Image of sparkling gold and silver orbs. The Karmic Cause Of Disease

1. The Karmic Cause Of Disease


We have begun to explore the karmic roots of disease. Indeed, much of such information has already begun to be revealed out of the records obtained in Greece. Greece was the center of the Annanuki dance for close to 18,000 years in a place known as Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus sank in the second fall of Atlantis about 40,000 years ago under the ocean. As the records of Mt. Olympus were opened, the beginnings of an understanding to how disease became a part of the human dance has begun to be compiled.


In Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, the holographic nature and origins of the human species were explored. There were 18 red holograms seeded by the Sirian Race about 200,000 years ago. An additional 12 came from a foreign and non-resonant creation known as the Pleiades, and are also known as the Annanuki. Another 8 were created as the Annanuki bred with the Red Race producing what is known as a half and half human hologram.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


Radioactive versus Magnetic DNA


In essence, the holographic nature and DNA structure of the Annanuki was radioactive in nature. The cells of the Annanuki were designed to collect and run out of radioactive chi. The Pleiadian sun likewise is not only primarily radioactive, but a blue-green color that is very different from Earth’s solar sun. The Pleiadians also had blue blood, which caused their pale skin to have a turquoise sheen. Blue blood is radioactive and designed also to collect radiation from the atmosphere to sustain the life of those related to such genetics.


The Red Race from Sirius was magnetic in nature with brown to honey colored skin. They had a cellular structure and red blood designed to collect magnetic chi. Your solar sun was primarily magnetic in nature until a group of 5th dimensional Pleiadians altered the energy flow therein much like the Annanuki altered Earth’s energy flow in setting in motion electrical sacred geometry. In so doing, your solar sun ran radioactive sacred geometry long before humanity arrived upon Earth. Per solar records, this manipulation occurred about 72 million years ago.


Electricity is just a lower octave of radiation in energy movement. The sun much like Earth is ascending and releasing its karma with the Pleiades, dismantling such radioactive sacred geometry one layer at a time. Radiation from the sun is therefore diminishing already, and one day will not exist at all. It is anticipated that by 2028, there will be little radioactive radiation emanating from the sun any longer. In parallel manner, by 2033 there will be little remaining electrical flow upon Earth. This is in preparation for entering the skin of the Photon Belt in 2048 at which point no electricity or radiation must be present upon Earth or in your solar system, or Earth and your solar system would combust upon entry due to the non-resonance of vibration.


The Pleiadian humanoid skin and system was designed to thrive in radiation. The red seeded race was designed to thrive in magnetic energy. As the solar system and planet became increasingly electrical, the red magnetic race began to age and die. This occurred between 152,000 and 168,000 years ago as Pleiadian and Orion scientists worked to make Earth inhabitable to their race without consideration to other races and other species upon Earth. This introduced aging to all species therein, as the radiation was too high or rapid of an energy movement to sustain life. This had the effect of burning out the cellular structure causing it to decay and age, become wrinkled and hair to gray in color, and so on.


Records recently released show that signs of aging began to appear in the red race approximately 144,000 years ago, and their lives diminished in life span from 2,000 years to less than 800 during the 18,000-year reign of the Annanuki. There are many causes of the aging, and the alteration of your planetary and solar energy flow was the first contributing factor.


The difference between the Pleiadian and Sirian races can also be clearly seen in the energy flow surrounding the forms. The Annanuki had a straight-lined energy flow now known as Mer-Ka-Ba movement in shape. The Sirian race had an energy flow that was round and Figure Eight shaped. Rotational energy that is Figure Eight in shape wraps itself around others without penetration. Mer-Ka-Ba shapes have sharp edges that cut and pierce into rotational round-ended energy movement.


The interactions between the Annanuki and the red race caused the red race to die, particularly whenever a tribe lived too close in proximity to the Annanuki and Mt. Olympus. Such tribes were the most vastly affected, and upon arrival of the Annanuki died en masse almost becoming extinct. This was directly a result of the fact that their energy field was cut up by the presence of the Annanuki.


What occurs when the two energetic signatures are blended such as radioactive and magnetic within a cellular structure? This the Annanuki underestimated in their breeding with the red race and the creation of the half and half holograms; for it produced a human that was half radioactive and half magnetic. Radioactive energy runs at a much higher rate than magnetic energy. Those cells related to the Annanuki required more chi than cells related to the Red Seeded Race within the same form. Confusion arose within the form as some cells received not enough chi, and others received way too much. The cells receiving not enough decayed more rapidly, and the cells receiving too much burned out also decaying more rapidly.


The half and half human had the shortest lifespan of all at the time that they were first conceived, living less than 350 years in the original inception. Such a lifespan was even lower than the slave race incubated in the laboratories. Such humans also aged and by 100 had signs of gray hair and wrinkled skin.


The blending of Sirian-Pleiadian DNA also created the first known ailments in the human form based upon the genetic records revealed to date. Such ailments include a form of tuberculosis in which the lungs would become laced with holes and fail to collect enough chi through the breath to sustain the blood sugar level requirements of a crystalline form. It also includes a form of pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the spleen, and cancer of the nervous system. All such diseases have now been traced to half and half holographic origins and the blending of Sirian and Pleiadian DNA.


