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1. About These Native American Ancestors’ Letters


Book’s Introduction


This book offers a series of letters from the Ancient Native American Ancestors who have much to share about the holographic knowledge that they were aware of at the time that they were alive. It is the hope of the ancestors to trigger a greater awakening and remembrance of holographic truth through the sharing in these letters.


Long ago and as Asur’Ana’s ascension began in Fremont California, she found herself surrounded by Native American ancestors. The communications with the ancestors prevailed on and off throughout the day and during her meditation time for many years. The ancestors offered up advice, guidance in her personal struggle to master the inner world and transcend her own fearful thoughtform, and assisted her in learning her early spiritual lessons upon the path of ascension. The ancestors taught Asur’Ana to honor the earth, and honor each kingdom, and honor Mother Earth. The ancestors also taught her beautiful rituals to aid her in her times of struggle and to anchor sacred space.


Over time Asur’Ana also came into contact with Polynesian ancestors who were a part of her more ancient tapestry of ancestry and held more information for her continued journey Home. The Polynesian ancestors invited Asur’Ana to move to Hawaii, and at the time she was not sure how this would ever come to be. She told the Hawaiian ancestors that if they could find a way to move her to the islands, she would. It took only 15 months, and the opportunity arose to relocate unto Hawaii.


Hawaii held keys to Asur’Ana’s continued ascent and therefore it was a necessary step to relocate unto the islands for her continued evolutionary journey. However, the Native American ancestors did not understand this and felt betrayed at her departure. Over time Asur’Ana continued to return to the mainland US several times per year and anchor the healing and patterns that would continue to foster human evolution along with ascension of the land. The Native American ancestors finally forgave her and began to understand the larger picture of what she was trying to accomplish in spending time in both Hawaii and upon the mainland each year.


Over time Asur’Ana and her beloved twin partner and husband from Norway, Per, learned to unite the ancestors related to their tapestries and request that they begin to work together and in harmony and honor with one another to foster not only Asur’Ana and Per’s evolution, but the evolution of each that is related unto them. Over time this led to new agreements amongst all ancestors of all nations to unite for the common purpose of fostering a time of human awakening ahead, and launching an era of ascension and evolution “home” with Mother Earth to a new state of being with love as the foundation of existence.


Recently, the Native American Ancestors approached Asur’Ana about creating a series of letters that they would write that were geared to those who would resonate, and perhaps had not studied the more in-depth materials about ascension upon Asur’Ana and Per’s website. This information therefore is geared for a more general audience, but will provide interesting new information and insights even for those who have taken the time to read the majority of our materials.


We thank the Native American Ancestors for supporting us in our goal of ascension and launching human ascension in collaboration with Mother Earth and Nature Kingdoms. It is Nature that rules the karmic boards associated with human evolution. It is also Nature that oversees the personal ascensions of each. The ancestors have a unique role of also working with each who chooses to ascend and in collaboration with Nature and Mother Earth.


The ancestors recall a time of great connection unto Earth and Nature, and so this is a natural relationship for them to work within. It is our hope that these materials will also foster relationships between you and your personal ancestors along with Nature and Earth to guide you “home” to a new state of unity, joy, peace and love within.



The Native American Ancestors


Ayóó Anííníshní,

Asur’Ana and Per


Letter #1


December 1, 2020


Dear Beloved on the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


Truth is like a beautiful tapestry that is finely woven together. Over time, truth has frayed much like a worn rug that barely hangs together any longer. How can humans today recall the truth of ancient times with such a tattered state of being that truth has fallen into? Humans do not recall, and as a result seek to war and hate out of fear; or deeply deprive those who starve to hoard resources to a great excess.


Restoration of Truth


Now Mother Earth is on a homeward bound journey of restoration of truth. Each kingdom whether it be of the standing peoples (trees), creepy crawler peoples (insects), winged peoples (birds), water peoples (dolphins, whales and fish), plant peoples (plant kingdom) or four-legged peoples (animal kingdoms) must choose to restore truth to a place that is resonant with the “home” that Mother Earth is entering. This homecoming is founded upon love. Love must therefore become the foundation of all life forms in order to go home, including amongst the two-legged peoples (humanity).


Even at this time, the nature kingdoms experience non-love which is a reflection of a frayed and tattered truth. The standing peoples are often cut down en masse to make room for sprawling cities or destroyed near to extinction to make room for grazing herds. Those standing peoples not destroyed in this manner suffer from the changing eco-system and pollution of the water and air and struggle to evolve as such. The creepy crawler peoples are often not understood in terms of how they support the plant peoples and standing peoples and are unnecessarily destroyed creating imbalance in the natural world.


