geometry cannot pass through the boundaries to the Great Central Sun Dream and therefore will cease to have a dream as Terra enters this dream in full ahead.


Terra is on course to enter the Great Central Sun Dream in full around 2046 to 2048 at her current pace of global ascension. After this time, those spinning the wrong geometry will cease to receive a dream for life; and as a result, may perish as if one has no dream, then there is nothing other than death that can occur. Humans and all of life upon Terra is a living movie that receives an ongoing broadcast of dream to sustain itself. For a long time, the dream has been under the control of the dark forces that wished to propel Terra to extinction. As of this year past the dream is no longer under the control of the dark; and Terra is reweaving a dream that serves her ascension with a full entry into the new Great Central Sun Dream by the 2046 to 2048 timeframe.


For some places, entry into the new dream has already occurred and this is primarily so over the ocean and in the open spaces with few humans residing therein, or under major chakra centers such as in Hawaii, Greenland, Greece, Baja Mexico, Central Canada, South Africa, Northern Australia, and the North and South Poles. Under major chakra centers, Terra has already gone home into the new dream, and those living within such regions will cease to receive a dream unless they have ascended into geometry that is resonant. As a result, the cleansing has already begun in small regions and pockets global wide; in time, this will be so for all regions and this is the 2046-2048 timeframe that Terra is anticipating.


The closer that this timeframe approaches, the greater the open spaces and countryside shall experience the cleansing, as these regions shall also enter the new dream ahead of schedule of all of Earth. Therefore, those living in the countryside that are highly electrical shall begin to perish or exit physicality beginning in around 2041 to 2042. Those who are ascending into magnetic biology will continue to thrive in such regions, whether they are adults who are conscious of their path or incoming ascending little ones. The little ones will trigger the parents to also ascend into new geometry and enter the new dream to carry on and raise their families. This is how most unconscious ascension is anticipated to occur; through the incoming births of ascending children.


For many the times of cleansing ahead may be very confusing. Those perishing will not have lineage for ascension beyond a certain threshold that sustains a magnetic geometry. Those living beyond those perishing will have opportunities to release their attachment to those that they have loved who die in the cleansing. As the attachment releases, those remaining will continue to ascend in greater ease; as ascension requires the release of all attachment at each vibratory bandwidth one masters. A lack of release of attachment will cause disease otherwise in those who are ascending; and so, for those remaining and carrying on with Earth, it is best that those that they are attached to who cannot ascend perish, as it ensures their survival and the survival and continued ascent of their offspring.


Death is not an end. All consciousness carries forward. Each who perishes becomes a living ancestor who shall experience the ascent of Terra ahead, or return to those creations that are more resonant with the genealogy. Nothing is lost over time; and death is really only an illusion of the physical plane. As those who ascend open to their inner realities, they will perceive their deceased loved ones as ancestors, and the loss will be less great as a result.


The Import of Opening the Heart


For those vying to master magnetic flow and enter the new dream, opening the heart is paramount to ascension. Ascension requires a restoration of a foundation of love in all living things including the human species. It shall be in the restoration of love as a foundation of existence that humans shall co-create a new dream and civilization founded upon unity, honor, love and peace. If the path of ascension directed humans to fail to open their hearts, then the opposite would occur, and WWIII would develop at some future point preventing Terra from going home. It is for this reason that the map of ascension has had to be pressed towards love and the opening of the heart.


Those creating false ascensions that have been map carvers were failing to open the heart. They were removed from their role of map carving as the map was being skewed in the wrong direction. Opening the heart requires a specific movement within the chakra system that allows for the receipt of blessings from the Earth and nature along with soul and the capacity to extend blessings from oneself back unto the land or unto others. Those failing at map making were incapable of mastering the act of blessing or communion, as communion between body, soul and Earth is really the result of blessings of love flowing back and forth between all three.


Some master blessing and communion very early on. Asur’Ana mastered communion with the land before she ever mastered 1,024 in vibration. This was due to choosing to open her heart, removing all armoring surrounding this region of her field. Armoring is stuck energy that has come to be in the heart region out of the choice not to love, as loving is too painful. Most choose to armor the heart in early childhood and increasingly into teenage years; as such, by the time that most humans become young adults they no longer love. In the choice to dissolve the armoring, the capacity to love again can be restored.


