Image of the Galaxy and Stars. The Ancient Grand Master History Upon Earth

1. The Ancient Grand Master History Upon Earth


Book Cover Image: Art Painting “Star Dreaming” by Alma Nungarrayi Granites


Book’s Introduction


This book offers a series of articles from the consciousness of the Ancient Grand Masters who were seeded upon Earth by the Sirian human race for the purposes of perpetuating human life upon Earth and ascending the human species. These ancient ancestors had large heads three times the size of the largest human cranium in present time. Such brain capacity allowed the Grand Masters more awareness than the greatest scientists of our time. However, their focus and purpose at the time incarnate was to maintain peace and ascend their forms, clearing a pathway into the fourth dimension for Humanity and Planet Earth alike.


Many Ascension Blessings!


Aloha Nui Loa,

Asur’Ana and Per


Chapter 1


It is the ancient ones who greet you today to share a little about our lifetimes and journey that occurred long ago. We began our lives, all 48 of us, upon the planet known as Sirius over 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years). Sirius was a third dimensional planet much like Earth at the time, with mountains high and valleys deep, along with rivers, streams and lakes the size of small oceans. Sirius A was not a water planet; Sirius B had become a water planet due to warfare with the Pleiades over territorial disputes and resources in foreign solar systems. Such warfare had shattered the ice shields creating oceans upon Sirius B about 1,000 years before we were born.


(NOTE: When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.)


Earth Manipulatively Chosen for Extinction


Each of us Grand Masters had different parents that were of the “spiritual elite” upon Sirius. We were bred for the specific purpose of moving to Earth in adulthood and fulfilling upon karmic agreements between Sirius, the Pleiades and supposedly Earth. Now we say “supposedly”, as Earth actually had no agreements to host human life, and the entire seeding of the human species occurred against Earth’s will and due to the manipulative dance of certain forces prevalent in your creation that had chosen Earth to be the next place to fall and be “pulled apart”.


Creations come and go into extinction on a recurrent basis in your creation to sustain yet other creations upon upper dimensions in need of fresh grid work and etheric blood to survive. Now this may seem rather “gross” to think about, however it is not much different than how one puts one’s cows out to pasture or fattens one’s pigs for the slaughter to sustain human life. One can see that human life in present time emulates the destructive forces in your Creation in nature as such.


Most of the real cosmic level agreements as to why we and humans were to be seeded upon Earth were hidden from us at the time that we moved to Earth. In hindsight, we were seeded to bring forth a destructive cycle that would lead to global extinction to suspend the life of others upon upper dimensions beyond Cosmic level in vibration. Had we known this upfront, we would have never chosen to come to Earth.


We were 400 years old at the time we arrived upon Earth and considered mature adults. Sirian human form held a 2,000 years lifespan; the first 400 years were for experiencing the world and learning. As this is so for the average human, this is also for those of larger brain capacity that is the spiritual governance of Sirius. Spiritual elite generally ascended at the end of their lifespan, carrying on upon the dimension of consciousness above; or merging form with soul and entering a nonphysical state of being. Sirian spiritual elite therefore did not experience death and reincarnation as the other “class of human” did.


Sirian and Pleiadian 2-Class System


You can see in this that Sirius holds a 2-class system; one of those of greater awareness and those of lesser awareness that were somehow pared down in genealogy at some other time in history. In our greater understanding in present time of how a two-class system breeds discrimination, hypocrisy, dogma, hatred and warfare as it has been emulated upon Earth through human civilization, we would say that having any form of class system is wrong and leads to the destruction of the whole.


We have learned our spiritual lesson here and in the observation of the repetitious nature of human history to self-destruct. Such destruction has come primarily out of another two-class system that was constructed upon Earth by the Pleiadian race or family of Anu. The Anu likewise bred a slave race and seeded them upon Earth. It is this race primarily that is western and white in present time that has repeatedly sought to war and destroy other nations in their belief of superiority.