In a parallel manner today, there are initiates attempting to ascend Pleiadian DNA and electrical or radioactive sacred geometry rather than ascending into a solely magnetic system. Asur’Ana too for a time and in being one of the first travelers down the ascension path of resurrection also ascended into partially radioactive genetics. This she has since detoxified and created a solely magnetic cellular structure through conscious intent. For initiates who have ascended partially into radioactive cellular structure and have ascended into cancer, they can ascend out of the disease, and in so doing also alter the biology to be 100% magnetic.


We guide initiates therefore to become cognizant of what genetics one is ascending into, and to assure that such genetics is drawn from solely red lineages and is 100% magnetic. Otherwise, one may ascend into disease.


Earth measures such ascensions based upon the movement of the Language of Light in the field. If one is not ascending into a magnetic structure, one will never embrace the Language of Light, as this language is magnetic. Without embracing the Language of Light, one may combust upon entry to the Photon Belt, as this is the language required to pass through. Therefore, such humans may become extinct by 2048, but perhaps this lesson requires the human’s species to learn and understand. In so doing, the human species shall not repeat such a creation ever again. One must also remember that nothing is really lost, as all human consciousness shall carry forward beyond death and contribute to your entire species understanding and evolution nonetheless.


Deferment of Karma


The gift of understanding the original karmic cause of disease is that karma can only be released, as the origins of a particular thoughtform become known. What is the thoughtform behind disease? This was explored in Chapter 20 “The Thoughtform Behind Disease” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Even if one is not diseased in this lifetime, one still carries the karmic roots and thoughtform of disease. Release the karma and transcend the thoughtform, and disease will not manifest in one’s ascent or lifetime; and one’s future ancestry shall be free of disease as well.


Prior to the arrival of the Annanuki, Sirian humans upon Sirius A and B ascended incompletely. One of the patterns that were displaced upon the red race on Earth is the thoughtform of disease. Sirians failed to release all of their disease karma and deferred such karma on to humans upon Earth. This became an unconscious thoughtform in the human race upon Earth until the arrival of the Annanuki and the interbreeding of the two humanoid races produced the experience of disease in physicality.


Any unconscious thoughtform will attract an experience that demonstrates the thoughtform. Therefore, the Annanuki interbreeding and consequence of disease was the result of an unconscious predisposition of disease upon the part of the red race. In a parallel manner, Earth had allowed karma for disease to be displaced upon her from 8 other planets, which again caused the experience of disease to later be attracted into the consensus reality known as Earth. This demonstrates how one creates one’s own reality with one’s own thoughtform, whether that thoughtform is conscious or unconscious matters not.


This is confusing, for most are only aware of conscious thoughts. Generally speaking, it is one’s unconscious thoughts that contribute to life difficulties such as disease. Open to the internal landscape and inner world, and one will come face to face with their own unconscious thoughts, and from there can learn to edit them and release the karma underlying the thoughts. Karma is an emotionally traumatic incident from the past or past life ancestry that locks a particular thought in motion in the unconscious. Release the emotional charge and the thought can now change.


One can also become cognizant of karma that is not one’s own karma from one’s ancestry and choose to return it to the person, planet or star of origin. One cannot process karma that has not originated within one’s ancestry, and if left unprocessed would simply become one’s physical manifestation. Therefore, it is best to return such karma to where ever it originated.


For a long time and up until even recent months, Sirian and Pleiadian humans refused to take back the karma that had been deferred upon Earth and into the human dance. Earth collected such karma in a containment facility until enough power of thoughtform was present upon a global scale to return such karma in full and without it being yet again deferred back upon Earth. Finally, and through the frayed genetics of the humanoid species upon Sirius and in the Pleiades, the karma was returned and has remained where it was incurred.


In the lack of complete and thorough release of their own karma in their own ascensions, Sirian DNA in present time and in the 5th dimension is frayed. Such fraying of DNA is causing parallel problems to humans upon Earth including attachment and an ever increasingly rapid rate of a fall in consciousness. Why? Their deferral of karma caused a fall upon Earth, and now the karmic return of such a dance is to experience a fall in the Sirian dance. So, it goes with karma that is deferred. For a time, the effect of the cause is delayed until finally rectification is seen forth.


The Pleiadian race upon the other hand never took responsibility for the multitudes of manipulations perpetrated against Earth by a small family from their own civilization. Although this group incurring the karma is small, the karma incurred is great. Such karma is now being returned to the Pleiadian race, as they are the original cause. This karma includes the fall of humankind and nuclear annihilation of Earth at 3 times in history. The Pleiades much like Sirius is in for a parallel fall in consciousness, which is the karmic return of all of the karma deferred upon Earth from the Pleiades.