Asur’Ana recalls how vulnerable she felt as she dissolved all the armoring at a time of great density in her own field and form. This choice caused her to cry a lot as she felt all the pain that she was in thereafter. Feeling pain is not wrong; the pain dissolves as it is felt and acknowledged and released. Pain is only molecules that have ceased to vibrate much, and as they begin to vibrate a little more, the trauma recorded in the molecular structure is then felt. As the molecules continue to vibrate higher in rotation gathering more life force, the pain is released in full. This is how one climbs out of a vibration of pain, fear, lust, judgment, greed, suffering and death and into a new vibration of unity that is Language of Light based; a little at a time and over the course of many years to a decade or more.


All the regions of the molecular structure that barely vibrate or have turned off completely over time and in the many falls to 2 segments of DNA must awaken and begin to vibrate again in order to ascend. The molecular structure alters in ascension from a solar system type of rotation in which atoms rotate around a nucleus to the Triple Lotus or Consciousness symbol of the Language of Light in the mastery of 3,000 segments. The Consciousness symbol type of molecular rotation holds five hundred times the fire and chi than the solar system type molecular structure. Those mastering 3,000 segments are therefore 500 times higher in vibration than as the ascent began at 2 segments of DNA.


In the continued ascent to Bodhisattva or 9,000 segments of DNA, the molecular structure again leaps upwards from the Consciousness symbol to the Integrity symbol in movement. The Integrity symbol is really two consciousness symbols rotating around one another. In so doing, the molecular rotation holds ten thousand times the fire and chi than the original structure at 2 segments of DNA.


Holding more chi upon a molecular level allows the field to generate its own chi rather than relying upon the chi of Terra to sustain one’s own vibration. Those generating false ascensions generally fail to develop the proper molecular rotation to sustain their own frequency; and therefore, become a drag upon Terra rather than contributing towards the whole of her ascension. Those having incomplete ascensions take more chi than they give in order to sustain their field rotation, and this in turn fails to support Terra.


The Import of Creating A Complete Ascension


It is for this reason that creating a complete ascension is so vital to Terra’s capacity to enter the new dream in full. If there were many humans drawing chi from her rather than contributing chi in an exchange of love and blessings, she would fail to master beyond a certain point and then lose her opportunity to go Home to the Great Central Sun Dream. It is for this reason that ascension has been restricted in adult form and shall come forth to a greater degree through ascending children.


Why are ascending children better at creating a complete ascension than adults? Incomplete ascension is the result of failing to ascend the entire cellular structure leaving holes and gaps in the genetics. If an incoming child attempts to build a body with an incomplete set of genetic records, they will be born diseased and die early on, failing at further ascension. Therefore, in limiting ascension beyond a certain threshold in adult form and bringing about ascending offspring, Terra diverts the difficulties that would be caused by too many ascending adults who were incomplete in their journey.


Many more Bodhisattva level births are anticipated in the year and years ahead now as the map that has been carved is being completed upon. Almost half the genealogies that can ascend completely have a map available at this time. The other half are anticipated to fulfill upon this goal in the coming 2 years. Some Bodhisattva level births shall begin this year related to the genealogies that have succeeded at fulfilling upon the map; the others will begin to be born as the additional maps are carved.


The Nature of Map Making or Map Carving


Map making is a very difficult path as there is no understanding of the journey that one is embarking upon. One is the explorer upon an unknown path to an unknown destination. Sometimes there are rifts in the path and one falls through, experiencing a difficult karmic encounter. As one crawls out of the rifts and chooses another path in lieu of the one that was a detour, then one finds one’s way to the destination of a higher frequency.


Those following the map will read the sign “do not go this way, danger, rift zone” and the followers will have an easier time navigating in their ascensions as a result. Those studying with Asur’Ana and Per in dreamtime and venturing upon this business of map carving certainly understand this dance, and it is not easy. For most mastering Bodhisattva, it is a full-time job, although some still must work to sustain themselves and map carve as well. This too is possible, and they simply devote all spare time to their ascension journey within.


Ascension is an internal business where one examines the karma between your ancestry and the ancestors of others at cause of why your genetics fell or lost consciousness. As the karma is released, there is an opportunity to restore the genetics to a previously higher vibration and more complete set of instructions for crystalline biology. For a long time, the karma was unknown between inheritances. Within Asur’Ana and Per’s dreamtime ascension school, DAS, the unknown karma acted out at dreamtime events and between those studying with them. As the karma acted out, it could be mapped and then made known.