The winged peoples are often hunted for sport, as are the four-legged peoples, leading to the experience ongoing fear. For the kingdoms are intertwined and when one deer, bear or eagle is hunted, then all experience the terror of the hunt. Hunting has become so pervasive that the kingdoms now hunt one another, mimicking the two-legged’s choice to slaughter and consume flesh. As the last two legged becomes vegetarian, then the four-legged peoples and winged peoples will cease to hunt one another and this will be the result of the full restoration of holographic truth upon Earth.


The water peoples and in particular the whales and dolphins are fully conscious and aware of their reality unlike other kingdoms at this time of fallen consciousness. Hunting dolphins and whales is just like the two-legged peoples killing one another, whether it is through murder or upon the battlefield matters not. As long as the two leggeds continue to hunt the water peoples, there will be no end to war.


Capturing whales and dolphins for your entertainment in aquariums is no different than imprisoning humans who are not guilty of breaking any law. As long as the two legged continues to imprison dolphins and whales, there will be no end to the large prison system that has developed in both the East and West, and the often non-guilty that are placed within them. As the last two legged chooses not to capture another whale or dolphin for your aquariums or scientific experiments, the need for imprisoning the non-guilty or perhaps any other will also fade as holographic truth will have been restored.


Who is wrongly imprisoned in your two-legged society? Those who are drug users and in great pain are often sent to prison without recognition of the shattered state of being that they reside within; and without much help to rebuild the soul into a greater state of wholeness allowing for recovery. The prison experience only shatters the drug user further leading to the continued breakdown of society.


Holographic Thoughtform


In the East, often peace bearing humans upon the spiritual path are imprisoned out of fear of military led governance, and sometimes slaughtered alive to provide skin and organs for transplants in your medical system. Such experiences shatter the human consciousness of those who are peace bearing and loving in nature in the physical. You see you cannot shatter and wrongly imprison one human without shattering and wrongly imprisoning all humans, as such is the nature of holographic thoughtform.


Today humans are losing touch with the natural world and finding themselves living and working in cement prisons that are known as cities. The cities lack trees and the natural elements that sustain life. Over time, those in the cities will perish and this shall occur simultaneously with the raising consciousness of Mother Earth. All shall perish that cannot love; the cities are a vast wasteland of human life that is so non-conscious and so non-loving that two legged’s living in such a circumstance are living in a war zone, especially in inner city circumstances of great poverty where robbery and murder prevail.


Even for the posh villas inside any city, those living within them suffer from an energy movement that wars upon the field and will ultimately make those choosing to remain in such circumstances ill. For all that cannot evolve into a state of love again will become ill in the times ahead and perish; and those living in the cities will have a difficult time pushing up in vibration enough to accomplish this spiritual goal.


Inward Focus and Holographic Knowing


The times ahead are for those two legged’s willing to focus inward and begin their search and path to another thoughtform of being in which peace, unity, honor, joy, love, non-attachment and non-possession become the foundation of their existence. Transforming inner thoughtform to another state of being requires opening to holographic knowing. Within holographic knowing will be all the answers to your personal questions, and a path of internal and external change will become apparent that will lead each “home” to a state of love again.


Some may think, “Oh I love”.  Beloved, if you really loved, you and your ancestors would not have fallen to this lowly state of being in which slaughter and power mongers dominate human existence. You are holographic; therefore, you are all things mirrored unto you amongst those around you. Those who beat their wives or torture others in prisons are you. Those who torture animals or hunt the wild kingdoms are you. Those who battle upon the battlefield are you; and those who are diseased and are in an energetic battle are also you. Those who pollute the Earth are you. You are all things; you have been all things in your extended tapestry of ancestry.


In order to find your way back to a state of real love within, you must forgive all ancestors who violated one another or violated another kingdom or violated Mother Earth. You have billions of ancestors involved in such activities; and one by one, they each must be acknowledge and forgiven, and the spiritual lesson of why we cannot harm another must be learned.


Crystalline Biology and Regenerative Blueprint


Evolving to a foundation of unconditional love will take many generations ahead. Each generation must have enough willingness to look inward and begin to transmute and alter the thoughtform of destruction that you live within in order for evolution of the two leggeds to take off. As the thoughtform of destruction is altered, the biology also begins to alter into a non-destructive regenerative blueprint. This is the blueprint that we knew at the time we were alive; and it is a blueprint that Asur’Ana has called “Crystalline” in nature. Crystalline biology does not war upon itself; there are no agents of destruction such as viruses and bacteria that kill the body. As such, the body can regenerate and know a lengthy life span of 1,000 to 2,000 years in which far more can come to be understood than the limited human lives today of less than 100 years.