The Pleiadian dance has been explored in earlier volumes. In essence, the Pleiades failed to ascend home about 40 million years ago, and have sustained a dance of seeming love and light by breaking off and deferring all karma, density and unwanted souls on to 24 other planets, each of which has experienced a fall in consciousness over time much like Earth. 5 of such planets are resurrecting themselves much like Earth and choosing to ascend out of the dance. As such, the karmic cause of each fall in consciousness deferred will now come home to roost simultaneously. As such, the Pleiadian race will be hard pressed not to experience their returning karma.


Humans inherited a propensity of deferring karma much like their Pleiadian and Sirian ancestors. Many lineages in the current human structure have never experienced poverty, hunger or homelessness. Indeed, often such lineages end up the wealthiest humans upon Earth. Without an understanding of what it feels like to be impoverished, such humans have little compassion for those who exist in such a state, and therefore fail to allow for a greater equity in giving and receiving. There is enough for all, but in the hoarding to an extreme, extreme poverty must develop in counterbalance.


In a parallel manner, there are those human lineages that have never known disease. All karma for disease has been deferred on to other lineages that have known more than their fair share of disease. Such karmic deferment comes to an end now as through the process of recasting, the entire human species is having all karma incurred over the past 200,000 years of human history tallied. Karma that has been deferred from one lineage to another shall be returned causing those who perhaps have never known disease to suddenly experience such to balance the scales of cause and effect.


There is no other way to balance out the dance so that Earth may ascend, beloved. However, in the choice to ascend oneself, one need not experience the disease per se, but come to understand the thoughtform and karma behind the dance of disease and ascend beyond it. In so doing, one can release the karma without manifesting the physical outcome of one’s ancestral karmic debt.


One can choose to release all karma without manifesting any that would be adverse in nature in the physical. To a certain extent this is possible provided one intend it so upon a recurring basis. One can manifest the karma in the nonphysical and then release it instead of manifesting such karma in the physical. However, one will have to pay close attention to one’s inner planes of reality so that the lessons can be learned, brought to consciousness, and understood. It is only as lessons are learned in full that one can transcend any given dance in the human expression, including disease.


Multidimensional Ancestors


The purpose of ascension is to understand the thoughtform behind the dance, and then in the understanding, choose to transcend the thoughtform exiting the dance altogether. To exit the dance of pain and suffering, the karma for disease must be processed. The calendar year of 2020 is devoted to processing disease karma by all species upon Earth along with the multidimensional consensus for ascension. At this time, there are 18 planets and stars from Dimensions 3 through 360 choosing to ascend.


One not only has ancestors that are past life related, but multidimensional ancestors in human form. Many communicate with such ancestors sharing information back and forth to fuel the ascension of the entire human species. Asur’Ana in particular are in communication with all humans incarnate upon the ascending dimensions of your creation. Many a shared set of information has allowed her map making to flow forth with greater ease. As it is for her, so it is for each human that chooses not only to reach back in time, gathering one’s predecessors unto oneself, but also up the dimensions.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


At this time, human communication is becoming holographic. As one opens to holographic communication, one can speak to any species upon Earth or any consciousness within your creation, along with other humans upon other dimensions. This is the gift of holographic communication, it is not limited, and this creates the space for a sharing of knowledge and lessons learned that can then fuel the ascent of the whole of your creation forth.


New Merduk and Innana Karma Revealed


Out of the records of Mt. Olympus, another set of karmic cause of disease was revealed as of late. The records revealed how much Merduk hated Innana. He sought a way to destroy her long before the war between them broke out and ended in a nuclear annihilation. Merduk was familiar with holograms and the holographic nature of the human species. Through conscious intent, Merduk took the hologram of one of Innana’s lovers who was red and related to the God Goddess of the Sun Hologram. He altered the hologram of this particular red human to become outwardly harmful, anchoring 18 different types of diseases that would pass through to Innana through their lovemaking.


Indeed, Innana found herself becoming ill shortly thereafter. However, she also had enough awareness to see how it was passing through her beloved. Not only did she end the relationship, but also she passed the disease patterning on to the slave race, which absorbed it in lieu of Innana en masse. This caused the slaves to suddenly develop 18 different types of ailments, including 4 types of cancer of the nervous system, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, hepatitis, herpes, polio, arthritis, heart disease, uterus/ovarian cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, tetanus, leprosy and prostate cancer.


The red race also suddenly found itself plagued by these same diseases. Why? A red hologram was altered to bring forth Innana’s death through all 18 diseases concurrently by passing through such diseases unto another. Soon those of the red race engaging with others related to God Goddess of the Sun hologram became ill due to the energetic machinery and violence that flowed through one of their own kind.


However, the red race remembered how to alter genetics and grid work due to their understanding of ascension. Many tribes of the red race ascended out of the dance of disease subsequently and per the records gathered thus far. Although they ascended out of the disease, the red race could not perceive the original cause of disease, which was an alteration of the holographic dance and planes of reality. As a result, the karma repeated again in later history as the original cause, which was a holographic manipulation, went unperceived. When even a small portion of any karmic cause is not released, the karma remains and then re-enacts itself in one’s future ancestry.