This is why DAS is so important to the map, as it is only as the karma is known that it can be forgiven; and as the karma is forgiven, the dance can change between individuals and groups alike. The karma is so caustic in the current human dream due to a small group of humans that used all others to extend their lives for thousands and thousands of years. This stripped the human nation of all of its information, life force, truth, peace, love, honor, integrity, and capacity to commune with soul. It was as humans ceased to commune with soul that the guiding force that could lead humanity out of the many falls in consciousness also was not present enough to light the way.


The path therefore to 3,000 segments is to restore the capacity of the body to commune with Soul, Earth, and Nature. As one learns to commune with soul, Earth and nature, one will hear or feel one’s guidance, and there will be a guiding force again within one’s life to light the way. How does Earth and nature or soul guide those that they commune with? Earth, nature and soul guide humans to look inward and assess their karma; and out of the assessment of karma attune to the spiritual lessons that one is learning in all interactions in the dance of life. As one learns the lesson and forgives, the karma releases in the love that flows between parties; and as the karma releases, the caustic dance can change into one that supports and sustains the continued dance of ascension.


The Import of Love


Love is integral to forgiveness. It is the love that wipes the slate of debt clean and clear in any karmic encounter. If there is no love, forgiveness cannot occur. Those having false ascensions often failed to learn to love enough to forgive completely. The end result was that not all the attachment and karma released; and as they proceeded onward, the gaps and holes in the field left openings for dark forces to work through and harm other map makers. Therefore, learning to love again is a prerequisite for movement beyond 3,000 segments.


Love is an interesting phenomenon. Love and compassion are heavily intertwined. As one loves another, then suddenly one has compassion for their circumstance; and out of the compassion, forgiveness can then be born wiping the slates of karmic debt clean and clear between the ancestries. We wish to share a personal experience for Asur’Ana in particular as of late.


Per and Asur’Ana have struggled with many famous gurus who have held control over the human dream in the unconscious. This control has had to be broken so that Earth can take charge over the human dream and redirect it towards awakening, evolution and ascension Home. Dark forces use the unconscious of the gurus to retain control and attempt to direct the human dream towards WWIII and another nuclear annihilation. This is how and why 9-11 developed.


Since 9-11, Terra has watched the dream carefully canceling any possible momentum in the direction of WWIII. Now Terra has restored her power to direct the human dream such that the possibility of WWIII is non-existent. This is the result of Asur’Ana and Per’s own transcendence and retrieval of dream weaving knowledge lost by their ancient Grand Master Ancestors.


Often there have been big battles between Terra, Asur’Ana and Per and the dark that use the gurus. These dreamtime battles have often shattered all three extensively, sometimes to a point of taking months if not a year or more to repair and restore what was lost. The battles have raged over the past 2 years and each “win” has restored more of Terra’s capacity to hold the dream for humanity. It may be hard to imagine how one could love and have compassion for the gurus who are so hateful in the unconscious and in dreamtime towards Terra, Asur’Ana and Per.


Recently, Asur’Ana recognized that Ancestor Buddha ran many of the same patterns as the gurus when he was alive and ascended incompletely. Buddha was a very gentle human who would not have wished to harm anything or anyone. Buddha loved Earth and loved nature, and yet in the unconscious was used by the same forces using the gurus to seal shut the pathway of ascension such that it was not a viable future for Earth or humanity into the future.


Asur’Ana recognized in a sudden wave of compassion that the gurus are much like ancestor Buddha today; they love and would not wish to harm anything or anyone. It is just that the unconscious of the gurus has been constructed into a large series of machines, planes and energy flow that can be used by the dark without their knowledge, as the vibration is so far away from the physical that there is no sensation of how this is so.


The compassion and love that flowed due to this understanding allowed Asur’Ana to forgive the gurus that she has battled with for so very long completely and absolute up the dimensions. In the absolute forgiveness and love, now the game ceases in full, as there is no further karmic debt to call in another battle to be experienced. This is how love and compassion work together and are necessary to the act of forgiveness, and can dissolve all karma upon all dimensions that one’s ancestry has experienced a particular dance when mastered.


