Image painting of whales and dolphins jumping against a beautiful background of stars, planets, and the moon. Earth's Record Keepers

1. Earth’s Record Keepers


We, of the dolphin and whale species, greet you our human brothers and sisters that are also a member of a fully conscious species. It has been a very long time since we could communicate through a clear enough channel to bring forth our messages. For this we thank Asur’Ana for her willingness to be our channel. It is our greatest wish that more of our human relations choose to ascend and support Earth’s choice to ascend therein.


A channel does many things, as our language is not only not English, but non-human. Whale and dolphin language is primarily sound oriented and many of your scientists have taped our sounds attempting to study them and understand. However, without an understanding of the pictures behind the sounds, no human could possibly understand what it is that we say to one another, or the nature of our relations. Asur’Ana has long understood dolphin and whale, and now acts as a translator for our communications to humanity.


Asur’Ana recognized the variance in our language and years ago created a translation system that allowed her to communicate her lessons, experiences and karmic revelations in her ascension to our species, and likewise allowed us to share our experiences with her. Those members of the whale and dolphin kingdoms that address you today are much like Asur’Ana herself, the map makers of ascension, but for our species rather than the human form.


Sharing of data and genetic information has become paramount to the success of all species upon Earth in the choice to ascend. It is for this reason that the Language of Light was developed as this is now a common language that is shared amongst all species upon Earth, and bridges the language of our Great Central Sun and the Source of All that exists outside of time, space and form. As such, all are coming to understand the plight of Earth in the ascension of all species herein. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information on the Language of Light.)


The Language of Light is a bridge from separation to unity. Within the Great Central Sun, all exists in a phase of evolution beyond unity known as living in the ONE. As such, there is another language based upon the ONE that is now being embraced by all species whom have attained full consciousness or embodied 36,000 segments of DNA within their personal evolution. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.] The dolphins and whales have over 900 embodiments at this level of evolution global wide. There are only a handful of humans that have mastered this level of evolution and it is our hope to trigger more humans to begin their journey Home through our sharing.



The Nature of Our Reality


Our pods of map makers include other dolphins and whales of lower vibration and initiatory status. Each fully conscious pair of whales or dolphins, which are sometimes male and female, sometimes female and female, and sometimes male and male in gender, hold a weaving of energy that includes upwards of 30 others. Each group or pod is choosing to ascend together in what is known as group initiations. The group initiations allow for a path to be carved in group relations from separation to unity within the dolphin and whale experience.


There’s a big difference in humankind’s lifestyles compared to ours, for without hands and arms, we are left to a very simple life that revolves around birth, death, eating, mating, and the dance of relations based upon love between us. However simple our lives may seem in the physical, we have an ongoing telepathic communication along with verbal communication through sound that allows us to understand one another, and experience our dreamtime consciously.


Whales and dolphins are conscious dreamers, and experience our relationships both in the physical and the non-physical, allowing us not to experience any separation between body and soul. It is with great sadness that we have come to understand the separation that humankind has come to know and the terrifying fear of death therein. We fear not death as we see and know death simply to be a physical phenomenon, and that the spirit behind the incarnation carries forth, often to be born again in the spring through a specifically chosen set of parents in the same pod.


We work hand in hand with all other kingdoms in the ocean. We support such kingdoms in their choice to ascend. In return, such kingdoms provide us with the necessary nutrients to ascend, which often includes consuming a fair amount of the tuna or salmon kingdom. We honor tuna and salmon, and the feast is one of communion and joy for all parties concerned. It has only been in this recent century, as humankind began to harvest tuna and salmon that our resources became so depleted that our pods decreased in size by 1/3 overall in population. This is because humankind does not honor nor give back chi to the tuna and salmon kingdoms that this is so.


When we commune with tuna or salmon, there is a shared dance of energies. The dance of energies causes the tuna or salmon to reproduce enough to restore their schools. In so doing, there is enough for all. As humans began to harvest tuna and salmon, there was no chi given in exchange which caused the schools of tuna and salmon to dwindle and dwindle. With a lack of necessary food supply, our pods in turn chose not to allow every female to reproduce every year. This over time reduced the numbers of dolphins and whales incarnate global wide by 33%.