Such karma repeated again and again as the white slave race has come into contact with the remains of the red seeded race. Did not the North American Indians die by the thousands from such diseases after the first contact with the white people in recent centuries? Did not the Hawaiians die by the thousands after Captain Cook discovered Hawaii? Did not this also occur to the South American Indians as the Spaniards arrived? Such contact activated ancient karma that the red race had altered the genetics for, but had not cleared the karma of in full. Therefore, the karma repeated as before as it had failed to be cleared in full.


Now however most indigenous folk are ascending, and they shall not only ascend out of disease but also out of their subservience to the western culture. They too like Asur’Ana are also releasing their holographic karma in perceiving the original cause so that this dance of disease need not occur again in the future human expression.


The Thoughtform of Hatred


There is another thoughtform we would like to explore out of the above karma revealed out of the records in Mt. Olympus. One is the thoughtform of hatred. Merduk hated. Hatred is the foundation of disease and warfare. Hatred turned inward manifests as disease, and outward as warfare or violence of all kinds, from emotional abuse to murder.


What is the cause of hatred? Hatred is the result of non-love. Over time, the False Intervention stripped the Annanuki upon Earth of the vibrations and tones of creation of love. As this occurred and was a thorough enough of a stripping, hatred followed. If one strips enough of the vibrations of love, then hatred, warfare and disease manifests in a species, along with a fall in consciousness. This is what the stripping of the tones of creation by the false intervention teaches the human species along with all species upon Earth.


For most of the Annanuki relatives, they understood not Merduk’s hatred. They could not perceive his internal reality, therefore, they also failed to perceive his harmful intent to destroy the family so that he could possess Earth himself alone. And so, his dance went unnoticed until warfare broke out. Even Innana knew not the cause of her ailments or that Merduk was behind such physical difficulties.


Merduk in his hatred tried to snuff out Innana in a multitude of ways. One way was to remove her fire. Innana used sexuality and internal fire or the kundalini energy system to regenerate herself. Such a dance required an ongoing set of lovers, some of which were of the slave race, and some of which were of the red race. Merduk knew this and tried to snuff her fire out. This was accomplished by Merduk tapping into Innana’s kundalini energy movement and stripping the fire away deliberately, but slow enough and over time that at first it was not noticed. Innana never perceived how or why her fire was being lost, and in seeing herself begin to age in the mirror, she chose to tap into the slave race drawing their fire for her own longevity. This had the effect of shortening the slave race lifespan along with the diseases and ailments that had already become prevalent.


Innana also had many red lovers, and over time also tapped into their kundalini stripping them also of fire. At first, such a stripping of fire was one to one rather than a dance that occurred throughout the red race en masse. However, once the pattern became holographic, it also began to show up in the red dance. These led to not only a drop in lifespan, but a fall in consciousness for the red race.


Fire is the main missing element upon Earth. Fire can be equated to life force and ultimately love. What did the False Intervention strip the most from Earth? Fire and all of the tones of creation related. What tones are related to fire? All tones are related to fire, but one will notice that fire burns in a yellow to orange range only upon Earth and upon your Sun.


Fire has only tones such as breath of life, freedom, non-conditional governance, and power that are yellow-orange in color; what has been lost? In fire, all tones related to compassion that is blue-green in color, non-conditional love that is silver in color, structure and divine union that are lavender in color, along with unity and forgiveness that are pink in color. One day in the future, fire will burn all 10 tones of the foundation of the Language of Light, and this will be a sign that fire has evolved beyond its own experience of separation and non-wholeness.


What occurs when such tones are removed in fire? The thoughtform of compassion, unity, non-conditional love, divine union and forgiveness is also lost. This is what occurred for Merduk; he lost the ability to relate to others in unity and have compassion and love for their life dance, and to forgive perhaps how such folk crossed him. In so doing, Merduk became hateful and later attempted to destroy his own family members. Is this not what has subsequently happened to humanity at large? For humanity has also been stripped of these same tones by the false intervention. Such stripping occurred simultaneously with the loss of fire or kundalini in the human energy movement.


Magnetic versus Electrical Elements


Ascension requires the movement of fire in the kundalini. It is fire that burns off karma and transmutes thoughtform in ascension. No fire, no ascension, and therefore the activation of the kundalini is paramount to ascension. However, such fire must be magnetic in nature to hold the Language of Light in order to become resonant with your creation.


Due to the alteration by Pleiadian and Orion scientists of Earth’s energetic biosphere, electrical and radioactive elements came to Earth. Such elements competed with the magnetic elements that were present in the origin of your creation. It was the electrical elements that were used by the False Intervention to strip the Annanuki of fire leading to their discord and ultimately their own destruction.


The scientists who manufactured the slaves in the laboratory utilized electrical elements to create the form. What role do the elements play in form? The elements allow the cellular structure to become physical giving time and space a place to exist within the third dimension. All four elements are required to create form. The element of earth holds the density of form; the element of air breathes life into form; the element of water provides the fluidity to the form; and the element of fire provides the life force to the form. Remove one element such as fire, and aging, illness and death shall follow.