Most ascending humans today must learn to master love and compassion as a part of the continued path. It is for this reason that the mineral kingdom writes about this subject along with the natural world through Asur’Ana. One may think one loves; perhaps one does love some things, such as loving nature or Earth or loving one’s beloved or child or parent. It is not those things that are easy to love that determines one’s capacity to master love as an ascending human. It is learning to love and have compassion for that which is unlovable, abusive, hateful, insane, diseased, deformed, brutal, or terrorist like, either consciously or unconsciously, that one knows that one has mastered love.


The Games of the False Gods


There are many games that the dark likes to play to cause one to fail to love, have compassion for or forgive. If you fail to forgive, then the dark forces have succeeded at their goal of obstructing ascension. Often the dark will whisper in one’s ear why one should judge another, or why they are at fault and are to be blamed, or why they have caused you misery, or why you should dislike or hate them. All such messages are not of soul, not of Terra and not of the nature kingdoms, as nature does not hate, blame or judge. Out of hate, resentment is created and grudges are held in place. As long as there is resentment and grudges, then forgiveness cannot take flight. Intending to dissolve the resentment and grudges is one place to begin to end such a game with the dark.


Resentment and grudges create armoring in the heart region of the field that creates stuck points where the energy cannot move or flow. As one intends to dissolve the armoring, resentment and grudges of the past along with those held stagnant within one’s ancestry, the energy will begin to move; as such the patterning and programming associated will surface to be cleared. Sometimes it is difficult to move resentments or grudges without first becoming very angry. This is because as stuck energy moves again, it first turns red and into the vibration of life force and rage. As the red dissipates, the energy then turns pink and into the vibration of forgiveness, and it is the pink ray that allows the attachment associated then to release.


All grudges and resentments will have attachment between oneself and the parties that one resents. The attachment hooks into stuck points in the etheric grid work and are held in place with ownership signatures. Ownership signatures are like brands upon a cattle that say that one belongs to this false god or that false god. The false gods have owned humanity through their signatures placed in non-moving or stuck energy points throughout the field and etheric form. Why do the false gods use stuck points to own humans? The false gods are space between oriented and attached to where energy ceases to move or moves very slowly. It is often also why the false gods whisper in your ear to continue to judge, hate and blame, for as long as you do not forgive, they still have a place in your field to manipulate through.


Per has often recommended to his students to shatter back the false gods that have possessed oneself and one’s ancestry over time. As the false gods are shattered back, they cease to whisper anything, and then one can more clearly hear the guidance offered through one’s ancestors, soul, Earth and nature. This is one way to push back against the dance of the false gods that have guided your ancestors for 40,000 years and since the fall of Atlantis. False gods prevent the goal of forgiveness through their guidance.


It is through the guidance of the false gods that humans have fallen into a place where there is ongoing warfare and abuse. It is due to the guidance of the false gods that humans have failed to return to a vegetarian diet after Terra restored herself from the nuclear bombs detonated in Atlantis. In failing to return to vegetarianism, humans have then continued to war upon one another, as this is the karmic return for slaughtering nature. It is due to the guidance of the false gods that all problems exist today in the human dream. Humans are guided by that which cannot evolve and therefore are guided into practices and patterns that causes humans to descend rather than ascend. Ascending humans therefore will have to cease to listen to the false gods or one will simply be draw down a path that will cease to allow for your continued evolution.


Nature and the Mineral Kingdom alike would like to see humans ascend completely beyond the voices of the false gods ahead. Those mastering Bodhisattva level evolution accomplish this task as they are higher than the frequencies and bandwidths that the false gods communicate within from the era of Atlantis.


Alas those moving on to Bodhisattva vibration then attune to another set of false gods related to Mahavishnu level evolution. These false gods were the same gods that caused the Mahavishnu to lose their genetic blueprint for the larger cranium and the greater awareness and understanding that this type of body created in the era of Ancient Egypt. Such false gods are directly related to the Mahatma that is being disbanded at this time upon a global and cosmic level in the ascending multidimensional consensus. Terra and the multidimensional consensus are disbanding the Mahatma as it interferes with the ascent of the whole; which is its job from a dark point of reference.