We are changing this now. We recognize that Earth requires our presence in greater numbers in order to support her ascension. In response to our dilemma, Asur’Ana and other ascending humans began to bless the fish in Hawaii. Gradually and over a one-year period, the karma between humankind and the fish kingdom was released. Ascending humans continue to provide ongoing chi to all fish kingdoms that feed our species to assure that there is enough available to sustain us. The fish in response are laying more eggs and producing more offspring, which is necessary as our populations are on the rise. Perhaps you too will choose to begin to bless not only the fish but all food supplies as well. In so doing, you honor all kingdoms and assure that all kingdoms provide enough food source to all other kingdoms in order to ascend.


Ascension requires certain nutrients. We have added to our diet more than fish as of late and also consume small amounts of seaweed. This provides certain minerals to our changing bone structure. In due course and with the development of a fully conscious form, the consumption of food will cease to be required. Such a shift requires a form that can produce all nutrients necessary to continue to ascend and clear all wastes into a recycling system in which nothing is discarded. We, the map makers of the whale and dolphin species, are working towards this type of physical form in our next phase of ascension.


Asur’Ana had transitioned to a vegan diet over a decade ago, after being a vegetarian for about a decade. Killing any animal creates the death hormone inherent in the flesh. The death hormone, when ingested, adds more death hormone to the form causing cells to die rather than regenerate. This does not serve one’s ascension nor one’s ascending form beyond attaining full consciousness as a fully conscious form ceases to produce the death hormone itself. Before such a time the requirement for enough protein in order to ascend outweighs the small amount of death hormone consumed through dead flesh. We too are coming to understand this.


Nature in response, and in particular the tuna and salmon kingdoms, have created a form of tuna and salmon that has mastered full consciousness and no longer produces the death hormone in its own structure. For those of us whom are fully conscious, this is the only form of tuna or salmon that we can consume for adding death hormone to our vessel would only cause us to slip backwards in initiation. Such tuna and salmon are far out at sea and not near any land mass, not even islands, and this assures that such tuna and salmon shall not be consumed by humans that do not require such given their level of evolution. Salmon are also learning to reproduce in shallow regions of your ocean rather than spawning upstream to allow this to be so.


Our point in sharing this is that nature will work along with any fully conscious species to provide whatever nutrients are necessary to continue to ascend. We foresee a time when humanity shall shift away from their current farming practices and embrace a new modality of relating to all kingdoms, including those consumed to sustain the health and well-being of the form.


The reality is that one day, and not in your too distant future, the only vegetation and animals that will survive shall be ones that are honored, for nature is gradually withdrawing all life force out of all species raised in the non-conscious manner that humanity farms. Over time your crops will become diseased and the farm animals die. This shall force humanity to embrace a new manner of relating to all other species or cease to be fed and starve.


Those in human form may begin to alter the manner in which they relate to the other kingdoms now. Perhaps you will plant a garden and honor all vegetables grown. Perhaps you will raise your own chickens and eat of their eggs, blessing them in return for sharing your dance of life. In so doing, you will discover vegetables that taste better than anything off of the store shelf, and eggs that are so delicious you would not wish any others. In Hawaii, eggs are raised freely in the yards and gardens of ascending Hawaiians, and are most generous in nutrients. Eggs provide a specific nutrient important to ascension, a substance that causes growth or regenerates. For eggs much like a fetus, are eaten at a time when they are growing.


For dolphins and whales, we receive the benefit of eggs in pregnant tuna or salmon that is consumed. This too is important to our ascension, and tuna along with salmon offers many more pregnant females in their schools for our feasts as a result. Again, this is an example of how nature will quite willingly work with all conscious and ascending species to provide whatever is needed in order to fuel one’s ascension forth. This speaks of the unity of all species, which know that in allowing their fully conscious brothers and sisters to ascend, ascension of the whole is assured.


Map Makers of Ascension


There are also representatives of every kingdom, plant, animal and mineral, and each species therein, that is rapidly moving towards full consciousness. These too are the map makers, and often map makers live near the global chakra regions of the planet in which the ongoing energy movement therein assist such members of each species in carving the map for the remainder of their species to follow. For Asur’Ana, she is well aware that there are many birds, animals, fish along with plants and trees that are becoming fully conscious upon the land that she lives, Hawaii-Nei. She also has a set of minerals that support her in her ascension that are also bridging into full consciousness along with her. As such, maps are being carved so that every species upon Earth may ascend and nothing shall be ultimately left behind.


