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1. Transcending The Personality, Ego And Negative Ego


We, of the Order of Dari, would like to go further into detail about the ascension process and attaining the state of the Bodhisattva, or stated in another manner, mastering a state of harmlessness in the biological ascension process of spiritual evolution.


History of the Personality


One of the more interesting discoveries within the ascension process was to understand that the personality, ego and negative ego are comprised of thousands of fractured souls that have banded together in small-, medium- or large-sized groups and are channeled through the human form. The human form was originally designed to channel soul. Over the course of many falls in vibration, the form dropped so low in vibration that a ‘whole’ soul was too high in vibration to unite with the form. As this occurred, the human species began to channel a partial or fractured soul.


Many may think that the personality is an inherent quality of the genetics of the form. In actuality, the genetics brings about a certain vibration within the form that through the act of resonance attracts the personality entities that are of ‘like’ vibration. Without personality entities, there would be no personality per se, because the form itself is simply a channel or vessel for Spirit. It just so happens that the current human form is so low in vibration that only fractured pieces of souls can be channeled.


Biological ascension brings about an increase of the vibration of the form a little at a time over a many year period. At some juncture (generally around 3,000 segments of DNA), the body increases enough in vibration to sustain a ‘whole’ soul, or in other cases, many souls or I AMs at once. Each form is different, but the evolutionary process of ascension requires that all personality entities be released by no later than Initiation 3,024. This is simply because of how such personality entities contribute to harmfulness that this is so. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


The History of Personality Entities


At this juncture, personality entities on Earth appear to have originated from two sources. The Order of Dari has determined that 75 percent of all earthbound personality entities originated from Maldek. Long ago, Maldek was a third-dimensional planet with a fully conscious life form upon it that was humanoid in shape. Such life form was not restricted by reincarnation but rather stepped in and out of form at will. The Solar System at that time consisted of two Suns and was a utopian Solar System experiencing no destruction or difficulties whatsoever. Maldek and all other planets revolved around both suns in a figure-eight pattern. Mars was covered in large minerals and was a place of spiritual retreat and evolution for those incarnate upon Maldek. Earth was a plant and animal sanctuary in which such kingdoms could experiment with shape, form, and evolution. There was peace throughout the Solar System.


The Order of Dari would like to state something about polarity here. This is where within the memory banks of Earth and humanity is a utopian time without struggle. Maldek was a utopia that was devoid of all struggle. Without some struggle, there is no evolution. With too much struggle within a particular life form, there is also no evolution. One seeks the middle path of some struggle which brings about evolution. What had happened to your solar system during both the era of Maldek and the current era is that it has experienced both extremes of either too little or too much struggle, which has brought forth a lack of evolution in both cases. This is simply because without just the right amount of struggle, there is no impedance for evolution. And with too much struggle, evolution becomes impossible.


Maldek experienced a time of such ease that there was no desire for any soul to go anywhere. To bring forth an experience of no struggle, the Lords of Maldek had polarized all destruction elsewhere within third-dimensional form, i.e., they consciously sent all destructive souls to other solar systems within third-dimensional form. Polarity as it is will eventually bring forth as extreme a swing in the opposite direction, and as Maldek was destroyed, this is exactly what ensued. Your solar system went from a utopia to a place of great struggle to survive.


The destruction of Maldek was premeditated. This is what the current genetic records have shown as they have been released. What we mean by this is that Maldek was destroyed by another conscious race of beings, who just so happen to be Pleiadian. One may wonder why the Pleiadians would wish to destroy a utopia type solar system?


Well, the Pleiadian karma goes back much further than Maldek. The Pleiadian scientists attempted at an earlier time period to create a new solar system of their own. The experiment backfired and actually destroyed parts of their own related star system. As the elements were lost to sustain life, the Pleiadians sought the missing elements from other solar systems. In total, the karmic records recently recovered from Maldek show that seventeen solar systems all told were raided, one of which was your solar system.


During the raiding of your solar system, the Pleiadians appear to have removed the second sun from your solar system, and then raided it for elements until it cooled and became a third-dimensional vessel now present within their own star system. This loss of a second sun dropped the vibration significantly within your entire solar system. Furthermore, the Pleiadians wished to raid Mars of all of her minerals to replace those minerals that had been lost in their failed experiment. Those incarnate upon Maldek objected, and a war broke out. The Pleiades won, and Maldek was shattered by spacecraft thus becoming your asteroid belt.


Subsequently, Mars was raided of all of her minerals, which appear to be planted throughout the many third-dimensional planets throughout the Pleiades. Last, the Pleiades took one of the planets surrounding your solar system, known as Nibiru, and replaced it with some sort of space vessel. One could draw a parallel to a satellite with what was left in Nibiru’s orbit. Interestingly enough, Nibiru’s removal went undetected by your sun, which was a bit shocked as this recent karma was revealed. Nibiru now orbits around one of the six Pleiadian suns and also appears to have been raided for elements.