The Mahatma is only a larger false god of a grander order. False gods are false gods. The ultimate false god is the False Tao. The False Tao is a part of the Tao left behind in many contraction cycles. The false tao knows very little as it is only a small part of the whole left behind. False gods in parallel know very little as they are only a small part of an ascending human or ascending consensus left behind. False gods and the false tao can never lead one home; they will only create confusion that will allow a repeat of what they have known, which is being left behind and failing to return with all else in the end of cycle time period.


From the Intervention of the Tao


There is information flowing forth from another intervention of the real Tao that has been anchored upon Terra within the past few months. There is now a direct connection between the human holographic planes and the holographic planes of all kingdoms to the hologram of the Tao. This has been restored at last and provides interesting insights along with information to aid Terra’s choice to ascend. One of the more interesting pieces of information came from the human hologram in the Tao, and the mineral kingdom would like to share this information for those who read our communications.


The human hologram in the Tao has record of 90,000 interventions where humans extended into creations such as the one that Terra resides within the past 3 contraction cycles. Originally in this region of domain that other creations like Terra have resided and gone extinct within, there was not fully conscious form. Humans, dolphins and whales did not exist originally in this region of domain. In the past three contraction cycles, humans, whales and dolphins extended into this region of domain to save it and call it back Home to the Tao. Alas humans, dolphins and whales became lost in this region of domain and failed to return home the past two cycles.


Humans and whales and dolphins are brilliant species. Humans, dolphins and whales have saved creation after creation in the Tao over time and in the 150 contraction cycles experienced thus far, aiding each creation in working their way out of vast distortion. Why would humans along with whales and dolphins fail here if they are so brilliant? The problem is the result of a vast distortion in the human hologram of the Tao. This we would like to explain, as it has to do with allowing false gods or that which is inept to attempt to guide the way Home.


Humans and dolphins and whales alike have always subordinated to the creator of any creation. The creator is the creator of creation; and as such humans, whales and dolphins are not the creator of the creation. Humans, dolphins and whales may be the creator of their own creation, which encompasses the body and the life dance; but they are not the creator of all. It is also believed that only the creator of all knows enough to guide their creation home.


What if the creator of all has been usurped by false gods? What if the false gods know nothing about taking a creation Home? What then? And what if humans, whales and dolphins subordinate unto the false gods posing as the creator? Then humans, dolphins and whales become as lost as the creation that they are vying to pull out of distortion enough that it can go home. This is what has occurred here in this region of domain that Terra resides within the past two contraction cycles along with a host of other places in the Tao.


What is the solution to this game of subordination to creators who do not know enough to guide any creation Home and are really false gods? The solution is to take your power back to create your own dream and guide your own creation home; and for the physical to assume the role of creator until souls that understand ascension enough are restored to aid in the journey “home” rather than obstruct it. This is what ascending humans must master along with Terra. This is what ascending humans and Terra are mastering; they are ceasing to allow the false gods or false tao to have the role of creator and are taking responsibility for this role and redirecting Earth and all that resides upon her home.


All things are holographic within the Tao. It only takes one creation to de-throne the false gods and false tao as creator for all other creations that are lost due to parallel circumstance to do the same. It only takes one group of humans, whales and dolphins to overthrow the false gods and false tao as the creator for all humans, dolphins and whales to do the same within the Tao. Now and as a result of this understanding, all other humans, whales and dolphins that have extended in other interventions into other lost parts of the Tao will also find their way Home.


Forgiving the False Tao and False Gods


One of Asur’Ana and Per’s projects along with Terra and the map making dolphins and whales has been to forgive the false tao. How can you love that which has inflated itself into dominion by stripping all creations of power, chi, information and truth to a point that Earth is on the verge of extinction? How can one love that which seems unlovable, as it is so destructive and abusive? This too we would like to share from a less-known but compassionate ascension teacher’s experience of forgiveness. We shall call this ascension teacher by the name of Yvonne.


Yvonne prior to ascension, was once a very disempowered human who felt inadequate and unloved. Heniti (a part of the false tao) extended into her form, and began to restore her power as a human being. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 2 “Constructing a Template for the Ascent Out of Disease” for more information on the Heniti Soul Group.)