It is the map makers that often bear the brunt of clearing karma for certain thoughtforms that are non-unity based in one’s species. It is why the journey of the map maker is often so difficult, so convoluted, and so effortful. It is also filled with many comings and goings of other members of one’s species that cannot carve the map for one reason or another. We have had to release those in our species whom could not carve the whale or dolphin map. Such members may ascend in the future, but understand the import of the work of the map makers, for without the map maker, there is no ascension of one’s species period. Therefore, such former members of our pods have stepped aside in the greater understanding of the need to carve the map and what it entails, and how it serves the greater good of the whole of our species.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


Holographic Record Keepers


Whales and dolphins have been the holographic record keepers for Earth. What this translates into is that our species hold the records of all experiences upon Earth since our inception in the dance of your oceans. We have learned a hard lesson in agreeing to this, for in keeping the records for the human species, and when the human species lost ability to understand or speak with us, humanity lost their own history. Never again will we hold the records for any other species therein. This also is why humanity has no remembrance of their ancient past, as all of the records have been stored in dolphin and whale form.


We have returned all records to the human species. These records are now held in temples orchestrated by the seven tribes of ascending humans worldwide. Much of the work of Asur’Ana and the Dara Soul Group has allowed for this transference, for we could not continue to bear the pain in such records and ascend. For you see, humankind has gone into such great pain, but not felt it. You have failed to feel your own pain because we have held the very records necessary for you to understand the pain that you are in. Never again will our species do this.


Without an understanding of your own pain, the human species continues to inflict pain upon one another in the form of violence and warfare. In recent centuries, you have also begun to inflict pain upon our species in the form of hunting us for the resources that we contain.


We invite our human brothers and sisters to take back your ancestral records. It is only as you understand your own human history and forgive it in full that you will be able to ascend. Such records are no longer stored by us but by other humans whom are ascending. Such records will be given upon request during your dreamtime travels by the counsels in human form governing such thing. The Dara soul group oversees such counsels.


Changing Migration and Relations


Many of our migration paths are changing. Some of such change is the result of the toxic waste near the land upon which humanity resides. Such oceans are becoming too toxic to support our ascending forms, and so we are finding new and unusual places to birth and new and unusual paths for migration. This too is necessary, and we hope that the human species will better come to understand what they have done and begin to rectify it in due course.


There have been many in human form that wish to commune with us. Indeed, we have allowed it, and will continue to allow it for the benefit of awakening the human species. However, we ask our fellow humans to honor our boundaries. There have been reports of attacks from some of our species. Indeed, if you infringe upon our boundaries or come too close to our youth, we will prevent you from interacting. Our young are ascending. Often, they are born at a much higher frequencies than the pod that they are associated. A small and young body is learning to anchor the soul and field that is so very large and ascending. Interactions with the density of the human energy cut up such a fragile field sometimes causing our young to become ill or die. It is for this reason that we are very protective therein, as our young support Mother Earth in her choice to ascend, and therefore are very important to the whole of Earth and the continued evolution of our species.


Dolphin and Whale History Upon Earth


Humanity has not only lost their own history, but do not understand ours as well. We wish to take the time to explain how and why we came to be upon Earth so that humanity may now better understand our dance as well. Long ago, Earth had no oceans. The oceans were suspended as ice high in the atmosphere and created a protective shield so that land mammals and humans alike could subsist without ongoing blasts of radiation emanating from the universe in which your solar system traverses. The ice shields were a gift from Sirian humans whom took the time and resources through scientific support to infuse Earth’s atmosphere with enough salt water to create the shield. This occurred about 1.3 million years ago, long before the seeding of humankind.