For it is our perception that it takes at least 100 years of life experience to even begin to understand what your truth is as a two legged; and what it is that you might like to contribute to your community. It takes a minimum of 500 years of life experience to learn to lead others in useful and peaceful endeavors that support the whole. Today you have leaders with no life experience who lead the world amuck.


You have leaders in the industrial businesses that are polluting Mother Earth to such a great degree that it will take her 1,000 years or to clean up your toxic mess; and a mess that was created in a short 75 years of recent human history. The toxins so liberally tossed into the waterways and air are poisoning the people, and will lead now to disease ahead and many who will fail to evolve as a result of the toxic buildup in their biology. You have leaders in the banking systems making huge profit without contributing anything to civilization; the dance of which is imprisoning humans into working long hours and not having enough time for the introspection required for the spiritual path and journey ahead.


You have leaders in the education system that cause children to memorize facts rather than open to their own holographic knowing within; which leads to children who also lack the skills for the spiritual path ahead. And you have leaders in your farming industries that are genetically modifying food and utilizing harmful substances upon crops; all of which will only poison the people and fail to provide the necessary nutrition to evolve in the long haul.  All of this adds up to extinction of the human species ahead, unless a new direction is taken and a new era is born.


Pleiadians’ Influence on the Current Human Dream


All of what you know now is the result of a small group of white Pleiadian humans who came to Earth and seized the dream of the red nation’s peoples and used our dream to create another dream that paralleled Pleiadian civilization. Perhaps Pleiadian civilization does not strip the planets that they reside upon; and humans and nature live in harmony together. This we see is so as the Pleiadian race has survived 10 billion years upon this dimension, but has forgotten to evolve Home.


So, we can say that the Pleiadian race in general is even in deeper forgetfulness than the red nation’s peoples, as the red nation’s peoples have always remembered that a time was ahead to evolve with Mother Earth home to a new dream. As the Pleiadians seized control over the red nation dream, they then launched a dream of great forgetfulness that the two leggeds are living at this time en masse.


Because the Pleiadians mined so much gold and other resources sending them to the Pleiades to extend the existence of their own creation another cycle, the dance of raping Earth to near extinction is also a part of the current time human dream. Because the Pleiadians set up extensive factories for creating products that were sent to the Pleiades to sell for a profit, the current economic system is the result today that parallels. Because the Pleiadians sent toxic substances into Earth’s waterways and air through their manufacturing facilities, water and air pollution are also a part of the human dream today. Because the Pleiadians warred upon one another to a point of nuclear annihilation of Earth, nuclear technology and warfare is a part of the human dream today.


It is time for the red nation’s peoples to take charge of the human dream again! As this comes to be so, the dream will be redirected to allow for the birth of a new day in which the consciousness of the human species raises enough so that they cease collectively to destroy themselves and Earth. For you are destroying you, beloved, in your current manner of living; and the only way out of such a circumstance is for the collective consciousness to raise enough such that humans begin to alter their ways.


Wake Up Call


Our letters are offered as a wake up call for each that chooses to read of what we have to share. It is time to WAKE UP. It is time to remember who you are and who you were in more ancient times. It is time to retrieve the lost pieces of the holographic tapestry of truth that are a part of your red nation inheritance so that truth can be restored again in the two-legged kingdom. It is time to forgive and release the past so that a new future can be dreamt and then lived.


Humans are the descendants of a fully conscious race with large craniums that came to Earth in ancient times. Those who have genealogy to the larger headed humans of ancient times will also have remembrance of how to evolve, how to forgive, how to love, and how to reweave the human dream to give birth to a new day ahead. It is such humans that we hope to inspire in our written materials.


Special thanks to Asur’Ana for being willing to step aside and allow us to clearly speak our truth.



The Native American Ancestors


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Gratitude, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to our Native American Ancestors. They taught us to honor Mother Earth, to honor all Nature Kingdoms, to honor the Sacred Land, and to honor each Human Being. May their Wisdom guide Ascending Humans “home” to a new state of Unity, Joy, Peace and Love within.



Creational © 2023, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Wisdom from Our Native American Ancestors. Aligning With Earth, 2023. Digital.

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