Image painting of an eagle flying high. Dancing Upon The Wings Of Eagles

1. Dancing Upon The Wings Of Eagles


Blessings of Multidimensional Awareness


The Eagle Kingdom


The Eagle Kingdom has been invited to speak to the human species through our channel Asur’Ana. She has a long history of working with all kingdoms from the earliest moments of the beginning of her ascension. She has depended upon us for wisdom, encouragement, and hope during moments of great distress, and healing. The healing the animal kingdoms offer is one of harmony. We bridge our human brothers and sisters into harmonizing with Earth, and in so doing, one’s most distressful moments can pass, and one can learn the underlying lesson as to why one created such difficulties.


Eagle has always represented unto Asur’Ana as “higher wisdom” or better stated, wisdom coming from the whole. Within the relations to all species, Eagle holds the role of advisor, advisor as to how all species may better collaborate and better support one another. At this time of global ascension, we are busy with such a role as ancient conflict between species is melted away into harmony as the karma between is released. Our role often involves pinpointing when the karma was incurred, the souls involved, where they originated from, how they came to dance upon Earth, and what the related solar, universal, cosmic or creational karma is.


Multidimensional Consciousness


Eagle holds links to one’s multidimensional awareness. For Earth, we provide the necessary keys for Earth to link up and clear karma that is related to other dimensions of experience. Once Earth existed at the 25th Dimension, and this occurred from the original expansion of your creation many of eons of time ago.


Earth over time has fallen and fallen and fallen, until she dropped from the 25th to the 18th Dimension, and then from the 18th to the 12th, and then from the 12th to the 5th and last from the 5th to the 3rd dimension of awareness, density and thoughtform. Earth therefore has matching karma that she is releasing upon all dimensions now that she is reversing the many falls in consciousness or vibration in the choice to ascend. She is clearing all like karma so that a new state of being may ensue, and one of joy and unity amongst all species upon Earth.


Humans also have a multidimensional relationship to other humans in your creation. You are not the only group of humans therein, but are one of 500 human civilizations that reside upon Dimension 3 through 144 that is governed by the creation that you reside. Many human civilizations have experienced similar travesties to human history upon Earth, and are learning from the records shared in your ascension. It is eagle that delivers such records to all species upon all dimensions that are related to those upon Earth, and this is another function that we hold.


Terra’s Compassion


Eagle wishes to share that each species upon Earth holds specific and special functions that contribute and support the whole of the consensus reality that we reside upon, which is known as Earth. A more personal name for Earth and one from her ancient past is “Terra”. Terra means beloved. Terra is the beloved, and much like the human dance, beloveds have often been plundered, used, prostituted, broken hearted, rejected, and experienced unrequited love. Such experiences are not unlike Terra, whom has experienced such in her own dance of creational experience as a planet or star. Each rejection led to another fall in consciousness. To say that Terra does not understand pain is a grand lie, for pain is more or less most of Terra’s experiences in this creation.


It is for this reason that Terra has such compassion for the humans in their own painful creations. You may come to Terra and find comfort there, as she truly does understand. And Terra is choosing to alter this now by changing the thoughtform at cause of her rejection and seeming loss of power, loss of consciousness, loss of information, and so on that have plagued her for so long. Those in human form whom have felt rejected suffer from parallel patterning and thoughtform to Terra, and will find your own struggle mirrored in her struggle to ascend. It is perhaps why Asur’Ana so resonates with Terra, as this also has been her story in her ancestry, one of rejection along with loss of power and hope.


Asur’Ana holds heritage to 18 Grand Masters of the Red Race, one of which was captured and killed, and consumed by Merduk and Innana of the Annanuki whom in so doing took her ancestral power and information for their own plundering use. The Annanuki then went on to plunder Terra. Asur’Ana and Terra are healing from this dance at long last, and the power is being retrieved and returned to those whom have earned it through evolutionary understanding. In the evolutionary understanding, one comes to a state of harmlessness and compassion for all others, and in so doing, one moves beyond destruction in all of its forms, including inner destruction which is also known as disease.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


Global Bodhisattva


Terra is also diseased. She has been polluted, and most species experience ailments of one sort or another along with a short lifespan of birth, death and rebirth. This too is changing, as the forms are beginning to regenerate planet wide now becoming crystalline as each species ascends. This is true for Eagle as well as all other species that are wild.


