Image of the Redwood Trees. Blessings for Entering the Void of Infinite Possibility

1. Blessings For Entering The Void Of Infinite Possibility


From the Redwood Tree Kingdom


It is the Redwood Tree kingdom that greets you today. For many years and while Asur’Ana lived near the California coast, she would spend time amongst our kingdom. Regularly, she was called to walk in the woods; sometimes she would journey a long distance to do so. She did not understand the significance of this at the time, but always felt better nonetheless, and so would venture to be amongst us.


What was Asur’Ana doing amongst the Redwood Trees? The Redwood Tree Kingdom holds the void of Earth. What is the void? The void is the space from which any dream is cast. Within the void is infinite possibility of all that ever was, and all that ever will be or can be. Asur’Ana journeyed into the void as she walked amongst the Redwood Trees in search of her next steps upon her ascension path, for within infinite possibility is always a future potential dream to be viewed and then chosen. And so, she would gather the dream for the next steps within her ascension journey unto herself in her long walks in the woods.


In moving to Hawaii, palm trees are more prevalent than redwoods or pine trees, but do not offer Asur’Ana the same connection to Earth’s void. She was therefore drawn to visit the botanical gardens of Oahu recurrently for parallel reasons as she lived upon this island years ago. Within the botanical gardens were ancient pine trees upwards of 10,000 years old. Upon the Big Island, pine trees were also scarce; however, the ferns and Ohia trees of the volcano provided this service; and so, she would regularly venture to the volcano park in search of her next steps upon her path. Each walk in the botanical gardens or at the volcano offered Asur’Ana once again an opportunity to attune to the dream of infinite possibility that the tree kingdoms hold; in so doing, she could anchor a dream for her continued ascension along with the continued ascension journey of Earth.


Guardians of Earth


Upon her last visit to volcano park, two hawks (’Io in Hawaiian) were encountered nesting. She could hear the chirps of the young from afar. As she drew closer, she saw a large nest on top of a rather large Ohia tree. The message from the Hawk Kingdom was that Asur’Ana and Earth alike were about to birth a new day in their dream and were drawing this change from the void of infinite possibility. This was the mirror that the nesting ’Io and their young mirrored this unto her. This new dream is the result of the return of the guardians of Earth, which vastly impacts all species including fully conscious species such as humankind, dolphins and whales.


Guardians are aspects of Earth Consciousness that enforce true spiritual law. The vast falls in consciousness that have prevailed upon Earth are the result of large infractions of law in which one polarity has been held to an extreme again and again, leading to recurrent and large drops in vibration. Generally speaking, polarity does not remain only on one side of the pole forever; it vacillates from one side unto the other and should in fact have equal time, energy and focus on both sides. This would lead to an equal recovery of any fall over time given a polarity reversal. Due to lawless beings in governance over the space between Suns that Earth resides, Earth and your solar system have been held in a downward polarity for 18 continuous cycles, while other creations in counterbalance have been held in an upward polarity, such as Sirius A and B. A return cycle upwards in vibration had no opportunity to manifest until now.


The guardians of Earth that sustained her vibration were replaced over 30 million years ago with false guardians that suspended her in the polarity of destruction or declines in vibration. The karma for how and why these false guardians came to be upon Earth has been released by ascending humans worldwide. This was a collaborative project between Earth and all ascending humans to re-anchor guardians to support ascension not only for Earth, but also for humankind. For in parallel unto Earth, humankind also lost guardians that support ascension during the era of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt about 16,000 Earth years ago (64,000 human years). From this point forward, humanity has been held collectively in the polarity of destruction, which lead to continuous falls in consciousness for your species. Now the reverse cycle shall begin, beloved.


(NOTE: When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.)