Yvonne preferred feeling empowered to disempowered, and sought Heniti’s ongoing support over time. Those that knew Heniti felt her power and take-charge attitude, and trusted her enough to follow. This is how the ascension school located in Oregon that Yvonne started originated. Over time, Yvonne watched Heniti and did not fully trust her. Yvonne felt in the end that Heniti would cause her demise or lead her in the wrong direction. This was understood because many an ancestor had been misled by Heniti over time, and as the records of their attempted ascensions were uncovered, it became clear that Heniti knew not enough to guide Yvonne home.


Yvonne kicked Heniti out of her field and form and sent her someplace that she never has returned from. Yvonne knew that if Heniti ever returned to Earth, she would die, and so she made sure that this could never occur. Yvonne realized that she had to learn to stand in her own power as a human being rather than rely upon the nonphysical to empower her. It was a very difficult four years that followed until Yvonne retrieved enough of her own power to stand in her truth as a human. However, Yvonne also recalls the times of feeling vastly disempowered, and realized that she did not enjoy such a state of being. In recognizing how awful it feels to be disempowered, she could forgive the false tao.


For the false tao is a part of the Tao that is so disempowered that it failed to go Home a very long time ago. As creations began to exist in this region of domain after leaving the Great Central Sun Dream, the false tao absorbed the power, truth, life force and love of places like Earth. This felt better unto the false tao than being totally disempowered. However, the power, love and truth that the false tao absorbed was not its own lost in prior contraction cycles; but from creations that then fell down the dimensions eventually going extinct. The false tao could have retrieved its power that was lost at the time it failed to go home; but knows not enough to do so.


Over time, the false tao rose into such great power that it is the all dominating force that determines the dream of all creations within this region of domain. The false tao believes that this is its role and that it is The Creator. Alas, the false tao is not the creator of this region of domain; this region of domain was created within the Great Central Sun and by the creators therein. Because the false tao only understands the dance of destruction, this is how it guides all creations; all creations end up extinct in this region of domain and fail to go Home, as the false tao does not recall that something else exists to go home unto. The false tao is simply like a lost teenager that has become a millionaire and mismanages its assets, going broke. The false tao is like an abusive dictator that directs through force and fear, and may be respected but unloved.


Yvonne forgave the false tao as she realized that the false tao was not unlike herself that felt powerless; and chose to take power from creations, and this felt better than its previous state of being. Yvonne could therefore understand why the false tao absorbs the power, love, truth and life force from the creations that have fallen into its region of domain; as it feels better. Yvonne could then in the understanding forgive the false tao for all that it has perpetrated in taking the love, life force, truth and power from creation after creation causing each to go extinct.


What happens when forgiveness of the unacceptable occurs? The slates are wiped clean. For Yvonne and her ancestors and her multidimensional ancestors, each of which has been destroyed and their desire to ascend and go home usurped by the false tao, now that it is forgiven, the dance can change; the slate of debt has been wiped clean and clear. This translates into a new dance in which any remaining part of the false tao ceases to be able to interfere with the future ascent of Yvonne ahead, as there will be no karma to call the dance into the dream any longer.


The Nature of Karma


All dreams occur due to karma or agreement. Karma is an agreement that is the result of a debt. Debt can be equated to agreements to provide this or that or give this or that due to being given this or that by another at another time. There is karma that is owed another; and there is karma that is owed unto oneself. The karma with the false tao originates in the upper dimensions in which one’s ancestry left the Great Central Sun Dream and was drawn into a region of domain that the false tao controls. The false tao gave to some ancestors in certain creations that it enjoyed dancing with; and took from yet other ancestors and creations that it did not enjoy dancing with.


Ancestors from creations that were given unto owe the false tao; ancestors who were taken from are owed by the false tao for what was taken. The false tao is gifted at eliciting one side of the karmic equation only; in Terra’s case, only the debts owed unto the false tao were present from her multidimensional experiences, and this has led to the false tao taking from her and taking from her and taking from her until she fell unto the dimension beneath and unto extinction. Terra has finally figured all of this out and recalled the debt owed to her, and balanced the scales through forgiveness. As the scales are balanced, both sides of the debt are wiped clean; one owes the other nothing and the other owes oneself nothing. In so being, the dance can conclude with the false tao.