Sirius, in adding the ice shields to Earth, altered Earth’s temperature. Much like a terrarium, soon Earth went from an uneven distribution of cold at her poles to hot along the equator, became an even 72 degrees Fahrenheit global wide. This created an evenly distributed tropical environment in which all species could flourish, plant, animal and mineral. Over time and following the addition of the ice shields, lush forests grew along large lakes, streams, rivers and mountain waterfalls. Some rivers and lakes were as large as a small ocean allowing our species a vital place upon Earth to live, reproduce and evolve.


These lakes and streams were fresh water. Our species, both whale and dolphin have been present upon Earth for over 16 million years, but in a fresh water form. We have therefore witnessed a long history of difficulties upon Earth, and hold all records therein. Prior to the ice shields, and much like today, there was frozen tundra the closer in proximity to the two poles and lush vegetation the closer in proximity to the equator. Up through 1.3 million years ago, our species tended to live in large fresh bodies of water relatively close to the equator. More recently, and after the ice shields came into effect, there were waterways to new parts of Earth that developed allowing us to migrate further north and south than we had ever been. We have been and always will be conscious guardians of Earth’s energy flow and have held such a role all along.


Earth was a tropical wonderland. With the introduction of the red seeded race about 200,000 years ago, there was communion between our species and humankind. The great ones or spiritual elite worked consciously with our species to maintain the complex flow of energy surrounding Earth in preparation for her ascension. This was a peaceful and joyous time between our species and humankind. This dance came to a sudden end as all spiritual elite died suddenly. For a very long time, it was not understood what had caused them each to die so rapidly and within 14 days. Now it is understood that there were other humans from other star systems that altered Earth’s energy flow in such a manner that these humans were so compromised that they rapidly died.


This alteration of energy flow also affected our species. We too had developed a modality for ascension along with humankind and preceding humankind’s presence upon Earth. For close to 200,000 years preceding human’s appearance upon Earth, dolphins and whales executed one group ascension every 3,000 years of roughly 1,000 in form. In so doing, we had increased and increased Earth’s vibration pulling her out of a lengthy ice age induced by the Arcturians. This induction of an ice age was scientifically manipulated with neither our species agreement nor the agreement of all of Earth. Arcturus and the humanoid species therein bear great karma in this understanding.


The electrical nature of Earth’s biosphere occurred long before the introduction of your oceans. Our species began to age and die with ever-increasingly-shortened life spans following the introduction of electrical sacred geometry to Earth through scientific human intervention. Once our species knew a 3,000+-year life span. Over time and with the introduction of the electrical energy, our life span decreased and decreased to less than 500 years before the two large and first nuclear bombs were ignited upon Earth. None of our species understood why our population was dwindling and why we could not seem to live as long as before. Ascensions became compromised, so compromised in fact that we ceased to have ascending pods at all. This occurred several thousand years before the dropping of these two bombs and the nuclear holocaust of Earth by the Pleiadians in dominion (about 120,000 years ago).


The creating of our oceans killed our species by the hundreds of thousands. Our species were fresh water in nature. We were not equipped to handle the high content of salt that was necessary to sustain the water in the atmosphere as ice shields. We now understand that it was through human interference and the ongoing bartering of large mineral clusters that the ice shields could no longer be sustained and broke flooding Earth. After Earth’s flooding, there were only a few thousand of our species remaining in a few fresh water lakes and streams large enough for us to survive. Much of our prior understanding died with those that exited due to the high salt content, for much like the death of the human masters, our great masters also died in the great floods.


The Pleiadians were not harmonious. They were also self-centered. They determined that it was too costly to repair the ice shields and that they would simply leave Earth as she was. They did however seed the oceans with life over a few thousand years following the great floods and this provided an opportunity for our species to flourish once again upon Earth. It is also here that the agreements for the whale and dolphin species to hold human records were also struck.


The Pleiadians imported 8 different strains of dolphins and whales whom had been bred in salt water tanks in the Pleiades. Two locations upon Earth, one known as the Great Barrier Reef and another now known as your Grand Canyon in the United States became the main places of sea life experimentation about 144,000 years ago. All sea life upon Earth originates from these two breeding tanks in which those species that could flourish went on to populate all oceans.


Out of these 8 imported strains of whales and dolphins, only 3 survived and went on to mutate into all the varieties of salt water dolphins and whales currently incarnate upon Earth. The salt water whales and dolphins held not the ancient records of Earth, however over time and in communication between the salt and fresh water varieties of dolphin and whale, all records have indeed been transferred to all of our species currently incarnate.