However, such humans are of a root race that is actually pared down and far less in understanding or brain capacity than even the most pared down human upon Sirius at the time that we were alive. And so, you see such white superiority is not only a great lie, as humans of this holographic origin actually know very little; but is the result of the arrogance of knowing so little that one believes that one knows everything, and out of knowing everything, one is therefore superior.


Generational Ascension Planned


It is for this reason and under our guidance and in collaboration with Mother Earth that we are orchestrating a generational ascent out of the dance of any form of genealogical class system. 150 years into the future, all humans will have equal holographic knowing; all shall have the larger brain capacity that we knew in our own lives and incarnations. All shall therefore know that they are equal and out of such knowing, fulfill upon the original purpose that we were seeded upon Earth, which is to ascend to the fourth dimension along with Earth returning home unto the Great Central Sun. In so doing, a new human civilization shall be born that is founded upon equality, unity of purpose, and support of Earth in her evolutionary journey Home.


Spiritual lessons, understanding and growth is the purpose for taking form; form learns and so does spirit or soul. In our case, we came to Earth with souls from Sirius that desired to experience the ascent of Earth into the fourth dimension and support our supposed agreements to settle karma with the Pleiades. Such karma turned out to be manipulated; Earth was never involved in the disputes between Sirius and the Pleiades and should not have been pulled into the dance.


In this, the karma now flows back to the Pleiades and Sirius who has since ascended into the fifth dimension; along with the karma for the fall of Earth through the human species, as there were no agreements for human life upon Earth as humanity was originally seeded. A heavy karma and burden to inherit from our point of view, and karma that must be settled before Sirius re-enters the Great Central Sun, making her return journey home perhaps more difficult than she ever anticipated, and maybe as difficult as Earth’s.


Our Spiritual Training on Sirius


Upon Sirius, we knew a loving childhood with aunties and grandparents that supervised us up through 50 years of age or so. Then we moved into the high mountainous regions of Sirius that is primarily inhabited by the Spiritual Elite, and began our training for this life, spiritual purpose, and future time upon Earth. Our training was vast; we chose not to marry or interbreed, as this was perceived as only a purpose for those of lesser spiritual status upon Sirius. We chose to master spiritual focuses that allowed us a vast understanding of creational principles, including instant manifestation, teleportation, and levitation; transcendence of physical law in other terms. These gifts were present in our fields and forms as we were left upon Earth after many visits to make sure that this is the future that we desired.


Our Distortion Upon Earth


Our dream of coming to Earth and what it would entail altered drastically within 100 years of our seeding. At this time, we relayed messages home to “come pick us up”. We attempted to teleport as we once could and found out we could not. Alas, no one responded to our telepathic communications; why this was so was not understood at the time and felt like a deep betrayal of our family. In hindsight we had distorted enough that our language had mutated and indeed our Sirian family could not hear our cries for help.


Why we had gone into such great distortion, which caused our language to mutate enough that it could not be heard by our Sirian relations, has just come to be understood in the past year of ascension of the few upon the surface of the Earth mastering full consciousness and beyond, along with a handful ascending into the fourth dimension in the Inner Earth who are clearing up the debris from many incomplete ascensions in earlier times in Earth’s history. We are working through such humans to correct the distortion that we went into, and subsequently pulled Earth into without awareness or an ability to seemingly correct at the time that it occurred.


Renegade Souls from Sirius Transferred to Human Seeding


We have come to understand that there were a group of renegade souls hiding in human form that had been seeded upon Earth 25,000 years before our arrival (100,000 human years). These humans were not like Sirian pared down nations from home, although they had been seeded with parallel encoding of 18 root race genealogies; these humans had mutated somehow, and many of the original root races had perished. We now understand that only 7 of the 18 root races seeded survived, and that dark forces used most root races to host 1 billion unwanted souls that were transferred to Earth from Sirius; they were moved into human form upon Earth as they were interfering with the potential future ascension of Sirius.