In the case of the false tao, the dance must conclude as anything less would lead to extinction. The real Tao and intervention forces are now beginning to re-absorb the false tao unto itself and send it into its own “bardo” or review of its existence, so that all karma incurred can be tallied and a pathway to settlement for such karma can be constructed. In the recasting of more and more parts of the false tao over time, it too will come to recall all that it knew before it was left behind and entered such a great state of forgetfulness; and as such one day it may be the former false tao that extends in here with a helping hand allowing all to return Home again.


In this cycle, only those creations related unto Terra and the multidimensional consensus that she is apart are choosing to go home. All other creations shall remain behind and will fall to extinction this cycle. However, in the next cycle, and because of the ascent of Terra in the past, 30% of what fell out of this region of domain is choosing to go “home”. And in the cycle beyond this, 50% of all creations are going Home; and in the cycles beyond this 75% are choosing to go home; and in the cycle beyond this 100% or all that had been left behind shall return Home. In so doing, nothing shall be left behind; all shall be learned; all shall be understood of this dance of false tao as creator; and in so being, the requirement for this experience to occur ever again will be concluded.


The Forgiveness of the Tao


None of this would be possible without forgiveness. Dances recur forever if they are not forgiven. Forgiveness requires love, compassion, understanding, and a willingness to let go of the grudges of the past due to the emerging “truth”. What is truth? Truth illuminates all things. Terra has recently discovered that it is her truth that she is an extension of the Tao that entered this creation as a consensus to guide it Home.


Therefore, all that has occurred for her has been necessary, as the goal was to understand why this region of domain is in such great distortion. In order to understand, a part of the Tao had to experience this as Terra; and then “ascend” itself home, so that all records could be gathered. In the gathering of records, the Tao can forgive what has occurred in this region of domain through Terra. Forgiveness wipes all slates clean and clear allowing for a new dance within the Tao to emerge that will make room for Terra’s ascent Home.


You see all creations are held in a particular polarity by all other creators and creations in the Tao. Something occurred in the Tao that pressed creations like Terra to extinction. What is it that would possibly cause one part of the Tao to destroy another part? This is what the Tao is learning at this time. What is the Tao learning? It is learning that it has an unconscious that seeks to destroy, not unlike the guru or dark forces preying upon Terra. The Tao has learned that this force is now greater than itself in size. However, it is still a part of itself that has broken off and gone unconscious and forgetful. Out of forgetfulness, this part of the unconscious of the Tao destroys as it is all it recalls doing.


Why is that which has broken off from the Tao destroy? Anything that is the result of the experience of being shattered records the act of shattering in its own holographic archives. Anything recorded holographically will repeat and repeat until it is forgiven. The false tao shatters creations as it is a product of shattering itself. Alas, the part of the false tao has not enough information to forgive; and so, it has destroyed and destroyed and destroyed, shattering yet other creators’ creations throughout time, space and form. As other creators’ creations were shattered, the unconscious of the Tao grew and grew and grew until the unconscious is now greater than that which is conscious within the Tao.


This dance could consume the Tao to a point that it too goes extinct; however, the Tao has greater wisdom than to allow this to occur. And so, the Tao extends into its own unconscious to recover itself enough to ascend itself back together again; piecing together all parts of the unconscious lost over time; and through forgiveness and understanding, wiping the karmic debt clean and clear with the false tao. This is also the same for each ascending human along with Terra. Ascension requires that one retrieve all parts of the unconscious one lost over time, and through forgiveness, wipe the debts away recorded therein; and then reuniting oneself into greater and greater wholeness within. There is no other path home, beloved.


What Is Homecoming?


Homecoming is a state of being in which enough wholeness has been experienced that one feels complete in the moment. For those that choose to ascend, moments of homecoming are a part of any cycle each year of evolution ahead. There are moments in which one completes great karma and forgives huge spiritual lessons in one’s ancestry. As the karma is completed, then one feels fulfilled and satisfied, much like having a large meal that is most delicious; except that the satisfaction transcends time and space and is felt by each ancestor that likewise completes their karma and learns their spiritual lessons along with oneself. Homecoming is a beautiful thing to experience.