Perhaps this is not such a bad thing after all from the Redwood Tree’s perspective. For a long journey downward now means a long journey upwards in vibration; and with the assistance of the dream of the Great Central Sun, this is now a viable future for Earth. The return of the guardians shall enforce the polar opposite of ascension in counterbalance to the 18 cycles of falls and decline. This shall lead to 18 future cycles of nothing but continuous upwards-moving frequencies upon Earth along with an ascension home into the boundaries of the Great Central Sun. This is a grand gift indeed. It has taken some hard work on the part of the human map makers of ascension to bring this forth; each in this role is to be honored as such.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


Return Cycle Home to the Great Central Sun


As humans destroy the Redwood Tree Kingdom or the tree kingdom in general, they destroy the possibility for a new dream for the human species along with Earth herself. The devastation of countless miles of rainforest along with redwood forests diminishes future possibility of life and ascension home for all kingdoms. This is why the dark have polarized humanity into such a physically destructive cycle towards Earth; so that ascension could be waylaid or prevented altogether as the possibility for such a dream diminished beyond recognition due to the destruction of the trees. In understanding how and why this had been orchestrated, Earth has added the mountains and mineral kingdoms to the task of also holding the void of Earth. In so doing, now there is plenty of possibility for the return cycle home of Earth into the Great Central Sun to allow such a dream to come to fruition.


As humans remove the trees in the building of any city, they also lose the possibility of any other dream other than the dream that they have known and is recorded in the cement and buildings. It is for this reason that those in the city will have a hard time weaving an ascension dream; for there is no possibility for anything else but a repeat of the past in the dream therein. This is less so in the suburbs as there are more trees that remain. However, it saddens the Redwood Tree kingdom to witness how builders and contractors consistently remove all older vegetation from the new suburbs as they are constructed and replace them with new vegetation from the nursery.


The nursery vegetation has no connection to the void of infinite possibility or the rest of its kingdom. The plants and trees from the nursery therefore cannot provide any historical connection to humanity’s past so that ascending humans can understand their karma, or provide an alternative future possibility for the dream of ascension to choose from for those living therein.


Sovereign Ascension Dream


One solution to this is for ascending humans to reconnect the vegetation surrounding oneself or wherever one journeys to their kingdom. In so doing, the plants and trees can begin to hold the role of sustaining the void of infinite possibility surrounding oneself and all others. Earth is undergoing a massive shift in how her dream is held at this time; each kingdom is choosing a separate dream that dovetails. This allows all kingdoms their own sovereign energy flow for ascension.


Therefore one can assist by pushing through conscious intention all plants and trees into their own dream associated with their kingdom; and intend to push all wild animals into their dream associated with their own species; and intend to push all minerals that one owns including jewelry or mineral pieces upon one’s alter into their own dream and connected unto their own kingdom. In so doing, the minerals, plants and animals surrounding oneself will ascend alongside oneself due to their own sovereign dream of ascension associated with their species.


One can ask the minerals to observe one’s ascension and assist in bringing to consciousness one’s spiritual lessons; one can also ask the plants and wild animals that surround oneself for guidance as well. Many initiates have been surprised at the eloquent and personal guidance received from nature as we attune unto one’s ascension dream. We are aware beloved, and more aware than most humans give us credit for.


Each kingdom can observe the other through a window that is shared between dreams; this is how we can observe and share our observations about one’s personal evolutionary path. However, one will no longer be able to cross over into the dream of another kingdom. This is to prevent shared grid work primarily; as sharing of grid work causes problems in the ascension of all kingdoms and could lead to the failed ascent of Earth otherwise. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 8 “Earth Transits Zero Point” for more information.)


Leaving Trees and Forests Intact


Redwood trees have long been observed for our beauty and majesty. Alas, in many regions in the West where we once prevailed over hundreds of thousands of miles of coastal land, we have been cut down for the purposes of construction of homes, or cemented over in the creation of human towns and cities. Nature does not understand the need to desecrate us so to build human homes; why not leave most of the forest intact and create a small clearing for the home instead? Then we will be able to replenish ourselves with young trees into the future, and one will have adequate shade from the hot sun and warmth from the cold rain or snow in our presence.


