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10. A Christmas Gift


The Source of All Sources along with all kingdoms upon Earth or the collective consciousness of Earth wishes to extend a special gift to all ascending humans this Christmas of 2018. Christmas represents the birth of Christ and the hope of a return of the Light and Love once known by the human species and Earth long ago. This blessing and gift is to fuel the return of this hope and the light and love upon the Earth plane of reality and within the human dance.

The Flame of Remembrance


Within the human heart is the remembrance of another era, an era of peace, an era of joy, and era of community and communion with all species upon Earth. In the West, such a remembrance is spoken of as “The Garden of Eden”, a time when life was filled with wonder, magic and play. Allow the flame of remembrance to begin to burn within your heart, beloved human.


At first, the flame may be a small flicker, barely shining. However, through focus and intent, the flame can grow, and in the growth, you will begin to remember and become that which you were at another time within your ancestry. Your genetics hold this flame of remembrance, for once your ancestry was filled with magic, filled with the abilities of instant manifestation, teleportation and interdimensional travel. Once your ancestry was unity-based living in harmony with one another and all other humans and kingdoms upon Earth. These were a part of the original inheritance and blueprint for the human form.


The original human blueprint was developed for soul to understand what it felt like to be a creator like the Source of All Sources in a limited sense. The limitation is that one can never be the Source of All Sources if one is a part of the whole. One shall become the Source of All Sources as one returns Home and merges with Source at the end of a long journey of experiences that have taught one greatly. This ultimately is the final homecoming, the final return, and the final dance of all souls within all creations.


However, there is a parallel between the human evolutionary process and soul evolution, for as humanity returns to the “Garden of Eden” once again, embracing unity consciousness, it is a home coming that shall parallel the first souls from this creation returning home unto the Source of All Sources.


Return Home to Source


Such souls have been lost for a very long time, not unlike the human form upon Earth. They have been lost, but not forgotten, and now they can return home unto Source. All is one, all mirrors one another, and all learns and grows together. Your ascension and homecoming is vital to the homecoming of all beings, all species, all form, and all souls upon all dimensions within All That Is. Without any human homecoming, there shall be no homecoming for any, for all is ONE.


So, despite the difficulties in ascension, we ask you to push forth in the greater understanding of what your ascension means. Your blueprint for ascension is being awakened, and now is the time. You shall retrace the steps of your ancestry, step by step, reversing each segment of fall, the falls in consciousness and the falls in the biological blueprint of your DNA.


No one can do this for you, you must choose, and you must push forth, pushing forth each day, each week, each month and each year, until you have restructured yourself to Full Consciousness. Then you must push forth again, to allow a greater infusion of soul taking you to the next dimension. Asur’Ana is an example of this, having pushed forth over many years and triumphed over some very difficult times both externally and internally. She is on her way to embodying a state of Full Consciousness in the months ahead.


It is in the triumph that there are mini-homecomings each phase of the way. The triumph is the transcendence over limited and sticky thoughtform that imprisons oneself in death. Death is sticky, consuming, much like quicksand, wishing to devour one’s life force, devour one’s light, devour one’s awakening.


Why is death so all-consuming? This was not a part of the original human blueprint, but has become so in the exaggeration of extremes upon this plane of reality. However, death is not powerful; it is only powerful because you have given your power away unto it. Each triumph, each transcendence, each evolutionary cycle, allows one to take back their power from the all-consuming thoughtform of death.


Releasing Attachments


In the initiate’s life, death is represented by one’s attachments, whether they be to people, places, pets, objects, a job, a spouse or a family member. Attachments can cause one to become ill. One cannot ascend if there are attachments.


Is releasing attachments easy? Of course not. Each human loves those that surround one. Each human loves those that have traveled the journey of life with oneself. This is natural, but the love is not the love of God Goddess/All That Is, for it is conditional. The condition creates the cords, which cause the body to die as each layer of attachment drains the chi and life-force from the form. So in order to transcend death, one must let go of what they are attached to, and this translates into letting go of others whom are not ascending and cannot transcend along with oneself, along with all possessions that one has accrued over time.


Many wish to embrace the light of “Christ” or become the flame of awakening. In order to hold such a flame, every attachment that one has, everything that does not resonate with one’s choice to ascend, must be left behind. In order to become the light, one must embark upon the journey within that is self uncovering, moving into the inner landscape and placing the inner guidance one receives through their heart from their soul above all else.


We see that these thoughts are not new, for the man loved by all known as “Christ” spoke such thoughtform himself in his own lifetime. Christ spoke that one must leave everything behind to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and this is indeed a great truth upon the Earth plane. Leaving those behind that cannot ascend may be painful at first. Sometimes it is accompanied by guilt, sometimes by loss, sometimes by the feeling of a broken heart. As the heart mends, the loss becomes filled with the love of one’s soul and God Goddess/All That Is. One can also allow the nature kingdoms and the Source of All Sources to fill the emptiness in one’s heart, and fill it to the brim. In so doing, one has not only transcended to a new vibration and new level within one’s own ascension, but is free!