In the cities of your world, ascension has yet to take hold, however it is anticipated that this shall change this year to come and rapidly all of Earth shall be in vibration between 1,024 and 7,500 segments of DNA. Earth is heading for mastering Bodhisattva in her global ascension, and this is anticipated to occur no later than 2025. In so doing, Earth will be a global Bodhisattva; one that has learned compassion for all others and shall be considered a master of grand order, for her push to attain such a goal has been so very difficult.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


Most in ascending human form are not unlike Terra or Asur’Ana in our examination. They are often exploited in their history in one manner or another. Much like Asur’Ana, ascending humans are discovering their power through ascension, and mastering compassion therein.


Compassion in Action


Compassion is perhaps the most important lesson of all that all ascending humans and species are learning at this time. And yet compassion may be the most difficult thing to understand from outside of such an experience. Compassion teaches one to understand the pain of another, and in understanding the pain, one chooses not to inflict the pain upon another. In not choosing to inflict pain, one then can stand in support of another in a state of non-attachment. Non-attachment allows, allows the lesson that the pain is teaching, for the soul and body are learning something in the pain, they are learning compassion. How can one have compassion if one has not experienced heartache? It is through the heartache that one understands the heartache of another, and then has compassion.


So many of the lessons for ascending initiates are therefore around pain, for pain is perhaps the greatest teacher of your creation. It teaches one to cease to destroy another in any manner, and this is the bottom-line lesson of this creation, learning not to destroy. Destruction can only be understood in experiencing being destroyed, and so many experiences of being destroyed are a part of the dance of this creation given what it is designed to teach.


So, what do we wish to say to our human ascending masters today? We say allow the pain. Allow the pain to teach you compassion. Allow the pain to show you how you have destroyed others in the past in your ancestry out of not understanding the lessons of destruction. If you have a disease, go into the disease and see how through the destruction of others in your ancestry, you are now destroying yourself out of guilt. Allow the karma to release and forgive, forgive yourself for the history of destruction that you are a part, and forgive others whom in their ignorance have destroyed or hurt you in any manner. In so doing, you will move into compassion, and this is what becoming the Bodhisattva is all about. In so doing, you will transcend the disease and the pain and rise to a new foundation of joy, harmony and unity.


What does Bodhisattva mean? It means the path of compassion. There are many paths in ascension; some are about knowledge, some about vision, some about dream weaving, and some about power. However, underlying all paths is compassion, for it is only as one learns compassion that one will use knowledge, vision, dream weaving and power not to destroy, but to ascend and evolve; and so, compassion is the main lesson upon Earth for all species whether they be fully conscious or not. All souls coming to such a place as Terra mirror her own lessons of compassion, and are here to learn such lessons through her global ascension.


Compassion begins with oneself. Where does one allow oneself to be in pain to please another or bend to another’s will? Often those with diseases will see that they have bent and bent and bent their will until there is nothing of their original truth left in their life dance. Such is the lesson of disease, to cease to bend one’s will to another and stand tall in one’s power and truth.


Compassion extends out to all others. Where do you demand another to be whom or what you need them to be and fail to allow? Often those whom are controlling and abusive with their power bend and bend the wills of others around them. Such is the lesson of outward-bound harm, which may be conscious, or it may be unconscious. Unconscious harm is energetic harm that occurs behind the scenes without one’s awareness and is used to control or manipulate.


Over time and through ascension, those that are outwardly harmful will move into the opposing polarity and experience inward bound harm. It is inward bound harm that creates the experiences of being destroyed, rejected along with disease. Then and only then will such humans experience the heartache enough to understand why they should not inflict pain upon another ever, even unconscious pain or energetic harm. The ascension brings forth so that each may learn and understand compassion, and out of compassion, one ceases to destroy another or oneself ever again.


The Eagle Kingdom offers their assistance to those whom are ascending in human form. You may call upon us when you need another viewpoint to your current paradigm and predicament, one of a broader perspective and understanding. We will attune yourself to your ancient and destructive karma so that it may be cleared. We will also attune oneself to their ancestry on other dimensions learning parallel lessons in human form so that you may grow and evolve together.


Section 1 Introduction


This section contains inspirational short articles and blessings from many species upon Earth that wish to address and support humankind in the journey of ascension. The articles assist those who are ascending to better understand the nature of the thoughtform and patterning one is transcending within. We thank the animal kingdoms for giving voice to the path of ascension. There is so much information herein that we hope that this material assists ascending humans for decades to come.


Blessings of Love and Joy!





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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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