In many mountain communities and in our observation, leaving the trees in tact surrounding the home or cabin is a more common style of construction. After all, vacationing folk wish to be in the woods, or why rent a cabin in the first place? There in the woods, one finds solace from the human dance, and enters another reality associated with infinite possibility as it is held by the trees and woods. No wonder humans desire this for a time after living continuously in the suburbs or cities where one is separate from nature and Earth.


In the cities and suburbs there is no natural dream, unless a portion of the forests, fields and open space has been left intact from an earlier time. As humans construct their housing, removing all vegetation from the land, energetic matrixes are moved in to replace nature’s dream. Matrixes are electrical boxes that originated in the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri primarily. Humans tend to construct buildings in the same shape as the matrixes.


It is for this reason that high rises in your cities tend to be large boxes with many little tiny boxes of offices or apartments within, as this is the nature of the etheric structure of the matrixes from the Pleiades. Matrixes from Alpha Centauri tend to be more angular in nature; hence the angular décor and filigree of Thai, Chinese and Japanese architecture, which emulates Reptilian matrixes. Sirian matrixes are round; hence the round architecture of Mosques or other buildings of the Middle East. All human buildings first appear in the etheric and then are constructed in the physical in a parallel shape and structure. Matrixes however are not a part of nature’s dream nor will they ever be as they are electrical in nature; therefore, anything living inside of a matrix energy flow separates oneself from the natural world.


The Natural World


Tribes in Africa, Polynesia, along with North and South American Indians once lived in grass shacks, tee pees, mud huts or slept out in the open. The grass shacks, tee pees and mud huts did not separate these indigenous peoples from the natural world. Because they existed in the natural world, such humans were always attuned to Earth’s void of infinite possibility, and in so being, they also knew where the food and herbal medicine existed in order to survive even the most difficult times of nuclear annihilation along Earth’s surface.


In separating oneself in a living environment a part from the natural world, one has no way to connect or sense how one may survive in the event of a breakdown of the current human paradigm. It is for this reason that the Redwood Tree Kingdom foresees a time when many may starve, when in reality, all that one requires to do is to attune to nature and the natural world as to what is edible surrounding oneself.


Nature will tell oneself what is edible; or one can watch the birds and wild animals such as deer, squirrels and bears observing what they eat. Whatever the animal kingdoms eat, human form can also eat in order to survive. This is also how the Native Americans survived the difficult and cold winters of the plains; they would watch nature and follow the buffalo and wapiti (elk) herds. In so doing, they could not only hunt some of the buffalo and wapiti for fur and food source, but also eat of the roots, nuts, berries and grasses that they likewise consumed.


One will also know if a particular plant, berry, nut or mushroom is poisonous, as no other kingdom will touch it. In watching nature, one could be taught how to survive in the wilderness. Nature will also provide shelter from the wind, rain and cold, and point one in a direction in which such natural homes are present. One might share the cave with a hibernating bear or two, but it would be warm and one would survive even the coldest of winter snowstorms.


Elements are Conscious


Fire is a conscious element. One can request fire to light and so it will as one rubs two sticks together. One can also request fire to put itself out and so it will. One ascending initiate once had a forest fire come up to the doorstep of his home; fire inquired, “Do you wish us to burn down the house, or do you wish us to stop now?” Interestingly enough, this initiate was not frightened, and he requested the fire to stop, which it did. His house survived the fire as a result.


Water is also conscious. One can request the element of water to show one where it is, and one will find enough to drink to replenish one’s thirst. Another set of initiates recently went upon a winter’s walk in the woods of the Canadian Mountains. Upon the return hike, a frozen river had suddenly completely thawed. This was only an hour or two after they had crossed this river in the first place. “How can this be?” they thought. The response from water was that all things are created from a set of thoughts. Alter the thoughts, and suddenly the dynamics of what surrounds oneself changes. Change the thought from frozen water to flowing water, and suddenly the water will thaw; and one will have plenty to drink and cook with too.