Such souls were so destructive that they caused the extinction of 11 tribes in less than a single human generation (1,000 years). The original tribes seeded upon Earth, although pared down in genealogy, retained a genetic structure that regenerated and held a 2,000-year lifespan. These one billion destructive souls have remained upon Earth and become the primary cause of the falls in consciousness of the surface Earth humans. Such souls are related to but not exactly the same as the false gods. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 7 “Earth’s Perspective on the History of the Human Dream” for more information on the false gods.)


The false gods were seeded with the original humans upon Earth. They later received the 1 billion renegade souls from Sirius, which was their agreement at the time of seeding. The false gods arranged sacred geometry that shattered the 1 billion souls into subservience. Alas, the sacred geometry that shattered the souls also shattered the human forms that they were incarnate into causing the extinction of 11 tribes; records from the land released due to Earth’s continued global ascension account for roughly 11 tribes of 90 to 120 humans each that perished in this manner.


The false gods then used such souls later against us Grand Masters to obtain our information. For you see, we held great information on how to command magnetic reality as we had learned such and demonstrated such in our own spiritual mastery. We had never known souls that wished to destroy or take of knowledge that had not been spiritually earned through one’s own evolution. And so, we were vastly unprepared for the nonphysical dance awaiting us upon Earth.


The False Gods Possessed Our Fields


It took time for the red false gods to enter our field. They were so different in thoughtform that they literally stood outside of our dream and fields, and only able to observe for a very long time. In their observation little by little, they found means of manipulating the outside of our fields until they could penetrate. Then after the false gods penetrated, little by little, they whittled away at our souls, demolishing them and stripping them of their knowledge.


This possession of us occurred so gradually that it went unnoticed as it took upwards of 100 years to fulfill upon in full. However, we felt off, and different from within, and it is why we attempted at this time to make contact with our family and spiritual masters from home for assistance and advice. Alas, they could not hear us as the manipulations had mutated our thoughtform so extensively that we could not be heard. We also had been stripped so significantly that we had lost our mastery and could no longer teleport or instantly manifest. The false gods took such information for their own purposes.


Our Failed Attempt to Ascend Some Red Nations Peoples


We then became guided from within and by the false gods to attempt to ascend some of the red nations peoples seeded before us, when this was never perceived as a possibility before. Alas we discovered only too late that this was a vast mistake, and would lead to our own demise. The humans upon Earth were primitive in nature, living from roots and plants in simple dwellings constructed from the local flora and fauna. Much perhaps like the Hawaiians or Africans before contact with the white man, these nations lived as though they were a part of the animal kingdoms instead of expressing the magnificence of the human kingdom in our perception.


Our role as we saw it was to educate these humans as to their own magnificence, and ascend a small number creating a genealogical bridge to greater awareness. This was the vision we received as projected into our dream by the false gods that had possessed our fields. This dream took our attention away from how we had lost our knowledge and we moved on to other focuses.


Small numbers of each tribe were gathered for the purposes of ascension in four regions upon Earth and under major chakra centers. These humans were removed from their tribes and told that they were joining us for a special purpose and would return to share of their learning in due course. Such humans were taken to our “temples” which had been constructed through instant manifestation techniques out of minerals at the time that we could manifest in this manner. These temples were used to attempt to ascend the human genealogy of the 7 root races as seeded by Sirius. The false gods also told us that as we did so, we would regain all of the information we had lost. Alas this is not what occurred.


Something went wrong in the dance; whatever knowledge we had about ascension was not enough to work with the genealogy of these particular humans. These humans ascended into energetic violence that began to rip us apart in the etheric. We chose to end the experiment and return the humans unto their tribes. What we did not realize is that the false gods were also stripping the majority of our own ascension information for their own use; furthermore, we could not perceive that the ascension of these humans actually inflated the false gods into a powerful nonphysical force. This inflated the destructive thoughtform of the false gods into global thoughtform that overran surface Earth life.


