Image of a serene nature landscape to represent the Eternal Now.

Living In The Eternal Now


Many spiritual teachers encourage us to live in the Now; it is a state of consciousness we should strive to experience in our life.  What exactly is the Now?  There are two different types of “Now”: the Present Now and the Eternal Now.


The Present Now is what exists in time.  It’s part of the continuum we know of as past-present-future.  To live in the Now is to live fully in the present moment.  Our awareness is completely centered on the here and now.  You are not worrying about the future or thinking about the past.  When you live in the present, you are living where life is happening.


The Eternal Now has nothing to do with time, nothing to do with past, present or future.  It is a state of awareness that is outside of time, altogether.


Time stops when our consciousness enters the Eternal Now.  There is a profound sense of stillness and peace that pervades everything.  There is Silence, Pure Being, Presence, Love, Joy, Peace, Creativity, Continuous Newness that is ever unfolding.  Everything feels fresh and exciting.  We are One with Everything.  This is Reality.  We are Home. Read more

Image shows an angel in heaven to symbolize life after death.

Life After Death


Humans living on Earth are at many different levels of Consciousness and diverse steps on the evolutionary or re-evolutionary ladder. ALL are loved by Source-God; ALL are sacred and equal in value. The following article is based on my spiritual understanding of the death transition. There may be other exceptions to the following scenarios. Please read this information with your own discernment. Accept only what resonates with you and let go of the rest.


Perhaps many of us fear death.  It seems so final, like the end of life and of everything that we know.  In reality, there is life after death.  Our consciousness does not experience death.  It is only our physical body that ceases to function on Earth.  Perhaps a better title for this article is “Life After Earth”.


For many people, death is merely a change or transition from a physical state of life (characterized by inhabiting a physical body) to a nonphysical state of life within a much finer, more subtle nonphysical body existing at a much higher vibration on the Astral plane. It should be noted that the Astral worlds are in effect the “Fifth Dimension”, with the length, width and height of the physical world being the first three dimensions and time being the fourth dimension. The astral worlds become the new home for most people after they depart the physical plane. Read more

Image shows a lotus which symbolizes enlightenment taking us beyond reincarnation.



What is reincarnation?  How many times do we have to reincarnate?  Why do we reincarnate at all?  Do we have any choice in the matter?


From the perspective of our Spirit or Infinite Divine Self/Being (who resides in Eternity and Infinity), there is in reality no such state as ‘past’ lives, ‘future’ lives or even ‘lives’.  All those experiences we know as lives are in fact the continuum of a single collective experience of the Infinite Self, simultaneously experienced across all what we know as time periods or time tracks relative to the human concept of what we call time.


In the level of consciousness of the Divine Self, time does not exist and is not experienced.  Time is a human construct.  The human mind/consciousness is not capable of processing/experiencing all of its simultaneous incarnations concurrently.  Instead, our mind orders experiences into a linear series—that time has a Past, a Present and a Future. Read more

Image shows the wheel of karma or the law of cause and effect.



Karma is a Sanskrit term for the law of cause and effect, or “As you sow, so shall you reap” as mentioned in the Bible.  For every good or positive action, a good or positive result will occur; for every bad or negative action, a bad or negative result will occur.  Right actions are those which create good karma; bad actions create bad karma.  It is known in physics as the law of compensation or balance or equilibrium.  In jurisprudence it is the law of justice.


All great religions talk about the laws of karma and reincarnation.  These laws have been created to protect the order of society and the well-being of all the creatures of the universe.  Everything in the Cosmos is subject to the law of cause and effect—every person, animal, fish, insect, plant, mineral, etc.  There are no exceptions to this principle.  If we respect these cosmic laws, then they will protect us from experiencing lower levels of existence.  Read more

Image of a spiritual journal with sunflower and butterfly

Keeping A Spiritual Journal


A spiritual journal is a written record of personal reactions relating to spiritual matters.  Keeping a spiritual journal is a great way to understand our spiritual journey and to track how we are growing spiritually.  Regular journaling can aid us in becoming who we want to be.  Read more