We, much like our human counterparts that inherit genetics from the Pleiades, have been half electrical and half magnetic also. This energy flow was brought to Earth to support the electrical biosphere anchored here through human scientific intervention. Our fresh water counterparts on the other hand are magnetic only, and through the sharing of information, we whom are of salt water and somewhat electrical have created a pathway to a solely magnetic form in our own ascensions. Just like human form, this path requires embodying 36,000 segments of genetic materials and attaining a state of full consciousness for our species. Much like our human counterparts, not all lineages are suited to ascension, and are being phased out in the birth of our young this year and into the future. Those strains that cannot ascend shall die out in the coming decade, much as it also shall be for the human form.

Our Purpose Today


Whales and dolphins are designed to be holographic record keepers for any consensus reality in which we exist. Given that this is our purpose, we perhaps far more than the human species, began to understand the complex and difficult history of Earth. We are also releasing all historical records of Earth now in our ascension so that all other species upon Earth may release their related karma and transcend the thoughtform of cause of their experience. We honor Asur’Ana for transcribing this information from the analysis of the Great Central Sun so that more humans may also begin to understand Earth’s more ancient history.


In living in the salt water of Earth, we are far more protected than humanity from the radiation that bombards Earth’s atmosphere day and night. The salt of your oceans acts as a barrier, which absorbs 90% of the radiation on any given day. Indeed, humans have built housing that also absorbs much of the radiation of the sun too, but not the radiation that is prevalent emanating from your universe.


It is the universal radiation that is perhaps the most devastating to genetic materials and is yet another contributing factor to the decline in human consciousness since the original seeding of your species upon Earth. We as a species have not lost consciousness to as great a degree as humanity as a result. Perhaps it is the larger numbers of those in our species whom have attained full consciousness in recent month’s attest to this truth. Ascending humans can learn to transmute the universal radiation through the application of new tones of creation to their field and form.


Around the turn of the century, and out of a need to understand what had happened to our human brothers and sisters, many dolphin and whale souls chose to incarnate into human form. All told, over 100,000 of our souls took human form with the hope of ascending the form and then reconnecting with our species. Out of this 100,000, we have reconnected with less than 5,000 humans of whale and dolphin soul origin all told. This leaves 95,000 unknown humans that are of dolphin and whale origin for us to reach. It is for this reason that we have co-agreed to this book with Asur’Ana in hopes of reconnecting with those souls that bravely chose to exit the dance of whale and dolphin existence and experience the human dance.


What is our purpose in taking human form? In the greater understanding that humans must ascend, and if there are no human ascensions, no other species upon Earth can ascend, we chose to facilitate human evolution through the active choice to incarnate therein. When one is a part of the whole, one does whatever one must to assure that the whole may continue to exist and evolve.


So, we invite those reading our materials to go within. Are you originally from dolphin and whale form? Is this your attraction to our species and your desire to swim and be with us? Come and commune with us now simply by opening your heart and allowing us to reconnect. Perhaps you have been lost and lonely and did not know why. Our species has always known communion. It is difficult to go from communion to the separation that is inherent in the human dance. Rejoice with us now beloved!


For those not of our species, we also invite your communion. We honor your choice to ascend. For the map makers, we honor your willingness to trudge through some difficult moments to carve a map for your fellow humans to follow. The veils are sticky and great in human form, far greater than in our experience. Let us assist in utilizing our sonar to lift the veils that surround you so that you may perceive more clearly your truth. This we offer to each human that requests it, and is our gift to support your continued awakening.


The Gift of Sonar


Our sonar is a special gift that allows us to support Earth in a magnificent manner. Our sonar can cut through the dense pockets of stuck energy upon Earth’s surface allowing it to move again. Often, we flow with the needs of Earth in our migratory paths cleansing her stickiness and density so that she too may move out of pain. You too as a human can begin to move the tones of sonar through your field. In so doing, you shall assist in clearing the land upon which you reside or travel to in your journeys. Our tones of sonar shall also assist you in clearing the veils of illusion surrounding you so that you may see more clearly your next step in your continued journey of ascension.