In order to learn to survive in the wilderness, one will have to move into the natural world and separate from the human dream, for the human dream holds not the information required for the task. There is a dream adjacent to the natural world that one can enter that is held open for all humans that choose to enter. One need not knock, as one is always welcome unto the natural world dream. In the natural dream for humans, all the information one requires to ascend and survive the coming times ahead is offered. As one enters the natural dream, one will more readily hear and attune to guidance from all kingdoms including the plants and trees. In so doing, one will quite naturally receive guidance as to where to go or what to eat to survive, as one will be able to attune to the void of infinite possibility therein.


Coexisting Peacefully with Nature


Until one feels called to move to the country or perhaps on to a remote piece of property or within an ascending community, one can make time to go into nature each week and enter the natural dream in this manner. Often within a short drive or train ride of the more congested suburbs and cities are untouched woods or open spaces along with beaches and lakes that humans may visit. Our kingdom invites each to visit such places regularly. One may find that one’s time hiking in the woods or by the beach or lakeside provide the moments that finds one’s deepest insights about the current dilemma that one faces; along with what the next steps might be upon one’s continued ascension path. For one will be able to attune to the void of infinite possibility, and therein will lie one’s answer or direction.


Trees and the natural world are not opposed to human neighbors. We hold a new vision now for humans and nature learning to live side by side in support of one another. In this new dream, there is no requirement to chop the trees down; trees die regularly and can be gathered to build your huts or tee pees, or any other architecture that one may design. Twigs and branches are readily provided for fire and warmth; and shade by our branches to cool one from the heat of the hottest sun along with shelter one from the wind, snow and rain.


Aurora and Inner Earth


Long ago, ancient red human tribes lived side by side with us in the deep valleys and forests of Earth. Few humans chose to climb to the mountain peaks; instead, they found comfort and easy living in the valleys, which were abundant with fruit, nuts, berries and other edible vegetation. The valleys at that time were close to the Aurora, and there were many pathways through caves that lead one to the valleys and streams of the Inner Earth. The Inner Earth was warmer due to the Aurora that emanates therein. This heated the valleys and caves of the lowest most points upon Earth, making it a suitable environment to humans who have no fur or other protection from the elements.


Since the breaking of the ice shields about 152,000 years ago, all of such valleys are lost underwater. The weather also has become much harsher upon the surface of the Earth. In the times ahead however, surface Earth temperatures shall rise, melting the caps and causing regions that experience snowy winters to cease to freeze. The end result shall be a more comfortable environment for humans and nature alike.


Straightening Earth’s Wobble and Endless Springtime


Asur’Ana once asked the forests of the Rocky Mountains what it desired the most; “Warmth” they said. They too are tired of the difficulties of survival through the cold and icy winters of North America along with other northern or southern most regions upon Earth’s surface. So, this will come to be so within the century ahead. The melting caps will cause Earth’s water tables to raise along the northern and southern most continental shelves. Many of the current coastlines in North America, Sweden and Norway, along with Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand will be underwater with the mountains becoming islands in the century ahead.


The rising water tables may also cause problems with land based human dumpsites that then end up under the sea, adding even more toxins to an already toxic system. This may be so near coastal regions with large cities upon them in particular. Many plains regions may find themselves also flooded as interior lakes fill up due to rising water tables under the land. These regions may end up swamps in the century ahead. Therefore, one may wish to move far inland away from the cities and high enough in altitude to survive the coming times ahead.


Regions near the equator will suffer less rising shorelines, particularly as Earth straightens out her wobble. As the wobble ceases, Earth shall turn straight upon her axis causing an end to seasons of winter and summer global wide. This shall allow for an endless “springtime” for most regions, except for perhaps the most southern or northern of continents, such as the South and North Pole along with the artic circles. Spring in many regions is a time of regeneration along with hope; this too is a part of the dream for the future for humans and nature alike.