Recently, Asur’Ana and Per completed with the past five years of ascension, turning another corner in direction. This completion left Asur’Ana so happy for a day or more as ancestor after ancestor entered her field to share their appreciation with what had been accomplished. More is understood now about the dance of the dark than ever; and in the understanding her ancestors as well as Per’s can forgive; and in the forgiveness they may complete with a particular journey that has been filled with struggle, but has taught all greatly, including Terra, and the minerals, plants, animals, whales and dolphins alike. You see we watch those ascending like Per and Asur’Ana as it sheds light upon our own plight so that we too may forgive, heal and ascend.


Now another cycle of ascension shall be born for Asur’Ana and Per and their dreamtime ascension school (DAS) ahead. What shall this bring? This is yet to be known, and it may be just as difficult in other ways; however, for the moment, they are complete and in the completion, there is a grand sense of homecoming within. Homecoming is a return to the heart; a return to love. In the completion, Asur’Ana and Per can extend love to each that has ever danced with them; and each that ever will dance with them; and those who are with them today. In the completion, there is nothing but forgiveness and love, and an end to an old dance that did not serve, and the birth of a new dance that better serves ahead.


What Is Completion?


For each that is ascending, this is what forgiveness allows for; completion. What is completion? Completion comes through understanding the entire picture of the larger dance between one’s ancestors and another’s. In the understanding of what occurred and why, and in the love of all parties concerned, forgiveness can be born. As all karma is cleared through forgiveness between two ancestries, then there is a cycle of completion that occurs. Perhaps this will take one away from the parties one is complete with, as there will be no further karma to call one to the dance. Perhaps if you are ascending together, the completion will allow for an ending of one cycle of energy flow and the birth of a new flow together, as the ties of the past release.


This is what DAS is experiencing the past year and a half or so; that there are completion cycles at each major dreamtime event each year; and as the completion occurs, those attending and participating in the school release their ancestral karma with one another. As the karma releases, the group moves from one energy flow into another that is a reflection of the gathering of new and more ancient knowledge upon unity-based movement. It is only as the group completes that this then becomes possible.


DAS has gone from unity-based flow into a modified beehive flow in 2020. Beehive flow allows for increased magnetic pulsations that provide more chi, more photonic energy, and an opportunity to release even more karma together while remaining in harmony and peace as well as unity. In the year ahead, additional information shall be gathered and through completion, yet other new energy patterns will be launched that will begin to give birth to ascending community.


The Times Ahead


Completion shall allow for massive shifts ahead for the human species. As the karma from the era of Atlantis is completed upon, those that had previously been in power will lose their position, allowing for a more unity-based and red nation type of leader to come to the forefront. This is coming and it is anticipated that by 2046 to 2048, that most world leadership will be of red indigenous origins or white with ancient red ancestry.


Those leaders of red nation ancestry shall strive to create peace with one another as this is their nature. Those of red nation ancestry will strive to share resources so that all shall have enough, as this is their nature. Those leaders of red nation ancestry shall strive to create energy systems and technology that are completely resonant with Terra as this is their nature. Those leaders of red nation ancestry shall orchestrate organic food source for all as it is their nature to work with nature rather than science. Those leaders of red nation ancestry shall orchestrate educational systems that honor the holographic knowledge of each as this is their nature.


The times ahead are changing. For a long time, there was only great trauma that the mineral kingdom foresaw for the human species. Now there is a flame of truth that is burning brightly within the human species. The truth flame has been ignited by those who have mastered Bodhisattva at this time. Many of those achieving this level of mastery are associated with DAS in dreamtime, and a few exist elsewhere in the world. The flame of truth is altering the future dream for humanity that the mineral kingdom perceives stepping down for the future ahead. A gentler future is coming ahead, beloved, as a result.


What does the Hematite Kingdom wish to close with? Intend to open your heart beloved. Intend to master compassion and love, learning to love what is seemingly unlovable. As one accepts others in the love and forgiveness, one will also accept oneself. For there is not one thing that one blames another for that an ancestor or more have also perpetrated. Therefore, one has done all things human, been all things human, and perpetrated all things human over time and in your ancestry.


As you forgive another, you forgive the ancestors who exhibited the same behavior and patterning associated. As you forgive your ancestors, they then can forgive themselves in the greater understanding of the spiritual lesson learned. As each forgives, then each may go home to a new day ahead. This really is what ascension makes possible, the birth of a new era of peace, hope, unity, unconditional love and acceptance for all. Please call upon our kingdom to assist you in this goal.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mineral Treasures. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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