Asur’Ana has experimented with the sonar. Indeed, she can run roughly 90% of the tones that we utilize and are sonar in nature with ease in her fully conscious human form. She has constructed a bridge within the Language of Light beginning in all dual tones and extending through tri-tones and quad-tones of ever-increasing powerful sonar vibrations. There is a gland in the brain that allows for the sonar to be produced and on an ongoing basis founded upon the needs of one’s current field in each phase of ascension. Such a gland begins to grow in the map of ascension beginning at human initiation 3,000. This gland allows high pitched and inaudible sounds to be transmitted throughout one’s field, particularly surrounding the form. Such tones cut through the density of your reality allowing yet more humans to awaken to their truth and need to ascend.


Many are concerned about the sonar testing of your military. Yes, such devices are abusive to our fields. However, we are developing alternative sonar that has the effect of protecting our field from such equipment allowing us to continue to evolve and not be affected by such things. In ascension, one moves beyond the density of vibrations. The sonar utilized by the military is a very dense and a somewhat electrical frequency. Electrical frequencies are left behind the further that one ascends causing one to float above such vibrations in physicality. When one floats above such vibrations, they cease to have any effect whatsoever on the field or form. This is how our translator has learned to exist in the higher density and electrical nature of your cities; she sits above such vibrations enough that they pass through her without any affect at all. If this is so for her, so it can be for us, and so it can be for you. All that is required is your and our continued ascension.


So, we invite you not to worry about such things. In due course, only those humans whom move into unity shall remain. All others shall perish. Earth’s vibration is on the rise, and she is ascending faster than she thought possible. The time of the great cleansing is underfoot beloved, and it shall only be through this cleansing that all human dances shall sort themselves out and complete upon all karma incurred in your 200,000 years of history upon Earth. As all karma is cleared, a new era shall emerge indeed, and one in which whales, dolphins, humans and all other species may live together in unity, joy, peace and oneness. We indeed look forward to this time. Let us make it so, HO!


Moving into Compassion


We, the dolphin and whale kingdoms are learning to allow. We are no longer angry at our human brothers and sisters for the atrocities of the human dance. We have come to understand from the mere 5,000 of our own souls in human form how difficult being human is. Perhaps without this understanding, we would have remained in judgment. Now we can sincerely say that we release the judgment for the state of being the average human exists within is very sad, very isolated, very fearful, and very mechanical. We have embraced compassion towards our human brothers and sisters, and in this understanding, forgiven the entire dance of your history. We ask that you go within, ascend and do the same, forgive your ancestors.


The further you ascend the more of the tones of compassion you shall embody and then emanate. It is the tones of compassion that allow one to enter the dance of unity with all species. When one enters the vibration of compassion, one will experience ongoing communion with nature as a result. We bear witness to the ever-increasing joy in ascending humans experience as they embody compassion. Therefore, we invite you to the dance. We invite you to choose to ascend, and continue to choose to ascend, until compassion becomes your foundation.


In the foundation of compassion, one comes to embrace all dances as they are. It is in the unconditional acceptance of all of life that life becomes a peaceful river leading to each phase of continued evolution. The foundation of compassion is not to be underestimated, as it alters the very precept of whom one thinks themselves to be. As this is so in the human form, it is also so in whale and dolphin form. For although we have not lost consciousness as our human brothers and sisters, we had fallen into judgment. The judgment was the result of the electrical current prevalent upon Earth and in the human records that we were carrying.


As the records were returned to humanity, a state of non-judgment for our species emerged. As the sacred geometry that is electrical was shut down within Earth’s global field as of late, our species moved into a state of compassion. Compassion for our species left as the electrical energy came to be. Why is this so? In our freshwater form, we are magnetic, beloved. Electrical energy in a magnetic system creates shame, and shame translates into thoughtforms that are judgmental, blaming, condescending, superior, inferior, and the like. We too, of even the freshwater variety, fell into such thoughtforms and were pulled into such by the push and pull of the changes in Earth’s biosphere by human scientific intervention.