The shattered souls from Maldek ended up scattered over every planet within your solar system including Earth. Seventy-five percent of the personality entities that are currently channeled by your human form are comprised of shattered souls from Maldek. The other 25 percent appear to come from the failed experiment in the Pleiades. As one transits the initiations and releases the personality, such entities can also be healed and return to the state of wholeness as the karma from Maldek or the Pleiades is also released.


Many may wonder why this karma has not been spoken of before. This is simply because the karma had been erased from all libraries within your creation, including your solar system. Karma, however, is holographic and therefore contained within the genetics of all living things. It has been through the ascension of the human species, including our channel or translator, along with Earth, that this karma has been pieced together to be reviewed and then released. All karma ensures that a particular experience will occur again. If Earth and humanity did not release every last destructive piece of karma, it would ensure that both would be destroyed rather than ascend.


It is for this reason that the Order of Dari is so actively working with your planet, solar system, and entire creation. If your creation does not make its ascension, it will collapse. If your creation collapses, a part of the Order of Dari that governs your creation collapses with it. You might say that the Order of Dari has a vested interest in ensuring that Earth’s ascension and your creation’s ascension is a success.


Transcending the Personality


We wish to speak a little about how the personality itself works so those initiates who are ascending at this time will have a better understanding of how such entities work within the human field. Some may think of the personality as a genetic trait. Rather, we would like to say that the genetics of the form create a particular resonance or vibration of the form. And then based upon a given resonance, certain personality entities are attracted to channel through a particular like-resonance form.


Personality entities often travel down family trees seeking out a similar resonance in form at a future point in time. An example of this could be an opera singer. In one generation, the personality entities that love to sing channel through a form that also has the genetic qualities of an operatic voice. Three generations down the line, a similar form is born within the same family tree, and the same personality entities choose to work through the form to yet again bring forth a gifted singer. Also, we would like to point out that personality entities are not limited to working with one form at a time but rather often work through thousands of forms at once. This is why so often a certain type of singer has similar qualities in many different forms at once.


A better example of this can be seen in one ascending initiate’s experiences of cooking. At one time, he loved to cook and would spend hours in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals of his own concocting. All such meals were channeled, and he learned to work with such beings consciously. Oftentimes, the meals that were prepared reminded us of famous chefs in restaurants around the globe. We discovered that these same beings currently work through over 1,000 chefs globally. Additionally, as the initiate released all of his personality entities, he no longer desires to cook at all!


We would like to point this out because all addictions, even smoking, television, drugs, alcohol, or any other destructive preoccupation, are personality entity based. As the personality entities leave, the addiction goes with them. We have seen this in many initiates, including several individuals, who were addicted to smoking. At first, we encouraged all such initiates to buy a pipe and mix their own herbal smoking mixture. Then we encouraged them to bless the mixture before it was inhaled, adding the vibrations that one’s field is in need of. Over time, as the personality entities that enjoyed smoking were released, the desire to smoke ceased in all cases. Following the release of the personality, sometimes weeks would go by, and such individuals simply forgot about smoking altogether.


We point out that there are also personality entities that are addicted to purportedly positive addictions, such as exercise, healthy diets, or even ascension for that matter. This is how Asur’Ana utilized her personality to assist her in fulfilling her spiritual mission rather than blocking it. Personality entities can be molded, through conscious intent, to support one’s spiritual evolution.


So often our channel would simply state on a daily basis, “I release all karma with anything and anyone that does not serve my goal of ascension. I ask all such entities to leave my field now. Any new entities coming into my field must support my goal or they are not welcome.” Such intent began before she had taken her 10th initiation and has served her well upon her journey. Asur’Ana was well aware of how entities can manipulate an initiate and had learned to declare her boundaries to support her choice to evolve and ascend.


The non-physical has less power than the physical realms within the current human paradigm. When one states that an entity must leave, it must comply. Often, the human species has been conned into believing otherwise or terrorized by such beings in early childhood. As one takes back their power from the non-physical realms and declares their boundaries, the personality will cease to be a stumbling block upon the spiritual path.


About the Ego and Negative Ego


Many of you may wonder how the ego and negative ego fit into the personality as we have described it. All fractured souls from Maldek or the Pleiades fractured into a specific vibration. Those entities who fractured into depression, fear, suicidal emotions (the vibration of death), terror, lack, anger, or abuse continue to resonate in such vibrations. We can equate such entities with the ‘negative ego’ or what is destructive in nature. Yet others who fractured into the vibrations of joy, playfulness, happiness, productivity, or love also continue to resonate in such vibrations. We can equate such entities with the ‘ego’ which is creative in nature.


As a human, through unconscious agreements, channels such entities fractured in such vibrations, they will feel the emotions of the beings they are channeling. This is simply because the form is a translating device that translates vibrations into emotions. The form was devised so that soul could experience emotion upon the physical plane, and in the original blueprint, it was only the emotions of ecstasy or joy that were to be experienced. With the many falls in consciousness of the human species, the human species fell too low in vibration to continue to channel what was in a state of ecstasy because the form no longer resonated in ecstasy.