After the Annanuki had annihilated themselves, the false intervention turned to the slave race and through the electrical elements, began to strip the fire therein. The same tones of creation of compassion, love, forgiveness, unity and divine union were stripped from the slave human dance. The slave race went from a peaceful civilization to hatred and warfare with one another. They turned upon their red neighbors in anger and violence. The red nations, who were not stripped of the tones of love in such a manner, and therefore remembered love, could not understand the dance of hatred plaguing their slave neighbors.


The red race did not understand, much like the Annanuki did not understand Merduk. In their lack of understanding, the red race could not perceive their own future annihilation. The slave race then annihilated in their hatred the red race again and again throughout history. Over time and just like the Annanuki, the slave race turned against itself, with slave nations warring upon one another. Each rise of a slave civilization has culminated such warfare in a nuclear holocaust. All of this occurred repeatedly due to the stripping of the element of fire and the tones of creation of love by the false intervention through the remains of the slave race.


This is happening one more time isn’t it? One can see by the recent turn of events the leadership in the West becoming increasingly violent and abusive towards the leadership in the East. Such humans at 2 strands are being stripped of their fire and the few remaining tones of love through genetic agreements with the False Intervention yet one more time. Such a stripping began after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and humans at 2 strands are falling deeper into the dance of hatred yet once again.


However, the karma for warfare and nuclear annihilation has been released. What Earth anticipates is that the ascent of the human species shall infuse unity into the dance in a powerful manner causing an alteration of the course of history. Those wishing to war will eventually be thrown from office and new officials elected that wish to retain world peace. This is coming beloved, and more rapidly than each may realize. Earth can see the dance stepping into form already upon the planes of manifestation. Such manifestations shall come to be in the coming 8-year cycle.


Electrical Elements and Disease


Electrical elements in a magnetic form leads to disease. Those related to half and half holograms or who are half Pleiadian and half Sirian in genetic material will have both magnetic and electrical elements present holding the form together. Such elements compete with one another, and in the competition literally kill the form. The electrical elements generally win much like the Annanuki won their dominion over the red seeded race. Furthermore, those running electrical elements tend to be dominant over others who run magnetic elements, and therefore this pattern contributes to the dance of abusive power within current human civilization.


The blueprint for ascension requires the gradual detoxification of all electrical elements along with electrical thoughtform throughout the form, and the gradual embracing of magnetic elements and the magnetic Language of Light thoughtform in its place. What is electrical thoughtform? One can consider Pleiadian thoughtform electrical in nature, as is False Intervention thoughtform. Such thoughtform may be unity-based in their own electrical creation, however in a magnetic creation electrical thoughtform seeks to dominate, subordinate and abuse others. Therefore, all abusive patterns are related to electrical thoughtform. Because disease is an internal form of abuse, disease also is related to electrical thoughtform.


It is through ascension that one alters thoughtform. We wrote extensively in our last transmission of the thoughtform of the Annanuki, and this defines what electrical thoughtform is in current human terms. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 20 “The Thoughtform Behind Disease”  for more information.)


Underlying such thoughtform is electrical elements. Intend to release the electrical elements replacing them with magnetic ones, and the thoughtform will release from the body simultaneously. It is the electrical elements that hold electrical thoughtform upon a biological level. Therefore, as one replaces electrical elements with magnetic ones, the form ascends into a magnetic crystalline structure in greater ease.


It is also magnetic elements that are related to the experience of magic in one’s life. Magic is an experience in which all falls into the divine timing of the dance. The dance in divine timing is harmonious and joyous with all others. It was as the electrical elements became prevalent upon Earth that magic was lost, along with divine timing. Retrieve the magnetic elements, and life becomes magical again. Magic equates to Heaven upon Earth or living again in the Garden of Eden.


One can also extend such magic outwards towards others. This is what Heaven upon Earth is, beloved. As one can create magical moments with all others that one touches, then one has anchored Heaven upon Earth in one’s own life dance.


Disease Machinery


Underlying the holographic manipulations that Merduk is responsible for are machines that cause disease. Those related to the red hologram manipulated by Merduk are the primary cause of such machinery becoming activated in any initiate’s life dance. Much like the red race that danced with a member of their own tribe who was host to such machinery and thoughtform, initiates dance with humans that are also related. In the dance, disease machinery is created and activated. Over time, this leads to a weakening of the form, aging, and a particular disease.


This form of “disease brokering” is so prevalent in the current human dance that most initiates will find that they have encountered one to five of such unconscious brokers in their current life dance. Each encounter repeats a pattern that had occurred within one’s ancestral lives long ago leading to disease. If one has ancestry to the slave race and a particular bandwidth that received the ovarian and uterus cancer disease from Innana, an encounter with a present day “Innana” in lineage or plus another related to the manipulated red hologram will re-enact the entire dance causing one to manifest such a disease.


All diseases are founded upon a set of machinery that is constructed from the grid work of the form. In essence, Merduk mutilated Innana’s grid work through her beloved, removing portions of her liver, kidney, spleen, heart, nervous system, uterus, and ovarian grid work, extending such grid work outside of the etheric body into a machine that perpetuated a loss of chi from such regions. Merduk then collected upon the chi to sustain his own life. The machinery also caused healthy grid work to be moved outside of the etheric body into other devices. Because the grid work was no longer present inside of the organs, Innana’s organs began to decay and die as they were not receiving enough chi. It is etheric grid work that transfers chi to all parts of the form to sustain the life of the cellular structure.