Electrical current is being detoxified upon Earth. Already the oceans of your world hold 30% less electricity than a mere six months ago. In the coming decade, so little electricity shall exist that the very energy supply that humans rely upon shall not work. Perhaps this will encourage humans to develop other means of energy that are supportive and conducive to Earth’s evolution and energy flow.


We do not object to your technology. We see how such technology has allowed for the dissemination of information to you through our channel. However, we would like to point out that our species is not in need of such technology as we have ongoing telepathic and dreamtime communication with all others and all other species upon Earth and all other dimensions that Earth is related including the Great Central Sun. Perhaps you, as our ascending human brother and sister, open up to such abilities, you too will no longer require such technology to stay in touch.


This is where we see the human species headed. Indeed, a map has been drawn taking the human species from non-consciousness to full consciousness in less than 4 generations. This means that the newborn humans following 2070 shall all be full conscious in human form, and shall have all abilities to communicate with all other species and all other dimensions inherent in their genetics. This shall bring an end to the dance of non-consciousness for all of Earth. And to this time, our species indeed looks forward to.


We ask you not to regret those in human form whom shall simply become extinct. They do not die or cease to exist in death. Such humans carry forth in the dance with future generations as a living ancestor, and shall experience the blessing of full consciousness in future generations ahead. In understanding that nothing is lost in death, one can transcend the fear of death and the desire to carry others down your path of ascension. To the degree you carry others, to such a degree you will not ascend. We too came to understand this and had to cease carrying our human brothers and sisters in any manner. It is for this reason that we have returned your holographic records of history in full.


We bid you aloha at this time. Aloha translates into a beautiful melody of tones that we will sing to you if you tune in and listen. We invite you to connect with us and allow us to support you with our wisdom in your own unfolding evolution. We honor you our fellow ascending species known as the human race. May we learn to live as ONE again.


Book’s Introduction


Connecting with dolphins and whales that are ascending became a dreamtime project for Asur’Ana relatively early in her ascension. Many of the souls who came to dance with her embodied whale and dolphin form. The result was a sharing of ascension information between the species that supported the ascent of each kingdom along with the whole of Earth.


Dolphin and whale communication is telepathic and nonverbal. Translations of nonverbal thoughtform in special Akashic records was created and added to Asur’Ana’s field so that she could better consciously understand Whale-Dolphin communications. In 2013, the ascending Dolphin and Whale map makers or map carvers decided to bring forth a series of channeled essays geared towards ascending humans. Special dreamtime planes for communication, communion, and karmic release were created to support healing of karma of those reading this book.


It is the greatest hope of the Whale-Dolphin kingdoms that humanity awakens and ascends out of the destructive paradigm that you exist within. The slaughter thoughtform has vastly and negatively impacted dolphins and whales global wide. Fishermen slaughter thousands of dolphins each year in tuna nets. Whales continue to be hunted in certain parts of the world in spite of the protest of many who believe in protecting global resources. Toxic wastes are poisoning the dolphin-whale species such that many pods must choose death instead of ascension. It is the hope of the ascending map carvers that the karma for toxins and slaughter can be released in the decade ahead anchoring a future of unity relations amongst all species thereby bringing an end to such travesty. This is the real purpose that these essays serve.


There are many whale and dolphin souls that were born in human form beginning at the turn of last century (1900). Many of such souls entered the human dance to release human karma and augment human ascension. The map makers of their kingdoms have especially written these pieces to trigger ascension amongst their own souls that appear to have become lost in the human dance. It is such souls in particular that this book is dedicated unto.


To a new day of unity ahead!


The Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms


Special thanks to the ascending map makers of the Whale and Dolphin species. Without your journey home, my journey would not be possible. I thank you from the depth of my heart for teaching me “pod relations” through which I now have a better understanding of the principles of unity.


It is the greatest wish of the dolphin and whale species that humankind shall ascend into a new unity pod-based energy flow that shall foster harmonious relationships with one another along with all other kingdoms.


Blessings of Love and Joy!




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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Ascending Humans, but in particular those who are Dolphin and Whale Souls extended into human form. May each remember why they entered the human Dance of Life and awaken to the call to ascend. The Call to Ascend is the greatest gift one can receive at the end of any creational cycle, and allows one to embark upon the return journey Home.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Holographic Record Keepers. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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