The Few of Us Who Survived Relocated to Inner Earth


As our ascension groups were disbanded, we began to see that these souls were problematic, and attempted to remove them from Earth along with ourselves. Alas, the false gods turned against us and began to pull us apart from the inside out so rapidly that all but a few of us died within a short time period. The few that escaped moved to the Inner Earth and close to the Aurora. This region of domain held a much higher vibration and thoughtform in which the false gods could not penetrate.


Those of us that went into the Inner Earth were able to separate from the false gods that were destroying us and survive. We connected and communed with new souls of a photonic nature that were more greatly attuned to what we had known from home. These souls repaired our fields, and assisted us in retrieving enough of our knowledge that we recovered our mastery. They further guided us to ascend to the fourth dimension as originally planned.


There were only six of us remaining, two male and four female in gender. Some of the outer Earth humans had also migrated to the Inner Earth. These Inner Earth humans were gentler in energy flow due to the nature of the interior of Earth, which was so much higher in vibration than the exterior even at this time of history. We chose not to ascend these humans this time however, having learned our lesson in our experience upon the surface of the Earth.


Our Offspring’s Distorted Ascension


We left three offspring behind with purely Grand Master genetic strain, one female and two males. The other humans provided a tribe of sorts that our offspring could remain with after our departure into the next dimension. This assured that the knowledge would be passed on for future generations to draw upon. This would also assure the continued ascent of small tribes of humans in the Inner Earth that would support the overall ascent of Earth home into the Great Central Sun into the future. Or so we perceived at the time that we ascended.


Our ascension was more or less complete to the degree that we could accomplish at this time in history. Subsequent ascensions of our future offspring became problematic however. Over time a distortion developed. Our future ancestors went into enough distortion that they could not hear us any longer and we could no longer guide them. In the forgetfulness, our future ancestors chose to try and include others from outside of our genetic strain in their ascension temples.


As some humans without our inheritance ascended, again as upon the surface of the Earth, destructive thoughtform was inflated along with them. The distortion became greater and greater as more and more groups of Inner Earth human ascensions included those of non-Grand Master genealogy. In time, the entire Aurora distorted and went into putrid colors of pus green, mustard yellow, dirty red, green and blue.


In order to compensate for this, the distortion of the Aurora and Inner Earth was pushed onto the outer Earth human civilization. This allowed the tones to be purified enough that some purity could remain in the Inner Earth. However, the distortion as pushed upon the outer Earth was the underlying cause of why a group of humans who were so harmful known as the Pleiadian Anu family came to Earth; they were drawn as they resonated with the destructive paradigm that was the result of incomplete Inner Earth’s ascensions.


Problems Associated with Incomplete Ascension


Incomplete ascension causes a portion of the form to be left behind in the third dimension. Upon a biological level, one can think of this as if not all cells of each organ, gland or system are constructed fully into a fourth dimensional photonic form. Those cells that are crystalline instead of photonic combusts as the ascension is launched into the fourth dimension.


Combustion of cells in ascension causes combustion thoughtform to become increasingly exaggerated as a global thoughtform for all species to attune unto, including humankind. Combustion is parallel unto nuclear fission. Over time and as enough incomplete ascensions occurred, combustion thoughtform became so great in the Earth dream that the family of Anu came to Earth, created nuclear armament, and as a war broke out amongst them, chose to annihilate Earth in a nuclear holocaust in retaliation towards each other.


This nuclear annihilation occurred 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years) and it set back all of Earth into a minor ice age. That which was fourth dimensional and had been lovingly created over hundreds of ascensions of Inner Earth human groups suddenly fell back into the third dimension. The third dimensional surface Earth was ripped open into second dimensional vibrations, and a fall so great in consciousness occurred for all species that we felt that the dance might never be recovered. We sadly perceived that a future extinction of Earth might be the only recourse into the future. All Inner Earth ascension ceased from this point in history forward.


Earth gradually recovered from her ice age, although the polar caps are still frozen in present time, and the wobble in her rotation continues to exist creating your seasons upon those continents close enough to the poles to experience such. Over time, our hope returned and we foresaw a day in which our vision for a future ascent of Earth might be born.