As Innana transferred the machinery on to the slave race, Merduk harvested of their chi en masse instead. Merduk’s plot failed to kill Innana and instead shortened the life of the slave race and caused disease to manifest therein. Furthermore, because a red hologram was manipulated, such machinery began to appear in the red race, Merduk also collected chi from the red race en masse.


It is Merduk’s ancestors to this day in all of his current expression that benefits from the chi generated by such disease machinery in the current human expression. What do such humans related to Merduk do with such chi? Sometimes such chi is used to amass fortunes; sometimes it is unconsciously bartered away to another who then amasses a fortune; sometimes it is unconsciously bartered away to other creations or the false intervention. This is how human chi en masse and fire has been sent to other dimensions within your creation along with the False Intervention over time, through such machinery originally designed to kill Innana on the part of Merduk. Little of such chi is used for life extension at this time, as the remembrance of how to extend life has been lost. Humans are simply caught in a dance that perpetuates self-destruction as a result of this karma.


Per the analysis of the Tao, the extremely shortened lifespan of the current human species to less than a century in present time is primarily a function of disease machinery that becomes activated due to encounters with disease brokers related to one red hologram over the course of any give life dance. Such machinery drains enough chi as it is activated to cause the form to age. The difference between those who live a longer life and those who die at an earlier age is directly related to when the karmic dance began with a given disease broker. The longer one has lived without such an encounter, or the stronger the form, the longer the form will live.


Often one will have four or five different encounters with brokers through different humans over the course of a given life. Because all humans will have some lineage to disease, no human is necessarily exempt from the dance, not even the brokers themselves. Sooner or later even the brokers related to the red hologram Merduk manipulated encounter another born under the same hologram and have machinery activated too. Therefore, all humans suffer from this pattern regardless of race. Because lineages and holograms have been manipulated, the broker will not be “red” or of indigenous origin either. Therefore, such brokers are prevalent in both the East and West at this time in history.


What does such disease machinery look like? Let us give an example of an initiate whom we shall name Flora. This initiate developed a form of cancer in her right leg; and within the sciatica nerve, there was a boot like device that was constructed from the nerve grid work. The grid work of the nerve was completely removed creating a machine that surrounded the leg that looked much like a ski boot. This machinery was used to send chi to those who had constructed the device along with the false intervention, and harvest etheric blood, which was sent to the Mahatma Planes.


The Mahatma planes collected etheric blood from ascending initiates to sustain the life of the etheric bodies that the “ascended masters” who never really ascended used as a nonphysical vessel. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 18 “The Truth Bearers Unite”  for more information on the dismantling of the Mahatma planes in recent months of Earth’s global ascent.) Therefore, the Mahatma planes and all beings associated have learned to use such machines for their own purposes at the expense of ascending initiates.


There were also 8 devices constructed above Flora’s head from grid work out of the spinal column and brain. Such machines created over time cancer of the brain and spinal column. Such devices were used to send chi to the Mahatma Planes and the false intervention. As the machines were dismantled and the underlying karmic cause released, the grid work was reconstructed allowing enough chi to become available again to resurrect that which had become cancerous. Flora then subsequently recovered from the disease in all parts of her form.


Another initiate whom we shall name Larry developed cancer of the spleen, liver and kidneys. Such machinery sat outside of his solar plexus region and was constructed from the grid work once contained inside of the spleen, liver and kidneys. Chi was sent from the machinery to the Mahatma planes and the False Intervention. Again, as the machines were dismantled and the grid work of the spleen, liver and kidneys reconstructed, there was enough chi available to resurrect the cancer therein, allowing Larry a full recovery. This was not a pleasant experience for either of them, but demonstrates the nature of the dance of disease and the underlying energetic dynamics for each to better understand.


Each who is either contending with disease or disease karma will find such machinery present. Perhaps one had a karmic encounter in the past, or multiple encounters of the same nature, and now has such machinery around a part of the etheric body. Now one has the capacity to release the karmic origins of such machinery and release the disease before it manifests in the physical. If one has a disease already, the machinery can be released allowing the form the chi necessary to recover. The capacity to recover for any form will be directly related to how strong the body is. The stronger the form, the easier it shall be to ascend out of disease.


Hatred and Disease


Those with disease or who are prone to disease are inwardly harmful. More or less this equates to turning hatred inward rather than outward in one’s thoughtform. Generally, those prone to inward hatred will attract a partner or beloved or be born to parents that outwardly hates. Such is the nature of polarity. Such hatred may not be expressed in the physical, and such humans may appear loving and wonderful in the persona. However, if one examines the dance in the unconscious, which expresses itself energetically, one will see the hatred expressed through outward energetic harmfulness. Such harmful humans unconsciously shatter the grid work, chakras and subtle bodies of others around them, particularly of those who have a propensity to be inwardly harmful.