The Inner Earth shall be exposed as the poles melt. Human adventurers willing to travel to the North Pole in particular in 100 years or so may discover pathways into the Inner Earth. In so doing, a friendship may begin again between the inner and outer Earth peoples. At this time, the Inner Earth peoples are choosing non-interference with the outer Earth civilization, as long as your civilization does not create warfare large enough to potentially create a nuclear holocaust. As outer Earth humans ascend into greater peace and harmony together, the possibility of shared resources and information may emerge between outer and Inner Earth humans again into the future. This too is a part of the dream ahead that the Redwood Tree Kingdom perceives.


Ascending Communities


For those who are ascending, now is the time to think about pulling together into community for the purposes of co-creating an environment to ascend together within. Communities may choose to coexist with nature in the natural world dream that all kingdoms are holding the gate open for. Such communities will learn to live in harmony and unity side by side with all other kingdoms, including the trees. In order to accomplish this, electrical devices will have to be sacrificed, as these devices anchor matrixes that shatter the natural dream. Therefore, the Redwood Tree Kingdom perceives that these new communities shall be electricity free, but comfortable nonetheless, perhaps returning to some of the devices and mechanisms that assisted one’s farming ancestry only a short 100 years ago and before electricity was discovered.


The tree kingdom does not mind selective harvesting to build dwellings upon the land as long as there are agreements between the humans, the land and the tree kingdoms associated. At this time, most humans harvest trees outside of agreement; furthermore, they take without giving anything in return. Often humans fail to re-seed the land that has been devastated as an entire forest is cut down. This is very painful unto our kingdom, and often we fail to regenerate in such regions due to the pain recorded upon the land harvested in such a manner. As humans choose to reseed such land, as many are learning to do at this time, they allow the pain to be released after which we can regenerate our kingdom. Anything that has been done can be undone beloved; we can all heal together and create a new tomorrow. This is what the Redwood Tree Kingdom intends, and we invite each reading this article to likewise intend such a future.


Balanced Giving and Receiving with Nature


As humans learn to harvest our kingdom selectively and in agreement, we will regenerate ourselves, as there will be love in exchange along with balanced giving and receiving. It is only that humans not only strip the land of trees in your current harvesting practices, but also take of our chi and love without giving anything in return; this is why we cannot regenerate upon such land.


Without love, nothing grows and the hillsides become barren wastelands. Also, humans are lazy and often take all trees upon a given piece of land rather than removing half or less of the trees. The lack of presence of any trees assures that the land becomes barren, as there are no seeds to be shed by other living trees; and no trees to shade the young ones until they mature enough to withstand the sun in the summertime. If humans worked with nature more consciously, all of this could be avoided rather easily.


In the Inner Earth, there is greater understanding and greater remembrance that all kingdoms have consciousness. As such, no forest is completely harvested in the human building practices therein. This leaves plenty of trees and greenery for all to enjoy and to support Earth in holding the void of infinite possibility. The Inner Earth peoples have also fallen into less limitation of thoughtform as a result of living side by side with nature; this has allowed them to retain a more harmonious and joyous human dream; the outcome is a more harmonious civilization. Many of the problems of your current human society are not a part of the Inner Earth human state of being. This is the result of working more closely with nature and being able to call in a dream for unity and harmony due to the accessing of the global void of infinite possibility for human dream weaving.


Those that are ascending may begin to work with our kingdoms in the weaving of one’s own dream. We will open the gate to the global collective void in which the possibility of ascending into a new tomorrow awaits you. As you call in a dream for a new tomorrow of peace, unity and joy, so it will be.


Book’s Introduction


This book offers a series of articles direct from the Plant and Tree Kingdoms in association with the emerging paradigm of self sustenance. Self sustenance is the means by which nature regenerates. The waste of one kingdom is the sustenance of another. It is the desire of the Tree and Plant Kingdoms to build a pathway to this goal of self sustenance for ascending humans.


Blessings of Love and Peace!





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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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