Pressing Ascension Thoughtform onto Outer Earth


Although two subsequent generations of surface Earth humans went down the same path as the Anu and created nuclear warfare and annihilation, the technology was not devastating enough to cause the level of damage as before. The Inner Earth peoples managed to retain enough of their genetic inheritance to foster the first attempt to ascend beginning 100 years ago. Such ascensions began in small numbers, and some have successfully pushed into the fourth dimension; each that does so sheds further light on the problems of ascension in ancient times, clearing the pathway to resolving the global problems so that our species can clear its karma and all may ascend Home.


Over time, it became obvious to Inner Earth ascending humans that some outer Earth ascension of humanity must occur in order to understand the karma that had been incurred during the era of the Anu in particular. A plan was set in motion to press the thoughtform of ascension onto the outer Earth. This began over 100 years ago, and has fostered a handful of indigenous humans that have begun their ascent out of their destructive thoughtform back into the paradigm of unity that is a part of their red seeded inheritance from Sirius.


Asur’Ana and Per are two of another group that are non-indigenous in their present incarnations, but hold ancestry to the Ancient Grand Masters. We also pressed our intention through Inner-Earth ascension for a small number of ascensions of those with more recent ancestry to the Anu or Anu slaves, but with ancient red ancestry unto us, so that all of the karma associated with the Anu history could be revealed, understood and released in full. For without this, the ascension of the whole of Earth would be prevented.


Spiritual versus Physical Ascension


The ascension process that Earth and some humans are undertaking at this time makes possible the embodying of a state of being which has been written of and sought after in many spiritual traditions upon Earth for eons of time. The ascension process requires the dedication and ongoing conscious intent to ascend. It is the assessment of the Grand Masters that it would be impossible to bring forth a state of harmlessness to those in human form who wish to remain unconscious or to those who refuse to take conscious responsibility for their own personal spiritual evolution. We see that the vast majority of humanity has no interest in spiritual pursuits and has no intent to ascend.


Therefore, as a side project to “complete ascension”, the ancient ones are also bringing forth a form of ascension that will allow all souls upon Earth to evolve beyond the earth plane. This form of ascension does not require a physical ascension into the fifth dimension, but it does require all soul-related Earth and solar karma to be released. It also requires the bare minimum of the physical completion of Initiation 1024 (or embodying 1024 DNA segments), both within humanity at large as well as globally. This form of ascension will create a homecoming for all souls who have been trapped upon Earth for so very long.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


According to the Grand Masters’ assessment, about 50% of Earth’s day-to-day functions have been mechanized by the false gods who have directed her for the past 300,000 years. Earth is gradually transmuting all of the machineries within the next 300 years of a generational ascension to the fourth dimension, before physical ascension to the fifth dimension estimated to begin in 2300 AD. Therefore, ascension to the fifth dimension is a 1,000 years process. Physical ascension requires conscious control of all planetary functions.


All souls who take their spiritual ascension separate from a physical ascension will continue their spiritual evolution in fifth-dimensional form. They will have the opportunity to incarnate in any one of the many galaxies of fifth-dimensional civilizations present within your Creation.


Earth’s Changing Energy Source


We wish to make our present day relations aware of the impending changes in Earth’s electromagnetic energy flow. Such changes will affect humanity in due course, and it is our wish to bring such change to the conscious understanding of those who are ascending at this time in history. In order to explain the origin of your current source of chi, which is electromagnetic in nature, we must delve a little into Earth’s history.


2 million Earth years ago (8 million human years), Earth’s energy supply was only magnetic in nature. During this time, Earth had a species of Dinosaurs upon her that were vegetarian in nature, i.e., they subsisted off of the lush tropical vegetation that was abundantly available upon Earth at that time. At this juncture, Earth made an agreement that was the karmic fulfillment from an earlier juncture of Earth’s history to receive or take on electric energy from Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri, for those who are not aware, is one of the solar systems that the beings known as the Greys exist within. It was the diamond and gold kingdoms upon Earth that agreed to hold the electric energy now to be projected from Alpha Centauri.