No one can describe the sense of freedom that comes from the transcendence. In the freedom, the heart opens and can be filled with more love and more light than before the transcendence. As this occurs, there is joy that flows through that is inexplicable in nature. Each death and rebirth cycle, which causes one to leave the next layer of attachment behind, is filled with wonder, filled with magic, filled with joy. In the joy, the light of Christ and the light of God Goddess/All That Is shine bright for all to see.


This is the purpose of one’s ascension in action, to anchor more light upon Earth so that others too, may awaken. Each awakens at one’s own pace. Perhaps those left behind today will awaken tomorrow or at another time in the future, or in another lifetime. Often change may be the catalyst for a new tomorrow for another, along with oneself. Allow the change, allow the freedom that follows, and allow the joy to anchor more light into your life experience and more light onto Earth.

Return of Christ


This is the fulfillment of the return of “Christ” that has been long spoken of. The return of Christ is the many whom shall choose to leave everything behind and enter the Kingdom of Heaven through the act of ascension. In so doing, heaven shall be anchored upon Earth and the light and unity once present upon Earth shall gradually be restored in the human dance. Earth shall return and become once again “The Garden of Eden” with all species dancing in unity and harmony and as ONE.


This cannot occur unless some humans choose to ascend, choose to transcend, choose to leave everything behind, and then anchor such light and love upon Earth. Know that those that enter such a Kingdom of Heaven are not alone, as there are many already underway in such an awakening. In due course, you shall find one another and create new communities of humans that are unity-based. This shall be a true homecoming indeed.


Hold on to such a vision for your future. Intend it so. Allow a new dance, and new family of ascension to become your truth, your reality upon Earth. In so doing, you enter a new consensus reality where ascension is placed first and foremost in the minds and thoughts of all that join hands. In so doing, you shall not be alone and you shall pull together, transcend together, change together, creating a new tomorrow for yourself and Earth, creating together a new manner of relating that is unity-based.


Such unity-based relations shall change everything upon your plane of reality. For all manners in which humanity relates is separation based, including the workplace, the marketplace, and the home. Such ascension-based communities shall explore and map make a new manner of relating, but it will not really be new. Your ancestors related this way once long ago when they were unity-based. So, you shall return and become that which your ancestry was long ago, together, hand in hand. The Source of All Sources and Mother Earth shall be a part of your new dance. The joy that shall be created and experienced is great indeed, both for you and for Earth.


The Source of All Sources’ gift to humanity is one of a new vision of a new tomorrow that is filled with love and joy, with humans and children playing and dancing alike in harmony and unity again with all species upon Earth. Hold on to this vision, and make it so. This new future only becomes possible if you intend it to be so, intend it into reality. Source shall fuel your journey home if you allow it, as Source shall stand at your side, through the tough times and into the joy again, bearing witness to your experience, and guiding you each step of the way. Simply open your heart and ask, and Source shall be there for you. This is Source gift to you.


Real Gifts


Christmas has been associated with the sharing of gifts. In the human dance, such gift sharing has become commercialized and based upon consumerism rather than love. When one gives to another that which another truly needs for their own evolution and continued awakening, and gives such a gift with the love of their heart and soul, then such a gift is filled with the Love of God Goddess/All That Is.


This Christmas, give that only which another truly needs to evolve. Perhaps for some, it shall be nothing at all. Perhaps for others, it will be written materials that awaken them unto the greater purpose for which they exist. Perhaps for yet others, it will simply be a letter that shares with them from your heart that which you wish to speak. Allow the consumerism to fade and recognize that real giving, real gifts, need not be material in nature. Real gifts come from the heart, reach out to the heart of another, and embrace them with the love of your soul.


We would like to share a Christmas ritual with our readers. We share this with you as an example of how sharing of gifts can be filled with love and honor, and anchor the love of one’s soul not only with other humans, but upon Earth. In this ceremony, each brings only one gift to share. The gift is one that one would wish to receive oneself. Candles are lit, the room lights dimmed, and soft music is played. Two circles are formed, an inner and outer, each facing one another. Each person present takes a moment to look at another standing before them in the eye, and honor the master, the soul, the light of the God Goddess shining through one another.


Then the gifts are exchanged again and again, until all others have been blessed in this manner. As each honors the master and love held within another, the love in the room is amplified with love and grows blessing Earth in a special manner not possible any other way. The final exchange between the last two to connect is the gift that is received, and it is filled with the love of all present in the room whom have passed the gift through their hands. This is a special gift to receive indeed, regardless of content, for it has been filled with love.


We share this so that others may partake of this ceremony if they so wish this Christmas season. In so doing, the exchange of gifts can be a magical experience that includes God Goddess/All That Is and amplifies the light within oneself and upon Earth. As each chooses to give in this manner, and calls upon Mother Earth and the Source of All Sources to be present, our love too shall fill you and Earth. In so doing, the real meaning of giving any gift, which is the sharing of one’s love, shall be restored in the human memory. In so doing, perhaps other humans shall awaken and remember too.


We wish you many blessings this Christmas or Hanukkah. May your holidays be filled with joy, and carry you forth into the next phase of your own awakening and transcendence. With the love of the Source of All Sources and Mother Earth, from our heart to yours, let us fill you now. Open the heart and allow yourself to receive. Breathe in, breathe in our light, our love, our hope for a new tomorrow. Now go forth and share the love we share with others. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Mele Kalikimaka.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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