Sometimes the outwardly harmful individual has created disease machinery in the other’s form. Sometimes the machinery is first created in a karmic encounter with another disease broker who caused one’s ancestry to become ill at another time, and then the outwardly harmful individual uses the machinery to take chi, or further shatter the related part of the form that such machinery hooks into. Such a dance over time will lead to disease and death.


Initiates prone to disease therefore will have to examine their closest relationships. If the relationship is harmful, one may require ending the dance lest one end up diseased in their ascent. Or if one is diseased, one may require ending the dance in order to recover.


Initiates prone to disease will have to examine their inwardly harmful and hateful thoughtform. Such thoughtform is founded upon the belief that one is to be used, abused, and is inherently worthless and unimportant. One therefore sacrifices oneself for the survival of the other. Beloved, no one need be sacrificed, as all are God Goddess in form. As the thoughtform of self-hatred is transmuted, the disease machinery can fall off along with it, for such machinery hooks into the grid work upon such thoughtform.


Slave Warriors


Where did such outward and inward harmfulness originate from in human history? Merduk not only manipulated the hologram of one red race human to cause disease machinery to be constructed to kill Innana, but later developed slaves for warfare. Such slaves were energetically abusive. The abusive slaves tapped into the machinery that had then become heavily prevalent in the slave race and red race in relation to disease at that time in history. Such slaves used such chi to energetically mutilate others by shattering grid work, chakras and subtle bodies. Merduk used such slaves in his warfare against Innana.


Some of such slaves were created to appear white in skin color, and others red in skin color. Such slaves were designed to not feel and abuse others both physically and nonphysically. The white slave warrior was a derivative of the original slave race but with only 1,024 segments of DNA. All slaves were incubated from the hologram known as Demeter, which is thought of as the “mother of the slaves”. Therefore, Demeter is also related to the white warrior slave lineages. 8 red holograms were used in constructing the red warfare slaves that also held only 1,024 segments of DNA. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


Those born with such holograms suffer from outwardly abusive patterning to this day. The terrorists who drove the planes into the New York Trade Center are an example of this type of red human in the physical in present time. The SS and Nazi movement in Germany or the Klu Klux Klan in the US is an example of those in white form of this nature in present time. Such genetics breed humans with very limited thoughtform that polarizes one against another for war, terrorism and abuse. Such humans will become extinct in the coming decade of cleansing, as they are blocked from ascending beyond 2 strands at this time by Earth. This is to prevent global war, beloved, and must be so.


For every one of such humans that could or would cause outward violence such as terrorism, murder or emotional abuse, there are countless others that repress such violence into the nonphysical leading to nonphysical or energetic harm. Such nonphysical harm is just as deadly, but kills through disease and not murder or outward acts of violence. Initiates will find that they have many of such types of humans in their life dance, either at home, at the workplace, as friends, or as children. In understanding the origins of such human nature, one can more freely clear the karma and complete with such humans whom, because of their unconscious harmful nature, would prevent one’s ascension otherwise through disease.


Lineages for Ascension


In the intermixing of humans due to interbreeding over time, all lineages are related to all others. Therefore, most initiates will have one or two lineages related to warfare slaves, along with a host related to the non-warfare variety of slave, and a series related to the ancient red race in the 144 lineages that comprise one’s tapestry of ancestry. However, humans who are outwardly abusive such as terrorists will primarily be of warfare slave lineage and utilized such lineages to construct the form in the womb. One’s nature is directly related to the DNA used in forming the body beloved.


Humans at 2 strands are born with only 24 lineages. If most of the 24 are primarily slave warrior in nature, a terrorist is born. However, such terrorists may repress their terrorism into the nonphysical causing disease instead with all that are inwardly harmful that they know.


Initiates born with the intent to ascend will draw lineages related to the ancient red ancestry who led ascension at another time in Earth’s history. As one ascends, one reconstructs the tapestry to be 144 lineages in size adding lineages related to the original 24 that construct one’s archetypal nature. Although 24 lineages are used to construct the body in the womb, as one ascends, one begins to draw upon other lineages if need be to create the crystalline ascension template.


As an ascending initiate, one has access to all 144 lineages, and must clear the karma for all 144 in order to be complete with one’s personal history. It is only as one completes with their personal history in the burning of all karma that one can work one’s way out of the wheel of birth, death and rebirth in the third dimension. Each ascending to 3,000 segments has the capacity to work their way out of the wheel of reincarnation in this lifetime, as it only requires embodying 3000 segments of DNA 100% to clear all personal ancestral karma in all 144 lineages. This is a grand gift of adult ascension beloved; as one’s ancestry will become free, free to ascend to the next dimension with Earth.


As one has all 144 lineages present, and there are enough red lineages, one is considered suited to ascension to 3,000 segments or beyond as one has inheritance for such. Some of such lineages must be related to those who led ascension at another time or are otherwise known as the Grand Masters, as this is where one draws upon their knowledge for transmutation of thoughtform. The Grand Masters were the seeded ones who had extremely large heads as often depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.