The electric energy was non-resonate with the nervous system of the Dinosaurs residing upon the Earth plane. The nervous system of the Dinosaurs along with all other life forms upon Earth were designed to run upon magnetic energy only. As Earth began to receive electrical energy from Alpha Centauri, the energy was far stronger than had ever been present upon Earth before. The nervous system of the Dinosaurs began to deteriorate, and within the process, they became carnivorous, i.e., they began to eat one another rather than just subsisting off of the vegetation. Such carnivorous behavior can be considered violent in nature, so one could assess that electric energy in a magnetic system leads to violence.


What we can accrue from this experience is that electric energy within a form that is designed to receive only magnetic energy does several interesting things. First, it deteriorates the cellular structure. Why is this? Well, this is simple. Magnetic energy is a circular energy flow, electric energy is a straight energy flow. In prior materials, Asur’Ana has spoken at length about straight or angular energy flow and how it cuts holes into the rotation of the chakras of the human auric field thus causing a deterioration of the subtle bodies leading to disease. Electric energy has a similar effect.


If you could imagine that at the time that the dinosaurs existed, the magnetic energy was just enough of a supply to assist the molecules of their forms rotating. The molecular structure known upon Earth both during the era of the Dinosaur along with present time is a solar system type energy flow, i.e., particles rotate around an atom. As the magnetic energy gently flows in a circular manner, it fuels the rotation of the particles around each atom, which sustains life. Now, imagine another type of energy flow coming to Earth which is like lightning. As such energy enters the molecules, it brings far more energy than the molecular structure can handle at one time. This causes some of the molecules to cease vibrating altogether or to “blow up” and disintegrate.


75,000 Earth years ago (300,000 human years), humanity was seeded upon Earth by Sirius. This followed a “natural disaster” in which a large asteroid hit Earth around the Mojave Desert region of Southern California causing a large cloud of dust to rise within the atmosphere. This dust blocked the sun and created an “ice age” which killed all of the dinosaurs, which were designed to live in a tropical environment. It took 120,000 human years for this ice age to thaw out.


Sirius also knew only a magnetic energy flow upon their two planets. As such, the human genetics seeded upon Earth needed only a magnetic flow of energy to sustain it. Again, the electrical pulses flowing from Earth due to her earlier agreements with Alpha Centauri began to deteriorate the human nervous system. As this occurred, humanity descended in vibration because it is the nervous system that sustains the vibration of the form. As humanity descended, civilization over time went from a peaceful, loving, nurturing environment to warring, thievery, slavery and abuse. The cause of this change is the electrical energy source which was not conducive to the nervous system of the human form.


Please understand that this shift in human civilization was gradual and took many thousands of years to emerge. The shift in the human genetics was a result of the consistent damage that the electrical energy pulses had upon the molecular structure of all of Earth including humanity, which ultimately affected the genetics of the human species. Over time, such pulses damaged enough of the nervous system that humanity lost consciousness.


There are other contributing factors to the overall decline of Earth’s vibration that we would also like to mention, one of which was the consistent mining of gold on the part of the Pleiadians, the Reptilians, and the Greys. Gold holds the “Golden Octave of the Buddha” upon the Earth plane. The Golden Octave is the octave that can transmute anti-matter. Anti-matter tears holes through matter. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 9 “Christ and Buddha Are ONE” for more information on the “Golden Octave of the Buddha”.)


Earth is continuously bombarded with anti-matter day and night, as is all other sectors of your creation. The anti-matter has come from the numerous nuclear wars that have destroyed entire galaxies in the history of your creation. Gold is utilized by other galaxies to protect their solar systems and respective planets and incarnating species from the anti-matter (i.e., as they place gold in the atmosphere, it transmutes the anti-matter such that it ceases to have an effect upon the incarnate form upon the planet or star).