It is in the channeling of entities that resonate in fear, anger, pain, or shame that the negative ego is experienced. It is in the channeling of entities that are conversely polarized in joy, love, productivity and playfulness that the ego is experienced in human form. As all personality entities are released, so is the ego and negative ego.


One may wonder, what remains if all personality entities are given up? Well, soul remains. Soul is confident, joyful, and exists by and large in a state of honor: honor of self and honor of all life forms. In transcending to channeling only soul, many initiates have discovered that any sense of lack, of unworthiness, or of a sense of being better than or less than also disappeared.


Negative Ego and Harmfulness


In our observation, those who have attained Bodhisattva within the last year have needed to release all personality entities altogether and only channel their I AM and Oversoul within their respective form. This is simply because the personality entities, particularly those related to the negative ego, perpetrate harmfulness as they engage with the human species. Such harmfulness sometimes acts itself out consciously in the form with behavior that is either emotionally or physically abusive or belittling in nature.


Much of the time, however, such harmfulness is acted out in unconscious energetic patterns in which one person unconsciously abuses another by shattering their field and subtle bodies in some manner. All such abuse, whether it be conscious or unconscious (energetic), is considered a harmful act by those governing the initiation process on Earth from the Order of Dari. As such, all such patterns must be relinquished in order to embody harmlessness. As the personality is released altogether, such harmfulness ceases along with it.


Prior to the release of the personality altogether, intending harmlessness has the effect of bringing the personality into alignment with one’s goal to ascend. Over time, our translator noticed that personality entities that perpetrated harmfulness vibrated in a disharmonious vibration. Those personality entities that were disharmonious could only engage with her form when her form was in a state of disharmony. If she intended to remain in harmony, only harmonious personality entities could engage which were also harmless in nature. Prior to relinquishing the personality altogether, Asur’Ana learned to stay in harmony at all times. This had the effect of allowing her to remain harmless in all interactions until the personality could be relinquished altogether.


Harmfulness creates karma. All karma must be balanced in order to ascend. Incurring continued karma unconsciously through energetic abuse (if such karma is great enough) will prevent one from ascending. It is for this reason that all initiates who embark upon this next segment of initiations towards Bodhisattva must consciously monitor their own fields and state of being and consciously choose to remain harmonious and harmless at all times. Such conscious intent overrides one’s unconscious tendencies, thus giving the space that ascension may occur by not creating further karma for oneself.


We would also like to point out that not all initiates are outer-directed in their harmfulness. Outer-directed means that one tends to abuse others rather than oneself. Inner-directed harmfulness means that one tends to abuse themselves rather than another. It is inner-directed harmfulness that will lead to disease of the human form over time if it is not transcended. It has been human nature to believe that those who direct their harmfulness inwards (which is a victim/martyr pattern) are somehow superior to those who are outwardly harmful. From the perspective of ascension, all harmfulness, whether it be inner or outer directed, is harmful and must be transcended in order to embody Bodhisattva within one’s evolutionary pathway. Inner-directed harmfulness also occurs when one is in a disharmonious state of being. Intending harmlessness and harmony in all that one does will override such predispositions until the personality can be transcended altogether.




We wish to take a moment to honor all map makers, for it is indeed not an easy task. It has been determined by the Order of Dari that the channeling of personality entities cause ego- and negative ego-based patterns within the human energy field and perpetuates both conscious and unconscious harmfulness. It is therefore a prerequisite for all initiates to cease to channel anything other than their soul by no later than Initiation 3,024. Initiates may also take matters into their own hands by demanding that any entity that does not support their intent to ascend leave their field permanently. This needs to be a daily intent as each day brings forth a new set of agreements and healing along with what also needs to be released. You may call upon the Order of Dari for healing and support as needed.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


Each book in the Ascension Insights series as well as other books published by Aligning With Earth download information and healing that will support your journey to Bodhisattva and beyond if you so choose to read it. It is with the greatest of love of God Goddess/All That Is that this information and healing is being offered to all who intend to ascend at this time in Earth’s history.


Many blessings upon your journey. Please know that we love and support you every step of the way. Namaste.


Book’s Acknowledgements


Special thanks to Mother Earth for all that she has contributed to my journey of ascension. My appreciation of Nature and the natural world has grown and expanded due to the co-creation of an ascending life that includes the Consciousness of Earth as a guiding force.


I have been empowered by many forces that have chosen to work with and through me over time. Let us not forget as a member of the human species that we are a part of a greater reality known as Earth, for it is through our connection unto Earth that we are empowered to ascend.


May we each forgive our ancestors for believing in their arrogance that the natural world is ignorant or unknowing. May we reconnect as a species to the holographic dance of life that is a part of Earth along with God Goddess/All That Is.


And may we remember who we are and our Truth as a species, and never forget again.





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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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