The tapestry is constructed to be complete with 144 lineages by initiation 1,800 in each initiate’s ascension. To move beyond 1800, one must have grand master inheritance or can go no further. Why? It is the grand master lineages that one draws upon as only such lineages hold knowledge upon ascension. The ascent to 1,800 is more or less mechanized, and requires not transmutation or alteration of thoughtform upon a conscious level. To move beyond this, one must be able to transmute thoughtform, as it is after 1,800 that one begins to embrace the Language of Light and transmute electrical patterning.


Without an ability to transmute thoughtform from one’s inheritance, one cannot ascend beyond 1800, and those attempting ascension without such inheritance only proved to fail. Such failure often leads to disease as such initiates take the grid work and information from others rather than creating their own. Why? Such initiates without ancestry to real ascension lack the inherent ability to ascend, which requires transmutation of thoughtform and the ability to create grid work or alter genetic material. Such folk attempted to ascend by constructing their field and form much like a patchwork quilt out of the ascension of others. Such forms of ascension lead only to disease as another’s grid work or information will never be resonant with one’s own structure. It also mutilates the ascension of those who have sincere inheritance for such, causing problems for the entire ascension movement.


Earth is therefore blocking any ascension beyond 1,800 unless one has inheritance to ascension in one’s tapestry of ancestry. However, even those vibrating at 1,800 have ascended well out of the 2 strand dance of life in human form beloved. Such lives are far less polarized, and far more joyful than prior to their ascent. Even at 1800, such humans contribute to the ascent of the whole in holding a higher frequency than those at 2 strands. Furthermore, the future generations will be seeded with the ability to ascend as a birthright.


Earth is phasing an entire new set of human holograms into the dance through the generational ascent of humankind. All holograms and lineages presently used to construct the human species shall become extinct, but spawn a new set of holograms and lineages giving birth to children with the new holographic and archetypal patterns founded upon unity. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3  Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth”  for more information.) All new holograms will hold the grand master information on how to ascend, transmute thoughtform, alter DNA, and alter grid work. No future human will be devoid of an ability to ascend beloved, and therefore all future humans will be capable of ascending with Earth home again.


At this time, roughly 7 billion humans are making their way through ascension to a vibration of 1,800 segments. It is anticipated that this shall be complete in the coming 14 months. It is seen that out of this approximately 25% of the 7 billion will have inheritance to red ascension lineages and be able to push on to 3,000 segments of DNA or higher. This too shall support the ascent of Earth by bringing forth a bridge between the old and new paradigms.


For those who are ascending in adult form to 3,000 segments or higher, one is ascending towards this new archetypal patterning in embracing the Language of Light thoughtform now. One becomes a bridge between the old and new paradigms in so doing, which has the capacity to launch and birth the new era ahead. Therefore, do not underestimate your contribution beloved. Please carry forth as there is little time to birth this new era ahead.




Earth no longer blames humanity for the dance of disease. There is great compassion and forgiveness upon Earth’s part for that which has occurred. For no human has been devoid of the experience of pain and suffering in one’s extended tapestry of ancestry. All humans have suffered as a result of this dance. The only way out of the dance is to ascend out by evolving the biology and thoughtform beyond the principles of hatred and harm.


As it is for the human species, so it is for Earth as a consensus. Earth too must ascend out of her harmful thoughtform, and this is what this year ahead represents. Outwardly harmful patterns related to warfare have been transcended by Earth as of last year. Now the inwardly harmful patterns are to be addressed. As this comes to be so, no harmful patterns will remain for the consensus known as Earth. As such a shift translates into the physical in the coming quarter century, a new era shall unfold of peace, love, unity and honor for all species upon Earth.


We invite each reading this book to explore one’s own ancestral dance that is related to the information presented today. The origins of disease began long before the nuclear annihilation of the Annanuki. Although the nuclear blasts distorted the DNA in yet other ways leading to deformity of all kinds, disease was prevalent long before their dance escalated into such a disastrous outcome. Each in order to transcend disease must release the karmic roots, which now appear to be related to the dance of hatred between Innana and Merduk.


One may wonder about the other members of the cast of characters of the Annanuki? They too had a specific dance. However, the dance of the other family members is less related to disease, and more related to the issues of slavery and dominion along with poverty, starvation, greed and homelessness. Such issues shall be the focus for ascending initiates along with Earth in 2021 and 2022.


Until our next communication, we leave you with these thoughts from the ancient Lemurian ancestors:


Om nanu nomi nani o. Oko onu ohou ho. Haki hani hani hi. Ano ono ahi ho.


“Truth leads to harmony that blesses all around oneself. Non-truth leads to disharmony that harms. Return to truth and life becomes abundant with love.”


Book’s Acknowledgements


Much gratitude and appreciation to all of my teachers for all of your love and support on my journey of spiritual awakening and ascension.


May each who reads the Ascension Insights series be touched deeply and awaken unto one’s own God Goddess within.


May humanity stand in honor and support again of all kingdoms upon Earth.


Let us make it so, Ho!


Love and Spirit’s Blessings,



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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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