As enough gold was removed from Earth, she dropped in vibration. The reason for this is that gold holds a higher octave than any other mineral upon Earth. The more of it that is removed, the lower Earth drops in vibration. We would also like to point out that the mining and selling of gold to such species has continued into present day, and it is the governance of your planet that continues to exchange such resources for technology from such species as the Greys and Reptilians. This continued raping of resources has contributed to the continued decrease in Earth’s vibration.


As Earth decreased in vibration, and the electrical energy continued to blast the molecular structure of the Earth plane, aging, disease and decay along with a shortened life-span for all species including humanity became the norm. Anti-matter has also contributed to this problem. As the once protective ice shields around Earth were shattered in a nuclear war between the Pleiadians and Reptilians who fought over dominion of Earth’s gold resources, her protective shields became your oceans. Without such shields, Earth and all species incarnate upon her are bombarded with anti-matter day and night. Such energy flow rips holes through the molecular structure of all species contributing further to the experience of aging, decay, illness and death.


Ascension of the form, which brings forth a genetic restructuring of the embodiment along with changes within the energy flow and the emotional experience of life upon Earth, reverses the experience of aging, decay, and the death of the form. In Ascension, an embodiment is gradually restructured until it can hold the vibration of the Golden Octave of the Buddha of its own accord. In so doing, the embodiment holds a vibration that can transmute anti-matter of its own accord and cease to be subject to any adverse effect from its presence. This is what occurs when one attains the state of the “Bodhisattva” and embodies the golden octave within their personal ascension.


Additionally, as the next phase of ascension is embodied which is known as the state of the “Mahavishnu”, the embodiment is again altered genetically until it can hold yet even a higher vibration in which the form functions solely upon magnetic energy. In so doing, all discord and decay created from electrical impulses flowing through Mother Earth ceases within one’s life experience as the form holds a high enough vibration to transmute electrical impulses altogether. In so doing, all further causes of aging or decay are also transmuted.


Earth is an embodiment that is also ascending and will, in due course, follow suit and embody the state of the Bodhisattva, and eventually the state of the Mahavishnu within her global ascension. Global ascension is very different from the ascension of any one species upon Earth, and as such, the karma released follows a different sequence. Mother Earth is in the process of releasing all karma and agreements that have led to the many falls in vibration that she has experienced over time such that she may reverse her destructive course and ascend. On such set of contracts recently released involves her agreement to continue to receive electrical energy from any other solar system. In releasing such contracts, Earth will begin to embody a magnetic only supply of energy or chi for all species.


A magnetic energy flow is directly related to the triple circle energy flow that have been written about within the human ascension process. Gradually, within a human ascension, all energy flow within the form is altered from either a figure eight or mer-ka-ba (Star of David) energy flow to the triple circle. The triple circle pattern is a magnetic pattern, and as such, is the pattern most conducive to the health, well-being and life span of all lifeforms upon Earth including humanity.


Since 2018, Mother Earth has already begun to embrace the triple circle pattern in all of her major and minor chakras around Earth, and all major and minor meridian junctures (ley line junctures) that fuel the chi upon Earth. Over time, all electrical energy will be detoxified from Earth’s embodiment altogether. We anticipate that this will take approximately 20-30 human years. As this occurs, there will be no source of electricity available to run the current electrical devices that humanity relies upon.


The whale and dolphin species, along with the Peoples of the Inner Earth, are likewise embracing the triple circle pattern within their own respective ascensions. The difficulty for humanity upon the surface of the Earth is that they have fallen so low in consciousness that they have ceased to be aware that it is time to ascend. In so doing, it creates dense regions wherever humanity exists in large numbers that are not keeping pace with Earth’s ever-increasing vibration. This, along with the detoxification of Earth’s electrical energy, may stress the plates of Earth’s surface enough to bring forth many natural disasters.


It is electric energy that contributes to humanity’s inability to remember to ascend. Electric energy is equivalent to fear, anger and pain. All biological programming that confines humanity to a third dimensional thoughtform is based upon pain, anger and fear and is locked in with electrical impulses. As all electrical impulses cease upon Earth, there will be an opportunity for a mass conscious awakening such that humanity can remember to ascend.


Entry into the Photon Belt (anticipated in the year 2048) will bring an end to the electromagnetic devices that humanity relies upon and will bring forth the necessity to develop technology that runs on photonic energy. Because your governing bodies do not wish to support such technological developments, we suggest that those who are conscious and aware retreat from your current civilization and structure, develop housing and communities that do not rely upon electricity, and become sovereign in your food supply. When the time is right, those whose task it is to develop the new technology that is photonic in energy source will bring this forth on to the Earth plane.


The Keys to Transcendence


The Ancient Ones, Asur’Ana and Per, and the small group that they have assembled in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) willing to walk this ascension journey out of the distortion of the Asian (related to the Red Race/magnetic and Reptilians/electrical) and Anu (related to the Pleiadians/electrical and Greys/electrical) thoughtform and into the unity of their ancient red inheritance holds an important purpose; as the keys to transcendence of all of Earth lie within their fields. Such keys cannot be accessed unless each with such inheritance are ascended through the vibrational bandwidths that they are stored so that the keys can be recovered.


What keys are we speaking of? There is no actual record of what has occurred upon the surface of the Earth. In order to release karma, all must be understood; all must be accounted for; all must be tallied and then forgiven. The keys each who is ascending offer is the complete understanding of your ancestors’ experiences so that all karma may be known and released in full to allow for an evolutionary leap of humankind.


Each of this nature ascending today in the West has a special purpose; no two purposes of those ascending either in Indigenous form or Western form with ancient red ancestry upon the surface of the Earth shall be the same. Each shall provide keys that shall allow for the evolution of the entire human species out of the dance of servitude, disease and warfare and into a new day of hope, evolution and honor. In so doing, the human species shall take its rightful place amongst all other species upon Earth; which is a fully conscious form that ascends consciously and with conscious intent and focus unto this goal.


Nature Kingdoms Are Ascending Unconsciously


All in nature except dolphin and whale form ascends unconsciously. The whales and dolphins are conscious of their messages that they have co-created and directed towards the human’s species in collaboration with Asur’Ana through the book, Holographic Record Keepers. The books Dancing with Trees and Plants, Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms, Mineral Treasures, and soon to be published Mysteries of the Little Creatures come from the unconscious of such species. In the unconscious, such species hold great wisdom.


The forms that the nature kingdoms inhabit may become fully conscious at another time in their future evolution. This will be so most likely for many of the animal kingdoms including buffalo, wolf, lion, tiger, bear, elephant, giraffe and hippopotamus. A few species retained full consciousness over time, and this includes the Panda Kingdom and Manatee or Sea Cow. Such kingdoms are assisting the others in the recovery of their consciousness through ascension. Whether ascension is conscious or unconscious, each must do their part to foster the ascent of the whole of Earth. It is our goal as living ancestors to foster this purpose within the human species; which is to ascend through conscious intent and support the ascension of Earth.


This is a first of a series of materials directed at our ancestors in present time, which is you who is reading this information. Each reading this book may find that one is related to ancient ancestry and unto us, and will resonate deeply with what we share. May we intend together to foster a new day of awakening and hope for the surface Earth human civilization. May humanity awaken and ascend into generational genealogical changes that foster a fully conscious state of being founded upon unity, equality and honor. May each in present time fulfill upon their role and purpose to foster this goal. As this comes to be so, the entire purpose for why we, the Ancient Grand Master Ancestors came to Earth will be fulfilled upon.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Appreciation, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the Grand Masters from Sirius. Their Ascension Focus and Dedication have cleared a Pathway into the Fourth Dimension for Earth and Humanity. May Ascending Humans feel Comforted and Supported by their Ancient Ancestors’ Spiritual Knowledge and Legacy in their continued journey Home.



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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